Starting Over 3:

Friends Forever

by tim the story guy

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Starting Over 3: Friends Forever

by tim

Chapter 6

From the last chapter:

All of the boys raised their hands, but Wayne had to tell Zack and Seth that they were too young. Then he talked Joanna into diving training, which began right after lunch. During training, Wayne told everyone that there would always be two people down below who had dived before, and everyone else would take turns. Everyone seemed to catch on pretty well, but Wayne still had them repeat everything he told them to make sure they got it. The ship had its own compressor to refill the tanks, so Zack and Seth were told they could help with that, and with unloading the cargo nets as they came out of the water. The first thing they would do in the morning would be to take a saw down, and cut a hole in each cargo hold on the wrecked ship. That way they could lower a cargo net down into the holds, and remove the gold easily. At eight o'clock, Wayne and Carter took over watch duty from Frank and Rebecca. As Carter was going out on the deck with Wayne, Kevin caught up with them and told Carter that he looked very sexy with a rifle slung over his back. The first night passed very quietly, and Wayne hoped the entire week stayed that way.

Wayne and Carter ended their watch the next morning as Frank and Rebecca took back over. As Wayne and Carter were going to their cabin to rest, Phillip, Kevin, Joanna, and Tommy were getting ready to dive. Alex and Benji were ready at the hoist that the saw was attached to, so Phillip could cut through the hull of the wrecked ship. Carter and Wayne gave their boyfriends a nice kiss as they passed by on the way to their cabins.

Once Phillip got down below, he realized that the ship was easier to cut through than he had thought it would be. He decided in that case it would be best to empty one hold first before opening the other. Kevin, Joanna, and Tommy cleared the wood out of the hold that Phillip was cutting through as Phillip made an opening big enough for the net. After the hole was made, the divers took a short break. Since Wayne and Carter had stood watch the night before, they wouldn't be able to help with diving until late afternoon at the earliest.

When Phillip and Kevin were ready to go back down, it was Billy and Lester's turn to go with them. Everyone else would man the net as it came back up with the first load. Phillip went with the net to guide it into the hold, then signaled the surface once the net had been lowered into place. When Kevin turned on the underwater lights, Billy and Lester were amazed at what they saw. Everyone finally got busy loading the net with their first load, and had it filled in about fifteen minutes. Then Phillip signaled Joanna to hoist the net up to the ship, and everyone began following the net. Once the first load had cleared the water, Joanna left it there for the water to drain out before bringing it on board. Phillip and the boys climbed back aboard the ship, and lowered the upper part of their wetsuits.

"You wouldn't believe how much gold is down there!" exclaimed Lester. "That net has more in it than I ever imagined seeing before, and that doesn't even make a dent in what's down there!"

"That's why we'll all feel much better once it's all up here, and we can head home." chuckled Phillip.

"We have company coming, and it doesn't look like the coast guard!" yelled Frank from across the ship.

Phillip ran to the radio to try to get whoever it was to stay away, while Kevin ran to the weapons locker to get the special toy Wayne had showed him how to use.

"Damn, they look armed!" exclaimed Frank as he looked through the binoculars, and as Kevin came up.

Phillip's attempts to contact whoever it was did no good, as Kevin set up the launcher. Frank could now tell that it was the people who were on the ship yesterday, and they were indeed armed. Kevin began targeting the boat after setting the launcher up, then aimed the weapon. Frank jumped slightly when Kevin fired the first shell, as he didn't expect a weapon like that on board. The first shot landed a few feet in front of the oncoming boat, and exploded when it impacted the water. That finally stopped the boat. As the boat sat there for a few minutes, Kevin retargeted it. Then Frank heard gunfire coming from the boat and everyone dropped to the deck of the ship. Kevin secured the launcher as best as he could, and dropped in another shell. The second shot hit its target, and the boat tried to get away. Phillip could tell they wouldn't make it very far, so he put in a call to the Coast Guard. The Coast Guard arrived on the scene about thirty minutes later, and began to pull the people from the now sunken boat out of the water. Then the Coast Guard ship began heading toward the salvage ship.

"Ahoy folks!" said the Coast Guard commander, as his ship pulled alongside the salvage ship. "I have a half dozen men in my brig down below that say you people have military weapons on board."

"I'm sure they just don't want to explain losing a boat to their boss." replied Frank across the gap between the ships. "The truth is, they began firing at us, so we returned fire. I guess one of the shots from my rifle had enough force to rupture their fuel tank, and it must have exploded."

