Starting Over 3:

Forever Friends

by tim the story guy

Okay, here we go with the “How much of a bitch can Terri be?” and the “It's time to split this town.” chapter. This will be the final chapter of Starting Over, and the entire cast will join the next chapter of No One Else, which will follow this chapter. If you haven't read No One Else yet, it may be time to catch up on that one. lol. This story is © 2007 by tim, and is protected by copyright law. Please do not copy to distribute, or post this story to other sites without the author's permission. This is a fictional story. Any similarities to actual people or events are purely coincidental. This story contains sexual situations, mostly between teen males. If this subject offends you, or you should not be reading this type of story, you assume all responsibility for continuing. Please send all comments to: Also, please visit my web site at: Don't forget to visit my hosted authors page while you're there. You can find stories there by Jason and Josh. I have started mailing lists for all of my stories. If you would like to be added to a mailing list for any of my stories, please send me an e-mail, and let me know which stories you want to be added to the mailing list for. If you are interested in my write-in campaign for President, you can check it out on my Campaign 2008 page on my site. Please be warned, if you like the job our current leadership is doing in running the country, you may not like some parts of my campaign. My campaign deals mostly with the truth, not the steady stream of lies coming from Washington these days. Thanks, and enjoy the story.

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Starting Over 3: Forever Friends

by tim

Chapter 26

From the last chapter:

Dad is onto something there dad.” said Kevin to Phillip. “It's not like any of us are tied to careers here anymore. The treasure we found in Florida was enough to keep all of our families well off for a few more generations. If we can't be happy here, why shouldn't we be happy somewhere where we can be?”

He's beginning to make sense Phillip.” said Frank. “I hate the thought that the court may let her go with nothing more than probation. If that's the case, she'll only continue to be a pain in the ass. I hate to say this Phillip, but your sister is a lost cause, and it's time to give up on her.”

I still have to have Edward talk to her.” replied Phillip. “I hate the idea of giving up on her for good.”

I don't blame you Phillip, but you and Edward are like brothers to me.” said Ron. “I know my wife well, and I know her brothers are much better people than she's ever capable of being. The only thing that's going to happen when Edward talks to her is that he'll be ready to give up on her too. I was going to have him talk to her too, until I realized that.”

I guess if that's the case, it'll be time to give up.” said Phillip. “Then we may as well be someplace where we can be happy.”

Okay everyone, let's give serious consideration to Kevin and Carter's friends from Michigan, while we wait to see what happens next week.” said Wayne. “If she's allowed to run free and try to make us miserable, then I'll be in favor of moving.”

Me too my love.” smiled Phillip.

Sounds like fun to Max and me!” said Ron.

Well, we'd miss all of our friends too much to stay here.” said Frank, as Rebecca slipped her arm around him.

I hate being counted out of anything.” said Joanna. “You can count me in too.”

As the next week began, so did Terri's trial for assaulting Scott. Wayne and Ron agreed that it would be in Scott's best interest to have him in the courtroom only as much as necessary. The prosecutor started off with Scott, so he would only have to be there for the first day. Everyone could tell right away how Terri's lawyer planned on handling things, when he objected at almost every question from the prosecutor. After about half the day, Scott finally got his story out about how much he loved his family, and about how confused he was that his mother didn't want that to include his older brother. He told the story of how much help Wayne was in helping him deal with that confusion, even though he was interrupted by the defense lawyer constantly. Then almost with tears starting to form, he told the court how much it hurt emotionally when his mother hit him. Everyone knew the defense lawyer would have to be some kind of monster to go after Scott, and he unfortunately lived up to that during the cross examination.

Tell the court Scott, wasn't your mother concerned that your association with known homosexuals would influence your development?” asked the defense lawyer.

I object your honor.” said the prosecutor. “Homosexuality is not on trial here, only the assault of a minor child.”

Your honor, how am I expected to provide a proper defense if the prosecutor is going to start objecting to every question?” asked the defense lawyer.

You have a lot of nerve to complain!” replied the judge. “In my entire career on the bench, I have never seen anyone object to as many questions as you, and this trial has just started. If I even entertain your objection on those grounds, I will expect much different from you with future witnesses.”

Your honor, I can settle this right now.” said Scott. “I want to answer the question.”

Okay son, go ahead.” replied the judge.

I am not gay, like my mom seems to think, so my brother couldn't have possibly turned me gay!” said Scott. “I'm bisexual, and there's a big difference. Even if I were gay like my brother, there's nothing wrong with that, and he wouldn't have been the one responsible for it. My mother didn't hit me out of concern, she did it out of hatred!”

Okay then, do you know two boys named Al and Andy?” asked the defense lawyer.

Yes, they're my best friends at school.” replied Scott.

And are you currently having a homosexual relationship with both boys?” asked the defense lawyer.

I object your honor!” said the prosecutor. “Once and for all, no one's sexual orientation is on trial here!”

I'm going to have to sustain that objection.” replied the lawyer.

Isn't it true Scott that if it had not been for the problems your brother Kevin caused when he returned to Cincinnati, you would not have been in the position to be doing the perverted things you're doing with other boys?!” asked the defense lawyer. “Do you like taking other boy's genitals into your mouth like some kind of animal?!”

