By Tyrel "Rock" Wolf

CHAPTER 6 - Time Out


Lucas and I jumped up in a panic and I hit my head on the top of the Tree House. "OW" I said biting my teeth.

"Oh it’s only you Sarah." I said rolling my eyes.

"What do you mean, ‘only you’. It is I the great Sarah, bow before me!!" She boomed.

Lucas and I sat down, both of us laughing at the way Sarah had given us such a scare. Sarah sat down next to us, looking us over just how she was this morning, and still with that wicked smile on her face.

"Scared ya didn’t I." She grinned.

"Don’t ever do that again. I thought you were my Mom, I was about ready to freak."

"Well, I just had to come and see the new lovebirds. I’m glad to see I’m interrupting." She smiled tauntingly.

"You are truly evil Sarah." Lucas laughed.

"I try my best." She said pointing to herself.

"That is the third time we’ve been interrupted today. It’s unbelievable." Lucas said.

Sarahs eyes were still looking up and down Lucas and I. I realized both of us were still shirtless, not that it really bothered me. It wasn’t anything Sarah hadn’t seen before, or touched for that matter. A year ago this is what Sarah and I would be doing, although I’m not sure if it was with the same intensity. Lucas pulled his tee-shirt back on and I grimaced at Sarah, she’d killed our moment.

"Well don’t stop on my account, carry on. I’ll tell ya what though, it’s no wonder you two have got the hots for each other. Look at you, you must be the two hottest, babe worthy guys in school, apart from Marcel, and Mike of course." Sarah said.

"Don’t ever let Marcel hear you say that. You won’t hear the end of it." I said.

"Hey, I haven’t seen you wear that necklace before." She said quizzically.

"Oh yeah, Lucas gave it to me, cool aint it." I said proudly.

"Sure is, lemme have a look." She said.

Sarah moved closer to me and started feeling the necklace. She was pretty close now and I could feel her breath against my chest. She would seductively feel her way around the necklace, making sure her fingers were teasing my skin. Then when my breath started getting hurried she’d ‘accidentally’ brush a nipple, making me gasp. She knew exactly what she was doing, and I knew what she was doing, trying to make Lucas jealous. Sarah has a demented sense of humor, much like me and everyone else I hang out with. And if she was trying to make Lucas jealous, it was working. He sat there eyes wide, with a massive scowl on his face. Just when I thought she’d had enough, Mike climbed in.

"Mike, Sarah and I are trying to have a hot and heavy affair here." I said trying to look disgusted.

"Yeah whatever Storm, hi honey. And stop teasing the poor lad would you. We all know he doesn’t get any." Mike grinned while giving Sarah a little kiss hello.

Now I knew why they were meant for each other, they were just as demented as the other person. I was a bit green with envy when I heard the ‘hi honey’. Those two can say it so easily and not have to worry, why does it have to be so difficult for us. Lucas and I looked at each other and shrugged our shoulders. It had just been too weird a day.

"I’ve decided that you are both evil, Sarah I hope you’re not just feeling sorry for Mike because he has a small penis." I said poking tongues at Mike.

Mike threw his bag at me and tackled me down. He tried to get me into a submission hold but I grabbed his arm behind him and applied my own modified version of the Vulcan Death Grip, which I just love to call the ‘Storm Crippler’. It won’t kill you, or maim you, or do any that significant actually, but it’s damn painful and isn’t too exhausting on the person who’s giving it either, how efficient is that.

"I give up!! I give up! Lemme go. You prick Storm, that’s not fair" Mike moaned.

I let him up and he went back and sat next to Sarah rubbing his neck. Sarah was going all maternal on him saying "aww snoogums are you ok’ ‘did da meanie pick on my wil baby’ and making all goo goo noises to Mike while she massaged his neck. Mike looked at me with a blissful smile and a ‘ner ner ner ner ner’ look on his face. Just made me want to smack his head in some more, damn smug smartass. I had to smile at the cool relationship they had going on though, it was so relaxed and comfortable. It seemed as if they always knew what the other was thinking and what they needed. I felt very happy with the way they ended up, and they were still my buds so everyone lived happily ever after didn’t they.

"HI EVERYONE!!" Marcel yelled climbing up the tree.

"Oh brother, who invited Cupid." I said rolling my eyes.

Marcel didn’t take any notice and sat himself down next to me. Boy this place was starting to get crowded, it was ok a few years ago but we weren’t all 4’5 tikes anymore. The Tree House was ‘our place’ though where we could all just come and hang out.

"Shit you guys, go home. Go on, fuck off. Beat it." I yelled pulling at my hair.

"Storm, I think you should go to your room and cool down. Now are you gonna go by yourself or am I gonna have to beat your ass down" Mike said with a mock stern look on his face. "Actually I’m gonna split now, I just came to see my baby and pick up ‘The Dude’ for training… Plus Marcel smells" Mike grinned.

"Shut up Mike. Stupid Jock" Marcel whined.

"Aww don’t be mad snoogums" Mike said pursing his lips and tackling Marcel this time.

"Oh man, I totally forgot about football." Lucas said smacking his head.

I looked at Lucas smiling, and we both sighed. Nothing seemed to be going our way today, well it’s not like we didn’t have tomorrow, or the day after that. I threw his bag at him and signaled for him to go. He didn’t look like he wanted to, but we didn’t want to go giving any people reasons to be suspicious now. Mike gave Sarah a kiss goodbye and Lucas looked at me longingly, I think he was thinking the same thing as me. We both wanted to kiss each other goodbye, but there were just too many people around. I waved bye to him as he climbed out with a mopey, sad look on his face.