"I told them over the radio that this was a registered salvage operation, and to turn away." said Phillip. "They never answered my calls, and then they started firing at us."

"Yes, we heard your calls to them." replied the Coast Guard commander. "I'm satisfied that you people were defending yourselves from attempted piracy, and I'm sorry they got past us. We'll make sure to hold them in custody as long as we can."

By this time, the net had finished draining so Joanna hoisted it onboard the ship. Once the net was empty, and Zack, Seth, and Tommy were busily drying the gold pieces to put them in the containers in the cargo hold, Phillip and Kevin began getting ready to go back down with Alex and Benji. Alex and Benji were just as amazed when they got in the hold of the wrecked ship as Lester and Billy had been. The net was once again fully loaded in about fifteen minutes, and everyone followed it back to the surface. As they were waiting for the net to drain again, Carter and Wayne had woke up, and joined everyone on the deck.

"Wayne, you should have seen it!" said Kevin. "Those people who were on the ship yesterday when it got here tried to come back today. They started firing at us, and I nailed them with a mortar! They're on board the Coast Guard ship now, because I sent theirs to the bottom of the ocean!"

"Nice shooting GI Joe!" chuckled Wayne. Then he turned to Phillip and asked, "Was the Coast Guard going to hold them dear?"

"The commander said that he'd hold them as long as he could honey." replied Phillip. "We have two loads now though, counting that one that's draining now."

"Good, since that one is draining, could you come back to our cabin and make love to me quickly?" asked Wayne.

"I'll make love to you any way that you like." smiled Phillip, as Wayne caressed his crotch through his wetsuit.

"Kevin, since Phillip will be busy for a few minutes, how about us going to our cabin and getting busy?" asked Carter.

After Phillip and Wayne had finished making love, and Carter and Kevin rejoined everyone on deck, Wayne turned to Carter and said, "Go ahead and pick a partner for the next dive Carter. I feel really bad about not teaching Zack and Seth to dive, and I want to see if they're still interested in learning."

Zack and Seth jumped all over Wayne, and smothered him with hugs and kisses when he asked them that. Then Wayne got out the two smallest wetsuits he had, and had the boys strip to their underwear. Wayne helped the two excited boys into their wetsuits, and then it was time to start.

"Okay boys, you're going to need to follow all of my instructions completely." said Wayne. "The first rule is, never dive without me until I feel that you're ready to be with someone else. The second rule is, never dive without a partner. Today won't be a problem, because I'm going to tether both of you to me."

Then Wayne went on to explain breathing underwater, watching their gauges, and what to do in case of an emergency. This time Alex was in charge of the hoist, and Phillip had had him send two nets down on separate cables. The first one had just started on its way up when Wayne got in the water with Zack and Seth, so they still had time to watch the second net get loaded. Wayne led the two boys down to the ship, and they swam in through the opened hatch. Zack and Seth were in awe of everything they saw, especially when they got into the hold of the ship. The gold down there was the most incredible thing they had ever seen before. Wayne was amazed that the tethers that were attached to the boys were never used once so far. Zack and Seth were content to stay close to him for now. Once the net had been loaded, and everyone began following it up, Wayne decided to let his little angels explore around the outside of the ship. By the time their tanks finally began running low, Wayne finally had to use the tether to signal to Zack and Seth that it was time to surface.

When Wayne got to the surface with the boys, they had a million questions about the things they had seen. Kevin and Carter laughed at Wayne and the boys as they got ready to take the boat to shore to get Doug and Darren. Carter steered the boat as best as he could, as Kevin stood behind him and caressed his chest and crotch. Carter got as close as he could and stopped the boat, as Doug and Darren came out onto the beach to meet them. Then Carter and Kevin took the skiff the rest of the way to shore to pick up their guests.

"Hey guys, how was the trip?" asked Kevin, as he stepped out of the boat.

"It was kinda long actually." laughed Doug, as he gave Kevin a hug. "So, our best friends are rich now too, huh?"

"Loaded is more like it!" laughed Carter, as he came up and got a hug from Doug too.

As Kevin gave Darren a hug, Darren asked, "Has everyone gone out to sea?"

"Yeah, it's a real party out there." laughed Kevin.

Then Carter gave Darren a hug as he said, "That reminds me, we have to run to the store for a few more supplies before we head back out. The one right down the street should be fine."

"Okay, let's go." replied Doug.

