Starting Over 3:

Forever Friends

by tim the story guy

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Starting Over 3: Forever Friends

by tim

Chapter 20

From the last chapter:

Then Max turned to Ron and said, “You have some very fine children there Ron.”

Thanks love.” replied Ron. “I'm as proud of them as you are of Max Junior.”

Then Ron and Max shared a very warm kiss in front of Kevin, which made Kevin smile brightly.

The next day was Monday, and the kids all went to school. When Kevin, Carter, Billy, Lester, and Louis got there, they were met outside the door by Andy and his friends. As Andy started to say something though, the principal came up.

Andrew, what part of zero tolerance don't you understand?” asked the principal. “I don't care whether you get yourself in trouble here, or at the mall. I won't tolerate any of you kids acting that way anywhere. You, Gerald, and your other friends who were trespassed from the mall yesterday are suspended for one week. During that week you boys will attend our special detention, where we are going to try to teach you a little tolerance and understanding. If that doesn't work, we always have the option of removing all of you from this school. Do you boys understand me?”

Yes sir!” muttered Andy, Gerald, and the other boys.

As the boys walked away muttering, Kevin couldn't hear exactly what they were saying. He did have a pretty good idea though.

Wayne knew all about the problems the boys had been having with Gerald, Andy, and their friends. He didn't know who to take with him, to try to help the boys who had detention. One thing was certain though, there would be other adults there too. In the end, he settled on Carter, Kevin, Scott, Edward, and Joanna. Wayne entered the detention room alone, with the others ready to go in as soon as Wayne was ready for them.

Good afternoon boys, my name is Wayne Owens.” said Wayne. “I'm going to be in charge of your detention, even though I'm not a teacher here. I am however a licensed child psychologist, and I deal mostly with troubled teens. I know none of you boys think so, but you ARE troubled teens. Most members of our society go through life everyday without trying to instigate violence against others. Now, before you think that it's going to be all of you against me this week, I have brought a few helpers with me.”

Once everyone else came in, Andy asked, “Why are these fags here? Are you going to make us better people by turning us gay?”

Okay, it's time for our first rule.” said Wayne. “While you boys are here this week, you will not use ANY derogatory names to describe gay people. That especially includes fag or faggot. You will call them gay, gay people, or a gay person, depending on the context. The first time anyone breaks that rule, you'll get an attention getter. The second time, you'll fail detention. If that happens you will face suspension, and possibly expulsion.”

I'll bet you ain't got the nerve to do it!” said Andy.

Shut up honky!” said Wayne.

What?!” exclaimed Andy.

Honky was a derogatory named used by black people, to describe white people they saw as ignorant and bigoted.” replied Wayne. “It doesn't feel nice to be called names, does it?”

Wayne could have swore he heard some of the boys in Andy's group snicker, but it did quiet Andy down for the time being. Wayne went ahead then, and introduced everyone in his group. After that, he thought it would be helpful to have the boys in detention admit to their hatred, so he asked everyone to introduce themselves, and tell everyone why they hated gay people. Wayne knew this was going to be interesting, so he started on Andy.

My name is Andy.” said Andy. “I don't like how gay people always want the whole world to be gay. You know what I'm talking about too. You can't go to the mall and use the bathroom without some pervert being in there, waiting for a straight guy to come along. It doesn't matter to them who it is either. They'll try to force themselves on anyone to have sex.”

Well Andy, I guess you don't have to worry about that now, since you aren't allowed in the mall anymore.” quipped Kevin.

Andy, how many times have you been forced into having sex with other guys at the mall?” asked Wayne.

Are you kidding?!” exclaimed Andy. “Those perverts know better than to fuck with me!”

Have you ever considered that it's because they were looking for someone who was interested, and not someone to force into sex?” asked Wayne. “Tell me if this sounds familiar. You go into the restroom, and there's already someone in there. After you go into a stall, they make it known that they're there. Then they wait there quietly, not making any kind of move on you. You decide to leave, and they never say anything to try to hinder you. When you leave, no one has tried to look at your dick, touch your dick, or asked you to have sex. Is that what usually happens Andy?”

Maybe, but I know it happens to other people!” replied Andy.

Maybe it's just an over active imagination Andy.” said Wayne.

Or maybe you're just disappointed because no one wants to do anything with you.” said Carter, which got a full laugh from some of the boys.