"Hey Mike, you got any condoms for Sarah and I?" I yelled after him.

"Storm wake up you’re dreaming again" he yelled back.

I sat there and sighed to myself, Sarah gave me a little kiss on the cheek and put her arm around me. I think she knew what I was thinking too but didn’t want to say anything with Marcel around. The three of us fell back on the cushions, side by side with me in the middle. We just lay there not saying anything, all of us pretty bushed. I yawned and noticed Marcel was looking at my necklace.

"That’s cool. Where’d you get it from?" Marcel asked.

"Someone" I said bluntly.

"Oooook" Marcel said.

Marcel looked at the necklace and started feeling it, the same way Sarah was. Except this time he was doing this purely for himself. I wondered what I should do, he wasn’t causing any harm. I could tell he was trying to look like he was actually feeling out the necklace when I knew he was copping as much of a feel as he could. I thought I may as well give Marcel a tease, if that’s what he wanted. I slowly grabbed his hand and could feel him shaking, I moved his hand slowly down my chest and rested it on my abs. I rolled over on Marcel and rested on top of him, I could feel him getting hard beneath me. He looked over at Sarah gulping and I turned his face back towards me. I lowered my face until my lips were nearly touching his and teased him with a kiss that would never eventuate. I brushed my lips ever so slightly against his face, teasing him continually, I could feel his breath getting heavy.

"Marcel…." I said seductively.

"Y…Yeah" he replied


Sarah started howling with fits of laughter, she clearly enjoyed the show. I pulled Marcel up and started noogying him in the head. Eventually I let him go and he sat up red faced, not saying anything but grinning back at me wildly. I lay back down next to Sarah and resumed staring at the ceiling.

"Boy, that was great. You’re a hell of a tease you know that Storm." Sarah grinned.

"I liked it." Marcel grinned.

"I know you did, you’ve gotten me all hot and heavy now. Sarah, I’m still horny. Can we have sex?"

"Sure, but what about Marcel?" she replied

"Oh he can just watch, I’m not really into threesomes. Besides, I think he already shot in his pants" I said laughing.

"Did not!" Marcel said punching me in the arm

"Oh boy we are so screwed in the head." She sighed to herself.

"We sure are." I conceded. "Oh shit, I’ve got to go to karate."

I jumped up and put my shirt back on, and headed out not bothering to pack my bag up. I looked at Marcel and Sarah, they hadn’t moved, it didn’t bother them to hang at my house even when I wasn’t there. They just smiled and waved at me, not bothering to move.

"Hey you two, you better have gone home by the time I get back." I yelled while climbing down.

"WHATEVER STORM!!! You love us, admit it!!" Sarah yelled at me.

She was right, I did love having them around as much as I hassled them. I mean, at times it was over bearing having my house as the central train station but hey, small price to pay to have so many good friends right?

* * * * * * *

Mike picked Lucas up asking "Lucas, what the hell is up with your game today?"

Lucas brushed himself off, he was sweating and a bit worse for wear. His training hadn’t been going too well, he’d been missing passes, bouncing off tackles, and everyone was noticing. The rest of the team stood looking on as Lucas stood dumbfound about his playing. Lucas usually high standard of game wasn’t much of a standard at all today. On Lucas second day at this school, he was fighting with most of these guys, now they were his team mates. A lot of things had changed since that first day he sat next to Storm on the bus, he’d become a school pin up boy, made a few best friends as well as broken a few hearts, fell in love with his best friend, and joined the football team. And that was just the start, it had been a good few months for Lucas, but by far today was one of the best days he’d had before. And he knew exactly the reason he wasn’t on top of his game, and it wasn’t because he was sick.

"Oh man, I just don’t feel 100% man, I’m pretty dizzy, I think I ate something bad maybe. I just don’t feel very well Dude." Lucas replied.

"Well I think you better sit this one out then Lucas, don’t worry about it man, we’ll pick it up again on Wednesday ok?" Mike said.

"Sorry Dude, I’ll be back on top for sure by Wednesday." Lucas said.

Mike patted Lucas on the shoulder saying "Go on home buddy, I’ll talk to you later."

Lucas walked off the field half smiling, he was too busy thinking of Storm to concentrate on training properly. He looked at himself, he was all dirty, sweating, and didn’t smell all that good anymore. ‘Go home, have a shower, then go see Storm." Lucas thought to himself. It had been such a long day today and he felt like going home and crashing but the thought of being with Storm was far more enticing than snoozing.

The walk home was boring and uneventful, Lucas yawning the entire way. There weren’t any cars in the drive so Lucas figured his parents would still be working. He dragged himself inside and dropped all his gear on his bedroom floor heading straight towards the shower. Scrubbing every inch of himself so he would be fresh and clean for his meeting with Storm, hoping they wouldn’t be interrupted a fourth time. The water ran off him taking all the soap suds with it, he stepped out and dried himself off. Having a shower had woken him up a little and he had a bit more energy. Lucas threw some clothes on while trying to write a note for his parents. He rushed around his room cleaning it up so his Mom wouldn’t flip and ran out the door.

Dusk was setting in and the first glimpses of darkness were making themselves visible. Lucas ran up to the front door of Storms house, it was already open so he just let himself in. He walked into the kitchen following the warm, delicious smell of dinner, he could recognize the smell instantly as Chicken Kiev, one of Storms Moms specialties.

"Hello Mrs Marcus, is Storm here?" Lucas asked.

Mrs Marcus a.k.a Storms Mom pulled a glass of O.J out of the refrigerator and poured a glass for Lucas replying "Evening Lucas. No he hasn’t come back from training yet, have you had dinner?."

