Starting Over 3:

Friends Forever

by tim the story guy

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Starting Over 3: Friends Forever

by tim

Chapter 2

From the last chapter:

"I could drink Tommy's cum all day!" exclaimed Seth. "I love it when I'm the one to make his dick cum, and them I drink his cum right out of his dick!"

Lester looked over and saw that Billy now had an erection, so Lester reached over and caressed Billy's pants gently as he drove. Billy smiled as he enjoyed his boyfriend's touch on the crotch of his jeans. That evening when they stopped for dinner, Billy had a nagging feeling that he should call Kevin or his Uncle Phillip. Even so, he decided that they should wait until they were in Florida.

Phillip held his lover tightly in his arms that night, as Wayne cried himself to sleep. Phillip knew that the man he loved would need a lot of help if anything bad happened, but he couldn't stand the thought of that himself. It was a very rough night for both men.

As the boys drove overnight through Georgia and North Florida, they switched drivers often. Neither boy wanted to take any chances of getting too tired behind the wheel, and this was the first time either of them had driven overnight. Meanwhile, Tommy laid back against the back seat snoring, while Zack and Seth laid with their heads in Tommy's lap, snoring softly. Tommy awoke the next morning to Zack softly rubbing his erection through his jeans, and looking up smiling at his teenage lover.

"I at least want a good morning kiss from my little angels." said Tommy softly.

That got both boys up instantly, so Tommy leaned over into Zack's corner of the back seat. Tommy pressed his teenage lips against the eight year old lips of Zack, and kissed his boyfriend passionately. Zack moaned as he felt Tommy's tongue explore the inside of his mouth, and push slightly down into his throat. Then Zack sealed his lips around Tommy's tongue, and lovingly sucked on it for a few moments. Tommy finally broke the kiss, leaving Zack breathless in the back seat. Then Tommy looked over to Seth and smiled. Seth puckered his six year old lips at Tommy, and began to giggle. Tommy covered Seth's little face with his, and the two boys shared a kiss that would have left two adults aroused to have shared. Tommy's cock grew very erect from kissing Seth, so Zack reached around Tommy and stroked it gently through his pants.

Lester turned around and said, "Although you three look awesome as hell like that, you need to wait until we get where we're going."

Tommy grudging broke the kiss with his hot little six year old lover, and Seth squeaked, "I love you Tommy. I can't wait until we can get married someday."

"Don't forget little brother, we're marrying Tommy at the same time." said Zack.

"That's just too damn cute Tommy!" smiled Lester. "You're engaged to marry both of them?"

"Yep, and it's going to be one hell of a marriage!" laughed Tommy, as he hugged a boy in each arm. "I can't wait either!"

The boys stopped for breakfast when they got south of Daytona Beach on A1A. Billy knew they had to be close, but no one actually knew where Wayne's house was. Billy finally snuck off alone, and checked his cell phone for a signal.

Kevin grabbed his phone off the nightstand, and opened it up while wrapped in Carter's arms. No one seemed to sleep very well last night. "Good morning." said Kevin wearily.

"Morning Kevin, this is Billy." said Billy.

"Aren't you and Lester suppose to be on some kind of honeymoon?" asked Kevin.

"It's nice to hear from you too cousin." replied Billy.

"I'm sorry Billy, I didn't mean it that way." said Kevin. "It's just that everyone around here had kinda a rough night. Zack, Seth, and Tommy ran away yesterday, and no one knows where they are now."

"Then don't worry anymore cousin, they're with me and Lester." replied Billy.

"What?!" yelled Kevin, as he sat upright. "Do you mean we've been worried to death, and you and your boyfriend took them off to Florida?!" That got Carter to immediately sit upright next to Kevin.

