Starting Over 3:

Forever Friends

by tim the story guy

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Starting Over 3: Forever Friends

by tim

Chapter 18

From the last chapter:

"I understand my sister very well Ronald." replied Phillip. "Whenever mom and dad asked her to jump, she asked how high. She would go to any lengths to please them, even if she knew she was wrong in doing so. It seems to be all that matters to her. What is she going to have left when they're gone though Ronald? At this rate, she'll have absolutely nothing left. She'll have a shattered family that wants nothing to do with her. The court is going to be making a lot of demands of you and Terri. I suggest that you both listen, and ask was it worth it. I don't want to take your family away Ronald, but the way things are right now, the court isn't going to see you and Terri as being fit to raise them. You've already lost Kevin. He'll never see either of you as his parents again, and I can't say that I blame him. I hope you turn around before you lose the other three kids as permanently as you've lost Kevin. Is any of this sinking in Ronald?"

"That will never happen." said Ronald, now a little more unsure of himself.

"Scott is already close to the point of deciding he wants to remain with his brother." said Phillip. "You are well on your way to losing him, and no one in my house has been pressuring him into this decision. It's something that he's in the process of deciding on his own. I'll support whatever he decides though Ronald, because I care about his well-being. I hope you think long and hard about that, and try to get through to my stubborn sister before it's too late."

"I will think about it Phillip." replied Ronald, in a subdued tone.

After that, Ronald actually began helping get what the kids would need together for Phillip. Phillip now knew that it wouldn't be impossible to get through to Ronald, and if he could do that, they might be able to turn Terri around.

As Phillip, Wayne, and Frank were getting ready to leave, Ronald went off to the side with Phillip and said, "Please take care of my kids Phillip. You gave me a lot to think about today, and I'll have to have a serious talk with Terri about all of this."

"Those are my nieces and my nephew Ronald." replied Phillip. "I'll care for them just as well as you would, until the court says they can come home."

"Terri is going to be afraid that you will try to turn the rest of our children gay." said Ronald. "What can I tell her to convince her otherwise? After all, Scott is going to be living in a house where all of the other males there are gay."

"Do you really believe that Ronald?" asked Phillip.

"Maybe not, but her and her parents have always acted very strange about that subject." replied Ronald.

"What do you mean by maybe not?" asked Phillip. "Kevin came to me because he was thrown out for being gay. I never had any contact with my nephew before that, so I certainly didn't turn him gay. I have no interest in whether anyone is gay or not, except for my partner Wayne over there. Kevin is gay because that's the way he is Ronald. On the other hand, Scott is straight. I will support him being straight in any way that I can, and I hope he meets a very nice girl someday. I'll support him in that, and help him be the best straight person he can be. Us gay people don't go around trying to turn people gay, no matter what my sister and parents might think. There is something you and Terri can learn from Scott though. Even though he is straight, he loves his gay brother very much. Terri couldn't kill the bond between them, and I thank God for that. There's no reason you two couldn't have shown your gay son the love he deserved from you before it was too late. As for Scott living in an all gay house, most boys do experiment like that at some point in their lives. Tell me the truth Ronald, when you were a young boy, was there ever another young boy who you did anything with?"

"Me and my best friend Max." replied Ronald. "We were on a camping trip when we were in the boy scouts. We both had to take a piss, and there was no one else around so we held each other's dicks while we pissed. We didn't let go after we stopped pissing though, and Max started rubbing mine. If felt really good, so I started rubbing his too. We stood there and jacked each other off. Then we both had our first orgasms together, while we jacked the cum out of each other's dicks. It felt incredible, so Max and I spent the next year jacking each other off when we got the chance. About two months after we started jacking each other off, I watched as Max got on his knees and took my dick into his mouth. It felt really good, and Max could tell he was making me feel good. After that he would suck me at least once a month. Once he went as far as to suck me until I cummed in his mouth. He spit it out right away, and that was the only time he ever went that far. It was enough to make me take my best friend's dick into my mouth though. That was the only time I ever did anything like that, and I felt a little ashamed afterward. While I was doing it though, it felt good to make Max feel so good. After that time, it wasn't long before Max and I both started becoming more interested in girls. Two months later, Max and I both got our first girlfriends. We wanted to jack each other off one last time though, so we both laid naked in his bed one night, while his parents were away for the night. We put one arm around each other, put our cheeks together, and jacked each other off as nicely as we could. I shot my cum on Max, he shot his cum on me, and then we kissed each other on the lips. That was the last time I ever did anything like that, and you're the first person I've ever told about it. Max and I have both been married for quite a while now, and as far as I know, neither one of us has ever though about another guy like that again."

