Starting Over 3:

Friends Forever

by tim the story guy

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Starting Over 3: Friends Forever

by tim

Chapter 9

From the last chapter:

Once everyone was ready, Fred and Tim launched the ride. After that was over, Darren took the pillows and tape to the tower rides, then joined everyone in The Enchanted Village. By this time, all of the rides in The Enchanted Village had been finished. Some of the rides were kiddy versions of larger rides that they had, but with much lower forces, and built so that families could enjoy them together. Kevin was able to ride all of those with no special accommodations, and most only required a single operator. The only exceptions were the two kiddy coasters, which would take Tim and Fred both to operate. The boys had a great time in The Enchanted Village. When they got to the Grand Carousel, the boys had fun deciding what to ride. Doug ended up riding a chicken, Darren rode a grasshopper, Tim rode a parakeet, Sky rode a turtle, Billy rode a rabbit, Lester rode a seal, Brett rode an ostrich, Tyler rode a frog, Kevin rode a hippo, and Carter rode a rather large mouse.

"I just hope your guests don't laugh so hard they can't hold on!" laughed Carter, as the ride started.

"I can't believe no one rode the goldfish!" laughed Darren back.

"I was saving that for the next ride." laughed Carter.

The boys did indeed ride the Grand Carousel twice, before heading back out to the tower rides. After riding those, and some of the larger spinning rides, it was time to call it a day.

When Brett and Tyler went to dinner that night with Nancy and Nick, Nancy told Brett about his dad's reaction to what happened earlier that day. Nick said it looked as though Brett might have to stay with his friends Doug and Darren for a few weeks. Brett was disappointed that it seemed like his father truly hated him now.

Tyler did stay with Brett again that night though, to help his boyfriend feel better. Also, Brett and Tyler asked Donnie and Chris if they could sleep with them that night. Little did they know, that was sure to make Brett feel better. Doug and Darren smiled when they saw Brett and Tyler talking to Donnie and Chris, then laughed when Brett and Tyler told them they would be bunking with Donnie and Chris.

"Just don't let those two little nymphos corrupt you." laughed Doug. "They could make a gay porn star blush!"

As it got close to bedtime, Doug, Darren, Carter, Kevin, Billy, and Lester were talking together. "What do you guys say about us reliving the sex tent down on the beach in Florida, except in our room?" asked Doug with a smile.

"That sounds like fun!" laughed Kevin. "What do you guys say, Billy and Lester?"

"Sure!" replied both boys together.

Once the six boys got to Doug and Darren's room and stripped down, Doug asked, "How do you guys want to do this?"

"I was thinking that the three of us with the largest cocks would begin with making love to our boyfriends." replied Kevin.

"I like that idea!" smiled Carter.

Darren laid down on one end of the bed, Carter laid next to him, and Billy took the other end. Then Doug, Kevin, and Lester began lubing their cocks. Once everyone was ready, Doug, Kevin, and Lester began pushing their cocks gently into their lovers. All three boys laying on the bed smiled as they felt their lover's cock slowly filling them. Once Doug, Kevin, and Lester got a nice slow pace going, Darren reached over and gently stroked Carter's cock.

"Is that okay Carter?" asked Darren.

"As long as you remember that I only want to cum inside Kevin, it's fine." replied Carter.

"I wouldn't think of depriving your beautiful lover of your cum." smiled Darren. "I just like to stroke it without trying to make you cum. It feels nice."

"Thanks." replied Carter, as he reached over and lightly massaged Billy's balls.

That made Kevin reach down, and begin rubbing Doug's balls as Doug thrust in and out of Darren. Doug then reached all the way behind Kevin, and began rubbing Lester's flexing cheeks. Billy finally reached down, and took Kevin's balls in one of his hands. All six boys were moaning softly as Doug, Kevin, and Lester began to increase their pace. After several minutes of that, Carter told Darren that it would be a good idea for him to stop stroking his cock now. Then Carter removed his hand from Billy's balls, and the three boys concentrated of the feel of their lover's cock thrusting in and out of them. The feel of Doug's hand on his butt made Lester the first one ready to cum. Doug and Kevin coaxed Lester, as they watched him shoot his cum into Billy. Billy moaned loudly, then pulled Lester down into a passionate kiss. Kevin then leaned down to kiss Carter, and began cumming into Carter. Doug watched Kevin empty his balls into his lover, then thrust a few more times into Darren before cumming himself. After Doug had finished cumming into Darren, and the three couples kissed for a moment, it was time to switch places. Darren, Carter, and Billy lubed their cocks, then pushed them into their lovers together. Since all three boys had almost worked each other into cumming before, it only took them about five minutes before all three of them began cumming at the same time. All six boys were moaning, as Darren, Carter, and Billy emptied their balls into Doug, Kevin, and Lester.

