Starting Over 3:

Forever Friends

by tim the story guy

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Starting Over 3: Forever Friends

by tim

Chapter 17

From the last chapter:

After taking a shower together, the three went out to the living room to watch a movie, still completely naked. Louis sat right next to Corey, and turned their hips toward each other. Stephen sat right against Louis, and put his arm around both boys as he watched Louis dock their cocks back together. The three watched the movie with Louis and Corey's cocks docked together, and Stephen gently caressing their thighs. When the movie was over, it was time for Corey to go home.

Before Corey got out of Stephen's car, Louis said, "We love you Corey. I hope you can come back over soon."

"Yes Corey, we'd love for you to come back, anytime." smiled Stephen.

"I love you guys too, and I'll come back as often as I can." smiled Corey.

No one dared cross their teacher, so everyone in first period had read the assigned chapters. Louis had even read one extra chapter that morning. A few kids did look like they wanted to say something, but the teacher was now keeping a close eye on them. The students could now tell that the school was getting very serious about its zero tolerance policy on harassment.

The rest of the week passed without any further incidents. Colin did however spend the week looking as though someone had pissed in his Wheaties. Corey did go back to Louis's house on Friday, and Stephen and the two boys had a great time.

On Saturday, Phillip took Kevin and Carter out car shopping. Phillip was just glad that Kevin didn't want a Hummer, like Lester and Billy had. Still though, SUVs were expensive vehicles. Phillip knew what he was doing though, so Kevin and Carter stood back and watched when they got to the first dealer.

"May I help you sir?" asked the salesman.

"I hope so." replied Phillip. "My son wants an SUV for him and his friend to drive. I have a ton of cash to spend today, but I haven't decided where to spend it yet. Let's see what you can do to make up my mind. Oh, and I'd like you to treat the boys really special."

The salesman nearly broke his neck, scrambling to pull chairs up to his desk for Kevin and Carter. Then he went and got sodas for each of the boys, and asked if they would like a snack. That made Kevin and Carter both grin widely. After the boys were comfortable, the salesman went about explaining all of their SUV models to the boys. Phillip was impressed that the man was so willing to talk directly to the boys, like they were the ones he had to make the sale to. They were in a way, but it was Phillip that would be negotiating any deal. Once the boys had settled on a model, the salesman began inquiring how they wanted it equipped. Once that was done, the salesman searched his stock, and found the model they wanted, equipped like they wanted, and in the color they wanted, on his lot. It was one of the models the dealer had had customized though, so Phillip and the boys followed him to take a look at it. Kevin and Carter loved the custom wheels, and the exterior paint trim. Phillip could tell when they began to ooh and ahh after sitting in the vehicle, that the boys wanted that particular SUV.

"Okay, it would appear that the boys have some interest in the vehicle." smiled Phillip. "What kind of deal can you make us today?"

The salesman talked to his manager, and came back with a deal that was less than what the vehicle would have cost before being customized. Phillip knew that he wouldn't be able to beat that deal, so he went up to Kevin.

"How would you like this one son?" asked Philip.

"Are you kidding dad?" asked Kevin. "It has a cooler in the front console, and a DVD player in the back seat! The wheels are awesome, and the paint job is perfect! I'd love to have this one!"

"Then let's go inside, and get you into this vehicle." chuckled Phillip.

Phillip called his insurance agent, and the salesman had his staff prep the vehicle as quickly as they could. A little over an hour later, the paperwork was all done, and Kevin and Carter followed Phillip off the lot in Kevin's new SUV. As soon as Kevin pulled into the driveway, the other boys shot out of the house and were all over the new vehicle.

"Geez Kevin, you and Carter could live in this thing!" laughed Benji.

"Wow!" exclaimed Zack. "There's a DVD player in the back seat! Me and Seth can watch cartoons when Kevin takes us somewhere!"

"If we let you!" laughed Alex.

"Hey, my sweet little boyfriends can watch whatever they want!" smiled Tommy.

