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Steven & Jason - Chapter Five

Thursday night was absolute hell after I got home. Time wanted to pass so slowly I swear I saw the clock move backwards. Within 30 minutes of getting home I had already packed my bag, brushed my teeth, checked myself over head to toe for pimples, shaved my face, trimmed my pubes and clipped my nails. Listening to music was not helping pass the time so I decided on a different approach.

I walked into the living room where my mother was watching some home shopping channel. My dad had already gone to bed so it was just us.

"Mom, can I ask you a question?"


"At dinner when you were talking about John's brother Lucas and found out he was gay and you said good for him as long as he is happy, did you mean that or were you just saying it to be polite?"

"Well, I did have a crush on him when I was 12 but I didn't pursue it. Still, he was and probably still is a stand up guy. So yes, if he is happy then so am I."

"I don't understand. Why do you make comments about gay people in a negative way but say what you just said?"

"It's more of your father that feels negatively about the subject. I'm fine with it as much as I am confortable with. So long as a person is not throwing it in my face making me feel like those people who knock on the door Saturday mornings at 6AM, than I am fine with it. I work with gay men and they're fine. Where is this coming from?"

"I was just curious. I got mixed signals from you tonight about the subject and just needed to get some clarity."

"Okay. Well I am off to bed, have a good time this weekend and call if something happens."

"Goodnight mom."

My mother gave me a kiss on the cheek as she left the room. I continued to watch tv but turned it to something else. With that conversation giving me a better insight on things as they concern my mother I felt that coming out to her might not be so bad. I just fear my dad but moreso, his reaction. I did manage to get sleepy and went to bed around 11PM.

I managed to sleep very well that night and was stirred from my slumber around 8AM by the phone ringing. I got out of bed and went to go answer it since it was obvious to me that no one else was here to get it. The answering maching picked up the call and I listened to see if a message was being left but the person just hung up. I figured that since I was awake that I could always get ready and go over to Jason's. His parents were supposed to have left around 7AM so I would not be too early.

I was out of house in 20 minutes and on my way. I might have been driving a little too fast because I saw a cop at the corner and let off the gas as we made eye contact. I mean come on though, I was only over the limit by 5 mph. Nevertheless, I pulled up to Jason's house to see that there was a note on the front door. I got out with my bag and went to see what it said.

"Steven, enjoy yourself while you are here. If Jason doesn't answer the door because he is a hard sleeper, the spare key is under the watering can. John recommends waking him up with ice cold water. See you Saturday night, John & Anne"

I'm only nice when I want to be. I didn't knock, I just got the key and went in. I heard water running down the hall so I quietly set my bag down and tip toed in that direction. When I got next to the door I heard the shower running but I also just started hearing someone, hopefully Jason, pee into the toilet. I felt devil horns growing from my forehead and grabbed the door handle and turned quickly. I was glad it was unlocked or the surprise would have been ruined. I opened the door and yelled BOO! Mid piss with a semi hard cock, Jason shrieked, jumped away, missed the bowl, stopped peeing and in a matter of mere seconds was limp and covering himself.

"You're an ass!" Jason yelled.

I walked up to him and pushed him against the wall and looked him in the eye, "I can be but I got to see your cock for a second," I said with a big grin and kissed him.

We were about 30 seconds into our kiss when I noticed his hads were on my hips. I could put my hand on his cock since it was not covered. Next thing I knew, I felt a warm stream of water on my leg and jumped away. Jason went back to the toilet and continued peeing. He looked over his shoulder at me, "Payback is a bitch. What lesson did you learn?"

"That I need to hold your dick when you pee, your aim is horrible." I laughed and grabbed a towel.

"You can always just take your clothes off and get in the shower with me," Jason said as he raised an eyebrow.

"Maybe later. You shower and I'll go clean off in the other bathroom."

On my way out of the bathroom, I slapped his white bubble butt and left a nice handprint with some sting on it. I went to the other bathroom and just washed off my leg with some hot water and soap then went back into the entry way to grab my bag and take it to Jasons room. Since I had never been in his house I had to look inside a couple rooms to find his. Once I felt that I found his room by the clothes hamper with a pair of his boxers hanging out, I set my bag next to the bed. I then walked towards the kitchen to start making us some breakfast.

I went into the fridge and grabbed a couple things and got to work. I heard the shower turn off as I was just taking the bacon out of the frying pan and started cracking some eggs to cook in the oil. Between frying the bacon and cooking the eggs I was popping bread into the toaster and buttering them when they popped up. I had just finished putting the eggs onto two plates and moved the pan to the back burner when I felt a warm pair of arms snake around me just below my chest followed by the rest of the body pressing up against my back.

