Starting Over 3:

Friends Forever

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Starting Over 3: Friends Forever

by tim

Chapter 7

From the last chapter:

"That is really weird!" said Doug, as he removed the small statue from his pouch. "This little guy looks exactly like a wooden statue that I bought for someone when we were in Tahiti. It was suppose to be a God of good luck to the locals in that part of the South Pacific."

"That is pretty incredible." said Kevin. "The people of Tahiti probably didn't even know that Mexico and Central America even existed way back then. I wonder how they could have come so close?"

"Does anyone hear the theme to the Twilight Zone playing in the background, or is it just me?" laughed Darren.

"Well Doug, I think you were meant to come here and find that." said Kevin. "I want you to take that home with you."

"I don't know what to say man." replied Doug. "This is just as beautiful as mine and Darren's two best friends. We love you guys."

"We love you too Doug and Darren." smiled Carter.

Phillip and Wayne went down to the wreck after lunch. They took Tommy, Zack, Seth, Alex, and Benji with them. Wayne figured that Alex and Benji would offer the most help this time down, and the other three boys didn't disappoint him. Once Phillip had sawed through the hull of the ship, Wayne, Alex, and Benji set up the underwater lights. Zack and Seth did try to help load the nets, but Tommy took turns swimming up behind them, and wrapping them in his arms while he caressed their crotches. Phillip and Wayne snickered at how Zack and Seth's small wetsuits sported bulges for most of the dive.

As that dive was going on, Doug and Darren were in their cabin, getting ready to make love. As they took each other's naked bodies into each other's arms, they heard a knock at the door.

"Who is it?" asked Doug, as he broke a kiss with Darren.

"It's me and Carter." answered Kevin through the door.

"Come on in then." said Doug, before resuming the kiss with Darren.

Carter and Kevin entered the cabin, and Kevin said, "We're sorry guys, we didn't mean to interrupt you. We can come back later."

"Don't be silly." laughed Darren, as their kiss was broken again. "There's plenty of room for you guys to join us on this bed."

"Yeah guys, get your clothes off and get busy with each other." said Doug.

Carter and Kevin smiled as they began to undress each other, while Doug and Darren resumed their kiss again. Once Kevin and Carter were naked, they laid down next to Doug and Darren and began their own kiss. As Doug and Darren kissed, they began to stroke each other's cocks. Kevin and Carter quickly followed suit, and all four boys were soon gripped by passion.

When all four boys caught their breath at the same time, Doug looked over at Kevin and said, "Let's put our cocks inside our guys, and make love to them Kevin."

Darren and Carter immediately turned on their backs as they smiled at their boyfriends, so Kevin replied, "Something tells me that they're all for that Doug."

As soon as Kevin had knelt between Carter's legs, and Doug had knelt between Darren's legs, Doug grabbed a tube of lube from the stand beside the bed. Doug put some of the lube in his hand, then reached over and lubed Kevin's cock. Kevin moaned lightly as Doug got his cock ready to go into Carter. Then Doug reached between Carter's legs, and lubed Carter's pucker. After that, Doug handed the lube to Kevin. Kevin smiled as he rubbed the lube into Doug's cock, and then into Darren's pucker. Darren and Carter scooted close together, and put an arm behind each other, as Kevin and Doug put their cocks up to their boyfriends holes. Kevin then began to slide his cock into Carter as Doug watched. As soon as Kevin's cock was all the way in Carter, Kevin watched as Doug's cock disappeared into Darren. As soon as they started thrusting in and out of Carter and Darren in unison, Doug slipped an arm behind Kevin. When Kevin felt Doug's hand cup his butt, he slipped his arm behind Doug. Doug smiled as he felt his cock go in and out of Darren, and Kevin's hand rub his butt. When Doug felt one of Kevin's fingers go into him, Doug slipped a finger into Kevin.

After about five minutes, Kevin said, "Keep your finger in me while I do something."

