Starting Over 3:

Forever Friends

by tim the story guy

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Starting Over 3: Forever Friends

by tim

Chapter 25

From the last chapter:

The last time Becky and I had Andy and All over, Al put his cock up my butt, then Andy got on top of me and fucked my mouth.” replied Scott. “I thought it was pretty cool to feel Al's cock push in and out of my butt the first time the four of us got together, but it was awesome to feel that as I felt Andy's cock push in and out of my mouth. It made me so hard that I couldn't wait to make love to Becky. It felt incredible to make love to her after Al and Andy had both cum inside me.”

How did it feel to have Al's cum sloshing around inside you as you made love to Becky?” asked Carter.

It was so cool!” replied Scott. “I really could feel it inside me, and taste Andy's in my mouth as Becky and I made love. And Becky was incredibly turned on after watching both of them fuck me like that. I have a confession to make though.”

What's that little brother?” asked Kevin.

I love making love to Becky more than anything in the world, but I think I would do that stuff with Al and Andy even if she weren't watching it.” said Scott. “It just feels so cool to have both of them inside me at the same time.”

Then I'm pretty sure you're bisexual Scott.” replied Kevin.

Yeah, I guess I probably am.” said Scott. “It would make mom so proud of me!”

All three boys laughed at Scott's last remark.

Gerald and Jenna had a talk with Ron, and Ron agreed to take her to the doctor right away. Fortunately he knew a female doctor who would be very discreet, as he didn't want his wife hearing about this. If she knew Jenna was going on birth control, it could cause trouble. That was something Ron didn't need, as he was falling deeply in love with Max, and the two families seemed very happy together.

Gerald did tell Phillip that he thought he was able to go back to school by the end of the week, even though he was still a little sore. There were only two weeks of school left though, and he wanted to finish school with the rest of his class. Besides, Carter, Kevin, Billy, Al, and Andy all volunteered to help him with carrying books and things like that.

That Saturday morning, Carter, Kevin, Gina, and Scott had made plans to go up to Michigan. Ron didn't mind Gina going, but he insisted that her two brothers go along. Becky however told Scott that she couldn't get away for the weekend. Scott was really kind of down, until Al and Andy volunteered to go along, to help cheer him up. Scott suddenly didn't seem as upset about Becky not going along.

The first place they stopped when getting to Michigan was Gina's girlfriend's house. Marie really had to do some talking to her parents to convince them to let her go to the park for the weekend with her friends from Ohio. Kevin and Carter seemed very responsible to them though, so they finally said okay. Doug had told Kevin and Carter to meet him and Darren by the offices, so they went straight to the service entrance when they arrived at the park. Even though it was still the soft opening, the park seemed pretty busy.

Damn guys, I hate to think what it's going to be like around here when the park is actually open to the public!” said Kevin, as they met Doug and Darren.

Well, you guys never have to worry about that.” replied Doug. “All of our friends are getting passes for life.”

Let's go on over to the annual pass office, and set all of you guys up.” said Darren. “Then we can give you guys certificates for the rest of your families, so they can have their passes made the next time they come.”

Does that include me and my family?” asked Marie.

You're Gina's girlfriend, aren't you?” asked Doug.

Yeah.” replied Marie, as she put an arm around Gina.

Then it includes you and your family too.” said Doug. “By the way, where's your girlfriend Scott?”

She said she couldn't come with us.” replied Scott. “It's okay though, my best friends Al and Andy were happy to come along, and I'm sure we can have just as much fun as if Becky had come too.”

Yeah, we're all sure that Scott is bisexual, but Becky hasn't figured that out yet!” snickered Andy. “I know how much Scott enjoys being with me and Al, but Becky thinks he only does it to please her.”

Well then, it sounds like her loss.” laughed Darren. “Are you ready to prove him right Scott?”

I can't wait!” replied Scott, as he winked at Al and Andy.

The group then headed over to have their passes made. The passes were very nice credit card style cards, complete with photos of the passholder, and the pass number in raised numbers across the bottom of the pass. It even had a magnetic strip across the back for quick entry through the turnstiles and discounts in the park, and a wallet style holder to protect it.

These are really nice passes guys.” said Carter.

The good thing about them is that they can be renewed or reinstated at any time, so they only need to be replaced if they're lost, or if your appearance changes too much.” replied Doug. “Tim felt that system would save us a ton of money on pass processing. Okay, here are envelopes for each of you, with enough pass certificates for the rest of your families. Now let's go have some fun!”

