Starting Over 3:

Friends Forever

by tim the story guy

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Starting Over 3: Friends Forever

by tim

Chapter 4

From the last chapter:

Billy nervously unwrapped the small gift box and opened it up. When Billy took the watch out and looked at it carefully, he was stunned. He finally managed to say, "Oh my God Wayne! This is more special than I'll ever be! I don't know what to say."

Then Billy wrapped his arms around Wayne in a tight hug, as Wayne said, "You are more special than anything I could have gotten you Billy. It's about time that people started letting you know that too. I meant it when I said that you're a part of my family now Billy, and I'm happy my little present brought you so much joy. You deserve it."

Wayne gave Billy a kiss on the forehead, and everyone got back to opening presents. The kids thought that if their second Christmas morning was as nice as this was, they were going to have a great time when they got back to Cincinnati.

When Benji got done kissing Wayne on the mouth for his present, he wanted the older boys to help him set it up quickly. Wayne cleared a space on his desk for Benji's computer, and Carter and Kevin had everything hooked up for him in a few minutes. Once Benji had it started up for the first time, he loaded the photo program that came with it. Then he asked Carter for the camera and chip that contained the pictures from last night. Once the pictures had downloaded, the boys all gathered around.

After a few minutes, Frank noticed that most of the boys were sporting very respectable erections. "Is your boy over there surfing porn already Wayne?" asked Frank as he laughed.

Wayne glanced over the boys heads, and blushed as he replied, "No Frank, I think they're making their own. They seem to be pretty inventive too."

Frank and Phillip both began laughing very hard at that, and Wayne finally joined in. Then Wayne said, "Well, I think I'm going to head to the marina and take the boat out. Do you want to come along Phillip?"

You're really aching to find that lost treasure, aren't you dear?" asked Phillip. "I'd love to go on a treasure hunt though."

That caught most of the boys attention quickly, and several of them began begging to go too. With two adults already on board, Wayne figured his boat could hold no more than five kids. Tommy, Zack, and Seth were chosen because they were the ones who had found the doubloon. The other kids immediately began a rock, paper, scissors championship to determine who else would go. The winners were Carter and Kevin, and they immediately did a victory dance to celebrate. Then Wayne, Phillip, and the five boys who were going took off for the marina.

Once there, Wayne checked all the gear on the boat. His diving tanks were full, and everything seemed to be in good shape. Carter helped Wayne cast off, then jumped back on board. After stopping at the marina station to fill the fuel tank, Wayne headed toward the inlet. Wayne and Phillip stood at the helm smiling, with Phillip's arm around Wayne. The boys were having fun just watching the water rush past the boat, as they headed back toward Wayne's beach. Tommy was the first to spot their beach cabin tent, and Wayne steered the boat toward that. Then Zack showed Wayne exactly where they found the old coin.

"Okay then, we'll start from this point." said Wayne. "I'll go ahead and troll very slowly out from this spot. Phillip honey, I need you to man the sonar. If you get any kind of echo that looks irregular, call it out. Carter and Kevin, you can man the metal detectors. I definitely want you to call out anything that registers. Zack and Seth, when you hear Phillip or Carter and Kevin call anything out, I want you to drop one of those marker buoys over the stern. Just make sure the line isn't tangled. Tommy, I need you to keep track of where we look on this map. We are in this section that I'm putting an O in. If we look at a section and no one calls anything out, put an O in that section. If someone does call something out, put an X in that section. Is everyone ready to find some treasure?"

"Yeah!" called out all the kids.

"Well, don't get your hopes up." chuckled Wayne. "We probably won't find anything but fish."

Wayne then began going away from the shore, and the boat remained fairly quiet. Once Wayne had gone out a good distance, he turned around a covered a different row of squares on the map. It looked to Tommy like he would be filling the map up with O's before too long. Wayne swung around again and headed back out.

About a mile from the shore, Carter called out, "We got a really faint reading here!"

Zack and Seth excitedly threw a buoy over the back of the boat, and Tommy smiled as he put down his first X.