Once everyone had relaxed for a moment, Carter said, "We should all give each other a good night kiss."

The other five boys agreed, so they all sat up on the edge of the bed. Carter was first, so he walked down to Doug, and pressed his lips against Doug's. After a brief but warm kiss, Carter moved on to Darren, Kevin, Lester, and Billy, kissing each one of them on the lips. Then Carter took Kevin's place, and Kevin gave all five boys a kiss just like the one Carter had given everyone. Then Carter took Doug's place, and after Doug had given all four of his friends and his lover a kiss, he took Darren's place. Billy and Lester were the last two to give everyone a kiss on their lips, and they put just as much feeling into it as everyone else had. Billy had been wanting to kiss his cousin again for a while now, so he gave a bit more feeling to Kevin's kiss, but still not as much as he gave to Lester. Then the boys went to sleep in a six way embrace, on Doug and Darren's bed.

The next morning, Kevin was awoke by a pair of lips around his cock, but they weren't Carter's. Kevin looked down to see Billy softly sucking his cock.

"Billy, I love you as much as two cousins can love each other, but I'd really rather do stuff like this with Carter." said Kevin. "He's my lover, and he's the only one that this feels like making love with."

"Then can't it just be sex?" asked Billy, after letting Kevin's half erect cock slip from his mouth. "Ever since I discovered that I'm the same as you guys, I wanted to know what this would feel like."

Kevin looked down at Billy's pleading face, and by that time, Carter had woke up.

"If it's just sex, and it's just this once, there wouldn't be anything wrong with that if you want to do it babe." said Carter. "As a matter of fact, let's get Lester up, move to the floor, and do this right."

"What are you thinking?" smiled Kevin.

"Have you ever wanted to try a daisy chain?" replied Carter mischievously.

Kevin then got Lester up, and told him what Billy wanted to do, and what their idea was. Lester seemed okay with the idea, so the four boys moved to the floor.

As the four boys were getting into position, Doug woke up and asked, "Are you guys going to do what I think you are?"

"Would you and Darren like to join us?" asked Kevin.

"Nah, I think we'll watch from up here while we sixty nine each other." replied Doug.

Doug then woke Darren up, and quickly turned him around. As Doug and Darren took each other's cocks into their mouths, Billy took Kevin's cock back into his. Then Lester took Billy's cock into his mouth, Carter took Lester's cock into his mouth, and Kevin took Carter's cock into his mouth. As the four boys pleasured each other, Doug and Darren watched as they pleasured each other. After almost ten minutes of the boys sucking each other's cocks, Kevin began to cum in Billy's mouth. As Billy eagerly swallowed his cousin's cum, he began cumming in Lester's mouth. At about the same time, Doug and Darren began cumming into each other's mouths. Kevin's mouth felt so good while he was cumming for Billy that it made Carter start his orgasm next. Carter sucked hard on Lester's cock as his emptied into Kevin's mouth, and Lester finally began cumming in Carter's mouth. Carter went ahead and swallowed Lester's cum as if it were Kevin's, although it didn't taste quite as good as Kevin's as far as Carter was concerned. Once all six boys had had a morning orgasm, Doug and Darren smiled as they got up to go check on the four boys in Donnie's room.

"Remember Billy, this was one time only." said Kevin. "I love you dearly, but I'd rather stick with just Carter. Besides, you have a great boyfriend in Lester. You two look very good together."

"I know Kevin." smiled Billy. "I just wanted to do this once with the cousin that I love the most. I do love Lester very much now. I love him so much that I don't know how much longer I can keep this from dad."