Kevin leaned down, and began sucking sensuously on Carter's nipples. At the same time, Kevin began to massage and pinch Darren's nipples. After a few minutes, Darren begged Doug and Kevin to trade what they were doing. Kevin bent upright, and put his finger back into Doug. Then Doug leaned down and began to suck Darren's nipples while he played with Carter's. After a few minutes, Darren and Carter were both moaning. Doug then bent back upright, put his finger back into Kevin, and he and Kevin began picking up their pace on going in and out of Carter and Darren. Then Doug and Kevin began moaning loudly as they began cumming into Darren and Carter.

As Kevin and Doug laid back on the bed to recover, Carter and Darren knelt between their legs and prepared to make love to them. Carter and Darren prepared each other the same as Doug and Kevin had, then watched each other as their cocks slid into their boyfriends. Carter and Darren followed the same routine that Doug and Kevin had, until they both had their orgasms into Doug and Kevin. Then all four boys laid on the bed together and embraced their boyfriends.

Doug finally asked, "What did you guys want when you came to our cabin anyway?"

"Oh yeah, I almost forgot." laughed Kevin. "We wanted to know if you guys wanted to go up to the deck with us for a little target shooting."

"We shouldn't really need that now with our people out there in boats." replied Doug.

"Yeah, but it's kinda fun anyway." said Carter. "Besides, you never know when someone might sneak past the boats. We've found out why Wayne don't trust some of the people around here."

"Yeah, from what you told us, you've already had some excitement." said Darren. "I guess we still could just for fun though."

The four boys got dressed, and went up to the deck. Carter dragged the weapons trunk to the deck, and everyone but Kevin got out a rifle. Kevin stuck to using a pistol. The boys practiced for about an hour, when Carter noticed a strange boat in the distance, closing in fast. Doug could see one of their boats chasing it, so the boys knew the strange boat was trouble. Kevin got out the launcher, gauged the speed and distance as best as he could, and dropped in a shell. Kevin's shot hit the very rear of the strange boat, taking out its engine and causing it to begin sinking. Doug's men then easily caught it, and began fishing men out of the water. Then Doug got a call from Hank on the radio.

"I'm very sorry Doug." said Hank. "I don't know how they got past us. I promise it won't happen again."

"Don't be too hard on yourself Hank." replied Doug. "These people are very determined. They'll stop at nothing to get to this ship. We'll call the Coast Guard to come and get them."

When Doug got off the radio, Kevin said, "This is great! Wait until you meet Chris and Jeremy. They are the two hottest sailors you have ever seen!"

"Yeah, they're so in love with each other that it's awesome too." said Carter. "They're going to help me and Kevin work out when we they get out and return home to Cincy."

"Why haven't you guys used the weight room on the ship then?" asked Darren.

"There's a weight room on this ship?" asked Kevin.

"Yeah, it's two doors down from our cabin!" laughed Doug. "You guys sure don't like to explore much, do you?"

"Well, I'm going to hurry and call the Coast Guard, so we can show Chris and Jeremy." replied Doug.

By the time the Coast Guard got there, Wayne, Phillip, and the boys had returned from their dive. Wayne, Phillip, and Frank talked to the Coast Guard commander about the unwillingness of some people to give up and leave their salvage operation alone. Meanwhile, Kevin and Carter introduced Chris and Jeremy to Doug and Darren. Then the boys went to take a look at the weight room with their favorite sailors. Even Chris and Jeremy were impressed with the facilities on the ship.

"I guess your pirates liked to keep themselves in good shape!" laughed Jeremy. "This is just as nice as the weight room we have back at the base."

"It's too bad you guys can't find a way to stay here for a while." said Kevin. "Then we could get started on working out, so Carter and I can be hunks, just like you two."

"I don't know if that's possible." said Doug. "No one can take the place of my Darren, but those are two very hot sailors!"

"Thanks boys." smiled Chris.

As everyone went back up to the deck, Frank said to the commander, "I just can't believe their persistence. Even with the armed guards in speedboats we have now, they just won't give up. I don't think anything will work short of military intervention!"

"Well, I don't know how much flack I'll take, but I'd like to help you people as much as I can." replied the commander. "I want to leave two of my men here, if I can get two volunteers. I'll also make sure they are supplied just a bit better than any civilians might be. Now, if I can find two of my men that will take on the assignment."

"Sir, Seaman First Class Baker and I would like the assignment." volunteered Jeremy.