I object!” screamed the prosecutor.

If I hear one more word like that from the defense, I'll put you away for contempt for so long that you won't remember what it's like to be a free man!” replied the judge. “You have been overruled on your line of questioning, and you will cease at once! Do you understand that?”

Yes sir, I have no further questions.” replied the defense lawyer smugly.

Who's the animal here mother?!” cried Scott, before leaving the stand. “Are you proud of what this scumbag of a lawyer is doing? If you are, you're no mother of mine anymore, and I never want to see you again!”

I'm sorry you went through this son.” said the judge. “You can go ahead and leave the stand. Does the prosecutor have anyone who can take the witness from the courtroom, and take care of him?”

Yes, his brother Kevin is here, and can take care of him.” replied the prosecutor.

Kevin then came into the courtroom, and discreetly flipped Terri the middle finger as he passed. Then as he led Scott from the stand, Scott stopped near his mother.

I hope you get the chair for hitting me mother!” yelled Scott.

Young man, I know you're upset, but I really need you to leave the courtroom without saying anything else to the defendant.” said the judge.

As Kevin led Scott to the door, several people could be heard snickering at Scott's final remark.

Okay, now that the witness has left, I want to clear up a few things!” said the judge, who now looked pissed. “This trial is about the assault of a minor child, and nothing else! I am not a day care worker, and I'm not going to referee you people like a bunch of children! As far as I'm concerned, homosexuality is a moral issue, not a legal one, and I am not going to legislate morality in this courtroom! I personally feel what two people do, who have the capacity to know what they're doing, is completely up to them, and I don't want to hear anymore of it in this court! The defendant is on trial here for assaulting a minor child, which is a very serious charge. I suggest to the defense that you try to prove she didn't do it, and not how hateful she is. And if I hear one more improper question, or one more objection of a perfectly legitimate question, I'm going to have the offender locked up for contempt for ninety days! This court is not going to become a circus merely for the entertainment of a bunch of adult children! Do I make myself perfectly clear?”

Yes your honor, I have no problem with that.” replied the prosecutor confidently.

Yes your honor.” replied the defense lawyer in a subdued tone.

Now, I'm calling a recess for lunch, so everyone can have a chance to compose themselves.” said the judge. “When this court reconvenes, I expect everyone to behave in a much more adult manner.”

After lunch, the prosecutor called Wayne, and then Michelle to the stand. Wayne testified about seeing Scott as a patient, due to Scott's confusion over his feelings toward his family. The defense lawyer was much more careful with his objections, so at least that point had been heeded. During cross examination though, he almost crossed the line the judge had drawn a few times. That was especially true when he questioned Wayne about Scott's involvement in detention. After an objection from the prosecutor, and a stern look from the judge, the defense lawyer seemed to fall back into line.

The most damaging testimony from the prosecution came from Michelle, when she testified to witnessing the assault. The last prosecution witness was Ronald. The prosecutor had to be very careful how he handled that though, as he knew Ron and Terri were involved in a bitter divorce, and he didn't want to feel the wrath of the judge for turning the trial into a circus. The prosecutor stuck to the attempted break-up of the children in the family, and Ron's feelings about what his wife had done to Scott.

At one point during the cross examination, the defense lawyer asked, “Is it true that you are raising your children while involved in a sexual affair with another man?”

I object!” called out the prosecutor.

Does the defense attorney enjoy the idea of spending ninety days behind bars?” asked the judge.

Your honor, I've had about enough myself!” said the defense lawyer. “You say that the behavior of some members of this family is a moral issue. Well, my client has moral values and beliefs of her own, and they shouldn't be disrespected or ignored by this court either! My client was driven to despair over the disrespect of her beliefs, and that's what caused the issue we're facing today.”

Are you trying to say she felt justified at the moment she hit her son?” asked the prosecutor. “What kind of moral belief is that?!”

You are both getting close to going too far right now!” said the judge. “As for the defense, if you feel that the defendant had provocation for her action, you can bring that up when you call her to the stand. I'm not allowing you to do that by passing judgment on others while cross examining them though. This is my final warning on the matter! Objection sustained!”

With that, the defense concluded his cross examination of Ron, and the prosecution rested. Then the defense lawyer called Terri, his lone witness. Terri was quite convincing during her testimony, and even paused several times to compose herself. Her acting ability nearly made Ron sick to his stomach. She couldn't deny the fact that she hit Scott in front of witnesses, but she was trying to convince the court that she lost control due to the disrespect of the beliefs that had been taught to her by her parents. Terri made it a point to cry several times during her testimony.

Then the prosecutor got up for cross examination and said, “So, you were acting on the beliefs handed down to you by your parents. Are those the same beliefs that drove your parents to kick your brother Phillip out of the family the moment he turned eighteen?”

Since Phillip was the oldest, they feared he would be a bad influence on me and our younger brother Edward.” replied Terri.

Yet you didn't seem to care about his negative influence when you threw your son Kevin out, and told him to go live with his gay uncle.” said the prosecutor. “Kevin was only fourteen when that happened, is that correct?”

I felt Kevin would be a bad influence on his younger siblings, just as my parents felt Phillip would be a bad influence on us.” replied Terri. “It's not like I didn't leave him anyplace to go where he would be taken care of.”