"They'd probably be too wrapped up in you stroking their little dicks to worry about cartoons anyway." smiled Benji.

"Hey guys, we'll still have to be careful with the sex." said Kevin. "Not many cars could see it, but a truck or bus still could easily!"

"That's the good thing about having both of them as boyfriends." smiled Tommy. "While I'm making one feel good, the other can watch out for trucks and busses."

"Where are we going first?" asked Zack, as he smiled coyly.

"I guess you guys can go with us to show Louis, Derek, and Sammy." replied Carter. "But Kevin and I are grabbing a bite to eat first."

After Kevin and Carter had a light snack, the boys all piled into the new SUV. As they pulled out, Phillip and Wayne stood on the front porch with their arms around each other, and shared a brief kiss. Then they went straight inside to their bedroom.

As soon as Kevin had pulled out of the driveway, Zack began looking around for Tommy and Seth. Tommy pulled Seth's pants down just enough to get to him, then began to gently stroke Seth's dick.

As Tommy put an arm around Seth, he said, "I'm sure glad that doctor doesn't think your premature development is hurting you in any way. I love you and Zack too much to have anything happen to either of you."

"I love you too Tommy, and so does Zack." replied Seth. "Can you kiss me now, while you stroke my dick?"

Tommy and Seth shared a passionate kiss while Tommy masturbated the boy. About halfway to Louis's house, Seth and Zack switched positions, and Tommy gave the same treatment to Zack. As Kevin pulled into Stephen's driveway, Zack and Seth both looked up into Tommy's eyes with an incredible amount of love in their eyes.

Louis answered the door with Corey, and invited everyone on in. Then he introduced everyone that Stephen hadn't met yet. When Stephen went to shake hands with Tommy, he could immediately see the relationship between Tommy, Zack, and Seth.

"You have two very cute little boyfriends there Tommy." said Stephen.

"What do you mean sir?" asked Tommy, a little scared about being discovered by the stranger.

"I can see the look of you three boys in love." smiled Stephen. "Don't worry Tommy. As long as you're taking good care of them, that's all that matters. How does Tommy treat you boys?"

"Tommy is more gentle and loving with us than anyone has ever been." replied Zack. "Seth and I love him very much, and he loves us too."

"Well then, I think it's great." said Stephen, as he took turns rubbing all three boys on the top of their heads.

"So Louis, is Corey having fun hanging out with you guys?" asked Kevin.

"Yeah, and he loves joining in when he's here." laughed Louis.

"You guys are having a threesome when Corey's here?" asked Carter.

"Yeah, and I can see why Louis loves having an adult lover." replied Corey. "Being with these guys is the most exciting time I've ever had! Last night, Stephen put his cock inside me while Louis made love to mine. I've never cum so much in my life! Louis and Stephen are the best friends I've ever had before, even if Louis did bust my nose once."

"Well, it's not that I'm attracted to adults now." blushed Louis. "I love Stephen, and he happens to be an adult. But I also have feelings for Corey too, and so does Stephen. We hope he stays with us for a while."

"Well, before this breaks down into an orgy, do you guys want to come out and see my new SUV?" asked Kevin as he laughed. "We'll be able to stop by and pick you guys up every morning now."

"Cool!" exclaimed Louis. "Let's go take a look!"

After the boys looked over Kevin's new vehicle for a while, Louis asked Stephen if he and Corey could go for a ride. Kevin and Carter still wanted to show it to Derek and Sammy, as well as Carter's parents. It was a tight fit, with Corey having to squeeze in with Tommy, Zack, and Seth.

As soon as Kevin started out, Zack and Seth wanted to pick up where they had left off. It didn't matter that Corey was now sitting next to them. Corey watched in awe as Seth took Tommy's cock out, and took it into his mouth to make love to it. Then Zack took his brother's dick out, and did the same thing to it that Seth was doing to Tommy. Corey became very hard as he watched Seth lovingly suck Tommy's cock. About halfway there, the boys were interrupted by a passing bus. After that was over, Zack and Seth switched places. As they approached Carter's house, Tommy had his orgasm in Zack's mouth.