"Hanson and I would love to help these wonderful people." said Chris.

"Okay men, you got it." replied the commander. "You two get started on bringing a few special supplies on board. I think two eleven millimeter guns and a forty five millimeter cannon should get our point across to any more pirates that make it near the ship."

"I would think so too sir!" laughed Jeremy.

Once Chris and Jeremy had brought what they needed aboard Wayne's ship, the Coast Guard ship left, leaving it's two hottest sailors with Kevin, Carter, Doug, and Darren. The boys helped their sailor friends set everything up. By the time the work was finished, everyone had removed their shirts, and a light sweat was glistening on everyone's upper bodies.

Once the work was finished, Jeremy asked, "How would you boys like to start working out now?"

"That would be great, but shouldn't someone be keeping a look-out?" replied Carter.

Jeremy then spotted Zack, Seth, and Tommy walking by and asked, "How would you three boys like to be junior Coast Guard seamen's helpers?"

"Oh boy, that sounds so cool!" exclaimed Zack.

"Good, here's your first assignment." said Jeremy, who then handed them one of his and Chris's two way radios. "Take this radio and some binoculars up to the lookout post on top of the bridge. We need you to keep an eye out for any boats that don't belong in the area. If you see anything, call me on the radio immediately. Can you boys handle that assignment?"

"Yes sir!" chirped Zack and Seth in unison, while Tommy snickered.

"Good boys, Baker and I have some important work to do." said Jeremy. "If you boys do a good job, we'll make sure you get a commendation for it."

Tommy thanked Jeremy for making his little boyfriends feel so important, then took off after the two excited boys. Jeremy and Chris laughed lightly, then followed the other for boys back to the ship's weight room.

Once they were inside, Jeremy said, "Okay boys, the first thing we need to do is strip down completely. Chris and I have found that working out naked is the best way to do it, as you don't have any clothing to interfere with the flexing of your muscles. That's how we work out whenever we can."

After everyone was naked, Jeremy laid down on the first bench with his mostly flaccid cock flopping back lazily on his stomach. Chris then stood at Jeremy's head to add weights, and spot for his mate. Chris's cock and balls loomed over Jeremy's head.

"Another advantage to working out like this is that the view is spectacular!" smiled Jeremy, as he prepared to show the boys what he wanted them to work on. The two men and four boys spent the next hour and a half working out together, with everyone's cock being erect for most of that time.

Jeremy finally said, "Now it's time to show you guys an awesome work out. Chris and I are going to show you a great way to work on the legs and lower abdomen."

Chris then laid down at the leg bench, and prepared to work on his legs. As Chris did that, Jeremy went to his pants and retrieved a tube of lube. Jeremy lubed Chris's cock, then as Chris began working his leg muscles, Jeremy straddled his abdomen and drove Chris's cock into him deeply. Jeremy moaned as he lifted up and down on Chris's cock a few times, then he leaned forward, laying on Chris with their chests pressed together. As Jeremy began kissing Chris, Chris adjusted his leg technique so that as he lifted his legs, his cock drove in and out of Jeremy. All four boys watched in awe as the two men made love.

Jeremy broke the kiss just long enough to pant, "The object here is to keep working on your legs until you cum inside your lover!"

After almost ten minutes of a very intense workout for Chris, he began lifting his legs faster and faster. That drove his cock into Jeremy with more and more force. The two men writhed in each other's arms and caressed each other, as Chris shot a nice load of cum deep into Jeremy.

As soon as Chris's orgasm was over, Jeremy breathlessly said, "Now it's another couple's turn. We'll go around until until everyone has had a chance to work on their legs."

Next up was Kevin working on his legs, as he drove his cock in and out of Carter. After that it was Doug making love to Darren as he worked on his legs. Then all three couples went around again, as the other person in the couple got a chance to make love to their lover. When that was over, everyone went to the shower room for a nice cool shower together. During the shower, Kevin and Carter went to Chris and Jeremy, and gave both men a quick kiss on the cheek.

"We want to thank you guys for working out with us." said Kevin. "It's going to be fun letting you two turn us into a couple of studs like you."

