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Steven & Jason - Chapter Sixteen

I drove home in a fog from the school. I just sat down in a recliner, closed my eyes and tried to process things. I had lost track of time or had fallen asleep because next thing I heard was my dad walking in. I kept quiet and didn't want to tell him what had happened until mom got home so I wouldn't have to tell the story twice. I didn't have to wait long as she came in about 30 minutes later.

"Steven, why is Jason's truck here and yours isn't?" Mom asked.

"Long story, let's talk about it over dinner." I requested.

"Well, get up and let's go somewhere." Dad suggested.

We ended up going out for Mexican food and I ordered a pina colada virgin with my meal.

"This must be a hell of a story if you are drinking." Mom chuckled.

I just shot her a glare as I began to tell them about everything from lunch to after school. By the time I was done I had finished my drink, ordered another and had devoured the chips and salsa. Dad gave me his napkin because mine was well used and I still needed to blow my nose again and dab some tears away.

Dad was the first to speak, "I'll call Mr. D this weekend and see what his plan is."

"Can't you just stay out of it and let him and us handle it?" I pleaded.

"Okay, I will not call him but if there isn't some sort of resolution quickly, I will step in."

We had come to a compromise which was quite the ordinary in my family. My thoughts were on Jason and seeing him tomorrow than to try to get a better deal but then I remembered that I had not told them about the weekend. So I told them of the arrangement that was made earlier and they both gave their consent quickly adding that I was the only person who would take care of him properly this weekend. I wasn't sure if they had an idea of our sexual involvement but then again they probably did know something was going on. Mom was quick to add that my cooking would set his mind at ease knowing that he would not be eating candy bars and drinking soda the whole time. We went home and I went to bed straight away, tired as fuck from the sensory and emotional overload from today.

I awoke the next morning to find my parents awake and dressed for the day. I didn't think they had plans so I asked why they were dressed like they were going somewhere.

"This is something you cannot refuse, we just want to talk to Jason's parents in person about yesterday. We've already called them this morning and informed them that we would be coming over with you." Dad told me.

I grabbed a quick shower, threw on some clothes, packed an overnight bag and headed out with my parents behind me. I didn't try to talk them out of coming with me since my dad had told me of their plan with a tone of voice indicating that it was not up for discussion so I didn't try to argue against it. We pulled into their driveway and walked to the door. Anne opened it before we knocked and welcomed us in. Hugs and handshakes were exchanged between the adults while I stood to the side.

"How's Jason?" Mom asked.

"He's battling." Anne sadly stated, "he woke up last night screaming from a bad dream, calling out Steven's name. It took him about 30 minutes to settle down and go back to sleep."

"Where's he at?" I asked.

"His room. Go see him and let him know you're here while we talk." John pointed down the hall.

I walked to Jason's room and knocked lightly on the door. I heard a soft voice on the other side telling me to come in. I opened the door as he looked up and saw me. He jumped up and ran into my arms, sobbing on my shoulder. I lovingly held him, not wanting to squeeze too hard in case he was still sore.

"I take it mom told you about last night?" he asked.

"Yes. You should have called me. I would have come over in the middle of the night and calmed you down." I whispered in his ear.

"I would have but mom was a quick sub to hold and rock me back to sleep. You will be here for me this weekend and that is what I need."

"My parents called yours this morning and are in the other room talking about yesterday. I want to know what they are discussing since it involves us. Would you like to join me?"

Jason nodded his head and we walked into the kitchen with my hand around him holding him close. When we entered, our parents stopped talking and looked over at us. My mom came over and gave Jason a hug and wished him a speedy recovery.

"Why don't you two go back in the other room while we finish talking?" John suggested.

"With all due respect Mr. Bedford, your conversation involves the two of us and what happened yesterday. I want to be a part of this talk sir."

My dad nodded and smiled with my respectful response.

"Steven is right, we should be involved dad." Jason added.

John nodded and made room for us at the table. Jason sat down and I asked him if he wanted anything to drink. He asked for coffee and I poured us both a cup and took a seat beside him. When I finished adding cream, sugar and stirring, I grabbed and held Jason's hand under the table.

