Starting Over 3:

Forever Friends

by tim the story guy

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Starting Over 3: Forever Friends

by tim

Chapter 23

From the last chapter:

Thanks for never giving up on me guys.” said Gerald. “I'm having the greatest time I've ever had today, and I don't care how many of my friends are gay. The only thing that's important is they are my friends, and that especially includes you two.”

I'm glad we're friends Gerald, and I'm glad you're having a great time.” replied Carter.

He had a talk with Rusty's brother Joey earlier.” said Ronnie. “I think what Joey has been through has made an impression on him.”

Well guys, why don't we head on back to the stage?” asked Doug. “The band should be setting up by now. Darren and I have to meet our assistant manager Tim back there anyway.”

While Rusty, Allen, Doug, and Darren talked to two guys who looked exactly the same off to the side of the stage, Kevin and the rest of his group found a good spot right up next to the stage. Not too surprisingly, Derek and Sammy were the next ones to show up. After that, everyone started coming back to the stage area. Youthful Discretion sounded great, even though this had been a last minute show. Rusty and Allen looked perfect singing together, and everyone could see how much the two boys loved each other.. After the show, everyone caught a few more rides before having dinner at the very nice restaurant inside the dome.

Today had been a great day, and tomorrow promised to be just as much fun. Now, some of the kids seemed like they couldn't wait to get back to the hotel.

As Joanna laid in bed next to Gina, she felt Gina's fingers begin caressing her vagina. Joanna immediately stopped Gina, then asked her to get dressed and go for a walk with her. Joanna and Gina both got dressed, then Joanna excused both of them to Earl and Mildred. Once they had found a private spot to talk, Gina began crying.

I'm sorry Joanna!” cried Gina. “Please don't tell my dad what I did!”

Joanna gave Gina a hug and said, “Please don't cry Gina. I'm not going to get mad at you. It was a shock though when I felt your fingers inside me. I'm not lesbian Gina, are you?”

I know Jenna will play with any boy who will let her, but I can't be like that.” replied Gina, as she tried to stop crying. “I can't explain why, but I feel an incredible urge to do things like that with other girls though. I know about sex with boys, but I've never done anything like that. When I think about girls having sex with boys, it makes me want to know if girls can have sex with other girls though.”

Okay then, you're probably lesbian.” said Joanna. “And just so you know, girls can have sex with other girls. I've never done anything like that before, but there's nothing wrong with you being lesbian. If you want to do things like that though, you have to find other girls who are willing, and a little closer to your own age. Like I said, I'm not lesbian myself.”

Can't you at least show me how though?” asked Gina.

I'm afraid I can't honey.” replied Joanna. “I don't know the first thing about a girl having sex with another girl. I just know that it's possible. I can help you find another girl closer to your own age though.”

You'd do that after what I did to you?” asked Gina.

You didn't hurt me honey.” laughed Joanna. “It even felt a little nice, but it's just not who I am. I'm sure if you started doing that with another lesbian girl though, she'd enjoy it quite a bit.”

Joanna and Gina walked back toward their room, thinking they hadn't been overheard. Then a girl who looked about two years older than Gina approached them and said, “Hi, my name is Marie. I'm sorry for eavesdropping, but I heard you two talking about Gina being lesbian. I've been wanting to find a girl who feels the way I do for a long time now.” Then Marie took Gina's hand and said, “My parents thought I should have a room by myself. I'd rather share it with you tonight if you'd like to.”

Gina looked up at Joanna, and Joanna smiled as she nodded. “I'd love to spend the night with you Marie.” replied Gina. “Can we kiss first?”

Joanna smiled as she watched the two girls share a kiss. She knew Gina and Marie were going to have a lot of fun discovering how girls make love to each other. Meanwhile, Jeff and Tara were shocked to find that Andy and Al had agreed to join Scott and Becky.

Okay babe, how do you want these guys to have sex with me?” asked Scott.

Well, let me see how you guys are equipped.” giggled Becky.

Jeff and Tara watched breathlessly, and caressed each other's bodies as Scott, Andy, and Al stripped naked. Becky examined Andy's and Al's dicks carefully, and noticed Al was a bit bigger than Andy.

Okay babe, I want Al to fuck you while you suck Andy's dick.” said Becky.

Okay babe, anything you want.” smiled Scott. “Thanks for doing this guys. And Al, I've never been fucked in the butt, so please take it easy on me.”