"Does it feel better now that you've gotten that of your chest Ronald?" asked Phillip.

"How could I have let her treat our son Kevin so badly?" asked Ronald, as a few tears welled up in the corners of his eyes.

Phillip hugged Ronald lightly and said, "It's okay Ronald. You were probably blaming yourself for Kevin being gay, because you never dealt with what you and Max did when you were kids. It's not your fault though Ronald. Kevin is gay because that's who he was meant to be. There's nothing wrong with him being gay either Ronald. Kevin is a very fine young gay man, and I couldn't be prouder of him. If you'll let go of all of your guilt and confusion Ronald, I'm sure you'll see that too and feel the same way. As for you and Max, you have no reason to feel ashamed of that. You and Max are both straight, but you went through a phase that almost every boy goes through. Instead of feeling guilty about it Ronald, look back on that time with Max fondly. It created a bond between you two as friends that will last your entire lives. I'll bet you still get together with him as friends, don't you?"

"Max is still my best friend." replied Ronald. "If either of us needs anything, we could turn to each other at a moments notice. He was the best man when I married Terri, and I was the best man at his wedding. The only thing we don't do is talk about what we did when we were in the scouts together."

"You're very lucky to have a friend like that Ronald." said Phillip. "If you can let go of that guilt, I'll bet it will make your friendship with Max even better. I'll bet it will also help you have the kind of relationship with your son that you should have. Could you consider coming over sometime without Terri, and having a heart to heart talk with Kevin?"

"I really need to do that Phillip." replied Ronald. "I just don't know how receptive Kevin will be to me."

"Well, he was abandoned by you and his mother." said Phillip. "That hurt him a lot, but I've helped him work through that as best as I can. I hope I've finished raising him well enough to give his father a chance to be forgiven. Would you come over tonight for dinner Ronald?"

"What do I tell Terri?" asked Ronald.

"Just tell my sister that you have business to tend to that doesn't involve her." smiled Phillip. "She needs a wake-up call anyway."

"Okay Phillip, I'll be there." replied Ronald.

"And as for Scott staying in a gay house, he's no different than any other boy." said Phillip. "I'm sure at some point he will experiment with jacking another boy off, or maybe even sucking his dick. I'm also sure that's all it will be though. Scott seems to me to be the kind of boy who will grow up to be straight, and even experimenting with oral sex on another boy won't change that. That would happen though whether he's staying with me or you. Living in a gay home won't make any difference there. The best either of us can do is to make sure he doesn't feel guilty about it afterward."

"I'll make sure of it then Phillip." replied Ronald. "I'd hate for him to have to live with the kind of guilt that I've felt all these years."

"That sounds great Ronald, I'll see you this evening then." said Phillip. "Maybe with any luck, the courts will at least see you as being a fit parent before too long."

Wayne was genuinely impressed by what Phillip told him about Ronald. Phillip and Wayne thought it might be a good idea for Wayne to counsel Kevin, Scott, and Ronald, to see if he could help them have a proper relationship as a family at some point.

After Ronald bailed Terri out of jail, they went to see their lawyer. That visit went about like what Phillip had thought it would. After listening to what Ronald, and then Terri had to say, the lawyer advised them to both enroll in parenting courses. Then he wanted to see both of them one at a time. The lawyer was pretty rough on Terri, telling her that she was facing some serious charges. On top of the parenting classes, he also suggested that Terri seek some type of counseling, to minimize the impact of the charges she was facing. He would try to help her remain out of jail, but he wasn't going to guarantee her anything. Then the lawyer talked to Ronald, and saw a completely different man than he saw when Ronald was with Terri. Ronald showed quite a bit of remorse for what had happened with Kevin and Scott. When he told the lawyer that he was going to ask Wayne to see him as a patient though, the lawyer almost fainted.

