By SF Writer aka Ty
Copyright 2000  Stormnation, All rights reserved.

CHAPTER 11 – Honor is not without its cost.

* * * * * * *

Mike walked up quietly behind Sarah, as she lay with her head asleep on the cafeteria table. Mike brought his finger to his lips to signal Claire not to say anything who was sitting opposite Sarah. Mike slid his arms around Sarahs waist and nuzzled her neck, kissing her gently.

"Hi Honey." Mike whispered.

"Mike?" Sarah said opening her eyes and feelings Mike’s arms around her. "MIKE!"

Mike smiled smugly as Sarah turned around and hugged him tightly. She put her hands on his face wondering if she was dreaming before she kissed him eagerly. Mike smiled as they kissed and embraced, giving everyone watching quite the show. Mike rested his hands on Sarah’s lower back, pulling her closer to him "I missed you so much."

"I am so glad to see you. I got so lonely without you. Poor Claire had to put up with me the whole week."

Mike popped his head to the side and smiled at Claire "Hey Claire. Sorry you got stuck with her Royal Highness here. Hope she wasn’t too difficult."

"Don’t worry Mike. Hope you had a good trip." Claire smiled.

Sarah slid her hand up Mikes back seductively before she whacked him on the back of the head. "I am not difficult. I’m…Super Bitch. So don’t fuck with me. But I really did miss you. I’ve been so lonely. Everything’s been going to shit back here."

"What? What do you mean? And where’s Storm and Marcel?"

"I haven’t seen Marcel. He’s probably off with his new friends. Storm isn’t at school today. I’m really worried about him. He won’t talk to anyone. Marcel told me they nearly killed each other at the athletics meet. And he’s just been really withdrawn all week. He’s never at home anymore when I call. Dade’s even worried about him."

"Geez, can’t you guys keep it together without me? Lucas was right."

"About what?"

Mike leaned into Sarah and whispered so no one would overhear. "He was worried about Storm. He said there was something wrong but I told him he was just worrying too much. I thought Storm was handling everything ok but I guess I was wrong."

"Handling what ok? What the hell is going on?"

Mike pulled Sarah around the corner and made sure no one was nearby. "Ok you’re bound to find out eventually anyway so I’ll tell you. Storm got his ass kicked last Friday by Brad and his thug patrol."

Sarah’s eyes grew wide with horror and her mouth was agape. "That’s why…oh my god. I can’t believe it. He hasn’t told anyone. Both Marcel and me have been trying to get to him but he’s hiding from the world. I should have known, the signs were all there. I thought it was because of Lucas and him breaking up. But it wasn’t. It was his whole confidence thing; they must have broken it. I’m telling you Mike; Storm hasn’t been the same since last week. But now I know why, I can fix it…right after I kill Brad."

"I think he’s been killed enough Sarah. Lucas got him pretty good."

"Lucas? Lucas is harmless."

"You should have seen him! He ripped Brad apart." Mike started imitating Lucas' combo motions as he spoke "He was so fast. He was beating Brad stupid. I never knew Lucas could be so quick. And you should have seen him haul Brad into the air and slam him on the ground. He really nailed Brad good. Brad won’t be playing tomorrow that’s for sure." Mike said smiling.

"Lucas? Mr. Nice Guy? Kicked Brads ass?"

"No he didn’t kick Brads ass, he KICKED Brads ass. You saw what Marcel did to Brad. Well you take that and multiply it by ten, then you get what Lucas did to Brad."

"Damn I wish I were there. So where is Lucas?"

"Marcel picked him up last night so he could be with his baby. Hopefully those two should have sorted things out so we don’t have to put up with either of them moping next week at school."

"Too weird. You’d think we would have had a quiet week apart but no. Ok I still don’t quite understand what’s going on. But Lucas is ok? And he’s with Storm so Storm should be ok. And Marcel is…where the hell is Marcel?"

"Storm and Lucas are with each other now so they should be ok. Marcel seems pretty damn awesome from what I saw last night. That guy has totally changed, but I like it. Now that just leaves you and I. I’m ok. Are you?"

"I am. I’m so glad to see you. It seems like I haven’t seen you in forever. How have you been babe?"

"Well apart from Lucas and I bitching at each other about missing you guys I’ve been good. It was a good trip. I learnt a lot and did a lot. I missed everyone though. I wanna go see Storm and Dade and Mom. And have a talk with Marcel; see how the guy’s doing. That’s all after you and I have had some time together of course."

"You’ve got the rest of the afternoon off don’t you?"

"Yup. But you can’t skip any classes. I don’t want you missing out. I’ll wait around till you finish."

Sarah looked at Mike, reading his body language. She knew he was serious, he wanted her to be the best she could be. And he knew for her it was through education. "You really look out for my best interests don’t you?"

"Always. You can be so much. I look at you and I just see greatness. You’ve got so much to look forward to."

"I hope that I look forward to it with you?"


For some reason Sarah felt a tinge of sadness. She couldn’t quite place the reason why she felt sad. Was it in Mike’s words? In the way he said them? In his attitude? It felt to Sarah like Mike didn’t plan to be with her. Maybe she was reading too much into things but she knew Mike felt like he could never be good enough for her. "Do you promise? Mike, I wanna be with you. I missed you. I love you. I don’t like the way you think about me. You think I’m going to leave Merlow one day and forget about you don’t you?"

"I wouldn’t hold you back. This town isn’t big enough for you. But I think this is where I’ll always be. I’m not rich. I’m not clever. When I leave school, I’ll be the guy working in the lumber yards."

Sarah’s face was awash with defeated sorrow and anger all mixed into one. What made her feel even worse is that she felt Mike was right. There was nothing extraordinary about him. He was a regular nice guy who worked hard but didn’t have the brains or the money. And these days that didn’t get you far.

"You know I’m right don’t you." Mike said.

"You’re a good-hearted person. I’m not giving up on you Mike. I wanna talk about this. Now. Let’s go sit down. Look there’s still half of lunchtime left and even if we take longer I don’t care. Everything else takes second place to you Mike. So don’t argue with me."

Sarah took Mikes hand and held it in her own as she led him to an area on the grass where they sat down cross-legged, hands still clasped together. Sarah sighed as Mike brushed his hand through her hair, gently pulling off her hair tie. The breeze wove its way through her hair, gently sending wisps across her face.

"You are so beautiful." Mike smiled.

"Thank you. Mike…will you marry me?"

"WHAT?" Mike gasped.