Lucas picked up the glass drinking it down in one long gulp. "Thanks Mrs Marcus, no I haven’t had dinner yet."

"Ok then you have dinner now, and I’ll put another plate aside for Storm in the oven, he can’t be too far away. Everyone else has already had dinner" Mrs Marcus said putting a plate on the table and sitting Lucas down.

"Who’s everyone else?" Lucas asked.

"Me, Dade, Marcel and Sarah. They just left a little while ago. Lucas honey you eat your dinner before it gets cold, I have to go visit someone, you know where everything is. Don’t burn the house down ok Sweety." Mrs Marcus said putting on her last bit of make up and heading out the door.

"OK BYE!! Thanks for dinner!!!" Lucas yelled after her.

Lucas was used to this, Mrs Marcus was the local ‘Mom’ and always looked after all of Storms and Dades friends. Everybody liked her, especially her cooking too. Lucas didn’t have to be told twice to start eating, he was straight into it.

After he’d finished eating Lucas put his dishes away and headed up to Storms room, he’d surprise him when he got home. He lay down on Storms bed, hugging the sheets and feelings Storms presence that was evident all over. He began looking through Storms photo album with all his pictures right from when he was a baby. Storm didn’t like anyone looking through it for some reason so Lucas figured this would be the best time. He flipped through the pictures, scanning each one with as much intensity as his eyes could manage. He studied the pictures, trying to learn as much as he could of his new boyfriend, every little detail. He watched the different way Storm would smile. His teeth were the perfect shape, that coupled with his slight dimples gave Storm the most winning smile you could imagine. And in his smile Lucas could feel that they were all genuine, never betraying any other emotions. Even with just his smile Lucas thought he could have fallen in love with Storm, after all, it was the reason Lucas decided to sit next to Storm on the bus the first day they met. But behind that smile was one of the most beautiful people that Lucas had ever known, someone who cared more about his friends then for himself. Someone who was willing to leave rather than make Lucas feel uncomfortable. To Lucas, Storm shows an unwavering sense of loyalty as well, always there for his friends. Perhaps that is the reason why Storm has so many friends Lucas thought to himself.

Lucas smiled to himself, placing the album back in the exact spot he found it so Storm wouldn’t know he read it. He lay back down on the bed wondering what the future will bring for him and Storm. Lucas began yawning, he really was tired, it had been such a long day. But he wanted to be awake to surprise Storm when he got back.

"Must stay awa…." Lucas mumbled to himself falling off to sleep.

* * * * * * *

"Storm… Storm"

"Wha.. what, fuck off I’m still sleepy." I mumbled turning over.

"Baby wake up." The voice whispered.

I grinned in my sleep, I knew who that voice was. Hmm I could get used to this kind of a wake up. Baby, Baby, I like that.

"Yeah… I’m awake. Baby huh? I could get used to that" I replied quietly without opening my eyes still smiling.

"Why didn’t you wake me up last night dude, I was hanging out for you. And why are you sleeping on the floor? Why didn’t you just crash up here?" Lucas said in a voice that I think was supposed to be angry, wasn’t doing a good job.

"What is this 20 questions or something. You know this feels like de ja vu. Remember the first day we met you crashed here, and I slept down here that time too. Sort of ironic don’t you think?" I said yawning. I opened my eyes and put my arms behind my head. I lay there looking at Lucas, who was still trying his best to look pissed, is this supposed to be our first fight or something? Wow this is so major, oh my goodness *sarcasm* . "Lucas chill man, I didn’t want to wake you up because you looked like you needed the sleep. And I slept down here in case anyone walked in and saw because I can guarantee you boy if we were asleep in that bed together……it just wouldn’t be a good look ok."

"You should have woken me up. I came over here to spend some time with you, I may as well have just fucking stayed home. Now we’ve only got like 5 minutes before we have to get ready to go to damn school." Lucas said clearly frustrated.

"Lucas, Lucas chill man chill."

"I don’t want to fucking chill. I just wanted to spend some fucking time with you damnit."

"Lucas I don’t need this kind of bullshit this early in the morning. You’re the one who fell off to sleep remember. So don’t fucking get pissed at me or you can just walk that ass right on out of here. Geez"

I got up all angry and went to my dresser, throwing on some clothes in a heated temper. I was really pissed off with the way Lucas was acting, I threw my futon bed away not paying any attention to him. Eventually I started to realize Lucas was probably getting frustrated at the fact we still hadn’t actually had any time together. I started to soften up and I turned to Lucas who had his head in his arms and was crying quietly to himself. I sat down next to him and put my arm around him, it was such a strange feeling. I pulled him closer to me and held him, I wasn’t too fussed anymore if someone walked in as long as Lucas felt better.

"Storm, I just want us to have some time together, by ourselves. I’m sorry" he said weeping onto my shoulder.

"We’ll spend some time together today. Let’s skip school, where do you wanna go? Anything you want, just you and me. I promise." I smiled at him.

Lucas face was red and wet from crying, I angel kissed him softly trying to ease the tension within him. He wouldn’t let the kiss go, he held onto me with his strawberry lips that spoke to me with their touch. I must have a really thick head, because the fact that Lucas really loved me as much as I loved him still hadn’t sunk in. I hugged him closer to me and we held each other, I put my hand on his, I can’t tell you how much even just touching Lucas makes me feel. Every time felt like the first, every kiss we’d made was still as sweet and tender as the first kiss. I was totally and completely addicted to him, nobody else did it for me the way Lucas did, everything about him just sent my heart into orbit. Perfect is a word I use very rarely, but to me, Lucas was as close to perfect as perfect was.

