Starting Over 3:

Friends Forever

by tim the story guy

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Starting Over 3: Friends Forever

by tim

Chapter 5

From the last chapter:

"How much gold is on that ship Wayne?" asked Frank.

"I haven't seen the other hold yet, but just in the one hold we were in, I'd say well into the hundreds of millions." replied Wayne.

That left Frank speechless for a while. As a matter of fact, everyone was a little shocked except Wayne and Phillip. Frank finally looked at his son and laughed as he said, "I'm glad you know how to use your head Carter!"

When everyone began laughing, Carter replied, "Hey, that did kinda hurt swimming into that ship like that!" Then Carter joined everyone in laughing as he added, "I guess it was kinda worth it though."

Carter had more energy that night while making love to Kevin than he had ever had. Even so, they still couldn't match Tommy, Zack, and Seth. Zack was laying on top of Tommy in a sixty nine. As Tommy and Zack passionately sucked on each other's dicks, Seth was sucking on Tommy's balls while thrusting his forearm in and out of Tommy's butt. Tommy had one hand wrapped around Seth's dick, and had one finger from his other hand inside Zack. Zack was reaching over, and sliding two fingers in and out of Seth, and all three boys were moaning loudly in pleasure.

Everyone in the tent watched the three boys as they made love, and it made everyone as hard as they could possibly be. Even though Zack was approaching his dry orgasm, he could tell that Tommy was about to cum. Zack backed off Tommy's erection and said, "I love you Seth, and I want you to have Tommy's cum in your tummy tonight."

Seth immediately stopped working on Tommy's balls, and dove down hungrily onto Tommy's dick. As Seth sucked Tommy's cum from him as hard as he could, Zack had an intense dry orgasm. Once Tommy and Zack were finished, they put Seth down on his back. As Tommy began lovingly sucking Seth's dick, Zack eagerly licked out Tommy's butt and gaping hole. The taste was very pungent at first, but Zack really began to enjoy it. He enjoyed it so much that once Tommy was spotless, Zack began licking his brother's arm clean. As Zack was licking his arm, Seth noticed that he was still very hard, so he began sucking eagerly on Zack. Zack lovingly cleaned Seth, and sucked passionately on each one of his fingers as Seth worked on building Zack to another dry orgasm. Zack and Seth began moaning and writhing at the same time, and both had a dry orgasm together. By this time, most of the boys in the tent had had intense orgasms while watching the trio, and making love to their lovers. Then everyone kissed their lovers passionately as they drifted off into a blissful sleep.

The next day was park day for everyone except Wayne and Phillip. Wayne first checked on renting enough salvage equipment to bring up all of the ship's cargo. The man he went to see told Wayne and Phillip that he could have the equipment ready for them by the next day, and deliver it to the site. Wayne went ahead and left a deposit, then went to register the site. After checking to make sure that no one had registered a claim, the county clerk went ahead and registered the site to Wayne. Now anyone that showed up at the site uninvited could be dealt with by the authorities. After going back and signing the contract for the equipment to be delivered the next day, Wayne and Phillip went to their boat. Wayne rented a small skiff to be tied off to the stern of his boat, as he did not intend on returning to the marina that night. Then Wayne and Phillip hugged and kissed as they sailed out to their site. They didn't plan on doing too much diving, but they did want to check out the ship's other hold.

As Kevin was waiting for the other boys, who were on a ride that was a bit too extreme for his condition, he decided to give Doug and Darren a call.

"Hello, this is Doug." replied Doug as he answered the phone.

"Hey Doug, did you and Darren get what you wanted for Christmas?" asked Kevin.

"Kevin!" exclaimed Doug happily. "Let me put you on the speaker so Darren can talk too. We had a great Christmas. One of our friends named Rondell stopped by the day after you guys left, and he and his boyfriend are still here. We love Rondell and Billy though, so it was a great Christmas."

"Hey Kevin, how was your Christmas?" asked Darren.

"Hi Darren." replied Kevin. "You and Doug ain't even going to believe the Christmas we're having! Well, on second thought you might, since you've been there too!"

"Why, what's going on there in Cincy?" asked Doug.