"Then you really need to let Phillip help you with that Billy." said Kevin. "He knows your dad as well as anyone, and he knows what you're going through now. I think things will be okay if you let Phillip help you."

"I think you're right cousin." replied Billy. "I guess I have to have a long talk with Uncle Phillip when we get back to Cincy. I'm sure glad you and him came back home."

"We are too." smiled Kevin, as he slipped an arm around Carter.

After getting cleaned up and having breakfast, it was time for the boys to go to the park. It was such a mild day for January that crews were going back to work on the two big outdoor coasters for a few weeks. Once the boys got to the park, they watched the construction on the two outdoor coasters for a while.

"So, are you guys going to get a top group to play opening day weekend?" asked Kevin. "You could really beat that other park good if you did that."

"I can't believe we haven't thought about that yet!" replied Doug. "You are right though Kevin, that would really help us have a better weekend than anyone else around here. Does anyone have any ideas?"

"I heard about a band from a cousin of mine in Florida." said Tyler. "He sent me a locally made CD a few months ago. Apparently they were in California last week, recording their first album on a major label, and were almost in that plane crash in Phoenix last Saturday. Two of the band members did lose their parents in that."

"What's the name of the band?" asked Darren.

"They're called Youthful Discretion." replied Tyler. "Their CD is really awesome. I think when their album comes out, they'll be one of the hottest bands in the country. I'll bring the CD over for you to listen to sometime this week if you want me to."

"That would be great Tyler." said Doug. "If they're going to be that good, we would definitely like to have them here. See if your cousin can find out how they're doing after the plane crash."

After that, the boys headed on inside the dome. After Fred and Tim had finished the hours required for the inspector for The Screaming Eagle, Fred and Tim got ready to run a few rides for the boys. Fred also promised to run some of the outdoor rides that were finished tomorrow, since the rides had been set up this year with anti-freeze systems. Next year they would be winterized like most parks in the area handled their rides. After the boys had their fill of riding for the day, they went to Doug and Darren's office.

"Oh crap, I had some trade papers that I wanted to look at, but I left them in Tim's office." said Doug.

"We can go get them for you Doug." offered Billy.

"Are you sure you guys don't mind that?" asked Doug.

"Not at all." replied Billy.

Billy and Lester went to Tim's office, and saw the the door was left ajar. They figured that Tim hadn't made it back yet, so they would just slip in and get the papers that Doug wanted. When they went on in though, they saw Tim and Sky on the couch, making love. Tim saw the two boys come in, but he also felt how much love Sky was putting into making love to him, so he and Sky continued what they were doing. As Tim made love to Sky's cock with his mouth, he watched Billy and Lester out of the corner of his eye as they came over to the couch. The two boys then stripped, and began making love to each other right next to Tim and Sky. Billy and Lester were also watching Tim and Sky while they made love, as Sky got between Tim's legs, and slid his cock inside Tim. Billy and Lester enjoyed the look of love on Tim's and Sky's faces, as Sky thrust his cock in and out of Tim. Once Sky had cum deeply inside Tim, they switched places, and Tim put his cock gently inside Sky. As Tim approached his orgasm, he looked over at Billy and Lester. They were both very close to cumming now too. Once everyone had finished cumming at the same time, Tim held Sky warmly in his arms, as Billy and Lester also shared an embrace. The four sat around sharing the warmth of friendship as they talked. Billy and Lester were now completely okay with seeing Tim and Sky together, as they knew how much they both loved each other. Then the subject came up of Billy's fears about his dad finding out he was gay.

"Well, if he needs to speak with someone about that when he finds out, I'd be happy to help any way that I can." said Tim.

"Thanks Tim." replied Billy. "With everyone who said they will help him understand this, I hope I should be okay."

"I think you'll be more than okay Billy." smiled Tim, as he ruffled Billy's hair. "You and Lester look like you were meant to be lovers."

The next day was a very chilling experience for the boys, riding rides outside in the Michigan winter. Even though it was still mild for January, it was still chilly riding on the rides. At Brett's house, Nancy and Nick was having it out with Brett's father. The man was going completely nuts, and Nancy was now going to have to get a restraining order to force him to leave. Nick would be happy to help enforce the restraining order, if his mom didn't want to involve the police.

