Starting Over 3:

Friends Forever

by tim the story guy

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Starting Over 3: Friends Forever

by tim

Chapter 3

From the last chapter:

"You're one heck of a kisser Wayne." smiled Billy. "Uncle Phillip is a very lucky guy!"

"I was going to say the same thing about Lester!" chuckled Wayne lightly. "I'm serious though Billy, you saved my family. As far as I'm concerned, you're a part of my family now. Now, let's get out of here before everyone gets the wrong idea. I have to pick up a very special present for a very special young man."

Wayne didn't seriously think he would be able to pick up something special at the local discount department store. There was a strip mall right next door though, and the businesses there were open later tonight for last minute shoppers. Wayne snuck away from the group, and went to a very nice looking jewelry shop in the strip mall. The shop wasn't very busy, as there was only one other person in the shop besides the owner, and he looked as though he were just looking around.

"Hello sir, how may I help you?" said the owner.

"Well, I'm looking for something special as a present for a sixteen year old boy." said Wayne. "The boy saved my two youngest sons, and I really want to show him how special he is."

"Well, teenage boys usually aren't much for jewelry." replied the owner. "Some do however like gold chains, which I have quite a few of, or he may like a nice watch."

"Yes, I would want to look at something like that." replied Wayne. "The rest of my group is at the big store next door, and although they do have some nice things there, nothing there really says special. I really need something special for him."

"Excuse me folks, I hate to break up this really special story, but I really would like to rob this place and get going!" said the other person in the store, as he pulled out a large handgun.

The owner looked stunned and terrified, and Wayne backed away a few steps.

"Okay Mister I want something special, don't try to go anywhere!" said the man, who then pointed the gun at the owner. "And you, I better not see you trying to hit the alarm button!"

Wayne hated being the odd man out in this situation. He knew that if the man were to try anything right now to prove he was serious, that the odd man out would probably be the one to pay for it. Also, once the man had pulled out his gun, he looked quite a bit less stable. Then Wayne saw the man begin to turn. While the gun was about halfway between the store owner and himself, Wayne took the only shot he had. He hit the man in the head as hard as he could, knocking the gun from his hand, and sending the man toppling over a glass display case. The owner immediately hit the alarm button, as Wayne put his foot across the man's neck and rested all his weight on it.

"I wouldn't even twitch right now if I were you mister!" said Wayne. "If my foot slips a fraction of an inch the wrong way, it'll snap your neck like a twig!"

By this time the owner had retrieved a gun that he kept at the store, for when he made night deposits. "Besides scumbag, I'm the one with the gun now, and it's pointed right at you and ready to go!" said the owner to the would be robber.

The police arrived within minutes, and soon had the situation figured out, and the robber in custody. After taking statements and information from Wayne and the owner, they took the robber away to jail.

"I don't know how to thank you sir." said the owner to Wayne. "There have been a few robberies around here lately, and I was afraid that I'd be hit sooner or later. The robber usually hasn't left a place without using his gun."

"Well, it was merely a matter of survival for me." replied Wayne. "I knew that if he turned on me, he'd most likely fire. When he started to turn, I had no other choice."

"Whatever the reason sir, I'm very grateful." said the owner. "I'll let you have whatever you want to get your special young man at my cost, and I won't take no for an answer."

"Well, he could use a nice watch." replied Wayne as he smiled. "His looks like it's seen better days."

The owner insisted that Wayne only look at his better watches, and he ended up talking Wayne into a very nice Rolex. Then the owner put the watch in a gift box, and gave Wayne a brief hug as he thanked him again. After Wayne paid for the watch, he headed back over to the big store to find everyone. They were still discussing the differences between getting several small tents, and the largest one in the store, which would be almost as big as a cabin when assembled. Wayne smiled and chuckled when he imagined all of the boys in that one tent, then he cast his vote in favor of the deluxe cabin tent. While the boys were discussing it further, Wayne, Frank, and Billy slipped away to do some shopping.

"Did you have fun when you slipped off from us there Wayne?" asked Billy.

"I just had to pick up something special." replied Wayne. "Nothing quite as exciting as the great tent debate, I'm sure."

"What's in the bag?" asked Billy as he smiled.

