By Tyrel "Rock" Wolf

CHAPTER 7 - Damage Control

Lucas and I sat there contemplating what had just happened, both still a bit dazed and confused. Mike hadn’t taken Lucas and I being together too well, Sarah had gone after him in a rage. Marcel had been pushed aside and ran away without saying anything. I knew Marcel wasn’t looking the best though. I knew he wouldn’t be too thrilled that I chose Lucas over him and part of me felt really responsible and sorry for him. He had also been pushed aside by Mike after being called a faggot. I think he is feeling very alone right now.

"What was Marcel talking about?" Lucas asked.

"Well, he’s in love with me. I thought he was over it, but I guess he isn’t. I think he thought I was straight so he wasn’t too concerned before. But the fact I chose you over him probably made him feel really low considering how long I’ve known him. But I just don’t see him as more than a friend. I feel really bad for him though, he must feel so alone." I sighed.

Lucas thought about what I had just said for a second "I can’t blame him for being in love with you, it’s not hard is it. I knew there was a reason he didn’t like me that much, I guess that was it. Is there any way we can help him?" Lucas asked concerned.

"I better go and talk to him. I’m not sure what I’m going to say but I’ll think of something." I said standing up.

"Do you want me to come?" Lucas asked.

"No. no, I better handle this one." I replied.

I kissed him and headed outside, I knew where I could find Marcel. The only other place he went to think apart from the Tree house was down by the park. I had to make sure he was ok, he is such the unsung hero. I wished there was some way I could give him what he wanted but it just wasn’t possible. I only had one heart to give and I had already given it away. However, making Marcel ok had just become my top priority.

* * * * * * *

"What the fuck is your problem Mike?" Sarah yelled after Mike.

Mike hadn’t stopped walking away, they were still on Storms street. Sarah was furious with him, she grabbed his shoulder and spun him around. Mikes face wasn’t angry, it was a disoriented, confused, hurt look. He didn’t know what was going on, everything had happened so quickly.

"All my best friends are faggots, they have all been lying to me. Why can’t they just be normal like us. I can’t believe they did this." Mike said.

"You can’t believe they did this?" Sarah asked sarcastically. "I can’t believe you are so close minded, I thought you were better than that."

"They’re the ones with the fucking problem Sarah. Why are you siding with them, you’re supposed to be my girlfriend."

"Oh don’t you dare even think of going there, I make up my own mind Mister. They didn’t choose to be this way, they just are. Do you know how much Storm has been through? I’ve seen him agonizing over this for the past three months, it’s taken him a long time to come to terms with himself. Do you realize how hard it was for him to just do what he did?. NO! All you’re thinking about is your damn red neck self. Well I’m not with that buzz mister. So you better readjust that attitude of yours, or you’re gonna be flying solo." Sarah said fuming.

"I don’t care, it’s sick. I mean it’s one thing to joke about but a totally different thing to actually do it."

"Fine, have it your way Mike. You make sure to find yourself a good bitch who can’t think for herself next time huh. One with no brains might be a good idea. You’d make a great couple." Sarah yelled walking away.

"Sarah! Sarah wait!" Mike yelled.

Sarah didn’t stop walking, she just waved Mike away with her hand. She walked back down the street towards Storms house, her face still red with anger. She saw Storm heading out the front of his house and she started yelling out to him "STORM!! STORM!!"

* * * * * * *

"huh?" I mumbled to myself turning around. "Sarah, what are you doing here?"

She ran up to me, her face was red and she looked angry. I could tell though she was more hurt than anything and as soon as this anger phase was said and done there would be a lot of tears.

"Are you guys ok?" she asked.

"Look I’m fine, I can handle it. What about you?" I asked concerned.

"I broke up with Mike." She said softly, her eyes watering.

I pulled her in close to me and hugged her "I’m sorry buddy. I didn’t want you to have to pay because of Lucas and I."

"I can’t believe what a jerk he is, I really thought he was better than that." She cried. "I’m so angry at him."

"Look, you two are a great couple. I know, I’ve seen it. You two will sort it out." I said holding her.

She pulled back and started rubbing her eyes and laughing a little bit. I didn’t know what the hell she was laughing about but I wasn’t going to stop it.

"Look at me, I’m crying for fucks sake. I don’t cry, I am the great immortal Sarah. And I’m not going to cry over that jerk. Now how’s Marcel?" She asked bluntly.

