Starting Over 3:

Forever Friends

by tim the story guy

I have an announcement to make before I begin. I am now engaged to a very wonderful guy in Canada. As a matter of fact, he's the most wonderful guy I have ever met. I will be moving there by March of next year, so the two of us can be married on March 3rd. I will try to keep the disruption to my writing as minimal as possible, but some changes may be inevitable. I will try to keep you posted of these changes as soon as I can. Thanks.

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Starting Over 3: Forever Friends

by tim

Chapter 16

From the last chapter:

After they got what few things Louis had to have, everyone headed over to Stephen's very modest two bedroom house. It was cute bungalow style house, in a middle class neighborhood between Kevin's and Carter's houses.

"Will you guys be able to do anything fun in here?" laughed Kevin.

"It may be small, but it's plenty big enough for me and Louis." smiled Stephen.

Then everyone settled down into a serious housewarming party to welcome Louis to his new home. Louis was just happy to be sharing this moment with his best friends, and his lover Stephen. Wayne was happy that Louis seemed to be recovering well from one of the most serious incidents a gay teenage boy could go through. After everyone left Stephen and Louis alone, Stephen took Louis out shopping, and then to dinner. Louis kept feeling guilty about what Stephen was spending on him, and Stephen had to remind him constantly about the jackpot. Then Stephen planted the idea in Louis's head to be able to have Colin take one look at him, and know how badly he screwed up. That idea helped Louis really get into the shopping trip. In reality, Stephen just wanted his boyfriend to look as nice as possible.

That night was a special night, as Stephen and Louis celebrated their love in their home together. It left them both drifting off to sleep with smiles on their faces.

The next day, after picking up Kevin, Carter and Kevin stopped by Louis's new house so all the boys could go to school together. They pulled into school as Lester and Billy were getting there, so the boys parked together and shared a hug as a greeting before going in.

"So Louis, how was last night, knowing that you and Stephen wouldn't be disturbed?" asked Billy with a smile.

"I could have never imagined two guys making love together could be that great!" giggled Louis. "Stephen made me feel better than I had ever felt in my life, and his cock felt so good inside me. I'm actually glad that I'm gay now, just like my best friends. And I don't have to hide who I am anymore either."

"Well Louis, I think you've always been gay." smiled Kevin. "It just took people who really cared about you to get you to realize it. You are right though that you won't have to hide it anymore, and we'll all be there for you too. Are you going to let everyone know that you're gay?"

"I really should." replied Louis. "A lot of people thought I was so cool by the way I treated gay people, and they have to know how wrong I was. It was my fault that I acted that way, so now everyone should know that I'm gay. Besides, with a lover like Stephen, I know there's nothing wrong with being gay now."

"Louis, did anyone tell you yet this morning that you look like a million bucks?" asked Carter as he smiled.

"Well, the outfit didn't quite cost that much, but it's more than anything I've ever worn before!" laughed Louis. "It was Stephen's idea. He wants Colin to know how bad he fucked up, especially after the way Colin acted the other day."

"Well, I think he'll know!" laughed Kevin. "What is that cologne anyway?"

"It's the most expensive cologne Stephen could find." replied Louis. "He said that nothing was too much for me."

"I'm glad he loves you so much Louis." said Billy. "You deserve a guy like him."

"So, you said Stephen put his cock inside you last night?" asked Lester.

"Yeah, and it was incredible." replied Louis. "Stephen is hung much better than most of us kids, so it hurt a little at first. He let my butt get use to the size of his cock though, and took his time putting all of it inside me. Once all of his cock was inside me though, and he started making love to me very gently, it felt so great. It felt like I was meant to have his cock inside me. I'm still even carrying his cum inside me this morning."

"Cool!" said Lester.

By this time the boys had gotten to the front door of the school, so they changed subjects. Louis shared his first class with Carter and Kevin, along with a lot of Louis's friends from before. That also included Jeff and Ronnie though, so at least Louis knew he had some support there besides Kevin and Carter.

"Good morning class." said the teacher, as he entered the classroom. "Before we begin today, Louis has returned to class, as I'm sure you've all noticed. Let's all make sure to let him know how glad we are to have him back. How are you feeling now Louis?"

"I'm doing much better than when I tried to kill myself sir." replied Louis. "I know I wasn't suppose to go into that, but I don't want to hide anything from anyone."