"You'll just have to wait until Christmas morning to find out!" chuckled Wayne.

"Let's see what they have in the electronics department here." said Frank, as he smiled at the exchange between Wayne and Billy.

"Hmm, that's a pretty nice computer system they have there on sale." said Frank.

"Well, I already got Zack and Seth a computer under the tree in Cincinnati, and you guys are sworn to secrecy on that!" smiled Wayne. "But you know what would be fiendish? I got Benji a karaoke machine, so I could get him this computer. Zack and Seth will see that, knowing that they wanted one. Then they won't find out they got one too, until we get back to Cincinnati!"

"That is downright evil Wayne!" laughed Billy. "You can count on us not to say a word!"

"Now, I wonder if they have a six and eight year old proof portable dvd player?" smiled Wayne. "That might keep them happy for now."

After the three guys finished in the electronics department, Frank took everything straight out to the trunk of one of the rental cars. By the time Wayne and Billy returned to the sporting goods department, the great debate had been settled in favor of the huge tent. Now the boys were picking out sleeping bags, so Billy joined them for that. When Lester had his bag picked out, Wayne took him off to the side.

"I don't know what you were planning on getting Billy, but whatever you get him, make sure it's not a watch." said Wayne.

"Why, what did you do Wayne?" asked Lester as he smiled.

Wayne quickly showed Lester the watch, and Lester's eyes almost bulged out of their sockets. "I'm sure he'll like that!" exclaimed Lester. "You must have spent a fortune on that though."

"The owner of the shop owed me a favor." chuckled Wayne. "He sold it to me at cost. Besides, it would have been worth it even if I paid full price for it. You have a very special young man there Lester."

Once everyone was set up for camping, they went ahead and checked out. Frank had stayed with the car, and they didn't want to leave him alone too long. Besides, they still had another whole day before Christmas. Even though Wayne and Frank wanted to take the families to Universal the next day, there were still plenty of places in and around the parks to shop.

After Wayne showed the boys where the high tide line was, they began setting up the tent. The adults sat up on the patio and watched the boys while they chuckled. Occasionally someone would call down to see if the boys needed help, but they would always reply that they were doing fine. Zack and Seth finally came trotting up to the patio, smiling adorably.

"Hi sons, how are my beautiful little angels?" asked Wayne, as he reached out to the boys for a hug.

"We're fine daddy." replied Zack. "I sure hope we get to sleep in the tent tonight!"

"It does still look iffy, doesn't it?" chuckled Wayne. "We'll go down and help them eventually, whether they want it or not. You two do know that your daddy loves his little angels, right?"

"Yeah daddy, we're sorry about running away." said Zack. "Kevin told us how unhappy you were, and we didn't mean to make you cry."

"Tommy said you were going to have his mommy put in a sylum, because she's crazy." said Seth.

"It wasn't a sylum, it was a coo-coo house!" giggled Zack.

"Well, the correct word is asylum, and I'm not having her put in one of those." chuckled Wayne. "She will need to see a doctor like me for quite a while though. Also, I know you boys wouldn't have made your daddy cry on purpose. Besides, this was partly my fault too. I should have never let Tommy's mommy scare you boys the way she did. I promise I'll never let that happen again, and we'll all do everything we can to keep you two and Tommy together forever."

I almost forgot something daddy." said Zack. "I found something on the beach earlier today, and I was going to see if you knew what it was." Then Zack reached into his pocket.

"Let me see what you got son." smiled Wayne. "I might know what it is."

Then Zack handed Wayne the object he had found earlier. Wayne took one look at it, and his eyes almost bulged out of their sockets.

"I can't believe it has come back after all these years!" said Wayne in shock. "Where did you find this son?" asked Wayne.

"It was straight out from where the tent almost is." replied Zack. "I found it at low tide, when the water went all the way out. What is it daddy?"

"Yeah Wayne, and what has come back after all these years?" asked Phillip.

