Starting Over 3:

Forever Friends

by tim the story guy

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Starting Over 3: Forever Friends

by tim

Chapter 22

From the last chapter:

Kevin and I would both love to help you Gerald.” replied Carter. “We're going on a trip this weekend, and we want you to come too. I have to warn you that there will be a lot of gay people on this trip though. Can you handle that Gerald? Would you go with us?”

I'll tell my parents that I have to go.” replied Gerald, as he straightened himself out. “I'll tell them that it's my counselor's orders. I have to talk to her after school anyway. If I explain what happened, I know she'll cover for me.”

Good, you can come to Kevin's house tonight, after you talk to your counselor and your parents.” said Carter. “We want to leave by seven, but we won't leave without you, I promise.”

I'll be there by seven.” said Gerald.

Carter gave Gerald the address, and Gerald walked away like a mountain had been lifted from his shoulders.

Babe, you just impressed the holy shit out of me!” exclaimed Kevin. “What I just saw was the most amazing thing I've ever seen! You have to follow in Wayne's footsteps my love!”

Thanks babe, but let's just hope we can figure out the best way to room Gerald when we get to Michigan!” smiled Carter.

When Gerald showed up just before seven, Wayne was stunned. When Carter went up to Gerald and gave him a warm hug, Wayne began checking to see if the world was ending. Seeing Gerald go to Kevin, and hug Kevin tightly against himself almost made Wayne fall over. Before Kevin, Carter, and Gerald could board the bus, Wayne stopped the three boys.

Hold it right there boys!” ordered Wayne. “I want to know what's going on here! Gerald is in so much trouble that he's lucky he's even in school, and now you three are acting like dear old friends! None of the other boys on the bus will trust him, and I don't want to end up being a referee for World War Three!”

I owe you an apology Wayne.” said Gerald. “I was acting like such a jerk that I won't blame you if you don't accept it either. I probably don't deserve it.”

Wayne relaxed a little, and put an arm around Gerald's shoulder as he said, “No Gerald, you do deserve it. I really would like to hear about what changed you though. I consider myself a good psychologist, but you had me giving up on you. Can we talk about it?”

Let's talk on the bus, or we won't get to Michigan until tomorrow sometime!” laughed Carter.

Okay, but all three of you are in the back with me.” replied Wayne as he smiled.

Wayne and the three boys got aboard the bus, and asked the five people in the back to move for them so they could talk. Wayne, Carter, and Gerald sat in the very back row, with Kevin sitting in the row ahead of them. Kevin put the armrest of the outside seat up, and sat with his legs out in the aisle. Carter sat near the window, with Gerald sitting between him and Wayne. As the bus started moving, everyone looked excited.

So Gerald, what happened?” asked Wayne.

All of my life people have told me what to think and what to believe.” replied Gerald. “I never questioned it, because I never thought these people would lie to me.”

They did though, didn't they Gerald?” asked Wayne.

Yeah, they did.” replied Gerald. “The beliefs I was being taught made me more and more violent. Then along came Kevin and Carter. I was mean to them. I was hateful to them, I was violent to them. I thought for sure that would make them hate me.”

You should have asked me if that would work.” smiled Wayne.

I know now.” replied Gerald. “It would have saved me a lot of pain and trouble. Anyway, earlier today I was going to hit Kevin hard. Then Carter grabbed my arm and stopped me. I thought I was going to have a perfect excuse to go after both of them when Carter tried to hit me, but he didn't. He turned me to face him, and I wasn't prepared for what I saw in his eyes. It looked like pain because I wouldn't let them care about me. Then Carter convinced me that he and Kevin did care about me. He convinced me that they loved me too. Carter said he cared about me more than anyone else ever had before, and he was right. My parents don't care about me. They turned me into the hateful and violent person that I had become. Would they have done that if they cared?”

No Gerald, they wouldn't have.” replied Wayne. “I'm glad you came to that realization though.”

Well, that wouldn't have happened if it hadn't been for Carter.” said Gerald. “If I had gone after anyone but them, I probably would have been expelled today, and hurt another person who's never done anything to me in the process.”

