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Steven & Jason - Chapter Six

I rolled over in bed and looked towards the clock on the nightstand. It's 5AM and I am content with how this weekend has gone thus far. After getting our food and eating in Jason's room we just laid down and talked. We had two windows open to allow for a cross breeze and in the summer up here, where it gets in the high 60's or low 70's at night, the breeze can make almost any room feel cool enough to only really need a sheet to cover up with.

Our conversation was casual and light, nothing really soul searching. We fell asleep with me spooning him from behind. Now as I look at the clock I can feel the tangled knot that I am wrapped up in. The sheet is around our knees, twisted around our feet. My left arm is pinned underneath Jason's body while he is resting his head on my chest and part of the twisted sheet is wrapped around his left leg which is draped over my left leg. I would have no problem staying like this just to keep watching Jason or perhaps to get some more sleep but my dick is standing up and my bladder is about to burst. As carefully as to not wake up Jason, I pull my arm from him to help free my legs and get to the bathroom.

Standing at the toilet pissing like a race horse, feeling like there was no end to the stream at one point even leaning forward resting my head against the cabinets over the toilet becuase I wasn't sure my legs would hold me up. I started replaying the night in my head. The things you can think about while enjoying a piss is mind blowing. I remembered that right before I fell asleep I looked at the clock and it was 9:30PM. I wasn't sleepy or tired after getting more than seven hours of sleep so if I went and laid back down, I would just be watching Jason sleep. Then I remembered the note on the door from the day before and figured it could be 9AM before Jason wakes up. Soon enough I felt the last few drops from my dick and flushed.

I went into the kitchen and living room to pick up from yesterday. About 20 minutes later, living room in order and kitchen cleaned I went back into the bedroom. Right as I walked in and was about to lay down Jason opened his eyes. He looked so angelic, so peaceful, so innocent as he gave me a small smile. "Good," he let out a long yawn, "Morning." Jason sat up and stretched his arms and legs but as he was trying to move his legs he started to fall out of bed with his legs trapped in the sheets. It was a good thing that he was falling towards me so I could catch him.

Jason walked over to the bathroom and took his morning piss. I grabbed my toothbrush and deodorant and walked in next to him and started to freshen up. When I finished, Jason was waiting for me to move so he could have the sink. We walked back into his bedroom and looked at each other. He tilted his head to the side and I walked up to him and took him in my arms and just hugged him. Hormones and the touch of each other caused a stir in our cocks as they started to inflate. Jason stole a quick kiss and stepped away grabbing some boxers, "Get dressed. I know what we are going to do this morning."

"You got it," I replied and grabbed my clothes from my bag. Within minutes we were both dressed for the day at it was barely past 6AM. "Are you going to tell me what we are doing this morning?" I asked.

"We are going to go outside, take a walk, talk about stuff, enjoy spending time with each other, get some sun and exercise."

I looked at Jason as we were getting ready to walk outside, "That was one hell of a non-descript description of what you have in mind. Let's go!" I gave him a wink and motioned for him to lead the way.

We left his house and started walking west through the brush. It was a short walk as we came upon the small lake near his house. There was a small row boat tied to a tree about 20 feet from us. The boat looked weathered and aged; something that had been out here awhile. I asked Jason if it would float and he said that it would. It belonged to a man nearby that would store it over the winter and make any repairs to it to keep it afloat. So we walked over to it and Jason untied it and launched us out into the lake.

Once we were out about 30 feet away from the shore, Jason took off his shirt and I followed suit. It was in the upper 70's and felt really nice. I didn't bring any sun block so I would have to stay conscious about how long I am out here without a shirt or I would get sun burned and be miserable tonight and a few days after. Jason started out rowing us around the lake. He was just looking me over, lettting his eyes wander across my body as I sat opposite him and gazed off into the distance at the mountains.

"So my mom and dad talked to my uncle Thursday night when we got home from dinner," Jason said pulling me back to reality. "I just heard the beginning of their conversation about when they were younger and talking about your mom."

"Anything specific or just idle chit chat?" I asked.

"Nothing from what I heard but I didn't stand at the door listening to their whole conversation. They did seem to talk for almost an hour so I know I missed most of the conversation."

I wasn't sure how I should have responded. Concerned, prying or nonchalant so I went with the latter, "Do they talk often?"

"No. That was the first time I knew that they had all talked together in over 2 years. I'm sure they talked one on one more often and probably for a lot less than an hour. I wonder what the topic on conversation was but then again if I am so concerned about it I guess I should talk to them about it and not just keep grasping at straws."