"Is this like our first fight? We should have taped it" I said smiling.

Lucas rested his head on my shoulder "I hate fighting with you. Storm, I am so crazy about you, that’s why I’m so frustrated. I just want to be with you, but something always gets in our way." He said.

"Well, not today, today is going to be our day. No interruptions, just you and me. Come on get ready, I wanna go right now." I said pulling Lucas up.

"Where are we going?" he asked.

"I’ll tell you when we get there."

* * * * * * *

The school was a buzz with morning activity, all the students entering the school in their droves. Marcel stood at the front gates waiting for Storm, he looked at his watch, Storm wasn’t usually this late. He stood there anxiously, looking through all the faces for a glimpse of Storm.

"Hey have you seen Storm?" Marcel asked.

"Nope, haven’t seen him. I think Lucas is sick though, Storm is probably keeping him company." Mike replied.

"He never does that for me." Marcel whined.

Mike threw his arm around him "Awww Snoogums, don’t be sad." Mike grinned as they headed off to class.

* * * * * * *

"Ok, you can open them now." I said to Lucas, pulling my hands off his eyes.

"WHOA" Lucas grinned.

"Umm it’s not that great, but thanks anyway. Best I could do in the little time I had."

"Dude, it’s awesome. Wow, this is so cool." Lucas said blushing.

I was glad he liked it, ‘it’ being the picnic I had spread out for us. In the ten minutes I made Lucas sit by himself next to a tree, I had managed to run back and forwards to the store buying all sorts of food for us. After all, Lucas loves to eat, he needs it for all the activities he gets into. I managed to sneak a picnic cloth into my bag from home, as well as a few other necessities. We were next to the local lake and surrounded by lots of trees so we should have enough privacy. There was more than enough food, in fact I felt a little bad over indulging. We had chicken, ham, potato chips, mayonnaise, salad, bottled water, soft drinks, twinkies, those long thin salami things the name of which I can’t remember, and much, much more. I have to admit, I did go a little crazy but nothing was too good for my Lucas. Besides, they say the best way to a guys heart is through his stomach, so that’s the plan I was going with today.

"I know it’s not even lunch time yet but like we can eat now and then do something else. Anything you want Lucas." I smiled.

"I don’t care what we do, we can sit here all day for all I care. It doesn’t matter dude, all that matters is that I’m with you." he smiled. "Oh man I’m so excited, a whole day without anyone pestering us. Just you and me."

We both sat down on either side, grinning at each other as we served up our meals. I realized I hadn’t had anything to eat since lunch time yesterday, but I still wasn’t hungry, I was too excited. "I’m not really hungry actually." I said.

"Dude, I know you haven’t eaten since yesterday, now EAT!" he said putting a plate of food in front of me.

"Yes Sir Mom Sir!" I said faking a salute.

When I started eating, I couldn’t stop, I really was hungry. We ate and ate until we were stuffed, I felt like a pig, a very happy pig mind you. I had one little seductive maneuver I wanted to try out, I grabbed one of the little salami sausages and put it in my mouth with half of it sticking out. I looked over at Lucas giving him ‘the look’ and he knew just what I was thinking. We both moved towards each other, being careful not to fall on the food which was in between us. Lucas nibbled slowly at the other end, drawing me closer every time he took a little bite. Eventually our lips met and we began sharing the salami that was left between us, slowly at first before our hormones went into overdrive. Our kiss became urgent with passion and we were so wrapped up in each other we fell on top of the food. Lucas and I lay there looking at each other, both with bright red faces waiting for the other to burst out laughing. I was the first, I just had to, it was too hilarious.

"Oh boy wasn’t that romantic" I laughed.

Lucas hadn’t stopped laughing and we were both looking at the messes we had made on each other. Lucas had ketchup and soda with a few nice bits of chicken meat and salad all over his shirt. I had mayonnaise and ketchup with god knows what else, needless to say my once white t-shirt was now a multi-colored splurge. Our food didn’t survive too well either, it was all rather a big mess now. We both lay there in the mess, grins on our faces, thinking about how stupid we must have looked. How was I going to explain the picnic cloth and my top ‘uhh well Mom, I was trying to seduce Lucas and we got a bit carried away and fell on top of all the food you see’.

"Well, so much for our Romantic picnic huh. We better dump all this food and clean up." I said getting up.

"Not yet Spunky." Lucas said pulling me on top of him. "You had your try at seduction, now it’s my turn."

He rolled us over so he was on top of me and started teasing me with his lips, begging me to kiss them but never letting me. He began nibbling on my ear while he methodically pulled my shirt up ever so slowly. I let him slip it over me and he eased his kisses down my neck, gently sucking on it. All the while his hands were in whatever was closest, the mayonnaise I think, and he smeared it over my torso. My breathing was getting pretty heavy now but he didn’t stop his assault, he continued down my chest, his lips being his tool of seductive torture. My eyes were closed trying to control that ‘thing’ and I could feel his tongue teasing my nipple, sending me into ‘I can’t breathe’ bliss, he continued to tease it and I wasn’t sure I could take much more when his lips engulfed it and he began sucking on it for all he was worth. I gave up trying to be quiet now and let out a satisfying moan. Lucas began moving further down still his fingers tracing the line from my chest to my belly button, teasing me with the occasional flick of a tongue or the feel of his lips. He moved down further still and I opened my eyes and looked at him, he flashed a wicked smile at me as he began undoing the buttons to my pants.

"Ooooooh boy" I gulped

* * * * * * *

"I wonder what Storm and Lucas are doing right now?" Marcel said leaning with his head to the side.

