Starting Over 3:

Friends Forever

by tim the story guy

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Starting Over 3: Friends Forever

by tim

Chapter 8

From the last chapter:

Doug and Darren watched in awe as all of the boys began making love to their lovers in front of all of their friends. The most incredible sight to them was when Tommy, Zack, and Seth began making love. Tommy was very gentle with the young boys, and they were extremely horny for their age. Doug and Darren did know that the two boys had issues which might explain their unusual level of sexual activity though. Doug and Darren finally laid down together to make love, and the tent was filled with the sounds of boys in pleasure. After almost everyone had finished making love that night, Tommy was still working on Seth. Doug and Darren paid close attention when Seth began moaning like he was going to cum. They knew he was too young for that, and thought that he was too young for a dry orgasm. They soon found out that they were wrong about that, as they watched Seth writhe in pleasure underneath Tommy. Doug and Darren both breathed heavily as they watched Seth have a dry orgasm.

"That was the most incredible thing I've ever seen!" said Doug.

"Most people who've seen them do that think so too." laughed Kevin.

The next morning it was time for Lester and Billy to begin heading back home. Then Doug and Darren talked Carter and Kevin into going back to Cincinnati with them, and following Lester and Billy back. That would give Doug and Darren a chance to spend a few days in Cincinnati with their friends, before heading back to Michigan. Frank, Rebecca and Phillip finally agreed, as the knew Kevin and Carter wanted to spend time with their friends.

On the drive to Cincinnati, Carter came up with the idea of visiting Doug and Darren in Michigan again. When they stopped that night in Georgia, Billy and Lester found out about Carter and Kevin's plans. Carter and Kevin could tell that Billy and Lester kind of envied them for having such a close friendship with Doug and Darren, so Kevin asked them if they would like to go to Michigan with them this time. Billy knew it would be tough talking his dad into that, but Carter and Kevin said they would help. That gave the boys all day the next day to figure out how to talk Edward into letting Billy go.

When the boys finally pulled in at Kevin's house, everyone else was already there. The rest of the group who was in Florida had flown back to Cincinnati that morning, and the second Christmas celebration was well under way, although it was a bit late. Carter and Kevin joined the other boys in opening their presents that had been left behind in Cincinnati. Doug and Darren had fun just watching their friends celebrate Christmas for the second time that year. Now Doug and Darren couldn't wait to see their two friends get married.

Doug and Darren still couldn't get the sight of Tommy, Zack, and Seth out of their minds, as they went to sleep that night with Carter and Kevin. "So guys, why is Seth able to have a dry orgasm the way he does?" asked Doug. "I would have thought it would be impossible for someone his age. Hell, Zack having dry orgasms is enough of a stretch!"

"Wayne seems to think that Seth's sexual development is out of whack." replied Kevin. "Seth seems to be developing much faster than other boys. It could be another result of what his father put him through, but we don't really know. Wayne thinks he could be having full fledged orgasms by the time he's ten though. He also may develop an insatiable appetite for sex too, so I hope Tommy and Zack are ready for that. It may take both of them to satisfy his urges at that point."

"Damn, poor little guy." replied Darren. "I hope whatever it is doesn't hurt him."

"Wayne doesn't seem to think it will, but we don't want to take any chances either." said Kevin. "We all love Zack and Seth very much."

"They are adorable little kids." said Doug. "I just hope their father gets what he deserves."

"Well, this IS Ohio." snickered Kevin. "You can pretty much bet on that."

Doug quietly made love to Darren, as Kevin and Carter did the same. Then all four boys drifted off to sleep. The next day, Doug and Darren's security people arrived with the shipments of the treasure from Florida. Wayne had a secure vault waiting, and he breathed a sigh of relief once the treasure was safely locked away. Kevin and Carter also had to go to Billy's house, to help him talk his dad into letting him go to Michigan. Since Billy had just returned from Florida, it took quite a bit of effort. They finally talked Edward into letting Billy go though.