Okay Carter, if I expect Andy and his friends to behave, I'll also expect the same from you.” said Wayne, trying not to chuckle. “I'm sorry Andy, I'll make sure the other boys show you respect if you're willing to give them the same respect. Okay, who's next?”

My name is Gerald.” said Gerald. “I was always taught that being que... I mean being gay is wrong. I was taught that it even says so in the Bible. The Bible is full of stories of how God punishes gay people.”

How exactly does it say that being gay is wrong?” asked Wayne.

Well, I only know one verse, because my pastor uses it every month or two.” replied Gerald. “It says that it's a sin for men to have sex with other men.”

I think I know the verse you're referring to, and that's not exactly what it says.” said Joanna. “I use to volunteer for my pastor, helping him research his sermons, so I know the Bible pretty well. That verse says that man shall not lay down with man, as animals. In old Hebrew text though, the entire human race is referred to as man, regardless of their gender. What it actually refers to is how most animals do not have one specific mate. Man is one of the few animals that tries to take a single mate for life.”

Well then, what about when God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah?” asked Gerald. “The Bible says there was all kinds of homosexual activity there, and that's what angered God so much.”

What version of the Bible are you reading Gerald?” asked Edward. “I was given one of those so-called easy to read versions by one of our more radical church members. It described all kinds of homosexual acts in the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. The only problem is, I compared it to the King James version, that it was supposedly translated from. Do you know what Gerald? I couldn't find any such reference in the King James version. As a matter of fact, there isn't any reference in the King James version of the Bible that describes any type of homosexual act. Not even in the story of Cain and Able. The word homosexual isn't even in the Bible. When I realized that, I stopped going to that particular church.”

Gerald, there are over one hundred different translations of the Bible.” said Wayne. “They are suppose to be translations of the King James version, but many times they are not even similar. Most of these translations are merely what the translator wants the Bible to say, and not what it actually does. If you wish to use the Bible as your weapon against homosexuals, you should read the one version that is the only accepted one by most major denominations.”

Okay sir.” replied Gerald softly.

And Gerald, there's no reason to feel bad because you're wrong.” said Scott. “I was just like you guys once. It was my mother who filled me with hate and lies though. I was wrong, and I admit that. Now that I no longer feel that way, I get along great with my only brother Kevin. And getting along with Kevin has been absolutely no threat to my heterosexual orientation.”

Okay, who's next?” asked Wayne.

My name is Mark, and I guess I felt kinda like Gerald.” said the next boy, named Mark. “Now I don't know what to think though. I've had to read several versions of the Bible, at the orders of my parents. They may have helped more than they realize though, because you guys weren't lying to Gerald.”

Are Carter and me horrible people Mark?” asked Kevin. “You've known Carter for a few years now. Isn't there anything about him that you can like?”

I did feel kind of bad for him when his friend Travis died.” replied Mark. “Then I heard what caused Travis to kill himself. I guess that kind of reinforced what I had been told about gay people.”

Can I tell you the truth about Travis?” asked Carter.

Are you up to that Carter?” asked Kevin.

I'll always think fondly of him, but you've helped me deal with that Kevin.” replied Carter with a smile. “Anyway, Travis and I were best friends. As far as anyone knew, Travis was straight. I knew I was gay though, and I was in love with Travis. Even though Travis knew that, we remained best friends. The reason for that was that Travis had feelings for me too, but I didn't find out for sure until after he was dead. His parents had conditioned him to the point of causing him to hate himself, knowing that he might be gay. When Travis got to the point where he wanted to express his feelings to me, he couldn't take any more. His parents were the ones who caused his suicide, because they wanted to teach their son to hate.”

I'm sorry Carter, I didn't know.” said Mark softly.

It's alright Mark, not a lot of people do know.” replied Carter. “Maybe they should though. Maybe they should know how such a great guy was driven to suicide over hatred.”

Oh great, you're trying to guilt us into liking gays because some fag killed himself!” exclaimed Andy, which visibly upset Carter.

Okay young man, you were warned!” snapped Wayne. “Get the hell out of this room and go home! You can return tomorrow, but one more outburst like that will have you removed from detention permanently, and most likely school as well!”

And what if I don't even want to come back?” asked Andy.

Then you will be removed from school, just as your principal has warned you!” replied Wayne.

As Andy grumbled and left the room, Wayne decided to call for a break. Scott had no idea what he was getting himself into, but he followed Andy to the school exit.

What exactly is wrong with you Andy?” asked Scott, stopping the boy before he left the building.

Aren't you kinda brave, being out here without anyone watching your back?” asked Andy.