"We're not in Cincy." replied Kevin. "We all decided to have Christmas down in Florida."

"That sounds like fun." said Darren. "I'm going to be tied up for a few moments Kevin. My baby's cock just looks too irresistible this morning!"

"Don't worry Kevin, I'll take up the slack for him." snickered Doug. "Oh shit Dare! I love how you take it all the way down your throat like that! I guess my baby is really hungry this morning. So, what's happening down in Florida then Kevin?"

"My dad and his lover took Carter and me out diving yesterday." replied Kevin. "Wayne had heard a legend about an old Spanish shipwreck centuries ago, and one of his boys found a piece of gold on the beach last week. He didn't think we would find anything, but Carter ended up swimming right into it head first!"

"That's using your head!" laughed Doug. "Oh baby! Your lips are so soft this morning, and I love how you're massaging my balls! Suck on the head really hard while you do that!"

"Are you sure I'm not talking to Donnie and Chris right now?" laughed Kevin.

"I'm sorry Kevin, I couldn't help it." replied Doug. "Darren is massaging my balls, trying to fill them up before he drains me. I'm going to give him a nice load here in a few minutes. Anyway, did you find gold on the ship?"

"You bet we did!" replied Kevin. "Wayne says there's hundreds of millions worth of gold on that ship! We're millionaires now too!"

"Holy shit Kevin, that's great!" replied Doug. "Holy shit Darren, get ready! Uhh! Uhhhh! Unnngh!"

After a few moments, Darren said, "Oh God Doug, I love it when your cock shoots that much cum!" After Kevin heard the two boys kiss for a few moments, Darren said, "We're sorry Kevin. That was so incredible though. Did I hear right that you guys are rich now?"

"Maybe not as much as you or Doug, but more than anyone else we know!" replied Kevin as he smiled. "And don't ever apologize for making Doug feel good. Hell, you two just made me as hard as a rock! Anyway, at least now we're in the same neighborhood as far as money goes."

"How long are you guys going to be in Florida now?" asked Darren. "Doug and I might want to visit you there when Rondell and Billy leaves later today. It was so cute Kevin. They had this big announcement planned for me about Rondell being gay, but I kinda figured that out a while ago. I let them go ahead though and tell me, then I told them that I'd already figured it out. Rondell's face was priceless!"

"I guess that'll teach them for trying to keep secrets from you, huh Darren?" laughed Kevin. "Anyway, we'll be here another week when we begin to salvage the ship, so come on down. We're having a blast down here, and I'm sure you will too."

"I'll see if we can get a flight tonight." replied Darren. "If not, we'll just buy a plane. I'm sure we can get a flight though. Wait a minute Kevin, Doug just gasped that he'd much rather drive down."

"Okay Darren." replied Kevin. "I'll give you directions and we'll see you Wednesday night."

Kevin went ahead and gave directions to Doug and Darren, and as he was finishing the call, Doug was having Darren put his cock inside him. Kevin laughed as he said good-bye, and let his two friends finish their love-making.

Meanwhile, Wayne and Phillip had finally gotten the second cargo hold open, and secured the hatch open. They had brought much more powerful lights today, and they lit up the inside of the ship pretty good. They were surprised to find that this hold held even more gold than the other. They figured that the hole in the ship that caused it to go down while spilling some of its cargo must have been in this hold, but it looked like it was in the first hold instead. After examining the contents of the second hold for almost twenty minutes, Wayne and Phillip picked out a few nice pieces, then closed the hatch to the hold and headed for the surface. Once their wetsuits were halfway off, Wayne and Phillip pressed their bare chests together and share a deep and loving kiss.

"Damn honey, we may be looking at close to a billion down there!" exclaimed Wayne after they broke the kiss.

"Even after making sure that Joanna is set, and splitting the rest evenly with Carter's family, we'll have more than we'll ever need dear!" replied Phillip.

"I guess it's a good thing Tommy's mother went nuts, huh?" laughed Wayne.

"Is that the newest technical term?" chuckled Phillip.

"No, but it describes her to a tee!" laughed Wayne.

