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Steven & Jason - Chapter Twenty

Lord only knows what could come of this dinner with our parents. I tried to sound strong for Jason but I admit that I was skeptical about the intent. As we took our seats I made sure to sit next to Jason to be supportive. He put on a good front like there was nothing out of the ordinary and greeted my parents warmly.

We ordered our drinks and food while making idle chat about their trip to the zoo. Soon the conversation got serious with John speaking up. "Okay guys, let's get down to business. You had a hiccup at school and this coming week, those two boys are coming off suspension. Son, I want to make sure you are not at the receiving end of anything again."

My father spoke next, "Steven, I know you can handle yourself as well as having a good head on your shoulders to know how to approach situations with caution while not showing fear. Your mother and I want you to tell us how you are feeling about seeing those two boys at school, about any concerns you may have and to hear out any requests that you have from the five of us here as well as requests from the school district within reason."

I turned and looked at Jason nodding for him to speak first.

"I know I cannot stop something if it is inevitable. If someone wants to get in a sucker punch or come at me from behind, it is going to happen but I will do all within my physical capabilities to make sure they will not use me as a punching bag. I think we have more people on our side than we expected. I mean other students, not you guys and school staff."

Jason looked over at me as my lips had curled into a smile. I gave him a wink as he squeezed my hand under the table and nodded for me to speak my part.

"I would be lying if I felt everything will be fine. I am not scared shitless by any means. Jason was right about having other students on our side. There was a minor incident at school with another student but we handled it on our own and it didn't escalate. Dustin Peters is one of our strongest allies, Jason has the baseball team and we both have received assurances from other students that they are okay with us being who we are. Together." I squeezed Jason's hand again as it was now on top of the table for our parents to see. "My request to you is to trust me to handle things and not be perceived to be standing behind you, Mr. Dietrich or any other administrator within the district. If something comes up that I am unable to handle then I will come to you or Mr. D."

"Ditto." Jason said.

"I will also be looking out for Jason as I am sure he will be doing the same for me but I will not hold his hand through this like a child. I don't want him to hold mine either." I began but stopped as Jason removed his hand from mine. I grabbed his hand again, "I will hold his hand today, tomorrow and for as long as he lets me. We need to be given the chance to stand up for ourselves individually and together. Mom, I know you and dad have probably discussed this at length and I'm sure the four of you did a lot of that today on your outing. I know you all want the best for us and what you think is best for us is what you want; not necessarily what we want. Dad, I know you too well as a teacher and administrator in the district so I will stipulate that you can tell Mr. D to keep an eye on us and step in only if he feels necessary but don't have him step in if a passing derogatory remark is made. Only if the remark implies physical harm being done to another. Agreed?"

Jason nodded in agreement as did the four adults. "Steven has you pegged Bryan." Anne said. "He also has your courtroom lingo Debbie."

That pretty much took care of the purpose for our dinner and everything that needed to be said was done in time for our food to be brought to our table. We all cleaned our plates as we enjoyed being together laughing at stories and the bonding between the two families. When we were finished our mothers insisted on paying for the whole group. Our fathers stayed out of it while Jason and I excused ourselves to the bathroom. We went into the big stall at the end and just after I locked the door Jason collapsed into me and just held onto me. I held him tightly while I planted small pecks on the top and side of his head.

"Are you okay?" I asked.

"Yeah. I just need this right now." Jason mumbled.

"Are you still apprehensive about school tomorrow?" I whispered.

"A little but after hearing what you said tonight I found some courage deep down and can do what needs to be done." Jason said as he kissed my lips tenderly, "Thank you for being a courageous boyfriend. I love you."

"I love you too. Thank you for being one of the sweetest and sincere guys I have ever known who I am honored to call my boyfreind." I said as I kissed him back.

Jason let go of me to turn around and pee. He fished his cock out of his fly and started to relieve himself. I didn't need to pee but decided to have some fun. I came up behind him and reached around to hold his dick while he pissed. Jason giggled a little bit as he started to harden up. His stream went weak then stopped as his cock inflated and I gently began stroking him.

"We don't have time for this and I wasn't done peeing." Jason whined.