Don't forget dude, I'm straight.” replied Scott.

Yeah, but you like THEM.” said Andy. “That makes you the same in my book!”

Okay Andy, let's cut the crap here!” said Scott. “You are so close to being expelled from school that it isn't funny. No one has ever come on to you, so there's no reason to think anyone wants to try to force you into having sex with another guy. The way you treat gay people, I doubt seriously that will EVER be a problem. I know there's something else going on here, and I doubt I'm the only person who's seen that. If you don't come clean someday, people will start talking. You don't want that, do you?”

Andy looked skeptically at Scott for a few moments, then said, “Okay, but not here.”

Then Andy ducked into a nearby utility room, and motioned for Scott to follow him. Scott finally got the feeling that this might not have been a great idea, but now he had come too far to back down. Scott warily followed Andy deep into the utility room.

Okay Scott, truth for truth and you go first.” said Andy. “Why is this so important to you? For all you know, I could have brought you in here to finish you off. After acting the way you have at times, why do you want to defend gay people now? Is there something you're not telling everyone?”

Geez Andy, for the last time, this is where I stand.” replied Scott. “I'm straight, and I always will be. I have a girlfriend named Becky. No one knows this, but Becky and I went all the way this weekend. It was a bitch finding rubbers small enough for a kid like me, but once I found them, Becky wanted me inside her. It was about the coolest fucking thing I've ever felt. I loved the way she felt when I held her naked body close to mine, and thrust my dick in and out of her. I'm straight Andy, and nothing can change that.”

Then why?” asked Andy.

My mother got her beliefs from my grandparents.” replied Scott. “They threw one of my uncles out of their house long ago, and told my mother and other uncle that he left because he hated his family, and that's what being gay does to a person. My mother spent my whole life filling me with her hatred. Then we found out that my brother Kevin was gay. My mother threw him out, and set out to make sure that me and my sisters hated him. It never worked with Gina and Jenna, but she had started getting through to me. Then Kevin and my Uncle Phillip returned. I knew Kevin wasn't a monster, but my mother had started making me believe he was. Once I could see for myself though, I knew I had been wrong. So was my mother. She had filled me with lies, and almost made me hate someone who I should have loved. Kevin may act tough sometimes, but to his friends and family he's about the nicest guy you would ever want to meet. I couldn't have been more wrong if I had tried. My mother proved that to me when she hit me last week. I can't believe I ever listened to her! Now it's your turn Andy. Why do you REALLY hate gay people?”

Andy looked at Scott as though he were thinking really hard, then said, “It was my last year of elementary school. I had a brother in his last year of high school. My older brother was gay, but I thought the world of him. I thought he was so cool that it wasn't funny. My parents didn't seem like they liked the fact that he was gay, but there were never any fights about it. I could tell by the way they looked at him though that they couldn't accept it. One night after my brother had just turned eighteen, he went out with another one of his gay friends. They were going to go to a gay bar and have some fun. From what my brother's friend said, my brother took off with someone he met there. It was the last time anyone saw him alive.”

Andy stopped for a moment, and Scott could tell he was now fighting a battle not to cry. When Andy could continue, he said, “My brother had been beaten so badly that he never woke up. He hung on in a coma for two days before he died. Right after the funeral, my parents started. They drove it into me that my brother had been turned gay, and that he died because he was gay. I didn't want to believe that. I loved my brother very much, and I knew he didn't deserve what happened to him. My parents were sure he had though. They never let up on the fact that no one is gay unless they are made that way by someone else, and that gay people are just asking for trouble. They said if my brother hadn't been gay, he wouldn't have been killed. They said my brother went out that night looking for trouble, and he found it. It was his fault because he was gay. They kept drilling that into me until they were sure that I believed it.”

Andy was losing the battle not to cry, so Scott took him into his arms and said, “Aw shit Andy, I'm so sorry! I never had any idea at all man.”

Andy felt Scott's arms around him, and drew Scott into a tight hug as he cried uncontrollably into Scott's shoulder. “It's okay Andy, I won't let you go until you're okay. It wasn't your brother's fault though. He wasn't killed because he was gay. He was killed because some asshole let himself be consumed by hatred. If he hadn't picked out your brother, he would have picked out someone else.”

But why my brother?!” cried Andy.

I hate to say this, but he was in the wrong place at he wrong time.” replied Scott. “Like I said though, if that man hadn't killed your brother, he would have killed some other innocent gay man. If that man hadn't been filled with hatred though, no one would have been killed that night.”