"Not right now. One day. Say ten or so years from now. Sure we’ve only been together nearly six months but we’ve known each other our whole lives. I know you’re the man I want to be my husband." Sarah smiled.


"Just keep that thought in the back of your head for ten years and give me the answer then ok?"

"Ok." Mike gulped.

"Now Mike. You think I’m going to leave Merlow for greener pastures do you?"

"I know you will. You’re too good not to."

"You know I won’t if that means leaving you."

"Yeah you will. I won’t be responsible for holding you back."

"Mike, you’re talking like at least two years away. If I were to one day have to leave for college or whatever, would you wait for me?"

"You know it."

"Don’t you think you’ll make it to college?"

"I doubt it. I’ve never been anything special at school. I don’t think I could even get a football scholarship. Brad is better than me."

"Now THAT is bullshit. Hellooo who’s been MVP most times this season so far?" Sarah said tapping Mikes forehead.

"Uuhh me?" Mike smiled sheepishly.

"uhhh YUP. Mike don’t sell yourself short…or I’ll kick your friggin ass."

"Yes Sir Boss Sir!" Mike smiled.

"That’s better." Sarah smiled back at Mike as she kissed him gently.

Mike smiled as Sarah planted him with a warm angel kiss on the lips. "Don’t you wish that everyone could have someone? We have each other. Storm and Lucas have each other. Some will say we’re young and we don’t know shit. But I know I want to be with you forever. Aren’t we lucky we found each other so early?"

"I agree. You know as well as I do, and I know Storm knows it too that he and I were never intense or serious. It was just comfortable. I mean, I love the guy. But he’s like family now. And I just can’t think of him like that, I don’t think I ever really did."

"That’s my brother you’re talking about."

"No, don’t get me wrong. He’s great and all, I just never had anything remotely close with him to what I have with you. And he never felt about me anywhere close to what he feels with Lucas. Everything has worked out so well."

"I knew what you meant. Do you think Marcel will find someone? Do you think he really wants anyone? I used to think he did but I don’t think so. I think he actually likes being single. I don’t think he could handle a serious relationship right now."

Sarah tried to stifle a few laughs "Marcel is such a flirt. I don’t think he wants to commit to anyone right now. Not that he has much choice. I mean I can’t think of anyone outside of Storm, Lucas and Marcel that is you know…"

"Yeah, I know. I can’t think of anyone either." Mike said scratching his head. "Isn’t it supposed to be one in ten or something? There has to be at least one other person if not more. We just have to find them."

"That’s it. Wanna play cupid baby?"

Mike raised his eyebrow smiling back at Sarah "Love to."

"This is going to be fun."

"What’s going to be fun?" Marcel said sitting down next to Sarah and Mike.

"MARCEL!" Mike said tackling Marcel with a big hug. "I missed you dude. We didn’t get a chance to talk last night. How have you been?"

Marcel sat himself back up, blushing red. "You missed me? You gave me a hug in public. I feel special now. And I am GREAT thank you."

"Course you are. I missed you heaps buddy. I’m so glad to see you." Mike smiled.

Marcel blushed even more, not expecting this kind of affection or attention from Mike. It was all a bit overwhelming. "Ok you make me feel anymore warm and fuzzy and I swear I will explode. I’m so glad you’re glad to see me. I missed you too. It’s been so weird around here lately. But it feels like everything’s coming back together ok. Especially now that you’re back!" Marcel said prodding Mike. "Now maybe Sarah will stop sulking and hanging around with that stupid Stacey chick. Sarah was being a snob while you were gone Mike, she was. Are ya gonna spank her?"

"I was not!" Sarah yelled in surprise.

"Were too!" Marcel yelled back.



"Kiddies, kiddies calm down." Mike said patting both of them on the shoulder.

"I thought you were the one being the snob." Sarah said softly.

"I was not. I was the one who always ran after you remember."

"Oh yeah. I think our wires were crossed there somewhere. Sorry Marcel."

"That’s cool. It seems you, Storm and I have all had our wires crossed lately. But Mikes back to hold everything together aint ya Mike!"

"Uuuh yeah. Geez you three haven’t been playing nicely with each other lately have you?" Mike replied.

"No we haven’t. But I’m so glad you’re back Mike. Everything feels a bit better or back to normal just because you’re back. I’m tempted to say I love you but someone might hear. Oh wait I just said it. Oh who gives a fuck, I love you Mike. Now don’t dare go anywhere ever again!"

"Now I feel special."

"Coz ya are." Marcel and Sarah both said at the same time.

"Hey!" the repeated in unison once again.

"Stop it!" they said in unison a third time.

"This is too weird." They both said shaking their heads.

Mike rolled his eyes at them "You two must be twins or something."

"Yeah." they both replied.

"Are you coming to class Sarah?" Marcel asked standing up.

"Yes she is." Mike said smiling

"Yeah, I am." Sarah said shrugging. She kissed Mike bye on the cheek and stood up to walk with Marcel.

"See you two later."

"Bye Mike." They both said waving back to him.

"I’ll see you after school…at Storms!" Sarah yelled.

"Yeah me too!" Marcel yelled.


* * * * * * *


I mumbled in my sleep moving my hand up Lucas' chest and yawning as I moved my head over his heart. I swung my leg over his and snuggled up close, wrapping my arms around him as much as I could. I was so tired, I must have been the most sleep-deprived person on the planet. On top of staying up all night with Lucas and then going to work at the crack of dawn, I had spent the whole week working my ass off. I’m sure Mom wouldn’t mind me taking this one-day off. I wouldn’t have been any use at school and plus I wanted to spend some time with Lucas. I smiled in my sleep, gently resting my hand on Lucas' hand. I opened my eyes slowly, yawning yet again. I blinked and tried to unblur my tired eyes.

"Holy shit Mike!" I yelled in surprise, falling off my bed as I jumped back. "What the hell are you doing here? Where’s Lucas?"

Mike lay there smiling back at me and letting out a yawn of his own. He propped his head up on the pillow "Lucas has gone home to unpack his gear and get changed etceteras. He wanted to be back before you woke up. He should be back soon. And I wanted to see how my brother was. So don’t go jumping away. I’m not going to bite."

"Sorry Mike." I said smiling. "I just got a fright that’s all. I thought you were Lucas that’s why I was you know…"

"It’s cool bro. Come on, I like holding you."

"You do?"

"Yeah. It feels like I’m looking after you or something. You still look tired."

I lay back down next to Mike and rested my head on his chest. "I am tired." I said yawning. "I tell you I have had the worst week. But I’m glad you and Lucas are back now." It didn’t take long for me to start getting tired again and I was yawning again as my eyes slowly closed.