That may be correct, but you also didn't leave him any way to get to his uncle Phillip in Florida.” said the prosecutor. “Isn't it true that Phillip had to provide Kevin with a way to join him in Florida?”

I knew Phillip would look forward to providing a way for a young boy to be with him, so he could influence Kevin's already immoral behavior!” replied Terri.

Okay, I'm now going to extend my warning about improper statements to the witness.” said the judge. “I suggest that the witness use caution, and worry about her defense of assaulting her youngest son Scott!”

The defense lawyer then produced a statement from an independent psychologist, to reinforce Terri's testimony about the state her beliefs left her in. The prosecutor immediately objected, over not getting the chance to cross examine the defense's so-called expert psychologist. Since the psychologist was not in the court, the judge had no choice but to adjourn the trial for the day, and issue a subpoena for the defense's psychologist.

The next day promised to be just as much fun as the first had been. Since Edward's and Phillip's names had been brought up in court, the prosecutor decided they deserved to testify to any testimony involving them. As a matter of fact, when Phillip and Edward heard that they had been mentioned in court, they insisted on being heard. The defense had a surprise witness lined up as well. Not only did the psychologist reluctantly join Terri in court that day, but so did her mother and father. Needless to say, Phillip and Edward weren't exactly pleased to see their parents being brought into this.

When the judge called the court to order, he asked, “So, are we ready to conduct ourselves as responsible adults today?”

Yes your honor.” replied the prosecutor. “After the defense has rested though, I would like to reopen and call two more witnesses for the prosecution.”

I knew it was too good to last for more than a few seconds!” said the judge as he rolled his eyes.

I'm sorry your honor.” replied the prosecutor. “I know this is way out of the ordinary, but two men were mentioned yesterday, and they were not provided the chance to speak for themselves. Since words were put into their mouths, they have the right to appear in court to speak for themselves.”

Okay, I can see your point there.” said the judge. “For the record though, if this trial wasn't of such a serious nature, I would have called a mistrial by this point. Now, does the defense have any surprise witnesses today?”

Well your honor, the defense hasn't rested yet.” replied the defense lawyer. “Since Terri's parents have been brought up, they are here today, and I now intend to close with Terri's mother.”

Gee, what a surprise!” said the judge sarcastically.

The psychologist took the stand first though, and corroborated her report she had given Terri's lawyer. She may not have been the most highly recommended psychologist in the world, but the prosecutor could find no grounds to refute her report. Then Marge Weston took the stand, to speak on behalf of her and her husband Ernest. Marge told how her and her husband had very strict moral beliefs, and how they tried to teach their values to their children. Marge told how Terri had always been their favorite, and now it seemed as though she was the only child they had raised properly. When asked about Edward and Phillip, Marge told about how Phillip had been disowned, and was no longer a member of their family. Then Marge told how she was concerned that Phillip had now influenced their youngest son Edward. Marge was so cold with her testimony that it almost made a shiver run down the judge's back.

Once the defense was done with Marge, the prosecutor said, “I have no questions for the witness. She has already helped my case more than she could if I cross examined her.”

After the defense rested, the prosecutor called Edward to the stand. “How do you feel about the testimony about you yesterday, after having a chance to see it?” asked the prosecutor.

I talked to Terri this weekend, trying to talk some sense into her.” replied Edward. “She should have left me out of this. I love my family very much, but I won't let anyone mistreat my brother Phillip just because of who he is. My parents almost destroyed our relationship as brothers, and I have a hard time forgiving them for that. Now Terri is making the same mistakes they did. It has already gotten to the point where I don't want her or my parents around my son Billy. And now thanks to my parent's influence, Terri has thrown one son out of her home, and assaulted another. I just don't see where our parents did her any favors. I have reconciled with my brother Phillip, and we've made up for lost time. We're now as close as two brothers should be, no thanks to my parents.”

Then the defense lawyer got up and asked, “Didn't your parents teach you any sense of right and wrong?”

They tried, but I turned out okay anyway.” replied Edward. “Loving someone regardless that you're both the same sex is not wrong. Lying to your family to make them hate each other is wrong. Being a kind, tolerant, and loving person is not wrong. Being hateful to the point of denying someone's existence because they aren't how you want them is wrong. My parents and Terri are wrong, and I hope they see that someday. I'm right, and I can rest comfortably with myself now.”

When Phillip took the stand, he told about taking in his nephew out of love for a member of his family that needed it. He told everyone how he took Kevin in, and raised him better than any parent could raise their son. Phillip was proud that Kevin considered him one of his fathers, and he was proud of Kevin. Phillip was also proud of his brother Edward, and that Edward had changed before it was too late. He was also proud of Ron now, for finally stepping up and taking control away from Terri. His brother in law had now become like a brother to him, and Phillip was happy to be a part of all of his nieces and nephews lives now. He was truly sorry that his parents and sister could not accept him as a member of the family, but now there was nothing he could do about that.

The defense attorney was going to attack Phillip's beliefs, but by the time Phillip had finished testifying for the prosecution, he knew it would be a mistake. Instead he asked, “Do you think that things may have turned out better for your sister if she had not been influenced by your parents?”

