Starting Over 3:

Forever Friends

by tim the story guy

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Starting Over 3: Forever Friends

by tim

Chapter 15

From the last chapter:

"I like having a doctor who's gay too." smiled Louis. "I would never be able to talk about this to anyone else, except other kids who are close friends. I still love Stephen though. He's taught me so much about myself, and he's been very gentle about it. I sometimes wish I could have a dad just like him, except for the sex of course. That would just be too creepy."

"Yes, I can see your point!" chuckled Wayne. "But what if he wasn't really your dad, but you ended up living with him?"

"That would be a completely different story!" laughed Louis. "We'd be making love every night!"

"All I can say is that unless you do really well with the assignments he's helping you with, and your parents see his value as a tutor for you on their own, you probably wouldn't get away with having Stephen at your house very much, if at all." said Wayne. "On the other hand, they probably won't think anything of Colin or the other boys coming by to see you often. I know it sucks, but your parents aren't going to budge on their views of homosexuality."

"Then I'll have to be an A student when I return to school, and make them see Stephen as the greatest tutor ever!" smiled Louis. "I can't go without seeing him now."

"I'm just happy that you've learned to accept the love of another male so well Louis." replied Wayne. "That will help make sure you don't try to hurt yourself again."

Stephen did turn out to be a huge help to Louis in his school work. As Louis started sending assignments back to school, he began getting A's for the first time in his life. Wayne saw that and chuckled, as it looked like the work of a boy who was madly in love. By the end of the first week, Louis was happier than he had ever been in his life. He had a mentor who he loved very much in Stephen, and another boyfriend who happened to be one of the hottest boys in school. Although his parents wouldn't change soon, Louis had accepted being gay, and the world was more beautiful than he could ever remember.

The first sign of trouble was the following week on Wednesday, when Wayne decided he wanted to talk to Colin alone.

"Is Louis like crazy Wayne?" asked Colin.

"Of course not Colin." replied Wayne. "You've been with him quite a bit since last Sunday though, so why would you even ask that?"

"Oh, just wanting to make sure he's okay, I guess." replied Colin. "Why did he try to kill himself then?"

"I can see that it's a good thing I decided to have this talk with you Colin." said Wayne. "I'm afraid Louis's parents are the primary cause for him being here. They hate homosexuals, and they taught that hatred to Louis, even though Louis grew up to be gay himself. That meant they taught Louis to hate himself, so much that he thought the only way out was to kill himself. We've managed to break through that hatred though, and erase it from Louis's mind. He's much different now than he was just a short time ago."

"Wow!" exclaimed Colin. "I could never imagine that! I mean my parents aren't thrilled that I'm gay, but only because they're afraid it may hurt me. I want to play baseball in college, and maybe even further down the road, but they say that being gay may interfere with that. They don't want me to change though, because they love who I am. They've never had a problem with me being in love with another boy."

"That's great Colin." said Wayne. "I wish more parents showed that kind of love toward their kids. Louis has several things working against him though. That doesn't mean he can't be happy, it just means that he has to work harder at it."

"Like what?" asked Colin.

"First there is his parents screwed up ideas of religion, and that hatred is an acceptable expression of that religion." replied Wayne. "Not to mention that Louis's family is not exactly well off. If he were to go to college, he would have to work his way through college himself. That leaves him with less opportunity, and makes him more dependent on a family that won't support who he is."

"Do you mean that Louis is poor?" asked Colin.

"Well Colin, poor is what you make of it." replied Wayne. "Yes, Louis's family does depend on public assistance at times. He has what he needs to get through life though, and he's very happy with who he is. Maybe he doesn't have money, but I can tell you from experience that having money isn't everything."

"Speak for yourself then doc!" said Colin. "If I didn't have money, my life would suck!"

"I feel very bad for you then Colin, if money is the only thing you have that makes you happy." said Wayne. "I hope you don't take that out on others you meet though."

"Are you serious?" asked Colin. "I don't have any friends who don't have money! I don't associate with people who don't have money! I should have seen this coming man. I thought maybe he was worthy of me though, because his parents could afford care like this."

