Starting Over 3:

Forever Friends

by tim the story guy

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Starting Over 3: Forever Friends

by tim

Chapter 24

From the last chapter:

Terri's brother Phillip really did do a good job of raising you son.” smiled Ronald. “Okay girls, I'd like to meet your girlfriend Gina, and your boyfriend Jenna. Kevin is right that if they are going to be that close to this family, I should get to know them. And don't worry, if they do love you the way Kevin says they do, I'll welcome them both as your lovers. How does that sound?”

Thanks dad.” replied Jenna, as she hugged her dad.

Yeah dad, thanks.” replied Gina, as she hugged him from the other side.

Kevin went back out to get Gerald and Marie, and sent them both back to talk to Ronald and the girls He knew they would be a while, so he stayed with Carter and the group, and they headed inside the dome for the rides there. About ninety minutes later, Gina, Marie, Jenna, and Gerald caught back up with the group. All four of them were smiling and laughing, so Kevin knew everything went well. Gerald went straight to Kevin, and wrapped him in a hug.

Thanks a lot Kevin.” said Gerald, as he held the side of his head against Kevin's. “You've made all four of us very happy today.”

That's just as happy as I want you and Marie to keep my sisters too.” replied Kevin, as he gently patted Gerald's back.

None of the kids wanted to leave the park, but it was eventually time to return home. The boys all said good-bye to their new friends, which included a hug between Sammy, Derek, Rusty, and Allen. Then Wayne headed everyone to the buses. The trip back to Cincinnati was filled with talk about the fun everyone had, and the new friends they made.

Jenna was proud to have an older boyfriend now, as she sat with Gerald all the way back, and let him softly caress the inside of her thigh. Every so often, Gerald would smile as he squeezed his girlfriend's thigh and give her a passionate and loving kiss. Jenna couldn't wait to show off her new boyfriend to all of her friends at school, and Gerald would be happy to go along with it. He thought he might even put on a little show for Jenna's friends if she wanted him to.

Scott and Becky sat across the aisle from Al and Andy, and the four kept glancing at each other and giggling. Scott finally leaned across the aisle and whispered into Andy's ear.

How do you feel about that Scott?” asked Andy, after hearing what Scott had to ask him.

It sounds fun to me I guess, and Becky would love to see it.” replied Scott.

Okay, we might be able to get over to your place tomorrow night.” said Andy. “I'll talk it over with Al tonight, and we'll decide who wants to kneel between your legs and fuck your ass, and who wants to straddle your face and fuck your mouth. Do you or Becky have any preference?”

I'd actually rather have you fuck my mouth Andy.” replied Scott. “I seem to be able to take Al's bigger dick in my ass better than I could in my mouth.”

Okay then, it's a date.” giggled Andy.

There was a lot of feelings going around on the bus ride home. The first ones to finally act on it though was Alex and Benji. The two boys were kissing quite a bit, until Benji noticed that none of the adults were in a position to see them. As Benji kissed Alex passionately, he began removing Alex's pants. Once Benji had accomplished that, he knelt down on the floor of the bus between Alex's legs. Alex put his seat back a little, then watched as Benji made love to his cock. Alex's cock slid back and forth between Benji's lips, as Benji lovingly sucked his boyfriend toward his orgasm. Everyone around the two boys watched as Alex moaned softly, then began cumming into Benji's mouth. Once Alex's orgasm was over, the two boys traded places. Benji and Alex ended up putting on a good show, but Sammy and Derek were about to top them.

Alex and Benji looked over to Sammy and Derek. Derek was between Sammy's legs with Sammy's cock in his mouth, and swallowing like he was drinking a jug of water. One look at Sammy revealed that he was in the process of relieving his bladder. Once Sammy was finished, he noticed that Alex and Benji were staring.

I had to pee, and Derek didn't want me to get up to go to the bathroom.” said Sammy, as Derek continued sucking Sammy's dick. Sammy began to moan softly a few minutes later, and Derek began sucking eagerly. Then Derek started coming almost all the way off Sammy's dick, then plunging it deep into his mouth. Sammy was almost too loud when his orgasm hit.