On the last full day in Michigan for Kevin, Carter, Billy, and Lester, they got to start of by meeting a few of Doug and Darren's friends from Lansing. Doug introduced them to Paul, Darryl, Rondell, and Billy. The boys from Cincinnati found it amazing that all of these really jock looking guys were also gay, but then again, Doug and Darren weren't slouches either. It did make Carter and Kevin look forward to working out with their Coast Guard friends, Jeremy and Chris when they got home.

Everyone finally headed off to the park, and watched the work going on on The Sky Diver. Later that afternoon, the crew would be attaching the final section of track. Then they would have to install the lift, brakes, sensors, ride controls, and storage track. The ride would then be ready for trains when the manufacturer had finished them. While they were waiting for the final section of track though, the inspector had arrived, and everyone rushed inside to The Screaming Eagle. The boys all watched as the inspector went over the ride carefully. After looking at stress and x-ray reports, the inspector had Fred and Tim run the ride for him. After quite a bit of anticipation, the inspector finally cleared the ride for operation. The boys all cheered as Fred had the media crew he hired set up for pictures and video of one of their main attractions.

Finally it was time for Tim, Sky, Doug, and Darren to take their places in the front row. The rest of the boys except Kevin filled in the other seats, and the photographer took several pictures. Then the video cameras began rolling as The Screaming Eagle pulled out of the station with its very first passengers. As the train climbed the lift toward the roof of the stadium, Carter wished that Kevin could have been with him. Billy and Lester were sitting in the second row with Carter, and Billy gently put his hand on Carter's leg.

"I'm really sorry Carter." said Billy. "He'll be able to join us soon though."

"I know, and he'll love it when he does join us eventually." replied Carter. "In the meantime, don't worry about it Billy. You know we both love you, and we don't want you feeling bad about this."

Then all three boys screamed, along with everyone else on the ride, as it dived off the lift and turned toward the first loop. After the loop, the train sped toward another inversion that had it twist back on itself. Then it dived out of the upper bowl as it passed over the raft ride, and turned back toward the restaurant. After passing incredibly close to the restaurant, the ride picked up speed again as it headed to the opposite end of the stadium. The rest of the turns and inversions were very fast, and it seemed like it didn't want to slow down much at all. After one of the wildest rides Carter had ever been on, the train entered the last helix, and flew out toward the station. No one on the ride had a chance to catch their breath until the ride finally pulled into the station, three and a half minutes after it started.

After everyone spent a few hours at The Screaming Eagle, they moved on to some rides that Kevin could join them on. Carter knew that they would have to come back as soon as the special harnesses had arrived that would allow Kevin to ride almost any shoulder restraint ride. The day was finally topped off by watching the final section of The Sky Diver being lifted into place, and bolted to the rest of the ride. That night when everyone was finally able to lay down for bed, Doug and Darren had Kevin and Carter stay in their room. The two couples laid closely together as Doug made love to Darren, and Carter made love to Kevin. It was a very beautiful end to one of the most fantastic trips Carter and Kevin had ever been on.

The good-bye the next day was very emotional. Carter and Kevin promised to come back soon, and Doug and Darren promised to visit Cincinnati as well. After some very loving hugging, it was time to go. Carter and Kevin tried not to look back, as that would make it difficult to leave. The first part of the drive home was very quiet. About twenty miles into Ohio, Billy finally broke the quiet.

"So, when do you guys think Phillip can talk to me about talking to my dad?" asked Billy. "It's not like I'm in a hurry for him to know that I'm gay, but I love Lester so much that I know I won't be able to hide it."

"We can stop by my house as soon as we get to Cincy." replied Kevin, as he gently caressed Carter's leg. "Carter's folks were going to meet us there anyway, so you can talk to dad before we even take you home. I know Wayne will want to be a part of talking to Uncle Edward too."

"Do you think they can keep dad from killing me?" asked Billy.

"I think Uncle Edward has come a long way." smiled Kevin. "He knows how much his brother loved him when they were kids, and he knows that what happened between them was a result of their parents brainwashing your dad and my mom against Phillip. I think Uncle Edward might accept this easier than you think Billy."