"Holy shit!" exclaimed Corey, as he watched Tommy's cock surge inside Zack's mouth. "Louis is riding up here on the way back! I don't know if I could take any more of that!"

Tommy laughed as they pulled into Carter's driveway, and he pulled up his pants. The boys were met halfway to the door by Derek, Sammy, and Carter's parents. Carter gave Rebecca and Frank a warm hug, as Derek and Sammy began looking over Kevin's new vehicle.

"So, we'll be able to take everyone to school every morning now, except for Tommy and the little guys." said Kevin, as the other boys admired the vehicle. "He likes walking them to their school anyway."

"It's even got a DVD player in the back seats!" exclaimed Sammy. "This thing must have cost you most of your fortune!"

"Well, not quite that much." chuckled Kevin. "Besides, dad got a really good deal on it. We didn't have to pay for any of the custom work. I can't wait to show it to my brother and the twins."

"How are you getting along with Scott, Jenna, and Gina?" asked Derek.

"Things are going great there." smiled Kevin. "My mom tried to turn them against me, but it doesn't seem to have worked. Maybe Uncle Edward can get through to her someday, before she loses her whole family."

It was finally time for Kevin and Carter to return Louis and Corey to Louis's house, then head on home themselves. The next day, Kevin and Carter headed off to the mall, where they would pick up Scott, Gina, and Jenna. To their surprise, Scott was the only one there to meet them.

"Where are the twins?" asked Kevin.

"I'm sorry big brother, I think mom is onto us though." replied Scott. "She wouldn't say why, but she wouldn't let Jenna and Gina come with me today. I don't think anyone slipped though, so I don't know how she could know."

"It's hard to say with mom." said Kevin. "I think she has ESP or something."

"Well, it doesn't matter to me if she knows or not." said Scott. "I love my big brother, and I'm not giving up seeing you ever again Kevin. Let her kick me out if she wants to!"

"I love you too Scott, and I'm really happy that you feel that way." smiled Kevin. "Let's go take a ride in my new SUV. We'll see if Wayne has any ideas on what's happening. I don't want to give up on seeing Jenna and Gina either. They look like they're doing really well, in spite of mom."

Once the boys got out to Kevin's new SUV, Scott exclaimed, "Damn Kevin, I didn't realize Uncle Phillip was doing well enough to buy you a car like this! This is one hell of a nice ride!"

"Um, can you keep a secret Scott?" asked Kevin.

"I'll keep any secret for you big brother!" smiled Scott.

"Okay then, it was my money that bought my SUV." said Kevin, as Scott's eyes widened. "We all went down to Florida over Christmas, and Wayne ended up finding a sunken treasure ship. Everyone helped locate and salvage it, so Wayne split the fortune evenly with everyone. All of us are very well off now. I'm sure if mom knew about that, she'd try to convince the state that she's the mother of the year. We know better than that though."

"That's it, I'm telling mom that I love you, and I approve of you being gay." laughed Scott. "Then when she throws me out, I can come live with my rich uncle and big brother!"

"Please Scott, don't tell her about the money." said Kevin.

"Do you think I'm crazy?" replied Scott. "Of course I'm not telling her about the money! I could just hear the cash registers ringing in her head if I did that! I was serious though when I said that I love you, and I approve of you being gay completely. You're my big brother, and nothing can change that Kevin."

"I love you too Scott!" said Kevin, as he wrapped his arms around his little brother. "I'm so glad we got back together, and have a chance to make up for lost time now."