I knew it wasn't his fault!” cried Andy. “Why did my parents do that to me?!”

I don't know that Andy.” replied Scott, as he hugged Andy tightly. “As far as I'm concerned though, that's abuse by your parents. You need to give us a chance to help Andy. Wayne is very good with kids who have problems like this. Talk to him and give him a chance Andy.” Then Scott held Andy in a warm embrace, and let Andy cry out his grief over his brother.

Back in detention, Wayne had taken Kevin and Carter off to the side. “I'm really worried about Scott disappearing boys, but I have five other kids to deal with here.” said Wayne. “I need you two to go find him for me. Look everywhere where he could be hiding, or where Andy might have taken him. Please find him for me.”

We won't let you down Wayne.” replied Carter.

And if Andy has hurt him at all, you won't have to worry about him coming back!” added Kevin.

I know Scott is your brother Kevin, but don't do anything you might regret.” said Wayne, who was afraid Andy might have gotten ahold of Scott. “If that's the case, let the authorities handle Andy.”

We will, eventually.” replied Carter, as he took off with Kevin.

Back in the utility room, Scott backed away just enough to look into Andy's wet eyes and said, “Your brother wasn't wrong Andy, but your parents were. You weren't wrong for loving your brother either. I was so close to losing Kevin because of the same thing. If he hadn't been in the hospital, he wouldn't be here now. I love Kevin very much though, and I know how much it would have hurt if he had died from the beating he took. Your brother deserved your love and support, and he still does. If you use that the right way Andy, you can use it to keep things like that from happening to others. If you use it the way your parent want you to though, you will only cause this same pain to someone else.”

Why did he have to be gay though?” asked Andy, as he stared into Scott's understanding eyes. “Why does anyone have to be gay?”

I know what you're thinking Andy, because it's the garbage your parents have filled you with.” replied Scott. “My mother filled me with the same garbage, although not to the extent your parents have. No one ever chooses to be gay. It's not something you can be talked into either, because that would be the same as choosing it. Gay people are hated and tormented by some in our society Andy. Why would anyone choose that? If it were a choice, everyone would choose to be loved and accepted by society. Being gay is something that happens before a person is even born. Researchers have found physical differences in the brain between gay and straight people. It's not something someone can change about themselves. I just found all of this out myself, and it really put things into perspective for me.”

What about these Christian groups who can make a person become straight?” asked Andy.

They can't do any such thing Andy.” replied Scott. “What they do is brainwash their victims into not accepting that they're gay. That person then spends the rest of their life thinking that they can't be gay, but it doesn't change the fact that they are. Most of the people who go through that eventually snap out of it, and realize that they're still gay. If they had actually been turned straight, how could they snap out of it like that?”

I guess they couldn't.” replied Andy, as his face drew a little closer to Scott's.

I'm straight Andy.” said Scott, as his breathing became shallow.

I know Scott.” replied Andy softly.

Are you straight Andy?” asked Scott, as he felt a tinge of excitement.

I don't know.” replied Andy, as his face drew even closer to Scott's.

Scott was helpless to move, as Andy placed his lips against Scott's. Then Scott could feel Andy kissing him with a deep need for affection. Scott decided that it wouldn't hurt anything to return the kiss, since Andy needed to know that he would be okay. Neither boy realized it, but they subconsciously began to remove each other's clothes. By the time Scott returned to his senses, he was caressing Andy's naked body, and Andy was caressing his. Then Andy broke the kiss, and stared intently into Scott's eyes. Both boys had a look of uncertainty in their eyes. Then Andy finally pulled Scott to the floor, and kissed Scott with a little passion. Scott was afraid and excited at the same time, as Andy turned in the opposite direction on the floor.

I'm not gay Andy.” said Scott breathlessly.

I know Scott, but I need to feel loved.” replied Andy, as he now stared curiously at Scott's dick. “Can you at least help me feel loved?”

Okay Andy, but I would never do this for anyone else.” replied Scott, as he looked at Andy's dick with the same curiosity. “This has to always be our secret.”

Andy tentatively took Scott's dick into his mouth, then devoured it almost desperately. When Scott felt that, his curiosity got the better of him. Scott took Andy's dick into his mouth, and the two boys began to make love.

Okay boys, who wants to go next?” said Wayne, back in the detention room.

My name is Chris.” said the next boy. “I was going to say something like what Andy was saying, but when we had a chance to think about it, Andy sounded kinda sick. Now I'm not sure what to think.”