"Louis's father has a very low paying job Colin." said Wayne. "The only way he can afford this treatment is because he has health insurance. That doesn't even cover everything though, and I'm forgiving the portion of their debt to me. Louis's well being is much more important to me than money, and if he's really your boyfriend, you should feel the same way."

"Boyfriend?" laughed Colin. "Louis is a good fuck, but I could do much better for a real boyfriend. I'll fuck anyone, or let them suck my dick. Hell, I might even drain their balls too, but a boyfriend is going to have to be much more compatible to my lifestyle!"

"I really don't know what to say to that Colin." said Wayne.

"You want me to prove it then doc?" asked Colin. "Let's go to Louis's room, and I'll let you suck my cock right in front of him! Hell man, I love adults! I'll suck your cock too, or maybe let you fuck me while Louis watches. I'll bet it turns him on so much that he'll bang his nurse while we're going at it!"

"That isn't going to happen Colin, and our conversation is over." said Wayne. "I personally find your attitude repulsive, and you along with it! I feel very sorry for you, young man. Someday you are going to learn that money isn't everything there is in life. Money can be taken away from you as easily or easier than it can be made, and then you'll be left with nothing. You'll find yourself in a relationship with someone just as shallow and self-centered as you though, and they'll dump you because you don't have money anymore. Are you going to do the right thing now, and tell Louis what you've told me?"

"Maybe when I find someone who's just as good of a fuck as he is." smirked Colin. "Until then, I need to have someone to get me off. You had your shot, and it's your loss man."

With that, Colin walked out on Wayne. Wayne had a difficult job ahead of him now, as someone had to tell Louis. If it went further, Wayne knew that it would only hurt Louis worse. Even so, it would still hurt Louis deeply, and he would be there for the boy. When Wayne went to Louis's room, he announced that he had something very private and important to talk to Louis about. Stephen still didn't want to leave though, and Louis begged Wayne to let him stay. Wayne finally felt that Louis just might need Stephen after this anyway, so he agreed.

"Okay Louis, what I have to tell you isn't going to be easy for you." said Wayne. "I want you to remember that you have people who love and care about you though. I just had a talk with Colin."

"Whatever my babe had to say, I'm sure it couldn't be that bad." replied Louis.

"Colin was afraid that you are crazy." said Wayne. "While convincing him that nothing could be further from the truth, he found out your family wasn't well off. Because you don't have money, he now sees you as nothing more than a good fuck, and those were his exact words. He says that he'll only tell you himself when something better comes along. I want you to know Louis that not all people are like that. Like I said, you have plenty of people who care about you."

"He really said all that shit?" asked Louis, trying to keep himself under control. "I mean, I know you wouldn't lie to me Wayne."

"He really did say that Louis." replied Wayne sadly.

Wayne could see Louis losing his struggle to maintain control, so he took the boy into his arms. As Louis began to cry, Wayne rubbed his back gently. Wayne let Louis cry for over an hour, patting and rubbing his back gently. Finally Wayne said, "Louis, Colin isn't worth this. You are a wonderful and beautiful human being, and he is the most foul piece of garbage I've ever seen walk on two legs. People like him get what they have coming to them every day, and the news is filled with their scandals that finally bring them down. You deserve much better than that. You could do much better than that at the dog pound. If you look around, you'll see people who love you much more than he could ever love anyone."

"He's right Louis." said Stephen, as he took ahold of Louis's right hand. "I love you so much that I feel the pain that you're feeling now. I've loved you since the moment I saw you. I love you with every last ounce of my soul, and I don't care what your age is. That doesn't mean that we can't be lovers."

"How many people out there will hurt me like that, just because I'm gay though?" asked Louis, as he tried to stop crying.

"I'm not going to lie to you, there are quite a few." said Wayne. "As time goes on though, you learn to recognize those people, and not let them close to you. You have someone there holding your hand right now though, who looks like he loves you more than I've ever seen anyone love another person. That sweet and gentle man would lay down his life for you without even thinking about it. All he's looking for from you is love. That's what real love is Louis."