Then the two men put their arms around each other, and headed into the cabin. Once the wetsuits and underwear had been removed, Wayne laid down naked on the bunk, and coaxed Phillip to kneel between his legs. Phillip grabbed a tube of lube out of a drawer beside the bunk, then lubed his cock and Wayne's pucker.

As Phillip slid his cock all the way into Wayne, Wayne moaned, "I love how your cock feels so big inside me honey. Before I met you I never imagined that having a man take me this way could feel as perfect and satisfying as this does."

"I'm just glad you got over that doing it with women nonsense!" smiled Phillip.

Then Phillip leaned down and kissed Wayne deeply as his cock slid in and out of Wayne. Wayne sucked hard on Phillip's tongue, as he enjoyed the pleasure of Phillip's cock driving all the way into him. Wayne now realized that he had always been gay, and that his whole life had been spent denying it until Phillip came along. Wayne knew that Phillip was the person he was meant to be with forever. Wayne finally moaned in absolute pleasure as he felt Phillip's cum flow into him, filling his rectum.

As Phillip's cock softened inside Wayne, Phillip leaned up and said, "I put quite a bit in you today dear. Do you need to let any of it out?"

"I'm keeping every drop of your cum inside me, where it belongs!" replied Wayne, as he smiled blissfully.

After Phillip pulled his flaccid cock out of Wayne, he moved down and pleasured his lover's cock lovingly with his mouth. Once Wayne and Phillip had finished making love, they rested in each other's arms until they heard a large boat off in the distance. Both men quickly got dressed and went out onto the deck. A Coast Guard ship approached them, and pulled up alongside Wayne's boat.

"Hi there, are you Wayne Owens?" asked the commander.

"Yes, and this is my partner Phillip Burton." replied Wayne.

"First we wanted to thank you for finding that plane yesterday." said the commander. "It always makes us feel like we're doing something good out here when we can clear cases like that. I also wanted to let you know that we were notified of your claim out here. Congratulations. We'll keep an eye out for you while you're out here. Our patrols come by here every few hours or so, even though we mostly concentrate on Canaveral. We want to make sure you complete your salvage without anyone trying to jump you. Do you have any estimates on your cargo down there?"

"It looks like one of the largest finds ever discovered around here." replied Wayne. "We'll have our equipment out here tomorrow, and it may take about a week to complete the salvage."

"Well then, congratulations again." said the commander. "I guess all of those old myths were actually true. Like I said, we'll keep an eye out for you to make sure you complete this without any problems."

"Thank you sir, we appreciate that very much." replied Wayne.

Wayne and Phillip waved at the ship as it sailed away. Then Phillip chuckled, "We should be okay as long as Redbeard doesn't show up!"

"Don't get too confident honey." replied Wayne as he smiled. "With a claim this size, you never know who might try to jump it. I'll feel much better when we have all that gold safely stowed away."

"Is that why you told the man with the salvage equipment that you had your own crew?" chuckled Phillip.

"Laugh if you want to, but I'd rather teach every friend I have how to dive rather than trust some of the vultures around here." smiled Wayne.

As soon as everyone got back from Orlando, Carter and Kevin got Wayne's jet skis out, and headed out toward where they saw Wayne's boat. The diving flag wasn't up, so the boys pulled up along side the boat and called out for Wayne and Phillip. The two men came out of the cabin and waved the boys on board.

"Dad was wanting to know what the plans are about the wreck." said Carter to Wayne.

"Well, we have a salvage ship and equipment on its way here for tomorrow morning, and I need a whole bunch of crewmen." replied Wayne as he smiled. "Do you know where I can find a few volunteers? We'll be staying on the ship full-time when it gets here. It has quarters, restrooms, and a galley."

"Wow!" exclaimed Kevin. "How much is that setting you back?"

"It's setting US back two hundred grand for the week, but we're going to be making a lot more than that." replied Wayne. "I figure there's probably close to a billion dollars worth of gold down there."

"A WHAT?!" exclaimed Carter.

Carter and Kevin had to sit down for a few moments upon hearing that. Once they could think clearly again, Carter said, "I'm sure dad is going to want to hear this! Kevin, why don't you stay here with Wayne and Phillip, and I'll take the skiff in and get dad?"

"Okay babe, but hurry back." replied Kevin.