"Oh they’re probably blowing each other or something." Sarah said matter of factly.

"Yeah probably." Mike grinned.

"Yeah well, I wish they’d invite me next time." Marcel whined.

"What? Don’t you like us Marcy Baby?" Mike asked with a fake disappointed look on his face.

"You’re all right. When you’re not sucking face that is. And don’t call me Marcy, Bitch." Marcel said pulling a Stone Cold two finger on Mike.

Mike and Marcel sat there eating lunch, looking pretty bored, wondering what the hell Storm and Lucas were up to. Sarah smiled knowingly to herself, she had a pretty good idea what the two were up to…..

* * * * * * *

"Uh uh Big boy." I gasped.

Lucas had managed to get all my clothes off except my boxers which he was proceeding to work off at this very moment. I knew once we got into that I wouldn’t be able to stop myself. I moved his hands away from me and sat up panting for breath. I was THAT close to letting it go. Lucas had a confused look on his face, he sat up next to me wondering what he had done.

"What? What’s wrong?" Lucas asked.

"I just want to wait, and I don’t want the first time to be here." I replied.

"Oh man, I am so horny. Storm, I can’t help it man, dude you turn me on like you wouldn’t believe" Lucas asked.

"Sorry Lucas." I said feeling a bit guilty.

"Dude you got nothing to be sorry about. You can’t help that you’re so damn sexy. I can wait."

"Thanks." I said, my head still down.

"For what?" Lucas asked.

"For understanding."

"Storm, I respect you a whole lot more for wanting to wait for the right time. I mean, I KNOW you were just as excited as me"

"Aint that the truth." I grinned. I notice Lucas still had a silly grin on his face "What are you smiling for?" I asked

"I’m glad we didn’t do anything, I was actually really nervous." He said blushing.

"Yeah, whatever. You were in the drivers seat Mr."

"Nah nah, I really was. I was scared I’d do something wrong." He said his face still red, we sat there smiling, looking at each other. "Storm, tell me. Do you like all guys?"

"No, it’s weird. I don’t think I could be with another guy. I’m not in love with GUYS, I’m in love with you. You’re the only guy I’ve felt this way for."

"Well……I’m bi-sexual, I’ve known for a while, my parents know too. I just hate labels you know. I know that I’m in love with you. I’ll tell you the truth, the real reason I sat next to you on the bus that day is because of your smile. I knew I wanted you but I never thought we’d become such awesome friends, that’s why I didn’t want to risk anything." He said, his face turned all serious.

"Whoa. Your parents know?? Shit, how come you didn’t tell me?" I asked in surprise.

"I was scared man. You were my best friend, I didn’t want to lose you. And back then I thought you were totally straight."

"Wow, sounds like the same thing I was going through. How did your parents take it? Man this is so weird, it’s like I’m learning a whole new side of you."

"Oh. Not very well at first. The weird thing is, my Dad was ok with it. Well not really ok, but he dealt with it. My Mom flipped, totally, she said I needed help and it wasn’t normal. Eventually she came around though. But, it was hard. But I’ve never actually had a boyfriend before so I’m not sure how they’ll handle it." Lucas held his head in his hands. I wanted to hold him, but it looked like he needed to get this out himself. "But I’m not backing down Storm, I want you, I’m in it for the long haul, I’ll do whatever it takes to keep you. And if that makes my parents unhappy, so be it."

"Lucas, I’m not here to cause grief for you and your parents. Oh boy, here it comes. I guess this is time for us to get serious huh." I said frowning.

"Yeah, I think so."

"Lucas, this is going to be so hard. We’re going to come up against a lot of pressure. Are you sure you want to go through with this. I mean I’ll understand."

"Storm, you should know by now that I’ll go through anything or anyone I have to, to be with you."

"Are you sure?"

"Never been as sure about anything in my life. Are you?" he asked with a hint of uncertainty and nervousness

"Look Lucas, I know that I haven’t been …well you know. I haven’t been as confident as you. I’m sorry ok. I’m trying really hard, but it’s going to take time. I’m sorry." I said. "I’m sorry, I don’t know what else to say."

"Ok." Lucas sighed.

"I can do it Lucas, if you help me."

Lucas moved over to me, taking my hand in his own. "Of course I’ll help you, that’s what I’m here for. That’s in the boyfriend job description isn’t it?"

"Boyfriend, ooooh weird." I laughed. "If you’re my boyfriend, what does that make me?"

"Dude, don’t start getting deep with me." he laughed "Umm, my guy friend. MY boyfriend. My Baby."

"I’m sure we’ll figure it all out as we go. Well I’m getting cold here sitting in my boxers. How about I get changed and we split." I said getting up. I started putting my clothes back on and remembered my shirt was all dirty. "Fuck. I guess I’m walking home shirtless."

"I’m not complaining." Lucas grinned. "Here you can wear my jersey and I’ll walk home shirtless,"

"Nah it’s cool dude, I’m fine." I said throwing my bag on.

We threw all the leftover food in the trash and stuffed the picnic cloth in my bag, along with our dirty shirts. I couldn’t help noticing Lucas still staring at me, I tried to shake it off but I couldn’t help smiling. I pulled him next to me, kissing him gently on the lips. I smiled at him and started walking away. "Come on Big Boy." I grinned.

Lucas stood where he was looking stunned. "What was that for?" he asked catching up.

"Do I need a reason?" I asked.

"Uhh No." he replied.

"Good. So what’s next?" I asked.

"Well, I’m not sure, we can go back to my house and watch a movie or something. No one will be home. We can’t really do much else or we might get seen skipping school"

"Yeah, I know. Sounds cool to me."

