Starting Over 3:

Forever Friends

by tim the story guy

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Starting Over 3: Forever Friends

by tim

Chapter 19

From the last chapter:

"I have a confession to make Ron." said Max, when they broke the kiss. "When we were fooling around as kids, I loved sucking your dick. I would have done it every day, all day long if I hadn't been afraid that I loved it too much. You've gotten quite a bit bigger, but I'll bet I'll love it just as much now."

Ronald watched as Max climbed down in the bed, and his nine inch erection began to disappear into Max's mouth. Feelings that Ronald hadn't felt in years came flooding back to him, as Max made love to Ronald's cock. Ronald could now see that Max had been in love with him when they were kids. As Ronald laid on the bed moaning, Max continued passionately making love to his cock. Ronald could remember being a boy again crystal clear now, as he let his friend take him to the brink.

"Oh God Max, I'm going to cum!" moaned Ronald, after ten very intense minutes.

Max continued making love to Ronald, and prepared for Ronald's load to shoot into his mouth. Ronald moaned loudly, as he felt his cum shoot into his friend's mouth. As Ronald writhed on the bed in the midst of his orgasm, Max held on tightly and took all of Ronald's cum. After Ronald's orgasm was over, Max climbed back up into the bed. After a few minutes, Ronald began to climb down into the bed.

"You don't have to do anything you don't want to Ron." said Max.

I know that.” replied Ronald, just before taking Max's cock into his mouth.

Ronald could not believe how good it felt to suck his friend's cock for the first time since they were kids. He had expected it to not be that enjoyable after having four kids by his wife Terri, but he loved every second of Max's cock throbbing in his mouth. Max warned Ronald when he was about ready to cum, and that only made Ronald suck with more enthusiasm. Then Ronald tasted something he had not tasted in many years, as Max's cum shot into his mouth. Ronald readily swallowed every drop of his best friend's cum, then climbed back up to Max's waiting arms.

We weren't just fooling around when we were kids.” said Ronald, as the two men embraced each other. “We were boyfriends, weren't we?”

Yes, we were.” replied Max. “Then we went our separate ways and had our own families. I wouldn't give up Max Junior for anything, but I really missed what we shared as kids.”

I feel the same way about my kids Max, and about what I felt when we were kids.” said Ronald, as he enjoyed Max's hand running down his back. “It's not too late though. We're both getting divorced now, and our wives aren't likely to get custody of our kids. We could finish raising them together Max.”

I think I'd like that, if you're serious Ronald.” replied Max. “We'll just have to figure out the best way to tell the kids, after our divorces are final of course.”

I know mine will understand.” smiled Ronald.

The two men eventually drifted off in an embrace, with their hands resting on each other's butts and cocks. Both men slept better than they had in years, although at one point during the night, they kicked their covers off in their sleep. Max awoke the next morning to his fourteen year old son Max Junior sitting on the end of the bed, looking at the two men.

Oh shoot son, what are you doing home!?” asked Max in a shocked tone, which woke up Ronald.

Perry and I decided to come over here this morning so he could see what games I had for X-box.” replied Max Junior. “Don't worry, he's waiting in my room dad. Did you and Uncle Ron have sex last night?”

Max had never lied to his only son before, and couldn't start now as he replied, “I hope you can understand this this morning son, so I guess we're going to have a long talk. Yes, Ronald and I did have sex last night.”

I could tell that by the way you two were holding onto each other when I came in here.” giggled Max Junior. “Is the only reason you and mom only had me is that you're gay dad?”

I guess it could be, although I could have never admitted it before now.” replied Max. “You see son, Ronald and I first started making love to each other when we were kids in the scouts. Then we got older, and we both thought we were more interested in girls, so we stopped doing things like this together. Then Ronald came by last night to talk about the problems he's having with his wife, like the problems your mother and I are having. I guess we both realized that what we felt as kids was love, and not just curiosity.”

So then, Uncle Ron is your boyfriend?” asked Max Junior as he smiled.

Are you my boyfriend Ron?” asked Max, as he turned to Ronald and smiled.

I'd love to be more than just your boyfriend Max.” replied Ron, just before the two men shared a brief kiss in front of Max Junior.

Once they broke the kiss, Max turned to Max Junior and asked, “Are you okay with that son? Is there anything you need to ask me about it?”

I think this is the coolest thing that's ever happened dad!” replied Max Junior. “I like boys myself, and I was always afraid how you would react. There have been a few other boys so far, but I think there might be something special between me and Perry. Uncle Ron, if you're gay, what happened with your son Kevin?”

That was my fault, for not being man enough to stand up to my wife long before now.” replied Ron. “I love Kevin, and what she did tore me up inside. Now I have a chance to make things up to him though, and Terri isn't going to interfere with that again.”