"Get some rest Bro." Mike said pulling the blanket over us and holding me gently.

"It’s good to have you back bro. I missed you." I mumbled softly.

"I missed you too, now get some sleep…"

I didn’t catch the rest; I was already on my way back to the dreamscape.


* * * * * * *


"Where’s Claire?" Marcel asked.

"Where’s Cody?" Sarah replied.

"Who cares about Cody. He and I aren’t really friends. He’s a bit of a dork. He thinks he kicked Storms ass. What a dreamer."

"Oh you’re kidding? Cody? He must have been one of them. Chalk one more reservation for the Smack down hotel."

"What?" Marcel asked in surprise.

"Cody. He must have been one of the group that beat the shit out of Storm. When did Cody say this?"

"A few days ago. What are you talking about? Was he serious?" Marcel asked shaking his head in disbelief.

"Come on Marcel, read the signs. Remember when you dealt to Brad last week when he and Storm were about to face off? Well Storm went off by himself in a huff and Brad went after him with a few friends and kicked his ass. I mean, you’ve noticed Storm has been really like lame lately, defeated like and shit."

"Holy shit. I had no idea. I thought it was because he broke up with Lucas."

"I think that’s part of WHY he broke up with Lucas. You know how Storm works. I can’t believe it’s taken nearly a week to the day to find out about this."

"Fuck." Marcel mumbled in disbelief.



"I love your elegant and diverse use of vocabulary Mr. Lewis."

"I can’t believe it. This is all my fault."

"Oh man shut up. Brad’s the jerk here."

"You’re right. I just can’t believe I didn’t notice. No wonder Storm took off to Abby’s. To get away from Lucas, and to hide from us. And he’s been doing it most of this week. I talked to him last night but I still had no idea. Does Lucas know?"

"Lucas is the one who kicked Brads ass. Mike reckons Lucas pounded him down big time. Apparently Josh was one of them as well. I’m not sure who else. You can be sure that Scott and Peter were there. Cody aye, what a dork. He’ll get his."

"What shall we do?"

"Honestly? I’m not sure. I don’t think Storm would want us to interfere. But then again, I’d love to smack Brad a good one. And don’t give me that you’re a girl bullshit."

"Ok ok! I think you’re right though about not doing anything major. But I’m definitely going to have a few WORDS with Cody, don’t worry I won’t beat him up."

"Where is he anyway? I thought you two were joined at the hip?"

"Ha Ha funny funny." Marcel said sarcastically. "I don’t really know. I haven’t seen him around much today. Besides, I wanted to hang with you. But where’s Claire? Are you two like best friends now?"

"I don’t know Marcel." Sarah shrugged. "I didn’t really used to like her that much but lately when I’ve been with her she’s been really cool. I guess I’m just not used to hanging with girls. I like the guys." Sarah grinned.

"Me too." Marcel grinned widely, flashing his smile and his eyes.

"You are such a babe Marcel. You could have anyone you want. Do you just not want anyone right now?"

"Not really. I like being single. And besides I don’t really have much choice do I? I mean do you know anyone outside of Lucas, Storm and I that’s you know…"

"What about Claire’s brother Jason?"

"It’s Jacob. And I’m not really sure. I’m too scared to call him back actually. And he doesn’t live in Merlow. Plus I’m new at this. I’ve only ever been with girls. It’s so easy with them."

Sarah raised her eyebrow and gave Marcel a sour look. "We are not easy."

"Oh I didn’t mean like that. I just meant I’m less nervous."

"I know I know. Do you like him?"

"Well…yeah I do. Only from what I saw. I couldn’t say for sure. I mean he’s really cute and everything. Really really cute. And he likes the same things as me. But I dunno. I think I like being single."

"Oh ok then." Sarah smiled. Now she had a target she could go out and hunt it. Time to pull out Cupids arrow and get to work.

"Hi you two." Claire said smiling.

"Hey Claire. Sit down." Sarah said pulling a chair out for Claire.

"Thanks." Claire replied.

"Hey Claire!" Marcel smiled.

"Hey Marcel. Hey umm are you gonna call my brother? He’s really like tearing his hair out thinking you don’t like him."

"Oh…" Marcel replied.

"Marcel’s too chicken shit. Here’s his phone number. Get your brother to call him." Sarah said writing on Claire’s hand.

"Oh ok. I’ll do that. Don’t worry Marcel he doesn’t bite…much."


* * * * * * *


"Lucas…Lucas." I mumbled in my sleep. I tossed and turned unable to sleep, yet unable to awaken.

"Wake up." The voice said. "Wake up."

"What?" I said opening my eyes.

"Storm…wake up."

"What is it?"

"You were calling out to me baby. What’s wrong?"

"Lucas!" I smiled. I rubbed my eyes and realized that Lucas had taken Mike’s place. I wrapped my arms around him and hugged him close, burying my head in his neck and inhaling his aroma.

"I missed you so much!" I said showering him with kisses.

"I missed you too baby. I wasn’t gone that long was I?"

"You were gone long enough for me to notice you were gone. I love you so much. Do you still love me?" I said smiling.

"Hmm I dunno." Lucas said jokingly. "Of course I do dude! You’ve got a beautiful smile you know."

"I don’t have any reason not to smile right now. I’m here with the guy I love. I’m very happy. I love you. I love you. I love you…and if you haven’t caught on yet, I love you." I said smiling widely.

Lucas smiled smugly to himself, his smile just adding to my wanting to smile myself. He sighed, confident and happy. He brought his hand to my face and held it tenderly, still smiling smugly to himself. "Just shut up and kiss me…please."

"Ok." I smiled shrugging.

Oh boy how can you get sick of these strawberry lips! I sucked gently on Lucas lower lip, tasting him greedily. Slowly I moved my attention to his upper lip, nibbling on it gently. Lucas obviously wanted me to get a move on because he moved my head so our lips were on each other’s and he began his assault, sending his tongue in to explore. I was so hot for Lucas now I couldn’t help myself. I ravaged him with my passion filled kiss, moving my hands down to the bottom of his shirt and practically ripped it off him.

I wasn’t wearing a shirt so Lucas had nothing to rip off, besides his hands were too busy grabbing whatever flesh they could. I moved my lips down towards Lucas' nipple and flicked my tongue at it, teasing Lucas unbearably. I kept this up for a bit before I engulfed it all, sucking on it like a baby. Lucas' fingers pressed into my back, gripping firmer with each continuing moment I spent on his nipple. I eased my assault as Lucas' cries and moans turned to a gentle whimper.