"It's not like that cousin." replied Billy. "Lester and I came across them yesterday morning while they were walking to the freeway. They were freezing to death when we got them into my car. Then Tommy told us how they were going to hitchhike to Florida because his mom was going to have him and Wayne put in jail. They were practically hysterical, and we didn't want to see that happen either. We also didn't want to see them try to hitch all the way to Florida, and get raped and killed by some perv on the way. Mine and Lester's parents both owed us, so we talked them into letting us come down to Florida, so we would know that Tommy and the boys would be okay. They said that Wayne had a house down here on the beach, and that was where they were going to stay until things blew over. The only problem is, now they don't seem to know exactly where it is, and we have no place to stay."

"Hang on Billy, I'm running the phone to Wayne!" replied Kevin. "We'll straighten this mess out, I promise!"

Then Kevin jumped up naked and bolted out of the bedroom, with Carter running naked behind him. Both boys went right on in to Phillip and Wayne's room, and ran over to the bed. The two men were laying naked on the bed, in each other's arms, as Kevin began shaking Wayne.

"Wayne!" exclaimed Kevin. "Get up Wayne! Billy's on the phone, and he has the boys!"

Wayne immediately sat up and took the phone from Kevin. "Where are they Billy?" asked Wayne frantically. "Are they okay? What happened?"

"They're fine Wayne." replied Billy. "They might not have been if Lester and I hadn't found them and taken care of them, but they're okay now."

"Oh God Billy, thank you so much!" cried Wayne. "I'll never be able to repay you and Lester for taking care of my angels! Where are they?"

"They're eating breakfast right now." replied Billy. "I snuck out to call you, so they don't know about this call. They were going to try to hitch a ride to Florida to stay in your beach house, but you know what some weirdo would have done to them if they had tried that. Tommy said his mother was going to send you and him to jail though, and there was no way we could have gotten them to come home. Lester and I wouldn't have wanted to see you and Tommy in jail either, so we brought them down here. We're just south of Daytona Beach now."

"You took the boys to Florida?!" asked Wayne rather loudly. Then he got ahold of himself and said, "I'm sorry Billy, I didn't mean it like that. I know you were trying to do the right thing and take care of my little angels. I hate to think what would have happened if they had tried to make it there on their own. You boys just go on to my place, and I'll catch a flight to Daytona Beach. Don't tell the boys I'm coming down though, I want to explain the situation to them myself. Joanna will probably come with me, because she's Tommy's legal guardian now. We'll be down there this evening. Now, are you guys on A1A?"

"Yeah, we just followed the road down the coast when we got to Saint Augustine." replied Billy.

Wayne then gave Billy directions on to New Smyrna Beach, and on to his house from there. He told Billy to go around behind the house and underneath it where he stored his patio equipment. He would find a breaker box there with a combination lock on it. Wayne gave Billy the combination, and told him he would find a spare house key inside the breaker box.

"Thanks Wayne, this is great!" said Billy. "I promise I'll take good care of the house and the boys until you get here."

"I know you will Billy." replied Wayne. "You are a really good boy inside, and I appreciate you taking good care of the kids so far. We'll be there this evening."

When Wayne ended the call, Kevin said, "And we're all going with you! You aren't going to leave us out of this reunion mister!"

Wayne and Phillip chuckled at Kevin's persistence, then Wayne said, "Okay, I guess I better call the airline then. Phillip, could you call Joanna and tell her to get ready to go to the airport? I'll call Michelle as soon as I get our flight booked. I assume you're going too Carter, right?"

"I'll call mom and dad right now!" replied Carter. "I wouldn't miss this!"

As Wayne was waiting on hold for the airline, Carter came back to him still naked and said, "Mom and dad want you to book a flight for all of us, so we need four more tickets for them, Sammy, and Derek. They said that Christmas in Florida sounds nice."

"That little house is going to be nice and cozy then!" laughed Wayne.

"Us boys can pitch a tent on the beach if it isn't too cold." replied Carter. "It's not like we're not use to pitching tents!"