Gina couldn't thank Carter and Kevin enough for this weekend. Her and Marie went through the park as a couple all day, even holding hands most of the time, and no one said anything to them. Kevin did remark that he thought they made an incredibly nice looking couple though. The rides were still just as much fun, especially now that they were in the setting of a park that was open for business.

Once the first day was over, everyone went back to the hotel their parents had booked for them. This time though there was plenty of room. Kevin and Carter were in one room, Gina and Marie had another room to themselves, and Scott, Al, and Andy had a third room to themselves.

Guys, I'm sure you noticed that Becky isn't here.” said Scott, once they were alone in their room. “I know we've just had sex before, but tonight I want you guys to make love to me.”

Are you ready for that Scott?” asked Andy. “Al and I would both love to make love to you.”

What do you guys think?” asked Scott, as he laughed and pointed down at the almost obscene tent in his pants.

I think tonight is going to be a blast!” laughed Al.

The three boys quickly undressed, and laid down on one bed together. While Al kissed and licked Scott's nipples erotically, Andy pressed his lips against Scott's. The two boys began sharing a very passionate kiss, and Scott moaned in pleasure when their tongues caressed each other inside his mouth. After a few minutes, Al and Andy traded places. Then Andy began to passionately kiss his way down Scott's body, until Scott gasped when he felt Andy's mouth around his dick. Scott then just as passionately kissed his way down Al's body, and lovingly took Al's dick into his mouth. Then Al finally kissed his way down Andy's body, until the three boys were making passionate love to each other. The room was soon filled with the muffled moans of love and pleasure from all three boys.

Gina and Marie spent quite a few minutes kissing, before moving on to each other's breasts. Marie had started to develop there, and Gina loved kissing and licking her breasts. Gina hadn't developed much there yet, but Marie was just as passionate with hers. Gina then turned around, and kissed her way down Marie's body until her lips came in contact with Marie's vagina. As soon as Marie felt Gina's lips on her vagina, she began to passionately kiss and lick Gina's. At almost the same moment, both girls stuck their tongues inside each other, and began making love. By the time Marie had her orgasm, Gina could feel something different about tonight. It was much different than the blood she had passed over the past two days, which she finally figured out was her first period. Marie could sense that something different was going to happen for Gina, so she renewed her passionate love-making as soon as her orgasm had ended. Then Gina began to moan, and writhe almost uncontrollably, as Marie thrust her tongue in and out of Gina passionately. Marie held onto Gina tightly, as Gina had her first orgasm. When it was finally over, both girls rested in each other's arms until they drifted off to sleep that way.

At the same time, Carter and Kevin were drifting off, with Kevin's cock still deeply inside Carter. Carter was drifting off to sleep with a beautiful smile on his face, and Kevin's arms wrapped around him from behind.

The next day would be a short day, as everyone planned to leave the park around two in the afternoon, so they could get back to Cincinnati before it got too late. Gina and Marie were even bolder today, as they not only held hands most of the day, but even shared a few discreet hugs and kisses. That even encouraged Scott, Andy, and Al to share a kiss between the three of them at one point when no one except their friends were looking. The trip home that afternoon was very happy.

The next day was not so happy for Ron, as Terri stopped by without any lawyers present. “I'd like to know what you think you're doing, letting Jenna and Gina carry on the way they are!” said Terri. “You have some pervert calling himself Gina's brother taking her off away from home, and turning her into a lesbian, and you're letting an older boy screw our other daughter!”

Are you having our children followed now?!” asked Ron heatedly.

Someone should, and they may not be OURS for much longer!” replied Terri.

You're right there, you fucking idiot!” said Ron loudly. “No court in this country is going to allow a certified child abuser to keep any parental rights! The only thing you're going to end up doing is to cause them to be taken from both of their parents, but my lawyer isn't going to allow that to happen! As for that pervert you referred to, he's our son Kevin, and he isn't any kind of pervert. He loves his family, which is a hell of a lot more than I can say for you! And finally, you stupid bitch, falling in love is a normal part of growing up. Whether you like it or not, our children are growing up! Your stupid bitch ass should try that sometime. Now get the hell away from me and our children, before I turn you in for violating a restraining order!”

You just wait, you faggot!” yelled Terri. “That's right honey, I know all about you and Max! First I'll teach that boyfriend of yours a lesson, then I'll teach you one!”

""Is that a threat bitch?!” asked Ron furiously.

No, it's a promise!” replied an equally mad Terri. “I'll get the roughest men I can find to do it if I have to!”

Then I'm so glad I recorded every word of this conversation, you ignorant fool!” laughed Ron. “And by the way honey, I called the police as soon as I saw your car pull in. They should be here any second now. Now if you'll excuse me. I have to run a tape over to Child Welfare, so they can file to permanently remove your parental rights!”