"Okay Ronald, here's where we stand." said the lawyer. "The state has quite a bit of evidence against your wife that she assaulted Scott. If I can keep her out of jail, and just get her probation, it will be a huge accomplishment. I can see a lot of anger and hostility in her though, and that needs to change before you two start going to court. If it doesn't, she will go to jail, and you two will loose custody of your children. The one positive spot I see is that I don't see the same feelings in you that I do in her. You seem to know that you and your wife screwed up, and you seem willing to make amends for that. If we were just talking about you, I could almost guarantee getting you custody of the children back. You would almost be better off filing for a divorce at this point Ronald."

"I can't do that though." replied Ronald. "When Terri and I married, she was a wonderful person. Sure, she seemed too preoccupied with pleasing her parents, but she wasn't mean about it for the most part. Something has changed in her over the years. I can still see the old Terri there though, and I can't give up on getting her back."

"You still love her, despite her faults, don't you?" asked the lawyer.

"Yes, I do." replied Ronald. "The children may be more important to me now, but I can't give up on Terri either."

"What if it were to come to a decision between her and the children though Ronald?" asked the lawyer. "At what I'm looking at now, that's most likely what will happen here."

"Then I'll have to do everything I can to get through to her before it does." replied Ronald. "I love Terri, but like I said, the children come first."

"Well, that may be what the courts want to hear Ronald." said the lawyer. "I'll do everything I can for the both of you, but be ready, just in case."

Terri and Ronald didn't speak too much, until they got close to home. Then Terri said, "I think we may have to talk to another lawyer dear."

"Why would you think that?" asked Ronald.

"Because, this one didn't impress me that much." replied Terri.

"I don't know dear, I think he's doing okay so far." said Ronald. "After all, you did assault our son in front of a CPS worker. I really can't say that I'm happy about that."

"Well, I'm not going to stand by and watch some boy turn our only son gay!" replied Terri.

"Dear, you need to give it a break!" replied Ronald. "Scott is not our only son, and that "some boy" happens to be our other son!"

"Have they gotten to you dear?" asked Terri.

"The only one who has gotten to anyone has been your parents!" replied Ronald. "They have filled you so full of their hate that now it might cost us our family. I'm not going to allow that to happen Terri. I don't mind that Scott and Kevin want to have the relationship two brothers should have. They never should have been split up in the first place! If you want to go ahead and make your parents proud of you though dear, you go right ahead. Then when you get out of prison for assaulting your son, it's the only thing you'll be left with. You use to be much different dear, but your parents have continued to poison you all of these years. I'll bet they were proud of you for kicking Kevin out of our home, weren't they? My family is the most important thing to me though Terri. I hope that I can get the Terri back that I use to know, but if that doesn't happen, I won't allow it to cost me my family. You should really start to listen to your brother Edward. He's already been where you are now, and he can warn you what to expect now."

"You're the one who's changed Ronald!" said Terri. "What happened to the strong man who wouldn't allow something like this to happen?"

"I guess he got tired of letting his wife carry his balls around in her purse!" replied Ronald. "I hope that counseling and the parenting classes do you some good dear. If they don't, I'll do what I have to to get my family back whether it includes you or not! And just so there's no mistaking who's fault all of this is, assaulting a minor is a felony, and for a damn good reason! I saw the pictures of what you did to Scott's face, and it makes me sick! When the court sees those pictures, it will take the grace of God himself to keep you out of prison. If that lawyer says he even stands a chance of getting you probation, he's a better man than I've ever met. I would suggest that you stop trying to make your parents so proud of you, and do everything that court tells you to do! If you don't at least make an effort, I'll file for divorce!"

That shut Terri's mouth for the rest of the day, and Ronald was a little relieved by that. Scott was the first one Wayne wanted to talk to that afternoon when school was over. Scott and Kevin both went down to Wayne's office, and Scott went in first.

"Hi there Scott, go ahead and have a seat." said Wayne. "I want to talk to you about possibly salvaging some type of family relationship."

"After what my mom did, I don't know that there's much to talk about." replied Scott.

"What your mom did was a felony Scott, and trust me, she's going to be disciplined for that." said Wayne. "Your mom isn't your only family though. You have a big brother who still loves you very much, two wonderful twin sisters, and a father."

"Where was my father when she hit me?" asked Scott.

"Well son, that might have been my fault." said Wayne. "I'm very sorry about the way I handled it. When I look back at yesterday, I should have called both of your parents here."

"Why do you say that?" asked Scott.