"I hope you're right cousin." replied Billy. "If not, I may have to come live with you and Uncle Phillip."

The rest of the drive back to Cincinnati was not quite as quiet as how it started. Kevin was glad that Billy and Lester had come with them, as it helped to keep from getting too down about Doug and Darren living five hours away. After a drive that didn't seem as long as it could have, Carter finally pulled back into Kevin's driveway. As expected, his dad's car was already there. Carter, Kevin, Billy, and Lester went in, to find the adults sitting around the living room talking. Joanna was there as well, and all of the boys were upstairs playing, or otherwise keeping themselves occupied.

"I just can't accept that much though Wayne." said Joanna.

"I don't see why not Joanna." replied Wayne. "We've all agreed to split this evenly, and you, Alex, and Tommy were just as much help down there as anyone else. Besides, you're almost like family now."

"Yeah, but it's still your claim though Wayne." said Joanna.

"If you want to get technical, it's really Seth's claim." smiled Phillip. "He was the one who found the doubloon on the beach. Oh, hi boys. Welcome home."

Everyone then noticed that Kevin and the other boys had come in, so they stopped their discussion to hug their kids and welcome them home.

Kevin finally said, "I take it you guys are talking about the treasure. Do you know how much it's worth yet?"

"That's what we were talking to Joanna about." replied Wayne. "It's going to be so much that everyone who had a hand in the salvage should have an even split. That even includes Billy and Lester, although I'm sure their parents will want to be in control of that much money."

"How much is it though?" asked Carter.

"If we split it between Frank and his family, our family, Joanna and her family, Billy, and Lester, it comes out to five hundred million each for a five way split." replied Wayne.

"What?!" exclaimed Billy. "We really don't deserve that much!"

"Why not Billy?" asked Wayne. "If you and Lester hadn't taken Tommy, Zack, and Seth down to Florida, there wouldn't have been anything to split. You're just as responsible for this as anyone."

"How did it get to be so much though?" asked Carter.

"Well, first of all, my original estimate of how much we would salvage was low." replied Wayne. "On top of that, gold is approaching record highs on the commodities markets now. That has even driven up the price of what gold artifacts are worth at auction. We've already taken care of what gold can be turned into bars, and that has netted what my original estimate was for the entire salvage. Now we'll be selling the rest off in two auctions. One in New York in two weeks, and another in London the following week. The brokers say they have given us a pretty close estimate of what to expect."

"What was Seth's reaction when you told him that the claim was actually his?" smiled Kevin.

"He now wants to buy a toy factory." laughed Wayne. "Tommy and Zack are upstairs working out a compromise with him. But seriously, You were right there with the rest of us Joanna. Your kids dived with us, and you and Rebecca kept the ship running smoothly. This should be an even split with you and your family."

"Okay Wayne, I guess I'll just have to adjust to it." smiled Joanna.

"Now Billy and Lester, Phillip and I are going to go with each of you to discuss this with your parents." said Wayne. "Like I said, you two are just as responsible for this as anyone else. I just hope your parents are ready for this. Before we do though, Carter, your parents wanted to speak with you."

Carter was nervous as Frank and Rebecca took him into the next room. Rebecca couldn't stand seeing him that way, so she said, "Relax son, you're not in any trouble. Your dad and I just wanted to give you a little news. I went to the doctor earlier this week, and it seems like you're going to have another little brother, or maybe a little sister."

"Oh my God!" shouted Carter as he smiled. "Are you serious mom?! How did this happen?"

"Okay son, we'll have this talk one more time." chuckled Frank. "When a straight man and a straight woman have sex together..."

"I didn't mean it that way." laughed Carter. "It's just that its been so long. I didn't think you two could have any more kids."

"We didn't either." replied Frank. "Apparently one of us had our reproductive systems on hold, but it's not on hold anymore."

"This is the greatest thing in the world!" said Carter loudly, as he hugged his mom.

As Kevin stepped into the room to see what the commotion was about, Carter was giving his mom a kiss on the cheek. "Oh no!" said Kevin, with as serious of a look as possible on his face. "I've driven another one to heterosexuality! You may want to date outside your family though Carter, or else people will start talking."

Carter broke the hug and kiss and replied, "I'd talk babe, you cousin kisser!"