I stared at her with awe, she was just too unbelievable. She had just broken up with her boyfriend and given herself a tiny little cry and she was back out saving the world. Whoever said women were the weaker species obviously hasn’t met Sarah Leo yet.

"Actually, I’m going after him now. He didn’t take me and Lucas going out too well. And he took Mike calling him a faggot and pushing him around even worse." I sighed.

"Fuck. Ok, we’ll both go. You talk first, I’ll talk second. Come on." She said sternly pulling me along after her.

"Fuck you’re a tough bitch. That’s a compliment by the way." I said as she dragged me along.

"Shut the fuck up and move your ass along boy." She grinned.

"Yes Sir Mam Sir!!"

We both nodded at each other and ran down towards the park. It only took us about 5 minutes to get there. We slowed down and I had a look to see if I could find Marcel. Sure enough, there he was, sitting all on his lonesome. I looked at Sarah and signaled her to wait here till I finished talking to him. She nodded back at me and I started walking up quietly behind Marcel. He wasn’t crying, but his eyes were teary and it looked like he was in a bit of distress. "Marcel." I said softly.

I sat down next to him, and waited for him to say something. He didn’t, he just kept looking into nowhere. I tried to think of something I could say to make him feel better. I couldn’t think of anything.

"Storm." He said "I don’t love you."

"What?" I replied in shock. Ego Bruise, warning warning.

"I mean, not like Lucas does. I don’t love you like that. I love you as a friend. I just realized that today. I know I used to, but not anymore. I think I was just jealous that you weren’t my friend as much as you were before." He said.

I started smiling, trying to absorb everything that was sinking in. Thinking Marcel was in love with me had made things a bit uncomfortable between us and he was right that we hadn’t been as buddy buddy. But all that would change now, I felt pretty awesome. I’d have my bud back and wouldn’t have that little bit of stress hanging over me.

"Wow. That’s awesome. I’m so happy. I’m sorry I haven’t been there for you much lately. I just felt a bit uncomfortable thinking you still liked me. But I’ll make time, I promise." I smiled. "Wait a minute, why don’t you love me? What’s not to love?" I said jokingly.

"You KNOW you rule Storm so don’t even go there. I’m jealous of Lucas though, I mean it used to be me and you. All I want is my bud back, that’s all."

I couldn’t help but grin wildly, "DUDE!! You never lost me! Now give your bud a hug!" I said pulling him in.

"Dude? Oh man, you have been hanging out with Lucas way too long. But at least I got my bud back." He said leaning his head onto my shoulder.

"Shit man, are you trying to kill me or something." I gasped.

"Oh. Sorry man." Marcel said letting me go.

"So, are you ok? With me and Lucas?" I asked nervously.

"Yeah, I guess. I mean it’s no secret I don’t like the guy. But I just put that down to jealousy. As long as he shares you around, I’m cool."

"And how about with Mike?" I asked.

"Oh…that’s just my luck. We were just getting on a lot better too. I’d found your replacement." Marcel said tensing up "I just feel alone. I haven’t got anyone, you’ve got Lucas. Mike’s got Sarah. Who have I got?"

"You’ll find someone…. That sounds so lame doesn’t it. Well, do you know for sure what you want? I mean are you Straight, Gay or Bi?" I asked bluntly.

"Well, I’m not sure I just... Oh fuck it, who am I kidding. I’m a fag." Marcel sighed.

Sarah popped out from the bushes and walked up behind Marcel, whacking him on the back of the head. Marcel grabbed his head in surprise "Oowww, what was that for?" he asked confused.

"I don’t want to ever hear you call yourself that again, do you understand me." Sarah said sitting down and putting her arm around Marcel.

"Well it’s true." He sulked. "I’m not exactly straight am I."

"Neither am I." I said

"Well I am, but who cares. We are who we are. You just have to accept it and move on." Sarah said.

"Marcel, I had a hard time dealing with it. But I’ve just stopped fighting with myself and gone with it." I said. Marcel started laughing a little, I had no idea why. I told you I hung out with demented people didn’t I?

"Well it helps when you have a babe like Lucas making it that much easier doesn’t it. Don’t you think it’s strange though that we’re all…you know….I mean apart from Mike." Marcel said.

Sarah and I both looked at each other, Marcel was right. I’d never really thought about it much but now that I did think about it, it did seem rather strange. Maybe we were just drawn to each other because deep down we knew we had similarities? Maybe Lucas was just the catalyst for what was already there. But I’d never felt for anyone like I have Lucas, I don’t look at other guys. "That is fucking weird." I said dumbfounded.