The next morning the boys woke up and got ready, then headed out to pick up Billy and Lester. Once that was done, they all headed off to Michigan. Billy and Lester had fun riding in the back of Carter's car, and they managed to easily keep occupied during the five hour drive. It was still early afternoon when all of the boys pulled into Doug and Darren's driveway, with Billy and Lester looking a little disheveled as they climbed out of the back of the Camaro. About an hour after they got there, Doug got a call from one of his friends. It was a guy named Brett, and Carter could tell it was serious when he heard Doug say, "Holy fucking shit Brett!" It looked even more serious when Doug rounded up a mini tape recorder, and hid it in his pocket.

Doug and Darren had to go help their friend named Brett, so Carter, Kevin, Billy and Lester wanted to tag along, just in case they were needed. "This could get rough guys." said Doug, as they got out of their cars at Brett's house. This guy's dad definitely doesn't like gay people, and Brett is definitely gay."

Brett and his boyfriend Tyler met Doug and the boys at the door, and they all went straight to Brett's room. Brett's dad tried to stop them as they went into the room, to find out what was going on, but Brett didn't want to handle this just yet.

Once inside Brett's room, Doug said, "Okay Brett, our parents are on board with whatever we do tonight. They care about you, and they don't want to see you get hurt. Carter, if it starts to look nasty out there, keep Kevin safe. The last thing we need is to take a chance on something happening to him. We also have Billy and Lester with us, so that will help."

Billy now knew why he had come along, and his earlier years could now be put to good use instead of hurting others. "Yeah, I use to be a bully myself until I fell in love with Lester!" laughed Billy.

Doug smiled at Billy's remark and said, "Okay Brett, let's get this over with. When we go out there, just tell them with Tyler at your side. Darren and I will be on one side, Billy and Lester will be on the other, and Carter and Kevin will watch your back. I'm sure he'll want us to leave, but we're not going anywhere without you if it looks like he can't handle having a gay son. If he kicks you out, it will be with us here to take care of you."

"Thanks Doug, I couldn't do this without you and Darren." replied Brett.

When all of the boys left Brett's room, and Doug discreetly turned on the recorder, they were immediately met by Brett's parents. Brett's dad demanded to know what was going on. Everyone held their breath and watched, as Brett took ahold of Tyler's hand and told his parents that he was gay. Brett's dad immediately asked everyone but Brett to leave the house.

Doug had seen the look on Brett's dad's face before in his own father, so he wasn't going anywhere. He had to get Brett's dad to say what he would do if they left though, so Doug stepped up and took over.

"I'm afraid we can't do that sir." said Doug. "You can call the cops if you want, but we have reason to believe that if we leave, you may hurt Brett."

Needless to say, Brett's dad did not take that well. When Darren told him to tell everyone how he felt about having a faggot as a son, that seemed to upset Brett's dad even further. It upset him enough to make a veiled threat against his son, but Doug wanted more.

Then Brett stepped back in and screamed, "I am gay! There's nothing you can do about it either! Is it going to make you feel like a big man to try to beat it out of me dad, like that kid that got beaten last week?"

That was all it took to make Brett's dad directly threaten his own son. This was the time Doug knew that it might get rough now. When Brett's dad threatened to call the police again, Doug told him to go ahead. Then Doug revealed the tape recorder that was taping the entire argument. Brett's dad immediately called Doug an asshole, and lunged at him. Darren threw a pretty good block on Brett's dad, knocking him away from Doug. Then Billy stepped up and grabbed the man's arm, taking him to the ground by twisting the arm behind the man's back. At that time Doug told the man that they would call the police if he didn't. At this point Doug wanted Brett's dad to kick Brett out of the house, so they could get it on tape.

"If you want to beat up on a kid, you have seven more here before you can even get to him!" yelled Doug. "That sounds pretty damn fair to me!"

"I don't want it to be this way dad, but I can't change the fact that I'm gay!" pleaded Brett.