"God Stephen, I love you too!" said Louis emotionally. "Why couldn't I see that before?"

"We all have our lessons to learn Louis." replied Stephen. "You had to learn about the people like Colin, out there in the world. I knew I would be there to give you my love after it was over though. Are you okay now my love?"

"Yeah, I think so." replied Louis, as he drove the last tears away. "I'm really pissed at that asshole though!"

"I can't say that I blame you there Louis." said Wayne. "What he did was awful and inexcusable. I hope you use that constructively though, and not let any hate back into you."

"I've learned my lesson about that Wayne." replied Louis, as a smile began to creep back to his face.

"I just still can't believe that kid wanted to have sex with me in front of you, just to prove a point." said Wayne.

"He WHAT?!" exclaimed Louis. "God, what a slut!"

That got a few laughs from everyone. Then Wayne said, "Well, I'm going home to my family now. I'm going to leave you two alone, so you can see how much you love each other."

"Shit Wayne, what about my family?" asked Louis. "They'll never let this happen! I'm beginning to think I should come out to them, and get it over with. That way they won't catch me and Stephen in the act."

"Well, we can all discuss that tomorrow." said Wayne. "If you do that, you can admit to Colin, but never to Stephen. And I'd want Child Welfare close by too, for when they kick you out."

"Don't worry Wayne, if I tell them I was in love with Colin, and we had sex together, they wouldn't even be able to think about anything else!" replied Louis. "That would be enough itself to get me kicked out."

"And then you'll come to live with me, so I can love and care for you." said Stephen.

"Before we build that love-nest too quickly, there is something else to consider." said Wayne. "I think the school is very impressed with your progress academically Louis. They want you to continue having a tutor, preferably Stephen. I think they may have talked your parents into it too. They want to see both of you tomorrow."

"That does complicate things, doesn't it?" replied Louis. "Even if we go that route, there's still the chance that Stephen and I could get caught. I love him too much to put him through that. I'll have to talk to them alone first."

"Okay, if that's what you want Louis." said Wayne. "I have a friend in child welfare who is sympathetic toward gay issues though. I want to have her standing by tomorrow anyway, just in case. Now, any thoughts about how you're going to handle Colin?"

"Yeah, have Kevin give him a message for me." replied Louis. "Have Kevin tell him that I never want to see him again. The day I met him was the worst of my life, and only because of meeting someone as nasty as he is. That should take care of Colin."

"Okay. I'll do that." smiled Wayne. "You two have fun tonight, and I'll see you tomorrow."

The next day, Louis's parents showed up, and Louis spoke to them alone, as agreed. "I take it you guys like how I've been doing in school lately." said Louis.

"We couldn't be more proud of you Louis." replied Louis's mom.

"And the doctor says you can come home on Monday." added Louis's dad. "I'm glad I was wrong about him, and that he's working with us on the bills. We're going to do everything we can to make sure that you're happy and not depressed from now on. The school has even convinced us that Stephen should be your tutor too."

"Yes honey, you seem to do so much better when you're doing well in school." said Louis's mom. "We really should have paid more attention, and noticed that before it got to this point."

"Yeah, there's a lot of things I've learned about myself." said Louis. "And you're okay with the tutor thing?"

"Absolutely!" replied Louis's mom. "I don't know how we'll pay Stephen, but we'll make some arrangement with him."

"I don't think Stephen is even looking to be paid." said Louis. "He does very well working here at the hospital. He was just tutoring me because he wanted to help."

"May God bless him then." said Louis's dad. "We'll love having him help you along the way. He's a good Christian man I take it."

Louis wanted so bad to answer, "Actually, I think he's Hindu." but he decided to keep that in.

Wayne was waiting out in the hall with Michelle, while Louis was talking to his parents. Stephen had stepped out for a quick dinner, and would be back in about thirty minutes, or maybe less. Suddenly, Colin raced past Wayne toward Louis's room.

"Oh God no!" said Wayne to himself, as he took off after Colin. Michelle was right behind Wayne, as they chased Colin into Louis's room.

"How can you break up with me Louis?!" asked Colin, in a mock hysterical tone. "I thought you loved me!"

