Starting Over 3:

Forever Friends

by tim the story guy

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Starting Over 3: Forever Friends

by tim

Chapter 21

From the last chapter:

It was fun Andy, but only because it was with a friend.” replied Scott, as he put an arm around Andy. “I still love Becky, and sex with her is still really special. I don't mind what we did though. It was showing a friend love, who really needed to feel it. This is weird though. I know I'm straight because I'm more attracted to Becky than I could ever be attracted to anyone else, but what we shared as friends doesn't bother me at all. How about you Andy?”

I'm sure I'm gay now Scott.” replied Andy. “I probably always have been, but I never wanted to think that way because of my parent's brainwashing. I love having you as a friend, if you don't mind having a gay friend. Now I want to find a boy I can share my sexual feelings with though.”

I'll help you find someone if you want Andy.” smiled Scott. “And if I minded having a gay friend, would I do this?” Then Scott leaned over, and kissed Andy sweetly on his cheek.

What the hell are you doing with...” yelled Kevin, as he came around the corner to confront Andy. “Oh shit! I'm so sorry guys!”

Then Carter ran up behind Kevin, saw the two boys as Scott backed away from Andy, and exclaimed, “What the hell?!”

I guess we have some explaining to do!” giggled Scott.

It wasn't Scott's fault guys!” said Andy, a little scared. “I'm the sicko who talked him into it! You guys hate me now, don't you?”

Andy, we never hated you.” replied Kevin.

And if you two just did what we think you did, we're a lot further away from hating you than we were before!” added Carter. “And for the last time, you're not a sicko Andy. Having sex with other guys doesn't make you a sicko.”

That's not why I'm a sicko though.” said Andy. “I tortured you guys and your friends, because I didn't have the guts to face that I might be gay myself! Do you guys want the truth for a change? I loved sucking your dick Scott! It was the most beautiful thing I've ever felt, having your dick pulse in my mouth! I could never imagine anything else ever feeling as good as that did!”

Your dick wasn't bad either Andy.” giggled Scott. “I had fun making you feel good.”

Kevin smiled as he put an arm around Andy, then said, “Andy, we want to help you. You've had a lot of problems admitting who you are, and we can help. Louis had problems admitting he was gay, and look at what almost happened to him. We don't want to see that happen to anyone, even if you did torture us and our friends at one time. And don't worry about having sex with my little brother. Carter and I both told him that someday he would want to explore his curiosity about having sex with guys.”

How can you guys feel that way?” asked Andy, now more confused than anything.

Carter put his arm around Andy's other shoulder, and said, “It's because we've seen the change that can happen in a guy when he's honest with himself. Billy use to be the biggest asshole in the world. He almost killed his own cousin Kevin, because his cousin was gay. Then Billy realized why he acted that way, and admitted that he was gay too. Now Billy is one of the nicest guys you'd ever want to meet.”

Can you guys help me accept being gay?” asked Andy emotionally.

I think you've already accepted it Andy.” replied Kevin as he smiled. “You just told my brother how much you loved having sex with him. I want you to say that you're gay, and say it like you're proud of it.”

Andy straightened himself out, then proudly said, “Hey guys, I'm gay! I'm perfectly fine with being gay too!”

That's it Andy!” said Carter.

I just wish I didn't know for a fact that my parents will kill me if they ever find out.” said Andy, less than enthusiastically.

Well, you don't exactly have to proclaim your new found gayness to them.” snickered Kevin.

And if they do find out, and you need help, you have friends now Andy!” said Carter. “We'll do everything we possibly can to help you. We just want you to do one little thing for us Andy.”

What's that?” asked Andy.

Come back to detention with us, and apologize to Wayne.” replied Kevin.

In front of those other guys?” asked Andy.

It would mean more that way, but we can call Wayne outside the room if you'd rather.” replied Kevin.

It's up to you how you want to do it.” said Carter.

Well, the guys do need to know that I was wrong.” said Andy. “On the other hand, Scott doesn't want what we did to get back to Becky either, and I can't blame him.”

Well, you don't have to bring me into it Andy.” said Scott. “And if they ask, we'll tell them that I came across you and another guy, and the other guy ran off.”