"I really enjoy you back there and if I didn't just finish cooking us breakfast I would indulge in your warmth." I said as I leaned my head back against his head.

Jason kissed the back of my neck, "If you spoil me with bacon and eggs in the morning, I might just not let you leave. But it does smell good and I'm hungry so let's eat."

We each grabbed a plate and piled on some bacon and toast. We sat at the counter next to each other as we ate. Jason made it a point to move his chair as close to me as possible. I think he would have sat on my lap if I suggested it. He was still radiating heat from the shower, smelling like lavender from his shampoo and giving me plenty of eye candy with my breakfast as he sat in a pair of blue and green boxers. I slowed down my eating to really take in the view from the side. While not ripped, his toned frame showed off his lines very well. I could make out the divisions in his upper arms between his biceps and triceps. He was naturally smooth skinned and very fair complexion on his shoulders and down his body. He had a good t-shirt tan going on and all too soon after just taking in the site before me I had unknowingly dropped my bacon onto my plate and started getting hard.

"Are you enjoying the show?" Jason asked pulling me back to consciousness.

"Mhmm. I'm going to enjoy the next 2 days and I hope you do too." My voice in just above a whisper with a tone of primal instict coming out, "Do you have anything you need to do outside the house before I lock the doors and draw the blinds?"

"I have to feed the animals and gather the eggs. That's all for today," saying each word after pecking at my lips. The boysenberry jelly still on his lips sending my senses into overload as I wanted to devour him right there. "I would also like to have the house cleaned up tomorrow afternoon before my parents get home so they will have you over more often. To my delight of course."

"Okay, let's get that out of the way so we can have the day uninterrupted," I suggested.

After feeding and gathering the eggs, we came back inside to wash the eggs of any chicken poop on them and put them in the fridge. Jason offered to clean up the dishes from breakfast while I looked over the rest of the food in the house to think about dinner, more specifically what I would make for Jason and would be simple for him to learn how to make for his parents. I had an idea but it would be a surprise for later.

"So with the whole day ahead of us what plans are swirling around in your head Steven?" Jason started removing his shirt and got it up high enough to cover his face when I went in and stopped him from removing it but I also didn't let him pull it back down. I pinned his arms over his head as I moved my lips over his face. Slowly giving him small kisses through the fabric. Jason started moaning softly and I stopped and pulled his shirt down over his body. His look was like a lost puppy. "I am not intending to be a tease, I just have a master plan for the day. I promise that tomorrow will be all you and your ideas for what we do. Within reason though."

"Well, let's get started then," he said as he sat down on the couch. I disappeared to his room and came back with my radio codes list. "The Billy Madison quiz with a strip poker twist. You quiz me on the codes, you can either give me the code number or the code name and I have to respond with the right answer. If I get it I get to tell you which part of clothing I want you to remove and vice versa if I get it wrong. Since the list is long the request may be to remove an arm from your shirt or undo the button to your shorts. The loser is at the mercy of the winner to do something mutually agreeable by us. Are you up for it?"

"Give me list," Jason snatched it from me with a smile.

Ten codes in and I had gotten them all right. I was beginning to think that Jason was going easy on me as I had his shirt off by now. Then he started in with with more obscure codes that caused me to lose my shoes, socks and half my shirt. We were about half way through the list and even with the twist of stripping I had to admit that I was really being tested and pushed to get the answers right. When I had made it through the list, I had my shorts down around my knees but Jason was in his socks and boxers with the button on his boxers popped open.

"So I guess I lost?" Jason asked.

"Is it really a loss? Would you consider what is to come something befitting of losing?" I asked.

"Depends, what do you have in mind as the winner?" Jason coyly smiled.

I pulled off one of my socks and taol him to lay back on the floor and covered his eyes with my sock. I had him hold the sock over his eyes with both hands with the explicit instructions that if he removes the sock to see that I will stop what I am doing and not start over or pick up where I left off. He readily agreed and smiled as he lay there for me to bask in his mostly nude presence.

I really had the opportunity to see his full body in all of its naked glory. I wanted to get really familiar with him so I started by sitting on this crotch knowing full well that he would get hard. I laid my hands on his shoulders where they met the neck and started rubbing them. Rubbing turned into massaging as I concentrated on one shoulder and pectoral muscle then switched to the other. Once those were worked over, I moved down to his nipples.