"The legend of the Spanish Fleet!" replied Wayne. "Zack, what you found is a very old coin called a doubloon. That was a coin used a long time ago, when Spain was in control of the waters around Florida. As the legend goes, the Spanish Fleet was on their way back from Mexico and the western Caribbean, when they ran into a storm. The person in charge of the fleet said that they were just past a point of land that some people say sounds like Cape Canaveral, when one of their ships began to sink because of the storm. Most people thought that if it did happen, that it was further north, closer to Saint Augustine. When I was younger though, after I had first graduated from college, I spent a lot of time here. That was because I found a part of the ship's cargo once. It was a very small part of what the ship should have been carrying though, and I never found the wreckage of the ship. No one has ever found anything else since, but I knew it had to be around here somewhere!"

"How much is this coin worth Daddy?" asked Zack.

"A lot my angel!" replied Wayne. "Phillip, I know we already have plans for tomorrow, but after the presents have been opened on Christmas, I want to take the boat out there and look around."

"I don't blame you dear, I do too!" laughed Phillip.

"I don't want anyone to get their hopes up though." said Wayne. "This ship has stayed hidden since the early sixteen hundreds, and the odds are that we won't find it."

With that said, the adults talked about the subject for the rest of the night. The kids did finally get the tent finished before bedtime, and they were very proud because it looked just like the picture on the box. Then the boys all went up to hug and kiss their parents good-night. Tommy even gave Joanna a warm hug, and a kiss on the cheek.

"I'll never be able to thank you enough for what you're doing for me and my boyfriends." said Tommy to Joanna.

"Just make sure you always love those two sweet boys, and that will be thanks enough." replied Joanna as she smiled. "I think you three look very nice together, and the way they love you is just so adorable."

Then the boys went back to the tent, and zipped themselves inside. All eleven boys fit comfortably inside the huge tent. Then Kevin went to Tommy, Zack, and Seth and said, "You guys do understand that we're all going to be naked, and making love to our boyfriends, right?"

"Yeah!" replied Zack excitedly. "It sounds fun!"

"Okay, but that means that we'll all be able to see you and Seth naked." chuckled Kevin. "We'll also be able to see you two making love to Tommy. Are you okay with that?"

"Oh yeah!" replied Zack and Seth together.

With that, all of the boys began getting naked. Everyone couldn't help but to look at Zack and Seth, after they eagerly removed their clothes. Everyone made sure to tell Zack and Seth how cute their little dicks were. Then everyone laid down with their boyfriend, and began making love. Seth joyfully swallowed as much of Tommy's cock as he could, while about half the boys watched him do it. Then Zack straddled Tommy's face, and laid his dick and balls on Tommy's smiling lips. Tommy parted his lips, and took Zack's dick and both of his balls into his mouth. When Zack moaned in delight, Seth grabbed the tube of lube that was laying between him and Kevin. As Kevin's cock thrust in and out of Carter, he looked down and smiled at the little boy fumbling with the tube. Kevin reached down, and squeezed some of the lube onto Seth's finger. Then Seth reached up, and pushed his finger into Zack's butt.

"Oh God, thanks little brother!" moaned Zack. "I needed your finger in my butt tonight!"

Seth smiled with his lips still around Tommy's cock, and began thrusting his finger in and out of Zack. As Kevin's cock continued sliding in and out of Carter, he watched the six year old boy finger fuck his brother, and moaned softly. Zack thought the electric lantern had been a good idea, as he began looking around the tent. Next to him, Seth, and Tommy, Zack saw Kevin's huge cock going in and out of Carter's butt. On the other side of Carter and Kevin, Zack saw Sammy and Derek passionately sucking each other's cocks at the same time. Then Zack turned his head as far as he could, and couldn't believe what he saw to the other side of the tent. Alex had ahold of Benji's legs, and had Benji bent far enough over that he could suck his own cock. Then Alex was thrusting his cock in and out of Benji, as he played with Benji's balls. Finally, Zack watched Billy and Lester sucking each other like Sammy and Derek were. Kevin was now smiling at Zack, as Zack looked around the tent.

"Pretty exciting, isn't it?" Kevin asked Zack.

"Oh yeah!" moaned Zack.

After another minute of feeling his brother's finger sliding in and out of him, and Tommy sucking his dick and balls, Zack began to feel that familiar feeling like he needed to pee.

"Oh my God!" moaned Zack loudly. "I'm gonna,... have a dry,... orgasm!"