"Well, I feel that it isn't something for you to worry about. I don't mean to sound rude or callous, I just feel that if the conversation were focused on something that had a greater impact on the family in a way that is harmful then you would have a better idea of how to feel about the conversation."

"I suppose I am distracted and looking too much into it. Did your parents say anything about me or my parents after dinner?"

"I approached my mother that night when I was having trouble winding down and talked about her comments of your uncle and as long as he is happy, you know that whole part."

"What happened there?"

"Well, I asked if she meant what she said and she did. I guess she had a crush on him when we was younger but it never went further than admiration from afar. Then I asked her about what I've noticed regarding her and gay men and things said or done. She doesn't go gay bashing or anything, just sometimes a comment can rub me the wrong way. But it's not so much of her that has the problem unless they feel like the person has to make a scene to make their benign point stand out. For all other gays and lesbians who are just average there is no problem. My dad on the other hand has stronger feelings of immorality on the topic. So I feel that if I were to come out, I would come out to my mother first then see what she thinks is the best approach on my father knowing."

"Well that's good that you have a better idea of where your parents stand on that topic. I'll come out to mine too and sooner if we make this last between us."

"What's your doubt about us making it last?" I asked with worry.

"I've never been in a relationship with a guy. I know it's not something we can just walk around and show off up here like straight couples can do so I don't know, it just puts doubts in my mind as to where things go between us."

"Let me row from here and you take a breather," I said motioning for him to switch places."

I put my shirt back on and started rowing us around the last half of the lake. "Well, let's talk about what we can do to make things easier on us. How we can make this work and how we should act around each other like when we are at school or around other people."

Jason began, "I would like for us to have our own circle of friends but also for us to hang out together at school and outside also. If you do end up going for the baseball team, then the two of us hanging out more often at school wouldn't attract too much suspicions from others of why are we now friends when we really weren't the past two years."

"Are you going to play it straight and go out with girls to keep up that front?" I asked but not really wanting an answer.

"I am and I will not date any girls. I might go out with one or two but that isn't even a for sure thing. I will not pursue anyone actively to make a point. I will also not do anything to you that would cause a rift between us because I really like you."

"That is within reason for me," I started. "I do have Dawn that I hang out with sometimes since we have a couple classes together. I wouldn't be surprised if people think we have something going on between us. There is also Dustin that I am sure I will hang out with more often when our schedules align."

"Hmmm, perhaps I was worrying about nothing. Seems like we have a good start on how to keep our relationship a secret from people at school," Jason looked a little more at ease.

We finished up our ride around the lake and tied off the boat to the tree and made our way back to his house. "So do you feel like you know your radio codes for that test?" Jason asked.

"With your help and the quiz yesterday I feel like I can pass the test today," I said enthusiastically.

"How soon can you start going out on ride alongs?"

"I can sign up for two a month at our monthly meetings and do more if I am invited out by a deputy with the sergeant's approval."

"That's cool, but it seems like two a month is kind of stupid. I mean they should let you do more."

"Well, it's two a month during school and four a month during summer. If I rank up to a sergeant then it goes to four a month during school and six over the summer."

"Oh that's nice. So will you know who you will be riding with ahead of time or do you just know a time and get stuck with someone?"

"Well for metro, it's just a time and see who I get or better yet, who will let me ride with them. For substations like up here, I'll know who it is since only one person works a certain shift on any given day. The department works four - tens so a squad or deputy works four days at ten hours a day."

"So what are you going to teach me to cook for my parents?' Jason changed the subject as we walked in his house.

"Well, it's 9AM now, what time did they say they would be home?" I asked.

"They said 4PM."

"Well how about you page them around noon and get a better idea of they they are going to be home. They will probably be skeptical of why you are asking, thinking we are up to trouble so if they ask, let's just tell them it's because we want to have dinner ready for when they get home and to not eat on their way home."

"Sounds like a plan. What are we going to do until then?" Jason asked with eyebrows raised and a devilish grin.

"Well, I was thinking about some breakfast, feeding the animals and just cuddle with each other for a few hours until you get a hold of your parents and then more cuddling for a little while after that until we start prepping dinner."

"Is my personal chef going to cook me breakfast again?" Jason asked.

"No, I was going to have you make us breakfast since I made it yesterday."

"Get ready for Fruit Loops and chocolate milk," he said as he walked into the kitchen.

A few minutes later he called my name to come eat so I walked in to get my cereal and saw a frying pan with a carton of eggs next to it with some sausage and bread set out. "Breakfast is ready to be prepared," Jason looked down and smiled.