Slowly I moved my lips towards Lucas' neck and made my assault on the soft nape of his neck. I nibbled on it gently before resuming my sucking motion. Moving my hand back to Lucas' nipple and teasing it relentlessly. As Lucas' soft moans become louder and more intense I increased the pressure I had on his neck. I could have put a vampire to shame. Lucas' moans became louder and he held my shoulders and back tightly with his legs wrapped around my waist. I think he was trying his best to stop himself from going into an all out humping motion.

"Dude…I can’t take it. Storm!" he cried. "UH"

"Eewwww. That doesn’t look like that much fun."

"Oh shit Mike!" I yelled jumping back.

Mike stood in the doorway with a tray of food in his hands and a stupid grin on his face. He rolled his eyes in mock disgust and placed the tray down at my desk. "I’m gonna let you two finish doing whatever it is your doing. I’ll be downstairs ok." He said walking out and downstairs.

I turned to look at Lucas who was sitting against the wall with his knees against his chest and his arms wrapped around them. He rested his chin on his knees and was rocking himself gently, his face all sweaty and he was still breathing a little heavy.

"Lucas what’s wrong?" I said sitting next to him. I put my arm around him and he shrugged me off.

"Shut up. Don’t touch me."

"What did I do Lucas?"

"You shouldn’t have done that. You should’ve stopped."

"Stopped what?"

"You know what."

"I…I’m sorry. I thought you liked it."

"I did. That was the problem. I liked it a bit too much."

"Oh…you didn’t. We didn’t even go down there man. We didn’t even get our shorts and pants off let alone boxers."

"I know. But you’re just so good. You just drove me over the edge man. I couldn’t help myself. It just…happened."

"I’m sorry Lucas. I’m sorry."


"I…I didn’t mean to I promise. It’s ok though Lucas, you can borrow some of my boxers."

"I don’t want to. Just don’t touch me ok."

"I won’t touch you I promise. Anything you want Lucas."

"I wanted the first time to be special. Not some afternoon fling."

"I didn’t think you were going to shoot man. I just thought we were fooling around a little."

"Well you were wrong. Just don’t touch me ok. I’m going home."

Don’t cry Storm, don’t cry. "Yeah…sure…ok then." I said submissively. Lucas picked his shirt up and threw it on quickly before he grabbed his bag and headed out the door. "I’m sorry." I said quietly.

Lucas paused at the door and turned his head slightly before he walked off completely and left. I sat on my bed, feeling cold and cheap and like I was a bad person. Don’t touch me. Do you know how much that cuts?

Don’t let it get to you Storm. Get a grip and push on. I think if this were last week I would have broken up with Lucas but I’d already done that once and learnt my lesson. I had to stick it out and work through it. I’m sure he’d come to his senses and we would be able to talk. Just try not to dwell on it Storm.

I felt cheap and used though; there was no denying that. I took a few deep breaths and held my head in my hands. I rubbed my eyes and tried to get a grip on things. It’ll be ok Storm, it’ll be ok. I slipped a tee shirt on and made my way downstairs to talk to Mike, grabbing the tray of food as I went. Mike could help, I know he could. I could always count on Mike to always be there and listen. He usually had a good take on things too when it came to me especially. I walked into the lounge and sat down next to Mike who was watching TV. I placed the tray in between us and smiled at Mike.

"Share this with me Mike. I’m not really hungry right now."

"I hope I didn’t cause some kind of argument. Lucas didn’t look too happy when he said bye."

"Ahh forget about it. It’ll be ok. He’ll be back when he’s calmed down a bit. And don’t start on me with the Brad thing. I’ll sort it out later ok. I just don’t want to think about him right now. I want to know how you are."

"You’re on the ball today aren’t ya. Sarah’s been telling me about how you’ve been lately and she’s worried. I’m worried. Are you ok?"

"I’m ok now. It just blew me more than I admitted to myself. I don’t really want to get into it ok Mike? I’ll talk to Sarah later. I’m ok though. But I’m glad you’re back bro."

"If I had of known you weren’t handling everything ok, I would have stayed behind with you. You still don’t look ok bro."

"Just this fucken thing with Lucas. Everything goes wrong. I just can’t seem to keep it right. There I was thinking everything was going to be ok and then this happens. If I didn’t use my give up card last week I think I’d be using it now."

"Oh man shut up! You don’t think Sarah and I have problems? You’ll get them man, it doesn’t mean you bail at the first hint of trouble. Just stick with it and it’ll work itself out, you’ll see."

"Thanks Mike. I needed that. So how are things with you and Sarah?"

"They’re great. She’s coming over here after School by the way. Wants to see you, and me."

"Oh brother, I’m gonna get it from her. I haven’t spoken to her properly all week."

"Oh man, you are so dead. She’s going to kill you. A whole week? Sheesh. I know Sarah and for sure she’s going to be laying into you."

"Yeah…you do know her. Mike…can I ask you something?"

"Sure thing dude."

"Uuhh were you…making a move on Sarah…while her and I were together?"

Mike got a bit hurt and even a little bit pissed off when he heard that. His face half-frowning and half cross. "Bro…why do you have to go there? I thought we were past that. Are you still angry at me about Sarah?"

"Not really. It’s not like I ever really had her. I was just wondering."

"You mean you were testing me? You want to know how much you can trust me? And you can’t trust me if I’m trying to steal your girl while she was still your girl right?"

"I guess."

"I didn’t go anywhere near her THAT way until long after you split up. I did not make a move on her while you were together. And you know how much it hurt me to have to tell you about us. We went through all that shit back then. I know it felt like I betrayed your trust. And maybe I did cross some line…but I’d do it again to get Sarah."

"Yeah…" I said downcast.

"Don’t be like that Storm."

"Like what?"

"Like that thing you’re feeling."

"I can’t help it. You basically said I come after everything else. Which is fine. I can understand that. So don’t sweat it."

"That’s not what I meant."

"Forget about it. I’m gonna go over to Lucas' house. You know the drill, this is your house."


"See ya." I said after putting my last shoe on and heading out the door.

"I once knew a man who could walk up on his tippy toes.
I asked him why he did?
And he said ‘Hey because it snows’
It makes my feet go cold so I step up on my tippy toes
I can’t imagine why anyone would want to know…" Mike sang nervously, hoping to trigger my memory.