Everyone in the tent stopped to look, as Seth pushed his finger as deeply into Zack as he could, and Tommy held Zack's dick and balls tightly in his mouth. Zack shook and moaned as his dry orgasm took over his body. As Zack was gripped by his dry orgasm, Kevin began thrusting his cock in and out of Carter again and moaning. Kevin grunted as he shot his cum into Carter. By now, Alex had Benji's cock back in his own mouth, and started coaxing Benji.

"Come on babe, suck your beautiful cock!" coaxed Alex. "I want you to taste your cum right out of your own cock, because it's the greatest thing I've ever tasted! Suck your cock babe!"

Then Alex began pulling on Benji's balls slightly, and Benji began moaning around his own cock. When Alex saw Benji hungrily swallowing his own cum, he began to moan and cum inside Benji. By this time, Seth had helped his brother lay down where he could take Tommy's cock into his mouth, then Seth eagerly offered Tommy his dick and balls.

Tommy lovingly sucked Seth for a moment, then said, "Damn Seth, your balls are just as big as Zack's!"

As Carter was lubing his cock to put it inside Kevin, Zack held his finger out to Carter. Carter smiled as he put some lube on Zack's finger, then Carter lined his cock up, and gently pushed it into Kevin. Zack immediately took his finger, and pushed it up into Seth's butt. Sammy and Derek were now both moaning, and began filling each other's mouths with cum at the same time. As soon as they were done, Billy and Lester began cumming into each other's mouths. A few minutes later, as Carter began cumming deep inside Kevin, Zack began hungrily swallowing Tommy's cum. Once everyone had cum, their attention focused on Seth. Seth then leaned his head back as he moaned. A few seconds later, Seth began breathing harder, so Zack pushed his finger as far as he could into Seth.

"Do it little brother!" said Zack encouragingly. "Cum for us Seth!"

Everyone watched Seth's body jerk and twitch, as they witnessed the six year old boy have the most incredible dry orgasm they had ever seen. Once Seth's exhausted and smiling body had been laid down next to Tommy, Kevin pressed the remote control for the lantern. Then the boys giggled and kissed, as they laid in their lover's arms until falling asleep.

The next morning, the boys made their way to the house, and began showering two and three at a time in order to save time. Once breakfast was over, it was time to leave for Orlando. Kevin, Carter, Alex, Benji, Tommy, Zack, and Seth piled into the van with Wayne and Phillip. Then the four remaining boys squeezed into the back seat of the car, with Frank, Rebecca, and Joanna in the front.

"That was so cool when you had that dry orgasm last night Seth." said Carter.

"Yeah, I never thought I would see a six year old boy do that!" exclaimed Kevin.

"Are you boys serious?" asked Wayne. "I thought they were kidding yesterday when they said that! I've never heard of someone as young as Seth having a dry orgasm."

"You should have seen it!" exclaimed Benji. "It was the cutest and most incredible thing I've ever seen!"

"I'm going to want to take a look at Zack and Seth when we get home tonight." said Wayne. "It should be impossible for a six year old boy to do that."

"Well, you also have to remember that he was forced into having sex at four on almost a daily basis by his father." said Tommy. "Maybe that has something to do with it."

"It could, but I still want to examine them together." said Wayne.

Seth was smiling like crazy by this time, because he could do something that no other six year old boy could do. The boy was so cute that Tommy gave him a kiss as he ruffled his hair. As soon as they got to the park, the adults decided they should get three day passes, so they could visit both parks. They could always save the other two days for the two days after Christmas. Besides, they still wanted to do some more shopping, and they wanted to be home by around six to celebrate Christmas eve at home. The group had a great time at both parks, riding rides, watching shows, and shopping. The guest services hosts were very helpful with Kevin, and helped the group find things he could do in both parks. Wayne and Phillip knew that everyone would have a great time though, as this park had always been both men's favorite. By the time they left the parks that day, and the shopping area between the two parks, they were about halfway to having their shopping done. Wayne decided that the best place to finish shopping would be at the shopping attraction near the convention center. Wayne was right again, as the group finished their shopping in a little over an hour. The biggest problem was keeping the kids occupied, so they wouldn't see what was being bought. That job was given to Joanna, as soon as she told Wayne what to get for Tommy, Alex, Benji, Seth, and Zack. Once everything was wrapped and bagged, it was time to head home.