I'll try.” snickered Al.

Becky, Tara, and Jeff watched as Andy laid on Scott and Becky's bed, and Scott slid his mouth over Andy's dick. Then Al lubed his dick and climbed onto Scott's back. Al placed his dick up to Scott's pucker, and began to push gently. Scott groaned at the momentary pain of Al's dick pushing into his rectum. Al gave Scott a few moments to get use to it, then slowly pushed all of his dick into Scott. Becky was now on the bed too, closely examining the boys having sex.

Baby, I love you so much for doing this for me!” said Becky breathlessly. “It's so cool that you love me so much that you'd let one boy fuck you while you suck another boy's dick.”

By this time Jeff was inside Tara, while they both watched the scene in the other bed. As Al slowly thrust in and out of Scott, Becky went to whisper into Al's ear.

My baby is use to you fucking him now Al.” whispered Becky. “I want you to fuck him nice and hard now.”

Al picked up his pace while Scott grunted with every thrust, and Becky went down to Scott and said, “Suck his dick really good baby. When I kiss you in a little while, I want to kiss a boy who has just been fucked really good by one boy, and has another boy's cum in his mouth.”

Scott then began sucking Andy enthusiastically. Andy moaned in pleasure as his friend made him feel better every second. After about five minutes, Al and Andy were both moaning loudly as they approached their orgasms. Scott was now looking forward to feeling the two boys cum into both ends of him. At the same time as Al began cumming into Scott's rectum, Andy began cumming into Scott's mouth. As soon as the two boys had finished cumming, Becky flipped Scott over to reveal his raging erection. Becky quickly rolled a rubber onto it, and thrust herself down onto Scott's dick. As Becky thrust Scott's dick in and out of her as hard as she could, she practically sucked the inside of Scott's mouth. Becky moaned almost deliriously as she tasted Andy's cum inside Scott's mouth. Jeff and Tara both moaned loudly as they watched Becky make love to Scott almost savagely. Jeff and Tara were both approaching their orgasms rapidly, and Scott and Becky weren't far behind. As Jeff and Tara moaned loudly near the end of their orgasms, Scott practically screamed as his orgasm exploded into the condom inside Becky. Then Becky had her orgasm, and collapsed on top of Scott.

Thanks for helping us guys!” gasped Scott.

No problem buddy, it was wild!” replied Andy. “I've never seen two people cum harder than you and Becky just did!”

Meanwhile in Gerald's, Ronnie's, and Jenna's room, Jenna and Gerald were laying in bed together naked. “If I had rubbers to put on you guys, would you put your dicks inside me?” asked Jenna.

Are you sure you want to do that Jenna?” asked Gerald, as he caressed her body.

Are you really considering having sex with her Gerald?” asked Ronnie.

If she really wants to, why not?” replied Gerald. “She is a very nice girl, even if she is a little younger than us.”

I really do want to Gerald.” said Jenna. “Can you kiss me while I put the rubber on you?”

Gerald began kissing Jenna very affectionately, then he felt Jenna rolling a condom over his dick. Once that was done, Gerald placed his dick up to Jenna's vagina, and gently pushed himself into her. Jenna moaned very loudly at first, until she became use to having a boy inside her for the first time. Once Jenna was use to it, Gerald thrust in and out of her passionately. Ronnie watched intently as his two friends had sex together. Once Gerald had filled his condom, Jenna got up and went over to Ronnie's bed. Ronnie moaned breathlessly as Jenna rolled another condom over his dick. Then Jenna and Ronnie had sex as passionately as she and Gerald had.

Once Jenna and Ronnie were done, Jenna said, “I want to be your guys' girlfriend, and have sex with both of you often.”

Jenna, this is really fun, but what is it going to look like when I get back home, and I'm hanging out with a girl your age?” asked Ronnie. “You have to understand that this is just a brief affair, and it can't continue when we got home.”

As Gerald laid in his bed, he could practically hear Jenna's young heart shatter into pieces. He could never imagine causing someone as nice as Jenna that much pain. “Geez Ronnie, that was awfully mean of you!”

Look who's talking.” replied Ronnie. “You like to cause pain to people who've never done anything to you.”

That was the old me Ronnie.” said Gerald. “I could never do that to anyone again. Jenna, would you come over here to my bed? I would love to be your boyfriend, and show you how to turn having sex into making love. I'll be proud to tell everyone that you're my girlfriend.”