The boys ran to the store down the street quickly, and picked up everything that they knew they needed, then went back and loaded it onto the skiff. Carter pushed them off the shore as Kevin manned the motor, then jumped in. Once all four boys and the supplies were on the boat, they headed back out to the ship. Doug and Darren were in awe of the ship Wayne had rented, but Carter and Kevin burst out laughing as they came up to the ship. While they were gone, someone had raised a makeshift Jolly Roger flag up on the flagstaff. Zack and Seth had also talked Wayne into putting on an eyepatch when he went down to meet Carter, Kevin, and their guests.

"Ahoy land lubbers, and welcome aboard the Happy Barnacle!" said Wayne in a pirate voice as he laughed.

"Doug and Darren, this man who has obviously already been at sea way too long is Wayne." snickered Carter. "He also happens to be the best psychologist in the world, although he may be in need of one himself by the time we're done out here. Wayne, these are our friends from Michigan, Doug and Darren."

Wayne held his hand out and said in a normal voice, "It's nice to finally meet you two. Carter and Kevin has talked about you quite a bit since they came back from Michigan."

"It's nice to meet you too sir." replied Doug, as he shook Wayne's hand.

"The eyepatch was a very nice touch." giggled Darren, as he shook Wayne's hand.

"That was actually Zack and Seth's idea, just before they disappeared into their cabin with Tommy." laughed Wayne.

"Okay Doug and Darren, let's go meet everyone before everyone goes to their cabins, although it's a little early for that." smiled Kevin.

"That reminds me Kevin, it's seven o'clock." said Wayne. "Don't forget that you and Phillip have guard duty in one hour."

"Okay Wayne, I won't forget." replied Kevin.

Kevin and Carter took Doug and Darren around to meet everyone, saving Tommy, Zack, and Seth for last. Doug and Darren loved the fact that every boy on the ship was gay, and so were two of the three men. Frank and Rebecca were very glad to meet Doug and Darren, and gave both boys a warm hug. They finally came to Zack and Seth's cabin, and Kevin knocked on the door.

"Are you guys decent?" called out Kevin.

"Yeah!" replied Seth from inside.

All four boys walked in, and almost turned back around. Instead though, Kevin said, "Doug and Darren, the little boy who has the happiest look you've ever seen on his face right now is Seth. The guy sucking his dick is Tommy, and the little boy sucking Tommy's dick is Zack. I guess this is pretty decent for these guys."

"Wow, you little guys must really love Tommy, huh?" asked Darren.

"We love Tommy very much, and we want to be his boyfriends forever." moaned Seth, who was approaching his dry orgasm.

"Is that little guy about to have a dry orgasm?!" exclaimed Doug. "I thought you guys said he was six!"

"He is, to both questions." replied Kevin. "Seth seems to be developing much earlier than most boys for some reason. His father seems to think he may have his first full orgasm by the time he's ten."

"Holy shit!" exclaimed Darren. "That would be incredible! If I could have cummed at ten, I would have been so proud of it that I would have shown everyone!"

"And I think Seth probably will too!" laughed Carter.

"Yeah, they seem to love making love to Tommy in front of people they can trust." said Kevin.

At that point Seth's dry orgasm began. Doug and Darren watched in awe as the six year old boy was wracked by his dry orgasm. Then Tommy began cumming in Zack's mouth, and Zack hungrily drank every drop of Tommy's cum. Doug and Darren were both hard and breathing heavily by the time Tommy began cuddling with the two naked little boys.

As they walked back up to the deck to meet up with Phillip, Doug said, "You warned us that they were a hot threesome, but I don't think I'll ever forget seeing that!"

As Kevin and Phillip scanned the water for anything unusual, and Doug and Darren talked with them, Carter took Kevin's cock out and began sucking on it lovingly. With Kevin being on watch all night, this would be their last chance of the day to make love. Doug and Darren smiled as they talked to Kevin, and watched Carter make love to him. Phillip also smiled at being able to watch the two boys share their love. After Kevin began moaning loudly, and had his orgasm for Carter, the two boys traded places. Carter kept watch for Kevin, and talked to Doug, Darren, and Phillip while Kevin lovingly sucked his cock.

"I hope Kevin knows how lucky he is to have a father that understands him being gay so well that he doesn't mind seeing his son making love to his boyfriend." said Doug.

"Well, Carter and Kevin both know that I make love to Carter's psychologist, so they know I don't mind them sharing something so beautiful with each other." replied Phillip. "I guess that's the advantage of a gay boy having a gay father."