You should have seen it Wayne, it was so beautiful.” said Kevin. “The way Carter took him in his arms, and begged him to let us care about him. The way he begged him to stop hating, and think for himself. I was so proud of Carter, for how he got Gerald to let us care about him and love him.”

I wish I had seen that.” chuckled Wayne. “I might have been able to pick up a few pointers! Anyway Gerald, are you ready to think for yourself?”

I'll try sir.” replied Gerald. “My parents won't be happy about it, but I'll try.”

Let's see then.” said Wayne. “Do you believe God wants you to hate people? And I want your personal opinion, not what anyone else has told you.”

Carter told me to look at how terrible he and Kevin were, for trying to care about me.” said Gerald. “They're not terrible though, and God doesn't want me to hate them, or anyone.”

Are they wrong to be gay?” asked Wayne.

I guess that's not for me to decide.” replied Gerald. “It's between them and God. It's not my decision, or my parents decision, or my pastor's decision. In my personal opinion, I'm not sure anymore. They don't look wrong.”

Well son, that's a good start.” said Wayne.

Wayne and the boys continued talking during the bus ride, and Gerald relaxed a little bit more as the miles passed by. Between Bowling Green and Toledo, the boys began pointing out the window. Doug and Darren weren't missing anything, as they had billboards placed along the highway starting there. The first billboard featured the Sky Diver coaster, and announced that the park would open for the passholder's preview in three days, and to the public on Memorial Day weekend. The next billboard was only a few miles up the road, and advertised the band Youthful Discretion playing at the park for the grand opening. Once the bus got past Toledo, the billboards slowed down to about every ten miles.

I think Doug and Darren want to have the busiest park around!” laughed Doug.

How could you tell?” asked Wayne as he smiled.

It's so cool that you and Carter know these guys so well that we can get in while it's just for their friends.” said Gerald.

The bus pulled in at the hotel just before midnight, and Doug and Darren were there to meet their friends Kevin and Carter. “Hey guys, we're glad you finally made it.” said Doug, as Kevin and Carter finally got off the bus.

Yeah, we had to wait until seven to leave.” replied Kevin. “I guess introductions will have to wait until tomorrow at the park, huh?”

Yeah, we want everyone there by ten, so you guys might want to get right to bed.” replied Doug. “You made pretty good time though, since you left Cincy at seven.”

It did pass kinda quick.” replied Carter. “By the way, we love your placement of the billboards.”

That was our assistant manager Tim's idea!” laughed Darren. “It sounded good, so we went with it.”

We do want to introduce one person tonight.” said Carter. “Doug and Darren, this is our friend from school, Gerald. Gerald these are the owners of Thunderdome Amusement Park, Doug Atherton and Darren Chambers.”

Hi Gerald, it's nice to meet you.” said Doug, as he and Darren both offered a handshake.

Hi Doug and Darren, it's nice to meet you.” replied Gerald, as he shook their hands. “It's really wild to meet two guys our age who own their own park!”

Thanks Gerald, and we think you guys will really like it.” replied Darren.

Is the Sky Diver really over five hundred feet tall?” asked Gerald.

Five hundred and twenty, to be exact!” replied Doug proudly. “Well, Dare and I are going to go, so you guys can rest up for it. Welcome to Michigan, and we'll see you at the park by ten.”

By this time Wayne had checked the group in, and was about to start calling numbers to hand out room cards. “Before you call out numbers Wayne, Carter and I need the room cards for numbers one, two, and eleven. Gerald was added at the last minute, and the only empty bed is going to be in the room with Stephen, Louis, and Corey.”

I see your point Kevin.” replied Wayne, who then gave three sets of room cards to Kevin. “Okay everyone, I'm going to call off numbers you've been given. Then you can come on up, and I'll give you your room cards. Whoever has numbers one, two, and eleven should see Kevin and Carter now for their room cards.”

Kevin took Tommy, Zack, Seth, Stephen, Louis, and Corey off to the side, with only one set of room cards. “Okay guys, here's what happened.” said Kevin. “We made up the assignments before Gerald was added to the trip. Since Gerald is just now coming around to accepting gay people, we want to be careful with him. Since both of your groups were only planning on using one bed per group, and the relationships of both your groups is best kept quiet, we kinda need both your groups to share the same room. That way we can switch Sammy and Derek with Ronnie and Jenna, and put Gerald in the same room with Ronnie and Jenna, and hope the three of them behave themselves.”