When Jenna left Ronnie's bed, he had a feeling she would never return. Ronnie knew Gerald had just taken Jenna for himself, and now regretted what he had said. As far as Jenna was concerned though, it was too late. Gerald was now her only boyfriend. When Jenna laid down with Gerald, he took her into his arms, and gave her a passionate kiss.

I love you Jenna.” said Gerald, after breaking the kiss.

I love you too Gerald.” replied Jenna.

Meanwhile in Carter and Kevin's room, Jeremy was laying back on their bed while Chris knelt between his legs lubing his cock. Since they were all the way over on one side of the bed, Carter had Kevin lay next to Jeremy and knelt between his legs.

It's nice of you guys to join us.” said Chris as he smiled at Carter.

I just wanted to see you put your big cock into Jeremy's nice muscular ass while Kevin and I make love.” laughed Carter.

Then watch this!” replied Chris.

Chris put his nine inches up to Jeremy's pucker, and pushed it into his lover. Jeremy moaned in pleasure as he felt Chris's cock fill his rectum. Carter watched Chris's cock disappear into Jeremy intently, until Chris's cock was all the way inside his lover. Then Carter pushed his now lubed cock into Kevin. Carter and Chris then thrust in and out of their lovers in unison, while Kevin and Jeremy laid next to each other moaning their love for their lovers. While Carter made love to Kevin, he watched Chris's cock going in and out of Jeremy, and Chris's muscular butt flex back and forth.

You have a great looking ass Chris.” said Carter, as he began running his hand over the flexing muscles in Chris's butt.

Well, yours is still young and smooth.” replied Chris, as he reached over and caressed Carter's butt firmly. “I think yours is beautiful.”

Carter was soon moaning n approach of his orgasm, and Chris wasn't too far behind him. Carter grunted very loudly as his orgasm began, and Kevin moaned in pleasure at feeling Carter's cum shooting into him. A few moments after Carter's orgasm had finished, Chris began cumming deep inside Jeremy. The two men moaned erotically as Chris's orgasm shot into Jeremy. Then the two couples traded places, and it was Kevin's turn to watch Jeremy's nine inches push all the way into Chris.

Jeremy then looked over at Kevin's cock, and said, “Now it's my turn to watch that nice cock of yours disappear into Carter.”

Kevin smiled as he put his cock up to Carter's pucker, and pushed it into him. As soon as they were in sync thrusting into their lovers, Kevin began caressing Jeremy's butt. Jeremy reached over, and returned the favor to Kevin. Then Jeremy gasped lightly as he felt one of Kevin's fingers push into his rectum.

So that's how it's going to be, huh?” asked Jeremy as he smiled.

Jeremy took his index finger, and pushed it into Kevin as far as he could. As Kevin and Jeremy thrust in and out of Carter and Chris, their fingers thrust in and out of each other's rectums.

It's a good thing you boys are at the age of consent.” moaned Jeremy. “Your rectum feels so good wrapped around my finger Kevin!”

Carter and Chris watched as Jeremy leaned over, and gave Kevin a nice kiss to the side of his face. Then Jeremy began to suck on Kevin's earlobe, which caused Kevin to pick up his pace on Carter. Jeremy matched Kevin's pace on Chris, and Carter and Chris both moaned in ecstasy. Then Jeremy and Kevin looked down as Carter and Chris turned their faces toward each other, and shared a very nice kiss. A minute later, Kevin began filling Carter with his cum, as he thrust his finger in and out of Jeremy harder. That caused Jeremy to grunt loudly, and begin cumming deep inside Chris.

After both couples had rested a few minutes, Jeremy said, “That was really hot guys! Chris and I really enjoy being with you two.”

We like being with you guys too.” replied Kevin.

Yeah, Kevin hasn't cummed inside me that much in a while!” laughed Carter.

The next day was just as much fun as the day before. The boys from Michigan, Ohio, and Florida were all becoming good friends with each other. It made most of the boys pretty hot when Kevin and Carter told them about the previous night with Jeremy and Chris. The only one it didn't affect too much was Gerald, who now had Jenna hanging closely on his arm.

Gerald, you and my sister look really nice together, even if Jenna is a bit younger than you.” said Kevin. “Does our dad know you two are a couple though?”

We haven't talked to him yet.” replied Jenna. “I was wondering if my big brother could be there when we do.”