Max Junior then went to give his dad a hug as he said, “I'm so happy to have a gay dad to understand me. Seeing you and Uncle Ron like this has made me very happy, because now I don't have to worry about being gay myself. I love you so much dad. Now, is it okay if I go see if Perry would like to make love? We haven't done anything yet, but I'm sure he'd like to. He's just a bit nervous when we start having feelings for each other. I'm sure when I explain to him that my dad is gay though, that will make him feel much better when we're here at least.”

Go ahead and have fun son.” smiled Max. “Do you need any advice on how to ask him to make love to you?”

Nah, I think he'll jump at it when I explain the situation here, and how I feel about him.” smiled Max Junior.

I hope Perry is the one son, and that you two are very happy together.” said Max.

I hope you and Uncle Ron are happy together too dad.” replied Max Junior. “It would be so cool if we could all be a family together with Uncle Ron and his kids.”

Then you understand the situation between your mother and I?” asked Max.

I know you understand me dad, but mom would kill me if she knew I was gay.” replied Max Junior. “I know that we're not a real family anymore dad.”

Okay then son, go ahead and have fun with your boyfriend.” smiled Max, as he rubbed the top of Max Junior's head. After Max Junior had left, Max hugged Ron and said, “Well, that went much better than I thought it would.”

I guess you got lucky with your only son being gay, huh?” chuckled Ron. “He is going to make some lucky boy a fine boyfriend though.”

Yep, he's my pride and joy!” smiled Max, who then moved in closer to give Ron a passionate kiss.

A little bit later, when Max had made everyone a late breakfast, Max Junior and Perry came to the kitchen to join Max and Ron with huge smiles on both their faces. Max could tell by the way his son and Perry looked at each other that they had indeed made love, and both boys enjoyed it very much. Perry did seem a little nervous about saying too much in front of Max Junior's father though, so Max wanted to put his son's new boyfriend at ease.

After breakfast, Max said, “I'm glad my son has a friend like you Perry. I know that my son is gay, and he has pretty strong feelings for you.”

Oh geez dad!” exclaimed Max Junior.

Don't worry son, I know what I'm doing.” smiled Max. “Anyway Perry, I love my son very much, and there is nothing at all wrong with him or anyone else being gay. I know not everyone feels that way though. I don't know your parents, but if you feel they wouldn't understand a relationship between you and my son, I want you to be able to come to me to talk anytime. I want you two boys to be able to express your love to each other without having to worry about what might happen because of it. I want you two to be free to express your love in my house, and it doesn't have to go beyond these walls if you don't want it to Perry. Is that okay?”

That's more than okay sir!” replied Perry as he smiled. “I've had these feelings about other boys before, although Max is the first one I've ever done anything about those feelings with. It was the greatest feeling in the world too, so I really want Max and I to be boyfriends. I'm sure my parents won't understand, at least not right away, so it's great that you accept us enough for us to have a safe place to love each other. I love your son a lot sir.”

That's great Perry.” smiled Max. “I'm sure my son has fallen in love with a fine boy, and I'll do whatever I can to help the two of you boys. Now, Ronald and I have some business to tend to today. If you boys would feel more comfortable staying here today, I have no problem with that. Just make sure you call Perry's parents right away to ask. Max Junior, you're growing into a fine young man, and I think it's about time to show you some trust and responsibility. I know I've raised you well enough to take care of the house for a few hours by yourself, so don't you and Perry let me down. You and him will have the place to yourselves until I get home later.”

Max laughed when he saw how excited the two boys got because of that. It was very obvious by their smiles, and the bulges in their shorts. Max knew the boys would be okay by themselves for a few hours, as they would probably spend most of that time exploring each other's bodies. In the meantime, both he and Ronald would be filing divorce papers against their wives.

Back at Wayne and Phillip's house, Kevin's brother and two sisters had gotten settled in okay, and Scott had stopped in to talk to Kevin and Carter.

So, are you okay little brother?” Kevin asked Scott.

I'm more than okay.” replied Scott. “I have the coolest big brother in the world, and I've missed having him around to talk to. Not only that, it looks like dad has come around too, and we might still be a happy family. It's too bad mom couldn't come around, but that's her fault so I'm not going to worry about it.”

That's good Scott, there's nothing we can do for her now anyway.” said Kevin. “Maybe someday she can get the help she needs to accept her family the way it is. All that matters now is that our family is together again, and there for each other. I just couldn't believe what dad said about when he was a kid. He and Uncle Max had to have been really cute together as kids.”

Yeah, it is kinda wild to know that dad had a gay relationship when he was our age, and with Uncle Max at that!” replied Scott.

Are you okay with that little brother?” asked Kevin.

You know I don't have any problems with gay people anymore Kev.” replied Scott. “My big brother is gay, and I love him very much. Dad having that kind of relationship when he was a kid is no problem to me. It might actually explain a few things. I just wonder if he still has those feelings down inside him somewhere?”