"It’s only because sir you look a little weird
You got a funny walk and have food stuck in your beard
We only want to ask so that we can surely know
Just why it is exactly you walk on tippy toes..."

"You remembered." Mike said sighing.

"How could I forget? Mom used to sing that to us to stop us fighting when we were kids. I haven’t heard it in years. I’m surprised you remembered."

"I remember everything. I remember us walking home in the rain with our gumboots on and mud all over ourselves and your Mom…our Mom…"

"Yeah, our Mom."

"She’d get us all warm and then give us a telling off and we’d start blaming each other and then she’d sing that song to us. Or when we used to play football out back with your Dad and we’d get into a fight and Mom would call us in and make us sing that song together to stop us from fighting."

"I feel old when you tell me those stories. You remember when we nearly burnt the house down playing with the fire place?" I said sitting back down next to Mike.

"Yeah…I think we were 8 or 9. I remember though it was just before Marcel moved here. You, me, Dade and Brad…"

"Brad…aint it funny how things change? Anyway carry on."

"Yeah and we woke up at like four in the morning and there were still embers in the fire place. So we thought we’d be clever and start it up again by putting some newspaper in it. Except YOU Mister Show off, had to make a little paper stick and wave it around and when the fire got too much for you to handle you threw the paper away and it landed near the wall and shot up it."

"Oh yeah that’s right…that was my fault aye."

"Yeah except we ALL got in trouble. I thought your Dad was going to beat the shit out of us. But Mom was the one who dealt to us. Damn I hate when your Mom gets angry. She is just the scariest person alive when she’s mad."

"Tell me about it. I try my best never to piss Mom off."

"And you remember when we threw Marcel out the window accidentally? And he busted up his knee."

"That was no accident. You knew we were getting up too much momentum. We were supposed to throw him onto the couch, not out the window. But you wanted to show how strong you were."

"I thought he was never going to stop crying. What a sooky bubba."

"Yeah like you never used to cry a lot." I said rolling my eyes. I started trying to imitate Mike’s voice from when he was a kid. "Awww Mom, they won’t share the cake with me. Awww Mom, they won’t play with me. Mom Mom Mom Stormy looked at me the wrong way Mom. Mom Mom Mom."

"Hey shut up! You’re the one who cries the most now ya sook."

"Ahhh blow it out your ass."

"I don’t care. She listened to me every single time."

"Mom so spoiled you man, she still does. You get the most attention out of all of us. I think poor Dade is the one who gets the least attention. Notice he’s the most well adjusted?"

"Yeah…funny that."

"Anyway was there a whole point to this conversation?"

"Yeah, I just can’t remember it. Anyway I didn’t want you to leave. We’ve been through so much together. We’re family. Don’t think you come after everything else because you don’t."

"Well to me it sounded like you’re pretty much prepared to just screw me over if you needed to, to get to Sarah. I mean I know she comes first. That’s why I understand, its ok bro. I mean, she’s your girl and everything."

"Storm. Why do you have to put it like that? You’re both important to me. I wouldn’t be with Sarah if it meant screwing you over to get to her and I don’t think I really did that Storm. What do I have to do to prove myself to you? I’ll do anything short of dumping Sarah."

"Am I asking you to? NO! Did I ask you to dump her? NO! Have I said anything to say I don’t want you to be anything except absolutely fucken happy? NO! Don’t even fucking ask me those questions Mike. I would never ask you to do something like that."

"Ok ok I’m sorry. I just don’t feel like you trust me as much as I trust you. I know you love me, because I’m your brother. But you don’t trust me a hundred percent."

"I’m not getting into this anymore. You know where I stand; I know where you stand. Nuff said."

"I don’t know what I have to do to make you trust me."

I thought about what Mike had just said. Did I trust him? Just because you love someone does that mean you trust them too? Did I have reason not to trust Mike? When I thought about it I didn’t think so. Mike had never done anything to intentionally hurt me. My own stubborn pride made me think stupid. "I am such an idiot. I just don’t know how to let go sometimes Mike. I remember all these things and I just can’t get rid of them no matter how hard I try. I mean you sat with me four hours straight. If that doesn’t prove something I don’t know what will. I’m sorry bro, I plead stupidity."

"Just remember who I am. I’m your brother. I’m your friend. I’m not going to do anything to hurt you, ever ok? Do you get it yet thicko? Has it sunk in?"

"Yeah it has. It’s kinda weird though how everything has worked out don’t you think? I mean me and Lucas, you and Sarah. It’s like fate or something. Not that I believe in that crap."

"You know Sarah said that very same thing today."

"Really? She’s right. Do you think I should go sort things out with Lucas or wait for him to come back?"

"Oooh toughie. What happened?"

"Uhh I can’t tell you." I said scrunching my eyes shut.

"I’m guessing it had something to do with that look on Lucas' face when I walked in…" Mike put on his best Lucas voice "I can’t take it dude…STORM! UH!" he said grinning. "And I don’t need to tell you what happened next."

I covered my head in shame "Uhh yeah man."

"I take it he didn’t intend to do that? A little uhh premature was it?" Mike said grinning.

"Oh hell yeah. Poor Lucas. He must be so embarrassed, and he’s pissed…"

"Because he wants the first time to be special, yadda yadda heard it all before. Well you know life aint perfect. Shit happens. He’ll get over it. And he’ll be back too. Watch that space." Mike said pointing to the door. "He’ll be walking in as soon as he’s gone home, gotten changed and cleaned up. Thought about what an idiot he’s being and how much he misses his baby. Then he’s going to slap his head in shame before he runs back and begs for your forgiveness. At which point you can get whatever you want."

"You’re pretty good at this. Sarah do this to you a lot as well?"

"Trade secret, can’t tell."

"Ok then bob. But I don’t want to wait I wanna go see Lucas now." I said getting up. I used the reflection on the window to shake up my hair.

"You are such a love fool you know that?"

"Yeah I know, but I love it. It’s cool."

"You should try and be like Marcel, now he’s cool."

"It’s about time. Anyway, I’ll see ya later."

"Later bro."


* * * * * * *


"Ok where is he?" Sarah said bursting through Storms front door.

"He’s not here. I thought Marcel was coming with you?" Mike replied.

"Oh yeah he’s out front with Mrs. M. She’s just come back for afternoon coffee break and then she’s going again. Marcel is kissing her ass as usual, you know."

"Oh cool. I better go say hi."

"Where’s my hi?" Sarah asked perturbed.

Mike clicked the TV off and got up to kiss Sarah hello on the cheek as he brushed past her and made his way outside.