After the shower, it was dinner time. Everyone headed to the galley, where Rebecca and Joanna had prepared a great dinner. After dinner, Kevin, Carter, Doug, and Darren joined Jeremy and Chris on the deck. The moon was now out, and shone beautifully off the ocean, as the three couples hugged each other closely.

"It makes Chris and I feel very good to see you boys as in love with each other as we are." said Jeremy. "It makes us feel like someday there wil be no difference in how the world sees our relationships. This is going to be the best assignment we've ever had, even if it only lasts a few more days."

"It makes us feel good to have met you guys too." said Carter. "It shows us that we're right for wanting to be just like you guys for the rest of our lives. I hope that someday Kevin and I can be legally married."

"You two should have a commitment ceremony in the meantime." said Doug. "Darren and I did, and it was the best thing we've ever done. He feels every bit like my husband now, and it's such a great feeling."

"I don't know, would two very hot sailors like to join us in something like that when they return to Cincy?" asked Kevin.

"Jeremy and I would love to share a commitment ceremony with you and Carter." replied Chris. "Let's do it as soon as Jeremy and I get home to Cincy."

"Do you want to Carter?" asked Kevin.

"Yes babe, I want to commit myself to you very much." replied Carter. "It wasn't very long ago that I lost Travis, and I thought I could never feel anything again. You have filled me with so much love and feeling Kevin, that I want the whole world to know how much you mean to me."

As Carter and Kevin shared an amazingly loving kiss, it brought a single tear to everyone else's eyes. Everyone could tell how much Carter and Kevin were meant for each other. The three couples spent most of the night gazing out over the ocean, and showing their lovers as much love and affection as they could.

The next morning, Wayne came across the three couples where they had drifted off to sleep in each other's arms. He smiled as he picked up the radio to call Hank.

"Hey Hank, this is Wayne." said Wayne into the radio. "Are you out there?"

"I'm right here sir." answered Hank over the radio.

"Is there anything to report?" asked Wayne.

"No sir, it's been quiet all night and morning so far." replied Hank.

"Good, we like it that way." chuckled Wayne. "I'll make sure our sailors are awake before we start diving this morning. You and your men have a nice quiet day." Then Wayne reached down and shook Carter awake, and said, "Good morning Carter. Do you and Kevin feel up to diving today?"

Carter yawned, then opened his eyes and replied, "Sure Wayne, let us get some breakfast first."

Then Carter woke Kevin, and both boys woke Doug and Darren. Before they were ready to head to the galley for breakfast, the boys woke Jeremy and Chris to join them. On the way to the galley, Carter said to Wayne, "I wanted you to know that Kevin and I are going to have a commitment ceremony in about a month Wayne. None of this would be possible if it hadn't been for all the help you gave me when I needed it. You're a great man Wayne, and I love you for that."

"It does me a lot of good to hear that from you Carter." smiled Wayne. "It shows me that I made a difference in a boy's life when he needed it the most, and I needed to know that. I hope you and Kevin share a wonderful and happy life together. You and Kevin will have to talk to your parents and Phillip though. A commitment ceremony means that you will now be living together as husbands, and I'm sure there will be a few details about that to work out with your parents."

"We'll all sit down tonight to start working that out." smiled Carter. "I'm sure we will come up with something."

The diving that day went well, and it looked like they had one to one and a half days more work to finish the salvage operation. After noon, Kevin, Carter, Doug, and Darren turned their diving over to Billy, Lester, Alex, and Benji. Then the four boys went to the weight room with Jeremy and Chris for another workout. After the workout, they relaxed until dinner time. Toward the end of dinner, Jeremy got a call from Hank's men over the radio.

"Jeremy, get to the deck now!" called out the guard. "Two boats approached us. We stopped one, but the other got past us. One of our boats is trying to chase him down. They have explosives on board, and they intend to sink the ship so they can salvage it themselves later!"

Everyone ran to the deck. Jeremy ran to one of the eleven millimeter guns, while Chris headed straight for the cannon. Carter and Kevin ran to the other eleven millimeter gun, while Wayne, Phillip, and Frank grabbed their rifles. Jeremy spotted the boat, and covered the area with fire from his gun. That only made the boat change course, and they soon came into Carter's range. Carter fired at the boat, making it change course again. This time they looked like they were determined to make it to the ship, as Chris lined them up with his cannon.