"Well Louis, the staff here is only worried about your well-being." replied the teacher. "Most of the staff does know about the incident, since it happened here at school, but we've been told not to discuss it with the students. As far as you talking about it, my only concern is that it might cause you some emotional distress."

"The only problem is that not talking was what caused things to get out of control." said Louis. "I certainly don't ever want that to happen again. You see, a lot of people looked up to me because of some of the things I've done. The reason I did those things though was that I never wanted to talk about what was really going on inside me. It got to the point where I couldn't hide from myself, and hiding from others was more than I could take."

"I understand that Louis." said the teacher. "I certainly don't want you to get back to that point, but I want you to make sure you're up to talking about things before you do."

"I know sir, and thanks." replied Louis. "There are a few things that I have to say though. I want everyone to understand exactly what happened. I had always treated gay people very badly, and some people here think I was cool for doing that. It caused a lot of conflict with my real feelings though. Since I was about thirteen, I've been interested in other boys myself. I never wanted to admit I might be gay though, so I treated gay people badly to hide from myself. When I got caught with another guy though, it became too much for me to handle. Since then I've learned to accept who I am though, and that everyone should be more tolerant and understanding of the people around them. It took me almost killing myself, and going through a rough time with my parents to figure that out. I'm not living with them right now though. They were what caused most of my hiding things, even from myself. I'm never hiding the fact that I'm gay from anyone anymore though. My real friends understand that, and I know they'll stick by me. I know not everyone will though, and that's their problem, not mine."

"That took a lot of bravery Louis, and I'm very proud of you." said the teacher. "I have to admit that I was always a little leery of you before son, and I wish I had known this sooner. If you need to talk to an older person, I'm willing to listen."

"I can't believe that you're a faggot Louis!" said a boy named Andy. "You were always so cool before. You even looked like you had fun making these fags around here pay for being that way."

"Andy, I was a liar and an asshole!" replied Louis. "Liars and assholes aren't cool people. I'm so ashamed of some of the things I've done before. That reminds me, Corey, I'm really sorry about what I did to you to get put in detention. I deserved much worse than that for what I did, and I hope you can accept my apology."

"It's okay Louis, the nose is fine now." replied the boy named Corey. "I was going to ask why you would do that when I got the chance, and that I wasn't even gay. If you can be honest with everyone though, so can I. You were right about me when you caught me jacking off, I am gay. I've even had thoughts about you once or twice. Your busting my nose kinda spoiled that though."

"I'm really sorry I did that too Corey." said Louis. "You're a good looking guy, and I'm flattered that you've thought about me like that. I do have someone special though."

"Will you at least be my friend Louis?" asked Corey. "That'll be enough to make up for you busting my nose."

"I'd love to be your friend Corey." smiled Louis.

"Teacher, do we have to be exposed to these people?" asked a boy named Gerald.

"Hey Gerald, Louis is still my friend so don't use that kind of tone when you talk about him!" said Jeff.

"Are you joining the fag club too?" asked Gerald.

"I'm as straight as anyone here!" replied Jeff. "I have a really great girlfriend, and I've made love to her more than you'll probably ever fantasize about you creep. That doesn't mean that Louis can't be my friend just because he's gay though."

"Okay boys, enough with the name calling!" said the teacher. "I don't want to hear anyone else calling another person names in this class, especially fag! As for being exposed to people who are different than you are Gerald, you better get use to it. You aren't going to be a kid for the rest of your life, and you'll have to deal with a lot of people who are different than you out there as an adult. If you don't, you will become a failure at everything you try to do. Very few people like to hire intolerant employees, because they are unwilling to think of anyone but themselves or what they think. It's a very selfish and hateful attitude, and I don't blame anyone for not wanting to put up with it."

"Why are you sticking up for those people?" asked Andy.

"Because, I'm one of those people myself." said the teacher. "Now, why do you hate gay people Andy?"

"Because sooner or later, one of them will try something with me." replied Andy. "When that happens, I'll have to beat them to death. I don't see the point in taking any chances."

"Well then, maybe I can make you see the point." replied the teacher. "There are at least a half dozen gay people in this room right now. I can guarantee you that not one of them would ever consider trying to do anything with you. I'm also pretty sure that even the thought of that would make all of them cringe. Your heterosexuality is safe, as long as you can find a girl who will put up with your hateful attitude. The problem is that most girls would rather have a guy like Jeff there, who can tolerate and get along with anyone. I'll bet that a lot of girls in this school secretly wish he would break up with his girlfriend, so they could have a chance with him. As for other boys though, don't waste your time thinking that any boy might entertain thoughts of doing anything with you. It isn't going to happen."