That one made everyone laugh, which was exactly what Wayne needed. Then Wayne got through to the airline, and bought eleven tickets for a mid-afternoon flight to Daytona Beach. Wayne finally called Michelle, and told her that the boys had been found safely, and he was flying down to Florida to get them. After Michelle said her thank you to God, she wished Wayne a safe trip, and told him to call her the moment they got home. Joanna arrived at Wayne's with hers and Alex's bags packed, as Wayne hung up the phone with Michelle.

"Damn lady, you're quick!" laughed Wayne.

"It's so good to hear you laugh Wayne, especially after yesterday." replied Joanna as she smiled. "So, Kevin told me the boys are fine."

"Oh thank God yes Joanna!" replied Wayne. "Billy and Lester were such sweethearts for making sure they were okay. Although I still want to know why they came up with the idea of taking them to Florida."

"Well Wayne, if they hadn't, the boys might have run off again." said Joanna. "I hate to think what could have happened if they had."

"Well, I'm just glad that my precious little boys are okay." said Wayne. "I'll make sure they never have to worry about who they can and can't love again. I'm just glad they have someone who loves them as much as Tommy, and who treats them gently."

"You really do think of yourself as their dad now, don't you Wayne?" asked Joanna.

"I couldn't imagine not having them as two of my three wonderful sons anymore." said Wayne, as he pulled Benji into a hug. "And my third son here is such an unbelievable young man. I'm proud of all three of my sons."

"You should have been a daddy all along Wayne." said Joanna. "And you have such a marvelous husband too. I couldn't imagine a man like you wanting much more than what you have Wayne."

"I am pretty lucky, I guess." replied Wayne, as he pulled Phillip into a hug with his other arm. "Now, let's get to the airport so we can get to our boys!"

"I told you that I could crack the combination to that lock!" said Billy, as he came back around to the front of the house. "Look what I found inside too. It's a spare key! We'll have to remember to thank Wayne for that when this is all over someday."

"I just can't believe you found his house so easily." said Tommy.

"Are you kidding?" replied Billy. "We must have passed by here at least three times before I figured it out! It really paid off to listen to Kevin's and Carter's stories about how they met."

"How come I never heard any of those stories?" asked Tommy.

"It might have been because you were always too busy making love to those two cute boys of yours!" laughed Billy. "I'm just glad Wayne leaves the power and phones hooked up even when he's not here." Then Billy opened the front door and turned on the lights.

"Yay!" exclaimed Zack, as he grabbed Tommy and Seth by the hand. "Let's go guys!"

Zack dragged Tommy and Seth into the house, as Billy and Lester followed them, and closed the door while laughing. Then they followed the boys back to the master bedroom that Zack had already found.

Tommy saw Billy and Lester enter the room and said, "I guess after being cooped in the car for so long, they want to have some fun now."

"That's okay Tommy, but Lester and I were wondering something." said Billy. "Is there any way that we could watch? We're both really curious about what it's like for you to make love to them."

"Let me ask them." replied Tommy. "What do you say guys, can Billy and Lester watch us? They are really nice, and they made sure we got here okay."

"I guess so Tommy." said Zack. "It'll be kinda cool for someone to see how much we love you."

"Okay then guys, why don't you and me make love to Seth first Zack, then I can make love to you until you have a dry orgasm, and Seth can make love to me until he fills his cute little tummy with my cum." said Tommy. "Does that sound okay?"

"Cool!" exclaimed Zack and Seth together.

Billy and Lester put a couple of chairs close together next to the bed, then sat down and watched as Zack and Seth began stripping Tommy. As the boys were both removing Tommy's underwear, Billy and Lester gave each other a nice loving kiss as they kept an eye on the other three boys. Next, Tommy began to undress Seth. Tommy rubbed Seth's body gently as he removed his lover's clothes, then played with his dick for a few seconds as Billy and Lester watched. They loved how Seth giggled over his nudity. Then Tommy undressed Zack in the exact same way. Then they watched Seth lay on the bed excitedly, waiting for his brother and lover to make love to him. Seth laid toward the edge of the bed, right in front of Billy and Lester. They could have easily reached out and touched the extremely cute six year old naked boy, but they had promised not to interfere.