They were light brown about the size of a nickel and erect just like his cock as it was now pulsing under me. I ran my hands over each of them, making sure that each of my fingers flicked the corresponding nipple. For the most part Jason had just been purring while I was massaging him but I lowered my face to his right nipple and stuck out my tongue. I slowly licked around the nipple hearing Jason moaning a little bit but getting louder as I enveloped his nipple in my mouth and started to suck on it. Jason kept the sock over his eyes as he thrust his hips upwards. He suddenly gasped for air when I stated nibbling on the tip. I enjoyed his reaction so much that the time I spent concentrating nipples ranged somewhere around 10 minutes. It might have been more or less because I was not paying attention to time, just Jason's body.

"Do you want me to stay here or move on?" I asked.

"I want to know what you're going to do next," he said.

I started massaging his hips and the sides of his chest and abdomen. I moved my hands up to his armpits and let my fingers run through the hair. I thought he might start squirming, laughing and remove the sock but I wasn't tickling him. I moved my body down and sat at his feet. I raised his left leg and set it on my shoulder as I massaged his thigh slowly moving down to his feet. I raised his right leg and repeated the process. When I got finished with his legs I grabbed his feet around the heel and started to suck on his toes. This did start him giggling but he was good about keeping the sock over his eyes and I managed to not get a foot to the mouth from a reflex. I laid his legs down and lowered my body next to his and whispered in his ear.

"Fell better?"

"Can you do that again?" he asked.

"Which part?"

"All of it," he said as he exhaled.

"You can save that for tomorrow when it's your turn," I said as I sucked on his earlobe. "Are you hungry? we've been at this for a good two and a half hours."

I removed the sock and tossed it away. His closed eyes slowly opened and looked at me. Jason attacked my lips and forced his tongue inside my mouth. He was an animal as he kissed me hard and deep. I had unleashed a sleeping giant as he rolled on top of me and mercilessly kissed me. His lips never left my body as he moved them down my chin and sucked on my neck. He moved to my ear and sucked the whole thing into his mouth. The feeling was weird. I was really able to hear him sucking, up close and personal. He moved to the other side still leaving his lips attached to me.

Jason moved back to my mouth and let our tongues dance around a bit more before he lifted his head up and looked me in the eyes. I tried to read his thoughts but it wasn't meant to happen as he closed them again and resumed our kissing. With him still on top of me, I used the time to run my hands along his back. There was some massaging and I traced his spine letting my fingers slowly slide over each vertabrae as I made my way down his back. I got to his waistbad on his boxers and slipped my fingertips under the band. He made no sound of approval or denial so I lifted the band a little bit and he rasied his hips off my body. Instead of removing his boxers I just slipped my hands inside. His hips lowered back down, started grinding hard into me and I began to knead his cheeks in my hands. It was like semi-firm clay, squeezing them, pushing them together and pulling them apart. I slid a finger at the top of his ass crack down towards his asshole. As I went lower I took note that it was smooth going down. When I readched his tailbone and my finger slipped a little too fast I made contact with his rosebud. Jason moaned in my mouth as he grabbed my head in his hands holding our lips together. His moaning was rhythmic and his grinding matched the moans. I started feeling my stomach getting wet and that unmistakable smell of cum filled the air.

Jason stopped this kiss as I removed my hands from his boxers and just stayed on top of me with his head resting on my chest. Nothing was said for a few minutes until he rolled off of me and propped himself up on one arm to look at me.

"Wow. I didn't expect that," was all he said.

"Too soon?" I asked.

"No. I knew something was going to happen. I raised up because I thought you wanted to remove my boxers and I was into it and didn't want to stop it. I just didn't know I was close to cumming until I felt your finger touch my hole. It just came out of nowhere." Jason said looking down.

I put a finger on his chin to lift his head and meet my eyes, "I honestly didn't expect my finger to slip and go that far down."

"Well, don't apologize for it. It happened and I am glad it did. I hope you are feeling the same," Jason commented.

"I am happy if you are happy," I replied with a smile.

Jason moved his hand to my crotch and poked my semi through my briefs, "I know this was rock hard the whole time too and it's not wet since my some of my cum is still in your belly button. We need to release that pressure or you're going to be hurting soon."

I saw a twinkle in his eye and wondered, "What are you thinking?"

"I'm taking control right now and I hope you indulge me," Jason said as he stood up and extended his hand to help me up.