"Punk!" Sarah yelled.

"Awww you know I love ya baby!" Mike yelled back.

Mike walked over towards Mrs. Marcus car and nodded hello to Marcel. "Hi Mom." Mike smiled as he kissed Mrs. M on the cheek.

"Give me a hug Mike. How are you?" She said squeezing Mike tightly in a warm embrace.

"I’m great thanks. I missed you heaps." He smiled.

"So did you have a good trip?"

"It was pretty good yeah. I’m gonna stay here tonight, is that cool?"

"That’s fine. You don’t have to ask."

"Me too. Can I bring home a date?" Marcel grinned. "I was kidding, I was kidding."

"Good. I don’t want my house turning into some lovers nest."

"Aww so why does Storm get to make nookie with Lucas all the time then? And Sarah and Mike."

"Shut up Marcel. Mother has spoken."

"That’s not fair." Marcel sulked.

"Marcel, It’s only because I know Sarah and Lucas. If you really want to bring someone home then we’ll talk about it ok?" June said kissing Marcel on the forehead and rubbed the few tears he had out of his eyes.

Marcel hugged June and poked tongues to Mike with a big grin on his face. "It’s only because I want you to meet whoever I do go out with. I want them to meet this special lady."

"Suck up." Mike said rolling his eyes.

"Ok then Marcel. We’ll talk later ok."

"Ok I’ll go put the kettle on for you."

"Thanks sweetie." June smiled.

Marcel smiled brightly and walked inside the house, prodding Mike as he went. Mike leaned against the car and smiled at June. "I can’t believe you fell for that." He grinned.

"Hey, you gotta give him the attention or he won’t feel special. And you know how I like making you all feel special."

"Oh so that’s where Storm gets it from. He’s a lot like you. He’s lucky."

"Don’t go feeling all left out Mike." June said hugging Mike and rubbing his back soothingly. "It’ll be ok."

Mike leaned his head on her shoulder and rubbed his eyes on her jersey. "I wanna live with you…" Mike whimpered.

"I wish you could baby. But what about your Dad?" June whispered.

"I don’t care about him. I don’t even want to go back. I’ve been gone for a week and this is the first place I came back to, doesn’t that say something?"

"You’re all your father has. He has his faults but underneath it all he’s a good man, I believe that. Why are you so scared of going home Mike?"

"I just feel safer here. You know he has his little periods of being fine and everything and then he’ll hit the bottle again for no reason. I’m sick of it. I’m always trying to stay out of his way so I don’t give him an excuse to lash out at me."

"Ok Mike. You know that whenever you don’t feel safe, you come straight here. Anytime you don’t feel safe you come straight here do you understand? Do you want me to talk to your Dad?"

"No, it’ll only make things worse. I’ll be ok."

"Keep your chin up Mike. Everything will be ok, you’ll see."


"I promise."

"MOM!! IT’S READY!" Marcel yelled.

"Come on, let’s go inside." June said ushering Mike.


* * * * * * *


I jumped over the fence to Lucas' backyard and ran across it to Lucas' house. I shimmied up the wall, using the drainpipe as a foothold to make my way to Lucas' window. Luckily Lucas' room window was open so I wouldn’t have too much trouble getting in. I popped my head up discreetly and looked in to see if Lucas was inside. Sure enough, there he was sitting on his bed with his head in his arms. "Lucas." I said softly.

Lucas raised his head and looked at me in surprise, his eyes wet with tears and his face distressed and confused. "Storm." He replied barely audible.

"Can I come in please?"

Lucas nodded in agreement and I pulled myself inside and flung myself onto Lucas bed and sat next to him.

"Hi." He said softly.

"I’m sorry Lucas. It won’t happen again I promise. I won’t touch you or do anything. I just want you to be ok."

Lucas sat there with his eyes downcast and not saying anything. He didn’t look like he knew what to say. I was trying to think of something I could say to make everything ok but I think I made the wrong choice coming over. I think Mike was right and Lucas needed his space and time out.

"Well I just wanted to say that. I’ll see you later." I said flipping out the window.

"No. Don’t go please."

"Are you sure?"

Lucas nodded yes and I pulled myself back in and sat back down. I sat there biting my lip, not knowing what to say. I looked at the wall hoping Lucas would say something. I loved this room because it had Lucas written all over it, figuratively speaking of course.

"I’m sorry. It was my fault. I’m the one who couldn’t handle it. I ruined it for us."

"Then why are you so angry at me?"

"I…I don’t know. I just…don’t know."

"That wasn’t very nice what you did to me. You made me feel cheap like a slut. Like I was a bad person. And I’m not." I said sniffing and wiping my nose. I was trying not to cry and I don’t think I was going to really cry. I just still felt hurt by what Lucas had said to me and what he made me feel like.

Lucas moved himself next to me and took my hand, he held it in his own and rubbed it gently. "I’m sorry Storm. I’m really sorry."

Lucas put his hand on my face and held it tenderly, I nearly burst into tears right then BUT I DIDN’T. Just let a few slip that’s all. Lucas rubbed a few tears out of my eyes and leant in to kiss me and I shook my head in defiance. "No." I said shaking my head free and ripping my hand away. "No more touching. I don’t wanna touch you and I don’t want you to touch me. No more."

"Don’t touch me." I stammered. "How does it feel to be on the receiving end of that line?"

"Not great? I’m sorry Storm. I really am."

"Sorry don’t cut it. I meant what I said. Don’t touch me. I think we should just roll with that hands off arrangement you started."

"I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings or make you feel cheap or bad because you’re not. You’re the love of my life, I adore you, I idolize you, I love you."

"Then why’d ya say it?" I said frustrated and angry. "If I’m so special why’d you make me feel like a whore."

Lucas grabbed my arms tight and shook me "You’re not a whore ok. You’re not. And if I made you feel that way then I’m a creep."

"I said don’t touch me." I sobbed shaking him off again.

"I don’t know what I can do to make it better. I want us to be happy. I’m so sorry Storm. I’m so sorry. I’m sorry…" Lucas sobbed.

"Get a grip Lucas. We can’t change the past. I know that as well as you. We’ve both hurt each other. We didn’t mean to, we just did."

"So what do we do?"

"The thing is Lucas. We have to look to the future. We know we love each other. We’ve been to hell and back for each other. How many couples, yeah I said couples. How many couples can say that? Ours isn’t some date or some kiddie relationship. We got something special here. You know I love you. I know you love me. This is just a kink. I’m not even worried about it because I know we’re going to get past it. We just have to look to the future. And if you agree with me and love me as much as I love you gimmie a hell yeah."