How did it taste to let Sammy pee in your mouth?” asked Benji, after Derek had swallowed the last of Sammy's cum.

It didn't taste that good, but it felt great!” replied Derek. “I don't know if I'll do it again, but I wanted to see what it was like one time at least.”

Then Sammy got down in the floor, and began sucking Derek's dick as obscenely and erotically as possible. That caused Derek to moan loud enough for half the bus to hear him, as he built toward his orgasm. The rest of the bus ride wasn't nearly as exciting.

A few days after returning home, Ronald got a message that Terri wanted to speak to him. When Ronald walked into the meeting with Terri, she had a divorce lawyer with her.

Ron, is it true that you are now living with Max?” asked Terri, as her lawyer began recording everything. “What exactly are you exposing Scott, Jenna, and Gina to?”

Max and I decided that since our wives have turned into irrational and hateful beasts, it might be better for us to raise our families together!” replied Ronald heatedly. “I have absolutely nothing else to say to you without a lawyer of my own present!”

Ronald was quite heated that evening when he talked to Wayne. Phillip sadly thought that sounded just like Terri though, and suggested that Ronald did indeed have an attorney before speaking to his wife again. Wayne also suggested that anyone else having contact with Terri should be careful about what they say, and the children should not be alone with her if at all possible. Wayne and Michelle would provide statements if Ronald wanted to pursue a restraining order which limited contact with the kids to supervised visits.

Things were going well at school for the boys now, now that the last of the tough cases saw Gerald letting up on the gay kids in school. Things were also going well at Jenna's school. Gerald was picking her and Gina up after school almost every day now, and Jenna's friends all thought it was cool when they saw the older boy give Jenna a passionate kiss. Then a few of them gasped when they saw Jenna stroke Gerald's cock through his pants, and Gerald immediately stiffen as he smiled.

Jenna, have you and Gerald done it?” asked one of Jenna's friends named Traci.

Oh yeah!” replied Jenna, as she put her arm around Gerald. “It feels so good to make love to my Gerald, and feel his cock inside me!”

And Jenna feels so nice when her vagina wraps around my cock.” added Gerald. “Besides that, she's a very sweet and mature girl. I love Jenna with all of my heart, and I'll ask her to marry me when she gets old enough.”

Ooh!” replied several of Jenna's friends at the same time.

And I'll say yes when I'm old enough!” said Jenna, as she smiled dreamily into Gerald's eyes. “I love you very much too Gerald.”

Aren't you afraid you're going to get pregnant Jenna?” asked another friend named Susan.

My dad and I talked about that when he met Gerald.” replied Jenna. “He says that for now since Gerald uses condoms, I don't have to worry. When I start having my periods though, he'll take me to the doctor to get me on birth control. Gerald and I don't want to have any kids until we are both old enough to get married.”

After that, quite a few of Jenna's friends began to look up to her. Not because she was having sex with an older boy, but because she and her boyfriend were being very responsible about having sex.

When Gerald got home that night, his dad was waiting to talk to him. “Hey son, it has come to our attention that there are several gay kids in your school.” said Gerald's dad. “A few of the young people in our church are getting together about this tonight, and it would make me proud if you were to join them.”

I don't think so dad.” replied Gerald.

What?!” exclaimed Gerald's dad. “Why not? I haven't met your new girlfriend yet, but I'm sure she would be happy about it too. Anyway, why would you want to stick up for a bunch of faggots?”

Because dad, they're my friends!” replied Gerald. “As for my girlfriend, she has a gay father, a gay brother, a gay sister, and another brother who goes both ways. Besides, why would a bunch of kids at a church across town be concerned about what happens at my school? No one at my school is that worried about it!”

I see I need to be more involved in your friendships then son.” said Gerald's father. “Those kids across town are a good bunch of God fearing kids, and it would serve you well to be around them more.”

Wait a minute!” said Gerald. “They asked you to ask me didn't they? Are they only interested in me because they need at least one person from my school to go along with this crap? Those creeps can count me out!”

