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Steven & Jason - Chapter Nine

We walked up to the counter and placed our order. I took a Double-Double spread and pickle only, animal fry and iced tea. Jason had the same except his burger was animal style. We opted to grab a seat outside and enjoy the day and so we would not have to worry about anyone over hearing our conversation. Our number was called and I went to grab our food and bring it back. We both started in on our fries because they are best when hot and fresh. Animal fries here are great, they come right out of the fryer with cheese put on top then put into a steamer to melt the cheese and topped with thousand island and chopped grilled onions. We greedily inhaled them making a mess in the process but that's the point, why call them animal fries if you are supposed to stay clean while eating them?

"So I went golfing the other day with my dad while mom was out with your mom and Lucas." I started, "we had fun and got a chance to really talk about things."

"Sounds like fun," Jason replied.

"I came out to him." I said quickly and took a bite of my burger.

"Yea, my dad and I went fish ... wait, what?" Jason processed my statement mid reply, "you told your dad you're gay? How'd that go?"

"It went easier than I was expecting but I wasn't expecting him to be the first person I told. He still loves me and I still have a place to live so it turned out better than anticipated. I told my mom when we got home and she had already figured it out."

"Wow. Congrats. I wonder what my parents will say when I come out to them?" Jason thought out loud.

I just winked at him when he said that. "What's that for?" asked Jason.

"It's for when you do tell them. I'll stand by your side and hold your hand when you decide to tell them if you want." I offered.

"I just don't know how they will take it. I mean I am an only child and Lucas isn't having kids so I don't know how they will react if I am not going to carry on the family name." Jason said quietly.

"Do you think they will take it bad? I mean it's not like Lucas isn't gay and they've never dealt with anything like this right?"

"Lucas!?!" Jason exclaimed as I sat perplexed not able to tell why he said his name the way he did, "Lucas left me a note for me to read after he left this morning. Here read it."

Jason handed me the note from his pocket and I began to read. My face turned red when I got to the part where he overheard us. As I finished the note I looked back up at him. My eyes were kind of wide with a look of 'what are you waiting for?' on my face.

"This tells me that your parents probably already know or at least suspect. If they do suspect or know then they would likely talk to Lucas about things and they had plenty of time for that the past few days. Was it just coincidence that he came down to pick up a horse and had a chance to meet me and see what we are like around each other?" I asked.

"It's just me procrastinating. I know they will be fine with it, we have a good relationship like that where we can talk about things openly. We'll tell them this evening." Jason said.

We finished off our burgers and ate up the cheese paper because it is a crime to waste any part of your meal from In-N-Out. We refillled our drinks and headed out on the road to go home where it was a bit cooler.

The drive home was relaxing. We had the A/C on while in the valley but once we got halfway up the mountain I turned it off and rolled the windows down and let the cooler air whip around inside the cab. The drive didn't take long, just a quick 40 minutes and we were back up the hill at my house. We walked inside to see that my dad had gotten home from work and was watching some golf on TV.

"Hi Mr. Williams." Jason said.

"Hello Jason. How did your test go bud?" My dad asked.

"Perfect score but missed some extra ones that were not on the list." I replied.

"So when do you get to go on those ride alongs?" He asked.

"I signed up for the next three Thursdays from 5PM to 3AM down on metro patrol." I said.

"Ok. Remember to drive safely." He cautioned.

"I will dad." I smiled.

"It's 3:45PM right now and your mom is off at 5PM. She asked me to call her if you got home before 4 and had passed your test. So let me call her and find out what she had in mind." Dad excused himself to the bedroom.

Jason and I sat on the couch and held hands while we waited. Dad came back a couple minutes later. "Your mom wants us to go back down the hill for dinner and do some last minute shopping for equipment for you. She said to invite Jason if his parents say it is okay."

"I can ask but no promises. Can I use the phone?" He asked.

Jason called his house and talked to his mom who asked him to come home for about 15 minutes if it wouldn't set us back in our plans but she did give him permission. Jason left to go talk to his mom and I said I would be a few minutes behind him to bring him back. He shook his head okay.

Jason walked into his house and his mother was in the kitchen making dinner. He took a seat at the counter and said waited for her to start talking.

"It is nice that you and Steven became friends which allowed us as a family to find an old friend from our younger days and I do not mind you spending time with Steven and his family but I want to make sure you are not intruding."

"Where is this coming from mom?"

"Just an observation. Prior to a couple weeks ago I had never heard you talk about him. I know all of your friends and then out of the blue Steven comes into the mix."

"I think I know where this is going." Jason started.

Anne stopped what she was doing and looked out the window when she heard something. She saw Steven drive up followed by John. The two of them getting out of their vehicles with John insisting Steven come inside.

I was walking behind John when we went inside. I saw Jason at the kitchen counter talking to his mother.

"Good timing guys. Steven take a seat." Anne commanded, "Continue Jason."

Jason looked at me and I could see it in his eyes. It was time so I took his hand in mine as they were at our sides. "Mom, dad, the reason why I never talked about Steven until a couple weeks ago is because we weren't really friends before. We were both at the movie and started chatting and found out we have some things in common. One of the biggest things in common and the reason why you see us spending time together is that I am gay, which I have known for a while but never said anything." Jason stated calmly.

"I am gay too Mr. & Mrs. Bedford." I backed Jason up.

Jason continued, "We have started dating while continuing to get to know each other better."

Anne came around the counter and enveloped Jason into a big hug saying loud enough for all to hear, "I'm glad you decided to tell us finally. I didn't want you to feel like you had to hide it from us."

As Jason and Anne were hugging, John walked up to me and shook my hand with a smile on his face. We switched parents and got the hug and shake. "Welcome to the family Steven, John and I really like you and Lucas said before he left that he approves of you dating his nephew."

We were waved off to leave for dinner with my parents. Jason made no mention of asking if they knew what Lucas heard or if they had an idea before he arrived. Jason didn't care, he had the support, love and acceptance of his parents with me by his side and that was all he needed to know that things were right.

If you have never heard of In-N-Out Burger, go to Cali or Las Vegas and try it.

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