You never know little bro.” smiled Kevin. “I'd be willing to bet if he does though, we might find out before too long. Who knows what's going to happen when he and mom get divorced.”

Yeah, I could turn out to be the only straight guy in the family!” laughed Scott. “That would actually make me feel kind of special.”

I hope not better than us though!” said Kevin.

No way big bro, I love you and dad no matter what happens!” replied Scott as he smiled. “It would just be cool to be the only straight guy in the family.”

So Scott, would you like to hang out with Kevin and me today?” asked Carter. “We're going to go by my house first, then pick up Billy and Lester, and head over to the mall.”

Sure, hanging out with you guys sounds fun!” smiled Scott. “It's still kinda weird to think of cousin Billy being gay too though. I always thought he was even more homophobic than mom!”

Well, Billy was going through a lot of crap at home, and hiding things even from himself.” replied Kevin. “Once we got him to stop hiding though, he's turned out to be a really great guy. We also have friends in Michigan that are getting ready to open a new park, and we're going up at the end of April, just before their grand opening. I assume you and the twins will be going along too.”

We wouldn't miss that!” replied Scott.

That's good.” said Carter. “Wayne, Phillip, and my dad were wondering if this was going to be a big group outing with all of our families, so I guess we can tell them it will be. I guess we'll have to charter a bus for everyone.”

The boys then got ready, and headed out to Carter's house. After spending some time there with Carter's parents and adopted brothers, they headed over to Billy's house to pick up him and Lester, then headed to the mall. The boys had long since had a talk with mall security, and straightened things out between them and Billy. Billy was once again welcome at the mall, but was informed that they would keep an eye on him for now.

The boys had a lot of fun at the mall, especially since they had money to spend now. Scott was really impressed by how far Billy had come, and even thought Billy and Lester looked nice together. They even ran across Louis and his foster dad Stephen, who eagerly joined the group of boys. Everything went fine until they ran across another group from their school. The group included Andy, Gerald, and a half dozen more of their equally homophobic friends.

Damn, there sure are a lot of fags around here!” sneered Andy.

Yeah, we need to do something about that!” replied Gerald. “What do you other guys think?”

The boys with Andy and Gerald began nodding yes, and jeering the other boys as Stephen said, “You boys need to keep moving on. These boys aren't doing anything to bother you.”

What are you, their gay bodyguard?” sneered Gerald.

No, I'm Louis's foster father, and I can have security here before you know what's going on!” replied Stephen.

Besides, you chumps won't take me on if you know what's good for you!” said Billy in a tough tone.

We aren't afraid of any faggot, not even you Billy!” yelled Andy. “You probably hit like a girl now anyway. We know how you people are!”

What about us then?” asked Jeff loudly as he, his girlfriend, and Ronnie came across the two groups.

You tell them Jeff honey!” said Tara, Jeff's girlfriend. “I can't stand people who hate other people for no reason, especially if the people they hate are friends of yours.”

So, you don't mind that your boyfriend is a fag lover?” sneered Gerald. “You should go out with me babe. I'll show you what a real man is like!”

Eww, you're disgusting!” replied Tara. “I wouldn't go out with you if you were the last guy on Earth! Besides, I love my Jeff more than anyone in the world. As for him sticking up for gay people, my little brother is gay, and I'd sure like to think that Jeff would stick up for him!”

Well, I'm tired of these fags, and it's time to do something about it!” said Andy, as he approached the group in a threatening manner.

As soon as Andy got close, Billy knocked him flat on his back with one punch, then asked, “Do I hit like a girl asshole?! Could any girl take care of your weak ass?!”

Okay, all of you boys hold it right there!” said the security chief, as he came up to the scene. He immediately grabbed Billy and said, “I was hoping we we wrong about you before, but I told you we'd be keeping an eye on you!”

If you were keeping an eye on him, you'd know he was just trying to defend his friends!” said Kevin. Then he pointed at Andy as he slowly got up, and said, “That guy and his friends were the ones who started it, and he was coming at us. Billy was just defending his friends!”

That's true officer.” said Stephen. “The boys I'm with were minding their own business, and having a good time. That boy and his friends were the ones who came up calling us all kinds of hateful names.”

I'll back up that statement.” said Jeff. “I know all of these guys, and I saw who was starting it. The boy who is getting up hates my other friends just because they're gay.”

The security chief then let go of Billy and said, “I'm sorry son, I jumped to a conclusion about you that wasn't fair. I promise to show you a little more trust and respect from this point on.”

Security let Billy and the rest of his group go, as they had the police remove Andy and his group from the mall property with an order to never return. Then Jeff, Tara, and Ronnie hung out with Kevin's group until they all left to go home.