That was all it took for Brett's dad to tell Brett to get out of his house, and Doug knew they had him where they wanted him, by getting it on tape. Doug had Carter and Kevin go help Brett and Tyler take Brett's things to Doug's car, while they stayed with Brett's dad, who was still being held to the floor by Billy. While the other boys were busy moving Brett's stuff out, Doug and Darren told Brett's dad what was going to happen now. They knew that they had enough on tape to keep Brett safe, and they would have Chuck begin working on that first thing in the morning. Then Darren warned Brett's dad to not fight Chuck on this, because Chuck would win this one easily.

Things seemed to be under control as Brett and the others took Brett's stuff out to Doug's car, but that worried Doug. He knew from experience that it wouldn't end this easily. The one thing that gave Doug and Darren any hope was that Brett's mom looked upset by what had happened, and had not made any effort to assist her husband. Doug could see a bit of his own mother in Brett's mom right now, and he knew that he would have to speak to her once Brett was safe. Once Brett, Tyler, Carter, and Kevin was outside, the moment came that Doug expected one more effort by Brett's dad. They now had to let go of the man so they could leave. As they approached the door, Brett's dad lunged at Doug again, but Doug expected it. Doug put his shoulder down and charged Brett's dad, driving his shoulder into the man's midsection. That knocked the man back a few feet, and stunned him as he now tried to catch his breath.

"By the way, mine and Darren's football team won the state championship last year, so don't fuck with us!" said Doug.

Once Darren warned the man to be a little more cooperative when Chuck called him tomorrow, the boys left. The drive back to Doug and Darren's house was pretty quiet. As they pulled into the driveway, Brett finally said, "I guess the worst of it is over now. Thanks for your help guys. My dad would have killed me if you hadn't been there."

"That's why we were there Brett." said Doug. "We care about you very much. Now, let's go get you moved into the guest room. That will be yours for now. You might have to share with another couple for a week or so though."

Doug knew that he had to talk to Brett later about his mom, but that could wait until bedtime. He wanted Brett to have a chance to calm down first. While all of the other boys took Brett's things to his new room, Fred and Mary Chambers had a talk with their new houseguest. They could see the boy was very upset over what had happened, so they did everything they could to calm him and make him feel safe and loved. It helped Brett even more later, when Tyler's parents let him spend the night with Brett in his new home. They were the ones who forced the confrontation between Brett and his parents, and they now felt very bad about that. They knew that Brett had been right, and they were wrong.

As it got close to bedtime, Doug and Darren told Carter, Kevin, Billy, and Lester to take their room for tonight, and they would spend the night with Brett and Tyler. After a little discussion, it was agreed that they would make love one couple at a time, so the other couple could watch them without any distractions. As Kevin and Carter watched Billy and Lester, it was hard for Kevin to believe that his cousin was once a gay basher. The love that Billy and Lester shared was very beautiful, and Billy looked more comfortable making love to his boyfriend than anyone they had ever seen. After Billy and Lester had both cummed, it was time for them to watch the love that Billy once tried to end. He was now very glad that he didn't, as Kevin and Carter looked like they were meant to be together this way.

When Carter and Kevin were finished, Billy hugged Kevin tenderly and said, "I can never apologize enough for what I put you through my cousin. I love you very much now though, and wish we had always been this close."

Kevin gave Billy a gentle kiss on the cheek and replied, "To see you change into such a beautiful person makes everything I went through worth it Billy. I love you too, and from now on we will be closer than any other cousins in the world."

Then the four boys laid down in the same bed together to go to sleep. Kevin and Billy put their backs together tightly, as Kevin embraced Carter and Billy embraced Lester. Kevin and Carter now felt every bit as close to Billy and Lester as they did to Doug and Darren.

That night in Brett's room, Doug was ready to talk to Brett now. "Brett, I'm glad you're here with us tonight." said Doug. "If your family has any chance of surviving tonight, this is it. I've been exactly where you are right now. My dad took me being gay about as well as yours did. My mom was always afraid to stand up to him though."

"Do you think that's the case with my mom Doug?" asked Brett, as Tyler held Brett's naked body tightly.

"I think so Brett." replied Doug. "I could see a lot of my mother in yours tonight. I don't think she agrees at all with how your dad reacted tonight. If it's okay Brett, I want to have a talk with her when I get her away from your dad. If he's not around, we might be able to get her to start standing up for her family."