The two threesomes agreed to that, so room assignments were now settled without Wayne having to know the details of the strangest assignments. Wayne did however raise an eyebrow to the pairing of Joanna and Gina in the same bed.

As Gerald laid in bed that night, he heard Ronnie moan, then say, “Jenna, that does feel nice, but you're quite a bit younger than me!”

Oh come on Ronnie.” replied Jenna. “It's not like I want to have sex or anything. I just want to have a little fun!”

If Ronnie doesn't want to have fun, you're welcome to come over here.” said Gerald, not believing what he was saying to the younger girl.

Jenna and Gerald didn't actually have sex, but they did have so much fun that both of them ended up moaning in pleasure. After having to listen to them, and hearing the unmistakable sound of Gerald cumming, Ronnie decided he was being mean before. Jenna giggled as she went back over to Ronnie's bed. This time, Ronnie didn't care that Jenna had him moaning in pleasure.

After it was over, Jenna said, “Thanks guys. You both have really cool dicks. I really liked doing things with them to make you guys feel good.”

Thanks.” replied both boys at the same time, with Jenna's smell still on their fingers.

The kids began waking up between eight and eight thirty the next morning, and all were ready before nine. The adults just chuckled, knowing that most of the kids had to shower together to make it that quickly. What they didn't realize was how full some of the showers were that morning. Gerald and Ronnie knew though, after both boys and Jenna had just showered together. They both enjoyed having the girl help them wash themselves off. So much so that they both gave her a nice kiss before leaving the room for the bus. The room that Stephen was in saw two three way showers in a row. Sammy, Derek, Chris, and his boyfriend Ken had everyone beat though, as Sammy and Derek talked the other two boys into all four of them showering together. Chris was now getting over his shyness about being gay, after spending the night in the same room with Sammy and Derek. Carter and Kevin had had the best night though, after spending the night with their ex-coast guard friends Chris and Jeremy.

It started off with Kevin and Carter watching their two hunky friends. Chris preferred laying face down, with Jeremy on top of him making love to him. Jeremy on the other hand loved laying on his back, so he could gaze into Chris's face as Chris made love to him. Both men were slightly larger than Kevin, which really helped Kevin and Carter watch the two men make love. Chris and Jeremy loved each other's nice sized large cocks, and loved feeling their mate inside them. Their well developed muscles made them a very erotic sight to see as they made love too. Next it was Chris and Jeremy's turn to watch Carter and Kevin make love. They started off with sucking each other at the same time, and Chris and Jeremy were impressed by how easily Carter could swallow all of Kevin's larger cock. After Kevin and Carter were both stimulated, they took turns making love to each other. They both preferred being on their backs while being made love to, and Carter started off making love to Kevin first. By the time Kevin and Carter had finished, they had gotten Chris and Jeremy aroused again.

In the room with Scott and Jeff, and their girlfriends Becky and Tara, Jeff and Tara thought it was cute how the younger couple undressed each other and began kissing. Jeff and Tara were both surprised though when Scott rolled a small condom over his dick, then began making love to Becky. They had never seen two younger people share so much love and passion for each other. Jeff and Tara watched almost in awe as Scott raised and lowered off the bed, thrusting himself in and out of his girlfriend. Then Jeff and Tara made love more intensely than they ever had before. Scott and Becky's conversation after making love helped there too.

Scott, I've been thinking about when you told me you've had sex with another guy too.” said Becky. “For some reason it really turns me on to think about it.”

Well, at least you're not upset about it!” giggled Scott.

Nah, I'm not upset at all babe.” replied Becky. “As a matter of fact, I think I might like to watch you have sex with a guy before we make love.”

Shoot babe, you're kinky!” snickered Scott. “I like that! The only reason Andy and I had sex though was because he's my friend, and he needed to feel loved at the time. Now that he has Al, I don't know if he would go for that. And I don't think I could have sex with another guy unless we were really good friends.”

Well, Andy and Al are your friends.” said Becky. “Maybe they would understand that it might help us. Besides, maybe one of them could put his dick inside you while you suck the other one. That would REALLY turn me on!”