"Hell yeah." Lucas smiled. "We’ve been through so much Storm. We’ve worked hard and gone through hell to get where we are. And you know I’d do it all again just to be with you. I don’t have any regrets, except for that last stunt I pulled. I’ll make it up to you I promise."

"I think we should still go with that hands off thing for a few days at least. Might put things in perspective. I just don’t feel up to it either. I think I’m going to be sick." I said covering my mouth and running to the bathroom.

I threw up three times down the toilet. I don’t even know what triggered it. I think it was because I felt so sick inside from the way Lucas treated me that it manifested itself into something physical. I stood up feeling a little woozy and leaned against the wall. I felt Lucas'4 hand rubbing my back and I felt sick all over again and started throwing up. Another two chuck projectiles. I fell to my knees, drooling into the bowl and feeling like a right proper screw up.

Lucas tried to pick me up but I put my hands against the wall and steadied myself so I could use my own weight to pick me up. I staggered to my feet and tried to shake off the after effects. "I better go." I said walking past Lucas.

"I can look after you here. Please don’t go. Please don’t go." Lucas begged.

"I don’t feel good Lucas. I need to lie down. I better go home."

"Then I’m coming with you."

"No you’re not. You haven’t even said hello to your parents since you got back. They should be back soon. The last thing they need to see is me sprawled out sick on your bed. I’ll call you later." I said closing the door behind me and heading back home.

I figured I’d use the sidewalk this time, I didn’t fancy jumping no fences right about now. I felt yucky but a bit better. I made my way down the street and crossed over to turn the corner. I sped up the pace to a slight jog as I was in a hurry to get home. The afternoon was still a bit gray but there wasn’t any rain, still a bit cold though. I got to my street and could see someone standing on the corner just a bit down from my house. I recognized the person immediately as Josh Barret. What was he doing here? I was pretty sure he’d been one of the people that helped Brad, Lucas still hadn’t filled me in on all the details yet.

"Come back for another round huh. Well you won’t catch me off guard this time. Where are your sidekicks and that big dumbass you kiss ass to?"

Josh did his trademark bottom lip ‘I don’t know what to say because I’m too chicken’ look. He was such a spineless fuck and I really hated him. I was hoping he’d give me a good reason to pound the shit out of him because even feeling as sick as I did, I was still angry at those punks. Josh threw his eyes to the ground, obviously having trouble speaking to my face. "I came here to apologize. To say sorry for what Brad and them did to you. And for me not doing enough to stop him."

"What? You came here to apologize? Are you serious? You think I’m stupid? Where’s Brad? Where’s he hiding? Is this some kind of set up again?" I asked looking around.

"Nothing, I swear."

"Like I’m supposed to believe you. You just stay away from me. And next time you feel like smashing my head against a wall you better watch out because I’ll be ready. Watch yourself coz fucker…Storm’s back." I said turning to walk away.

"Wait Storm. I tried to help you! I made them stop! Who do you think helped you home!"

Flashbacks of last Friday’s events came flooding back to me. There wasn’t much I remembered except Brads taunting voice and my head hitting the wall, kicks being laid into me, punches to the head. It was still a bit of a blur. I remember losing consciousness and waking up momentarily to someone walking me along the street. My weight being supported by someone whose face I didn’t see, it was all so blurry damnit. I remember his smell though. Strangely enough.

"Come here." I said motioning Josh towards me.

I grabbed his collar and leant in to smell him. He looked at me bewildered, wondering what the hell I was doing. I think he thought I was going to grope him or something. He sure did smell nice but his name aint Lucas. Sure enough though the smell was familiar.

"Ok so you did help me. What do you want me to do? Kiss your ass or something."

"No. I just…I just…"

"You just what? You just what?"

"I wanted to say sorry."

"Yeah well, forget about it."

"Uhhh I hope you and Lucas sorted things out. He was pretty racked during the week."

"Wait a minute. I don’t want to talk about this with you. Who the fuck are you? What do you know? You’re the reason I went through all this shit to start off with. Why don’t you find someone else to be your buddy, Lucas doesn’t need you. You’re the reason they invented the word loser. You and that fuck up buddy of yours."

"I just wanted to…"

"Aahh save it. Remember that payback’s a bitch. I’m outta here." I said walking off.

"Can’t we be friends?"

"Me? Be friends with you? Hell no." I replied. Maybe it was a bit harsh but who cares, did he deserve any less?

I left him standing there like an idiot and didn’t really care too much that I did. Weak fuck that he is. For some reason I despised Josh, he was so weak and pathetic. I wanted to kick his ass. Make him go through what I went through but when all was said and done would it really help anyone?

I wondered what Lucas saw in him. Maybe he felt sorry for Josh. Lucas was so friendly to everyone it was hard to tell. Maybe he wanted to help him because Josh was gay and needed support. Maybe I was too biased against Josh. I’d never liked him. He didn’t have a spine. And he hung out with scum. That’s enough to turn me off.

I walked up to my front door and pushed it open. Before I had even taken two steps inside there were two hands on me, grabbing me roughly.

"You, upstairs now."

"What? What did I do?"

"It’s what you didn’t do. Upstairs."

"I have to…"

"You have to what?" Sarah asked sternly.

"Uhh go upstairs?"


I started making my way upstairs fearing the wrath of Sarah.

"OoOOOOoooh Storm’s in trouble!" Mike and Marcel both yelled from downstairs.

"Shut up you two." I yelled back.

I carried on up the stairs and went into my room flopping myself straight onto my bed. I pulled the blanket over me and hugged the pillow. "Sarah do we have to do this now? I don’t feel good."

Sarah’s stern pissed off face melted a little, and I do mean a little. She closed the door and came and sat next to me on the bed. She put her hand to my forehead and held it there. "You’re not kidding are you? You don’t feel so good. What’s wrong?"

"I don’t know. I was at Lucas' house and I just got sick all of a sudden. I’ve been feeling this way for the past few days actually. I just wanna sleep."

"That’s what you said to me last time. And then when I got back you were gone."

"You were the one who left me remember?"

"I had to…"

"No you didn’t. But you did. It’s ok. I just want to sleep. Oh shit…" I said getting up and running to the bathroom. Two more puke projectiles to add to the list. I sat there hunched over the toilet bowl. Sarah knelt behind me rubbing my back. I leant my head against the wall and stayed there, unable to move. "Sarah…I don’t think I can get up."

"It’s ok. I’ll help you."

