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Steven & Jason - Chapter Eleven

Jason ended up having to help his mother the next day so we did not get a chance to see each other. He did manage to call in the evening to say goodnight. He offered for me to come over to his house the next day but I asked if he would come over to mine; he readily agreed and said he would be over around 10AM.

As if on cue, there was a knock at the door at 10AM Thursday morning. I opened the door and moved aside for him to enter. I closed the door behind him turning into him and his waiting lips for a good morning kiss.

"Uh-uh, morning breath." I warned.

Jason leaned in anyways and gave me a quick peck on the lips. "Now go brush your teeth so I can give you a proper kiss."

I returned from the bathroom feeling minty fresh and sat next to him on the couch. Jason lay his head on my shoulder and grabbed my hand, entertwining our fingers. I kissed the top of his head as I smelled his hair.

"What did you wash your hair with?" I asked.

"Mom's shampoo, something fruity. Does it smell bad?" Jason replied.

"No, makes me want an apple pie from McDonalds." I chuckled.

Jason kept his head on my shoulder holding my hand. I sensed something in his mood and wanted to know why he was quiet and somber.

"What's wrong Jason?" I asked.

"Nothing, just thinking about a dream I had last night." He quietly responded.

"Wanna tell me about it?" I pried.

"Just a bad dream that something happened to you tonight," he started. "It wasn't just one thing, it was like a mix of every bad thing that can happen to a cop at work."

I felt a drop of water hit my arm and gently pulled his head up to look at me. I wiped away a tear on his cheek and looked into his eyes, I could see the fear behind them. I leaned in and kissed him tenderly and wrapped my arms around him. I pulled back a bit and looked back into his eyes, "I will be fine and just in case your nerves are rattled, I want to tell and show you some things."

I released my grip on him, stood up and extended my hand to help him up. I walked over to the front door and opened it. I took his hand and held it up to the eve of the roof. "Feel this lip in the wood? Put your finger on the lip and you will feel a key. This is where we hide it. I want you to come over tomorrow morning around the same time today and you will see me in bed. Feel free to join me but don't let me sleep past noon, Okay?"

"Okay." He nodded. I went out to my truck and opened it up. I reached into the glove box and retrieved something I had gotten the night before. I turned to Jason and handed it to him.

"This is a hand held police scanner. I already have the frequencies programmed. You know I will be with Stan who you met the other day and his call sign is two-paul-four. So when you hear this call sign on the radio you will know it is me and Stan."

Jason looked at me as his lower lip quivered and grabbed me tightly. "You better come home safe!" Jason exclaimed.

We went back inside and I gave Jason my codes list and showed him how to work the scanner. I tuned it to the metro channel and we listened to it for about 20 minutes. He had so many questions and was lost among what he called gibberish, "Reminds me of those damn codes that James Bond used, 'The blue bird flies along the horizon at dusk.' Why not just say what is happening?"

"It makes for efficient communication." I simply stated as he kept listening to the scanner. I turned it off and looked at the clock. "It is almost 11, how about a small lunch? I could use a little something." I asked.

Jason nodded and I went into the kitchen. I boiled some water and ended up making some macaroni with a garlic cream sauce. I set a bowl in front of Jason and took a seat next to him at the table. We ate in silence for the most part. We did get into a foot war and shared a few giggles. I cleaned up after we finished and asked if he would like to get his mind off things and play some video games. We got really into playing Mortal Kombat then switched over to Mario Kart for some laughs. Before I knew it, my dad was walking in the door.

"Hey bud, hey Jason."

"Hi Mr. Williams."

"Steve, what time are you leaving?" My dad asked.

"Around 3:30, why?

"It's a little after two right now, just don't know how much getting ready you have and don't want you to be late." He replied as he made his way down the hall.

"I should probably start getting ready. I want to look good and make sure I don't forget anything. You want to hang around while I get ready?" I asked Jason.

"I should probably head out. Your dad might want some one on one before you go." Jason stated.

I turned off the tv and walked him outside to his truck. We embraced for a good three minutes, exchanging kisses on each others neck and scratching our backs. When we parted I made sure he had the scanner and codes list. We shared one more kiss before he got in his truck and went home.

I went back inside and got ready. It was a quarter after three when I was good to go. Dad approached me and gave me a hug, wishing me well and to have fun. He gave me $60 and told me that it was for snacks and dinner for me and Stan. I put the money into my wallet and gave him another hug before leaving.

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