When Max returned home, he found his son and Perry sitting on the couch watching a movie together. The boys were dressed in just their shorts, and each had one arm around his boyfriend's shoulder.

Did you boys have a good time today?” asked Max with a smile.

We're so in love dad!” replied Max Junior. “Thanks for trusting us, and giving us a place to feel safe.”

I can't believe how much I love your son sir!” smiled Perry, who then leaned over to place his lips against Max Junior's. Perry and Max Junior then shared a very affectionate kiss.

I'm so happy for you two, and I'll do whatever I can to make sure you're happy together.” said Max, as the two boys kissed.

Ronald had stopped by Wayne's to see his kids. Since things had gone so well between Max and Max Junior, he wanted to let his children know what was happening as well, especially Kevin and Scott.

Okay kids, the divorce papers have been filed against your mother.” said Ron, as Phillip sat in too. “I know that there's no way your mother and I can work out our differences in time to save this family, and you kids are more important to me than anyone. We will be a family though, although not in the conventional sense. There is someone I care about, and want to bring in to help heal this family. We plan on being together as soon as both our divorces are final, and our two families will be one family together. I just hope you kids will understand who this person is, and why I want this person to be a part of our family.”

Kevin was the first to catch on, as he asked, “Dad, are you and Uncle Max together again?”

You certainly have grown up to be a smart young man Kevin.” replied Ron. “Phillip, you have done an outstanding job raising Kevin for me.”

Do you mean you and Max are lovers now dad?” asked Scott.

Yes son, we are.” replied Ron. “Are you okay with that?”

If you're happy dad, I think it's great!” replied Scott. “We already know Uncle Max, and he's a great guy. I think we'll be happy having him and Max Junior as a part of the family. Besides, that means I'm the only straight guy in the family now!”

I think he was kind of looking forward to the idea of that!” laughed Kevin.

How about you girls?” chuckled Ron.

We love you daddy, and we want you to be happy.” replied Gina.

If you're happy with Uncle Max, we're happy too.” replied Jenna. “Besides, that gives us another brother, and we both like Max Junior.”

Okay girls.” smiled Ron. “Before you get your hopes up though, Max just found out this morning that his son is gay too, and he already has a boyfriend.”

Darn, we always though Max Junior was really cute too!” giggled Gina.

The next day was Sunday, and Ron wanted he and his kids to spend the day with Max and Max Junior. Of course that also meant Perry, because he had never known as much freedom to be himself as when he was at Max's house. All of the kids had a great time together, and that made Max and Ron smile as they watched the kids with an arm around each other.

Kevin finally left Carter long enough to go to his dad and say, “You know something dad, if you two want to share a kiss, I don't think you have to worry about it. After all, almost half your kids are gay and the rest think gay people are cool.”

Thanks son, it's just that we're a little nervous about sharing our feelings in front of you kids.” replied Ron.

You should both really talk to Wayne then.” said Kevin. “He use to live his life as a straight person until he fell in love with dad... I mean Phillip.”

Son, I understand you calling Phillip dad.” said Ron. “After all, that's who he is to you. I just hope you can find room in your heart for two or maybe three dads.”

I think I can do that dad.” smiled Kevin. “After all, I still love you and my family, with the possible exception of mother.”

Thanks son.” replied Ron emotionally.

So Kevin, does your boyfriend find your bald head incredibly sexy?” asked Max. “I have to say that it is on you.”

Thanks Uncle Max, and he does.” laughed Kevin. “It really turns him on to run his hand over my bare scalp, and I've grown to like the way it looks too. Carter even helps me keep it shaved clean every morning.”

Well, I think we can all be a great family together.” said Max. “What about you Kevin?”

I think it'll be awesome to be a family together.” replied Kevin. “I will have to split my time between you two, Phillip and Wayne, and Carter's family, but I think it'll be great.”

Them Max turned to Ron and said, “You have some very fine children there Ron.”

Thanks love.” replied Ron. “I'm as proud of them as you are of Max Junior.”

Then Ron and Max shared a very warm kiss in front of Kevin, which made Kevin smile brightly.

The next day was Monday, and the kids all went to school. When Kevin, Carter, Billy, Lester, and Louis got there, they were met outside the door by Andy and his friends. As Andy started to say something though, the principal came up.

Andrew, what part of zero tolerance don't you understand?” asked the principal. “I don't care whether you get yourself in trouble here, or at the mall. I won't tolerate any of you kids acting that way anywhere. You, Gerald, and your other friends who were trespassed from the mall yesterday are suspended for one week. During that week you boys will attend our special detention, where we are going to try to teach you a little tolerance and understanding. If that doesn't work, we always have the option of removing all of you from this school. Do you boys understand me?”

Yes sir!” muttered Andy, Gerald, and the other boys.

As the boys walked away muttering, Kevin couldn't hear exactly what they were saying. He did have a pretty good idea though.

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