* * * * * * *

Mike and Marcel languished at their desks staring blankly at the blackboard, Mike letting out the occasional yawn. Today had been a particularly dull day for them, nothing much happening at all.

"What a boring day" Marcel sighed.

"Marcel, you need to get laid. Bad." Mike said nodding his head.

"Yeah like Sarah gives you any." Marcel retorted.

"More than you’ll ever get baby. You’re right though, today is pretty slack." Mike yawned. "I might go see Lucas after school, see how the dude’s holding up."

"I might come with you." Marcel said.



"Bored?" Marcel asked

"Yup." Mike replied flatly.

They both yawned together, returning themselves to the blank stare of the blackboard. Both sitting blankly, not paying attention to class or anything, their minds both off in ‘I’m bored shitless’ land.

* * * * * * *

"Hey, aren’t we supposed to be watching this program." I asked pulling Lucas lips away from my neck.

"Nah, they all live happily ever after, sucks." Lucas said moving back in for the kill.

"Hey, that guy looks like you." I said pointing to the TV.

"What?" Lucas said turning his head towards the TV, resting his head on my chest.

Our eyes were fixed on the screen, watching the Lucas clone on TV. It was Erik von Detten playing Clu on So Weird. Hmmm, maybe I would watch the Disney channel more often.

"Wow, he’s cute." I said grinning

"Hey shut up." Lucas whined.

"Aww don’t worry baby, you’re way cuter." I said ruffling Lucas hair.

Lucas flicked the TV off with the remote, hoping to win back my attention. "Just in case your eyes start wondering again." Lucas grinned.

"Oh man, I’m sure he was about to take his shirt off." I said with a fake scowl.

"Hey, I got a better chest than him." Lucas said posing, he did a few flexes for me making sure I knew how buff he was, as if I didn’t already know. I lay there on the couch critiquing every little pose and flex, grinning the whole time. I was definitely enjoying this show, Lucas kicked ass in the definition department, and the tan and bod department too, looks, in fact in nearly everything. I knew Lucas was beautiful but it wasn’t really what drew me to him, it was what was underneath. Sometimes he plays dumb but I know he’s a lot smarter than he lets on. I couldn’t help feeling like the luckiest guy in the world.

"Why don’t you bring that beautiful bod over here." I said waving him over with my finger.

I pulled him down on top of me, I love holding him like that. I loved feeling him on top of me, with his skin against mine. He was so warm, and we just seemed to fit together. I slid my hands up along his back and rested them on his shoulders pulling him closer to me. I loved feeling this closeness, even without doing anything, it still felt electric. Our faces barely inches apart, I angel kiss him softly, again and again, tasting his lush lips.

"Lucas.." I whispered softly.


"You are so damn kissable you know that. I’m addicted to your lips." I sucked gently on his bottom lip "And you do taste like strawberries."

"Storm ………."

"Ssshhhh, you don’t have to say anything." I whispered pressing my index finger to his lips. "Lucas, you know it always sounds really corny when they say this on TV" I gulped, unable to stop my eyes from watering. "but……..I really do feel like the luckiest guy in the world."

There wasn’t anything that needed to be said, Lucas eyes delved into me, not once breaking contact. Radiating love into me and searching for the same love to be returned, they did not have to search long . His eyes started to water and he began weeping. Crying, not saying anything, just resting his forehead against mine and letting the tears flow. They fell on me streaming love like the rain that nurtures. It was a moment of realization that words would only have tainted. Just by looking at each other we could see the love we had for one another, and it had brought us both to tears. For five minutes straight Lucas could not stop the tears from coming, he sobbed continuously, never once wavering from me, one hand clasped tightly around my own, the other caressing my face as if it were silk. My eyes too were still streaming tears continuously, as if three months of anguish and tension, filled with all the wanting and the confusion were releasing themselves finally.

* * * * * * *

"I wonder what they’re doing." Marcel asked.

"Well we’ll soon see, we’re nearly there." Mike replied.

The two of them plodded along the footpath on their way to Lucas house. Mike knew why he was going, to see if Lucas was ok, Marcel on the other hand was going out of complete jealousy. Marcel wanted to make sure Lucas wasn’t having too much fun with his Storm. The afternoon sun beamed down on them, Marcel wiped his brow while taking a swig of bottled water. They turned the corner into Lucas street, relieved they were nearly there. Mike kicked a rock along the footpath, Marcel continually prodding him to hurry up.

"What’s your big hurry? You scared Lucas is getting too much attention from Storm aye? Are ya jealous Snoogums?"

Marcel scowled at Mike "Would you stop fucking calling me snoogums, I am not your snoogums."

"Ok then baby, but you still didn’t answer my question."

"No, I am not jealous, I just want to talk to Storm." Marcel said.

"Yep you’re jealous." Mike said bluntly.

"Lucas is a fuck up, I don’t know why Storm wants to hang out with him." Marcel said grimacing.

"Man, I wish you two would just sort your shit out. He’s a good guy Marcel, you just have to get to know him better."

"Yeah you’re probably right. I don’t know, I just hate the fact that he’s come in out of nowhere and in like three months he’s taken MY best friend." Marcel said.

"Marcel, don’t you get it, you can’t own Storm. Storm has so many friends, you have to share him with everyone. I mean we’re all best friends here right. I’d like to think that you like having me as a friend as much as I appreciate you. Don’t forget you’re my best friend too Marcel."

Marcel stopped walking and turned to look Mike in the eye. Mike had never really expressed how much he appreciated Marcel as a friend, Marcel was quite taken aback. Marcel was used to being the ‘reserve’ or ‘backup’ friend that everyone only turned to when no one else was around. Mike had also made Marcel realize that Storm wasn’t someone anyone could exclusively have, because everyone wanted a piece of him.