Zack and Tommy got on the other side of Seth from Billy and Lester, then Zack leaned down and placed his lips against Seth's. Billy and Lester both began breathing a little heavier as they watched the two young brothers kiss passionately. Then they looked at Tommy, as he slowly engulfed Seth's little dick with his mouth. As Tommy gently sucked Seth's little dick, he reached up and softly rubbed Seth's tummy. After Zack and Seth traded sucking each other's tongues for a few minutes, Zack pulled back so Billy and Lester could see the look on Seth's face. Billy and Lester had never seen such a beautiful and large smile in their lives, as the smile that was on Seth's face.

Zack looked down into his happy brother's eyes and said, "You like Tommy rubbing your tummy while he makes love to your dick, don't you little brother?" asked Zack. "Especially when you know that your tummy will be filled with his cum soon."

"Oh yes!" replied Seth blissfully. "Can you kiss my nipples like Tommy does big brother?"

Zack smiled as he leaned down and began sucking lovingly on Seth's nipples. By this time Billy and Lester had removed their pants, and were gently stroking each other as they kissed and watched the three boys on the bed. Then they saw a look on Seth's face that amazed them.

"Oh my God!" exclaimed Billy breathlessly. "That little six year old boy looks like he's trying to build up to a dry orgasm!"

"Holy shit Billy, I think you're right!" replied Lester.

Zack lifted up from Seth's nipples, and saw the most intense look of pleasure that Seth had ever had before. Zack reached down below Tommy's face, and began rubbing Seth's balls lightly.

"Are they right little brother?" asked Zack, as he stared into Seth's eyes. "Are you trying to cum for us?"

"It's,... never,... felt,... this good,... before!" gasped Seth.

"Come on little brother!" coaxed Zack. "You can do it! Concentrate on how good your dick feels, and try to make something come out!"

Tommy lifted off of Seth's hard little erection long enough to hold his finger out and say, "Put some lube on my finger Billy! It's in my pocket!"

Billy let go of Lester's cock, and excitedly lubed Tommy's finger for him.

"Tommy's going to put his finger in your butt Seth." said Zack. "Just relax, and it'll feel really good. Come on little brother, try to cum for us!"

Zack sensuously massaged Seth's chest, as Tommy put his finger on Seth's little pucker. Then Tommy gently pushed his finger into Seth.

"Oh fuck, that feels good!" moaned Seth.

Tommy found Seth's prostate, and was surprised that it was as large as Zack's! Then Tommy rubbed the gland inside Seth, as he made love a little more intensely to Seth's dick.

"Holy shit!" exclaimed Billy. "He's gonna fucking do it!"

"Oh God Tommy, I'm gonna pee!" screamed Seth.

Zack got right down next to Seth's face, which was now contorting in pleasure, and said, "Do it little brother! Pee in Tommy's mouth! Tommy wants you to, and he'll love having you do it! Come on little brother, force yourself to pee!"

"Ahh!... Ahhhh!... Uhhh!!!" moaned Seth loudly.

Zack held his brother down as Seth tried to thrash and writhe wildly on the bed. Tommy kept his finger in Seth, and sucked hard on his dick now. Seth's whole body was trying to convulse, as he was gripped by something he had never felt before. Billy and Lester were speechless, as they stared wide eyed at one of the most amazing things they had ever seen before.

"Come on little brother, keep on cumming!" coaxed Zack loudly. "Keep pushing your cum until you can't anymore!"

Seth's body finally began to calm down, and finally became still again. Seth was almost out of it, and grinning deliriously, as he lost control of his body again. Tommy went ahead and drank Seth's pee without saying a word. When Seth finished, Tommy slowly took his finger out of Seth. Then Tommy and Zack gazed into Seth's contented face as they smiled.