I know they would have.” replied Phillip. “I'm just afraid it may be too late. She won't listen to or respect me, Edward, or Ron. Instead she followed in her parents footsteps until her family has been completely destroyed. I think Ron can put the pieces back together, but it's going to take a lot of work for him. He's like a brother to me now though, and I'll help him any way I can. I wish I could help Terri, but she won't let anyone help her.”

After Phillip stepped down, and the jury went to deliberate, it took them five minutes to decide a verdict. Then it took another five minutes to decide on a foreman to read the verdict in court. Just as court had been recessed, and everyone was about to go out to get some lunch, the bailiff announced that the jury had reached a verdict.

When the jury announced Terri had been found guilty of assaulting a minor child, the judge asked, “Is the defense ready for sentencing now, or would you like to adjourn for a hearing first?”

Terri and the lawyer talked for a few minutes, and the lawyer suggested that she take her sentence now, while the final day of testimony was still fresh in the judge's mind. Then the lawyer advised the judge of their decision.

Terri Burton, you have been found guilty of the felony charge of assaulting a minor child.” said the judge. “I am sentencing you to five years in prison, but I'm willing to suspend that sentence in lieu of probation. Your probation will be for a term of five years. During that time you will not be allowed unsupervised contact with minor children. I'm sorry but in the case of your divorce, that means your husband is going to be granted full custody. During the first year of your probation you will complete five hundred hours of community service, and successfully complete an anger management program. I'm only doing this because I feel there may have been undue influences that led to your behavior. If this court finds that you have violated your probation in any way, you will serve the original five year prison sentence. I hope you can learn from this experience. This case is adjourned.”

Ron and Wayne weren't thrilled by the sentence, but Phillip saw it as one last chance for his sister. Terri was even less thrilled though, even though it meant that she would be avoiding prison. To her, her husband had won and she didn't like that. Ron could tell by the look on her face as they left the courtroom that it still wasn't over, and everyone would soon have to come to a decision on whether to stay or move. On Friday night, that would become apparent to everyone.

Friday night saw everyone together at Phillip and Wayne's house, celebrating the last day of school for all of the boys. It was now the holiday weekend, and there was no more school. Ron had just brought up his concerns about going though with his and Max's plan to move when Stephen and Louis showed up at the door, both looking visibly upset.

What's wrong Stephen?” asked Wayne, as he let the two in.

Some bitch called child welfare and told them that I had custody of Louis so I could rape him every night!” fumed Stephen. “It wasn't Michelle who came out though, and they almost took Louis from me. Then I managed to contact Michelle, and she made it over right away. She told the other caseworker that she was not only mine and Louis's caseworker, but was also in charge of the bitch who started all of this. Her name was Terri... something. I don't even know her! The only thing I can figure is that this woman knows I'm well off, and is going to try to extort me. Louis is still so upset that he cried all the way over here. If things are going to go to hell here, I may have no choice but to move me and Louis away from here, and I told Michelle that this evening.”

Oh fuck, that bitch is going too far now!” said Ron, who had walked in on the conversation.

Do you know her?” asked Stephen.

I'm afraid so.” replied Ron. “It's my soon to be ex-wife. She just lost any chance of even having joint custody of our kids, and she's taking it out on everyone. I have no clue how she even knows you yet, seeing as how we've never been formally introduced.”

I'm sorry about that Ron,.” said Wayne. “Ron, this is a friend of mine Stephen, and his foster son Louis. Stephen, this is Kevin's father and a friend of mine Ron. The only thing I can figure is that Terri is going after people that Phillip and I know now, but this is completely inexcusable!”

Wayne then invited Stephen and Louis in to join the discussion, which suddenly turned more urgently toward moving. “I hate to say this, but Wayne is right.” said Phillip. “Terri is not going to stop until she hurts someone we care about deeply. I'd rather just give up than to see anyone here get hurt anymore.”

And who knows what that crazy bitch is going to try next.” said Ron. “It would have been horrible if she had caused Stephen and Louis to get split up.”

Well, I think Kevin and Carter are right about something.” said Frank. “We are all well enough off that we don't have to wait around for her to do something that can't be undone. At least if we go to Michigan, she's on probation for five years and can't follow us.”

Let me call Doug then and see when we can get this done.” said Kevin.

Kevin called Doug and Darren once again, and told them that they needed to take them up on there offer right away. The only thing Doug needed to know was how many families would be moving. After Kevin told him, Doug said he would take care of things as soon as he could. Then one by one, everyone got to vote. When it was over, everyone had agreed to move as soon as possible. After Kevin told Doug to go ahead, then said good-bye to his friend from Michigan, he and Carter went to get all of the kids together. The adults gave them the job of telling the kids to get ready to leave their old lives in Cincinnati behind, and prepare for their new lives in Michigan. Meanwhile, the adults discussed all of the arrangements that would need to be made. Ron was still upset with Terri though, and wanted to leave her with the message that she should have let well enough alone.