"She'll never get through to my dad though." said Brett. "If I have to wait for that, I'll be with you guys forever."

"She probably won't Brett." replied Doug. "Mine never did either. It got so bad that my mom actually had to pull a gun on my dad to protect us. I just don't want to see your family get to that point. My mom and dad got divorced after that, and now my mom is married to Darren's dad. I think she's much better off now, and we're now expecting a little brother next month. He'll be mine and Darren's brother both, although Darren considers Donnie his brother too. I think mom is hoping to have another straight son though, since we don't see my brother Craig too often anymore."

"Do you mean you and Donnie are both gay?" asked Brett.

"Just wait until you see for yourself!" laughed Doug. "Donnie and Chris have to be the two horniest lovers I've ever seen before, and I'm surprised you haven't seen that yet! As a matter of fact, if you listen really carefully, you can probably hear them in Donnie's room right now."

The boys went silent for a few moments, then they all began laughing. "Oh my God Doug!" laughed Brett. "I'll bet that's a sight to see right now!"

"I'm sure if you ever wanted to watch them, they wouldn't mind." laughed Darren. "They're pretty committed to each other now, but they still love to show off for anyone who wants to watch."

"Anyway Brett, I'll ask your mom to meet me by herself tomorrow, if that's okay." smiled Doug. "Then we can all go hang out inside the dome afterward. Billy and Lester haven't seen it yet, and dad and Tim are cycling The Screaming Eagle pretty regularly right now. It still doesn't have its sticker from the state, but I love watching it run. Then by Friday, the state inspector is suppose to come out for its final inspection."

"That sounds fun, and I'd love for you to talk to my mom Doug." replied Brett. "It looked like she wanted to say something tonight, but she's terrified of my dad."

After the talk was over, Doug and Darren made love while Brett and Tyler did the same. Doug was glad that Tyler was with Brett tonight, as Brett needed to feel loved more than anything else right now. In the morning, Doug and Darren went to their room to wake the other boys. Doug peeked in quickly, then had Darren run and get the camera. When Darren got back, Doug took a picture of the four boys snuggled tightly together, with their blankets having been kicked down around their knees during the night.

Then while Doug was still holding the camera, he went to Carter and Kevin's side of the bed and gently shook the two boys. Once Doug saw Kevin's eyes flutter open, he held up the camera and said, "That is going to make an awesome picture Kevin."

"Just make sure Carter and I, and Billy and Lester get a copy." smiled Kevin.

Billy felt movement going on in the bed, and woke up too. Then he rolled onto his back and saw Doug and the camera. "I didn't know you were such a peeping Tom, Doug." laughed Billy.

"How could anyone help it when they see a sight like the four of you snuggled together so tightly?" laughed Doug. "Don't worry though, the picture is only for artistic appreciation."

"Just make sure that Lester and I get a copy!" smiled Billy.

"I'll make sure of it." replied Doug. "Now, you guys get ready for breakfast. I have to call Chuck and Brett's mom while you do that."

Morning showers were fun. Since breakfast would be ready soon, the boys decided to double up in the shower. To keep the showers from getting out of control, Billy and Kevin would go first, followed by Carter and Lester. That way they wouldn't get too excited by showering together. Billy still smiled as he soaped Kevin's back and butt for him, then Kevin returned the favor to his cousin.

As they were drying off, Kevin looked at Billy and said, "Lester is a really lucky guy to have someone like you, cousin Billy."

"It doesn't look like Carter is any less fortunate to have you, cousin Kevin." replied Billy with a smile. "I still can't believe there was a time when I didn't see how beautiful all of this is though."

"Well, I'll never hold what was taught to you as a kid against you Billy." replied Kevin. "Especially now that you are turning into such a beautiful person despite all of that."

"Thanks Kevin." said Billy sincerely. "Speaking of beautiful, your head seems to be getting a little stubble this morning. Would you mind if I smooth it off for you while our boyfriends are taking their shower?"

"Let me get the shaver." smiled Kevin. "I guess I've kinda forgotten to do it for a few days."