Everyone watched as Carter had his orgasm, and Kevin drank it down eagerly. Then Carter and Kevin shared a brief but passionate kiss, and it was time for Carter to show Doug and Darren to their cabin. The boys talked for a while longer before it was time for Carter to go to his cabin.

"Just so you guys know, the walls on this ship are paper thin, and I'll be right next door." said Carter. "Make sure you give me something good to listen to."

"We'll do our best Carter." laughed Darren.

Carter smiled as he fell asleep listening to Doug and Darren in the next cabin that night. Up on deck, the Coast Guard stayed off in the distance that night, so it was a quiet night. The next morning started off with Carter and Wayne diving. Derek and Sammy were finally going to get their turn to dive with them, and Wayne promised to teach Doug and Darren how to dive when they came back up with their first load of the day. Derek and Sammy were just as amazed as the other boys when they got to the wreck. Since two nets had worked yesterday, Wayne was going to stick with that, and hopefully clear the first hold today.

Meanwhile up on the ship, Frank spotted a boat coming toward them. He didn't recognize it as any of the people who were with the ship on the first day, so he got on the radio. First he told the people in the boat that they were approaching a registered salvage claim, and if they got any closer they would be trespassing. That didn't even slow them down, so Frank put out another call to the Coast Guard. The Coast Guard commander replied that he would be there as soon as possible, but Frank knew that he would have to hold the intruders off. Once the men in the boat saw that Frank and Rebecca were armed, they stopped about fifty feet short of the ship.

"There's no reason to be unfriendly." said the man piloting the boat. "My friends and I were out on a cruise, and we were just curious about the ship. You don't see too many ships like this out here unless something has happened, and we thought we might be able to help."

"You were told over the radio that this is a registered salvage claim." replied Frank. "We didn't request your assistance, and you're trespassing out here."

"Well, this is open sea, and I don't see it as trespassing." replied the man. "Besides, our radio is on the fritz, and we couldn't have heard your call anyway."

"I'm sure the authorities will see things differently." replied Frank. When Frank faintly heard their radio in the background, he said, "I thought your radio was on the fritz."

"Hmm, we must have gotten it fixed just this moment." replied the man.

As the man distracted Frank and Rebecca, two of his men slipped over the side of their boat, and swam toward the ship just under the surface of the water. Doug and Darren had seen the boat approaching, and was now waking Kevin. As Doug, Darren, and Kevin made their way toward the deck, they heard a commotion. The two men had snuck on board the ship, and had snuck up behind Frank and Rebecca.

While the men were in the process of tying up Frank and Rebecca, Kevin said, "Oh shit guys, they're pirates! We need to get to the weapons trunk before they do, and wake Phillip!"

The boys snuck around to where the weapons trunk was, and took it away from the deck to hide it. As they approached Wayne and Phillip's cabin, they had to hide quickly. Two men had tied Phillip up, and were taking him to where they were keeping everyone for now.

"What are we going to do with all of these people?" asked one of the men. "I didn't expect to see so many women and kids out here."

"The boss was pretty clear." replied the other man. "When we set sail from here, we'll go about ten miles out and throw them all overboard."

Kevin, Doug, and Darren quickly got away, and made their way back to where they had hidden the weapons. "The hell those assholes are going to throw my friends and family overboard!" exclaimed Kevin heatedly. "I'll kill every last one of them first!"

"Okay Kevin, we have to keep our heads here." said Doug. "We can't let them sail away from here, or everyone but us will be dead."

"Have you guys ever handled any weapons?" asked Kevin.

"My dad use to take me out hunting before Darren and I got stranded on our island." said Doug. "I always hated it, but I never dreamt it would come in handy like this!"

"Okay, here's a rifle for you and Darren." said Kevin, as he handed Doug two rifles. "Make sure they're fully loaded, and the safeties are off." Then Kevin loaded two handguns and stuck them in his waistband, and picked up the mortar launcher and two shells as he said, "Let's go get those assholes!"

"Okay Kevin, we're with you!" said Doug. "If you're going to do with that mortar what I think you are, I think I have a plan. We'll get as close as we can to the pirates without being seen, then as soon as you sink their boat with the mortar, we'll fire off a couple rounds just over their heads to get their attention."

"You don't think sinking their boat with a mortar will do that?" snickered Kevin.