The kids wanted to go that weekend to see the park near their new home, that their friends Doug and Darren ran. Kevin had been warned by Doug though that the park would be incredibly busy all weekend, since it was the holiday weekend and their official grand opening. The parents reached a compromise with the kids though. As long as Kevin, Carter, and one other adult went, they could go on Tuesday, and come back on Wednesday. For Scott, it would be when he would have to tell Becky that they were moving soon. After the weekend, Stephen, Carter, and Kevin got all of the kids together on a bus that was charted for the trip. Gina had phoned ahead, and Marie and her family would meet them at the Annual Pass office at noon. This time there were only twenty on the bus, so everyone was able to spread out a bit. Even so, it was only mostly talking and occasional kissing during the trip. Becky heard several younger kids wondering how far the park would be from their new homes, and that worried her a bit.

After arriving at the park, and getting their passes made, the group went on in to have some fun. Now Becky was really worried, so she asked, “Why is everyone getting annual passes Scott? It's not like we live right around the corner.”

Yeah, but it's a really fun place.” replied Scott, not wanting to talk about moving yet.

Later on in the day, Doug and Darren caught up to the group. “Hey guys, sorry we've been so busy.” said Doug. “I promise Darren and I will spend as much time as we can with you though. Are you guys at the same hotel tonight?”

Yeah, they were pretty good to us on the big trip down, so we'll use them whenever we need a hotel.” replied Kevin.

I want to let you guys know, I have five out of seven lined up.” said Doug. “As soon as the other two are lined up, I'll send everything down to your parents to approve. I'm glad we could help you guys out.”

Thanks Doug, you and Darren are great.” replied Kevin. “Everyone is starting to look forward to this. How is your battle with the evil CEO going?”

He's back in jail again!” laughed Doug. “I don't think we'll be worrying about him much longer.”

It's too bad we couldn't line up something like that for my mother.” smiled Kevin. “I'm sure things will work out for the best now though.”

Kevin and Doug's conversation was cryptic to Becky at best, not that she was trying to eavesdrop. Things just didn't feel the same though, and she wanted to know why. Scott was being affectionate, but not very talkative yet. That night at the hotel room Scott was talkative though.

Geez Scott, what are we going to do tonight without Al and Andy here?” asked Becky as she smiled.

I thought we'd talk a bit first, then see what happens.” replied Scott. “You really like watching me have sex with them before we do it, don't you?”

You know it turns me on.” replied Becky.

Well, that's okay.” said Scott. “To be honest, I probably like it even more.”

Are you turning gay Scott?” asked Becky.

You can't turn gay Becky.” replied Scott. “I have however come to realize that I'm bisexual.”

Do you mean that you like to have sex with them as much as you do with me?” asked Becky. “It may be weird, but I find that kind of arousing!”

I'm also moving Becky.” said Scott. “All of that talk you overheard between Kevin and Doug was about Doug finding houses for seven of our families, including mine.”

But why?” asked Becky.

It's my mother.” replied Scott. “She's not fit to be a parent, and she's going to end up hurting someone really bad. She hit me hard enough for me to have to go to the hospital, and all she got out of it was probation. Now not only is she out to get my entire family, but everyone else we know too.”

But I'm going to miss you Scott.” said Becky.

I know, I'll miss you too.” replied Scott. “That's why I didn't want it to be anyone but us tonight.”

It's going to be really hard to find a boy to talk into being as kinky as I talked you into.” said Becky. “I guess if a guy wants me bad enough though, he won't mind sucking a little dick for me first. It might be a little harder to find a boy that'll take it up the ass so he can fuck me though.”

Geez, that's really what I wanted to hear Becky!” said Scott. “At least when Al and Andy make love to me, they really love me. It feels great to do anything with them because they feel like they love me!”

I do love you baby!” said Becky.

Is it because you think I would do anything to have sex with you, including having sex with boys first?” asked Scott. “You really never had to talk me into that babe. Having sex with girls is great, but having sex with boys is just as much fun! Making love is the best of all though, no matter who it's with. I kinda thought that's what we might do tonight.”

We can have sex Scott.” smiled Becky. “It may not be the same without seeing you sucking some dick first though, unless you know some nice horny boys around here.”

If I did, I'd most likely be with them right now!” said Scott, before walking out of the room.

Scott was sitting in the lobby, trying not to cry, when Doug and Darren walked by after visiting with Kevin and Carter. “What's wrong man?” asked Doug, as he sat next to Scott.

Becky isn't who I thought she was!” replied Scott, starting to tear up. “I really don't want to be with her right now. I wish I had let Al and Andy come along now!”

I think I know what you need.” smiled Doug, as he and Darren put an arm around Scott. “I'll call Kevin and let him know you'll be with me tonight, then we'll go to mine and Darren's home and I'll introduce you to my brother Donnie and his boyfriend Chris.”

You think they can put a smile back on my face tonight?” asked Scott.

I can almost guarantee that!” laughed Doug.

The next day, Scott was back to his smiling self. He didn't seem to want to hang out with Becky though, and she kept her distance from him. It was obvious to Kevin that they had broken up, so he asked Scott about it as they were getting ready to leave for home.

I'll be fine Kev.” said Scott. “I think I needed this trip though, so I would be ready when we move. Besides, you'd never believe how horny Doug's brother Donnie and his boyfriend are!”

I'm glad you're okay then Scooter.” smiled Kevin, as he ruffled Scott's hair. “It's been a long time since we've called each other Kev and Scooter. I missed it.”

Me too.” smiled Scott. “It's been way too long. It reminds me of how much I love my big brother.”