Kevin got the shaver out of his bag, then handed it to Billy. Billy took great care in removing the stubble from Kevin's head, rubbing his cousin's head occasionally to make sure it was as smooth as possible. As Billy was finishing shaving Kevin's head, Carter and Lester stepped out of the shower.

Carter took one look at the two cousins, and said, "Thanks for making my baby so beautiful this morning Billy. He's so sexy when his head is smooth like that." Then Carter ran his hand over Kevin's head, and gave it a very passionate kiss.

"We better get to breakfast before we start something we don't have time to finish!" laughed Kevin.

All four boys got dressed, then went downstairs. As they got to the dining room, Doug was just finishing a call to Brett's mom. "Well guys, Chuck will be here in about an hour, and so will Brett's mom. I think it will be good to have her here with Chuck, so we can get to the bottom of exactly what needs to be done. I think your mom wants things to change though Brett, and not as far as you being gay is concerned. She sounded like she's been crying quite a bit since yesterday evening."

"I hope you're right Doug." replied Brett. "I really love my mom, and I'd like the chance to at least salvage a relationship with her. I'm not sure about my older brothers though. One is in his Freshman year at Wayne State, and the other is in his Junior year at the University of Michigan. Nick at Wane State might be okay with it, since he wants to major in psychology, but Lenny acts more like my dad every day."

"Well, we'll help you with them as much as possible Brett." said Darren. "We would hope at least part of your family loves you enough to accept this."

The boys then sat down to a breakfast that was mostly prepared by Fred, with a little help from Mary. She was getting close enough to her delivery date now that she didn't want to tire herself out too much. After breakfast, Fred was off to meet Tim and Sky at the dome. Brett's mom Nancy was the first to arrive that morning, so Doug wanted to have a talk with her before Chuck got there. Doug told Nancy about what it was like when his family split up, and he only wanted to make things easier for her and Brett. He also wanted them to not have to live in fear anymore, as Nancy put her head in her hands.

Then Kevin and Billy got together, and told Brett's mom how things were out there for gay people. Nancy was shocked by some of the things Kevin and Billy told her, and she couldn't believe that the two boys came so close to killing each other over it. What was even harder to believe was how much Billy had changed, and now the two boys seemed to care about each other very much. Nancy was now beginning to understand that things should not be as rough as they were for Brett, and she had to do something about it.

When Chuck arrived, he was all business. "Hello Nancy." said Chuck, as he shook her hand. "I've listened to the recording of the argument last night, and there is more than enough on that tape to have Brett permanently removed from his parents custody. I would like to think that he has enough support from at least one parent to keep that from being done permanently, but that's exactly what I will do if it's for his best interests. Just so you know, with what was captured on tape, along with statements by the boys who were there, I also have enough to charge your husband with a felony. He has filed a report with the police charging Doug with assault. Considering the fact that Doug is a minor, and he was defending himself, the odds are very long of him getting a misdemeanor conviction against Doug. Also considering that Doug is a minor, that makes what your husband did a felony, and the odds of getting a conviction against him are very good. Someone should explain that to him, before this gets to the point of both of them both being booked. I'll make sure that Doug doesn't spend one moment being locked up, then I'll have the court throw the book at your husband, and make it as tough as possible for him to make bail. Now Nancy, I want you to be as honest as possible about your feelings for Brett, and how you feel about what happened yesterday."

"There is so much that I wish could have been done differently." replied Nancy. "My husband was so filled with hate for my son yesterday, that I can't stand the sight of him anymore. I love Brett, and I can accept anything he tells me. If he says that he's gay, and he can't help being that way, I believe him. I will do everything I can to learn about this, and understand him. My husband is a dangerous man when he loses his temper though, and with everything he's said, I don't see him ever understanding any of this. I'm very glad that Brett's friends were there last night, and stood up for their friend. If it had just been Brett and myself, I hate to think what that man would have done with us. I'll do everything I can to help you help Brett, but I don't want to lose my son. I think he's better off not being near his father right now, and I'm glad he had a safe place to go, but I will remove his father from the picture if that's what it takes to protect my son, and have him in my life. I want Brett to stay here for now, but I also want to cooperate as much as I can to remove any threat from my husband."