"How do we know that you're not working here just so you can perv out thinking about us boys?" asked Gerald.

"Because I'm taken." replied the teacher. "You really don't need to know about my personal life, but here goes anyway. I met my partner when we were both in college. We could tell almost right away that we were meant to be a couple. Since we committed ourselves to each other in that first year of college, I've never had any sexual thoughts about anyone but him. Me and him will be together and happy with each other for the rest of our lives, and no one could take my heart and my thoughts away from him. Contrary to what some of you boys believe, most gay people have no interest in anyone who isn't gay themselves. They want a lover who they can share the same feelings and emotions with. No one will ever try to talk any of you straight kids into doing something they can tell you would hate doing, so you're safe. Now, I think we're going to go off my lesson plan for a while, since some of you students need to learn about what hate and intolerance can do. Louis and Corey, I want you two boys to run down to the library and get a cart. Go to the bulk room and get thirty copies of The Diary of Anne Frank. We're going to spend the rest of the week reading that, and I'll expect a report next Tuesday about what you've learned from that book. And just so no one thinks they'll get away with not reading the book, we'll have a quiz every day about what you've read so far. I'm sure that this book will do a lot of you some good, so not reading it will result in detention."

While Corey and Louis were in the bulk room of the library getting the books, Corey said, "I've always wondered what it would take for a gay basher to realize that he's gay himself. What happened Louis?"

"I started thinking about other boys when I was thirteen." said Louis. "It had always been just that though. I always tried to push those thoughts somewhere where I couldn't find them. Being a gay basher helped me to hide those thoughts too. They were never completely gone though, and they became too much for me to hide when Colin Burke wanted to fool around with me. We got caught jacking each other off in the boys restroom. I couldn't help think that I should have at least got caught sucking his cock. Then it hit me that I was gay, and I couldn't get rid of being gay. That's what made me almost kill myself in detention. I was really lucky that those guys there really cared about me for some reason though. If they hadn't, I would have blown my brains out that day."

"Well, I'm glad you didn't kill yourself." said Corey. "You are a good looking guy, especially now that you're okay with being gay. So, has anything else happened with our star pitcher?"

"Colin is a real asshole." replied Louis. "When he found out my family was poor, he didn't want anything else to do with me."

"Well, that's his loss." smiled Corey. "Is there anyone else now?"

"Yeah." replied Louis. "After my parents found out I was gay and threw me out, I went to stay with a guy named Stephen. He had been my nurse when I was in the hospital. I fell in love with him at the hospital, and now I get to live with him. Stephen is very gentle, and he loves me as much as I love him."

"Wow!" exclaimed Corey. "That must be great having an adult lover! It's just too bad that I don't still have a chance. To be honest, just before you busted my nose, I wanted to beg you not to hurt me, and offer to do anything for you in return. It was making me really hard before you busted my nose."

"Yeah, I hope this will make up for that Corey." said Louis.

Louis then put his arms around Corey's neck, and brought their faces together. Louis's lips slowly came in contact with Corey's, and the two boys shared a deep kiss. As they were kissing, Louis's right hand ran down Corey's front. Then Corey felt Louis slowly rub his cock through his pants. Corey caught Louis's tongue between his lips, and sucked it into his mouth. Then Corey ran his hands gently over Louis's back and butt.

When they finally broke the kiss, Corey breathlessly said, "Damn, I wish you weren't taken Louis. It would be so cool to make love to you!"

"I may be taken, but my boyfriend is pretty understanding." smiled Louis. "Would you like to come to my house after school? I really want to make things up to you Corey. Besides, Stephen is really nice, and he might want to be with both of us."

"O... o... okay... Louis." replied Corey, with a dazed look on his face.

"Cool!" laughed Louis lightly. "You might want to try to think of something else besides being with me and an adult tonight though. You look like you could orgasm on the spot right now. I'm sure someone will notice that."

Corey and Louis laughed as they got the last of the books the teacher wanted, and started heading back to the classroom. On the way there, Corey asked, "If your family is poor Louis, why are you wearing really expensive clothes today, and smell like you have on a really expensive cologne?"

"It was Stephen's idea." snickered Louis. "My family may be poor, but he isn't. He wants Colin to see me like this, and see how badly he fucked up for dumping me because I was poor."