What if that doesn't work little brother?” asked Kevin.

Then we'll tell them the truth.” replied Scott. “Andy admitted he was gay, and I was curious what it would be like to suck him. I did, it was fun, but I still prefer having sex with Becky. Oops!”

You little horn dog!” laughed Kevin.

You really put your dick inside her, and went all the way?” asked Carter.

Yeah, but please don't tell dad or Phillip!” begged Scott. “They'll say I'm too young, and tell me not to do it again!”

Okay little bro, your secret about being straight is safe with us!” laughed Kevin. “I think you may not be giving them enough credit though.”

You guys are crazy!” laughed Andy. “I think I'm going to like being your friend.”

The boys then led Andy back to detention with them, and went right on into the room. Wayne looked to the door and asked, “What are you doing back here Andy?”

I came back to apologize sir.” replied Andy. “I was acting like a real jerk, and I said quite a few things I shouldn't have. There's a good reason I did that though.”

Why is that Andy?” asked Wayne, in a more caring tone.

Because sir, I didn't want to admit something.” replied Andy. “I didn't want to admit it to myself, or these other guys. I was really wrong though sir, and they have to know that. The reason I acted the way I did is because I'm gay too, and I didn't want anyone to know, including myself.”

Faggot!” yelled out Gerald.

Gerald, leave this room now!” ordered Wayne. “Andy, you may take your seat back, and we'll try to work through this with you. Gerald, why are you still here?!”

I'm leaving, thank God!” said Gerald hatefully. “Good-bye, fag club!”

With that, Gerald stormed out of the room. “Damn, we have to find out what church he goes to, and straighten those people out!” quipped Kevin.

I have a terrible feeling he won't be attending school much longer anyway.” said Wayne. “I don't like giving up on anyone, but unless he's hiding something too, he may be beyond our reach. Andy, I want you to know that you have friends here. We won't let you face this alone. I would be happy to see you as a patient.”

Thank you sir, especially after the way I acted.” replied Andy. “To tell you the truth though, Carter, Kevin, and Scott already helped me quite a bit with it.”

That's great, I'm proud of you boys.” said Wayne. “Now everyone, Gerald is out of here, and possibly on his way out of school. Andy and Al have already admitted to being gay themselves. Where do the rest of you stand?”

Andy looked over to Al, and mouthed the question, “You're gay too?”

Al mouthed back his reply, “Yes.”

That brought a smile to Andy's face, which in turn brought a smile to Al's face. Wayne caught the exchange between the two boys, and almost chuckled out loud. The other three boys didn't know what to think anymore, but they knew they didn't feel the way they did when detention had started.

When detention was over, Andy went up to Al and said, “Al, I always though you were the hottest guy in our group. Would you go out an a date with me Friday? If you're stuck for somewhere where two boys can date, we can always ask Kevin and Carter to double.”

Al thought it would be funny to clutch his chest, then slump to the ground, so he did.

Oh God Al, are you okay?” asked Andy frantically.

Yeah, I'm good.” replied Al, as he looked up dreamily into Andy's face. “I've just died and gone to heaven is all.”

You little shit!” laughed Andy. “If you weren't so hot...”

You're the one who's hot!” said Al, still laying on the floor. “You are the most incredible stud in school Andy! I never thought I'd have a chance with you, although I've fantasized about it many times! I can't believe you really have feelings for me!”

Since Wayne, Carter, Kevin, and Scott were the only ones left in the room, Andy knelt down next to Al. Then Andy leaned over, and gave Al a very warm and affectionate kiss on his lips. “Does that convince you that I have feelings for you?” asked Andy.

Does it ever!” exclaimed Al breathlessly. “Kevin and Carter, can you guys double with us Friday, provided I make it until then?”

We'd love to!” snickered Kevin.

You two may want to come over to our house tonight though, or you might not make it Al!” laughed Carter softly.

Could we really?!” asked Andy, who's chest was now resting against Al's.

Well, Al was already coming by this evening so we could call his parents about him becoming my patient.” replied Wayne. “I don't see what harm there would be in you coming along too Andy.”

