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Steven & Jason - Chapter Eighteen

The week had passed and we came out of it rather unscathed. After the incident with Travis in the hall, there really wasn't much fuss given to us by the other students. Although neither of us had officially come out of the closet, it felt as if there might not be much to worry about should we decide to. The weekend was calm as I spent my Saturday on a ride along. I was with a new deputy named Mark who was funny as hell. We really hit it off that night when we were breaking up a bar fight and one of the intoxicated patrons who had initiated the incident wanted to resist arrest. When I attempted to call in for back up, some rookie got on the radio and took a full minute to run a guy for stops and warrants. He wasn't on the right channel to begin with and that is another reason why codes are used, to make things quicker. So there Mark was, wrestling with a guy to try to get him subdued. I stepped in and we both took an arm to try and get them behind his back so we could handcuff him but the fucker was full of his liquid courage. The stench was annoying to our senses as we had to be close to him to get control over him. Finally, the moron on the radio finished and was told to take his radio traffic to the right channel. With the radio open, I managed to free a hand long enough to call in. 1P6A - 148. (Unit call sign - subject resisting/fighting) Our location was broadcast for available units nearby to assist. I went back to helping get control of the man. After about 10 seconds, I heard three different sets of sirens approaching and knew we would soon have this handled. The first backup unit arrived and shut off his siren as he stopped and got out to help. He was the K9 unit for the squad and we all heard his dog Jax barking from the back seat. Jax wanted so badly to get out and latch on to a leg but the drunken man also heard the dog and the warning that if he did not stop resisting, the dog would attack. The man stopped fighting us, was cuffed and put in the cage in our patrol car. The K9 unit coded off that the subject was in custody and the other units heading toward us could discontinue.

We all cleaned ourselves up with sanitary wet wipes and took the man back out so we could search him to make sure he didn't have any weapons or paraphernalia on him. We also too the opportunity to remove his wallet to see if he had ID so we could start on our Field Arrest Data report (FAD) which was his booking sheet for the jail. We placed him back in the car and coded off that we were done with the call and headed to the jail to book the guy. He was detained for assault, drunk in public and resisting arrest. After we finished up and left the jail, Mark and I went back to our zone and headed for a 7-11 to grab a soda. For being late September in Bakersfield, the heat is still hovering around the high 80's with a good amount of humidity so we needed to refresh. As we were enjoying our drinks and the A/C in the store, Mark spoke up.

"I'm glad you were with me tonight. I was apprehensive about you riding with me tonight. I mean, you have received acolades from Stan and the rest of his squad but I am just leery about new people riding with me. After that last call and how you handled everything you are more than welcome to ride along with me anytime you want."

"Thanks Mark. I'll be taking you up on that." I replied.

I did not doubt that Mark could take care of himself in a 1 on 1 situation but given our size differences, we complemented each other nicely. My tall frame fit nicely with his 5'9" 200 lb. structure. I later found out that he really liked me riding with him because he had me proof read his report and there were a few spelling errors, easy words at that.

"Man I'm glad you caught that. Sarge has been on my ass for my spelling. I should just have you write my reports from now on." He chuckled.

The rest of the night was easy going and I headed home when our shift was over. I got home just as the sky was starting to show color just before 5AM. I grabbed a granola bar and went to bed for a few hours. Sleep came quickly but all too soon my alarm did too at 11AM. I groggily got up and took a much needed piss before going to make a sandwich for lunch. Mom and dad had left a note that they were out with friends and would be home around 5PM and to be ready for dinner.

I sat down at the table with my sandwich and the phone to give Jason a call.

"Hello?" He answered.

"Good morning hot stuff."

"Hey, did you have fun last night with that drunk guy?"

"Yeah, but that rookie pissed me off."

"I heard him and was like, 'wrong channel dipshit.' So then I heard you right after that and completely understood the reason for keeping it short and simple."

"Yep. But it was fun and I found a new guy to ride with who wants me with him."

"I want you so if this new guy wants to try to take you away from me, I'll fight him for you." Jason pretended to be angry.

"You'll always have me."

"So our parents went out today.

"I was wondering where they disappeared to. Do you know where they went?

"Mom invited them to the Big Cat Zoo."

"Cool. I just saw a note that said be ready for dinner at 5PM."

"Mine said the same thing. Wanna come over and get ready with me?"

"You don't have to ask me twice. See you in 20 minutes." I said and hung up.

I put some clean clothes in a bag with my toothbrush and quickly left my house. I arrived quicker than expected, probably due to not wanting to waste any time with Jason. I walked into his house as he met me in the entry way and pinned me up against the door, pressing his lips to mine and prying my mouth open for his tongue to have unlimited access to mine. I dropped my bag at the door and we shuffled down the hall to his room, never once letting our lips separate. We fell onto his bed and humped each other, grinding our hardening cocks against the other. Jason was savage in his assault on my mouth even going as far as nibbling on my lower lip. His insatiable urges had him taking off my clothes so fast that before I knew it I was completely naked. He started grabbing my cock and stroking it furiously. I managed to wrestle his hand away while I pulled off his shirt, grabbed the bottom of his shorts and with one quick yank they were around his ankles.