Carter returned about thirty minutes later with Frank. Frank climbed on board the boat and asked, "What is this you're telling the boys Wayne? Carter is babbling something about a billion dollars!"

"We dove down there earlier, to get a look at the second hold." replied Wayne. "I thought with as much as was in the first hold, the hole that sunk the ship and scattered some of its cargo must have been in the second hold. The second hold was about twice as full as the first one!"

"Holy cow!" replied Frank. "I guess we're all retiring early, huh?"

"Well, if you really want to keep working, you can, but it won't be to make a living anymore." laughed Wayne. "When the ship gets here in the morning, I'm going to want someone out here all the time until we're finished. It's plenty large enough that all of us could live on it for a week."

"It kind of sounds like we're going to need as much of our families as possible working on this." said Frank.

"Let's just say that if anyone ever wanted to learn to dive, this would be an excellent time." replied Wayne.

"Okay, I'll give the news to everyone, and tell them to be ready to live at sea for the next week when the ship gets here tomorrow." said Frank.

"Doug and Darren are going to be down here from Michigan on Wednesday evening." said Kevin. "I'm sure they'd love to help."

"The more the merrier." smiled Wayne. "Phillip and I are going to stay on the boat tonight Frank. I have a trunk in my closet, and some extra diving gear in the storage room below the house. Could you bring that back with you in the morning. Once the ship is here, Carter can help you bring everyone out on my boat."

"Sure Wayne, when do you want me out here?" asked Frank.

"The ship will be here at nine thirty, so I need the trunk from my closet out here by nine." replied Wayne. "I don't want any of the kids here when the ship gets here. The kids can come out as soon as they turn it over to us."

"If I didn't know better, it sounds like you expect trouble." said Frank.

"When you salvage a wreck like this, it doesn't hurt to be prepared." replied Wayne. "I'm sure everything will go fine though, so don't worry."

"Carter and I have to come out though!" said Kevin. "Who's going to take your boat back to get everyone?"

"He's got a point dear." said Phillip.

"Okay Kevin, you and Carter can come out with Frank, but that's it until I say it's all clear." said Wayne.

When Frank and the two boys went back to the house that night to tell everyone the news, Billy and Lester immediately called home to beg their parents to let them stay another week. After a long talk with Frank, Earl and Edward finally agreed to let the boys stay. Then it was Joanna's turn. Her, Alex, and Benji didn't want to miss out on all of the fun, and after thirty minutes of dealing, her supervisor agreed to extend her vacation. Then Frank and the women went to the store to buy a week's worth of provisions for the ship's galley.

All of the boys were too excited that night to do much of anything except talk. They finally began to drift off around midnight though. The next morning, Frank woke Carter and Kevin, then got Wayne's trunk out to the skiff. Before he left, Frank left strict orders with everyone not to come out to the boat until he came back for them. Then Frank, Carter, and Kevin headed out to Wayne's boat. When Carter pulled the skiff along side the boat at just before nine, Wayne and Phillip came out of the cabin still putting their clothes on.

"Geez, you are two of the horniest old guys I know!" laughed Carter, as everyone climbed aboard Wayne's boat.

Wayne laughed with the boys and made small talk, as he opened up the trunk Frank had brought him. "I'm not by any means a violent man, and I don't condone weapons in most cases, but these are very unusual circumstances." said Wayne, as he took out a rifle and loaded it. Then Wayne tossed the rifle to Frank and said, "Make sure the safety is off, and keep it on the deck out of sight unless we need it."

Then Wayne loaded another rifle and gave it to Phillip with the same instructions. After loading himself a rifle, Wayne went to work on three handguns. After his and Phillip's were ready, he loaded a pistol and gave it to Frank as he said, "Put this in the waistband of your pants, then pull your shirt out over it. I hope we don't need these, but if we do, make sure you don't put your finger near the trigger until it's out of your pants. I wouldn't want you to shoot off anything you may have grown attached to."

"Damn Rambo, are you trying to scare us or something?!" laughed Frank nervously.

"These guys know why ships like this are usually rented." said Wayne. "By now they've probably checked the county records and know that I've filed a claim out here. This kind of money would make most people do things they wouldn't normally do. It's best to be prepared."