I just followed him down the hallway into his parents room and then to the bathroom where he closed the door behind us and had me stand by the sink. He left the light off so I could barely make out his movements. I heard the shower turn on and then felt a hand on my arm. Jason moved in front of me but I could not see his facial expression. He leaned into me, our chests pressed together and soon a soft kiss on my lips. It was gentle and passionate but not forceful like earlier. I felt something brush my feet for a second then I felt Jason's hands in the waistband of my briefs pulling them away from my waist. I leaned forward off the counter, let him remove my underwear as they fell to my feet and stepped out of them. The steam was filling the room quickly and our breathing got heavy. Jason took my hand and led me into the shower.

To say the water was hot would be an understatement. It was just shy of scalding but still felt good. Jason began familiarizing me with the layout of the shower. "Here is the door, it swings out towards the wall. The shower head is on the same wall as the hinges, it has different spray settings. The hot and cold knobs are about wasit high below the head. On the side wall here is a recessed space for a bar of soap or whatever you put in there. Above it is a shampoo, conditioner, body wash and baby oil dispenser. In the back of the shower is a place to sit that will easily fit you and me next to each other. The shower is about seven feet deep and five feet wide so we'll have enough room to move around."

I sat down while Jason ducked his head under the water. While it was still dark inside, my eyes had adjusted to let me see figures and movements better. Jason turned to me and extended his hand. I stood up and he brought me closer to him until we were both under the water. Our heads tilted, met at the lips and Jason put his arms around my neck as I heard the soap dispenser being pressed. He brought his hands back around in front of me and started lathering up my chest and abdomen. I smelled Irish Spring body wash being coated all over my front side, armpits, arms and was turned around to soap down my back even going so far as to take advantage of the situation and soap up my butt and the top of my crack. I moaned in pleasure as Jason said, "There is more than this. Don't blow your load," as he hugged me from behind and nibbled on my earlobe while pinching my nipples.

The soap slowly started to wash away as we swayed back and forth under the cascade of hot water. Jason kept me facing towards the back of the shower as he went for more soap, coming back with the baby oil. He had a generous amount in his hand as he hooked his arms under mine, slid his hand down over my cock and wrapped around it. If there was any doubt as to how stiff my cock may or may not have been before that, it was now rock hard and felt like it could snap in half. Jason began to slowly jack me off, up and down the shaft, twisting his wrist in the process making sure to give me ample amounts of pleasure. He removed his hands for a few seconds to get more oil but this time applied it to his own cock and let some slide down the crack of my ass. He got his rhythm back on my cock while he slid his cock between my cheeks with the head pointed upwards. Rocking back and forth our moans in sync, I heard him moan a bit lounder as his hand sped up on my cock. Jason shot about 4 shots of thick cum up onto my back and let gravity do the rest as it made its way down my ass.

"Did you cum yet?" he asked.

"Not yet," I replied.

"Okay, jack yourself off. I'm going to take a seat and watch you." Jason said as he moved around me to sit down.

I started masturbating furiously as I felt his hands running up and down my thighs. My moaning picking up with his touch. Jason started tugging at my balls and pressing against my taint which caused me to get a little bit louder. Then I felt Jason's finger slip in between my cheeks and started applying pressure to my hole. I was moaning so loudly now, throwing my head back, grabbing the wall of the shower to steady my balance and I shot rope after rope of cum from my dick. I lost count of how many times as I was more concerned with not falling down. It wasn't until after I stopped stroking that Jason removed his finger from my ass.

"Here, come sit down so you don't fall over." Jason commanded.

I sat down next to him, winded and trying to catch my breath. "Give me your finger," he requested.

I gave him my finger and he took it causing me to turn my body towards him. "This is you," he said. I felt as he took my finger and put in in the cum I had just violently erupted. It seemed that most of it his him as I felt it on his his eyebrow, his ear, his cheek, his chin, his neck, his chest, his nipple and then some pools on his legs.

We slowly stood up and cleaned ourselves off before turning off the water and exiting to dry off. My stomach growled and Jason laughed saying, "You worked up an appetite." Which was immediately followed by his own stomach growling and my response, "That makes two of us."

"I have an idea," I said. "How about we just do a light dinner and go to bed early so we can cuddle up next to eachother. Instead of teaching you to cook a meal tonight, maybe we can do it tomorrow and have it ready for when your parents get home?"

"Good idea," Jason said. "Can dinner be simple like make a few sandwiches and take them to the room?"

"That sounds good to me," I said. We went into the kitchen, not even worrying about putting anything on and made some ham and roast beef with swiss and sharp cheddar cheese. Grabbed a bag of chips and some water bottles and disappeared for the night into his bedroom.

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