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Steven & Jason - Chapter Seventeen

Wouldn't you fucking know it? When I don't have to wake up until about 8AM, I wake up at 7AM. I couldn't even go back to sleep for another hour if I tried so I just rolled out of bed and went to get some cereal and a quick shower. Dad had called in to his secretary and informed her that he would be late handling something with me and the high school. The two of us headed out around a quarter after eight and drove to the school. There were no spots in front of the school so I tried to find a spot in student parking. I ended up having to park in the very back and making the long trek to the front office. As I was walking, Jason pulled in so I waited for him and we could walk together.

"You okay?" I asked carefully, not knowing how he was feeling this morning.

"Yep. Let's get this over with and move on." Jason said with a wink and a smile.

He sure was in a good mood this morning and I didn't want to bring him down so I leaned in as we walked and whispered in his ear, "I love you. You are so brave."

We got into the office and were directed towards a small conference room where my dad and Jason's parents were sitting at a round table for eight. They were facing each other so me and Jason took one side together facing them both. Our parents wanted us to sit by them but Jason said that they should move over and sit on either side of us. Anne was the first to move, followed by John and my dad.

Mr. Dietrich wlked into the room followed by the Principal, Mr. LeValley and sat facing us. Mr. Dietrich was the first to speak.

"This morning I pulled Nick and Jesse out of class. I told them why they were in trouble and they tried to deny it at first but when I informed them that there was a witness, they looked at each other, then looked down and admitted their guilt. I promptly handed them each a five day suspension and informed them that since it happened on school grounds that a police report was filed as well to further attempt to prevent future problems."

"We are going to closely monitor this situation closely, specifically when the suspension is served and the two return to school next week." Mr. LeValley added.

Anne leaned over to Jason, "Is that fine honey?"

"Yea." Jason replied annoyed by her calling him honey.

"Okay, go about your week and come to one of us if you catch any flak from anyone. You might be called names but the other person is just provoking a reaction. Don't give them the satisfaction of knowing they are getting under your skin." Mr. D advised.

We both nodded and the meeting was concluded. The bell signaling the end of first period had rung a minute earlier so Mr. D gave us passes to our 2nd period classes. We said goodbye to our parents and just before we went into the halls I stopped Jason. "Want to go to lunch today?" I asked with a smile.

"I thought we already were." he replied.

"Okay, meet me at my truck." I said and waved goodbye.

I had about three minutes until class started and I could have made it in no time but since I had a late pass, I decided to put it to good use and went to my first period class to see what I had missed. I ended up arriving late by five minutes to second period but I wasn't concerned since I didn't like the teacher anyways. I just gave her the pass as she threw me an annoyed look and I took my seat. The rest of the morning went on like nothing had happened, I didn't even hear any comments or whispers. I met Jason at my truck for lunch and we decided on the small restaurant behind the school next to our football field.

We took a seat and got waited on quickly. There we no other teens in here, just a handful of people between the ages of 30 and knocking on deaths door.

"Have you heard anything so far? Anyone saying anything?" I asked.

"Nothing at all." Jason smiled. "Maybe we don't have anything to worry about."

"It might be okay today but I think tomorrow may be different. Someone is bound to call another after school and things may get started then around the rumor mill." I said.

Jason looked defeated by my comment but then spoke, "As long as we have each others backs, I will face it head on."

Our food was brought to our table and we dug in. I looked over and caught Jason's attention giving him a smile, a wink and blew him a kiss. He returned the smile and kiss as we finished our meal and headed back to school. All went well the rest of the day and at the end of school. I went to the back lot to watch Jason and make sure he got safely to his truck. He didn't see me watching over him but it made me feel a little better knowing that he didn't get jumped again. I made my way home to do my homework and play video games until my parents got home. I sat there feeling lonely playing the game. Without Jason next to me, it just didn't feel right so I just turned off the tv and did some chores before anyone got home.

The next day when I got to school it happened. As I walked in the school, I head snickers and comments about me. Typical that teens call others names to boost their ego while masking their own faults. For just a few days though, the kids who usually get picked on for being short or fat or bad cases of acne get a bit of a break. I know I could handle myself and Jason could too so long as I had his back so I made my way to the back parking lot to see if I saw his truck. When I got back there, I didn't see it so I waited and saw him drive in a few minutes before the bell rang to go to class. He walked up and looked at me.

"So?" he asked.

"It has started but I have your back." I assured him.

He smiled as we walked towards our class. They were in the same quad so we could stay together for that little bit of time. All too soon, Jason began to hear comments but he didn't let it get under his skin either. We planned on lunch again and said goodbye. If it were only that easy but between third and fourth period I passed Jason in the hall. He looked like he was starting to fade from all the laughs and comments. He saw me and tried to put on a happy face but I had already seen the despair.

"Just one more period then we break for lunch." I tried to reassure him.

Another second stringer for the football team walked by us and made a loud comment for everyone to hear. "Go cry on your boyfriends shoulder in the girls bathroom faggot." The students in the hall erupted into laughter.

"Why Travis? So we can console another girl you knocked up because you don't know what a condom is?" I shot back.

Travis stepped up to me and looked up at me. I towered over his small five and a half foot frame. "Try something faggot lover!" He spat.

"I would say get on your knees but you're already short enough and just need to bend over a bit to suck my dick." I said, lowering myself to his level.

It was turning into a game to see who could one up each other. After each taunt, the crowd laughed at Travis and boo'd him away. Right about that time a teacher broke up the students who had gathered and seeing that there was no cause for alarm, all were told to get to class. I looked at Jason to see how he was holding up. He had the biggest grin plastered on his face as I waved and silently mouthed, 'see you at lunch.'

Lunch went smoothly and when we got back to school, a couple of people stopped us in the hall and gave us a high five for besting Travis earlier. In fact, it was pretty silent for the rest of the week. There were a couple snickers as one of us was walking somewhere but nothing more than that. For now it seemed like the worst was over.

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