"Right now the court will only consider two options Nancy." said Chuck. "The first would be your husband undergoing intensive anger management therapy, and counseling for his intolerance and hatred issues. That will most likely take years before the court sees him as no longer being a threat though. The only quick way to resolve this would be to remove him from Brett's life, and that would include yours too if you wish to have Brett with you."

At that point, Doug went to answer a knock at the door. "Can I help you?" asked Doug, as he opened the door to a good sized young man.

"My name is Nick." replied the young man. "I came home from college this morning to visit my family, and found a note from my mother. It said my brother Brett left home last night to come here to stay, and my mother was here this morning talking to a lawyer. Then the note told me to take the note, and throw it away somewhere where it couldn't be found. What's going on here?"

"Everything can be explained Nick, as long as you look like you're okay with the explanation." replied Doug. "Why don't you come on in, and speak to your mother about it."

Nick went to where Nancy was talking to Chuck and said, "Hey there Brat." That was Nick's pet name for Brett.

"Hi Dick." replied Brett as he smiled, after using his pet name for Nick.

"What's up little brother?" asked Nick. "Mom's note said you left home last night? Why is she talking to a lawyer this morning?"

"I better let her explain Nick." replied Brett.

"Well son, there was a bit of an argument at the house last night." said Nancy.

"Uh-oh!" said Nick. "What did Brat do now?"

"It doesn't really matter yet." replied Nancy. "Your father got a little out of control last night though. He threatened to beat Brett, and he tried to assault one of Brett's friends. The police may be picking him up before the end of the day."

"That jerk!" replied Nick, who then went to Brett and put an arm around him. "It may do him some good to spend a day or two in jail though. Not everyone knows this, but I want to major in psychology mostly to straighten his head out somewhat. I think being an ex-Marine has left him a little screwed up. Are you okay Brett?"

"Yeah, I'm fine for now." smiled Brett, as he looked at Nick.

"What did you say that made him fly off the handle Brett?" asked Nick.

"Please don't hate me too Nick." replied Brett. "I told him that I'm gay."

"That would definitely do it!" said Nick, trying not to snicker. "Now, what makes you think that I could be capable of hating my little brother? I know Lenny may have inherited his attitude from dad, but I would have hoped you would give me more credit than that."

"I'm sorry Nick, I should have known better." replied Brett. "So, you really understand me being gay?"

"Well, I know from my college studies that it's not some kind of defect." replied Nick. "There's nothing wrong with you just because you're gay. A lot of gay people say they have no control over being attracted to people of the same sex, and with what I know about the mind, I can believe that. I can't say that I understand being attracted to another guy because I'm not gay, but there's nothing wrong with you if you are. I've always loved looking out for my little brother, and I always will. Who you want to date has no effect on that." Then Nick gave Brett a short but playful kiss on the forehead.

"I love you so much Nick!" said Brett, trying not to cry.

"I know Brat, I love you too." smiled Nick. "Now mom, what are we going to do about dad trying to hurt Brett, and forcing him to leave home?"

"I need to talk to you about that Nick." replied Nancy. "I want Brett back in our house more than I do his father. Seeing you two together just now makes me realize that I need help learning to cope with this, and getting that man out of my house."

"Then you and dad are going to get a divorce over this?" asked Nick.

"It's not just this son." replied Nancy. "There have been other things over the years that make me wonder why I stayed with him. Then I look at you boys, and I know why."

"Yeah, but it can't go on like this mom." said Nick. "I can tell that you have been afraid of him for years. I don't hate dad, because hate is a powerful and useless emotion. I do feel sorry for him though, because he needs help. I love the color purple, and I always have. It doesn't mean anything, and it doesn't make me less male. I just think it's a very nice color. I can still remember how dad would destroy anything I got that was purple when I was a kid though. He REALLY needs help, and maybe he could get that better if he were on his own for a while."