"How weak was the reading?" asked Wayne.

"It didn't even get halfway to one." replied Kevin.

"Okay, we'll check this later if we get more in the area." said Wayne. "If not, it's probably something someone threw overboard."

Wayne covered several more sections before turning back to shore, to cover the next row of sections. Almost as soon as he turned, Carter yelled out, "We got a pretty good one Wayne!"

"I saw it on sonar too dear!" said Phillip.

Zack and Seth immediately dropped a buoy, and Wayne cut the engines. Once the anchor was lowered, Wayne asked, "How strong was the reading boys?"

"Almost two!" replied Kevin.

"The echo I got was quite a bit out of the ordinary for this area." said Phillip.

"Then I think this site deserves to be looked at." said Wayne. "Does anyone here have experience with diving?" When only Phillip and Kevin raised their hands, Wayne asked, "Do you want to stay with Tommy and the other boys Carter, or do you want us to teach you quickly?"

"That would be so cool if you taught me how to dive!" replied Carter.

"Okay then, let's get suited up." smiled Wayne. "Phillip and I will probably take large suits, and I think you boys might both be fine with medium. If not, I also have small."

As everyone went into the cabin, Tommy asked, "What do we do while you guys are diving?"

"Tommy, you and the boys have a very important job." said Wayne. "I need you three to keep a close eye out for pirates. I hear Redbeard and his crew still sails in these waters. If you see a boat load of people with eye patches, and the leader has a parrot on his shoulder, that may be Redbeard. Do whatever you can to scare them away."

"Aye aye, captain!" replied Tommy.

Wayne chuckled as he went into the cabin, then said, "Carter, you will have to strip down to your briefs. These wetsuits aren't very comfortable with clothes underneath them."

"I didn't put any briefs on this morning." replied Carter bashfully.

"Alright!" exclaimed Kevin. "My baby is free-balling today!"

"Well, it won't hurt to go naked underneath the suit." smiled Wayne. "You package will show through pretty clearly though."

"If it will help, I'll dive that way too babe." said Kevin.

Phillip and Wayne went ahead and stripped to their briefs, while Carter and Kevin got completely naked. Then Kevin reached down and stroked Carter's cock lightly while he gave him a brief kiss.

"Okay boys, you can play around after we dive." chuckled Phillip.

"Is that a promised dad?" asked Kevin excitedly.

"Boys!" laughed Wayne.

Wayne and Phillip had their suits on quickly, then Wayne stepped up to Carter. Wayne pulled the front of Carter's suit out, then reached in and grabbed Carter's cock and balls. Carter sighed softly and smiled when Wayne touched him like that. After Wayne had Carter's cock and balls properly adjusted inside the suit, he let the suit go.

"You can zip up now Carter," said Wayne. "I know your cock and balls are going to show plainly like that, but if you try to conceal them, it will get very uncomfortable. Besides, you have absolutely no reason to be ashamed of your package. It looks very nice, and you should be proud of it."

"Thanks Wayne." replied Carter sincerely. "I really do appreciate you telling me that."

Carter zipped up and gave Wayne a nice hug. After that, Carter looked down at himself, then looked over at Kevin who had just zipped up. Kevin's package looked very incredible and arousing in the wetsuit, and Carter couldn't help but to stare. Wayne chuckled again as he grabbed a tank to strap to Carter's back. Wayne got the tank situated and strapped on, then handed Carter his mouthpiece. Then Wayne strapped gauges to Carter's forearm.