On the way into Wayne's house, Billy stopped by his car to get a CD. "I've got the Christmas music covered everyone!" smiled Billy, as he held up a CD he had recorded from a music site on the internet that he belonged to.

That was a relief to everyone, as they had remembered to get a tree the night before, but they forgot about music. Billy grinned impishly as he put his CD into the stereo, and no one could figure out what that was about. They figured it out right away though when the first song began. It was a song about Santa Claus, sung to the tune of an early heavy metal hit from the seventies.

As the song was ending, Wayne laughed, "I never knew Santa Claus liked cookies and beer! Where in the world did you get this Billy?"

"It's a guy who works at a radio station on the west coast." laughed Billy. "He's the funniest guy I've ever heard. You'll love this next song."

The next song was sung to the tune of a fifties oldie, and it was a song about shoving a Christmas tree into an angel's body cavity. Everyone was howling with laughter in just seconds. That only got worse when the CD got to the song that was sung to the tune of "Walking In A Winter Wonderland", and was about cross-dressing for Christmas. As the boys doubled over from laughter, some of them talked to Rebecca and Joanna about borrowing some clothes to lip sync a musical production of that song later. The two women thought that would be very cute, so they agreed as they laughed at the thought of that. Kevin, Carter, Tommy, Alex, and Benji disappeared with Rebecca and Joanna. The two women rejoined the party after a few minutes, and Rebecca told Frank that he better get his camera ready. Frank had about twenty shots left on his memory card, so he went ahead and got his camera out. A few minutes later, Kevin called out to Billy from the back of the house. When Kevin peaked his head out of the bedroom, and Billy saw that he had put on eyeshade and lipstick, Billy almost couldn't stand upright. Kevin snickered as he asked Billy to restart the song about cross-dressing.

Billy went back out and said, "Hey everyone, some of the guys have put together a special holiday number for us. Remember to cheer them on, because it looks like they worked really hard on this!"

Billy restarted the song the boys wanted, and the five boys came out in a chorus line. They all looked very cute dressed as girls, and wearing a lot of make-up. Frank began laughing and snapping pictures, as the boys lip synched the song and danced around. As the song progressed, the boys lost more and more clothes, until they were dressed only in panties and bras. Everyone was laughing very hard by that time, even Zack and Seth. Wayne chuckled into Seth's ear, as he gave the boy a folded up five dollar bill. Seth giggled madly as he went out to the boys, then pulled out the front of Tommy's pink panties and slipped the five dollar bill into the waist band. Frank had no problem filling up the rest of his memory card as everyone laughed and applauded the show that the boys had put on.

As the party went on, it was time for Wayne to take a look at his boys, so he had Zack and Seth follow him to his and Phillip's bedroom.

"Okay Zack and Seth, I don't want you boys to worry about this, okay?" said Wayne. "It is very unusual though for a boy Seth's age to be having a dry orgasm already. Zack, you are right at the age where that becomes possible, and it's not even every boy your age who can do that. It's not impossible that you can though. On the other hand, it should be practically impossible for Seth to be having them, and we may need to have him see a doctor when we get home. I don't think this is anything that can hurt him, but we want to be sure of that."

"So, I'm going to be okay, even though I can do things that other boys my age can't do?" asked Seth.

"I'm sure of it sweetie, but we want to make absolutely sure." replied Wayne, as he rubbed Seth's head. "Now, I need you boys to take off all your clothes for me, and lay on the bed naked. I'm going to examine both of you, so I can compare you to each other.'

The boys smiled as they stripped, because they had always wanted their new daddy to be their doctor. Wayne got his small medical bag he kept there out of the closet, then turned around and chuckled. Zack and Seth were laying against each other on their backs, and giggling as their dicks pointed straight up in the air.

"I take it you boys are excited about me examining you!" chuckled Wayne.

Wayne took out his light first, and looked carefully into both boys ears, then Seth asked, "What do you see in our ears daddy?"

"I see two very cute pairs of ears!" smiled Wayne, as he leaned down and kissed the tips of both boys noses as they giggled.

