Staying In Shadow

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Anyways! I'm going to start off a new story, leaving my other one dead for now.

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On with the story!


The greatest thing to me about turning 18 was the sense of freedom I felt. I moved out with a buddy of mine as soon as the day came, spreading my wings since I'm such an angel. Alright, I'm not totally a saint, but I try my best tee hee hee. Before I forget, I don't want to leave you in the dark about who I am. My name is Blake; I have green eyes, about 6 ft, unfortunately no abs, and short slightly spiked hair! I'm not the sexiest beast around, but I can attract the opposite sex if you know what I mean *wink wink. I decided to move in with my buddy since he's just awe freaking some, and because my mother is just a total bitchasaurus rex, a very specific and odd type of reptile. Plus my buddy is gay! Whoopee! Did I mention were going out?

Audience Member: So what's the point of this story with no conflict?

What the snarf? Who let you in? I thought I was talking to myself in peace.

Audience Member: Don't mind me; just go on with the story!

I'm not entirely sure I should, I'm really insecure.

Audience Member: I'm sorry, were you saying something?

Fine, whatever. Anyways there is a conflict; he hasn't told anyone he is gay. That kinda totally screws up the whole relationship thing.

Audience Member: Well as long as you guys are happy, and show each other that you love each other when no one is looking. Isn't that enough for you? Spoiled brat.

I can totally kick you out whenever I want; I want you to know that...

Audience Member: So you can talk to yourself?

Like I was saying, he hadn't told anyone about us, which totally irked me when we went out with friends to parties. It's one thing to suggest people to your boyfriend; it's another thing when they hit on him in front me.

Audience Member: Jealousy is a bad thing buddy.

*Irritated. Is it necessary to be here?

Audience Member: I'm lonely

Then maybe you should get a cup of shut the fuck up from the kitchen. I have plenty in the fridge.

Audience Member: *Cough. Jerk.

Anyways, I guess I could have dealt with all the secrecy, but one night it just all got out of hand. *Flashback!!!

"Do we have to go? This chick seems like a slut."

"Be nice Blake, it's just to humor her; it would be rude to turn down her invitation. Besides, you already know I'm going to make it up to you later on tonight *wink.

"You make it seem like I need to earn your love..."

"No NO, not at all. It's just I'm trying to please you for the moment. That way, you don't buzz kill everyone at the party. You know what I mean?"

"No... We're going to get there soon though, so let's pretend like we haven't been arguing for the past twenty minutes. Incidentally, I'll try not to cling. You know I wouldn't do anything to embarrass you."

"You're such a sweetheart."

"On second thought, I probably don't have to cling. Your pretty good at making yourself look gay. Sweetheart?"

"It's only in front of you, and I don't hear you complaining when I'm tapping that ass."

"Tapping that ass? I prove my point."

"I hate you."

"Aww I Love you too."

The party had been going fine. Every once in a while, a random chick would go towards Daniel, and try busting out their goodies. I wouldn't be intimated though, Danny wouldn't cheat on me.

"I know girls usually don't give pick up lines, but I wanted you to know something. I wish you were my calculus homework, cause you'd be hard, and I'd do you on my desk."

Audience Member: *Falsetto. Sluuuuut!

I know. I'm just glad Danny would never humor some two bit whore like that.

"Are you sure you wouldn't want a teacher's help on that homework? It looks like you would need a ruler."

What the hell! That stupid ho better stop right there before all hell breaks loose.

Audience Member: Awkward..

"Hey Danny want to tell me who your new friend is?" Whoa, I totally came off obsessive.

"Don't cock block dude. Quit acting like a fag." My world just totally fell a little. Worse was that bitch's laughter in the not so distant background. "BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA" Freaking Jabba the hut slut. For the rest of the party I kinda just lay low. Talking to some people, but I'm sure my mood was showing. Some people actually questions if I was alright. Woops... Danny isn't going to be so happy.

"What the fuck was going on in your head? I gave you a simple request and you fucking make me look queer in front of everyone."

"I didn't mean to, I just couldn't stand someone like that actually being responded to by you. How would you feel if I talked to every hot chick I saw and flirted back?"

"I wouldn't know what to say because I don't see any hot chicks coming on to you. I need you to BACK off. Damnit Blake, I just can't even think. What if she had put the pieces together and actually thought I was gay. Everyone would find out, and I wouldn't be able to show my face at school again. Are you just that fucking selfish?"

"I...I'm sorry... Danny, don't be so mad. Everything went fine. I'm sure no one will find out."

"Your better be damn sure no one finds out. Next time something like this happens, I want you to pack your things and get the fuck out of my house."

Audience Member: Ouch! I think I'm going to be leaving...

NO. You decided to walk in and listen. You're going to stay for the whole story.

Audience Member: Heh okay friend. Just don't kill me.

"Get naked."

Quickly stripping off my clothes, I tried to get to his good side. Getting on my knees I pulled down his zipper with my teeth. Towering over me with such a stern face was scaring the crap out of me though. I had never actually seen him like this before. I unbuttoned his shorts and slid them down, leaving him in his boxer briefs. He was beautiful. Slightly pale with green eyes, lean and toned. His smile was great too though; too bad he wasn't showing one. I couldn't lose something as good as him. I laid him on the bed trying to get him to relax. Giving him kisses all over the inside of his thighs was the game plan, but like most of my plans, well you'll see.

"Quit with the lovey dovey shit and just suck on my cock." Taken aback I complied. I moved towards his briefs and tugged them down. With just enough to see his manhood, I went for the kill. His meat was just so hot and hard, I had to slow down. "Are you trying to piss me off? Damn dude." I had to impress him now. This really wasn't helping me out at all. Relaxing, I tried taking all eight inches to the hilt. Stopping only a centimeter short because his pubes were short enough to actually stab me, I let him enjoy the warm moist feeling I was trying to give him. "That's more like it baby. Just keep making me happy. Show me how much you love me." Yes! I think I'm winning him back.

He guided my head with his right hand letting himself feel as much as he wanted. I loved every second of it. It was just great seeing his facial reactions, mouth open and eyes shut tight. Minutes passed before a rough tug was given to my hair pulling me off his dick. I tried maneuvering myself onto him but he just pushed me off.

"Against the wall."

He roughly put his arms under my legs and hoisted me on him. I held on to his neck for support because I could already feel myself going weak. He was directing his tool, but before pushing in, he spat on his hand and rubbed it on his cocks head. With it lubed to his satisfaction, he pushed against me. His dick went all the way in with one thrust. It was great feeling him so close to me actually touching me. It didn't go towards the direction I wanted it to go though. He started thrusting roughly and with great fervor.

"Danny, you're hurting me!"

He was panting hard not listening to anything I was saying.

"Danny! Slow down."

Pushing, back and forth, faster and faster. He was invading my body now, and as a natural reaction, I squeezed tighter and tried pushing him out. This obviously wasn't the best idea. When he felt me clamp on him, he simply pulverized me more. His dick pushing against my inner walls, so hot and hard.

"Owww, Danny." It was coming to the home stretch. After about two minutes I could feel him getting wobbly. Pushing his tool as far as it would go inside me, he kissed me. Then seconds later I felt his dick pulsate harder than before and streams of hot cum pooled inside me. After all that, he threw me on the bed and stretched a bit.

"*Sigh. I'll be back, probably in thirty minutes."

"Where are you going? Danny!"

"Don't worry about it."

With that he walked out the door and I lay on the bed still hard and wanting. I didn't want to anger him more though. Like a doll I stayed happy and just waited for him patiently, until he was ready to play with me again. I was fine being with him only in shadows.

Audience Member: How sad...

I'll live...