"These are your air flow and tank pressure gauges Carter." said Wayne, who then reached up and opened Carter's air valve. "This is what your air flow gauge should always read." Wayne closed the valve and continued, "Make sure you keep an eye on the gauge. If it gets lower than that and you don't open the valve, you could become light headed and disoriented, and even pass out underwater. We don't want that to happen. Also, if it goes above that, your tank will run out too fast, and you could even get diving cramps. We don't want that either. The other gauge is your tank pressure gauge, and it shows how much air you have in your tank. When it gets to the yellow area, tap your partner on the shoulder and point up, then both of you will swim to the surface. You will be diving with Kevin. NEVER swim away from your partner. You two boys need to stay in constant contact with each other. If you run into a problem and your partner isn't with you, it could be fatal. That is the most important rule in diving, except breathe through your mouthpiece. Never be without a partner that is close enough for you to reach out and touch. Also, there could be sharks in these waters, and all sharks are meat eaters. They usually will not attack anything that is too large for them to swallow though. One of you will be carrying a shark stick. If a shark does approach you and acts aggressive, place the stick against its underside or in its mouth and pull the trigger. He will most likely swim away from you quickly, and not come back. Also watch out for eels and urchins when you are on the ocean floor. They are not very pleasant creatures. Rays and dolphins are fairly safe though, in case you see any of them. Put your flippers on and your mouthpiece in just before we jump over, then rub some salt water into the inside of your mask so it doesn't fog, put it on, and open your valve until your airflow is where I showed you. Do you have any questions?"

"What do I do if I find Atlantis?" giggled Carter.

"Call the Weekly News Inquirer, they pay good money for stuff like that!" chuckled Wayne.

Once Phillip helped Wayne with his tank, they were finally ready to start the dive. As they went to the stern, Tommy, Zack, and Seth stared at Carter's and Kevin's bulges. Then Zack reached out and touched Kevin's bulge. Kevin stopped and smiled as he let Zack, and then Seth gently stroke him for a few seconds.

"Okay guys, that's enough." smiled Kevin. "I'm taken, remember?"

"Okay Kevin, thanks for letting us touch it though." said Zack sweetly. "It was really cool!"

"Yeah, you have a nice dick Kevin!" said Seth. "Daddy says mine will be even bigger than that when I'm your age!"

"Damn, I'm sure you'll keep Tommy and your brother very happy then!" smiled Kevin, as he rubbed the top of Seth's head.

"I know that I can't wait until my brother has the nicest dick in the world!" smiled Zack impishly.

"Well, at least Wayne likes my cock." said Carter in a mock hurt tone, after Kevin turned to him.

"I'll show you who likes your cock when we get back!" snickered Kevin.

The first dive finally got under way, and everyone dived to the ocean floor where the buoy had been dropped. Once there, the two pairs split up, and began searching. Carter was amazed by everything on the floor of the ocean. He would have never imagined there would be so much life, and so many things to see. After the boys had covered a little area, Kevin tapped Carter's shoulder and pointed to a spot in the sand. A sand ray was laying on the ocean floor resting, so the boys swam over to it. The animal didn't seem too concerned by the boys, and even let them touch him gently. Carter was amazed that Kevin had seen the ray, because it almost blended right in with the ocean floor. The boys swam along a little further, and then came across what set off their detectors. A small airplane rested on the ocean floor in front of them. Kevin was sure that whoever had been in the plane when it went down made it out, so he turned on his light and the boys peered in through the window. Still strapped into the front seats were the skeletal remains of two people. Carter nearly freaked out, so Kevin grabbed ahold of him. Then Kevin began flashing his light in the direction that he felt Wayne and Phillip would most likely be in. About ten minutes later, Kevin's signal was finally answered. When Wayne and Phillip arrived, Kevin pointed to the plane, and tried to communicate with them underwater. Phillip used both hands to gesture someone escaping from something, then swimming away from it. Kevin shook his head no sadly, and pointed at the plane again. Phillip cautiously peered into the plane for a second, then signaled everyone to surface.

Once everyone surfaced, Kevin removed his mouthpiece and asked, "I wonder who they were?"

"I don't know." replied Wayne. "I've never heard a report of a missing plane around here."

"Well, judging from the age of the plane and the condition of the remains, I'd say they've been down there for quite some time." said Phillip. "It probably happened during the time when the Bermuda Triangle was being blamed on every disappearance."