Then Nick motioned for his mom to join him and Brett, and the three shared a warm hug. Chuck offered to help Nancy get everything done at the courthouse that she would need to do today, and Nick wanted to go along to help.

Brett did offer to go too, but Nick said, "That's okay little brother, just hang out with your friends today and have fun. Mom and I have a lot of boring things to take care of today, and there really wouldn't be anything you could do to help. When we get done though, we'll come back, then we can all go someplace really nice for dinner. Don't worry, we'll make sure our family stays happy."

"He's right Brett, let's head over to the dome and have some fun." said Doug. "Dad and Tim will be cycling The Screaming Eagle today, so we can watch that one too." Then Doug went over to Nick and said, "I could tell you were a good guy when I met you at the door Nick. I can't believe how right I was though. I hope you will consider us friends. We care a great deal about Brett, and his brother is pretty damn awesome too, if you ask me."

"How could I refuse being friends with someone who has helped my little brother as much as you guys?" asked Nick as he smiled. "Take good care of him until mom can get him back home Doug."

"I promise!" smiled Doug.

Once Chuck, Nancy, and Nick had left, the boys got ready to go to the dome. As the two cars loaded with boys pulled up to the dome, Billy and Lester were awestruck. Carter and Kevin had seen it before though, so they enjoyed the looks on Billy and Lester's faces.

"It kinda looks like they've come to a stop on the outside work." said Carter.

"Yeah, the weather turned too nasty, so the only work going on outside the dome is at the parking garage and the employee housing buildings." replied Darren. "The ride crews are planning on trying to get some more work done this week though, since it looks like it might not snow anymore for a while. Dad said we really got nailed while Doug and I were down in Florida."

"I'm glad we could help you guys miss that then." laughed Carter.

The first stop was at the office. Since there was still a little construction going on inside the dome, the boys still had to wear hard hats when they weren't on the rides. Carter's and Kevin's hats were still there, waiting for the boys to return, so Doug only had to get new hats for Billy and Lester. Once the boys all had their hats on, they headed out to the floor. As soon as they stepped out into the lower bowl, a train from The Screaming Eagle flew past them in a fenced off area, on its way back to the station. It was enough to make Billy and Lester jump back, as the other boys laughed.

"I can't wait to see that reaction from our guests when we open this place!" laughed Doug. "It does that to everyone who hasn't seen it before."

"Man, that thing looks downright wicked!" exclaimed Billy. "Did you say we may be able to ride it Friday?"

"We should." replied Doug. "As long as it keep running fine, and the state inspector approves it, we're planning for the first manned rides on Friday. Tim is already drooling over that, so he's going to be one of the very first four. There will also be me, Darren, and Tim's boyfriend Sky. Dad wanted to be one of the first, but he and Tim are the only ones certified to operate the ride controls right now. After that, and the pictures, everyone will get a shot at it."

"Everyone but me." said Kevin.

"I'm sorry about that Kevin, I didn't think about that." said Doug. "This is one of the rides that we really can't do much about the restraints on. Your experiment on the tower rides did give us an idea though, so we have a company working on a restraint harness that can be used on our shoulder restraint rides. It's kind of like a HANS device that they use racing, but with a little extra padding to protect the head. Then it can be snugly secured between the harness, and it will also keep your head back against the headrest. If it works, we're going to have them available at all the shoulder harness rides. That way our guests with problems similar to yours can sign a waiver at the office, then get a pass that will allow them to use the restraint harness. It should be ready by the time our soft opening starts."

"I'm sorry about that too Kevin." said Billy. "It's my fault that you have to worry about things like that now."

"I love you Billy, and I don't want to hear you blaming yourself for this." said Kevin. "It won't hurt me to wait until May, but to see you blame yourself would hurt."

"Besides Billy, what happened is long over now." said Carter. "The Billy that did that doesn't even exist anymore. The Billy that you've become is one of the most decent and beautiful people I've ever known. As far as Kevin and I are concerned, you didn't do anything. It was the other Billy."

"I know I don't deserve friends like you and Kevin, but I'm glad I have you as friends anyway!" said Billy, as he gave Carter and Kevin a hug.