Then Wayne took the light, and looked in their mouths carefully. After seeing nothing unusual so far, Wayne carefully checked Zack's neck for his lymph glands. Then Wayne moved to Seth's neck. Since Seth was a little smaller than Zack, Wayne expected his lymph glands to also be smaller. He was surprised to find that they were the same size on both boys. Then Wayne took out a stethoscope to listen to their hearts. Seth's heart rate was exactly one beat per minute faster than Zack's, but they were both still normal there. Wayne moved on down from there to the boys' dicks and balls. Both very beautiful little dicks were very erect for boys their age, but Wayne figured that that was due to their father forcing them to have sex at such young ages. Wayne examined their erections very carefully as both boys giggled. They were about as Wayne would have expected though, with Zack's dick being somewhat larger than Seth's. When Wayne moved on to examining their balls though, he found that Seth's balls were the exact same size as Zack's. That was a little unusual.

Wayne had both boys turn over on their bellies, as he put on a glove and said, "You boys are going to feel a bit of pressure with this. I don't know if Tommy has had his finger inside you yet, but even if he has, I'm afraid my finger is a bit larger than his."

Wayne put some KY on his gloved finger and spread it around Zack's pucker, then gently pushed his finger into Zack.

"Mmm, that feels nice daddy." moaned Zack softly.

Wayne couldn't help himself, as he smiled and slid his finger back and forth a few times inside Zack. Then Wayne's finger found Zack's prostate, and examined it carefully. That caused Zack to moan even more. Wayne finally removed his finger from Zack, after being satisfied that everything was normal there. He put some more KY on his finger, then inserted it into Seth. Wayne carefully examined Seth's prostate, and found it to be as large as Zack's. Then Wayne gently rubbed Seth's prostate for a few moments, as the boy moaned happily. After giving the boy a few moments of pleasure, Wayne removed his finger. Then he took off the glove, and wiped both boys off thoroughly with a moist towelette.

"Okay boys, lap time!" said Wayne as he smiled.

Zack and Seth giggled as they climbed into Wayne's lap together, then began playing with each other's dicks. Wayne smiled as he watched the two boys show affection to each other while sitting in his lap. Then Wayne gently rubbed both boys tummies as he said, "It appears that everything that controls Seth's hormones is growing at a faster rate than normal. Seth's lymph glands, testicles, and prostate gland is already the same size as yours Zack, and he's two years younger than you. I don't think this is going to hurt him, but I want him examined by a specialist to make sure. I believe that your dick will also begin to grow soon also Seth. I think that within a year, it may be the same size as Zack's, and you might soon be even larger than your older brother."

"Does that mean that I'm going to have a really big dick when I grow up?" asked Seth excitedly.

"I think the odds of that are very good son." replied Wayne. "Do you like that idea?"

"Yeah daddy!" replied Seth. "What should I expect to happen?"

"Well son, I'm not a specialist in this field, which is why I want to have you examined when we get home." replied Wayne. "I would expect at the rate you're going though, that your erection could hit six inches by the time you're ten. Puberty may also begin early with you as well, and you may begin having full orgasms by that time, or soon after. When you have finished going through puberty, your dick could grow to about ten to twelve inches, or maybe more. That is a most extreme scenario though, I believe. You could be a little closer to what would be thought of as average, but not very much. We should get a better idea after you've seen a specialist."

"Wow!" exclaimed both boys together.

Wayne kissed both boys on the forehead as he chuckled, then set the boys off his lap onto the bed. "You two angels can get dressed and come back out to the living room with us as soon as you're finished playing with each other's beautiful little dicks." smiled Wayne. "I have to go check on how Joanna is doing with our Christmas eve supper."

"Can you stay for a few seconds daddy?" asked Zack. "We're almost done for now, and we'll go out with you."

"Okay boys." replied Wayne. "Go ahead and finish up then."

Wayne watched the boys as Zack lovingly sucked on Seth's dick for a few seconds, then let Seth do the same to him. Then the boys got dressed quickly, and went back out to the living room with their daddy. Wayne then went on to the kitchen, to help finish up the supper. Joanna and Wayne had been hanging out to cook a lot, and Joanna was now as good of a chef as Wayne. The two friends smiled at each other, as they got dinner ready to be served. Billy's CD was now finished, so Wayne found a station playing more traditional music, then he and Joanna set the table. After one of the best meals that anyone had had, everyone sat in the living room and listened to music as the boys eyed the tree. The tree had quickly been piled up with packages so that the bottom half of the tree was no longer visible. As the boys sat with their boyfriends, anticipating the next morning, the adults smiled at them.