"That's a good one Louis!" laughed Corey. "I'm beginning to like Stephen, and I've never even met him! I just wish I could see if it works."

"You may get your wish." replied Louis, as he pointed up the hallway.

"What's a poor boy like you doing all dressed up like that?" asked Colin, as he laughed sarcastically.

"If you must know Colin, thanks to you I'm not poor anymore." smiled Louis. "My parents kicked me out, and I went to live with someone who is loaded, and intends on spoiling me rotten. I wouldn't be with a millionaire right now if it hadn't been for you Colin, so thanks buddy."

"What?!" replied Colin. "Hey, I really never meant anything bad Louis. I was just trying to help you."

"And you did." replied Louis.

"Um, can we get together sometime, when you don't have this puppy following you around?" asked Colin. "I think we left on the wrong note the last time."

"It was the right note Colin." replied Louis. "And this puppy is Corey. Corey is a very good hearted guy, which makes him a lot more attractive than you. Besides, now that I'm richer than you, I can be with people I like, and not have to settle for people like you. We have to get back to class now Colin, but it was nice running into you."

Then Corey and Louis walked off, leaving Colin with his mouth hanging wide open. When they were far enough away from Colin, both boys began laughing hysterically. They were still laughing when they went into the classroom. The teacher smiled at the two boys as he said, "I'm glad you two made it back before the bell. You have just enough time to hand those out for me. Okay students, tonight's homework will be light. All I expect tonight will be the first two chapters. There will be a quiz first thing tomorrow morning, so I suggest you do the homework. If I get the feeling you haven't, you will be given detention."

As class was ending, Louis asked Corey, "How are we going to have fun tonight, if we have to read two chapters?"

"This is a really good book, and it reads very well." replied Corey. "It's one of my favorites. Don't worry Louis, I'll help you through it. We'll have it done before we even get to your place."

"Well, I'm sure if it's one of your favorites, I'll love it too." smiled Louis.

Louis's next class was with Jeff and Ronnie, and Corey's was with Carter and Kevin, so the boys split up outside the classroom. Carter and Kevin naturally wanted to know all about why Corey and Louis had been laughing when they returned to class, so Corey told them what had happened. The part about meeting Colin had them laughing too, and they welcomed Corey as one of their friends.

After school was over, and all of the boys were walking out to the parking lot, Louis said, "You're right Corey, this is a really good book. It'll be hard not to want to read more tonight. I think it's going to be my favorite. Did you get to call your parents yet?"

"I talked to my mom at lunch." replied Corey. "She said it was okay, as long as I do my homework, and don't stay out too late."

"Cool, we can do homework together at my house." smiled Louis. "Well, after you get a chance to know Stephen first."

After Carter and Kevin dropped the boys off, Louis led Corey to the door. "Hi Stephen, I'm home!" called out Louis.

"I just got home too!" called out Stephen from the bedroom. "I'll be out as soon as I dress, my love."

"Cool babe, I have someone for you to meet too!" laughed Louis. When a freshly showered Stephen finally came out, Louis continued, "Stephen, this is Corey. He's the guy I got put in detention over. We got things straightened out today though, and Corey is a really cool friend now."

"Hi Corey, I'm Louis's foster father Stephen." said Stephen, as he offered Corey a handshake.

"Wow!" exclaimed Corey, as he shook Stephen's hand. "Louis is a really lucky guy to have a foster father like you, not to mention he gets to make love to you too!"

When Stephen looked a little concerned, Louis said, "It's okay babe. Corey is really cool, or I wouldn't have said anything to him about us."

"Yeah, I'm really happy for the two of you." said Corey. "I hope I have someone nice like you someday sir."

"You don't have to call me sir." smiled Stephen. "Stephen will be just fine. And any friend of Louis's is a friend of mine, and welcome here any time. Are you boys hungry?"

"Sure!" replied Louis and Corey together.

"Okay, when you're ready we can go out for dinner." chuckled Stephen. "Unless you boys want to eat later."

"Now is fine, but I need something first." replied Louis, as he grinned seductively.

Stephen wrapped Louis in his arms, and gave him a very passionate kiss in front of Corey. Stephen could tell by the way Corey was smiling that the boy would be okay with the two of them together.

On the way to dinner, Louis said, "I wanted to talk to you about something Stephen. I treated Corey really bad before, and as you can see, he's really very nice. I wanted to do something to make it up to him tonight, and was wondering if you would be okay with that."