Zack kissed his brother on the nose and said, "You did it little bro! That was your very first dry orgasm, and two years ahead of me! That's so awesome!"

"You did it my sweet little lover!" smiled Tommy, as he bent down to kiss Seth's lips. Then he leaned back up a little and said, "I'm so proud of you! How did it feel?"

"It was so awesome that I can't even describe it!" exclaimed Seth softly. "I'll never feel anything that incredible again, will I?"

"Just wait until your first real orgasm my love!" smiled Tommy. "Since your first dry one was so early, you'll probably cum younger than anyone in the world!"

"I can't believe I just saw a six year old boy have a dry orgasm!" exclaimed Billy in disbelief. "I don't think anyone that young has ever done that before!"

Since it looked like Tommy and Zack were going to give Seth some time to recover, Billy asked if he and Lester could use the bed next to Seth. Seth turned his head to the side and smiled as he watched Billy and Lester make love in a very passionate sixty nine. Tommy and Zack also watched as they smiled, while sitting on the chairs that Billy and Lester had brought into the room. Since they had just watched two boys make love to a six year old, who had his first dry orgasm, Billy and Lester didn't mind that the other boys were watching them so intently. After Billy and Lester had brought each other to an intense orgasm, it was time for the other three boys to finish their show. Billy and Lester hugged each other closely as they watched Tommy make love to Zack, and bring him to a dry orgasm. Then they watched Seth make love to Tommy, and hungrily swallow Tommy's cum. All five boys had never been so contented in their lives.

Billy was the first to fully recover, so he got up naked and went to the kitchen to fix some lunch. Wayne had left some non-perishable provisions in the kitchen, and after a naked Lester joined Billy, they were able to find enough for a lunch for five. All five boys sat around the living room naked as they ate, and Billy checked his watch ocassionally. After lunch, the five naked boys sat around and talked.

"What we just did before lunch was so awesome, that I'm glad we came here!" said Zack.

"It would have really sucked if Tommy's mom had him and Wayne put in jail!" said Seth. "Instead though, we just had more fun that we've ever had in our lives! It was a great idea to run away to Florida!"

"I'm normally not much for running away, but I have to agree." said Billy.

"What about the people back home though?" asked Lester. "They have to be worried."

"We'll call them when my bitch mom has learned her lesson." replied Tommy.

Then Billy whispered softly in Lester's ear, making Lester smile. As Lester looked down at his watch, Billy said, "Well, after watching you three guys, and seeing how much all three of you love each other, if ANYONE tries to break you three up again, I'll fuck them up bad for you! What I saw you three do was the most beautiful and incredible thing I've ever seen, and no one has any right to keep you from loving each other! If anyone wants to mess with you three, they have to take me on first!"

"Thanks Billy." said Tommy. "I don't know what to say. Wait, yes I do. I'm proud to call you my friend Billy. Me and my lovers love both of you guys for everything you've done for us."

"Friends forever?" asked Billy as he smiled.

"You bet Billy." replied Tommy with an even bigger smile. "Friends forever!"

The five boys sat around naked for a few hours talking, with Billy and Lester ocassionally checking their watches. After having his first dry orgasm, Seth's dick now seemed to get hard and go limp at random. All of the other boys stroked it softly for Seth, and told him to be very proud of his dick, especially when it got hard. Billy finally looked down at his watch, and saw that it was about one hour before Wayne was suppose to show up.

"What do you guys say to putting on some clothes and going outside to look at the ocean?" asked Billy. "It doesn't make any sense to be staying on the beach, and not having a chance to look at the ocean."