Well Chris, that's understandable.” replied Wayne. “That's why you boys are here too. We're going to help you be more understanding and tolerant. The most successful people in the world are those who show understanding and tolerance. Most of this country's wealthiest people embrace the diversity of their workforce, and the people they do business with.”

I'll try to pay attention to what you people have to say then.” said Chris.

That's all I ask Chris, and it's all you have to do to get past this detention.” said Wayne. “Okay, next?”

My name is John.” said the next boy. “I guess I'm here because I thought Andy and Gerald were both kinda cool.”

And now?” asked Wayne.

I may have been wrong.” replied John, as Gerald scowled at him. “Andy has come off as irrational, and Gerald acts like the second coming of a slightly hate-filled messiah. I think they're both on the way to being expelled, and I don't want to follow them there. My parents would kill me if I did.”

Then we'll see what we can do to help you John.” said Wayne. “Okay, who do we have left for last?”

My name is Albert, but everyone calls me Al.” replied the last boy. “I went along with the other guys because I didn't want them to hate me.”

What do you mean Al?” asked Wayne.

I'm... I'm... I have... feelings.” replied Al.

It's okay Al, you can talk about your feelings here.” said Wayne. “If you'd rather, I can even see you as a patient.”

I think I'd rather do that than talk about them here.” replied Al. “I think I might be gay.”

You...” started Gerald.

Gerald!” commanded Wayne. “If you don't want to find yourself out of here as quickly as Andy, you'll watch your mouth!”

Yes sir!” muttered Gerald.

I want to see you as a patient tonight Al.” said Wayne. “We can call your parents after detention, and I'll help you explain your need for counseling. Now, let's hear from Joanna and Edward, and let them explain why they're here with me this week.”

Hi kids, I'm Joanna.” said Joanna. “I have a son named Alex. I love my son very much, even though I've known for a while that he's gay. I never told Alex that I knew though. I always figured he would come to me when he was ready to talk about it. Alex didn't know this though, and he didn't know that I would accept having a gay son. He kept his feelings bottled up, and his friends weren't much help either. As his feelings built up stronger and stronger, he started feeling alone and abandoned. Then one day his mind told him that he wanted to sleep, and never wake up. There were times when I thought we would never be able to reach him in his psychologically induced coma, and I almost gave up a few times. Then with the help of Wayne and a young patient of his, we did get through to Alex. When Alex came out of the coma, I made sure he knew that he was loved and wanted by me. If you were to see Alex and his boyfriend Benji now, you would never believe Alex was that close to giving up on himself.”

Back in the utility room, Scott and Andy had just brought each other to powerful orgasms. Both boys smiled and giggled as they put their clothes back on. Then Andy put his arm around Scott and said, “I hope we can still be friends now Scott.”

I'd like that a lot Andy.” replied Scott happily. “I can't believe you're the same guy who just got kicked out of detention!”

Me neither!” laughed Andy. “I guess in a way though, I'm not. How do you feel about what we did?”

It was fun Andy, but only because it was with a friend.” replied Scott, as he put an arm around Andy. “I still love Becky, and sex with her is still really special. I don't mind what we did though. It was showing a friend love, who really needed to feel it. This is weird though. I know I'm straight because I'm more attracted to Becky than I could ever be attracted to anyone else, but what we shared as friends doesn't bother me at all. How about you Andy?”

I'm sure I'm gay now Scott.” replied Andy. “I probably always have been, but I never wanted to think that way because of my parent's brainwashing. I love having you as a friend, if you don't mind having a gay friend. Now I want to find a boy I can share my sexual feelings with though.”

I'll help you find someone if you want Andy.” smiled Scott. “And if I minded having a gay friend, would I do this?” Then Scott leaned over, and kissed Andy sweetly on his cheek.

What the hell are you doing with...” yelled Kevin, as he came around the corner to confront Andy. “Oh shit! I'm so sorry guys!”

Then Carter ran up behind Kevin, saw the two boys as Scott backed away from Andy, and exclaimed, “What the hell?!”

I guess we have some explaining to do!” giggled Scott.

Okay, so much for a short chapter! lol. I know everyone has been wondering who Scott would satisfy his curiosity with, but did anyone suspect Andy? To be honest, I knew it would be Andy when I introduced him. Now, all I have to do is give Andy a boyfriend. Please send all comments to: Also, don't forget that my site is in the process of moving to: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you again in Chapter 21.