"So as I was saying," my dad started, "Steven asked me to not call Mr. D. this weekend to see how he was handling this. We compromised that if it were not handled quickly that I would intervene."

"Well, that may be fine for you and Steven but I want to have a meeting with Mr. Dietrich on Monday morning on Jason's behalf." John interjected.

"That is well within your right as a parent." My dad agreed.

"Will anything come from the police report?" Anne asked.

"Well, the report is more for record purposes on the school's part." Dad replied.

"You can file charges on behalf of Jason since he is a minor for assault against the two other boys." My mother added, "Then a detective will be assigned the case and the matter would be sent to the District Attorney's Office for review and they would handle it from there."

"What usually happens if it goes to court?" Anne asked.

"From what I have seen in court, and I hate juvie so I don't go out there very often, if they plead out they could get community service and possibly probation. If they have records already, the penalties can go up to include time in a juvenile detention facility. If they go to court and are found guilty, the judge usually goes with jail time and probation of 1 to 3 years or to the age of 18, whichever comes first. If it were more serious, they could be tried as adults." Mom answered with her legal experience.

"Well, since they wanted to be included in the discussion, let's hear what they have to say. Jason..." John asked, "how would you like to progress with this?"

Jason looked up and spoke with courage and conviction. "I want to see how the school approaches this first. If I am not satisfied with the situation then we can proceed with filing charges. If they handle it satisfactory, then the report is still on file in case God forbid there is another incident that will go to show a pattern of bahavior."

Anne wiped her eyes and looked at Jason. "Honey, that is a very noble opinion of how you want this to play out. I respect your decision and I will back your play. Heaven help them if it happens again. I may get a hold of them before the cops do."

I squeezed Jasons hand and added, "If they try to act against me I might be the one to go after them with charges."

The parents looked around at each other and all nodded in agreement. We got up from the table and the men shook hands on it, the women preferred to hug on it. A short time later, John and Anne were leaving with my parents right behind them.

"Call me if you need anything Boo." Mom said as she was leaving.

I just blushed and closed the door as Jason put his arms around me, "You're my Boo this weekend." planting a small kiss on me.

The weekend was rather subdued in our activity. We completed our homework by about 3PM on Saturday and I started in on dinner. I made us fried chicken, mac n' cheese and green beans. Jason devoured his meal and even went back for seconds. That night we showered together and jacked each other off while making out then went to bed and cuddled all night long. I fell asleep with Jason in my arms and woke up the same way. He didn't have any bad dreams and said it was because I was holding him. Sunday wasn't much different. We stayed on the couch most of the time wrapped up in each others arms watching movies, only letting go of each other to use the bathroom or get a refill on snacks. John and Anne were due home around 6PM so I was going to make them dinner. Just as I was about to start, the phone rang and Jason answered it.

"It's for you." He said and gave me the phone.

"Steven, it's dad. Mr. Dietrich called me a few minutes ago and asked me to come to school with you tomorrow and to be in his office at about 8:30AM. He as going to call Jason's parents and tell them the same but I informed them they weren't home. Can you tell his parents for me and have them call me if they have any questions?"

"Sure thing dad. Talk to you later, I love you." I said and hung up.

I told Jason what had happened and he grabbed the phone and paged his dad to call him. The phone rang about 10 minutes later and Jason talked to his dad about tomorrow. He also told them to not eat dinner, that it would be waiting for them when they got home. He hung up the phone and I started back in on the meal.

Jasons parents came home to a house smelling good and two very hungry boys. They set their bags in their bedroom and joined us for dinner. We had beef stir fry over soft noodles and talked briefly about the plan for tomorrow. Jason was happy that he got to sleep in a little bit but I was bummed because I would probably miss first period.

I left around 7PM but not before I had a few minutes alone with Jason in his bed rolling around, making out and grinding our cocks into each other. He made sure to give me enough attention before I left so I could finish the job tonight when I took my shower.

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