The boys all got dressed except for their shoes, and headed out the patio door. Today had been a warm day, and the sand felt really good under the boys bare feet. Zack and Seth rolled up their pants legs, and giggled as they ran through the surf. Tommy laughed just from watching his happy little lovers. He knew that they wouldn't be laughing and giggling right now if they had stayed in Cincinnati. Tommy watched as Zack bent over, with his butt sticking up proudly in the air. He looked forward to the day when the boys would be ready to play like that, but he could wait as long as it took. Then Zack and Seth looked quizzically at whatever Zack had picked up. Zack and Seth ran over to Tommy, and Zack held out the object he had found.

"What is this Tommy?" asked Zack.

"Let me see it, and I'll see if I can tell you." replied Tommy, as he took the object from Zack.

Whatever it was looked like it had been in the water for quite some time. It was round, and kind of looked flat. It was hard to tell though, because it looked like it was pretty well encrusted with some hard, dark substance. Tommy knew it wasn't a rock, but he couldn't figure out what it was.

"Hey Billy!" called out Tommy. "What do you think this is? I know it's not a rock, but I can't figure it out at all!"

Billy and Lester came over to the other boys and looked at the object Tommy was holding. Billy was stumped as well, but he agreed that it didn't look like a rock.

"Where did you guys find it?" asked Billy.

"Over there, where the water goes in and out." replied Zack, as he pointed to the surf. "When the water went all the way out, I saw it sticking up out of the sand."

"Well, whatever it is, it looks old." said Billy, as he looked at his watch. "Go ahead and put it in your pocket, and we'll see if we can find someone who knows what it is tomorrow. Let's go back up to the house now, and see if Wayne left his satellite dish hooked up."

"Ooh, I hope he did!" smiled Seth, as he proudly sported a little erection in the front of his pants.

"It just looks so cool to see you like that Seth!" smiled Billy.

"Cool!" replied Seth. "I'm proud of my dick now, especially when it's hard like this!"

Tommy reached down and stroked the front of Seth's pants, and said, "I'm proud of your beautiful hard dick too Seth."

The boys then laughed happily as they went back up to the house. When they got to the patio deck, Billy grabbed a water hose and said, "Okay guys, no tracking sand into the house. Whenever we go out to the beach, we have to spray our feet off with the hose, then wipe them on the nice soft carpet mat in front of the door. It looks like that's why Wayne put this stuff out here."

Billy sprayed his friend's feet off one boy at a time, then they wiped their feet and went on in. Then Billy sprayed his own feet, wiped them on the mat, and followed the boys inside as he thought to himself, "I hope Wayne remembered to call the satellite company before he left."

Seth ran to the TV as the other boys had a seat, and cheered loudly when he got a picture. Then Seth turned it to his favorite channel, and hopped up into Tommy's lap. Tommy now had a lap full of Seth, and Zack sitting as close as he could to his side. Tommy smiled as he gently stroked both boys.

Billy looked over at them as he smiled, and said, "I was serious earlier Tommy. I think it's great how you love those two boys. If anyone tries to mess with the three of you again, they have to go through me first."

Then the boys heard several cars pull up outside. "Oh no!" exclaimed Tommy. "The police found us already!"

Billy was concerned because he only expected one car, but he said, "It might not be the police Tommy, so don't freak out on us yet. I'll see if I can see who it is."

Billy went to the window and peeked out around the curtains. Then he smiled because it looked like Wayne had brought all of Cincinnati with him. Billy wiped the smile off his face and turned around, then said, "It looks like a large group of Jehovah's Witnesses, you know how they like to travel in groups. I'll get rid of them though. The old, let me check with my boss Satan routine always works!"

Billy looked out the window again, and waited for Wayne to walk toward the door. Then Billy went over to the door and opened it up. Billy stepped out the door slightly and gave Wayne a hug, then let Wayne in.

Wayne went straight to Tommy and the boys and threw his arms around all of them. Wayne cried in joy as he said, "I'm so glad my little angels are okay! I promise I'll never let anyone try to split you up again, just please don't ever run off again. It would have killed me if anything happened to the three of you!"