I removed my hand and exited the stall to wash my hands. Just as I finished Jason emerged and came over to the sink.

"I didn't hear any peeing after I left." I feigned ignorance.

Jason slugged me in the upper arm with a smile, "Kind of difficult to piss when your cock is rock hard asshole."

We left the bathroom and walked outside to join our parents. We said our goodbyes and while we would not kiss or hug in the open like this, we felt comfortable blowing each other a kiss goodnight and mouthing 'I love you.'


The next day at school nothing was out of the ordinary in the morning. Neither Jason or myself had any run ins with Nick or Jesse. We had each seen them in passing but nothing was said, not even as much as an awkward glance. During lunch we were making our way towards Jason's truck when a group of baseball players approached us and asked if we wanted to join them in the cafeteria to eat and talk about the upcoming season. Jason accepted the offer for both of us and we made our way through the food line and claimed an empty table in the corner. There were eight of us in total talking about the season, our rivals of a Catholic high school in the valley and possible prospects for open positions.

"Steven played catcher in little league and I am having him try out for the position." Jason offered.

"Damn, are you guys going to be playing grab ass throughout the season?" Matt, the first baseman asked.

"No. Steven and I have agreed that we are keeping our PDA to a bare minimum. You will not see us kissing or playing grab ass or anything of the sort. Is that understood?" Jason's voice commanded.

Everyone including me nodded in silence. We continued to banter back and forth, keeping the conversation light and humorous up until the bell rang for us to head to class. We said our goodbyes and headed in different directions. Jason, Matt and myself started in the same direction and got into the quad where our classes were. All of a sudden a voice snickered from behind us while another spoke up.

"Look Nick. The fags found someone for a threesome." Jesse shouted.

The hairs on the back of my neck stood up as I turned ready to end this.

"What are you going to do Steven? Take your boyfriends and keep moving." Nick said.

A physical confrontation was the last thing I wanted so I started with words. "Nick you have a lot of room to talk. You and Jesse have been attached at the hip since fourth grade. You have no other friends, girls don't date either of you for very long. Could it be because they dump you when they find out that you would rather play with Jesse's cock than their tits? Jesse you're no better. You two are so far in the closet that you are hurting each other by denying your feelings for each other so to make yourselves feel good you need to harass others who are more happy than the two of you. Grow up and stop acting like children."

Giggles and loud whispers could be heard on all sides of us as I will calling the two of them out. Nick lunged towards me in a rage. I side stepped his body and grabbed his right arm bringing it around behind his back and twisting his hand and wrist into a control hold. I now had control over Nick and could maneuver him around at my whim. Any movement he tried to make to get free would cause him pain. Jesse saw that I was occupied with Nick so he took that opportunity to take a swing at me. I used Nick as a shield as Jesse's hand connected with the side of Nick's head. Jesse attempted to throw another punch but was suddenly grabbed from behind by Dustin and put into a similar control hold. I didn't see Dustin but I head him say, "I got your back Steven."

We held onto the two of them while Mr. Henderson, a biology teacher who I knew very well, called the office for some assistance. When he got off the phone, he told the students to disperse or serve detention. The quad emptied as two security officers showed up with Mr. Dietrich. Nick and Jesse were handed off to security. One of the officers patted Dustin on the shoulder commenting on his hold he had on Jesse. The two of them were taken to the office, Jason, Matt, Dustin and I followed behind as directed by Mr. D who was getting a brief synopsis from Mr. Henderson on what he heard and saw.

When we got into the office Nick and Jesse were sitting on one side with the security officers seated at each end. The four of us took the chairs opposite them and sat in silence. After a couple minutes Mr. D walked in and called Matt and Dustin in separately at first to get their account. Next up was Nick and Jesse accompanied by one of the security officers. They were in with Mr. D for about fifteen minutes. The security officer that stayed back was the one who patted Dustin's shoulder earlier. His name was Dave and looked to be in his early 50's with salt and pepper hair in pretty good shape. "Did Dustin show you how to do that hold?"

"No sir. I am a youth volunteer like him and learned it from the sheriff's department." I answered.

"Oh, Dustin now has someone else to talk shop with. Are you enjoying the program?"