"Shit, what would you have eaten if I hadn't been here?" I asked.

"Probably delivered pizza and a couple trips into town to McDonald's or Taco Bell."

"Well I like feeling useful so you're going to stay in here, watch me and maybe learn something about cooking."

So I ended up teaching Jason to cook ground sausage then mix in beaten eggs to scramble them with the sausage, something easy he could repeat on his own. After breakfast we cleaned up the kitchen a little bit and went to feed the animals and clean out the horse stalls for one of his neighbors. We returned to the house and I lay crooked on the couch with Jason laying on me. We cuddled in silence for about 30 minutes when the phone rang and he got up to answer it.


"Jason, it's mommy."

"Mom, you're on speaker and Steven and giggling now."

"Oh excuse me. Did you remember to use the plastic sheets last night in case you wet the bed again?"

"MOM! Can you stop it? What do you want?"

We heard John laughing behind her hysterically. "Just letting you know we are on our way home and should be there about 3:30PM so make sure the house is still standing."

"It's still in one piece. Don't eat before you get home. Steven is teaching me how to cook today instead of last night so you guys wouldn't need to worry about dinner when you get home."

"That's great honey. Make sure there is enough for leftovers."

"Okay mom, drive safe and we'll see you later."

"See you in a few hours power ranger."

"HA!" John laughed again before the phone hung up.

Jason just hung his head looking dejected as he walked back to me. "Don't ask," he said and lay back down. We held each other tightly and exchanged a few light kisses on the lips and other parts of each other's face. We ended up napping until noon and it would have been longer had Jason not moved and let his knee come to a rest on my balls as he snuggled up closer.

"Well, I think we should start dessert and prep for dinner so we are not rushed. What do you say?" I asked.

"Sure." Jason got up and stretched and I poked him in his stomach. "Stretch those muscles power ranger!"

"Oh not you too. Please don't call me that. Only my mother can call me that and she should only do it if no one is around." Jason pleaded.

"Okay, so if my mother calls me her pet name are you going to refrain from calling me that name?" I asked.

"We'll see," he grinned. "If I start calling you by that name then you can call me by mine."

After pulling things out for dinner, I determined that we were only missing one integral part of the meal. Since I knew it may be counter productive to send Jason to get it from the store, we both went and picked up some fresh basil. We got back and started making an easy dessert. Chocolate cream pie with a graham cracker crust. I demonstrated, instructed and watched him make the crust then add the filling and put it away in the fridge. Next we went about prepping the sauce and grabbed the basil, garlic, pine nuts, EVOO and S&P. I was teaching him how to make pesto sauce which would be going over the pasta. I had decided that pasta would be easy to learn as it's hard to screw it up.

He got the sauce made and put it away for later and we let the noodles sit out. I also had some chicken breasts thawing on the countertop. We went back in the living room and went back to the couch and cuddled. I had set the egg timer to go off at 2:30 so we could start cooking but at a slow pace. There were a few more kisses and we enjoyed a good back rub from each other, which took us up to the timer going off.

Teaching Jason to make pasta was like watching paint dry, but the sparkle in his eyes made it all worth it. He was really getting into it and I thought he was going to do it all but he hesitated and asked me to blacken the chicken at least the first time around to which I went with. We were a good match in the kitchen and with time and frequency I could see us becoming quite the duo.

Just as I was finishing up the chicken John and Anne were walking in the front door. "Anne, if this is what the house smells like when Jason is burning it down, I'm willing to let him do it more often." John happily stated.

Jason went in to greet his parents and told them to go set things down in their room and freshen up for dinner. They went into their room and shut the door and Jason came back into the kitchen. I had just taken the chicken out of the pan and was about to start slicing it when Jason stopped my hand from picking up the knife and turned me around to face him. He laid a hearty kiss on my lips as he hugged me with one arm on my back and the other cradling my head. It was short but so full of passion and meaning.

"Thank you for this past week and even more for the coming time that we are together. I truly believe this can work and be something special." Jason said as he let me go and turned me around to get to work on finishing the chicken.

Jason's parents walked in just as we were finishing up the plates of food. We had four good size plates with more food for leftovers as instructed. We all took our seats at the table but were asked by Anne to not eat yet. She was waiting for something.

"What are we waiting for mom?"

"I said leave some for leftovers because we have a special guest joining us for dinner. They are a couple minutes behind us because they wanted to get some wine." Anne replied.

Almost immediately after she said that, there was a knock and John went to get the door. We heard an exchange of pleasantries and John walked back into the dining room followed by some guy.

Jason got up and ran towards him. "Uncle Lucas!"

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