Meanwhile, Marie's parents were having a talk with Gina and Marie. “We just want you to know one thing Gina.” said Marie's dad. “We've suspected that Marie is lesbian for quite some time, and we don't mind that. It did concern us that she seemed to be falling in love with a girl that lived so far away though. Now that you're moving here though, we want you girls to be happy. You're welcome to come over and visit Marie anytime.”

Thank you so much dad!” said Marie. “You have no idea how scared I was to admit to you and mom that I like other girls. It's a relief to know that you're okay with me being a lesbian.”

Thanks sir.” said Gina. “I'll always try to make Marie as happy as I can make her.”

I know you will Gina.” smiled Marie's dad. “If you two girls need anything, just come to me or my wife.”

On the way home, Scott sat with his sister Gina. Everyone seemed pretty happy from the trip, with the exception of Becky. Scott thought it was kind of strange that she didn't seem mad though, just annoyed. The bus ride back was a little more exciting than the day before. The first to move beyond just kissing were Jenna and Gerald. Scott and Gina were the only ones who could see them, and they snickered softly as Jenna awkwardly pushed Gerald's pants down. The two finally got into a position where Gerald could get himself into Jenna, and the two began moaning softly as they made love on the bus. Alex and Benji could hear them though, and managed to find a position where they could have a sixty nine in their seats. Pretty soon, most of the people on the bus were making love.

God, I kinda wish Marie was here now.” said Gina to Scott.

Well, I have a feeling we'll be up there where you can be with her soon sis.” replied Scott. “Remember, mom is the reason we're moving anyway.”

Yeah, I kinda had a feeling when Kevin was thrown out that things wouldn't last.” said Gina. “At least we're all back together though.”

Yeah, I'm glad for that too.” replied Scott. “I'm going to have to catch up with Al and Andy when we get home though!”

You really do like other boys as much as you do girls, huh?” asked Gina.

Yeah, any kind of sex is exciting, and boys are just as much fun as girls.” replied Scott. “I don't know which one I'll fall in love with after we move, but I hope it's either one right away.”

Any boy or girl would be happy to be in love with you brother.” smiled Gina.

Thanks sis.” replied Scott.

As soon as the bus pulled in in Cincinnati, Scott went off in search of his two friends. He found them together at Andy's house, since Andy's parents were out for the night. “So Scott, what happened with Becky?” asked Al.

It was really weird man!” replied Scott, as he sat between the two naked boys. “When I told her I was moving, her biggest concern was finding another guy she could talk into doing the things she watched us do. When I told her I liked making love to you guys as much as having sex with her, it only aroused her even more. Now she's determined that she'll find another guy who'll be willing to let a guy do anything to him to have sex with her.”

Man, that Becky is a weird chick!” laughed Andy. “So, I guess you two had a good time after that, with her thinking about you enjoying making love to us.”

Nah, I left after that.” replied Scott. “She kinda spoiled the moment for me.”

Besides, you'd rather be with us, wouldn't you?” asked Al, as he and Andy began undressing Scott.

I have to tell you guys the truth.” said Scott, as he let the two boys undress him. “I love both of you, and I'm really going to miss you. I need a really nice kiss from both of you.”

Andy pressed his lips against Scott's first, and the two boys kissed passionately while Al softly stroked Scott to an erection. After a few minutes, Al and Andy traded places. Andy finally said, “I don't know how many more chances we'll have to do this Scott, but Al and I really do love you, and we want this to be special. I'm going to lay on my back, and I want you to put your cock inside me.”

Once Andy was on his back, Scott lubed his cock and slowly slid it into Andy. Then Al straddled Andy's head, and put his cock into Andy's mouth. Scott watched as Al leaned forward, and took Andy's cock into his mouth. As Scott began to thrust softly, Al reached around and put two fingers up into Scott. Finally, Scott leaned forward and covered Al's back with kisses, as he slipped two fingers into Al. Then the three boys began making love as passionately as possible, with all three of them moaning softly.

A few minutes later, Andy's father came into the room unexpectedly and shouted, “Holy mother of Jesus! What the fuck is going on in here?!”

The three boys separated quickly, caught in the act of their love-making. All Andy could do was stutter incoherently, with the taste of Al's cock still in his mouth.

You two little faggots get out of here now!” shouted Andy's dad at Scott and Al. “Andrew, I want your faggot ass to pack a bag and get out too! I won't have any faggot who even thought about what I just caught you doing staying here!”

Scott and All dressed quickly, and ran to wait outside. Both boys were scared as they heard shouting inside Andy's house. About five minutes later, they saw Andy come out carrying his backpack.

What happened man?” asked Scott, as Andy caught up to them.

A lot of name calling.” replied Andy, who looked scared too as he sniffled lightly. “Then the asshole took a swing at me. I ducked it though, and got him good right in the gut. Guys, I don't have a home anymore!”

Then Al and Scott comforted Andy as they began to make their way toward Al's house. Al thought maybe he could talk his parents into letting Andy stay there, but the boys found a duffel bag on the front lawn when they got there. The note on the duffel bag read, “Andy's father called. If you know what's good for you, don't come in. Take this bag and leave, and don't come back here.”