"Well my love, I know how you feel about me, so I won't stand in your way." replied Stephen. "As long as you love me, I want you to be happy."

"I do love you Stephen, very much." smiled Louis. "I also think Corey might like it if you joined us babe. I know you didn't care much for when Colin joined us, but Corey is a lot different."

"I can tell he is." smiled Stephen. "You look like a very nice and sensitive boy Corey. Do you really want me to join you and Louis tonight?"

"I would love that Stephen!" smiled Corey.

As Carter and Kevin finished making love before dinner at Kevin's house, Alex and Benji came into the room. "We'll really miss being able to ride to school with you guys." said Alex.

"So does Sammy and Derek." replied Carter. "We really want to be there for Louis though, at least for now."

"I'll tell you guys what." said Kevin. "Maybe I can talk Phillip into letting me get an SUV, and make sure it has enough seats for everyone."

"That would be cool." said Benji.

"I'd need you guys to help me talk him into it though." said Kevin. "There are some nice ones with a backward facing third seat, so that would give us a seating capacity of eight. That would be enough for all of you guys, and Louis too, with an empty seat.."

"Okay, we'll help you guys if you need it." smiled Alex. "By the way, Wayne said to tell you that supper is ready."

Kevin thought it might be tough to sell Phillip on a vehicle for him, but the boys made such a good case after dinner that Phillip agreed easily. Phillip agreed to take the boys out Saturday to find the right vehicle.

After Stephen, Louis, and Corey got back from dinner, Louis asked, "Okay Stephen my love, how are we going to do this?"

"Well babe, I want Corey to experience real love-making with both of us." replied Stephen. "I want him to enjoy this, so he knows how beautiful love is. Let's go to the bedroom, and I'll undress both of you boys. Then we can take it from there after both of you undress me. How does that sound?"

"Cool!" replied both boys together.

Once all three of them were in the bedroom, Stephen slowly removed Louis's shirt. As Stephen bared Louis's chest, he leaned in and gave each of Louis's nipples a kiss and gentle nibble. Then Stephen moved over to Corey, and looked into Corey's eyes. Stephen could tell by the look of longing in Corey's face that the boy really wanted this, so Stephen reached down and pulled Corey's shirt up over his torso. Then Stephen leaned in and took one of Corey's nipples between his lips. Corey moaned softly as Stephen kissed and nibbled gently at his nipple.

Louis leaned over and sucked at Corey's earlobe, then whispered, "You really like this, don't you Corey?" Then Louis ran his tongue around Corey's earlobe and said, "Stephen and I are going to make such beautiful love to you. You deserve to be made love to like that Corey. I can't believe I ever hurt such a beautiful guy as you."

As Stephen moved to Corey's other nipple, Corey moaned, "Can you kiss me again Louis? I loved feeling our lips together earlier."

"Sure Corey, I'd love to kiss you." smiled Louis.

Louis turned Corey's face toward his, and put their lips together gently. Then Louis ran his tongue around Corey's lips, trying to coax Corey into doing the same. When Louis felt Corey's tongue on his lips, he sucked Corey's tongue into his mouth. As Louis sucked longingly on Corey's tongue, Corey ran his hands over the back of Stephen's head and moaned into Louis's mouth. Stephen finally finished with Corey's nipples, and watched as the two boys kissed. Then Stephen took Louis's ear into his mouth, and pushed his tongue into it as far as he could.

Stephen put his lips against Louis's earlobe and whispered, "I love you and Corey very much. The three of us making love will be so beautiful."

Then Stephen did the same with Corey's ear, and whispered, "We love you Corey, and we're going to make you feel so beautiful."

Then Stephen knelt down, and removed Louis's pants and underwear. After Louis's cock had been freed, Stephen put the head of it between his lips and kissed it passionately. When Louis felt Stephen's tongue push against his piss slit, he moaned as he sucked Corey's tongue passionately. Stephen finished kissing the head of Louis's cock, then sucked gently on each of his balls. After that, Stephen moved over and began to remove Corey's pants and underwear.

As soon as Corey's cock had been uncovered, Stephen gasped softly, "Oh my God! You're uncut Corey! I've always fantasized about doing something with an uncut cock."