That's quite enough son!” said Gerald's father. “I forbid you to see those so-called friends of yours, and I expect you to end it with the girl you're seeing. I'm not having my son fraternize with faggots so closely!”

I really wish you'd stop using that word, it only shows how filled with hate you are dad!” said Gerald. “I'll be friends with who I want to, not who you want me to! And I love Jenna, so I'm not going to stop seeing her!”

Don't you dare talk to me like that son!” Gerald's father almost yelled.

Why?” replied Gerald. “What are you going to do about it? You can't force me to stop liking someone just because you don't!”

It was about bedtime at Phillip's and Wayne's house when Kevin and Carter went to answer the door. Standing there was Gerald with a black eye, a bruise on the side of his face, and holding a pretty bloodied towel over his nose.

Holy shit Gerald, what happened?!” exclaimed Kevin.

My dad happened!” replied Gerald in a mumbled voice through the towel.

Dad, Wayne, come here now!” yelled Kevin. “Gerald is hurt! Why did he do it Gerald?”

Because I wouldn't be a gay basher like him.” replied Gerald as best as he could. “I told him I wasn't going to stop seeing my friends or my girlfriend, and he didn't like it. I'm really sore Kevin. Can I come in and sit down?”

Sure my friend, come on in!” replied Kevin, as he put an arm around Gerald. “I'm sorry I didn't ask you in first!”

Owww!” cried out Gerald. “Please don't touch my ribs!”

Oh my God!” exclaimed Carter. “Take your shirt off so we can see Gerald!”

Do I have to?” asked Gerald.

I think it would be best.” replied Kevin.

As Gerald took off his shirt, Phillip and Wayne came running in as Wayne said, “What's this about... Oh my God Gerald, what happened to you?!”

His dad beat him up Wayne!” replied Kevin.

Gerald, we need to take you to the emergency room!” said Wayne. “Judging by the bruise on your ribs, some of them may be broken. And judging by the amount of blood on that towel, your nose may be broken too!”

Do I have to?” asked Gerald.

We're only concerned about your well-being son.” replied Phillip. “You might be seriously injured, and your father can't be allowed to get away with this. Do you want him to get away with it?”

No sir, I guess not.” replied Gerald, who finally broke down and cried lightly.

It'll be okay Gerald, we promise.” said Kevin, as he carefully patted Gerald's shoulder. “You can stay here, and we'll take really good care of you. Your father can't do this and get away with it. It's against the law!”

Wayne called Joanna over quickly, then went with Phillip and the boys to the hospital. While the doctor was looking at Gerald, Michelle showed up and asked what happened.

Gerald's father didn't want him hanging out with gay kids anymore.” said Kevin. “He also wanted Gerald to dump my sister because there are too many gay people in our family. Gerald refused, and his father beat him up! I can't believe Gerald's father hates gay people so much that he would beat up his son for hanging out with gay people. Gerald definitely has no inclination to be gay. He's dating my sister after all!”

Isn't your sister a little young for him?” asked Michelle.

Normally I'd say yes, but they really love each other.” replied Kevin. “If you saw them together, you'd think the love they have for each other is really beautiful.”

Okay, I'll keep an open mind there.” smiled Michelle. “Now, who wants to take Gerald in after he leaves here? I'm going to be bringing the police in to talk to Gerald, then go take care of his father.”

I'll take Gerald.” replied Phillip. “I've always wanted another son, and Gerald is a good boy once you get to know him.”

Then the doctor came back out and said, “We're finished treating Gerald. He had one broken rib, a broken nose, and a bad laceration on the inside of his mouth, where his teeth cut the inside of his mouth open. It took three stitches to close it. Am I to understand that his father did this to him?”

Yes, that's right.” replied Phillip. “That's why we called Child Welfare, and why the child welfare caseworker has called the police.”

Well then, my report will support aggravated assault against a minor.” said the doctor. “Gerald will need to be cared for while his broken rib heals.”

I'll be stepping in as his foster father, so I'll make sure he gets all of the love and care he needs.” replied Phillip.