Too late, I'm already cumming.” laughed Al.

That caused all of the boys to crack up, as Andy helped his new boyfriend up from the floor. Then the boys all went together to Wayne's house. The phone call to Al's parents went better than Al expected, which was a relief to Wayne. Then Andy and Al practically ran up to Kevin's room.

Okay guys, have fun!” said Kevin, as he and Carter prepared to leave the room.

Aren't you guys going to help us?” asked Andy.

From what Scott said earlier, you don't need help Andy.” replied Carter. “I will anyway though, if that's what you want. Do whatever you think is going to feel good. There, now have fun!”

You guys know what I mean!” said Andy.

Do you and Al want us to watch you two make love?” asked Kevin. “We will if you want, but trust me, your first time is going to be much better if you have some privacy for it. Just do what Carter said, and do whatever you think is going to feel good.”

As Kevin and Carter were leaving the room, Andy and Al were excitedly removing their clothes. Carter and Kevin were going to give the two boys all of the time they needed, but decided to go back after more than thirty minutes had passed. When Kevin and Carter went in, Andy and Al were laying next to each other naked, their flaccid dicks both laying over to the same side. They were also both grinning madly.

Did you guys have fun?” asked Kevin.

God, did we ever!” exclaimed Andy. “I think I love Al more every minute!”

How about you Al?” asked Carter.

It was the absolute best time I've ever had!” replied Al. “I'll never forget how it felt to have Andy's dick in my mouth for the first time!”

Andy then cupped Al's dick with his hand, and began rubbing as he said, “And I'll never forget the taste of your cum shooting into my mouth Al. It was much better than Scott's.”

Al began rubbing Andy's dick as he said, “I want more of yours soon too. It tasted so good when I held it in my mouth.”

Okay, that does it!” laughed Kevin. “Next time Carter and I are staying, and making love right alongside you guys!”

Cool!” replied Andy.

The next day in detention, Gerald was asked to leave again almost immediately. Wayne hated doing it, but he would have to report it to the principal. Gerald was out of control now, and Wayne did not want him harming himself or any of his schoolmates. He also recommended to the principal that Gerald undergo intensive counseling. Andy and Al were now as happy as clams. Their change had been so dramatic that Wayne felt they no longer belonged in detention. Both boys still wanted to stay though, in case they could help with the three remaining boys.

Wayne could tell that Mark, Chris, and John were all three changing from the hate filled ideas that brought them to detention. Mark seemed to be showing definite signs of compassion toward the gay kids there, especially after Andy and Al had joined that group. John was now well on his way to tolerance and acceptance of gays. Chris seemed to be the most changed by the end of the week though. He showed an amazing amount of tolerance, understanding, compassion, and acceptance toward gay people. A lot of that may have had to do with Andy and Al both being close friends of his. Wayne felt very comfortable with the idea that all three of them had successfully completed their detention, and wouldn't be back. Wayne was sure Gerald would be though, if he remained in school.

Andy and Al had a great double date with Kevin and Carter. Kevin and Carter did teach them a few valuable tips about two guys on a public date. After the date, Kevin and Carter made good on their promise to join Andy and Al in their love-making. Andy and Al couldn't see what they looked like while making love, but they could plainly see Kevin and Carter making love. At a few points, they watched their friends in great interest.

After the love-making was over, Andy asked, “Do Al and I look as cool as you two when we make love?”

You guys look awesome when you make love!” replied Kevin, as he rubbed Carter's body.

The next week, Kevin got a package from his friends Doug and Darren. Doug and Darren's people had developed their restraint harness for the rides at Doug and Darren's new park, and Doug had sent Kevin his own personal harness. Carter, Kevin, and their family and friends would all be going to Michigan in a few weeks, to visit Doug and Darren's park just before their soft opening would start. After Kevin took the harness to his doctor to examine and test, everyone got together to plan the trip.

Doug and Darren said to bring as many of our friends and family as we want.” said Carter.

That's good, because the twins and I want dad to go along too.” said Scott. “And I also wanted to ask Becky to go.”