So there we were on his bed going at it throwing caution to the wind as our tongues danced around, our cocks rubbing against each other's stomach with my hands pinching his nipples as his were squeezing my ass, occasionally running a finger in the crack and pressing on my hole. I wasn't sure if I was ready for anal sex but what Jason was doing to me was getting me going.

"Stop." I said.

"I don't want to." Jason replied as he went back in for another kiss.

Jason kept kissing me as I broke off for a second here and there to speak, "If ... you ... stop ... I ... will ... make ... it ... up ... to ... you ... and ... you ... won't ... be ... disappointed."

Jason stopped kissing me and looked me in the eyes. "Show me."

I got off the bed and held out my hand for him. We walked over to the bathroom and closed the door behind us. I turned on the shower and started kissing Jason again while I let the steam fill the room. I checked the water feeling that it was at a good tempterature and moved aside so Jason could enter.

"Want to soap me up?" I asked.

"No. I want to know what you are going to do that I won't be disappointed with." Jason said as he took the soap and began on me.

Jason made quick work of lathering me up then rinsing me down. There was no special touches or anything sensual about his work. I began to think he would be disappointed in what I was about to try given his body language. Still I was determined to try and see how it turned out. I began soaping him up starting at his shoulders and working down his arms and back. I pressed up against his back as my hands wandered around to his front side. I began kissing his neck and nibbling on his ear as I ran my fingers over his nipples. Jason let out a low moan so I knew he was enjoying himself. I then squatted down and washed his legs and feet. I made sure to get between his toes which solicited a giggle and an voluntary kick to my hand to get me to stop. I was having fun but it wasn't my master plan. I had avoided his boy bits and his butt on purpose, saving them for the end. I stood up, stepped back and rinsed his body off. I then grabbed the soap again and went back in from behind him as my hands wrapped around him and grabbed his rock hard cock. I slowly stroked his slick dick and lightly tugged at his balls, making sure to clean them as well. When I finished with the front I told him he could storke himself to climax while I finished.

"Huh? I have to jack myself off?" Jason pouted.

"I need my hands for the next part." I said as I snaked my fingers down his crack and soaped up his ass. I lightly pressed my finger to his pucker and it started to enter as Jason let out a low moan of approval. Jason tried to push his ass back onto my finger obviously wanting me to finger him. I was tempted to go forward but I wanted to stick to my original plan for now. I removed my finger from his ass, rinsed my hands, stepped back and rinsed off his ass and crack.

"Why did you stop?" Jason whispered.

"I am not done. Keep playing with yourself." I whispered in his ear while I pressed into the back of him as my dick poked at his ass.

Jason once again began backing into me and I was tempted to push inside but I refrained. I got down on my knees and took a cheek in each hand and spread them apart. I leaned in to make sure it didn't smell funky, instead smelling the soap. I stuck out my tongue and gingerly licked his boy hole. Jason let out a hiss and shivered at the touch. "Wha..." Jason did not get a chance to say anything coherent as I dove back in and attacked his ass with my tongue flicking it around his hole. My lips attached to the sides as I created a suction and ate his ass out. Jason was moaning and panting as he leaned forward and rested his head against the shower wall. With one hand he reached back and grabbed the back of my head and pulled it closer to his ass, as if it was possible. I knew his other hand was jacking furiously as his balls slapped up against my chin rapidly. I was really encouraged by Jason's hand on my head so I kept lashing at him with my tongue. When I had thought I had done enough to his hole flicking it across it I got bold and pressed my tongue to his ass and got the tip to penetrate him. The taste was different but far from making me want to stop. Slightly tangy but in an erotic way I was now tongue fucking my boyfriend.

Jason really started to get loud in his moans as his jacking off sped up. I could tell he was close to cumming and in a few seconds I felt it as his sphincter started tightening up on my tongue. I kept eating that nice ass as Jason grunted, spewing his cum on the wall in front of him. As Jason started coming down from his climax I went a little easier on his ass and licked up his back as I stood up. I kissed the back of his neck then whispered in his ear.

"Are you disappointed?"

"Holy fucking shit! That was amazing. I wouldn't even have thought about doing that but it felt awesome. Was it okay for you?" Jason panted.

"It was great for me. The taste was different but not too revolting. I made you feel good and got the desired reaction from you so yes, it was more than okay for me."

Jason tunred around so he could wash off his cock and balls as well as the shower wall. He looked down and saw my dick jutting out. "Time for me to show you some love." Jason said as he turned off the shower, stepped out and held his hand out for me to take.

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