"Where's our gun?" asked Kevin.

"We'll talk about that after the ship is secured son." replied Phillip. "For now though, we want you two boys in the cabin. If they do come out here with more people than is needed to sail the ship a short distance, we don't want them to see you boys."

"Maybe he's right Kevin." said Carter. "You guys be careful, okay? We love you."

Carter and Kevin then went inside the cabin and got out of sight. A few minutes later, Wayne spotted the Coast Guard ship they had seen yesterday. The commander then called Wayne on the radio.

"Good morning there Wayne." said the commander. "Is your ship on the way?"

"It's suppose to be here at nine thirty." replied Wayne.

"Well, we'll be in this spot for about an hour or so if you need anything." said the commander. "Please don't hesitate one second to call if you need anything at all Wayne. Good luck."

"Thank you sir, I'll keep the radio on just in case." replied Wayne.

A few minutes later, Wayne and the other men saw the salvage ship sailing toward them. The boat that was following it looked too large for the number of people it would take to bring the ship out, so Wayne was immediately suspicious.

"Okay guys, get ready." said Wayne. "Here we go."

When the ship pulled up alongside Wayne's boat, it appeared to have a full salvage crew on board. "Ahoy there Wayne!" shouted the man who rented Wayne the ship.

"I told you that I already have my salvage crew picked out." said Wayne.

"I know Wayne, but I hate the idea of trusting my ship to just anyone." replied the man. "I figured that you would be much better off with an experienced crew, and I can make you a heck of a deal."

"No deal!" replied Wayne. "I rented the ship, and that's all. I have no need for another crew, and I'm fully certified by the Coast Guard to sail a vessel that size."

The man patted the waistband of his pants and said, "I don't think you realize what a mistake you're making here Wayne."

Wayne quietly said to Frank and Phillip, "Get your rifles, but don't fire unless you see a weapon from their ship." Then Wayne pulled the pistol from his waistband and said, "I know exactly what I'm doing here. Get your entire crew off the ship now and head to port, or take your ship back with you. I can have my check canceled before you make it back to port. If not, you're now trespassing on a rightfully filed salvage claim. That Coast Guard ship you see off your bow is watching us right now, and he can be here in a few minutes if I call him."

"Okay, okay." replied the man on the ship. "Take it easy now, I was just offering you our help. If you're so determined that you don't need it, I'll take my crew back to port."

"Are you okay out there Wayne?" called out the commander of the Coast Guard ship on the radio.

"We're fine." replied Wayne. "I had to convince the man who rented me the ship that I didn't need his crew, but their leaving now."

"We're coming in to make sure of it Wayne!" replied the commander.

The man on the ship heard that, then saw the Coast Guard ship turn toward them. He then began to hurriedly get his crew off the ship. The Coast Guard ship sailed up alongside as the last of the ship's crew was getting into the smaller boat that had followed it. Wayne had everyone put their weapons away as the Coast Guard pulled up. After putting a smaller boat in the water off their ship, the Coast Guard commander and six of his men pulled up between Wayne's boat and the one that had accompanied the ship.

"I told you we're leaving!" shouted out the man who had rented the ship to Wayne.

"And we're here to make sure of it!" replied the commander over his bullhorn.

As that was going on, Wayne had the boys discreetly round up the weapons and return them to the trunk for now. After storing the trunk in the cabin, Wayne told Carter and Kevin that it was okay to come out now.

"We appreciate you putting away the weapons for now men." laughed the commander, as he climbed aboard Wayne's boat. "We were watching through some pretty high powered binoculars. You got the drop on them pretty good though."

"Thanks, they didn't impress me as the most reputable people when we rented the boat." replied Wayne. "Could I get you to join me for an inspection of the ship, to make sure they didn't leave any surprises behind?"

"Sure Wayne, we'll take four of my men with us, and give it a good going over." replied the commander. "I need two men to stay with Wayne's boat while we're on board."

Two of the Coast Guard seamen quickly volunteered and climbed aboard Wayne's boat, then Wayne climbed aboard the Coast Guard boat. As they headed to the entry hatch of the ship, the commander said, "Don't worry Wayne. I've had the best smugglers there are try to hide stuff from my crew, and no one has been able to do it yet."