Wayne hugged Phillip and gave him a kiss, then said, "I can't believe having so many beautiful boys in this house, and not one of them is straight!"

"Kind of makes you feel good, doesn't it dear?" snickered Phillip.

"Yeah, especially knowing how many of these beautiful young gay boys are ours!" laughed Wayne. "I would love to have even more gay sons in our house too."

"We'll see what we can do about that then, my love." replied Phillip, as he pressed his lips against Wayne's.

"You two men make a very fine example of what a gay couple should be." smiled Joanna, as she put her arm around Alex and Benji, who were kissing passionately next to her. "I would love for my wonderful son and his lover to follow your example."

"It kinda looks like they are!" laughed Kevin, as he embraced Carter warmly.

The time finally came for the boys to head out to their tent for the night, and Carter borrowed his dad's camera and a fresh memory card. Once all the boys were in the tent and naked, Carter said, "Before anyone starts making love, I wanted to do something special. This is the best that things have been for most of us, and I wanted to get some pictures of lovers just holding each other. We'll all get pictures of our friends, so we can see how great this holiday was for everyone years from now. Then I'll get some really nice pictures of us making love to our boyfriends. Those will just go to the people in them, and it will be up to you as to who else gets copies of them. I'll need someone to shoot me and Kevin though."

"I can do that for you." said Alex.

"Great!" replied Carter. "Does everyone else want to do this?"

All of the boys answered yes, so Carter got started. First he took a couple of shots of Tommy with his two beautiful lovers. He could tell that Zack and Seth enjoyed being photographed naked with Tommy, and knew that those pictures would turn out well. Once Carter had gotten a couple shots of each couple, Alex took a couple of Carter and Kevin. Carter and Kevin would wait until everyone was finished making love before they did, so Carter could take plenty of pictures. Carter's favorite subjects were Tommy, Zack, and Seth, and he knew everyone would want pictures of those three lovers. Carter did make sure to get plenty of pictures of everyone though. Kevin was kind of fond of the pictures of his cousin Billy making love to Lester. By now Billy had grown very affectionate toward the feeling of Lester's cock inside him. The look of contentment on Billy's face as Lester's cock slid in and out of him would make great pictures.

Carter got what he and Kevin both thought were the hottest pictures toward the end though. Everyone else had had their orgasm except Tommy, and the two young brothers went to work on pleasuring him. The boys knew that Tommy use to enjoy anal sex, but neither of them were big enough yet to do it very well. So as Zack lovingly sucked Tommy's cock, Seth put some lube on his entire hand, just in case he had to use all of his small fingers. Seth started off by putting two fingers inside Tommy, who seemed to like it quite a bit. When Seth added a third finger, Tommy moaned softly in pleasure.

"Oh God baby, that feels so good!" moaned Tommy. "Please use another finger!"

Seth smiled as he inserted a fourth finger in Tommy's butt. The two boys now had Tommy feeling intense pleasure in his cock and butt. "How many fingers is that baby?" moaned Tommy.

"I have four inside you now Tommy." giggled Seth.

"Could you put your whole hand in me then Seth?" begged Tommy. "Once it goes in, just make a fist and push it into me as far as you can."

Even the boys who had already cum were now incredibly hard, as they watched Seth push his entire hand into Tommy. As Zack lovingly sucked Tommy's swollen cock, Seth push his hand into Tommy until half of his forearm was inside his lover. Tommy was now moaning loudly, as a very intense look of pleasure took over his face. Seth was now gently sliding his arm in and out of Tommy.

"Oh God Seth!" Tommy almost shouted deliriously. "You feel so incredible inside me! I'm gonna cum a lot Zack!"

Zack swallowed as fast as he could to swallow all of Tommy's cum. Zack continued swallowing until Tommy's cock stopped cumming completely. As soon as Zack backed off Tommy's cock, Seth swallowed as much of it as he could, and began thrusting his arm in and out of Tommy passionately.

After only a minute, Tommy moaned, "Cum!... Again!"