I'd love to sis.” replied Kevin as he smiled. “I don't think you have to worry about dad too much though. How far have you gone with her Gerald?”

She wanted me to make love to her last night.” replied Gerald. “Don't worry though Kevin, I did have a rubber on. I promise I won't do anything without one until we're both much older.”

I appreciate that Gerald.” replied Kevin. “Dad will still want to have the birds and bees talk with you though Jenna, just to make sure you're responsible about having sex.”

He'll have to have it with Gina then too.” snickered Jenna. “She told me she spent the night with a girl named Marie last night, and they had sex too.”

Wow babe, you have one sister who straight, and her twin who is lesbian! “ exclaimed Carter. “That's pretty cool!”

Yeah, they're going to drive dad nuts with that one!” laughed Kevin.

Then Kevin, Carter, and everyone else in the group saw Jenna and Gerald share a kiss. Jenna was just as into it as Gerald was, and the longer they kissed, the more passionate it became. Kevin could clearly see that Gerald had fallen very much in love with his little sister. Once Gerald and Jenna finally broke their kiss, Kevin gave Gerald a very warm hug.

Welcome to the family Gerald.” said Kevin, as he patted Gerald's back. “I can see how much you love Jenna, and I know you'll look out for her very well. Just let me know when she has her first menstrual period, if she hasn't already. It would be best if you were both practicing contraception at that point. After all, you never know when your rubber might break while you're inside her.”

I promise I will Kevin.” replied Gerald. “Thanks for understanding how much I love Jenna.”

You had as much to do with falling in love with her as we did.” replied Kevin. “If you hadn't finally came around, and started trying to accept Carter and me being gay, you wouldn't have come on this trip. Do you see how much better things are when you treat people the right way?”

I never thought of it that way.” said Gerald. “I couldn't be happier to be your friend now, regardless of whether you're straight or gay. If you and Carter are happy as lovers, then I'm happy for both of you.”

You've come a long way in just a few days Gerald, and I promise things will only get better now.” said Carter. “Thanks for being our friend.”

At that point, Gina and her girlfriend Marie caught up to the group, and all of the kids went to enjoy some more rides. Marie was very excited not only to have a girlfriend, but also to be the first person she knew to visit the new park that all of her friends had been talking about. Kevin and Carter both smiled, as they could immediately tell that both girls were indeed lesbian. Besides that, Gina and Marie looked very good together, especially when Kevin and Carter caught them sharing a kiss. As the group got off the wooden coaster, Kevin and Carter caught up to Gina and Marie.

Hi little sister.” said Kevin. “I just wanted to tell you that I'm happy that you found someone you could fall in love with.”

Even if it means I'm lesbian?” asked Gina.

Oh come on sis!” laughed Kevin, as he put an arm around Carter. “You should know that won't make any difference to me at all!”

Yeah, I am glad to have a gay brother, who understands how I feel about other girls, especially Marie.” replied Gina. “I do love her very much, and it isn't just because we had sex last night. I do have a problem though. Marie lives up here, and I don't know how we'll be able to get together.”

I'd love to bring you up here to see your girlfriend as much as we can.” said Kevin. “It'll give me and Carter a good reason to see Doug and Darren often. I won't let this distance come between you and Marie.”

You have a very cool brother Gina.” said Marie. “I love you very much, and now he'll help us see each other as much as we can.”

Yeah, he is a great brother, and I love you too Marie.” replied Gina.

At that point, Ronald cam across the kids and said, “Jenna, I'd like to talk to you for a few minutes.”

Jenna had an idea that her dad knew something was going on, so she asked, “Can Kevin come with us dad?

I don't know Jenna, this is kind of personal.” replied Ronald.

I know, that's why I want him there.” said Jenna.

Okay then, I guess it wouldn't hurt.” replied Ronald.

Gina, can you some with us too?” asked Kevin.

I guess so.” replied Gina.

Should I come too Kevin?” asked Gerald.

I don't know if that would be a good idea Gerald.” replied Kevin. “Don't worry though, I'll be there to stick up for you.”

Once Ronald was alone with three of his four kids, he said, “Jenna, I need to talk to you about something very important. Maybe it's good that Kevin is here. I know you'll have questions, and maybe he can help with them. First I want to know, have you had your first menstrual period yet?”

How do I know if that has happened?” asked Jenna.

Don't worry, if it had happened, you'd know about it.” replied Ronald. “First, you'd have a lot of fluids, including some blood coming from your... your...”