Carter, Kevin, and Scott got into Kevin's SUV, and the boys took off to go talk to Wayne. Once they were there, and everyone sat down together, Scott said, "You have to help me Mister Owens. My mom wouldn't have any problem with me going somewhere with the twins. She knows something is going on, and she's trying to put a stop to it. I'm not going to let that happen though. I just got back together with my big brother, and found out that he's an awesome guy. I'm not going to give that up now either. You should hear the things she has said about Kevin since she threw him out. It's been one lie after another, trying to get me and my sisters to hate Kevin. It didn't work though, and it's never going to now. I know she won't ever give up though. Since Uncle Edward has been trying to talk her into relaxing her attitude, she's began calling him some very unflattering names."

"Please Scott, call me Wayne." replied Wayne. "I knew she was bad from what she did to Kevin, but I had no idea she was that bad. A mother should never try to get any of her children to hate another one of her children. That borders on emotional abuse of all of her children. I'm going to give Michelle a call, and have her come here to pose as my assistant. Then I'm going to call your mom, and tell her you came here seeking me as your counselor. I want Michelle to hear what she has to say to the feelings you've described to me. Is that okay son?"

"I guess so." replied Scott.

"Even if the situation might turn ugly?" asked Wayne.

"Do you think it will?" asked Scott.

"Your mother sounds like a very intolerant person, so it's possible." replied Wayne. "I also want to call Edward, and get his take on this. I'll do that before I call Michelle."

Wayne then called Edward, and found out that all he had been getting from Terri for his trouble was a hard time. Wayne then went ahead and called Michelle, then called Kevin and Scott's mother, Terri. Michelle got to Wayne's house well ahead of Terri, which gave them a chance to talk.

After Wayne explained his plan to Michelle, Michelle said, "I promised you to tell you why I'm so sympathetic toward gay kids Wayne, and now is as good of a time as any. When I was a teenager, I had a best friend named Janine. Janine had a twin brother named James. I thought James was really cute, but Janine and I could tell that he was more interested in boys. James's parents didn't know that though, until they caught him in the act with another boy. James was beaten very badly by his parents, and later died of his injuries. After James and Janine's parents were arrested for murder, Janine was forced to go live with relatives out west. That was two of my very best friends that I lost because of the way some people treat gay children, and it still hurts to this day. It hurts every time I get a call about an abuse case, and find out it was because the parents couldn't love their children enough to accept who they are. I already don't care much for Kevin's mom, and if she gives me the least excuse, I'll show her that her attitude will no longer be tolerated. If Scott loves his brother that much, and she can't accept that, Phillip may be getting another son today."

"I'm really sorry about what happened to your friends Michelle." replied Wayne. "I hope I can continue to help you make sure that doesn't happen to anyone we come across."

When Terri got there, Wayne acted as civil as he could. Then he introduced Michelle as his assistant, and told Terri why he had called her. Terri took everything in, until Wayne had finished.

"Let's get something straight here Mister Owens." said Terri. "I know your track record. You took Edward's boy, and completely messed up his head. Now the boy thinks he's queer too. I know you're living here with my brother Phillip, but that doesn't give you the right to make children think that they're queer. You are not doing that to Scott. If Scott needs a counselor, I will take him somewhere and find him a decent one."

"Let me set you straight on something Terri, being gay is not a choice." replied Wayne. "You almost drove one son to the brink of killing himself. If it hadn't been for his uncle Phillip, Kevin might not be here today. To make matters worse, Edward almost filled his boy so full of hate that he nearly killed Kevin, after Kevin had already gone through such a rough time dealing with his useless parents. No one turned Billy gay. Billy was so filled with hate that he did everything he could to try to convince himself that he wasn't. It could never have worked though Terri. Now Scott has found out that you've been trying to fill him with the same kind of hate that Edward tried to fill Billy with. The only difference is that Scott wants nothing to do with it. He still loves his brother Kevin, and he doesn't care that Kevin is gay. Edward is finally coming around, after his boy was almost arrested for trying to kill your son. What's it going to take for you Terri?"