"I never thought about it like that. I don’t know what to say Mike, I mean I know you guys are my friends, but you treat me like shit. Only Storm actually shows that he cares for me, I suppose that’s why I’m a bit jealous."

"Marcel, I know we rib you a lot, but we don’t mean any harm. I have four best friends, people who I trust more than anything. And you are one of them, along with Storm, Lucas and Sarah. It’s none of those jock guys. So remember, that you can hang with me, and try and relax a bit more ok. Storm doesn’t always have to be around for you and me to hang out Marcel."

Marcel stood there biting his bottom lip, unable to move. "Mike….can I have a hug man? It’s either that or I’m gonna start crying."

"Oh ya big woman you." Mike said looking around. Mike made sure nobody from school was around. He walked up to Marcel and put his arms around him, hugging him close and patting him on the back. Marcel put his arms around Mike and hugged him close, not letting go. "Ok big boy I can’t breathe." Mike gasped.

Marcel let go of the hug, smiling sheepishly. "Sorry man." Marcel smiled.

"Sweet as, Marcel. So are we cool?" Mike asked extending his hand.

"Yeah we’re cool, thanks man." Marcel said shaking with Mike.

"Ok, let’s go then." Mike said turning to walk.

Marcel carried on walking with a happy smile, he and Mike had just taken their friendship a step up. They’d come to a new understanding and hopefully would become better friends because of it. Marcel didn’t feel as anxious to go and see Storm now, now he felt like hanging with Mike, by himself.

"Hey Mike."


"Wanna come blading with me later on?"

"Sure thing buddy."

They approached Lucas house, walking up the driveway slowly. Mike was just about to stand on the doorstep when he heard some strange noises coming from nearby.

* * * * * * *

"What the hell!" Storm yelled getting up.

I got up and ran to the window, trying to figure out where the noise had come from. Lucas got up and went to the window next to me to see what all the fuss was about. I looked out and could see a lady standing outside her house singing as if she were an opera singer or something. People from up and down the street watching her make an idiot of herself.

"Oh don’t mind her, she likes to do this before she has a big performance night. It’s like good therapy or practice or something."

"Weird, that is totally……..holy shit, it Mike and Marcel."

"Whoa, what are they doing here."

"Probably coming to see you, time for me to jet." I said throwing my bag on.

I headed towards the back door, couldn’t go out the front or they would see me. I got to the back door and put my hand to open it when Lucas put his hand on mine stopping me from turning the handle. I looked at him and he still had those sad eyes, I felt like I’d done something wrong.

"Storm, don’t go." Lucas pleaded softly.

"Lucas, I don’t have a shirt man, they’re going to know something is up. And besides, I do need to go home anyway before Mom gets home, I have to go get a haircut." I said smooshing up my hair.

"Ok then."

"I’ll see you tomorrow ok?"

"That’s so far away. But yeah, I guess so."

"Lucas, I had a really awesome day man. I’m so glad we did this."

"Me too. Man I’m sorry I’m being such a dork, I just can’t stand being apart from you, even for a little while."

I started blushing, I pulled Lucas into me, his tender lips touched mine and they sent a surge of energy through my body. I had never felt so full or complete in my life. I could have stayed like that forever if it weren’t for the interrupting knock at the door and ‘Hey Lucas, are ya there’ calls coming from Mike and Marcel.

"I love you." I whispered.

"I love you." Lucas replied.

"Bye" I whispered as I turned and ran jumping Lucas fence and all his neighbors fences till I got to the end of the street.

* * * * * * *

Well, Lucas didn’t wait till the next day, he was right back over that evening. But even then we couldn’t actually be together because there were too many people around. Mike, Marcel and Sarah were always over, one of them was always there even if another wasn’t. We tried to finds ways to sneak a quick kiss even but there weren’t many chances. I could tell this was really starting to frustrate Lucas, and he wanted to just tell them. But me being the chicken that I am didn’t want to tell them. We tried our best to find our own little space but it was really hard and we didn’t have much success.

In the end, our private time became the morning, when Lucas would knock on my window at 5am asking to let him in. Sometimes we would make out, sometimes he would hold me while I slept, and sometimes we would just lie there and talk. It was our own special time of the day when we could be together without anyone bothering us. We would lie there until I got the routine breakfast call from Mom, then Lucas would jump out the window. I would go down and open the door as if he had just arrived. We settled into this routine pretty well, and nobody was noticing anything going on. Although we nearly got busted by Dade one time, luckily we were only talking and he didn’t think anything of it.

Now school, that was an entirely different matter. I think Lucas found it quite fun to tease me during class or find ways to show he loved me. He’d still keep throwing those glances at me that just made me blush, and whenever we were in the A/V room he would try his best to start up a make out session. Oh yeah and there was still the bathroom cubicle buzz too, boy wasn’t that romantic. But all in all we were doing a very good job of hiding the fact we were together, only Sarah knew, and she was being really helpful. She would keep a watch for us to see if anyone was coming so that Lucas and I could have our own little hot n heavy time out. Mike and Marcel were too busy becoming better friends that they didn’t take much notice. Actually, that’s one thing I noticed, Marcel starting to dote after Mike like he was the man instead of me. At first I was jealous, but figured it was probably better for Marcel. I was just too used to being the central hub of the pack. I was amazed at the way Mike was with Marcel, treating him like he was really special, I think Marcel appreciated that. Theirs was a friendship that sprung out of my relationship with Lucas. I had hoped that this would mean they would spend more time at each others houses rather than my own so Lucas and I could have more time but it wasn’t to be. Sure they were better friends, they just wanted to still be better friends at my house.

