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Steven & Jason - Chapter Two

I got home that night and went straight to my room. I was too distracted to say goodnight to my parents. I walked in my room, jumped on my bed and quickly removed my shorts so I could have easy access to my dick. It was still semi hard and moist from the precum I had been leaking when I was talking to Jason. I started stroking my cock until it grew to its 6" length and as wide as a bratwurst. All sorts of images and fantasies flooded my mind as I stroked at a steady pace. I wish I had known what his dick looked like so I could add that into my jacking off but it made no matter at this point as just seeing his face, the feeling of his lips, his smile and his touch was enough to get me to climax. I arched my back and began to shoot thick ropes of cum straight up into the air. The first shot didn't land until I had already shot out a second shot. Five shots later, each decreasing in strength, I was down to a dribble as my head pulsated and pushed a little drop out for the next couple minutes. After about 10 minutes from the moment of climax, my breathing had returned to normal and I was able to regain my senses long enough to wipe myself clean with my briefs before I fell asleep.

I awoke the next morning around 9AM, just as it was starting to get too warm to sleep comfortably in the summer. Top of my list when I wake up is to piss then grab some cereal. My parents had already left for work so I had the house to myself along with my truck. I didn't want to seem over eager and call Jason immediately but I knew I would go stir crazy if he didn't call by noon. I didn't have to wait long when the phone rang at 9:45AM.

"Hello?" I said.

"Hi, is Steven there?" Jason replied.

"Hey Jason, just a heads up that my parents are at work from 8AM to around 2PM during the summer so no need to ask if I'm here." I explained. "How'd you sleep?"

"I slept like a rock but I had some sweet dreams that let me wake up with a smile, so it was good. Have you had breakfast?" he inquired.

"Yea, I had a bowl of cereal about 10 minutes ago. Do you want to go to lunch?" I asked crossing my fingers hoping for the best.

"I already had breakfast too and you read my mind for lunch. I have a problem though. I am low on gas and have not done my chores for gas money, are you able to pick me up?" Jason asked with a bit of hesitation in his voice.

"I would be fine with picking you up and being your chauffeur. Do you want me to pick you up at your house or do you want to meet me at your bus stop?" I asked.

"Nah, just pick me up at my house." Jason replied.

We hung up and I had a better idea of where his house was now since I already knew where he had gotten on the bus. Our stops were on the same line, just miles and hills apart. He said since I was picking him up that I got to choose where we ate. I thought to myself that we could devour each other but I didn't want to come off as a pervert so I withheld that from our conversation. I then went to my room and scoured my closet and dresser looking for the perfect thing to wear.

After not being satisfied with anything I have tried on over the past hour I decided to just be simple and go with a pair of shorts and a slightly offensive t-shirt that I could not wear to school. It was a little after 11AM and I took a quick cold shower since I was sweating my ass off. It also helped keep my thoughts in check so I couldn't get too aroused. I left he bathroom after making sure I didn't have any zits and brushing my teeth to go put on my clothes. I was set and ready to go around noon so I hopped in my truck and left to go see where exactly Jason lived. It was not terribly far away, only 3 miles as the crow flies but since I wasn't flying it took me about 15 minutes to drive there. I got out and looked at his house. Nothing stood out but it wasn't a dump, just the typical style ranch house like most others up here. His family had what looked to be 1.5 acres with some small livestock and a couple chickens clucking around. I didn't even need to bother going to the door as Jason saw me and walked outside to where I parked. We said hello and tried to keep a straight face until we were out of view from his house.

We drove into town and ate lunch at a sandwich shop that wasn't very busy so we were able to keep up a good conversation without people nearby to hear us.

"So first things first, " I began, "Are you gay or bi?"

Jason looked down at his food, "I don't know. I mean I like girls and I like guys but have not done more than make out with either one. If you don't count being curious as a kid, you were the first guy I kissed."

"That sounds like bisexual, maybe just plain curious. Hell, I've never given it much thought since I've known I've always been attracted to guys. How did you feel after you kissed me last night? Like when you were driving home and later on?"

"I felt like I was on cloud nine. It was sort of like a euphoric high that I didn't come down from. To be honest, I'm still on that kind of high. I'm glad you didn't freak out on me last night."

"Jason, of all the guys in school you have been the only one I wanted to have that happen with so I guess I am on that high too."

"I'm not asking you to inflate my ego but what about me makes me your one?" he asked.

"Well, where to start..." I began to gather the list in my head. "For the physical, your green eyes are electrifying. They sparkle like an emerald when you smile and that smile is just killer. Your lips are just full, soft, moist and pink. Your attitude is more positive than a cheerleader. I have never heard you say anything of ill-will towards anyone. You are reassuring and confident but not cocky in the slightest. That's what really sets me on fire when I have thought about you in the past."

Jason blushed when I talked about the physical and looked sincerely at me when I was explaining the rest. "Well I have actually told someone to go fuck off and die but that was to a kid in third grade who moved away. Glad he left," he smiled."When I saw you in passing these past two years, you had a look in your eye like you wanted to be left alone. It was mainly freshman year that I'm talking about. You were kind of out there as far as choice of friends and trying to find yourself. But this past year I have seen you smile more, talk more, enjoy being around others and making others around you feel apprecaited. I'm not the only one who has seen these changes in you, others see it too."