The three boys cried softly too, as they didn't mean to make Wayne cry. He was the closest thing to a daddy that they had ever had. Tommy quickly straightened himself out though, and asked, "What about my mom?"

Wayne looked over as Joanna came through the door, then turned back to Tommy and said, "Tommy, I would like you to meet you new mom, until your old mom isn't crazy anymore."

"Hi Tommy." said Joanna. "You're going to live with me and Alex for now. And you can see your adorable little boyfriends whenever you want from now on."

"So Wayne, you think my old mom is crazy?" asked Tommy, as a smile started to creep back across his face.

"Us psychologists have a technical term for it Tommy." replied Wayne. "She's as nutty as a fruitcake. I won't let her try to harm any of you boys ever again."

Seth looked up at Wayne and said, "Daddy?"

"What is it son?" replied Wayne warmly.

"I had my first dry orgasm today!" said Seth proudly. "See how hard my little dick gets now?"

Wayne laughed as he looked down, and petted Seth's little erection. "That's the cutest thing I've ever seen son, and I'm glad you're proud of it!" replied Wayne as he smiled. "It sounds like you boys have had quite a trip so far!"

"We're sorry about making you worry Wayne." said Tommy.

"It's over now Tommy, so don't worry about it." replied Wayne. "Besides, it's as much my fault as it was yours, maybe even more. I'm just glad Billy and Lester made sure our precious little boys were safe."

"Billy and Lester have been awesome Wayne." said Tommy. "We really have to come up with a good way to thank them."

"We will son, I promise." smiled Wayne.

"Dang Wayne, did you have to bring the entire town of Cincinnati with you?" laughed Billy, as everyone crowded into the living room.

"When I said that I had to come down here, everyone decided they wanted to spend Christmas in Florida." Then Wayne kissed Tommy, Zack, and Seth warmly but briefly on the lips and said, "I already have my Christmas present though."

When Wayne finally released his hug on the three boys, Zack asked, "How are we going to have Christmas here though? All of our presents are up in Cincinnati, and we don't even have a tree, and tomorrow is Christmas eve!"

"Well Zack, seeing as how warm it is for this time of year, most of the boys want to camp out on the beach." replied Wayne. "We have to run to the store tonight to get camping gear, so we can get a tree there too. Then we have tonight and tomorrow to get more presents. That way, you boys can have Christmas again when you get home to Cincinnati."

Wayne heard quite a few young voices yell out, "Yeah!"

Then everyone headed back out to the rental cars to go shopping. Wayne held back to close and lock the door, and he had Billy stay with him. Once everyone was out the door, Wayne wrapped his arms around Billy and hugged him very closely.

"I don't want you to take this the wrong way and attach anything sexual to it Billy." said Wayne, as he hugged the boy tightly. "After what you did for me, I love you very much Billy. Not as a lover, but definitely as a very close and dear friend. I want to give you a kiss before we go outside, and it isn't going to be a quick one on the cheek either."

Then Wayne pulled back and gazed into Billy's eyes. For a boy who was once very troubled, Billy's eyes now showed a great amount of love and compassion for everyone he knew. Wayne leaned in slowly, and pressed his lips against Billy's. Wayne kissed Billy very passionately, and Billy returned the kiss with equal depth. After more than a minute, Wayne broke the kiss and gazed into Billy's eyes.

"You're one heck of a kisser Wayne." smiled Billy. "Uncle Phillip is a very lucky guy!"

"I was going to say the same about Lester!" chuckled Wayne lightly. "I'm serious though Billy, you saved my family. As far as I'm concerned, you're a part of my family now. Now, let's get out of here before everyone gets the wrong idea. I have to pick up a very special present for a very special young man."

I don't know about you, but I have the warm fuzzies now. lol. Sorry this didn't drag on longer, but I couldn't do that to poor Wayne. Besides, now the boys get two Christmas's. Please send all comments to: Also, don't forget to visit me at: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you again in Chapter 3.