"What the hell is wrong with you, you freak?!" asked Louis. "Get the hell out of my room!"

"How can you say those things after the sex we've had?!" asked Colin, now putting on a great performance. "Our love making was so wonderful babe!"

Louis's parents looked shocked beyond belief as Wayne and Michelle rushed into the room. "Colin, get the hell out of here!" yelled Wayne. "You weren't asked to be here, and you're trespassing!"

"Shut up old man!" said Colin. "You're just pissed because I turned you down! Please Louis babe, give our love another chance! You know how much you love my cock in your mouth!"

Then Colin grabbed Louis in a hug and kissed him, and Louis immediately shoved him back. "I wouldn't have sex with you again if you were the last guy on Earth!" screamed Louis.

"As for you turning me down, you were the one who propositioned me Colin, and I told you what a vile and disgusting idea I though that was!" yelled Wayne.

"Well, it's my word against yours old man!" smirked Colin. "The state always believes the kid!"

"Not necessarily, young man." said Michelle. "I'm a caseworker with Child Welfare, and if the minor making the accusation has a pattern of breaking the law, his credibility is usually dismissed."

"What do you mean, breaking the law?" asked Colin. "I'm a kid! What laws have I broken?"

"Well, you probably entered this wing, even though the staff tried to stop you." said Michelle. "That is trespassing. You also admit to having sex with Louis. The age of consent in Ohio is sixteen. Since he's under and you're over, that makes it statutory rape. I'm sure we can think of more too. Now, would you like to leave, or be escorted out by the police?"

"I'm going bitch!" laughed Colin. "I've done what I wanted to do!"

After Colin left, and a few tense moments passed, Louis said, "Dad, please say something."

"Why Louis?" asked Louis's dad. "Why did you do such an evil thing?"

"Are you talking about having sex with Colin, or just the fact that I'm gay?" asked Louis. "Yeah, that's right. This wasn't a one time thing dad, I'm gay!"

"I didn't raise any unholy faggots Louis, and I'm not feeding and sheltering them either!" replied Louis's dad sternly.

"Mom?" asked Louis.

"Don't speak to me right now Louis, I'm so ashamed!" replied Louis's mom.

"Ashamed of what mom?" asked Louis. "I'm the one who made the mistake of having sex with Colin Burke! If I had known what an asshole he was, I would have waited for a much nicer guy! Do you guys hate me because I'm gay now?"

"Not if you can be cured." replied Louis's dad flatly. "Doctor, I want you to keep this evil child here and lock him up until you cure him. If you can't, or if you get tired of his freeloading, you can release him to the streets."

"Sir, I've seen just about enough to remove Louis from your custody!" said Michelle.

"Oh yeah, the bitch from Child Welfare." said Louis's dad. "I almost forgot you were here. If you want the evil little faggot that bad, you can have him! Come on honey, let's go!"

"Mr. and Mrs. D'Amico, if you walk out that door, that's child abandonment!" warned Michelle.

Michelle's words had no effect, and Louis's parents left. As Wayne held a heavily sobbing Louis in his arms, he lightly cried, "How can they do that to such a sweet and fragile child Michelle?"

As a tear formed in the corner of Michelle's eye, she replied, "I hate these cases where I get emotionally involved." Then Michelle hugged Louis between her and Wayne, and said, "Don't worry Louis, we'll do everything we can to help you, and make sure you're well cared for. If you're gay, you'd be in danger living with your parents. We can do much better. I promise it will be okay Louis."

When Stephen got back to the hospital, and they told him Colin had been there, he had a feeling of dread come over him. Then when they told him that Colin left laughing, and Louis's parents left looking very hateful, the feeling of dread became painful. When he walked into Louis's room, and saw Louis crying heavily between Wayne and Michelle, he knew what had happened.

Stephen kept his composure so he wouldn't blow things for him and Louis, and asked, "Did they find out that he's gay?"

"Yes." replied Michelle, because Wayne wasn't up to it.

"Did they throw him out of their home?" asked Stephen.

"Yes, they did." replied Michelle.