Then Gerald was brought out so Michelle could speak with him. By the time Michelle was done, the police had shown up. After they took Gerald's, Michelle's, and the doctor's reports, they went off to take Gerald's father into custody. As soon as they got home, Kevin and Carter took Gerald to the spare room and helped him get ready for bed. Gerald was thankful for friends who would help him like that, and went to sleep within moments of his head resting on the pillow. Kevin and Carter smiled as they watched their friend sleep for a few moments, before leaving for Kevin's room.

Gerald didn't feel like going to school the next morning, and that was understandable. Phillip did however have to run Kevin and Carter off to school, when they wanted to stay home with Gerald. Then Phillip sat down with Gerald for a talk.

Are you going to have a problem having a foster dad who's gay?” asked Phillip.

Nah, I'm over that as long as you don't flirt with me.” snickered Gerald. “Ow! That hurt!”

Well then, don't do that!” laughed Phillip. “Really though, I'm glad you came around enough to stand up for your friends. I'm just not happy with how your father handled things.”

There was something I didn't tell everyone, although I'm sure my dad did.” said Gerald. “As I was running from the house, he yelled out the door at me not to come back.”

Then I'll be happy to care for you son.” replied Phillip. “Your friend Kevin believes in you, and so do I. Now let's talk about school. There is very little time left in the school year, and it's going to be a real actual pain for you to go to school anytime soon with that broken rib. Would you like me to get you a certified home school teacher to help you finish this year at home?”

I really do want to go back to school as soon as I can.” replied Gerald. “All of my friends are there.”

I understand son, we'll see about it in a few days.” said Phillip.

Phillip and Gerald kept talking, getting to know each other better, until Michelle showed up later that morning.

Hi Michelle, are you here about Gerald?” asked Phillip cheerfully.

Among other things.” replied Michelle. “Apparently your sister has already heard about this, and decided to file a complaint against you this morning.”

She WHAT?!” exclaimed Phillip loudly. “What could she possibly complain about me over?”

She said that you took her son away from her, out of state, and turned him against his family.” replied Michelle.

I've never heard such a crock in my life!” said Phillip. “What kinds of drugs is Terri taking these days? You've talked to Kevin. You know Terri was the one who turned him against herself. And for my idiot sister's information, Kevin loves the rest of his family. I'll bet that fact has a lot to do with this!”

I don't doubt that.” replied Michelle. “Your sister doesn't seem like the most reputable person in the world.”

And as for me taking him away from his family, and out of state, she's the one who threw him out and told him to come live with me, without caring how he got to Florida.” said Phillip. “All I did was get him the ticket to get there. How come Kevin's father doesn't feel that way? He has actually thanked me for taking such good care of his son!”

Maybe that's because Kevin's father is sane, but his mother is, well,... you know.” replied Michelle.

She's as nutty as a bag of peanuts!” exclaimed Phillip.

I know.” replied Michelle. “I'm going to go ahead and squash her complaint, but I wanted you to know what she's up to.”

Thanks Michelle, I appreciate that.” said Phillip, calming back down some.

Now, some of Gerald's neighbors said they heard the fight last night, and heard Gerald's father yelling at him not to come back home.” said Michelle. “Is that true Gerald?”

Yes ma'am.” replied Gerald. “In his words, he won't allow his son to be a fag lover. He said as long as I'm going to have the friends I do, I wasn't welcome there. I know I use to listen to that jerk, but why does it matter to him so much that some of the people I know are gay? It's not like I'm going to catch it from my friends.”

I don't know Gerald.” replied Michelle. “I hope this proves to you though that hatred never makes any sense.”

You can say that again!” replied Gerald.

Okay guys, I just need Phillip to sign the papers I have for him.” said Michelle. “Due to the charges against Gerald's father, the court made him a permanent ward of the state this morning. This guardianship will be permanent Phillip, and I hope you will be happy with your new home Gerald. I know Phillip and Wayne are good people to be with. And don't worry about your sister Phillip. As much hot water as she's in with her own kids, I can keep her from causing you too much trouble. The court still isn't very happy with her for hitting Scott the way she did, and it would take a miracle for her not to lose custody of the rest of her kids.”