At this point, Scott found himself with two dear friends who needed comforting. Scott hugged them both at the same time, then put an arm around each one as they turned back down the street. “Let's go see Wayne.” said Scott. “He'll know what to do.”

Scott called Wayne on his I-Phone, as he led his two friends toward Wayne and Phillip's home. Wayne told Scott to get Al and Andy there right away, and he would try to have something lined up for them. When Scott got to Wayne's house, Al and Andy tried to stop crying. The boys went on in to find Wayne, Michelle, and Joanna waiting for them.

Okay boys, tell me what happened.” said Michelle, in a comforting tone.

The three boys took turns telling Michelle about everything that led up to them making love at Andy's house. Andy then told Michelle about his father walking in, and the fight that followed. After that, it was Al's turn to tell Michelle about the note waiting for him at home. Michelle looked the note over as both boys looked like they were about ready to cry again.

Okay boys, I don't want you to worry about anything.” said Michelle. “Wayne and Phillip already have a pretty crowded place here, but Joanna has offered to take you in. Actually, she insisted. I know all of you are getting ready to move, but transferring two more cases to Michigan won't be any problem. Al and Andy, Joanna will make sure you are very well taken care of. She has plenty of love and care to give to two more boys who really need it right now.”

Then Joanna stepped up to Al and Andy and put her arms around their shoulders, and said, “You two will be safe and happy with my family. You'll never have to worry about what happened tonight again. I know you boys care deeply about each other, and that's fine with me.”

That seemed to help Al and Andy a little bit, then Scott said, “Guys, you're going to Michigan with us!”

That slowly brought smiles back to Al's and Andy's faces. Michelle gave Joanna some papers to fill out and sign before the next day, then left the boys to go settle into their new home. Scott went with them, to help his friends get comfortable for the night.

Once they were alone in their room at Joanna's house, Andy said, “I'm sorry we didn't get to finish what we started at my old home. It was really nice there for a few minutes.”

Don't worry about it guys.” replied Scott. “Now that you'll be going to Michigan with us, we won't miss each other anymore.”

I'm glad you understand Scott.” said Al. “I think after getting caught, mine and Andy's dicks will be limp for at least the next day or two!”

That had all three boys laughing once again, then Andy said, “There's no reason you can't feel good though Scott. Our parents would have caught us eventually anyway, and if you hadn't been with us, we wouldn't have anyplace to go.”

As Al and Andy undressed Scott again, Scott called home to see if he could stay at Joanna's for the night with his friends. Ron chuckled as he told his son to have fun, and not give Joanna any problems. Joanna smiled the next morning as he went to Al and Andy's room, to wake the three boys who were snuggled together happily and naked.

The next time I see the three of you like this, I'm taking a picture before I wake you!” laughed Joanna. “You three look so cute together like that!”

Scott, Al, and Andy began to blush, until they realized that Joanna had no problem with seeing them like that. Then they looked almost proud to be caught in such an affectionate position. After getting dressed, the three boys went downstairs for breakfast, and joined Alex, Benji, and Tommy at the table. Joanna looked overjoyed to have six beautiful boys sitting at her breakfast table, even though two of them were visitors.

Later that day, an overnight package had arrived from Michigan. Doug had sent the details and paperwork for seven homes to his friends in Ohio, so all they had to do was decide who wanted what home. As the adults talked out the details, Kevin gave Darren a call.

This is Darren, what's the good word?” said Darren into the phone.

We can't wait to move!” replied Kevin. “How are things there?”

Better than we ever imagined.” replied Darren. “So, you've made up your mind about Doug's and my offer huh?”

My mom isn't giving us much choice there.” said Kevin. “She's trying to cause trouble for dad, for Uncle Phillip, for Carter's family, for Joanna, and even for Stephen and Louis! We didn't even know she knew them! I hate to be the one to say it, but my mom is a real bitch. Uncle Edward even told her that if she continues acting like a spoiled little bitch, he'll move away from her too. Of course that caused Lester to talk his parents into the idea too.”

Wow!” exclaimed Darren. “You guys are going to need an entire subdivision by the time you get here, aren't you?”

Well, I count seven families needing homes there.” snickered Kevin.

Don't worry then Kevin, Doug and I will take care of everything.” said Darren. “You guys need to be out of that situation. Did you guys get the package we sent?”

Yeah, the adults are looking it over now.” replied Kevin. “We want to be able to leave here Monday, if you guys can get things worked out that quickly.”

If you overnight everything back to us in the morning, I'm sure we can.” said Darren. “All of those homes are vacant, and ready for immediate move in. We kind of thought you might be in a hurry to leave there.”

I think that's the understatement of the year!” laughed Kevin. “We're just going to close up everything here, and let it sell when it sells. We have an agent coming out in a few minutes to start looking over all of the properties.”

Well then, it'll be great to see all of you on Monday.” said Darren. “I'm glad Doug and I could help.”

Me too.” replied Kevin. “You guys have been the greatest friends in the world!”

Once the adults had decided who got which home, and filled out all of the papers, the real estate agent showed up. It would take the rest of the evening to see all of the homes, and prepare listings for them. Now there was only one detail to take care of. Ron wanted to make sure that Terri never bothered them again, and he had a plan worked out for that.