Jeremy called out on the radio, "This is the United States Coast Guard! Turn back now or you will be destroyed!"

When the boat failed to respond or change direction, Chris fired several quick shots from the cannon. The shells hit their mark, and the boat exploded in a massive blast. The boat that had been chasing them down finally arrived, but there were no survivors to be found. There wasn't even much debris that was larger than a dinner plate.

"They must have had more than enough explosives on board to sink this ship." said Chris, when the guards reported back to the ship.

"Well, hopefully this will finally send the message that this ship is off limits." replied Jeremy. "I hate it that we had to do that, but they better realize that we will defend ourselves with all of the military force available to us."

"Don't let it bother you guys." said Doug. "You just defended us and yourselves. They were the ones carrying so many explosives that they blew themselves into tiny little pieces."

"Yeah, you can't feel responsible for their stupidity." said Kevin.

"Thanks boys, that really helps." smiled Jeremy.

The next day was a day for Jeremy and Chris to unwind after the evening before. The two men and their four young friends decided to go diving on their own, while everyone else handled the salvage. Doug and Darren were amazed by how much there was to see on the ocean floor, while the others already knew that.

Between dives, Doug said, "We have to do something with this bottom of the ocean thing at our park. Maybe a simulator ride or something."

"Or maybe a submarine ride." said Darren. "There is space under the stadium that we have no way of using. We could build a lighted saltwater channel through those spaces, and fill them with all kinds of ocean life. Then we could have a mostly glass enclosed vehicle that rides on a track through the channel."

"That would be nice, but do you think people would see that as a thrill ride?" asked Kevin.

"We could always have something that goes wrong, and forces the vehicle to make a desperate and slightly wild escape to the surface." replied Doug. "Then it would sail back to the station, and the people would be thrilled that they made such a narrow escape. Of course they'll never be in any real danger, but we can make them think that they are."

"You guys should do that kind of thing for a living." laughed Carter. "Just make sure you let Kevin and me know when you're ready to open that one."

"Well, right now we're starting to get ready for opening day this spring." replied Doug. "I know it seems like there's a long time until then, but we have a staff to hire, landscaping, painting, finishing up rides under construction, and getting all of the supplies we need. We even want to find a band to play at the park on opening day."

"The submarine ride will be the first one we do after we get everything lined up though." said Darren. "As it is, our Cyclone rollercoaster may not be ready until the July fourth holiday."

"We're invited to opening day too, aren't we?" asked Jeremy.

"Of course you guys are." replied Doug. "You can come with Kevin and Carter. It's going to be a great park!"

The guys went out for a couple more dives that afternoon, since everything looked pretty quiet. Jeremy and Chris felt that now that the word was out that the Coast Guard was helping guard the salvage operation, no one else would try to attack them. When Wayne was done diving that day, he told everyone that they would only need to make two dives the next day, and the wreck would be clear.

The evening and night passed very quietly, for which Wayne was relieved. The next day Phillip and Frank were in charge of the diving, as Wayne wanted to work with Jeremy and Chris on finding a secure port to sail to. The ship had been rented locally, but after everything that had happened, Wayne did not want to unload any cargo in the area. A secure port facility was finally chosen, then Wayne began contacting people about the disposal of the cargo. The Federal Gold Reserve could take the gold bars, but all other gold would have to be melted down into bars before they could take it. Then Wayne got in touch with a very reputable gold dealer. He suggested that Wayne would make much more money if everything but the bars were sold of at a gold auction. He explained to Wayne that some of the pieces could bring a lot more that way, than to be melted down.