I know.” replied Phillip. “I just wish that for once in her life, she could act like a real sister. She had Ronald really upset earlier this week, acting like she could win a custody battle with him.”

I just don't see that happening.” said Michelle.

Jenna had been worried that Gerald didn't pick her up at school that day. Scott had caught up with Kevin though, and heard what had happened at Gerald's home. Then he shared the information with Jenna when he saw her. Jenna persisted until she talked her dad and Max into taking everyone to Phillip's and Wayne's house for dinner that evening. After dinner, Jenna and Gerald disappeared to his room while the adults talked about their current situation with Terri.

I'm sorry about not being able to pick you up babe.” said Gerald. “The car was in my father's name though, so there's no way I can use it anymore.”

It's okay my love.” replied Jenna, as she caressed Gerald's thigh. “I'm just glad you weren't hurt any worse than you were. It makes me feel really nice that you stuck up for me and your friends the way you did. You're the bravest and most wonderful guy I've ever known, and I'd like to make you feel as nice as you've made me feel.”

Jenna then gave Gerald a kiss, which he returned very cautiously due to his mouth still being sore. “I don't know if we can do much more than that for now babe.” said Gerald after the kiss. “I'm still pretty sore from where my old man beat me.”

Then just lay back on the bed and let me do everything for you.” replied Jenna. “I really do want you to feel as good as you make me feel.”

Gerald smiled as he laid back, and let Jenna carefully undress him. Jenna did do everything for their love-making that evening, including putting the condom over Gerald's stiff cock. As soon as it was over, and Jenna had lifted herself off of Gerald, she had to run to the bathroom. Jenna was gone long enough to make Gerald begin to worry.

When Jenna finally came back, she said, “I think I'm going to have to talk to dad.”

Why is that babe?” asked Gerald.

I think I just had my first period.” replied Jenna.

Well babe, my condom held up fine, so we're okay.” said Gerald. “You're right that you should talk to him though, so he can get you on birth control now. That means the next time we make love, I should be able to make you orgasm. I think you're going to like that a lot babe.”

I'm sure I'll love anything you do for me.” smiled Jenna, as she leaned over to kiss Gerald again.

Meanwhile, Scott was talking to Kevin and Carter after watching the two boys make love. “I think I have an idea to drive mom away for good.” said Scott.

What's that brother?” asked Kevin, as he hugged Carter close to him.

Maybe I should tell her how I like letting other boys have their way with me before making love to Becky.” replied Scott.

Damn bro, is it that serious?” asked Kevin.

The last time Becky and I had Andy and All over, Al put his cock up my butt, then Andy got on top of me and fucked my mouth.” replied Scott. “I thought it was pretty cool to feel Al's cock push in and out of my butt the first time the four of us got together, but it was awesome to feel that as I felt Andy's cock push in and out of my mouth. It made me so hard that I couldn't wait to make love to Becky. It felt incredible to make love to her after Al and Andy had both cum inside me.”

How did it feel to have Al's cum sloshing around inside you as you made love to Becky?” asked Carter.

It was so cool!” replied Scott. “I really could feel it inside me, and taste Andy's in my mouth as Becky and I made love. And Becky was incredibly turned on after watching both of them fuck me like that. I have a confession to make though.”

What's that little brother?” asked Kevin.

I love making love to Becky more than anything in the world, but I think I would do that stuff with Al and Andy even if she weren't watching it.” said Scott. “It just feels so cool to have both of them inside me at the same time.”

Then I'm pretty sure you're bisexual Scott.” replied Kevin.

Yeah, I guess I probably am.” said Scott. “It would make mom so proud of me!”

All three boys laughed at Scott's last remark.

Wow, that was a lot of action! hehe. Now we all know that Scott likes having sex with both boys and girls, although he still loves Becky very much. And it looks like Kevin has a new foster brother with Gerald. How much trouble will Terri cause everyone though? Please send all comments to: Also, don't forget to visit me at: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you again in Chapter 25.