On board Wayne's boat, Carter giggled, "We'll have to thank that nice commander for leaving his two cutest guys with us!"

"Hey babe, you better not be looking at hot sailors!" replied Kevin playfully.

The two seamen could tell what Carter and Kevin were talking quietly and giggling about, so they smiled at the two boys. When Carter and Kevin went into the cabin for a moment, the seamen nodded to each other and followed them in.

"Hi boys, I'm Seaman First Class Hanson, and this is Seaman First Class Baker." said the slightly taller of the two men. "You don't have to worry about your boyfriend there flirting with us. We like the attention, but we're very happy with each other too."

Then Hanson turned to Baker and gave him a very sensuous kiss in front of the two boys. Carter and Kevin both practically drooled as they watched the two hot sailors kiss each other. Then Carter pulled Kevin into him, and gave Kevin a nice passionate kiss. When Kevin and Carter, and the two sailors finally broke their kisses, they exchanged handshakes.

"I told Kevin that you two guys wouldn't mind if we thought you were hot!" smiled Carter.

"Thank you very much young man." replied Hanson.

"He has good taste, but lousy manners!" laughed Kevin. "That's my boyfriend for life, Carter. I wouldn't have thought of you two as gay though. Let's face it, you two are studs! Any straight man would envy your muscles, build, and masculine looks."

"Thanks Kevin!" replied Baker as he smiled. "We get that all the time. People always say that there's no way that two studs like us could ever be gay, then we completely blow their minds when we kiss each other. It's a ball sometimes!"

"Anyway, we just wanted to let you guys know that you can flirt all you want as long as it's just in fun, and we'll be flattered by the compliment." said Hanson.

"Well, it should be easy to flirt with two guys like you!" snickered Kevin.

"Would you guys consider working out with us sometime, and helping us get as buff as you?" asked Carter. "You two look so incredible together!"

"Well, we're just stationed here in Florida for another month." replied Baker. "Then we'll be getting out and going back home to civilian life."

"That's okay, we don't live here either." said Kevin. "We're actually from Cincinnati."

"Cincy?!" replied Hanson. "It's a damn small world boys! That's where we're going home to next month!"

"Oh man, you guys have to help us work out then!" said Carter. "We'll really appreciate it if you do!"

"Well, since we like you two, we'll give some thought as to what you need to work on." replied Baker. "Let's see those upper bodies."

Carter and Kevin both stripped off their shirts, then Baker and Hanson prodded both boys chest, abdomen, and arms for several minutes. "What do you think Jeremy?" asked Baker.

"I definitely think we can do them some good Chris!" replied Hanson.

"I guess it's settled then." said Chris. "We'll get in touch with you boys in Cincy in another month."

"Cool!" said Kevin. "Can we give you guys a little hug, just to say thanks?"

"Sure, we'd like that." smiled Jeremy.

Carter and Kevin took turns giving their new friends Chris and Jeremy a hug from each of them. Then Carter and Kevin put their shirts back on, and the four went back outside talking like old friends. When Frank and Phillip saw that, they shook their heads and chuckled. After another thirty minutes, Wayne and the rest of the seamen returned and announced that the ship was all clear.

"I think we'll try to patrol between here and the inlet for the next week Wayne, just to be safe." said the commander. "You never know what some of these people around here might try to pull next."

"I appreciate that a lot sir." replied Wayne, as he shook the commander's hand. "I'd like to thank you for everything you've done so far."

"It's just a day in the life of the Coast Guard." replied the commander as he chuckled. "To be honest though, I'd love to be the first commander to bust a pirate in these waters in over two hundred years!"

When the Coast Guard left, they took up a patrol route a little closer to the salvage ship, and in the direction that the crew had headed. Then Wayne moved his boat around to the entry hatch. After tying his boat off to the ship, Wayne went to the bridge to maneuver the ship into a better position.

Phillip came up and said, "I didn't realize you could sail a vessel this size dear."

"Before I went to college to become a psychologist, I did a little training in sailing ships." replied Wayne. "I briefly toyed with the notion of being a cruise ship captain, just like Captain Stubing."