"I don't think your father was very happy that your mom hit you." replied Wayne. "Had he been here, he might have prevented it from happening."

"Why would you think he would have stopped her?" asked Scott.

"Because I went over there today with your Uncle Phillip to pick up some things for you and your sisters." replied Wayne. "Your father was so upset that he was crying by the time we left, and Phillip had to comfort him."

"My father was crying?!" said Scott, a little taken aback.

"Yes, but don't tell anyone I mentioned that." said Wayne. "I genuinely believe your father wants what's best for his family, and he isn't happy about what your mom did. He's going to come over here for dinner, without your mom, and I hope we can all sit down and discuss this then."

"I've never seen my dad cry." replied Scott.

"There are a few things you don't know about him, but I can't discuss that with you." said Wayne. "If he can work things out, it may or may not include your mom. How do you feel about that?"

"She hit me." said Scott. "How am I suppose to feel about that?"

"I would be mad too Scott." replied Wayne. "We will have to work through that though, so it can be used constructively. Your mom does need help, and we should hope that she eventually gets that help, whether it's too late to salvage a family relationship or not."

"Well, we'll see what happens." said Scott. "As long as my dad knows that what she did really hurt."

"He does son." replied Wayne. "Not only that, I'm sure he regrets letting her throw Kevin out of the family."

"You mean it might be just me, my father, my sisters, and Kevin?" asked Scott.

"Well, Kevin does have Carter now, so anything that happens has to take into account that relationship." replied Wayne. "Also there's the fact that Kevin sees Phillip as his father now. That isn't going to change at this point."

"Well, I guess we'll wait to see what dad has to say then." said Scott. "Whatever happens, it will have to be better than how things were before."

"Don't worry Scott, at this point, the courts will make sure of that." replied Wayne.

Wayne then called Kevin in, and had a talk with him. Kevin was a little skeptical, which Wayne expected. Kevin also said that he wanted to have a normal relationship with his brother and sisters though, but Phillip was his dad as far as he was concerned. Wayne expected that too. Then Wayne suggested that Kevin give Ronald a chance to be a friend, which was acceptable to Kevin.

Ronald showed up about thirty minutes before supper was going to be ready. Wayne showed Phillip what to do with it, then asked Ronald to join him in his office.

"I'm glad you asked to speak with me Wayne." said Ronald. "I wanted to talk to you too. I know most of your patients are younger, but I was wondering if you might be able to help me?"

"I'll do what I can Ronald." replied Wayne.

"Good." replied Ronald. "I know the court is going to want to know that at least I'm fit to care for my children, even if Terri isn't. How much did Phillip tell you about what he and I talked about today?"

"Just that you seem genuinely sorry about what has happened." replied Wayne.

"Well, it goes a bit further than just being sorry." said Ronald. "The lawyer showed me the pictures that he obtained copies of, showing what Terri did to Scott. To be honest, it made me sick. My first thought was to give her a taste of her own medicine."

"You held back on that, right?" asked Wayne.

"Yeah, but it was hard as hell not to do something stupid." replied Ronald.

"I can imagine that." said Wayne. "I hate seeing what happens when an adult assaults a child. It makes me mad too. Sinking to their level doesn't help though. Making sure they get what they deserve does though."

"Well, I did tell her that if she doesn't cooperate on getting help, I will file for divorce." said Ronald. "I know that's a drastic step, but it's about time I started looking out for my children."

"I'll bet she loved that!" chuckled Wayne.

"Let's just say she was a little surprised by my new found assertiveness." smiled Ronald. "I had to stand up to her though, Phillip helped me realize that. I guess I should tell you how."

Ronald went on to tell Wayne what he had told Phillip earlier, and Wayne listened intently. Wayne's response was the same as Phillip's had been, and he was now sure about Ronald's change of heart. Wayne promised to do everything he could to help Ronald. After dinner, it was time for Wayne, Phillip, Ronald, Kevin, and Scott to sit down together for a talk.

"Boys, I've talked to Phillip and Wayne about this, and now it's time to talk to you." said Ronald. "First thing, I'm not happy with what your mother did to you Scott. There is no excuse for it in my book. I do love you, and I'm going to make sure she doesn't get away clean on this. I should have stood up long ago, when she went nuts over you being gay Kevin. I'm so sorry that I didn't, and I really do miss you son. Now she wants to attack Scott just because he wants his brother in his life, and she's gone too far. She's convinced that Kevin will turn you gay Scott."