"What’s so weird?" Lucas said sitting down next to me.

"Lucas? What are you doing here?" I asked surprised.

He just looked at me and smiled that little smile of his. You know, the one that sets those butterflies off, that smile. He didn’t have to say anything, I knew why he was here. He missed me!! He missed me!! I smiled back at him and the next thing we knew both Marcel and Sarah were staring at us.

"Geez it’s bad enough with Mike and Sarah. Now I have to sit and watch you two oogle over each other." Marcel moaned. "Oh yeah and what’s ‘so weird’ is the fact that all three of us aren’t exactly straight and we all hang together."

"What’s so weird about that? I mean, you’ve known deep down inside that you’re gay. That’s why you hang with Storm because he attracts you. I mean you wouldn’t exactly hang out with guys that repulsed you now would you? And I was attracted to Storm at first when I saw his smile. But then we became friends and everything changed. But really, when you think about it. It’s not weird at all dude" Lucas said very matter of factly. Marcel, Sarah and I all stared at Lucas with surprise. He always surprised me with that brain of his. He’d just explained away something we’d found extremely puzzling. And he did it all without breaking a sweat. I smiled at him proudly, I don’t think he had any idea why we were all staring at him. "What? What did I say?" Lucas asked with a bewildered look on his face.

"He’s right. You’re damn clever Lucas. You just explained away Marcels little mind boggle. And don’t worry Marcel you’ll only have to worry about those two sucking face because Mike and I are through." Sarah said.

"Not if I can help it." Mike said from behind us. "Can I sit down?" he asked.

"Knock yourself out." Sarah said bluntly.

And there we were. All five of us again. You’d wonder why we bothered leaving the Tree House. Although we five did have this funny knack of following each other around. I suppose that’s why we call ourselves the ‘Pack’. Mike sat down next to Sarah, who moved away ever so subtly. We sat on the grass slope overlooking the park, Mike next to Sarah, Marcel in the middle, then me, and finally Lucas. All sitting in a line, not really doing anything. Marcel, Lucas and I were all trying to look at Mike without being obvious. Attempting to figure out the look on his face, it looked like he was trying to say something. We all sat there, no one saying anything. It must have been a good five minutes before Mike finally spoke up. And when he did, everyone’s attention was on him.

"I can’t believe you’re all fa..." He began to say as Sarah shot him a ‘you better not say it’ look. "gay, I can’t believe you’re all gay."

"I hate labels. I’m Marcel Lewis. If you don’t like that Mike, then I’m sorry. I am who I am, I can’t change. Take it or leave it." Marcel said, his words laced with a new found strength.

"Yeah, what he said." Lucas and I both said at the same time, giving each other strange looks.

Sarah smiled at Marcel, she winked at him. I could tell she was proud of him, he had always been such the pushover. It was so rare to see him stand up to any of us, I’m glad he was starting to though.

"Marcel, I’m sorry for pushing you before. Look, I was just in shock ok. You guys totally caught me off guard. I mean, geez, I still can’t believe it." He said flabbergasted. "It just freaked me out. I know I reacted badly, and I shouldn’t have."

"Just take a few deep breaths dude. I think I speak for all three of us when I say that all we want is for you to accept us. We just want everything to be cool, we’re not going to treat you any differently." Lucas said.

"Mike, what they’re all trying to say is; DEAL WITH IT!!" Sarah yelled.

I could have tried to be a bit more subtle, but subtle wasn’t usually a word Sarah liked to use. She liked to have everything out in the open, with no bullshit. Mike looked at Sarah a bit taken aback, he frowned at her feeling a bit hurt I suppose. "Shit you’re a bossy bitch." He scowled.

"What the hell is up with everyone calling me a bitch today?" She said throwing her hands in the air.

"OK OK!! You guys do whatever the hell you like. Whatever makes you happy. I’M JUST GONNA DEAL WITH IT OK!!" He yelled.

"Umm you wanna yell a bit louder? I don’t think they heard you in China." I said.

Lucas, Marcel and I all shrugged at each other. I think the Mikester and Sarah were both going a bit looney. They’d only been separated a little while and already they were loosing it. "Umm I have a suggestion. Can you two hurry with the kiss and make up already. You’re both going completely mental." I said.