That did cause Terri to tear out of the house as fast as she could, but Ron knew that wouldn't be the end of it. Ron hated doing things this way, but he got all of his kids and Max's son together that evening, and played the tape of the argument between himself and Terri. Needless to say, Kevin looked very hurt.

That bitch will never be any kind of mother to me again!” said Kevin.

I can understand how that hurt son, but try not to stoop to her level.” replied Ron. “I'll make sure she never hurts any of you kids again.”

By stooping to her level?” asked Scott.

That's only temporary son, and it's only an act for her benefit.” replied Ron. “Once the court is through with her, I'll be happy to never give her another thought. The ONLY good thing that ever came from knowing her are you kids. I love all of you very much, and I'll protect you from her any way I can, even if it means moving this family away from here.”

Geez dad, she threatened you for being in love with Max though, and she knows about me and Marie!” said Gina. “I don't really feel too safe now!”

And she doesn't even sound happy that I have a boyfriend either!” said Jenna. “How can any of us feel safe if she hates us whether we're straight or gay?”

Max and I came up with a plan for that.” replied Ron, as he took out five boxes and handed one to each kid. “Max and I went out today and bought five new I-Phones for you kids. We've already set them up, and your phone numbers are on the boxes. If your mother, any of her known friends, or anyone you don't know comes anywhere near you kids, call for help immediately. These phones have advanced tracking capabilities, and the police can tell exactly where you are immediately. That should be enough to keep all of you kids safe.”

Thanks dad, we love you.” said Kevin, as he leaned over to give Ron a loving kiss on the cheek. Then Scott, Jenna, and Gina gave Ron the same thank you, as Max Junior gave his dad the same thank you.

Terri wasn't through yet, as she switched tactics the next day. She thought it would be a good idea to call Child Welfare, and try to mess up the lives of people who knew Ron. Michelle had tagged her number though, and was having Terri's calls routed to her phone.

Child Welfare, can I help you?” asked Michelle, as she answered the call.

I hope so.” said Terri, not yet realizing she was talking to Michelle. “I know of a woman named Joanna Black, who is raising her son Alex in a very immoral atmosphere. She's allowing a minor child to have a homosexual relationship with another minor child named Benjamin, who is being fostered by a known homosexual by the name of Wayne Owens. I hope this isn't something that Child Welfare condones.”

Terri, do you really like wasting our time with all of this bullshit?” asked Michelle.

Is this Michelle?!” asked a surprised Terri.

Yes it is.” replied Michelle.

Then I want to speak with another caseworker!” said Terri.

Whether you like it or not Terri, I am the assigned caseworker to your family.” replied Michelle. “Maybe you should have considered that before you hit your son Scott right in front of me. To be honest though, no one in this office is looking very favorably on that. That attitude here wasn't improved when we heard the tape of you threatening violence against your husband either.”

I want to speak with your supervisor!” said Terri hotly.

Okay Terri, I'll put you right through.” said Michelle. “I'll let him explain to you that he agrees with me completely on this!”

Michelle laughed when she heard Terri hang up. Then she set up a conference call between herself, Ron, Wayne, and Joanna so she could warn all of them about the call she had just received.

That bitch doesn't know who she's messing with now!” said Joanna. “I'm going right now to talk to a lawyer about filing a lawsuit against her. We'll just see how smug she is when I sue her for everything she'll ever have!”

I don't blame you one bit for being upset Joanna, even though I'm suppose to be the objective one here.” replied Wayne. “I'd be happy to join that lawsuit if you'd like.”

Well, she's crossed too many lines now.” said Ron. “I'm going to see if her brother Edward can talk any sense into her head!”

Well, whatever you people do, our department will back you up.” said Michelle. “We're all getting pretty tired of hearing from her. By the way Ron, I've gotten her trial for assaulting Scott moved up to next week, and the judge assures me he won't let her lawyer block it. I think I can get a hearing to permanently remove her parental rights as soon as that is over. I hope Edward can talk some sense into her, or she may end up being locked up for a while.”

Since the subject of moving had been brought up, and his mother seemed to be going after everyone now, Kevin broke in his I-Phone by calling Doug and Darren that evening. He wanted to know if his friends were serious about their offer to help everyone move there if they wanted to. Doug was concerned about how bad things were sounding, and Kevin assured him that they were indeed that bad. By the end of the call, Doug had assured Kevin that he and Darren were very serious about their offer. Now Kevin would have to get everyone together at the end of the week, and let them discuss if everyone would be interested in taking Doug and Darren up on their offer.