I've never had a guy inside me though.” replied Scott. “I don't know if I could do that.”

Please babe?” asked Becky sweetly.

Okay babe, I'll do it, but only for you.” said Scott. By that time, Jeff and Tara were moaning so loud that it made Scott and Becky laugh.

Even though most of the kids wished they had been able to come on grand opening day instead, so they could see the band Youthful Discretion, they were still excited as the bus approached the park. They could see the Sky Diver the moment they pulled out onto the freeway, but the closer they got, the more incredible it seemed. As the bus pulled up to the service entrance, and was directed where to park, all of the kids who could see it were looking upward.

There goes a train!” called out Alex, with his arm around Benji.

The kids who could see it “oohed” as the empty train went over the lift hill. The second the bus stopped, all of the kids were anxious to get off. Doug and Darren met the bus, and told everyone where to wait to go in. They were still waiting for another group of Doug's and Darren's friends to arrive. A few minutes later, two more buses pulled in, and people began getting off.

Holy shit!” exclaimed Derek. “That's Rusty Cooper and Allen Martin from Youthful Discretion!”

And there's the rest of the guys in the band!” exclaimed Sammy. “Calvin, Ricky, Shane, Terry, Snoopy, Chris, Sean, and Devon!”

There's a couple of real fans!” laughed Joanna.

Well, you have to admit their music is really cool.” said Billy.

Especially their cover of Still the One.” added Lester.

Maybe we should have told everyone that Doug and Darren knows the guys in Youthful Discretion.” laughed Carter.

After the other buses were unloaded, Doug went up near the gates and took out a megaphone. "Okay, we're going to be ready to open the gates in a few minutes." said Doug over the megaphone. "I want Rusty from Youthful Discretion to join me, so we can make some introductions really quick." When Rusty joined Doug, Doug said, "Okay, when I call you off, please raise your hands so our new friends know who you are. First of all, we have mine and Darren's rather large extended family. The adults in this group really helped us get this park to this point. That reminds me, where is Tim and Sky?"

"They were going to make sure everything was ready to go babe." replied Darren. "They'll join us in a little while."

"Okay then, we'll move on." said Doug. "Next we have mine and Darren's close friends. After that, we have the state high school champion Lansing Central High School Warriors football team. Okay Rusty, now it's your turn."

"Hi everyone, I'm Rusty Cooper." said Rusty. "First I want to introduce the band. By the way, I want all of us to consider each other friends here today, so don't be shy about coming up to any of us to talk. Next we have the family members of the guys in the band. The last group is our friends we brought with us from Orlando. Has anyone seen Tim and Jay?"

"I saw them toward the back of the group." replied Allen. "They're probably so busy kissing that they didn't hear you honey."

"Well anyway, like I said, I want all of us to be friends here." smiled Rusty. "If you want to introduce yourselves to anyone more personally, don't hesitate to do so."

"Alright everyone, I think we're ready for the national anthem." said Doug. "As soon as that's over, we'll go through these service doors into the entrance plaza. You can split the groups up any way you want. All the rides are ready for today, and we have people there to run anything you want to do. Also, all souvenirs, food, and drinks are on the house, compliments of Darren and myself. If you want something, just ask."

Kevin and Carter laughed as they got in line for the Sky Diver with Doug and Darren, and the first thing they saw Sammy and Derek do was follow the band, and get in line next to Rusty and Allen.

I can't believe we're standing next to you guys!” said Derek. “You guys are the greatest band we've ever heard!”

Well thanks, um,... um,...” started Allen.

My boyfriend who forgot to introduce us is Derek.” said Sammy. “I'm Sammy. We're also brothers, although we're both adopted brothers. We were boyfriends before we became lovers, then Carter's family adopted us. Now we get to live together, be brothers, and make love anytime we want.”

Babe, you're rambling now.” said Derek, as Rusty and Allen snickered. “He does that sometimes when he's excited.”

Does he do that when you guys make love?” laughed Rusty. “I'm sorry guys, I couldn't help that. Would you two like to be our friends? Allen and I think you're cool.”

Oh my God!” exclaimed Sammy. “They asked us to be their friends!”

Calm down Sammy, we're just regular kids like you.” snickered Allen.