Seth hungrily swallowed Tommy second orgasm from his multiple orgasm, as his arm continued sliding in and out of Tommy. Seth sucked and swallowed until nothing else would come out of Tommy, then he gently pulled his hand out of Tommy's butt. Tommy was so drained and exhausted that he couldn't move or speak. He just laid there with an incredibly huge smile on his face. As Seth went out naked to wash his arm in the surf, the boys who had already cum once began cumming for their lovers again. When Alex and Benji were done, Alex took the camera from Carter, and told him to make love to his boyfriend. Seth came back in and laid down with his two lovers as Alex photographed Carter and Kevin making love. By the time they were done, all the boys were exhausted and smiling as they drifted off to sleep.

Zack and Seth excitedly woke everyone up early the next morning. Then they ran outside without remembering to get dressed first. Wayne and Phillip were watching out the patio door, waiting for the onslaught of boys from the tent. They couldn't help but to laugh loudly that Zack and Seth got so excited that they forgot to get dressed. Tommy finally poked his head out of the tent, and stopped the boys about halfway to the house. Then he had his two naked little boyfriends turn around and come back to put their clothes on. It was without a doubt one of the cutest things Wayne and Phillip had ever seen.

"I have a feeling that things are going to get really interesting, now that those three can be a little more open around the house!" laughed Phillip.

Wayne laughed as he agreed with his lover, then they both went to wake the other parents. The adults were all gathered in the living room when the boys ran up onto the patio, then excitedly tried to hose each other's feet off. It almost looked like something out of an old Keystone Cops film. Then the boys began loudly streaming into the house.

Frank got up in front of the tree and smiled as he said, "Hold on boys!" When all eleven boys came to a screeching halt, Frank continued, "Okay troops, we're going to do this nice and orderly. All you boys get in a line, then go to the tree one at a time and pick up one present. When you get that unwrapped, then you can get back in line. We've made sure that each boy has three presents under the tree this morning, even you Lester. The only exception is Billy, who has something special from a special person, so he has four. Okay troops, line up and move out!"

Benji scrambled into line first, just beating out Zack and Seth. Tommy giggled at the scramble, as he lined up behind his two lovers. Benji went straight for the big heavy box from his dad, and dragged it over to where Wayne and Phillip were sitting. Before he could start unwrapping it, Zack and Seth joined him, also with presents from their daddy. When Benji stripped the box of wrapping paper in about one and a half seconds, and saw the computer, he gave Wayne a warm and excited hug.

"Thanks dad, it's awesome!" said Benji.

"Hey! We wanted a computer too!" whined Zack and Seth together.

"Well, just go ahead and see what you did get." smiled Wayne. "I think you'll like it just as much."

Wayne was right, and the boys were excited with the portable DVD players. One was red, and the other was blue. Plus, each one came with one of each boys favorite movies.

"Thanks daddy, these are sweet!" said Zack, as he stood up to hug Wayne.

"Yeah daddy, our old daddy never got us anything like this!" said Seth, as he hugged Wayne too.

"I don't even want to know what he got you boys last Christmas." said Wayne, as he rubbed their heads. "It would probably make me want to track him down and beat him up."

"Yeah, it probably would." agreed Zack. "This more than makes up for it though."

Then Billy came over to stand beside Wayne with the box Wayne gave him. "I know you said you wanted to get me something Wayne, but you didn't have to." said Billy.

"Yes I did Billy, because I love you." replied Wayne. "I had to get something to show you how much I truly care about you."

Lester joined Billy with a gift from his boyfriend and said, "Yeah babe, open it up now. I want to see this!"

Billy nervously unwrapped the small gift box and opened it up. When Billy took the watch out and looked at it carefully, he was stunned. He finally managed to say, "Oh my God Wayne! This is more special than I'll ever be! I don't know what to say."

Then Billy wrapped his arms around Wayne in a tight hug, as Wayne said, "You are more special than anything I could have gotten you Billy. It's about time that people started letting you know that too. I meant it when I said that you're a part of my family now Billy, and I'm happy my little present brought you so much joy. You deserve it."

Wayne gave Billy a kiss on his forehead, and everyone got back to opening presents. The kids thought that if their second Christmas morning was as nice as this was, they were going to have a great time when they got back to Cincinnati.

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