"I could just see you as the captain of the Love Boat!" laughed Phillip.

"It was a nice little dream when I was a kid." laughed Wayne.

When Wayne had the ship positioned and anchored where he wanted it, Frank and the boys came onto the bridge. "I found the galley and the quarters. They weren't stocked to be out here at all!"

"They probably had a supply boat standing by somewhere, waiting to see how their plan worked out." replied Wayne. "Carter and Kevin, can I get you boys to bring the weapons trunk on board before you start bringing everyone out to the ship? Then if it's okay with Frank, we'll give you boys some weapons training. We need to have a few people who can handle a weapon for the next week. We never know when those people might try to come back."

"What if they try to outgun us Wayne?" asked Frank. "I don't know about this whole combat situation thing."

"Well, I have one or two very special toys in the bottom of the trunk that I don't think they can top." smiled Wayne. "Don't worry Frank, it'll be fine. And in another week, we'll all be wealthier than we ever imagined!"

Carter and Kevin eagerly got the large trunk on board, then went with Frank to begin bringing everyone out to the ship. It took three trips because of all the supplies they had, and Wayne's extra diving gear. Once everyone was on board, Rebecca and Joanna began setting up in the galley while everyone else began picking out their quarters. Frank finally agreed to let Wayne train Carter to fire weapons, so Carter and Kevin ran to the bridge as soon as they had their quarters squared away. Wayne laughed at their enthusiasm, then led the boys out to the deck with a rifle and a pistol.

"Okay boys, the first thing you always have to remember with firearms is never aim at something that you don't intend to shoot if you have to." said Wayne. "I know boys think these kinds of weapons are cool, even I thought that when I was a kid. They are not toys though. They are designed for one thing only, delivering deadly force when necessary. Those men that came out here with the ship know that we're armed now. If they do come back, they most likely will be too. If that does happen, it will be a matter of us defending our lives against them. Do you two understand that?"

"Yes sir." replied Carter.

"Yes sir." replied Kevin. "That means if we don't defend ourselves, they might kill all of us."

"That's right, and I'm sure you two are mature enough to not let that happen to your family and friends." said Wayne. "If they come back, and they are armed, it may be necessary to line another person up in these sights and pull the trigger. I honestly hope that doesn't happen, and it might not with our Coast Guard friends looking out for us. If it does though, any one of us who are going to be handling weapons will have to be ready to face that possibility. I want you young men to be absolutely sure that you could do that if you had to before you tell me to continue."

The boys thought about it for several minutes, then told Wayne that they wanted to continue.

"Okay Kevin, because of your condition, I'm not going to train you with a rifle." said Wayne. "The kick back on a rifle is absorbed mostly by your shoulder and head, and it could aggravate your condition and cause another aneurysm. After we're done with pistols though, I will train you on a little army surplus toy I picked up years ago when it was still legal. Okay Carter, let's start with the rifle."

Wayne handed Carter the rifle and said, "The first thing you want to do is make sure the safety is off so it will fire when you pull the trigger. Then you place the butt of the stock against your shoulder, and lay your head down on the top of the stock so you can see through the sights. Then you line up your target with that bead at the end of the barrel, and gently squeeze the trigger. Don't yank the trigger back, or it will throw off your aim. Now, do you see that buoy out there that we set out just before we found the wreck?"

"Yeah, I see it." replied Carter, as he got use to looking through the sights.

"Good, see if you can hit the flag." said Wayne.

Carter's first shot missed because he pulled back too hard on the trigger. Wayne corrected his mistake, then had him try it again. Carter was elated when he hit the flag with his second shot.

"That was very good Carter." said Wayne. "That wasn't too hard once you knew what to do, was it?"

"No, it wasn't hard at all." replied Carter. "It was kinda fun."