"So the Bermuda Triangle doesn't exist?" asked Carter, as he finally began to calm down.

"I would say that every disappearance that has been blamed on the triangle has probably met the same fate as that plane." replied Wayne.

"Well, we need to mark the wreckage and call the coast guard." said Phillip. "At least they can clear this one up and return the remains to their family. Kevin, you and Carter swim back over to the buoy, then bring the anchor up to the surface and back over here. Then we'll tie it off to the plane."

"Carter has piloted the boat before." said Wayne. "Just get the anchor back onto the boat, then bring the boat over here. That'll save us some swimming."

About twenty minutes after Kevin and Carter took off, Carter sailed the boat up next to Wayne and Phillip. Kevin handed them the buoy anchor, and the two men dove back down to the plane. Once the buoy was tied off to the plane, Wayne and Phillip climbed back aboard the boat.

"Where did Kevin and Carter go?" asked Wayne.

"They said they were going to get out of the wetsuits and take care of something before you guys got back." replied Tommy. "The three of us already took care of something while you four were diving."

As Zack and Seth giggled at Tommy's remark, Wayne and Phillip went over to the cabin door. Wayne put his ear against the door and listened carefully. The boys were obviously both ready to cum any moment, so Wayne and Phillip gave them a few more minutes. Once the passionate moans inside the cabin had risen to a crescendo and trailed off, Wayne and Phillip knocked and went on in. The two boys were laying on the bunk naked in an embrace, and kissing affectionately.

"I guess we did promise you boys you could have fun when you got back." smiled Phillip.

"And we were happy to take you up on that promise too!" snickered Kevin.

The two boys then started getting dressed as Wayne and Phillip got out of their wetsuits. Once everyone was dressed, Wayne made the call to the coast guard. Phillip had memorized the plane's registration number, which Wayne also gave the coast guard. After looking up the number, the coast guard told Wayne that the plane was reported missing, and presumed lost in 1962. They thanked Wayne for the location of the plane, and told them they would send a salvage crew out in the morning. Wayne told them to just leave the buoy marker there, and he would pick it up later. Wayne now wanted to take a look at the map while they still had a fair amount of daylight left. Wayne drew two lines on the map, assuming that the first buoy they dropped was associated with the doubloon that was found on the beach. First he drew a straight line out from the spot where the coin was found, through the first buoy. The second line was an arc from the same spot on the beach, and through the buoy.

"Okay Kevin, it's your choice." said Wayne. "Straight line or arc?"

"Well, I personally would never go in a straight line." smiled Kevin.

Wayne then set about searching along the arc that Kevin had chosen. On the very first section they got to that hadn't already been searched, Carter called out, "We have a reading. It's not quite a one, but it's stronger than our first one."

As Zack and Seth dropped a buoy, Wayne asked, "Do you have anything Phillip?"

"Nothing here dear." replied Phillip.

Wayne continued searching along the arc. About a half hour before they would have to call it a night, Carter and Kevin's detectors went crazy.

"We really got something Wayne!" yelled Carter.

"Holy crap!" exclaimed Phillip. "I'm getting a good sized echo Wayne. The readout has it looking like the remains of some kind of ship!"

Wayne cut off the engines and dropped the anchor. Then Wayne, Phillip, Kevin, and Carter eagerly got back into their wetsuits. Wayne pulled out four fresh tanks, and everyone helped their mate strap their tank on.

"I don't want anyone getting their hopes up." said Wayne. "This could easily be a much more recent commercial ship that went down. There have been several of those that have never been found. I hope it's our ship though!"

Everyone grabbed their gear and ran out to the stern. All four were soon diving down to the ocean floor again. The water was a little deeper now, so it took a little longer to reach the bottom. Then they began searching back in the direction they had come from. After searching for fifteen minutes, Carter was still so fascinated by everything on the ocean floor that he didn't notice Kevin stopping. Carter swam right into the huge wooden hull, half buried in the sand on the ocean floor. Kevin made sure Carter was okay first, then laughed. The ancient ship was laying on its side, so the boys swam up to the side that was sticking out of the sand. The ship seemed to have quite a bit of ornate metal work attached to its side, and most of the ship's cannon ports were open. Kevin shone his light down into one of them, and saw a very old cannon laying on its side amongst a pile of cannonballs.