Are you kidding?” asked Derek. “You guys are in the greatest band in the world! We could never be so lucky!”

Well, aside from the fact everyone likes how me and my husband sing, we're just like you.” replied Rusty.

Did you say husband?” asked Sammy. “As in married?”

We're not officially married, only because it's not legal.” replied Allen. “We did have a commitment ceremony though, and as far as we're concerned, that makes us husbands.”

So, are you guys really serious about being friends?” asked Derek. “As in we can call each other anytime?”

Allen took a notepad and pen out of his pocket, then wrote his cell phone number down and handed it to Derek. “That's my private cell phone number.” said Allen. “Only my friends have that. You two can call Rusty and me anytime.”

Later that day Gerald, Jenna, Ronnie, Andy, Al, and John and his girlfriend ran across everyone in the band together. All of the boys and girls struck up a friendship right away. The topic of discussion eventually turned to the fact that everyone who performed in the band was gay.

There was a time I wasn't too cool about stuff like that.” said Gerald. “My friends Carter and Kevin are helping me with that though. I'm not the bully I use to be. I also found out that Andy and Al, who are good friends of mine are gay, and that's helping too.”

Man, I have to talk to you then!” said Joey, as he put an arm around Gerald's shoulder. “I'm bisexual, but I couldn't always admit that. Skip there is my boyfriend, and Jennifer standing next to him is my girlfriend. We all have a relationship together now, and we all love each other equally. I use to be the worst kind of bully you would want to meet too. I've hurt a few people. Once I even taunted someone who was gay into racing me, and he ended up getting killed. My feelings toward gay people almost got me sent to prison, possibly for the rest of my life. I didn't know it at the time, but Rusty and Allen were the best friends I could have had. They wouldn't give up on me when I was being a bully, and they wouldn't let me give up on myself when I was at the lowest point in my life. That was when I was sent to jail over the death of the kid I was racing, and ended up being raped in jail. Then they finally found something deep inside me that they could get to, and reason with. They helped me to realize how wrong I had been, and I'll never be able to repay them for the great things they did for me. One of those was meeting Jennifer, and finally feeling like I deserved to be loved. The other was realizing I'm bisexual, and meeting Skip. I love him every bit as much as I love Jennifer, and I feel so much love when I'm with either or both of them. It almost took my life being over to start turning around though, and I hope it never takes that much with anyone else I meet.”

I promise I'll try as hard as I can then Joey.” said Gerald.

Well my new friend, if you do that, you'll be fine.” smiled Joey. “The only ones who won't are those who won't even try. I never tried until Rusty and Allen got through to me, the same as Kevin and Carter have gotten through to you.”

Kevin and Carter were having a great time. They had met most of the boys in the band earlier, and spent a lot of time with Doug and Darren. Doug and Darren loved meeting Chris and Jeremy too. And on top of that, Kevin was now able to ride most of the rides with Carter. Later in the day, Kevin and Carter met up with Doug and Darren, then ran across the group Gerald was with. The first thing Gerald did was give Kevin and Carter both a hug.

Thanks for never giving up on me guys.” said Gerald. “I'm having the greatest time I've ever had today, and I don't care how many of my friends are gay. The only thing that's important is they are my friends, and that especially includes you two.”

I'm glad we're friends Gerald, and I'm glad you're having a great time.” replied Carter.

He had a talk with Rusty's brother Joey earlier.” said Ronnie. “I think what Joey has been through has made an impression on him.”

Well guys, why don't we head on back to the stage?” asked Doug. “The band should be setting up by now. Darren and I have to meet our assistant manager Tim back there anyway.”

While Rusty, Allen, Doug, and Darren talked to two guys who looked exactly the same off to the side of the stage, Kevin and the rest of his group found a good spot right up next to the stage. Not too surprisingly, Derek and Sammy were the next ones to show up. After that, everyone started coming back to the stage area. Youthful Discretion sounded great, even though this had been a last minute show. Rusty and Allen looked perfect singing together, and everyone could see how much the two boys loved each other.. After the show, everyone caught a few more rides before having dinner at the very nice restaurant inside the dome.

Today had been a great day, and tomorrow promised to be just as much fun. Now, some of the kids seemed like they couldn't wait to get back to the hotel.

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