"I may love my brother, but not quite that much!" laughed Scott. "Seriously though, there's this girl named Becky in my class. Last week she let me suck on her tits. Then I even went so far as to stick my tongue in her pussy. She loved it, and so did I. I don't know why mom thinks I'm going to turn gay. I know Kevin is, and I'm happy that he has a guy he loves. I hope him and Carter have the wildest and best sex they can. I still love my brother, even though I like different things than he does."

"Yech!" exclaimed Kevin. "That was a bit too much information!" Both boys then started laughing.

"I know you boys are different, and there's nothing wrong with that." smiled Ronald. "Terri is completely irrational when it comes to the subject of homosexuality though. All boys go through a stage where they experiment with other boys, including your father. Scott, even though you say you like doing stuff with girls, I fully expect you to either masturbate another boy, or maybe even perform oral sex on him at some point. It's something that most boys go through at least once. It won't mean that you're gay, just a normal curious boy. I might understand that, but it would make your mom go over the edge."

"You did something with another boy?" asked Scott.

"Yes son, when I was about your age." replied Ronald. "My curious stage lasted about a year."

"Wait father, you had a boyfriend for a year?" asked Kevin. "Why was I treated the way I was then?"

"I felt like it was my fault you turned out to be gay Kevin, and I didn't have the courage to stand up to your mother because of what I had done." replied Ronald. "I know that's no excuse Kevin, and I hope that you can forgive me someday. I really do want to try to make it up to you, and show you that I do love you as my son. Please Kevin, don't hate me."

Kevin and Ronald both looked like they were about to cry, then they took each other into a hug as their tears fell.

"I don't deserve a son as wonderful as you Kevin!" cried Ronald. "I'll never forgive myself for allowing what happened to either of you boys!"

"It's okay dad, I forgive you." cried Kevin. "I don't know how this is going to work, but we'll figure something out."

Ronald straightened himself out a bit, and replied, "I know son, this kind of messes things up. I wasn't the father you needed when you needed me most, and Phillip took on that role. Now you see him as your dad, and I can understand why. He deserves that title from you. I'll never be able to thank you enough Phillip, for being the father Kevin needed."

"It's been nothing but a pleasure for me Ronald." replied Phillip. "To be able to love a boy as his father is the greatest feeling in the world, and I'm glad I got that chance. Maybe if it's okay with Kevin, he can have two fathers now."

"My two dads huh?" replied Kevin, as he straightened himself out too. "I guess we could give that a try. Where is mom going to fit into this though?"

"To be honest son, I doubt she will." replied Ronald. "I told her today that I'll file for divorce if that doesn't happen, and that's probably how this will end up. I'll have to do it though, for the sake of my children. As irrational as Terri is, she may very well end up serving time for what she did to Scott."

"You'd leave mom for us?" asked Scott.

"I'd do anything for you kids Scott." replied Ronald.

"Now, about this boyfriend you had for a year." said Scott. "Who is he, and what did you guys do?"

"Well, I guess you guys have the right to hear this, but you can't say anything to anyone." replied Ronald. "It was just two boys experimenting, before moving on to a life of heterosexuality. It was me and Max."

"Uncle Max?!" exclaimed Scott. "I mean, he's not really our uncle, but that's how we see him."

"Yeah, that Max." replied Ronald. "It started when we were in boy scouts together, as us holding each other's dicks while we peed. We mostly just masturbated each other to an orgasm, but Max sucked me a few times, and I sucked him once."

"I'm having a hard time picturing you and Max sucking each other's dicks as kids dad." smiled Kevin.

"Did you like sucking his dick dad?" asked Scott.

"I can remember that it felt nice to do it, and it made my friend feel really good." replied Ronald. "I use to be ashamed of what Max and I had done, but after talking to Phillip today, I'm kind of glad we shared that time together."

Even though Ronald enjoyed rebonding with his sons, he was glad when the conversation finally changed subjects. After everyone seemed happy again, Ronald left to go talk to his friend Max. He needed a close friend to talk to, and his wife didn't count as that anymore.

"Hey Ronald, how's my best friend doing tonight?" asked Max, when he opened the door to Ronald.