"Can I help it if Billy's a good kisser?" laughed Kevin.

"My mom is going to have a baby!" said Carter.

"All right Mr. And Mrs. W!" said Kevin. "Carter and I were beginning to wonder if you might be too old for that. I guess that answers that question."

"Maybe we should ban Carter and Kevin from telling the baby any jokes." laughed Frank.

Meanwhile, Billy was having a talk with Phillip and Wayne, with Lester there holding his hand. "Uncle Phillip, I was wondering if we could talk to my dad about something else before we get to the money." said Billy. "Before I met Lester, I always expected to go to my dad someday and tell him that I had found a girl that I wanted to marry. That's never going to happen now, and I now know that it probably never would have in the first place. Now I have to tell him that I'm in love with Lester, and I want to be with him forever. I'm scared to death to do that though. I always imagined him being so proud if I ever found a girl to marry. I don't see him being quite as proud of this."

Phillip put an arm around Billy and said, "I know your father has put a lot of expectations on you Billy. I want you to know that he has changed though, and I'm sure those expectations have as well. He is not like your Aunt Terri, and there's no way he's ever going to stop loving his own son. This may be a little greedy on my part, but I'm glad my sister acted the way she did. It gave me the son I always wanted, and one I could be proud of. I'm sure that if you grow up to be a good man Billy, that will make your dad more proud than anything else."

"I'm still scared though Uncle Phillip." replied Billy. "Can you help me?"

"I'd be honored to help you Billy." smiled Phillip.

"And I'll be right there too." said Wayne. "The way your dad raised you before was based on bad information. I'm sure he knows that now, and like Phillip, I'm sure his expectations have changed."

"Thanks, I'm glad my Uncle Phillip has a husband like you Wayne." smiled Billy.

Everyone finally got back together, and made their plans for the evening. Frank and Rebecca wanted to take their family out for dinner, and Kevin wanted to join them. Phillip and Wayne had to take Lester and Billy home, so Wayne asked Joanna if she and her kids could stay there with Zack, Seth, and Benji until they returned. Joanna was happy to do that.

Wayne and Phillip decided to get the easy job out of the way first, so they headed toward the bridge to Kentucky. When they pulled up in Lester's driveway, everyone went to the door together.

When Earl opened the door, Lester said, "Hi dad. The two guys with me and Billy are Billy's uncle Phillip, and Phillip's mate Wayne. I'm sure you remember Wayne though, from him helping me after I,... well,.. you know. Anyway, they wanted to talk to you and mom about our trip to Florida."

"Yes, how could I forget the man who helped give us our son back. I also remember seeing Phillip when you went to the hospital to visit your friend Kevin." replied Earl. "How is he doing these days?"

"Kevin has recovered pretty well now." said Phillip. "He does have to be careful about impacts to the head, but everyone is pitching in to help with that."

Earl invited everyone in to the living room, to join him and his wife, then asked, "What can we do for you gentlemen about the trip to Florida? We hope Lester didn't get into some kind of trouble."

"Oh no, it's nothing like that." replied Phillip. "While we were in Florida, we ran across a sunken Spanish treasure ship. Since Lester was responsible for us being there in the first place, and he did help quite a bit with the salvage, we are splitting the proceeds with him. It will be an even five way split between the five parties involved."

"And how much are we talking?" asked Earl, as he raised a brow.

"In the neighborhood of five hundred million dollars." replied Phillip calmly.

Five minutes later, Lester was saying, "I hope they'll be alright. I've never seen both of my parents faint like that, and it's a little scary."

"I think they'll be fine son." smiled Wayne, as he patted Mildred's forehead with a cold wet towel. "They just fainted from the shock. How is Earl doing over there Phillip?"

"I think he's beginning to come around dear." replied Phillip.

Earl and Mildred did come around, and forced Wayne to tell them what he had told them before. Wayne thought they might faint again, but they did manage to stay with them this time. Wayne and Phillip spent quite a while with Earl and Mildred, getting them use to the fact that their son was now a millionaire. As Wayne, Phillip, and Billy left, Wayne told Earl and Mildred to call him in the morning to work out the details of their sons money. Then they were off to talk to Edward.

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