Stephen put the tip of Corey's foreskin between his lips, and began to kiss and caress it with his tongue. Then Stephen bit down gently on the flap of skin, and pulled at it with his teeth as he flicked it with his tongue. Finally Stephen pulled back on Corey's shaft, and exposed the head of Corey's cock. After Stephen kissed the head of Corey's cock, he laid his tongue flat against it. Then Stephen pushed the foreskin back over his tongue, as well as the head of Corey's cock.

Corey finally broke the kiss and moaned, "Oh my God! Stephen has docked his tongue to my cock!"

Both boys looked down to see half of Stephen's tongue lodged underneath the foreskin of Corey's cock. Louis laid his head on Corey's chest, and kissed at Corey's nipples as he reached down and caressed Corey's balls and stared at Stephen's tongue docked to Corey's cock.

"I want to show Louis something cool." moaned Corey.

Stephen and Louis both straightened up, and Corey reached down to take ahold of his and Louis's cocks. Corey pulled his foreskin back, then put the head of Louis's cock against his. Louis watched in amazement as the head of his cock disappeared underneath Corey's foreskin.

Corey looked into Louis's eyes and smiled as he said, "Now you and I are sharing one cock between us. Yours is a part of mine, and mine is a part of yours."

"Wow!" exclaimed Louis softly.

"Two boys with one cock, that's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen!" smiled Stephen.

Stephen pulled Corey's and Louis's faces to his, and all three of them shared a kiss together. When the kiss was over, Louis was still in no hurry for his cock to leave Corey's foreskin. Stephen laid both boys down gently on the bed, being careful to keep their cocks joined together. Then Stephen removed their shoes, and undressed himself. As soon as he could, Stephen had joined the boys on the bed, and was now running his tongue over the entire length of both cocks.

After a few minutes of that, Louis moaned, "Come up here and kiss us Stephen. We don't want to cum too soon."

The next several minutes were spent with all three of them sharing kisses back and forth. Corey finally broke the kiss, and crawled down to face Louis's cock. A few seconds after Corey took Louis's cock into his mouth, Stephen made his way down and spread Corey's soft butt cheeks apart. Then Stephen moved in, and began to gently lick Corey's crack and pucker with his tongue. Corey moaned as he felt Stephen's tongue push just inside his sphincter.

"Please put your cock inside me as I suck Louis, okay Stephen?" moaned Corey.

Stephen grabbed the tube of lube from the bedside table, and began lubing Corey's pucker. Once that was done, Stephen lubed his cock well, and put it against Corey's pucker. Stephen pushed as gently as he could, until he felt the head of his cock slip into Corey. From the way Corey's rectum was squeezing the head of his cock, Stephen could tell that he had never had a large adult cock inside him. Stephen held his cock still, until he felt Corey begin to loosen up. Then Stephen gently slid the rest of his cock into Corey. As Stephen thrust his cock in and out of Corey, Corey sucked hungrily on Louis's cock. Stephen took his still lubed finger, and reached around underneath Louis. Louis moaned loudly when he felt Stephen's finger push all the way into him.

Louis was the first to cum, as he moaned out loudly. Corey eagerly swallowed all of the cum that Louis could make. As Stephen began to approach his orgasm inside Corey, Louis removed Stephen's finger from his rectum, and began sucking it clean. That made Stephen shoot into Corey, as he panted and grunted. When Stephen was finished cumming, he carefully removed his cock from Corey, then turned Corey onto his back. As Louis sucked Corey's cock, Stephen sucked Corey's balls. Every few moments, Stephen and Louis traded places. When Corey finally began to cum, his cock was deep in Stephen's mouth. Stephen swallowed the first mouthful of Corey's cum, which Corey replaced with another mouthful as he moaned. When Corey finished cumming, Stephen pulled Louis's lips to his, and gave Louis Corey's second mouthful of cum. Louis swallowed eagerly, and sucked what he could from Stephen's tongue. Then the three relaxed naked in each other's arms for a while.

After taking a shower together, the three went out to the living room to watch a movie, still completely naked. Louis sat right next to Corey, and turned their hips toward each other. Stephen sat right against Louis, and put his arm around both boys as he watched Louis dock their cocks back together. The three watched the movie with Louis and Corey's cocks docked together, and Stephen gently caressing their thighs. When the movie was over, it was time for Corey to go home.

Before Corey got out of Stephen's car, Louis said, "We love you Corey. I hope you can come back over soon."

"Yes Corey, we'd love for you to come back, anytime." smiled Stephen.

"I love you guys too, and I'll come back as often as I can." smiled Corey.

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