"The guy has a point honey, will you take me back. Pleeeaaaaaasssseeee." He begged. Mike threw himself down on the ground in front of Sarahs feet, putting his hands together. "Please oh beautiful Queen Sarah, I will not piss you off again. Come on I’m making an idiot of myself here, that’s got to count for something."

Sarah stood up, looking down at Mike "You don’t get to call me Honey…yet. Are you going to be nice to Marcel and the two new love birds. And are you going to call me Queen all the time?" She grinned.

"I will, I will, I promise. And as for the Queen bit, I’ll call you whatever the hell you want baby." He grinned back.

Aaahh once more true love had been restored in the great kingdom of Merlow. I knew they wouldn’t stay apart for long. Sarah threw herself down on top of Mike and they started up with their goo goo noises again, followed by the mandatory kisses required in a make up situation.

"You know Mike you stupid prick. You could have saved us all a walk down here if you had of just ‘dealt with it’ back at the Tree house." I moaned.

"Oh shut up you, can’t you see I’m making out with most beautiful girl in Merlow." He mumbled between kisses.

"Flattery will get you everywhere Mister." Sarah said going in for the kill.

Mike and Sarah continued to ravage each other without a care in the world. Lucas, Marcel and I watching on dumbfounded. "Oh please. Do we have to watch this?" Marcel whined.

I sighed to myself, it wasn’t exactly the resolution I had hoped for. But I’m sure it could have been a lot worse I suppose. I guess I really wanted acceptance from Mike and Marcel, but it was more like an ‘ok I’ll deal with it, I don’t have a choice’ acceptance. Maybe I had too much wishful thinking for my own good. At least he didn’t go and tell all his jock buddies, I don’t fancy having to kick their ass every day.

"Hey. Storm." Lucas said.

I turned to look at him, oh boy. "Don’t start throwing that look at me man. You can’t be serious." I said starting to grin. Lucas was giving me that oh so seductive smile that meant ‘I want some’. You try fighting that look, by the time you realized you were getting the ‘look’ you would have already melted. But I mean it was one thing telling them we were a couple. It was a total new thing to start making out in front of them. This didn’t seem to phase Lucas however as he started moving towards me slowly, "Oh boy" I gulped.

"Oh well, why the fuck not. Go on you two." Marcel whined.

That was all the encouragement Lucas needed, there wasn’t any teasing this time. He just wanted me right then and there. Lucas pushed me back and threw himself on top of me. His lips met mine, taking away any inhibitions I had. Any desire to be subtle disappeared once I’d gotten a taste of those strawberry lips. I couldn’t help myself now and I didn’t care who was watching. I slid my arms under his shirt, feeling the smooth skin. My lips hadn’t let go of his as I slid my hands along his back pulling him closer to me. Our tongues danced wildly in each others mouths trying their best to outdo the other. Intense as a description would not do justice to the situation.

"Holy Shit" Mike gasped.

"Shut up Mike, I’m watching here." Marcel moaned.

I pulled my lips away from Lucas and looked at Mike and Marcel. Both had their eyes fixed on Lucas and I. Mikes eyes were fixed intently and he had a curious look on his face laced with a bit of shock. Marcels was more of a ‘oh that looks like fun’ face. Sarah of course, lay there smiling and rolling her eyes at the two awestruck males. I think Lucas was loving it, this was the first time he could be with me out in the open. He made sure they knew I was his, not that I minded. All while the two looked on curiously, Lucas kept at me. Sliding his hand under my shirt, gently nibbling on the nape of my neck.

"It’s not that weird I suppose." Mike decided. "But still, nothing compared to Sarah."

"Well, speaking from experience. I beg to differ." I grinned.

Sarah threw her bag at me "What’s that supposed to mean." She screamed

"Ow ow. Nothing nothing. Forgive me your highness." I mock begged.

Mike lay back down resting his head on Sarah. "Well at least there’s one good thing about you guys. No competition." Mike sighed satisfied.

That scored a round of laughter from everyone. Lucas pulled himself closer, squeezing me in a content embrace. Resting his head on me, he whispered "Finally."

I lay there looking at the sky, Lucas lying contentedly on top of me. I brushed my fingers through Lucas hair, wanting to feel each and every soft, beautiful strand. I sighed to myself, finally we didn’t have to hide ourselves from them anymore. Lucas pulled my hand down and kissed it gently, holding it to his face. We lay there, just feeling the closeness of being together. Mike lay resting on top of Sarah, doing exactly the same thing as Lucas and I. I was starting to feel bad for Marcel though, he sat there looking like the complete odd one out. I really hope he gets someone worthy of him soon, he’s a really great guy. I don’t suppose any of you out there want him do you?