After flashing a signal in the direction that Wayne and Phillip had gone in, Kevin and Carter swam to the top deck, which was sticking straight up out of the sand. Kevin and Carter used all of their strength to open the deck hatch that led into the cargo holds below. Then Kevin secured the hatch open, so it wouldn't close and trap them inside if they decided to go in. Kevin peered into the hold cautiously with his light, then looked at Carter and pointed in. Carter shook his head yes, so the two boys swam into the old ship. Once they had passed through an eight foot long shaft and were into the hold, Kevin shone the light ahead of him and to both sides. Kevin didn't see anything in the hold, until Carter tapped him on the shoulder and pointed down. Kevin shone the light down, and the two boys couldn't believe their eyes. The entire side of the hold beneath the was lined with doubloons, bullion, and gold figures and medallions. If this side of the ship went as deep as the other side, the gold must have been piled three feet deep in some places. The boys swam down excitedly and ran their hands though the gold pieces.

After a few minutes, Kevin thought about Phillip and Wayne. Kevin and Carter reluctantly went back to the hatch, and swam back up to the side of the ship. Phillip and Wayne were already there, looking at the ship in awe. Then Wayne gave the two boys a huge hug. Kevin laughed through his mouthpiece, then motioned for Wayne and Phillip to follow him and Carter. When the boys led Wayne and Phillip into the hold, the two men couldn't believe their eyes. The hold was filled with more gold than either man could imagine. The two men swam down to examine the cargo. Phillip ran piles and piles of doubloons through his fingers, while Wayne picked up a bar of gold bullion, and held it tightly against his chest. Wayne cried in joy as he held the gold bar against him. Carter finally looked at his air pressure gauge, and tapped all three of his diving partners on the shoulder and pointed up. Everyone looked at their gauges, and headed to the hatch. Wayne closed the hatch solidly, then everyone headed to the surface as they took something with them from the ship.

Once they were on the surface, Wayne said, "Carter and Kevin, go take up our buoy, and bring it here with the boat. I'm tying this off so we don't lose it. We'll need two air tanks that have the most air in them too."

"Hold my statue dad, I don't want to lose it!" laughed Kevin. "What about your gold chain and medallion Carter?"

"I ain't ever taking this baby off, not even when we make love!" laughed Carter. "What did you get Wayne?"

"My bar of gold bullion, of course!" laughed Wayne. "What about you honey?"

Phillip held up a pouch he had brought with him, that was now filled with doubloons. "Do you think this ought to be enough change to play that new video game at the arcade?" laughed Phillip.

Carter and Kevin swam back as fast and excitedly as they could, and pulled up the buoy. As they climbed onto the boat, Tommy asked, "Did you find another plane crash?"

"We made up for that!" replied Carter, as he smiled and held out his medallion. "We found the ship!!!"

Carter sailed the boat up beside Wayne and Phillip, as Kevin picked out two tanks that both had about twenty minutes in them. Kevin handed the tanks over to Wayne and his dad and said, "You both have about twenty minutes with these tanks."

Once Wayne and Phillip had handed their gold to Kevin for safe keeping, they dived back down to the wreck. Once they had the buoy tied off, they had just enough time to pick something up for the other three boys and get back to the surface. Wayne secured the hatch open, then he and Phillip went in and picked up something nice for the other three boys. Then they swam back out, secured the hatch, and made their way back to the surface.

As Wayne and Phillip climbed aboard the boat, Tommy said, "We didn't get anything!"

"Well Tommy, what would you like if you could have anything that's made of gold?" asked Wayne.

"I'd like a gold crown!" replied Tommy.

"Hmm, I think I might actually have one of those!" replied Wayne, as he pulled the crown from behind him. "Now, would anyone like a nice necklace like Carter got?"