"I could use a good friend to talk to." replied Ronald, as Max motioned him inside.

"You had a rough day too huh buddy?" asked Max.

"Yeah, you could say that." replied Ronald. "Where's your wife and kids?"

"The wife is away at her sister's house for a few days, and both of the kids are spending the night at friend's houses." replied Max. "I told my wife that I wanted a divorce today Ronald."

"You too?" asked Ronald. "Why?"

"I found her cheating with her boss." replied Max. "I can't believe I gave her so many years, and she would do something like that! Now, don't tell me you're getting a divorce too."

"My wife hit our youngest son last night." replied Ronald. "It was so bad that he had to be taken to the hospital, to make sure he wasn't hurt. I can't forgive her for hitting my child like that Max."

"I don't blame you there buddy." replied Max. "If Clarice had ever hit Max Junior like that, I'd probably give her a good swift kick in the butt."

"Well, it's not like I wasn't tempted." replied Ronald. "It did give me a chance to make up with my oldest son Kevin though."

"Well then, at least some good came out of it." replied Max. "Now I don't have to threaten to kick your ass over that anymore. I guess this may be the best thing for both of us. You want a drink buddy?"

"Sure Max, a beer sounds nice right now." replied Ronald.

Okay, since everyone says they see where this is going, I'm going to take a break now. See you in the next chapter. Ouch, ouch! I was just kidding!

Max came back with two beers, and sat down next to Ronald on the sofa. The two men took a few drinks from their beers, then resumed the conversation as they drank.

"We sure are something, aren't we Ron?" asked Max. "We had our first orgasms together, had our first beer together, got our first girlfriends together, and now we're getting divorced together."

"Yeah, I guess we are." replied Ronald. "Max, I told my sons about what happened with us when we were in the scouts together as kids."

"Why did you do that?" asked Max.

"Because, that may be a part of the reason I didn't stand up to Terri when she kicked Kevin out." replied Ronald. "I always felt guilty about what we did together."

"It was just two kids fooling around together though." said Max. "We didn't have any idea how we would end up, it was just fun. How did they respond?"

"I actually think they thought it was cool!" laughed Ronald nervously. "It might have even made one of them slightly horny. Have you ever thought about what would have happened if things had been different, and gone on past that year?"

Max was breathing a little heavier as he replied, "Do you mean like this?"

Max put his hand on the back of Ronald's head, and began to move closer. Ronald knew his best friend was going to kiss him, and he was powerless to stop it. Ronald stared as Max's face drew nearer, then he puckered his lips to meet Max's. It had been so long since they were kids that Ronald couldn't remember what that kiss then felt like, but now Ronald felt his friend's lips kissing him passionately again. It was better than any kiss he had gotten from Terri in a long time, so he kissed Max back just as passionately. When the kiss ended, both men stared into each other's eyes for several minutes.

"Would you spend the night here Ron, in my bed?" asked Max.

"I'd love to Max." replied Ronald.

The two men went to Max's bedroom, and stripped down for bed. Then they laid naked on the bed, and shared another kiss.

"I have a confession to make Ron." said Max, when they broke the kiss. "When we were fooling around as kids, I loved sucking your dick. I would have done it every day, all day long if I hadn't been afraid that I loved it too much. You've gotten quite a bit bigger, but I'll bet I'll love it just as much now."

Ronald watched as Max climbed down in the bed, and his nine inch erection began to disappear into Max's mouth. Feelings that Ronald hadn't felt in years came flooding back to him, as Max made love to Ronald's cock. Ronald could now see that Max had been in love with him when they were kids. As Ronald laid on the bed moaning, Max continued passionately making love to his cock. Ronald could remember being a boy again crystal clear now, as he let his friend take him to the brink.

"Oh God Max, I'm going to cum!" moaned Ronald, after ten very intense minutes.

Max continued making love to Ronald, and prepared for Ronald's load to shoot into his mouth. Ronald moaned loudly, as he felt his cum shoot into his friend's mouth. As Ronald writhed on the bed in the midst of his orgasm, Max held on tightly and took all of Ronald's cum. After Ronald's orgasm was over, Max climbed back up into the bed. After a few minutes, Ronald began to climb down into the bed.

"You don't have to do anything you don't want to Ron." said Max.

"I know that." replied Ronald, just before taking Max's cock into his mouth.

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