"Well, you are the first to say anything to me about it but it means the most coming from you." My eyes locked on his, no blinking just reading each others facial expressions trying to read the others thoughts. I moved my foot up the side of his leg, still under the table though, and our bare legs connected. The hairs standing on end giving us both goosebumps. "Do you want to get out of here and go somewhere?"

"Let's do that." Jason was quick to reply.

We left the sandwich shop and drove up into the mountains behind my house. There was a trail I used to ride my quad on that was large enough to drive on. Soon, we were there. Backed up to a steep mountain with a stream running by. The buzzing of insects, sometimes a distant rattle of a snake, trickling water among lush green trees with some brush and weeds to sit on so you don't have to sit in the dirt. This was my special spot. It always allowed me to think about things in peace. We got out of the truck and opted to just sit on the tailgate facing the creek.

"So what time do you have to be home?" I asked as I checked my watch.

"By 10PM, earlier if I want to eat at home. Why?"

"I was just wondering how much time we have to talk and maybe other things without overwhelming nerves this time," I said with a wink eluding to last night.

Jason let out a short laugh, "Is that what you had in mind today? Well, I'm not just giving it up, you're going to have to show me more of the guy I have seen this past year."

"Fair enough," I said, "I have seen that you only play baseball for the school. Is that the only sport you like?"

"Yep. I've never been a football type of guy and since this town only gives two shits about football, I'll play baseball and give them something to talk about in the off season. Have you ever played baseball?"

I looked somewhat shocked by his reply. "Have I played baseball? That's like asking a fat kid if he's ever eaten cake. I used to play little league. I was a catcher and saw some time in right field but I think that right field position was just a breather position since there was only two other kids who were right handed batters. I stopped playing when my family moved up here. I was pretty good at it when I did play."

"Well I challenge you to try out this season for JV. Brandon Stern is moving up to varsity and we will be looking for a new catcher. Don't get any ideas about taking third base away from me." His lips curled into a smile.

"Challenge accepted. You just have to clear out the cobb webs." I feigned.

I then changed the subject and asked, "What do you want to do after school? Have you given any thought on what you want as a career?"

Jason thought for a moment, "I honestly have not thought about it with any detail. The military is always an option if I am undecided at that time. I know I do not want to work at the sod farms with my dad. That is just out of the question. What about you?"

I want a career in law enforcement. A cop is what appeals to me. Not for the gun, not for the authority and not for the coffee and donuts. I want to be a first responder where each time I go into work I do not know what will happen. I've even signed up to be a volunteer with the sheriff's department to get more hands on experience."

Jason kept looking at me the whole time I was talking. Taking it all in, very interested in my reason for my choice and encouraging me with the volunteer part.

"What would you be doing as a volunteer?

"From what I know right now, I have to do at least 12 hours a month from helping out in the office or going on ride alongs on patrol. I can do shifts with dispatchers but I have to wait until I am 18 before I can go out with the air units. Also have to work two shifts at the county fair doing traffic control."

"That sounds like fun but if something happened to you while you were out there I would probably lose it. Promise me you will come home safe to me." A sense of fear in his voice as he asked me to promise him.

I leaned in quickly and planted my lips on his. It caught him by shock as I saw his eyes momentarily go wide but he just as quickly closed them as I closed mine and our kissing became more passionate. I felt his tongue lick across my lips with a suggestion of opening up for him. Wanting to get more of him, I did not protest and opened my mouth up to let our tongues dance around in each others mouth. His hands made their way around my head, neck and onto my shoulders. His touch was delicate but firm when he got to my shoulders, giving them a good massage as we sat facing each other. I let my left hand go under his right arm and snake its way up his spine to his neck coming to rest cradling his head with my fingers running through his hair. My right hand stayed on his back just below the shoulder blade. I slowly leaned back bringing him with me.

We lay in the truck bed, the ridges not being accomodating to my back but at this point it was all worth it given my current activities. Jason lay on top of me, his smaller frame fitting nicely on my body. He was so relaxed in posture that it was felt in his kissing. His comfort playing to the tenderness in his kiss. His tongue pushing mine out of the way so he could take it and run it across the roof of my mouth, tickling me into a bit of laughter. We broke the kiss to look at each other while I stopped laughing. Still looking into his eyes, my hands moved down his back and over his butt giving his cheeks a gentle squeeze. It was at this point I got a better idea of what his ass might look like. It was firm, round and I could feel the crack of his ass on my fingertips. My mind went racing as he pulled me back to reality, lowering his mouth next to my ear. Feeling it gently sucking on my earlobe caused me to let out a loud moan. It was so loud I swear all sounds of nature stopped for me; Jason even sat up looking down at me.

I came up with him straddling my thighs, my back popping from the uncomfortable position. "You found a sweet spot," I smiled.

"Given the chance I would like to find more but I'm hungry and time has flown by out here. I have ten bucks, want to go dollar menu at McDonald's?"

"Sure, I'm a cheap date."

We got out of the bed, put the tailgate up and got inside the truck. Just before we started to leave I looked over at Jason.

I leaned in for a quick kiss and pulled back, "I promise to come home safely to you."

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