"I would!" replied Zack, as he held up his hand.

As Wayne put the chain and medallion he brought up in Zack's hand, Seth said, "I'd like a nice pretty statue like Kevin has!"

Wayne turned to Phillip and asked, "Would you happen to have a statue, Phillip dear?"

"I think I might!" replied Phillip, as he pulled the statue from behind him, and handed it to a giggling Seth.

Once Phillip and Wayne had changed out of their wetsuits, Wayne set a very loud and happy course for the marina. Before pulling up to his dock, Wayne had everyone put their new trinkets in a bag to take to the car. He didn't want anyone to catch wind of this, until he had registered the find in his name. Of course there was enough to go around, and Wayne would make sure that Carter's family got a fair share, and that everyone else would profit from the find. After all, according to Kevin, Carter was the first one who ran into it. Wayne went into the marina office quickly to order his air tanks and fuel tank filled in the morning, and then they were off to share the news with everyone over dinner.

"I thought we were all going into Orlando tomorrow Wayne." said Frank.

"You guys can go ahead, but I have to take care of this as soon as possible." replied Wayne. "I need to put a claim of the wreck first thing in the morning, then hire or rent a salvage ship. There are people who would jump a claim like this one in a heartbeat, and I want to get it taken care of as quickly as possible."

"Well, I need to be with my mate." said Phillip. "He can't do this alone."

"We helped find it, so we want to be there too." said Carter.

"Besides, I think my baby likes diving much better than any theme park!" smiled Kevin.

"Can we learn to dive too?" asked Sammy and Derek together.

"Well, I'm going to have to get back to Cincy soon." said Joanna. "My job only gave me until Wednesday off."

"If Alex has to go back to Cincy, I want to go with him!" said Benji.

"Hey, I don't want to leave Zack and Seth!" said Tommy.

"Okay everyone, slow down." said Frank. "How long will it take to salvage this wreck once you get the equipment lined up Wayne?"

"With the good shape that it's in, a week with the right equipment." replied Wayne.

"Okay then, I'm off through New Year's Day, and I'm sure I can get an extension on my vacation if I need it." said Frank. "If you have to go back Joanna, could you swap Tommy for Benji for a week of so?"

"Well, it would be a shame to separate such beautiful couples." smiled Joanna. "I guess that wouldn't be a problem for me."

"How about you and Lester, Billy?" asked Frank.

"Our parents kinda want us back in school the day after New Year's Day." replied Billy. "That was a part of the deal for coming down here."

"Okay then, Phillip and Wayne can get everything arranged tomorrow while everyone else goes to the park, since they may not do too much diving tomorrow anyway." said Frank. "Then we'll see what he comes up with tomorrow evening, and take it from there. Joanna can fly back with Alex and Benji on Wednesday, and Billy and Lester can start driving back by Friday, and you boys are taking two days to drive back. We don't want you trying to drive straight through and getting tired behind the wheel. I'll make reservations for you at a hotel in Atlanta so you don't have any problems with that. The rest of us will know what we'll be doing when Wayne gets arrangements made to salvage the wreck."

"You're a pretty good organizer Frank." chuckled Wayne. "There's just one problem as far as I see. Do you really plan on returning to work? Phillip has already planned to retire until the right opportunity comes along for him to be his own boss. I'll keep seeing my patients because I love doing that, but there won't be any financial reason to do so."

"How much gold is in that ship Wayne?" asked Frank.

"I haven't seen the other hold yet, but just in the one hold we were in, I'd say well into the hundreds of millions." replied Wayne.

That left Frank speechless for a while. As a matter of fact, everyone was a little shocked except Wayne and Phillip. Frank finally looked at his son and laughed as he said, "I'm glad you know how to use your head Carter!"

When everyone began laughing, Carter replied, "Hey, that did kinda hurt swimming into that ship like that!" Then Carter joined everyone in laughing as he added, "I guess it was kinda worth it though."

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