"Yeah mom, what's it going to take?" asked Scott, as he entered the room. "Do you think you'll find a counselor out there who will talk me out of loving my brother, just because you hate him? He's more likely to tell you that you're screwed up, just like Wayne is doing. You almost had me hating Kevin, but it didn't quite work mom. Kevin is my brother, and I love him. You'll never change that either! What are you going to do now mom, hate me because I won't hate my brother like you want me to?"

Terri reached over and slapped Scott hard across the face, then loudly said, "I'm your mother Scott, and don't you dare forget that! You'll do exactly what I tell you to! Now, go wait for me out in the car!"

"I'm afraid I can't let him do that." said Michelle. "Wayne, call the police for me."

"And who the hell do you think you are?!" asked Terri heatedly.

"I'm with the CPS, and I'm removing Scott from your custody for his own safety!" replied Michelle. "Then we're going by your place when the police take you to the jail to be booked on assault of a minor, and I'm removing Jenna and Gina from your home too. You and your husband are going to have to get some serious counseling before the family court will consider returning the custody of any of your children. Do you have anything to say to that?" When Terri didn't reply, Michelle said, "I didn't think so."

As the police were placing Terri in custody, Michelle was looking at the bruise on Scott's face. She had one of the officers take a picture of it, then told Scott she wanted him to go to the hospital, just as a precaution. Phillip, Wayne, Kevin, and Carter got ready to take Scott to the hospital, and Joanna was called from across the street to look after the other kids.

To say that Terri's husband wasn't exactly thrilled to see his wife in the back of a police car would have been an understatement. He was even less thrilled when Michelle produced an order to remove Jenna and Gina from the house. It was safe to say though that Terri was having an even worse day. Her hatred and intolerance had just caused her three remaining children to be removed from her custody, and she was fuming over it.

Later that evening at the hospital, everyone was waiting while the doctor looked at Scott. "I know what she did to me, but I can't believe she hit Scott like that!" said Kevin hotly. "He's my brother, and I love him. No one is going to treat him that way!"

"Well son, the state will take care of her." replied Phillip. "I know she's my sister, but I can't say that I'm surprised. Between her and Edward, she was the quickest one to turn her back on me because it was what our parents wanted. I'm just glad that Edward finally came back around, but I'm afraid it might take quite a bit for Terri to change."

"I just can't understand why she would hit Scott." said Kevin, as his emotions showed a little. "If she hurt him, it'll be hard to forgive her for that."

"Well son, your brother is safely with us for now." said Phillip, as he put an arm around Kevin's shoulder.

"But why can't she just let her children be happy?" asked Kevin, as he looked up to Phillip.

"Kevin babe, you, your brother, and your sisters will be happy." said Carter. "You have all of us to help you guys with that, and I'll especially make sure you're happy. She can't stop that now."

"I'm so glad that I have you Carter!" replied Kevin as he smiled.

At that time, Michelle walked into the waiting room with Jenna and Gina. The two girls immediately ran to Kevin, and threw their arms around him. "This lady said that mom hit Scott, and he had to come here." said Jenna.

"Is Scott going to be okay Kevin?" asked Gina.

"I'm sure he will be angel." replied Kevin. "I don't think mom hurt him that bad. What she did was against the law though. A parent should never hit their kids like that, and the state is going to make sure that her and dad get some help so they don't do things like that again. That's why this lady brought you here. I'm sure she's going to ask Uncle Phillip to take care of you two and Scott until mom and dad are better."

"Do you mean that we're all going to get to live together again?" asked Jenna.

"At least for now." replied Kevin, as he gave both twins a hug. "Uncle Phillip would never be able to say no to taking care of you two and Scott. Then when the court thinks mom and dad are ready, you can go back to live with them."

"I don't really care if it takes a little while, as long as we can live with you and Uncle Phillip." giggled Jenna.

Meanwhile, Michelle was talking to Wayne and Phillip. "I know your house is a little crowded right now guys, but these kids need someone to care for them. It would be best right now if it were family, and you're my first choice Phillip. What do you men say?"