Wayne knew that something was going on when he signaled Joanna to raise the first net, but got no reply. As Wayne and the boys were preparing to carefully make their way to the surface, Kevin was setting up the launcher. As the intruders were preparing to set sail, Kevin fired off a shell. As soon as the boys saw that it would hit its target, They sprung from their hiding place.

The leader of the group exclaimed, "What the hell?!"

Doug an Darren fired off a few rounds, barely missing the men, as Doug yelled out, "That's what the hell asshole! The next shots go through your fucking heads!"

Then Kevin ran in behind the leader and placed the barrel of one of his handguns against the man's head. "I suggest you be really still, and tell your men what kind of deep shit you're in now scumbag!" yelled Kevin. "Don't think for one second that I won't show your men what your brains look like splattered all over this ship!"

Wayne and the boys had climbed aboard, and immediately saw what was going on. Wayne had Carter keep Derek and Sammy back out of the way, then found one of the guns he had hidden around the ship in case of an emergency. Wayne joined Doug and Darren just as Kevin had said his last remark.

"And if he doesn't, I sure as hell will!" said Wayne, as he lowered the gun at the leader. "I could use some target practice on something totally worthless anyway, you pig eyed sack of shit!"

About that time, the Coast Guard pulled up and gave a blast of their horns. Carter waved them onboard frantically, then showed the commander and his armed men where everyone was. Carter was happy and slightly aroused to see Jeremy and Chris head toward the bridge with their rifles ready. Once the commander had the pirates in custody, he began to sort out what happened.

"Those people sunk our boat with a military weapon!" screamed the leader, with his hands cuffed behind his back. "They should be under arrest too!"

"You don't have any room to be making any demands!" barked the commander. "I'm charging you with piracy in U.S. waters, which is a federal offense that carries a life sentence! You're lucky that no one was hurt, because our piracy laws haven't been updated in two hundred years. We'd still hang you if anyone had been killed out here!"

That shut the man up, and the commander had all of the intruders taken to the brig on his ship. Then he made a quick search of Wayne's ship, and found the mortar launcher that Kevin had left behind.

"A lucky shot that ruptured their fuel tank huh?" the commander chuckled to Frank. "Well, with as much crap as these people are putting you guys through, I didn't see anything. Just make sure you keep that baby out of sight, and be careful with it. You did at least obtain it legally, right?"

"Yes sir." replied Wayne. "I bought that from Army surplus quite a few years ago, when it was still legal as long as you had the proper permits."

"Okay then, like I said, I didn't see it." smiled the commander. "You've made me a happy man Wayne. I'm going to be the first commander filing piracy charges in a very long time. This will look good on my record!"

"I'm glad we could help then!" laughed Wayne.

Meanwhile, Carter and Kevin had gotten their two favorite sailors off alone with Doug and Darren to introduce them, and give their heroes a nice hug. Doug and Darren both stared at the two extremely good looking sailors, as Carter and Kevin hugged them.

Then Jeremy smiled as he put his arm around Chris and said, "It was our pleasure to help you boys. We want to see you two grow up to be just as happy of a couple as we are. Are your friends over there who are staring at us a couple too?"

"Yeah, that's Doug and Darren." smiled Kevin. "They were stranded alone together on an island in the South Pacific for eight months, then became rich and are now building their own amusement park near Detroit."

"It's nice to meet you boys." said Chris, as he held his hand out to Doug and Darren. "Being stranded with your boyfriend alone on an island for eight months sounds very romantic!"

"It was until the island blew up!" laughed Doug.

"We didn't know it when we first got there, but it was a volcanic island." said Darren. "The Russians barely got us off the island alive. It did give me a chance to make Doug my mate though."

"Wow!" exclaimed Jeremy. "We'll have to get together and talk about that when Chris and I get out of the Coast Guard. We'll want to visit your park anyway. Chris and I both love amusement parks. When will it be open?"

"We're scheduled to open in May." replied Doug. "Just come on up and we'll let you in, our treat."

"It's the Thunderdome Amusement Park, just off interstate seventy five, north of Detroit." said Darren.

At that point, Jeremy and Chris heard their commander calling to them. Carter and Kevin gave them both a kiss on the cheek before letting them go, then turned to Doug and Darren.

"Man, you two can find the hottest gay guys, can't you?" laughed Doug.

"I don't know Doug, you and Darren can keep up pretty good with that!" laughed Kevin. "Or have you forgotten about half of that football team of yours in Lansing?"

The boys all shared a laugh as they went to rejoin everyone else on the bridge. Wayne immediately gave Doug and Darren a hug after hearing the entire story about the pirates.