Vagina dad?” snickered Kevin.

Yeah, vagina.” replied Ronald. “Anyway, your first menstrual period starts your ability to become pregnant.”

Then nah, I haven't.” said Jenna,

Okay then, the next thing I want to know is if you've had sex with Gerald, and did he put his penis in your vagina?” asked Ronald.

Yes dad, he did.” replied Jenna. “I wanted him to though dad. I love him, and I wanted to feel him inside me.”

Well, you should be okay since you haven't started your periods yet.” said Ronald, now looking concerned. “He's a bit older than you though, so he should know better. I'm going to have you checked when we get home, just in case.”

There's no reason for that dad.” replied Jenna. “I put a rubber on him before we did anything.”

Dad, Gerald really does love Jenna, in spite of their age difference.” said Kevin. “He promised me he would never do anything with her without using protection, and I trust him on that. If you saw them together today, you'd see he really does care about her.”

I just don't want her getting hurt.” replied Ronald. “How big is Gerald?”

I've seen him in gym class, and he looks about average for our age.” replied Kevin. “I don't think his dick is big enough to hurt her, and from the way she's been talking about it, it felt pretty good to her.”

Yeah dad, he didn't hurt me at all.” said Jenna. “I really do love Gerald. Please understand how nice it felt to make love to him.”

I'm trying to Jenna.” replied Ronald. “I just don't know this boy as well as you guys do.”

Well, I know Gerald won't do anything to hurt her.” said Kevin. “I've seen them together, and he loves her quite a bit. If they're being responsible about sex, then I'm not worried. It's not wrong to have sex if you love someone as much as they love each other, and you're being responsible.”

Besides, Jenna isn't the only one who's fallen in love and had sex this weekend.” said Gina, in an attempt to take the heat off Jenna.

Oh no!” said Ronald in despair. “Who is he Gina?”

Her name is Marie, and we really love each other too.” replied Gina. “It was really special when we made love last night.”

You're lesbian?!” exclaimed Ronald, as his eyes widened.

Well dad, you and Kevin are gay.” replied Gina. “Are you the only two in the family who's allowed to be attracted to the same sex?”

Kevin snickered as he knew Gina had him there.

No Gina, but we're also a lot older than you.” replied Ronald.

And I'm not old enough to know that I've fallen in love with another girl?” asked Gina.

Help me here Kevin.” said Ronald.

I'm sorry dad, I've seen them together too.” snickered Kevin. “I think Gina and Marie make a very sweet couple. You did know that Jenna and Gina would get to this point eventually, right?”

Yeah, but I'm still not ready for it.” replied Ronald. “Why did your mother have to be such a flake, and leave me to handle this?”

Well, the odds are she would have hated Gina just as much as she did me.” replied Kevin. “I think the girls are a lot better off with you handling it. If you really do want my advice, I would support Jenna and Gina both, so they don't end up thinking it's wrong to love someone the way they love Gerald and Marie. If you still want to take Jenna to see someone, I'd do it merely so she can go on some type of contraception when she starts having her periods. Gerald is being really cool about not wanting to get her pregnant yet, but it would be better if they were both doing what they could to prevent it. And you do need to get to know Gerald and Marie better dad. Then you'll know how much they love Jenna and Gina.”

Terri's brother Phillip really did do a good job of raising you son.” smiled Ronald. “Okay girls, I'd like to meet your girlfriend Gina, and your boyfriend Jenna. Kevin is right that if they are going to be that close to this family, I should get to know them. And don't worry, if they do love you the way Kevin says they do, I'll welcome them both as your lovers. How does that sound?”

Thanks dad.” replied Jenna, as she hugged her dad.

Yeah dad, thanks.” replied Gina, as she hugged him from the other side.

Kevin went back out to get Gerald and Marie, and sent them both back to talk to Ronald and the girls He knew they would be a while, so he stayed with Carter and the group, and they headed inside the dome for the rides there. About ninety minutes later, Gina, Marie, Jenna, and Gerald caught back up with the group. All four of them were smiling and laughing, so Kevin knew everything went well. Gerald went straight to Kevin, and wrapped him in a hug.

Thanks a lot Kevin.” said Gerald, as he held the side of his head against Kevin's. “You've made all four of us very happy today.”

That's just as happy as I want you and Marie to keep my sisters too.” replied Kevin, as he gently patted Gerald's back.

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