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Steven & Jason - Chapter Three

Dinner at McDonald's was uneventful, just some banter and idle chat. We couldn't really talk too in depth about anything because it was crowded. We finished our meal and headed back out. This time Jason picked the spot. We drove about half an hour up into the mountains west of town, snaking back and forth on narrow roads until we pulled off near a tree in the middle of nowhere on a piece of land that overlooked the southern central valley of California. The sun was setting but not blinding us. The scenery took my breath away looking at the vivid colors of the evening summer sky. The orange, pink, purple<, blue and white hues of the sky couldn't be replicated any more perfect than it is to see in person. We got out of the truck and took a seat next to each other on the ground.

I decided to ask something I kind of already knew the answer to, "Does anyone know you like guys?"

"No." Jason replied. "It isn't really something that is accepted by people up here. It's like Wyoming and that Matthew Shepard; I don't know if I could come out and face people at school. You remember that kid who got gay bashed our freshman year and pretty much went into hiding? I don't think I could do that. At least not come out to people at school. What about you?"

"Same. My parents are ultra conservative Christians, I might as well have my bags packed if I tell them."

I had gotten the answer I thought I would get and was about to change the subject when Jason kept going with it. "My uncle, my dad's brother, is gay. My parents seem to be okay with him so I don't think they would flip out and send me away."

"Well, I will have a back up plan in place for when the time is right to tell them on my own. God forbid I get outed before then!"

We sat for another hour and a half just talking about whimsical shit. All the while holding hands, tracing our fingers acorss the bones in each others hand. We switched back and forth to one of us laying our head on the others shoulder and just enjoying the moment. A light warm breeze picked up that made Jason shiver quickly. I took that as my cue and repositioned myself behind him with my legs on the outside of his. I wrapped my arms over his and embraced him snugly. He leaned back ever so gently into my chest, resting his head on my shoulder. I could smell the lavender scented shampoo he used and inhaled deeply.

"Smell good?" Jason asked with a grin. "Are you going to piss on me to mark your territory?"

"Naw, that's not a smell I want you to explain to your mom or dad. Besides, you are not territory or property. You are my friend first and hopefully will be my boyfriend second."

"Jason chuckled once again. "Is that what you consider asking me to be your boyfriend?"

"No, just putting it out there to see what kind of reaction it would solicit. So with that reaction I was wondering if you would go out with me and be my boyfriend?"

"I have some conditions if I say yes."

Now feeling uncertain about asking in the first place I said, "Those would be?"

"No public display of affection whatsoever unless we are alone or secluded like we have been the past couple days. Second, be honest and up front with me. Do not beat around the bush, drop hints or just think that I am telepathic. Finally when you say those three words, mean it. Don't just say them because you think it's what I want to hear or that it will get you something that you want from me like my virginity."

I smiled knowing I could easily agree to those. "I can stipulate to those conditions and as for the whole virginity thing, I'm not going to force the issue. When it happens, it will be a mutual decision and WE will have already said and meant the three words to each other."

"Then yes. I would be happy to be your boyfriend." Jason responded.

"Well, I guess if we are going to be going out then this is a good time to get to know each other better." I said, "you say your dad works at the sod farm but what about your mom?"

"She is a veterinary assistant for a large animal vet. It's more of an on call job rather than going into a vet hospital." Jason answered. "What about your parents?"

"My mom is a court reporter and my dad is a vice prinicpal in the school district. His position is not something I like to advertise and quite honestly, very few teachers know. The administrators know though and it has worked for me and against me."

"Oh yeah, that was you!" Jason exclaimed as he sat up and looked back at me with wide eyes. "I heard rumors that you told a teacher off last year."

"Well, I didn't tell her off. I just told her... well, I'll give you a bit of the story that you might not have heard. So Mrs. Hooper, the algebra teacher, was teaching something for a couple days and half the class was understanding while the rest of the class was not. She paired us off and I got a girl who told me not to waste my time because she wouldn't need to know this as a waitress, which were her life goals. So I pulled out homework for another class. Mrs. Hooper saw us and asked why I wasn't helping her and I gave her the same story I got. So Mrs. Hooper says to me that I need to make her understand, to which I told her that she needed to get off her butt and teach it rather than have students do your work for you. So of course I was sent to the office and honestly, nothing was done. My dad didn't even get called and I went to my next class at the bell."

"Yea, I heard you laid into her and called her every name in the book. She is a bitch with a capital 'C' though." Jason chuckled and leaned back into me. "What classes do you have next year?"

"English, US History, Psychology, Criminal Justice, Spanish 3 and Office Aide. What about you?"

Jason looked up briefly and sighed, "Honors English, US History, Auto Shop, Photography, Spanish 1 and Teachers Aide."

"What's with the sigh before you answered?" I asked.

"Just that I am not looking forward to the teacher for English. I've heard too many bad stories."

"Well, I've heard bad ones too about mine so let's see whose is worse. You know what, I don't want to talk about school anymore. This is summer break and I'm on a date." I said as I moved my mouth next to his ear.

I ever so lightly licked his earlobe before taking it into my mouth and sucking on it gently. Jason shiviered again and I could feel his goosebumps. I kep going though and moved my tongue down his neck a bit then back up to his chin. He turned his head and looked into my eyes. Instict just took over at the point and I closed the gap and started kissing his sweet lips. Jason kept the lip lock while he laid us back and he rolled over to where half of him was on the ground and half was on me. Our kissing going from soft to passionate to eager to forceful and everything in between. After about fifteen minutes I felt his hand slide down to my crotch and give me a squeeze. It should be a no brainer that I was sporting wood the whole time but my briefs kept the tenting of my shorts to a minimum. Still, I moaned in his mouth when he gave that squeeze which caused him to start playing with my rock hard dick.

I moved my hand over his package and reciprocated the fondling. Soon we were both working up a sweat and a good rhythm. Jason snapped the button on my shorts and started to move his hand under the band of my underwear but I stopped his hand. I put his hand back where it was and he took the hint and kept stroking. Our breathing shortened while we were still kissing and knew that we were both close to cumming. A couple more strokes for each of us and the kiss was too hard to maintain as we seperated and inhaled deeply. We let out low gutteral moans in unison as we shot out loads in our shorts. I knew I shot at least seven times and started getting a wet spot showing and Jason probably shot about the same as his wet spot was visible.

Still panting, trying to regain his strength Jason asked, "Why did you stop me from putting my hand down your shorts?"

"If all we were doing was using each other for cum rags then I would have let you. Since we are trying to make something work like a relationship, I would like to take things slowly in the sex department. Don't get me wrong, I want to get us naked and no holds barred but good things to those who wait."

"Okay. If what just happened is a sign of how good things can be with us on a sexual level, I will move at your pace." Jason said having regained his breath.

We got up and gave each other a tight hug. The night sky was so black but with no light pollution so we could see every star in the sky as we looked up. There was no moon tonight and it truly was pitch black around us. We managed to get to my truck and got inside. I drove us home and stopped about a half a mile from his house on the side of the road. I leaned over and kissed him for a solid two minutes. "I didn't want to kiss you in front of your house and either make a scene or have missed out on getting a goodnight kiss altogether."

Jason just smiled and nodded as I resumed the short driving distance to his house. Our hands stayed locked together the whole time and when I stopped in front of his house we exchanged looks. I winked at him and squeezed his hand while he raised his eyebrows at me and squeezed my hand. He got out of the truck and walked inside as I drove home.

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