"We'd all be dead right now if it hadn't been for you two helping Kevin." said Wayne. "I'm glad you two came down for a visit, and I want you to consider yourselves a part of our family."

"We couldn't let those people get away with what they were going to do to our friends." said Doug. "I hope the government locks them up and throws away the key."

"We're here to help you guys any way you need it." said Darren. "We won't let anyone else even get close to this ship again. Doug, what do you think about hiring private security to patrol the area in boats?"

"Would they be armed babe?" asked Doug.

"Of course they would!" laughed Darren. "What fun would it be if they weren't?"

"You boys don't have to do that." said Wayne. "Besides, I'm starting to trust fewer and fewer of the people around here."

"Who said they would be from around here?" asked Doug. "We were going to fly sixteen of our security guards down here from Michigan, and rent four boats. Even though our guards aren't armed at the park, I know almost all of those guys have weapon permits."

Then Doug immediately got on his cell phone, and had his security supervisor round up fifteen of his best men. Within fifteen minutes, he had sixteen guards on the way to the airport, and reservations for them to fly from Detroit to Daytona Beach that evening. Before the next dive started, Wayne decided that he would no longer split up Carter and Kevin on dives and watch duties. The incident with the pirates made him realize that he would have regretted being separated from Phillip if anything had happened, and that Carter and Kevin probably felt the same way. That made Carter and Kevin very happy.

As evening approached, Doug, Darren, Carter, and Kevin got ready to go ashore. Doug and Kevin would go to the airport to pick up Doug and Darren's security guards, while Darren and Carter went to the marina to rent four power boats. Each boat would be assigned four guards, with two of them on the boat at a time while the other two rested on board the ship. Doug and Kevin delivered the men to the marina, then gave his supervisor directions to the ship. Carter called Wayne to tell him that the men were on the way, and gave him a description of the four boats they were in so Wayne could identify them. Then the four boys headed back to the beach house and Wayne's boat. Doug and Darren's guards were already at the ship when the boys got there, and Wayne was treating them to a little hospitality before they got to work.

"Okay guys, you have your boat and watch assignments." said Hank. "If anyone besides the Coast Guard approaches this site, stop them any way you have to."

Wayne and Phillip took the watch duty on board the ship that night. It was so calm and peaceful that night that Wayne was happy to have Doug and Darren's men out there. It also gave Wayne and Phillip a chance to make up for lost time over the past few days. The next day Carter and Kevin were the experienced divers for the first dive. They ended up taking Doug, Darren, Frank, and Rebecca down with them, as none of them had gotten to dive to the wreck yet. Due to yesterday's excitement, the first hold had not been finished yet. When Carter and Kevin got there, they estimated that it would take two more loads, and they should finish by lunch. Phillip wanted them to wake him and Wayne to start on the second hold, because he was the only one who had handled the underwater saw so far, and he didn't want anyone getting hurt with it.

Although the first hold was almost empty now, the four who had not seen it yet was still impressed. There still seemed to be a few nice pieces there, although now it was mostly coins and ingots. The first net was loaded, then Kevin guided it out of the hold. While loading the second net, Doug came across a small gold statue that looked incredibly similar to a wooden one that he had bought in Tahiti for their friend Benjamin. Doug took the statue to Kevin, and motioned that he would like to keep it. Kevin motioned for Doug to put it in his diving pouch instead of the net. When the second net was loaded and on its way up, everyone began heading for the surface.

When they got on board the ship, Doug asked, "Where did the wrecked ship come from?"

"It's part of a Spanish fleet that was on it's way to Saint Augustine, then back to Spain." replied Carter. "It was taking gold back to Spain from Mexico and Central America."

"That is really weird!" said Doug, as he removed the small statue from his pouch. "This little guy looks exactly like a wooden statue that I bought for someone when we were in Tahiti. It was suppose to be a God of good luck to the locals in that part of the South Pacific."

"That is pretty incredible." said Kevin. "The people of Tahiti probably didn't even know that Mexico and Central America even existed way back then. I wonder how they could have come so close?"

"Does anyone hear the theme to the Twilight Zone playing in the background, or is it just me?" laughed Darren.

"Well Doug, I think you were meant to come here and find that." said Kevin. "I want you to take that home with you."

"I don't know what to say man." replied Doug. "This is just as beautiful as mine and Darren's two best friends. We love you guys."

"We love you too Doug and Darren." smiled Carter.

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