By the time Wayne was done, Phillip, Frank, and the boys had finished the last of the wreck's cargo. At about the same time, the Coast Guard ship showed up to give Wayne an escort to the port of Jacksonville. Once there, Doug and Darren's guards would provide armed security until the cargo was transported to a secure location in Cincinnati. When the ship arrived in Jacksonville, it was time for the boys to say good-bye to Jeremy and Chris. It was an emotional farewell, even though the boys knew that their friends would return home to Cincinnati in another month. Wayne then took the ship back where it belonged. Everyone had their stuff packed when the ship sailed into its port, and immediately went to the shuttle vans that Wayne had waiting for them. Before Wayne joined everyone else, he went into the office and informed the owner that he planned on filing civil charges, to go along with the criminal charges the man was now facing. The man's lawyer had advised him not to say anything when Wayne returned the ship, so the man remained silent through what Wayne had to say. After Wayne took his boat back to its dock at the marina, it was finally time to head back to Wayne's house.

"I can't believe what a week its been!" said Wayne, as everyone piled into the house. "The people I talked to today are giving me estimates that we will make between one and a half, and two billion for the gold we brought up."

"I still can't even comprehend that Wayne!" replied Frank. "That's more than I've ever dreamt of seeing in my life!"

"There's no doubt, it will change all of our lives." said Phillip. "I just hope that it's for the better."

"Speaking of changing our lives dad, there is something that Kevin and I wanted to talk to you, mom, and Phillip about." said Carter. "With all of the excitement, we kinda forgot until now."

"Okay son, what is it?" asked Frank.

"Kevin and I have decided that we want to have a commitment ceremony, and live together as husbands." said Carter.

"I know that we're only sixteen, but we couldn't be more sure about this if we were twice that age." said Kevin. "Our love is as strong as it can possibly be, and neither one of us can see that ever changing."

"We know that it wil cause some changes in living arrangements, since Kevin and I want to live as husbands now." said Carter. "We hope this can be worked out though."

"I'm sure that the five of us can come up with something son." said Frank. "Yours and your husband's happiness are the most important things here."

"And I couldn't be happier for you Kevin." said Phillip. "It's clear to all of us that you two boys belong together. I want to suggest that before you boys move out on your own, you spend one more year with us to prepare for that. If it's okay with Frank and Rebecca, I think you should alternate one week at a time between homes. I'm sure they will agree with me to treat and respect you two boys as a married couple."

"That does sound like the fairest way to handle things." said Rebecca. "And Phillip is right that we will respect you as a married couple." Then Rebecca put her arms around Carter and said, "Congratulations son, we are so happy for you and Kevin."

"I love you and dad so much mom!" replied Carter, as he hugged his mother. "How did I get so lucky as to have such great parents?"

"We love you too son." smiled Frank.

When bedtime rolled around, Kevin turned to Doug and Darren and said, "I guess you two will be in the tent with all of us boys. Welcome to what we call the beach cabin orgy."

That had Doug and Darren laughing all the way to the tent, until they began to realize that Doug wasn't kidding.

"You guys are going to see things tonight that you never thought you would see." laughed Carter, as all of the boys began stripping.

Doug and Darren watched in awe as all of the boys began making love to their lovers in front of all of their friends. The most incredible sight to them was when Tommy, Zack, and Seth began making love. Tommy was very gentle with the young boys, and they were extremely horny for their age. Doug and Darren did know that the two younger boys had issues which might explain their unusual level of sexual activity though. Doug and Darren finally laid down together to make love, and the tent was filled with the sounds of boys in pleasure. After almost everyone had finished making love that night, Tommy was still working on Seth. Doug and Darren paid close attention when Seth began moaning like he was going to cum. They knew he was too young for that, and thought he was too young for a dry orgasm. They soon found out they were wrong about that, as they watched Seth writhe in pleasure underneath Tommy. Doug and Darren both breathed heavily as they watched Seth have a dry orgasm.

"That was the most incredible thing I've ever seen!" said Doug.

"Most people who've seen them do that think so too." laughed Kevin.

The next morning it was time for Lester and Billy to begin heading back home. Then Doug and Darren talked Carter and Kevin into going back to Cincinnati with them, and following Lester and Billy back. That would give Doug and Darren a chance to spend a few days in Cincinnati with their friends, before heading back to Michigan. Frank, Rebecca, and Phillip finally agreed, as they knew Kevin and Carter wanted to spend time with their friends.

Well, the adventures on the high seas are over now. Now it's time to begin heading back home, but I'm sure no one will ever forget their trip to Florida. Please send all comments to: Also, don't forget to visit me at: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you again in Chapter 8.