Sarah helped me to my feet and I leaned against her shakily. She helped me stumble towards my bed and I fell on it. I couldn’t move at all now, I felt paralyzed. I pulled myself onto the bed slowly and lethargically. "Sarah…I think I need help…" I said just as I began coughing up blood.

"Holy shit. MRS. M!!! MRS.M!! STORM NEEDS HELP!!! HELP!!" Sarah yelled rushing to the door.

My vision started going blurry but I could see and feel the blood in my hands as I coughed violently. Eventually it stopped and I fell back.

"What’s wrong? What’s wrong?" Mom asked in a panic as she burst in.

Mike and Marcel were two steps behind her as she rushed to my side. She knelt down next to me and looked around me to see if she could tell what was wrong. "Mom…help me…"

"It’s ok baby. I’m here now. Everything is going to be ok. Where’s the pain sweetheart?" she asked frantically, her hands brushing my forehead and wiping the blood off me.

"Everywhere. I can’t say for sure, it’s just everywhere."

Mom sat me up and I hunched over as she pulled my shirt off. She started rubbing my back "Tell me where it hurts son."

"I’ll be ok Mom. Maybe if I just get some sleep." I said letting my head fall.

Mom patted my back and kept rubbing. She moved her hand behind my windpipe and smacked it hard sending a burst of air up me and obviously something else because I started puking again. This time with blood. I moaned slightly my whole world spinning

"Ok that’s it. Marcel call an ambulance now. Tell them it’s possible internal bleeding." Mom said signaling Marcel. In an instant Marcel had already gone.

"Here I’ll help you carry him down." Mike said.

"Thank you Mike." Mom said as they both eased me gently off my bed before Mike picked me up. My arms dangled loosely and my head fell back unable to support itself.

"Sarah can you stay here and tell Dade his brother is in hospital and then you two can catch a taxi down if you want to come and I’ll pay for it."

"We’ll come down as soon as he gets here." Sarah replied.

Mike carried me out and down the stairs, the last thing I remember hearing was Mike’s voice telling me it’ll be ok. I believe him.


* * * * * * *


Dade walked briskly along the footpath, flanked by his buddy Robert. They had all their hockey gear ready and were going to put in some practice between the two of them. Dade liked doing whatever he had to, to keep on top of his game. They were going to the local park to put in some hours.

"Dade man you think you can get Claire? She’s like up there in the elite club man." Robert asked as they walked along.

Dade smiled as he responded "She’s so nice and sweet and you know she’s cool. And you know as well as I do she’s a babe. I wanna give it a try at least. I mean she can only say no. And if she does, who cares? I tried."

"You got balls man. Going straight to the top aye. I thought you liked Natalie."

"I’m just going for what I want. Natalie’s cool and everything. I just like Claire more."

"Ok then Dade. So when are you gonna do it?"

"I’m going to ask Marcel tonight. He’ll help me."

"Man you are so lucky, you get to hang out with all those guys."

"Yeah well…I’ve known them my whole life. Don’t get all star struck on me, I hate that. They’re just people like you and me. Who just happen to be very cool and popular."

"Yeah whatever, face it you’re the man. You and your brother are like the coolest dudes ever. Everyone who hangs with him gets cool. And just like with you."

"So you’re only hanging with me to be cool then?"

"Uhh no. I just mean…"

"Whatever. Are you my friend or are you a wannabe?"

"I’m your bud man. I just feel lucky to hang with you that’s all."

Dade raised his eyebrow and kept on walking. Robert was a good friend but half the time Dade couldn’t tell whether he was with him just to be cool or whether it was for friendship or even a little bit of both. They crossed the road and carried on around the corner as they got to the park where they could practice hockey for a bit. Dade looked at the sky and wondered if the sun would hold out or if they would be interrupted by rain.

Dade and Robert threw down their gear and got themselves ready. Dade pulled out his hockey stick and didn’t even hear anyone come up behind him and grab it before they pushed him over.

"What the hell?" Dade yelled getting up in surprise.

"Shut up." Brad yelled knocking Dade over with a punch to the jaw.

"What the hell’s your problem?" Dade asked holding his jaw in pain as he lay on the ground.

"Your brother is my problem. And I plan to send him a message that he didn’t quite get last time. I’m the man, not him."

"I see, beat the shit out of me and get revenge on my brother. Yeah that’s clever. You think that up all by yourself?" Dade said getting up.

"You. Fuck off." Brad said pointing to Robert.

Dade looked at Robert as he stood there dumbfound. Robert looked at Dade in total fear and Dade knew he wouldn’t be any good staying so he signaled him to go. Robert ran off like a headless chicken. Dade stayed where he was, not taking the opportunity to run with Robert even though he knew he could have made it. It wasn’t in his nature to run, even when it was in his best interests.

"You’re so tough Brad. You got three bum boys to help you with the job. Hewey, Dewey and Louie. Otherwise known as Scott, Peter and Cody, the dork patrol. Because we all know you can’t do it yourself. Being the wuss that you are. Oh and here’s another jabronie to help you out." Dade said pointing to Josh, who approached from behind Brad. "Hey you come to kick my ass to? Huh?"

"What?" Josh asked in surprise.

"Shut up Barrett. Get in behind. We’re going to teach this punk a lesson."

"Yeah, whatever dumbass. You couldn’t teach Simon says if Simon said teach."


"Need I say more." Dade said rolling his eyes.

Brads eyes zeroed in on Dade, filled with anger. "Now you are going to pay…" Brad said lunging forward at Dade.

"No Brad!" Josh yelled jumping in between.

"Get the hell out of my way Barrett!" Brad yelled furious at Joshs rebellious behavior.

"He’s only a kid. This isn’t right."

"Hey fuck you, I’m nearly 15 and I can kick your ass bitch."

"What sort of reputation will you have at school if everyone learns you needed three guys to beat up a 9th grader. Isn’t it bad enough that you got Storm last week? You can’t keep doing this Brad, it’s not right."

"I said get out of my way."

"No. You go through me first."

Dade raised his eyebrow inquisitively at this latest turn, Josh Barrett standing up to Brad? Is this for real? Dade panned his eyes across the three people standing behind Brad. Dade figured he could take one on one or at the most two but there was no way in hell he could take all of them. But perhaps with Josh distracting Brad and the rest of them he could still grab his hockey stick and scare the shit out of them with a few swings.

"Josh. Are you serious? You’re going to choose this sprat over me?"

"If you force me, I will."

"Wrong answer…"


 * * * * * * *

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