I'll go if it's okay for Max and Max Junior to go.” said Ronald.

Well, Doug and Darren did say we could bring anyone we wanted.” said Kevin. “Can you and Max Junior go Max?”

We'd be happy to!” replied Max, as he slipped an arm around Ronald. “It's just a shame that my daughter Tina can't get away from college to join us. With her being away so much, I sometimes forget all about her.”

So then, the entire extended family is going?” asked Carter.

You can count me, Lester, and Lester's family in.” replied Billy.

This is turning into quite an exodus!” laughed Wayne. “We have everyone in this house, everyone in Frank's house, Joanna and her son, Billy and Lester, their families, and Max and Ronald along with their families.”

That doesn't even count friends either!” exclaimed Kevin.

Who were you boys asking there, including Becky of course?” asked Phillip.

Well, we wanted to ask our Coast Guard friends Jeremy and Chris.” replied Carter. “Then of course there's Louis, Stephen, and Corey.”

Then from school there would be Jeff, Ronnie, Andy, Al, Mark, Chris, and John.” said Kevin. “I'm sure Jeff, Mark, and John will all want to take their girlfriends too. Maybe we can convince Chris to take the plunge, and admit that he has a boyfriend now. Then I'm sure he'd want to take his boyfriend.”

Okay, has anyone been keeping count?” asked Wayne.

I count forty two!” laughed Frank.

Okay, that would fill a bus pretty good.” replied Wayne. “I'll call to charter one. For hotel accommodations I was thinking two per room, except for the two threesomes we have going. That would still be twenty rooms, and we might have problems with a reservation of that size.”

If we roomed everyone together in fours, except the threesomes, that would be eleven rooms.” said Kevin. “Does that sound better?”

I think we'll have more luck with eleven than with twenty.” chuckled Wayne. “I'll leave you and Carter in charge of room assignments then.”

The bus wasn't a problem. When Wayne began trying to book eleven rooms together though, he found that rooms in the area were going fast. He finally had to resort to dropping Doug and Darren's name to the people at the nearest Hilton, who immediately promised to accommodate him for eleven rooms, with two king beds in each room.

Carter and Kevin knew there would be some strange pairing for rooms. The first two were easy. Room one would be Tommy, Zack, and Seth. Room two would be Louis, Stephen, and Corey. In room three they decided to put Wayne, Phillip, Ronald, and Max. Then they came across the first glitch, in that they had forgotten to include Max Junior's boyfriend Perry. Max Junior and Perry were paired with Alex and Benji in room four. Room five would be themselves, along with Jeremy and Chris. Room six would be Frank, Rebecca, and Billy's parents. Room seven would be Lester's parents, Joanna, and Gina. That meant that they unfortunately had nowhere to put Jenna, except with Tommy, Zack, and Seth. Scott laughed that she would probably enjoy that a lot more than she should. Room eight was Billy, Lester, Andy, and Al. Room nine went to Scott, Becky, Jeff, and Tara. Room ten went to Mark and his girlfriend, and John and his girlfriend. That left room eleven for Chris, his boyfriend if the boys could get him to admit to it, Ronnie, and...

Oh fuck!” exclaimed Kevin. “We forgot Sammy and Derek!”

Okay babe, don't worry.” said Carter. “We can figure this out. What if we take Jenna out of Tommy's room, and put her in room eleven? Tommy, Zack, and Seth will only use one bed anyway. We could put Sammy and Derek in the other bed.”

And put Jenna in the same bed with Ronnie?” asked Kevin. “Do you really think putting a young girl in the same bed as a straight teenage boy is a good idea?”

I'd be willing to bet the money you're dropping on this trip that Jenna would swear it's the best idea ever!” laughed Scott loudly.

Well, since we shouldn't really put anyone in the same room with Louis, Corey, and Stephen, we may have no choice but to check with her.” said Carter.

Okay babe, but you're going to have a long talk with Ronnie first!” snickered Kevin.

Jenna will kill you for ruining her fun!” giggled Scott. “By the way, how did you guys figure out that Gina would rather sleep with another girl, while Jenna would rather sleep with a boy?”