* * * * * * *

"BREAKFAST!!!" Mom yelled.

Lucas did his usual jump out the window, he was getting pretty quick at it now. I got changed and headed downstairs to open the door for him. I gave Mom a morning kiss and opened up the door for Lucas, waving a hello. We both sat down at the table and started eating. I noticed Dade wasn’t at the table this morning. He must have gone to school early or something.

"Lucas honey, why don’t you just use the door instead of climbing through the window" Mom said flatly.

"hukft" I gagged. I nearly choked on my cereal, I couldn’t believe what Mom had just said.

Lucas was looking at me in shock, unable to say anything. My eyes were wide and fixed on Mom, my face red from nearly choking and being caught totally off guard. Neither of us moved or said anything to each other, we just remained in our shock filled disbelieving state. Mom sat there looking as cool as ever which made me even more nervous.

"Now look you two, I’m not some stupid mother who doesn’t know what’s going on in her own house. All I want to know is, do you love each other." She said coolly

"Ye…yes." Lucas and I stammered simultaneously.

Mom looked at both of us sternly, I tell you I would rather race an angry mob then my angry Mom. "Then that’s all that matters. Now there will be no more of this sneaking around in my house do you understand me. You use the front door from now on Lucas." She said.

"Yes Mom."

"Yes Mrs Marcus."

I was about to start crying, I couldn’t believe she knew. I was trying to keep it together, but I couldn’t and I had to let a few tears slip out while trying to keep a brave face. My hands were shaking and I was getting all clammy, I thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown or something. I couldn’t hold it together anymore and broke down, putting my head in my arms and sobbing like a baby.

Mom put her arms around me, saying "Daniel honey, don’t cry. It’s ok, I’m not angry. And you don’t have to be ashamed. There’s nothing wrong with you, if this makes you happy then I’m happy."

I tried to wipe the tears out of my eyes "I’m sorry Mom. I just didn’t know how to tell you."

"It’s ok, I know it must be hard for you. I just want you to be open with me, I’m not going to change. I want you to be comfortable around me and not feel like you have to hide what you’re doing as if you’re doing something wrong. Because you’re not. And if anybody has a problem with that, they can deal with me, and believe me your Mom is pretty tough when she wants to be. And that goes double for you too Lucas."

I gave Mom a hug, smiling "Thanks Mom, you’re the greatest."

"Now you two, get to school. And no more skipping!" Mom said with a little ‘I know everything’ smile.

Lucas and I shot up and dashed out the door before we got sprung for anything else. We walked along, me still rubbing my eyes. My face was still red and wet and I used my shirt to try and rub away the leftover tears. I walked with my head down and threw my cap on so people wouldn’t see my eyes had just been crying. Lucas put his arm around me as we walked and at first I felt uncomfortable and wanted to push him away, but I smiled at him instead.

"You know you’re really lucky, you had it a lot easier than I did. Your Mom is great."

"Yeah I know. How do you feel about it?"

"Well, I was pretty shocked too but I’m glad now. We won’t have to hide from her anymore. I won’t have to climb the side of your house anymore thank goodness." He laughed.

I smiled back at him, I was a lot more confident and at ease now that my Mom knew everything and would support me. "Well, you know she was the one I was most worried about. And now that she knows and is cool, I’m happy. Do you think we should tell Marcel and Mike now?"

"YES!, it’s about time man. I’m sick of hiding from everyone. I want to just be with you and not have to worry about them."

"Ok. This afternoon ok? After school, in the treehouse."

"Awesome, I’m so happy. Don’t worry Storm, everything will be ok."

"I wish somebody would tell my stomach that."

* * * * * * *

"So what did you want to tell us Storm?" Mike asked biting into his apple.

The five of us, Lucas, Mike, Marcel, Sarah and I sat around the Tree House in a circle. My heart was beating a hundred miles an hour and I was starting to get shaky again. My brow started to sweat and I became really nervous. I took a few deep breaths and tried to kill the butterflies that were wreaking havoc in my stomach. I decided that I should be the one to tell Mike and Marcel, not Lucas since I had known them longer. Lucas looked like he wanted to hold my hand, but I needed to do this for myself.

"Lucas and I are going out. There I said it."

No response. Mike was in shock, Marcel looked like he was going to cry, and Sarah was just looking at them as cool as ever. Mike stared at both of us in disbelieving uncertainty. Marcels face was becoming red as if he were really angry and hurt. Lucas gulped and looked at me placing his hand on my own, displaying our unity.

"WHAT THE FUCK!" Marcel yelled. "Is that why Storm? Is he why you wouldn’t be with me?"

"WWWHHHHAAAAATTTT???" Mike yelled in even more shock jumping up. "You’re all faggots??? I can’t believe it, my three best friends are all fucking fruity ass faggots."

Mike left in a huff pushing Marcel out of his way and climbing down the tree. Sarah looked at him disgusted and I could tell she was getting really angry, uh oh, watch out Mike. "MIKE!! What the fuck is your problem!" She yelled climbing after him.

Marcel sat there looking lost, hurt, angry and alone. He didn’t say anything, he didn’t even cry. Lucas looked at me trying to work out what Marcel was talking about before. I wanted to put my arm around Marcel and help him but I wasn’t sure if he would accept it. I was waiting for him to say anything, but he didn’t, he just jumped out of the tree house as fast as he could.

"That could have gone better." Lucas sighed.

"Oh boy, this is gonna be fun." I said flatly.

* * * * * * *

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