"Can I be his foster parent?" asked Stephen. "I promise to take very good care of him. He needs someone who can understand him and protect him."

When Michelle didn't answer right away, Wayne dried his eyes and said, "I wish you would say yes Michelle. I know Stephen, and I know he will care for Louis better than anyone else could."

"Okay Wayne, I'll trust you on this." replied Michelle. "You haven't been wrong yet."

Then Wayne gently wiped Louis's face dry, and lifted his head so that their eyes met. "Are you ready to go live with Stephen, and be his foster son Louis?"

"I think so Wayne." replied Louis weakly. "Today really hurt, but I'll get over it. I have to, I made a promise to you and my friends."

"In that case Stephen, I have a book of forms for you to fill out." said Michelle, as she tried to smile again. "I'll also need a character reference from you Wayne, and one other person. Congratulations Stephen, you are the father of a fifteen year old, one hundred and twenty pound bouncing baby boy."

"I've been meaning to ask you Michelle, why are you so sympathetic toward gay kids?" asked Wayne.

"It's a very long story Wayne, and I don't feel up to it right now." replied Michelle. "I promise that now that you've asked, I will tell you sometime though. Now, I better leave you guys to all that paperwork. I have a mountain of it to file against the D'Amico's anyway. You take care of our boy Stephen, okay?"

"Okay Michelle, I promise." smiled Stephen.

Once Michelle left, Wayne and Stephen set out to raise Louis's feelings again. By the time Wayne was ready to leave, Louis looked almost like his new old self.

"Okay guys. I'm leaving now." said Wayne. "If I come back in the morning, and everything looks okay, I'm going to have you take Louis home tomorrow Stephen. How does that sound?"

Wayne got an armful of laughing fifteen year old boy for that, so he took it as a yes.

The boys all insisted on skipping school the next day. They wanted to be at the hospital, so they could help Louis move into Stephen's place. Stephen asked Louis if there were anything at his old house that he needed that badly, or if everything could be replaced. There were a few things that Louis had to have though. Stephen called Michelle, so her and the police could meet him there, then everyone piled into Wayne and Stephen's cars. Stephen wanted the contenders for parents of the year out of the house before he would let Louis go in.

As Stephen was walking Louis in, he said, "Only get what you have to have for sentimental reasons babe. I didn't tell you this before, because I didn't want to influence you one bit. Your living with me had to be completely your decision. I work at the hospital because I love my work, not because I do well there. If I didn't love it, I wouldn't have to work at all."

"Are you rich Stephen?" asked Louis.

"Lottery jackpot, five years ago." replied Stephen. "I make five million a year from that, without having to lift a finger. You're the only one in Cincinnati who knows that Louis. I had to leave Cleveland because everyone there knew about it, and it made my life there hell. Please keep that our secret."

"So, Colin treated me like shit because I was poor...." started Louis.

"And now you're richer than he'll ever be!" laughed Stephen softly.

"Only because I have you and your love Stephen." smiled Louis.

After they got what few things Louis had to have, everyone headed over to Stephen's very modest two bedroom house. It was cute bungalow style house, in a middle class neighborhood between Kevin's and Carter's houses.

"Will you guys be able to do anything fun in here?" laughed Kevin.

"It may be small, but it's plenty big enough for me and Louis." smiled Stephen.

Then everyone settled down into a serious housewarming party to welcome Louis to his new home. Louis was just happy to be sharing this moment with his best friends, and his lover Stephen. Wayne was happy that Louis seemed to be recovering well from one of the most serious incidents a gay teenage boy could go through. After everyone left Stephen and Louis alone, Stephen took Louis out shopping, and then to dinner. Louis kept feeling guilty about what Stephen was spending on him, and Stephen had to remind him constantly about the jackpot. Then Stephen planted the idea in Louis head to be able to have Colin take one look at him, and know how badly he screwed up. That idea helped Louis really get into the shopping trip. In reality, Stephen just wanted his boyfriend to look as nice as possible.

That night was a special night, as Stephen and Louis celebrated their love in their home together. It left them both drifting off to sleep with smiles on their faces.

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