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Steven & Jason - Chapter Ten

I kind of wanted to stay and chat with Jason's parents but I was anticipating dinner and as a growing teenager, food was vital! Shopping was also a good motivator for getting a move on. We said our goodbyes and headed out in my truck back to my house. We got home just as dad was pulling the top off the Wrangler. We transferred vehicles and headed off. Conversation was next to impossible with the noise so I just enjoyed the ride. I rarely sat in the back seat but this time I did and let Jason have the passenger seat. When we got back into the valley with the hotter temps I remembered why I didn't like the Jeep in summer. Even with the top on it still didn't have A/C so it was miserable. The wind in my face was the only thing making it bearable. We met my mother at the bowling alley at the northern end of downtown. Now why you may ask would we eat there? Well they have the best fish & chips in town or so I've been told. I hate fish so I just take my parents word.

The restaurant was about half full with other people about my parents age and some old blue hairs (senior citizens). Quite literally, everyone was eating fish & chips or waiting for them to come. I stuck out like the sore thumb when I ordered chicken strips & chips. People next to us went silent like my order was blasphemy. It was all in my head, only one head turned.

Mom started the conversation, "How did your test go?"

"Perfect score. Missed a couple extra questions that were not on the list, one V.C. and two H&S codes."

"Those are confusing but you will catch on real quick. Good job Boo Boo Kitty!" My mom congratulated.

"Mom. Not in public!" I admonished.

"Boo Boo Kitty?" Jason asked.

"Yes Power Ranger. That is her name for me. It comes from the Laverne and Shirley show."

It was Jason's turn to blush. "Okay, we're even. We know our mothers pet names for us."

"So Jason, what's been going on with you since we last saw you?" my mother asked.

"Well, I just came out to my parents before we came down." He stated.

"Good." My mother said, "we were wondering how long it would take you to come out over brunch."

"Well, now they have heard it from me and they know that Steven and I are dating. So no secrets or hiding from them. After I told them my mom gave Steven a hug and my dad shook his hand and smiled."

We were cut short on the conversation when the waitress brought our food and refilled our drinks. Everyone dug in and started enjoying dinner. They can have their tartar sauce for the fish. I'll enjoy my bbq and ranch. Idle chit chat between bites accompanied the rest of dinner. As we were waiting for our check I asked mom what she had planned as far as shopping for equipment.

"Well, I asked some of the bailiff's around work if you should carry anything and most of them said the same thing and where to get it so we'll be doing that when we leave.

We left the bowling alley and went to the store where I got my uniform. Turns out in the back room they have police gear so my mother started out with a utility belt, then added the snaps for it to attach to the regular belt. Next came two pair of handcuffs and I chose the option of two single cases for them. We added a radio holder to the list, a large flashlight ring, a smaller case for a Stinger flashlight as well as the actual flashlight. Then a pouch for rubber gloves, a velcro wrap for my car keys instead of just putting them in my pocket and some black leather combat boots to top it off. Thank goodness I had put the stuff on the belt instead of leaving it all separate, it made it much easier to carry. The bill for all that came out to just over $500 and when we were putting it in the trunk my mom pulled out a bag. Stick (nickname), my bailiff, wanted me to give you this. It was his when he was an explorer and found it to be very handy. I opened it to reveal a kevlar vest. I was so excited. I was going to be decked out and prepared when I went out.

"Well, it's a good thing we got all this tonight so I can look good for Thursday's ride along." I smiled.

"Good. We'll take this stuff in the car and go home and put it in your room." My mom said.

Dad gave me the keys to the Jeep, "you drive this home with Jason and don't stay out too late."

I hugged my parents and my mom slipped me a couple 20's in case we wanted to do something. I didn't mind driving in the Jeep, it just made me drive a little more cautiously because it was a manual transmission and I hadn't driven it very often though I knew how to drive a stick. It wasn't so much me doubting my own abilities but I felt I needed to drive more defensively in the city when I did. We got in and figured out what we were going to do.

"Would you like to just go for a drive the long way home or would you like to get some dessert?" I asked.

"What do you have in mind for dessert?" Jason wiggled his eyebrows.

"I was originally thinking a black and white but you just made me think of alternate dessert ideas." I pondered.

"Ooh, that sounds good. Let's go get ice cream." Jason said mouth watering for my idea.

We drove to the small ice cream parlor that had been around over 80 years and took a seat at the counter. It was semi busy but we got our orders in and our ice cream in front of us quickly. We both had a black and white. Vanilla and chocolate ice cream, chocolate syrup, whipped marshmallow and crushed walnuts. It was a treat that had more calories than all of our dinners and was as sinful as having sex on the altar during a church service.

After we had finished and paid, we got some peanut butter chews to take home for each of us. We got back in the Jeep and headed home the long way. It was starting to cool off a bit and since we were not on the highway, we could hear each other talk and enjoy ourselves a little bit more. We took the scenic route through the foothills, crossed over on a road that gave us good views of the valley with haze and all among the smells of surrounding oil wells. We continued to follow the highway on a winding mountain road, had no choice but to get on the highway for about 7 miles then off again to take another curving road up into the backside of our little town. What is normally a 40 minute trip we managed to stretch out into almost two hours. I enjoyed every minute of the time and Jason just sat next to me with a smile on his face and sometimes his hand wrapped around mine.

I pulled into his driveway at around 9PM and shut off the Jeep. "I had a fun time tonight." I said.

"I would have fun too if I had a good dinner, shopping and dessert." Jason replied.

"That is shit. I had fun because I was with you." I said slapping his leg.

"I know. I meant the same." Jason quipped. "Well since I don't have to sneak around anymore..."

Jason leaned towards me and I met him halfway as we shared a sensual and romantic kiss. Our tongues flicked around in each others mouth as our hands rubbed on the other's body. We really got into the kiss and went further to sucking on other parts of the head. Soon our ears, necks and noses had been kissed or sucked on by the other. We were both moaning softly as the other person licked on us. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the porch light flicker and stopped Jason. We both looked over and Anne stuck her head out of the door.

"Get a room you two love birds." she hollered and giggled.

"Can we finish this in my room?" Jason asked.

"Not tonight. Wrap it up and let Steven go home."

"It's not curfew time yet Mrs. Bedford." I added.

"I already talked to your mom and she wants you home early tonight. So wrap up the kissing and get your butt inside." Anne warned us both.

Anne closed the door but left the light on. Jason and I put our foreheads together and looked into each others eyes. I really liked him but I didn't think I was at that point to say I love you so I withheld. I had strong feelings for Jason and I knew he really felt good about us and had strong feelings for me as well. I knew inside that I would profess my love soon I just wondered if he would beat me to it.

Jason got out of the Jeep and I exited and walked him to his door holding his hand. "Good night Jason."

"Good night Steven."

"Give me a call tomorrow and let's go do something." I said.

"You got it." Jason replied.

We leaned in for one more kiss and heard a cough from the other side of the door. "Your mom thinks I am a bad influence on you, I'll go now." I said sounding hurt but smiling.

"It's the other way around but good night Steven." came Anne's muffled voice.

One more quick peck and I walked back to the Jeep and drove away. Jason didn't go inside until I had left his sight.

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