"Well, just try to remember that if you have to defend your family or friends with that rifle." said Wayne. "Now we're ready to move on to pistols. A pistol doesn't have nearly the range of a rifle, and it takes some getting use to to be accurate with it. The most important thing to remember with a pistol is to keep your arm straight out in front of you when you line your target up with the sights. The sights on the pistol are very essential to have in a direct line with your eyes, so if you bend your arm, it throws your aim off." Then Wayne went to the stern railing and set two soft drink cans down. When he came back, he handed the pistol to Kevin first. "Okay Kevin, grasp the hand grip firmly in your hand. Make sure you hold onto it firmly so the kick back doesn't knock it out of your hand. Then I want you to hold your arm straight out in front of you, and line up the can on the right in your sights. Don't squeeze the trigger until I take a look at you though."

Kevin held the pistol out and looked through the sights. Wayne looked at his arm, then raised it slightly and straightened his elbow.

"Now Kevin, that is exactly how your arm should be positioned." said Wayne. "Go ahead and line the can up again, and try not to shoot low. We don't need any bullets ricocheting around the ship."

Kevin lined the target up, and cleanly knocked it off the railing. "Wow, that takes a lot of concentration!" said Kevin.

"Yes, pistols require much more concentration than a rifle does." replied Wayne. "Now let's see what Carter can do with it."

Wayne had Carter get set, then examined his arm. After correcting Carter's arm position, Wayne had him line the remaining can up and take a shot. Carter hit his target too, and also remarked that it took a lot of concentration. Then Wayne went back to the trunk, and took out a very intimidating looking weapon.

"Okay Kevin, this is a mortar launcher." said Wayne. "If we spot a boat through the binoculars, and we can tell they mean us harm, this baby can stop them before they get close. First you sight them with this gauge, then dial in the setting on your launcher tube. Make sure you lead your target, as the shell will take some time to get there. When you take a practice shot, make sure to time how long the shell takes to reach its target. That will give you an idea of how much you need to lead it. Before you drop the shell into the launcher, make sure you have your foot firmly on the base, or the shell will knock the launcher away from you. Don't bend over to drop the shell in, and when you do drop it, get your arm away quickly. Do you want to give it a try?"

"Sure!" replied Kevin.

"Okay then, pick a spot out in the water out there, and dial it in on the launcher." said Wayne. After Kevin had done that, Wayne handed him a shell and said, make sure you keep your foot on the launcher base now, and put all of your weight into it. Then go ahead and drop the shell in when you're ready, and release the firing mechanism at the bottom of the launcher. Remember to get your hand away before you do though."

Kevin went ahead and fired the weapon, then counted until the shell dropped in the spot where he aimed.

"Now Kevin, try to remember how long it took to get there." said Wayne. "If you're firing a longer shot, it will take longer. If you fire a shorter shot, it won't take as long. And try to lead your target accordingly. This thing can either take quite a bit of getting use to, or you could pick it up easily. It's hardly ever somewhere in between."

As soon as weapon training was over, the women called everyone to the galley for a late lunch. As they were eating, Wayne said, "I want to start up a watch schedule until we are finished. Rebecca or Joanna, have either of you ever fired a gun before?"

"I hate weapons myself." replied Joanna.

"I use to go hunting with Frank all the time before Carter came along." said Rebecca.

"Good, I'll pair you with Frank then." said Wayne. "Kevin, you will be with Phillip, and Carter will be with me. I'll have Frank and Rebecca take the daytime watch, and Phillip and I will take turns with the overnight watch so we both have a chance to dive. Now, who else wants to learn to dive?"

All of the boys raised their hands, but Wayne had to tell Zack and Seth that they were too young. Then he talked Joanna into diving training, which began right after lunch. During training, Wayne told everyone that there would always be two people down below who had dived before, and everyone else would take turns. Everyone seemed to catch on pretty well, but Wayne still had them repeat everything he told them to make sure they got it. The ship had its own compressor to refill the tanks, so Zack and Seth were told they could help with that, and with unloading the cargo nets as they came out of the water. The first thing they would do in the morning would be to take a saw down, and cut a hole in each cargo hold on the wrecked ship. That way they could lower a cargo net right into the holds, and remove the gold easily. At eight o'clock, Wayne and Carter took over watch duty from Frank and Rebecca. As Carter was going out on deck with Wayne, Kevin caught up to them and told Carter that he looked sexy with a rifle slung over his back. The first night passed very quietly, and Wayne hoped the entire week stayed that way.

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