The boys watched The Screaming Eagle for a while, before heading to the platform. When they got there, Tim and Sky were in the control booth, and Fred was working on the platform. A train was just coming in, so Tim parked one on the lift, while the one that was on the track would wait in the block brake.

"Hi boys, how do you like the trains on this one?" asked Fred, as Tim and Sky stepped out to join them.

The trains had been manufactured with an eagle motif, and were very beautiful. The front car was complete with a beak and claws, while the other cars were adorned with molded eagle feathers. The seats, restraints, and belts were done in red, white, and blue.

"It's one of the most incredible looking things I've ever seen!" replied Billy.

"I think everyone is going to want to get a look at this one!" said Lester.

Even Brett and Tyler hadn't got a close up look at the trains yet, and they admired them too. Then Billy wanted to try out the front seat, just to see how it felt. Fred chuckled as he let all of the boys try out the feel of the seats, which sent Tim back to the booth to release and lock the restraints. After the boys were satisfied with trying the seats, they talked about riding on Friday. Then the boys stood back, and watched Fred and Tim cycle the ride for a little while.

"Is that the Sky you were talking about Doug?" asked Lester. "The one who is Tim's boyfriend?"

"Yeah, that would be him, and I know what you're thinking." said Doug. "I know Sky is only fifteen, and Tim is, well, much older. They both love each other more than anything in the world though, and Tim is very gentle and loving with Sky. After you see them together for a while, you won't think anything of the difference in their age."

"Well, they do seem to be happy together." said Lester.

"You ain't seen anything yet!" laughed Doug.

The boys watched for a few more minutes, then Tim and Fred began shutting the ride down. Fred knew that the boys wanted to ride a few rides, and they were ahead on required hours for a final inspection of The Screaming Eagle anyway. Fred then led everyone over to Tumblebug first. As Fred went to the control booth, Kevin nodded at Tim, then took the position on the platform. Once the ride was ready to operate, Tim and the boys began riding. The boys went around on Tumblebug a couple of times. Carter had Sky as a riding partner the first time, and Billy as a riding partner the second time, so Sky and Billy both rode three times. After Darren rode the second time, he quickly ran back to the office. Darren caught back up to the group as they approached The Barnstormer.

"Hey guys, look at what I found from the last time Kevin and Carter were here!" said Darren, as he presented two pillows and some duct tape.

Kevin smiled at Darren, and said, "I love you Darren."

"This may not work on The Screaming Eagle because of its higher g forces, but it seemed to work fine the last time on The Barnstormer, Upshot, and Downforce." said Darren.

The boys then quickly rigged a seat with the pillows and tape, and Carter helped Kevin nestle his head back into the extra padding.

"Remember Kevin, keep your head back at all times, even when you're going straight down." said Tim, as he checked the restraints.

Once everyone was ready, Fred and Tim launched the ride. After that was over, Darren took the pillows and tape to the tower rides, then joined everyone in The Enchanted Village. By this time, all of the rides in The Enchanted Village had been finished. Some of the rides were kiddy versions of larger rides that they had, but with much lower forces, and built so that families could enjoy them together. Kevin was able to ride all of those with no special accommodations, and most only required a single operator. The only exceptions were the two kiddy coasters, which would take Tim and Fred both to operate. The boys had a great time in The Enchanted Village. When they got to the Grand Carousel, the boys had fun deciding what to ride. Doug ended up riding a chicken, Darren rode a grasshopper, Tim rode a parakeet, Sky rode a turtle, Billy rode a rabbit, Lester rode a seal, Brett rode an ostrich, Tyler rode a frog, Kevin rode a hippo, and Carter rode a rather large mouse.

"I just hope your guests don't laugh so hard they can't hold on!" laughed Carter, as the ride started.

"I can't believe no one rode the goldfish!" laughed Darren back.

"I was saving that for the next ride." laughed Carter.

The boys did indeed ride the Grand Carousel twice, before heading back out to the tower rides. After riding those, and some of the larger spinning rides, it was time to call it a day.

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