"Yes sir, completely." I replied smiling.

"Dustin and now you are the only two students who may call me Dave."

"You got it Dave."

Just as Nick and Jesse were coming out of Mr. D's office Jason's father walked in followed by mine.

"Take these two to their locker, watch them clean it out and escort them off campus." Mr. Dietrich ordered of Dave and the other security officer. "John, Bryan, boys, come on in."

We took a seat facing Mr. Dietrich while our fathers stood behind us. Mr. D sat down and looked at us and started asking questions.

"Jason, how did this incident start?"

"Nick and Jesse came up behind us and made a comment that the fags found someone for a threesome referring to Matt."

"Steven, how did you respond to their comments?"

"I called them closet fags and their girlfriends dump them quickly when it's evident that they would rather play with each other's penis over their girlfriend's breasts."

"Steven, how did they respond to your commentary?"

"Nick lunged at me and I restrained him with a wrist lock behind his back."

"Jason, what happened after Steven restrained Nick?"

"Jesse tried to hit Steven but Steven brought Nick in between them and Jesse hit Nick in the head. Jesse was going to take another swing and I was going to step in but I saw Dustin running towards us and grabbed Jesse from bahind applying the same wrist lock on Jesse. Then Mr. Henderson appeared and broke up the crowd and called the office."

"Okay, I received the same story from Dustin and Matt. Mr. Henderson corroborated what he heard and saw. Nick and Jesse of course tried to play innocent insisting that the two of you instigated the comments and physical interaction. I have suspended them both pending an expulsion hearing in two weeks. Steven I do not know if your comments incited them to escalate the incident or whether the two of them were going to make it physical regardless of how you responded. Therefore, I cannot in all good conscience assign any punishment where normal circumstances would warrant at least one day of after school detention."

I let out a sigh because I was sure that I was going to get into trouble for what I said. I may still face something at home so I can live with that as long as it doesn't involve keeping me and Jason apart.

"Mr. Bedford, do you have anything you would like to say or ask to any of us in the room?"

"I think this situation could have been handled in many ways. Not speaking as to how the school handled it but how our sons could have acted differently. They could have ignored the comments while at the same time this incident means that with these other two boys possibly being expelled should close the book on most if not all future situations."

"Very well Mr. Bedford." Mr. Dietrich acknowledged.


"My wife and I would support your decision if you wanted to issue an after school detention for Steven's commentary."

Mr. D looked at me and raised his eyebrows looking for a response from me. "I would accept it and serve it today if I have my dad's promise that there will be no punishment whatsoever when I get home; from him or my mother." I stated.

"Deal." my dad said.

"Very well then. Steven, you will serve after school detention today. I don't think Linda assigns homework for office aides so you will not miss anything."

"Can I serve with him sir?" Jason piped up.

"You have not done anything to warrant serving." Mr. D replied.

Jason looked over at me and slapped me on the cheek. Enough to leave a sting but it didn't hurt.

"How about now?" Jason asked.

Mr. D let out a laugh, "Nope. That's a first though. The dismissal bell rings in 5 minutes. Steven, walk Jason to his last class then report for detention in room 201 and we'll see you tomorrow."

Our fathers shook hands with each other and John approached me and shook my hand. "I hope the two of you can go about the rest of your time here at school a little easier after today. Thank you son." John said.

Jason and I walked towards his last class taking our time getting there. "I can't believe you slapped me just to get detention."

"I thought it was a good idea at the time." Jason giggled.

"Too bad it didn't work. Guess you will have to do your homework at home."

We got near his class and stood outside before splitting up. "Can you come over after detention?" Jason asked with puppy dog eyes.

"I should probably just go home today so I can face the music. Your parents will probably want to talk to you alone as well." I frowned.

"I love you Steven." Jason whispered.

I looked around to make sure we were alone. I leaned in, gave him a quick kiss and pulled away looked around again. "I love you too Power Ranger."

Jason blushed and headed towards his class as I went to detention.

Detention was rather subdued. There were only a couple other students serving and I got some looks from people wondering why I was in there. I had no doubt they heard what happened. I managed to finish my homework for the day and was excused a little after 3:30 to go home and see what my parents had to say without an audience.

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