Are you saying...?” asked Kevin.

Let's just say you may be setting Joanna and Ronnie up for a very interesting hotel stay!” laughed Scott.

I can't think of any other way to do it though.” said Kevin.

Neither can I babe.” said Carter. “Let's just go with it, and hope for the best. I promise I'll talk to Ronnie about having to sleep with Jenna. Telling Sammy and Derek that they'll be sleeping with Tommy, Zack, and Seth will make up for having to talk to Ronnie!”

The boys all laughed at that thought. It was decided that they would discretely give everyone a room number, from one to eleven like they had come up with, then let Wayne call off the numbers to distribute the room cards. The less Wayne knew of this mess in advance, the better.

The next few weeks of school were pretty calm. Gerald had ended up being suspended, until he could have his counseling well underway. That would put him out of school for two weeks. When Gerald did come back, it looked as though he were struggling with what to think. The boys could tell that the beliefs he had been taught were still with him, but his counselor was starting to challenge them. The last day of school before the big trip, Gerald ran across Kevin and Carter in the school hallway. Gerald cocked his arm in Kevin's direction, then balled up his fist. Carter saw that, and caught Gerald's arm.

Gerald. I'm begging you!” pleaded Carter. “Please think! Think about what would happen if you attacked another person right now. Is it worth being expelled from school permanently? Think about how horrible Kevin and I are! We are trying to care about your well-being, whether you want us to or not! Think about the hatred your parents and your church are filling you with! Is that right? Does God really want you filled with hatred? Please think for yourself for a change!”

I can't Carter!” struggled Gerald. “I've never been allowed to think for myself, and I don't know how!”

Then let someone help you to learn.” replied Carter, as Kevin watched his boyfriend in wonder. “I know your counselor has been trying to help you learn to think for yourself. I can help you too.”

How?” asked Gerald. “I'm too far gone.”

No you're not Gerald.” replied Carter. Then Carter wrapped his arms around Gerald, and placed the boy's head down onto his shoulder as he said, “I love you Gerald. Not like I want to have sex with you either. There's only one person I love like that. I love you as a friend Gerald. I want to help you, if you'll let me. I care about what happens to you. I don't want to see your life ruined by being expelled. I don't want to see your life ruined by being filled with hate. I care about you Gerald, and the person you could be if you would let go of that hate, and think for yourself. I can see that there's a part of you that doesn't want to be like that. That's the part of you that can take over, and let you think for yourself. I know it's there Gerald, just find it and let it take over for you.”

Why do you feel that way?” asked Gerald, as he started crying softly on Carter's shoulder. “I was about to hit Kevin. How can you care about me? How can you say you love me?”

Because that's who I am Gerald.” replied Carter. “Who are you deep down inside?”

I don't know.” sobbed Gerald. “Can you help me figure it out Carter?”

Kevin and I would both love to help you Gerald.” replied Carter. “We're going on a trip this weekend, and we want you to come too. I have to warn you that there will be a lot of gay people on this trip though. Can you handle that Gerald? Would you go with us?”

I'll tell my parents that I have to go.” replied Gerald, as he straightened himself out. “I'll tell them that it's my counselor's orders. I have to talk to her after school anyway. If I explain what happened, I know she'll cover for me.”

Good, you can come to Kevin's house tonight, after you talk to your counselor and your parents.” said Carter. “We want to leave by seven, but we won't leave without you, I promise.”

I'll be there by seven.” said Gerald.

Carter gave Gerald the address, and Gerald walked away like a mountain had been lifted from his shoulders.

Babe, you just impressed the holy shit out of me!” exclaimed Kevin. “What I just saw was the most amazing thing I've ever seen! You have to follow in Wayne's footsteps my love!”

Thanks babe, but let's just hope we can figure out the best way to room Gerald when we get to Michigan!” smiled Carter.

I have to admit, Carter just impressed the hell out of me too! And I even wrote his lines! lol. The last part was written while the people I'm staying with were playing Celine Dion. I guess I'll always have to make sure Celine is playing when I write. hehe. Please send all comments to:, Also, don't forget to visit me at: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you again in Chapter 22.