Ron knew that Terri was keeping an eye on everyone, and that she wouldn't be too eager to see him or either of the boys. He also knew there was no way she would resist seeing the girls again though, if given the right opportunity. Ron told Gina and Jenna that he, Scott, Max, and Max Junior were going to make it look like they were going out for a while. Then he would slip back to the neighbor's house. Ron's neighbor knew what was going on with Terri, and was happy to help Ron out. Then Gina and Jenna would wait at home and keep an eye out for their mother. Both girls were terrified of their mother by this point, but Ron assured his two precious girls that he would be close by. The moment any of them saw Terri in the area, they would call the police. Then Ron would show up to inform them that Terri was in violation of her probation.

Gina and Jenna missed their mother driving by, and parking a half block down the street. Ron didn't though, and immediately called the police from his neighbor's house. When Gina and Jenna heard a knock at the door, they kept as quiet as they could. Terri had made a spare key though, even though Ron had changed the locks. The pickpocket she had hired was so good that Scott didn't even know the keys had left and returned to his pocket.

Girls, we need to have a talk.” said Terri, after letting herself in.

What about, mom?” asked Gina. “We know you hate us.”

I don't hate you girls.” said Terri. “I'm your mother. Your father has talked you into believing that I hate you, but it isn't true. He and your brothers are men though, and men always lie to women. You'll find that out as you get older. I really would like the chance to teach you that, and other things you should know, before it's too late. Us girls have to look out for each other.”

So, the fact that I'm a lesbian and always will be doesn't bother you mom?” asked Gina, which made Terri flinch slightly.

We can talk about that later dear.” said Terri. “Now, I want you girls to get ready quickly and come with me.”

And if we do that, we'll never see anyone we know again!” replied Jenna. “I have a boyfriend that I'm very much in love with mother. He's a man, and he would never lie to me. I'm not going anywhere!”

This is for your own good girls.” said Terri.

Ron was waiting painfully outside his home for the police to show up. When they finally arrived, Ron went to his door. As the officers came up to Ron, Ron turned the key quickly and opened the door. Then he stepped inside with the officers right behind him, asking him to stop. The officers quickly turned their attention to Terri though, who had ahold of Jenna and Gina both, trying to drag the girls to the door. Jenna and Gina were both yelling at her to stop as loudly as they could.

Release the girls ma'am!” ordered the officer.

Terri let go of Jenna and Gina, and jumped onto Ron in rage. She got in one punch before the officers dragged her off of Ron, and placed her in handcuffs.

She's violating a five year probation just by seeing these girls!” said Ron to the officers. “On top of that, she just assaulted me in front of you!”

Okay sir, we'll take care of her.” said one of the officers. “Are you girls okay?”

A little scared, but okay.” replied Jenna. “She was going to kidnap us, and take us away from our family forever!”

You're safe now young lady.” said the officer in a comforting tone. “We're going to make sure that can never happen again.”

As that officer took statements from Jenna, Gina, and Ron, the other officer read Terri her rights and took her out to the back of the police car. Once the police were gone with Terri, Ron wrapped both girls in a tight hug.

I'm so glad you two are okay!” Ron almost cried. “I told you I wouldn't be far away. Now your mother can't hurt any of us or our friends again!”

We love you daddy!” replied Jenna and Gina together.

The next day, seven moving vans showed up at seven different homes. Everyone packed up what they wanted the movers to take first, then packed the belongings they wanted to keep with them after the movers had left. After a full day of packing, everyone got together at Wayne's house to go out for one last meal together in Cincinnati. Most of the dinner talk was about Terri. The adults knew that even though she was in custody now, there was no way to guarantee it would last. She still posed a threat, and everyone was eager to get started out the next morning. Once they were away from her, everyone would be much safer and happier.

Carter and Kevin got out bright and early on Monday morning. Carter had one more thing to do before leaving Cincinnati, and Kevin knew he needed to be with Carter for this. Kevin drove Carter to the cemetery, and both boys got out nervously. Then they walked up to a grave, and Carter laid down a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

As tears began to form in Carter's eyes, he looked at the grave and said, “Travis, I loved you with all of my heart, and I always will. Kevin says he loves you too, and he never even knew you. You were a part of my life while you were here though, and that means a lot to him. It meant everything to me. I hope you're happy that I've gone on, even though it looked a little rough at first. I hope you're happy that Kevin helped me with that too. I never would have made it without him and Wayne. I know you would have loved Kevin as much as I do now. I have to go now my dear friend. I don't know much about the afterlife, but I hope that we can all meet again someday a long time from now. I love you Travis, and I'll never forget about you.”

By this time Kevin had tears forming in his eyes too, as he led Carter back to the Hummer. Once they got in, Kevin said, “If I had one wish it would be that I could have met Travis.”

Yeah babe, that would have been great.” replied Carter, as he wiped the tears from his eyes. “The three of us together would have been awesome. Just you and me together is plenty great enough though. I love you so much Kevin.”

Kevin wrapped his arms around Carter before starting the Hummer and replied, “I love you too Carter. We were meant to be together.”

By the time Kevin and Carter returned for their stuff, everyone had gathered at Wayne and Phillip's house to wait for them. It was now time to end this chapter in their lives, and start over again in a new home.

To be continued in No One Else.

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