Ron seemed okay as he, Max, and their family showed up at Wayne's house on Friday evening. Kevin greeted his dad, brother, and sisters with a hug and a kiss, and gave Max and Max Junior a hug. Joanna seemed a little calmer by the end of the week too, as her and Alex arrived. Frank and Rebecca seemed a little pissed though, as they arrived with their family.

Hi Frank and Rebecca, come on in.” said Wayne. “What's wrong? You two seem to be a little upset.”

Oh oh, here we go!” said Carter, as he went to be with Kevin.

I... I...” started Frank, trying to think of something to say that didn't sound too hateful.

That bitch!” said Rebecca rather loudly.

I think I know the only person who can cause a reaction like that.” said Ron. “What has Terri done now?”

That bitch!” repeated Rebecca.

I better take this one.” replied Carter. “Apparently Terri found out who Sammy's parents are, and gave them a call. She told them that mom and dad had adopted another boy, and were encouraging two brothers to have a homosexual relationship together. Sammy's parents called, and told mom and dad that they were calling Child Welfare. I've never seen my parents get so mad in my life! I had to end up calling Michelle for them, and Michelle told me to assure mom and dad that she would take care of things, and not to worry. What I don't understand is that we don't even know Terri. What beef has she got with us?”

I'm afraid it may be your relationship with Kevin.” replied Ron. “She seems bent on causing a hard time for anyone who knows us.”

Well, she's going to bite off more than she can chew someday really soon!” said Frank.

Hey, if you can get a good shot at her, please be my guest.” laughed Ron. “I'd personally love to see it! On a brighter note, she'll be going to court next week to face the charge of assaulting Scott.”

Even though it's just assault, I hope they give her the chair!” said Rebecca.

Mom, you really have to calm down.” said Carter. “You've let her get to you, and I don't like it. She's taking a warm and loving person, and making her bitter and hateful.”

He's right Rebecca.” said Wayne. “Please don't let her do that to you.”

I'm sorry son, I'll try not to.” said Rebecca, as she tried to calm down. “Frank and I have raised a fine young man, and I love you very much.”

Everyone finally went to the living room to sit down, and Kevin said, “On the off chance that bitch who calls herself my mother gets off easy, I've been talking to Doug and Darren up in Michigan. They said they would love to help us move up there, if we decide we want to do that. I personally would choose Doug and Darren over my mother any day. Hell, I'd choose Charles Manson over her!”

Are you seriously suggesting that we all sell out down here, and move to Michigan?” asked Phillip.

Hey, I don't see anything wrong with that!” said Ron. “Max and I are already considering moving anyway.”

Dad is onto something there dad.” said Kevin to Phillip. “It's not like any of us are tied to careers here anymore. The treasure we found in Florida was enough to keep all of our families well off for a few more generations. If we can't be happy here, why shouldn't we be happy somewhere where we can be?”

He's beginning to make sense Phillip.” said Frank. “I hate the thought that the court may let her go with nothing more than probation. If that's the case, she'll only continue to be a pain in the ass. I hate to say this Phillip, but your sister is a lost cause, and it's time to give up on her.”

I still have to have Edward talk to her.” replied Phillip. “I hate the idea of giving up on her for good.”

I don't blame you Phillip, but you and Edward are like brothers to me.” said Ron. “I know my wife well, and I know her brothers are much better people than she's ever capable of being. The only thing that's going to happen when Edward talks to her is that he'll be ready to give up on her too. I was going to have him talk to her too, until I realized that.”

I guess if that's the case, it'll be time to give up.” said Phillip. “Then we may as well be someplace where we can be happy.”

Okay everyone, let's give serious consideration to Kevin and Carter's friends from Michigan, while we wait to see what happens next week.” said Wayne. “If she's allowed to run free and try to make us miserable, then I'll be in favor of moving.”

Me too my love.” smiled Phillip.

Sounds like fun to Max and me!” said Ron.

Well, we'd miss all of our friends too much to stay here.” said Frank, as Rebecca slipped her arm around him.

I hate being counted out of anything.” said Joanna. “You can count me in too.”

Okay, I guess the cat is out of the bag now. The gang from Starting Over will be moving to Michigan to be with Doug and Darren, and their friends and family. There will be one or possibly two more chapters before the move. One consideration for this is that a lot of people have told me that they would like to see all of the people from these stories in the same story together. Another consideration is that it would free up time to pursue other stories. Please send all comments to; Also, don't forget to visit me at I have a poll going there where you can vote on story ideas that I am currently considering. Thanks for reading, and I'll see you again in Chapter 26.