Phillip looked to Wayne, who smiled and nodded his approval. Then he turned to Michelle and replied, "I could never turn down my nieces and nephew. I've never stopped caring about my family, even though they turned their backs on me, and I tried to tell myself that I didn't care anymore. Those kids are Terri's kids though, and she's still a part of my family. I'll give them as much love as I can until Terri is ready to care for them again."

"Thank you so much Phillip." said Michelle. "They really need that right now. I'll bring all the paperwork out in the morning for you to sign."

The doctor finally led Scott back out, and said, "Scott doesn't seem to be injured too badly. The impact to his face will leave a nice bruise for a little while, but no bones have been fractured. He does seem to have a few loose teeth from the impact though, and there were small lacerations inside the cheek from the loosened teeth. They should settle back into place though. If he complains of tooth pain for more than a week though, you'll need to get him to an oral specialist. He's okay to go home now."

Once back at the house, Wayne and Phillip did a little reorganizing. Scott settled in with Benji, and the twins had their own room. The next morning, Wayne and Phillip called Frank over. They had to go to Terri's house, and pick up some belongings for Scott, Jenna, and Gina. Michelle had offered a police escort, but Phillip wanted to avoid that. The three men knocked on Terri's door, and it was answered by her husband Ronald.

"What the fuck do you want Phillip?!" asked Ronald heatedly, as soon as he opened the door. "Haven't you done enough to this family?"

"And it's just as nice to see you too Ronald." replied Phillip in a cool tone. "I didn't do anything to your family though Ronald. Your wife seems to be quite adept at screwing it up herself. I'm just here to pick up the pieces for you. I need to pick up some things for the kids, since they may be with me and my partner for a while."

"Well just see about that!" said Ronald. "After I bail Terri out of jail, we have an appointment to see a lawyer today. We'll see how long you get away with this!"

"Make sure that lawyer knows that Terri is facing a felony charge Ronald." replied Phillip. "The CPS has pictures and a doctor's report from where Terri hit Scott in front of a CPS caseworker. You have several very serious issues to deal with right now, and no court is going to look favorably at either of you too awfully soon."

"We'll see!" said Ronald.

"What's it going to take Ronald?" asked Phillip. "Edward almost lost his son to the state department of corrections before he saw how wrong he's been. If Kevin had died, Billy would have gone to prison for a very long time. And if Kevin hadn't been in the hospital when his aneurysm ruptured, he would have died. Is that how you would have wanted to see your oldest son end up Ronald? Would it have been a great source of joy for you and Terri to have to have attended his funeral? Are you and Terri willing to let your intolerance cost you the rest of your family as well?"

"How could you understand Phillip?" asked Ronald.

"I understand my sister very well Ronald." replied Phillip. "Whenever mom and dad asked her to jump, she asked how high. She would go to any lengths to please them, even if she knew she was wrong in doing so. It seems to be all that matters to her. What is she going to have left when they're gone though Ronald? At this rate, she'll have absolutely nothing left. She'll have a shattered family that wants nothing to do with her. The court is going to be making a lot of demands of you and Terri. I suggest that you both listen, and ask was it worth it. I don't want to take your family away Ronald, but the way things are right now, the court isn't going to see you and Terri as being fit to raise them. You've already lost Kevin. He'll never see either of you as his parents again, and I can't say that I blame him. I hope you turn around before you lose the other three kids as permanently as you've lost Kevin. Is any of this sinking in Ronald?"

"That will never happen." said Ronald, now a little more unsure of himself.

"Scott is already close to the point of deciding he wants to remain with his brother." said Phillip. "You are well on your way to losing him, and no one in my house has been pressuring him into this decision. It's something that he's in the process of deciding on his own. I'll support whatever he decides though Ronald, because I care about his well-being. I hope you think long and hard about that, and try to get through to my stubborn sister before it's too late."

"I will think about it Phillip." replied Ronald, in a subdued tone.

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