"Marcel, come here." Sarah beckoned softly.

Marcel wasn’t sure what she wanted, but he knew better than to say no. He crawled over softly next to her, and she pulled his head down for him to rest. Mike poked tongues at him playfully. Marcel lay down on the ground, resting his head on Sarah next to Mike. I shuffled over slightly and leaned my head slightly against her shoulder. We all lay there now, together. Dusk was setting in, and the cold was beginning to nip at us. We didn’t care though, nobody moved. We all just lay there, staring at the first glimpses of stars coming out in the night. Night began slowly creeping in, and still no one moved. No one said anything. I think in those moments, we were all thinking different things. But one thing I’m sure was going through all our heads, we’re a family. We’d been through so many ups and downs together, things I thought would shatter us. And still, here we were.

I didn’t think there was anything that could come between us. Tonight was a reaffirmation, it was more than just coming out. If anything it solidified our friendship and bonds. I felt really lucky to be a part of such a special, tight knit group. We all had our roles to play, and we all played them well. Sarah was definitely the mother of the group, she was the gel that kept us together a lot of the time. She’d go into battle for any of us, never once giving it a second thought. Marcel, he’s the baby. As in, he is the one the rest of us watch out for. We all look out for him, he’s the most fragile I think. But he is extremely loyal, and always there. Now Mike and Lucas, both of them were the ones Sarah and I depended on. And as for me, well I’m not so sure about that one anymore. I used to be the center of attention, the leader of the pack even. But lately, that role seemed to go to Sarah. Sure everyone still used my house. They just didn’t seem to revolve around me anymore. I mean when I had Sarah, I was the man. Now I’m like, the guy whose house everyone hangs at. It didn’t bother me much though, I’m pretty sweet to just cruise along in the background.

"Do you think we’re still going to be together in five years?" Marcel asked shattering the silence.

I thought about what he’d just asked. It was about five years ago actually that Marcel moved here. Or maybe it’s nearly six years, I can’t remember exactly. I knew we’d all been together for a long time though, and unless any of us moved suddenly I couldn’t see it changing. Sure, Lucas may have only been here a few months but I wasn’t letting him get away anytime fast.

"I think we will Marcel. I hope so." Sarah said softly.

"Well if Sarah’s still here, I’ll still be here. What about you Storm?" Mike asked.

"I’m not sure, who knows. But I’m born and bred here, I can’t see myself ever leaving for good." I replied.

"Well I’m going wherever he’s going." Lucas said holding me tighter.

"I guess it’s settled then. We’re a pack for life." Marcel said cuddling up close to Sarah.

"We sure are baby. I love you guys." Sarah said smiling.

"I love you all too." I replied.

"Yeah me too." Lucas said.

"Well I love you all more." Marcel said.

"Well I love you all the most, even if I am a fuck up sometimes. You guys are my family." Mike said.

"I know where Mike’s coming from. I think of you guys as my family too. My parents are never there. I can always count on you guys though." Marcel said.

"I don’t know why I bother going home. I wish I could just live at your house all the time Storm." Mike sighed.

"Yeah me too." Marcel piped in.

"What’s stopping you?" I asked.

"You are!" They both said in unison.

"You know you guys are always welcome. Mom loves you guys." I said.

"I’m hungry." Lucas moaned.

"You’re always hungry." Everybody said at the same time.

"Is everyone coming back to my place for dinner?" I asked.


"For Sure Dude!"

"I’m there."

"Me too."

"Ok then, let’s go. Bags not doing the dishes." I said getting up.

"I’ll do them, I don’t mind." Mike said pulling Sarah up.

"You’ll make a good housewife one day Mike." Marcel grinned.

"Nah, he just likes getting in my Moms good books." I said.

We all stood there stretching, Lucas still hadn’t let go of me. The whole time we spent getting up and stretching he made sure he was still touching me somewhere, either his hands were on me or he was leaning on me. But he liked being able to show how much we meant to each other. He stood behind me sliding his arms around me pulling me close and resting his chin on my shoulder. Mike would just look at us a bit funny, as if he was still trying to get used to the idea. Marcel didn’t look like he gave a shit, which pleased me to no end.

The five of us made our way back to my place, not in any particular hurry. We would wander along, shuffling backwards and forwards between walking partners to talk to. Most of my time was spent with Lucas and Sarah. We talked about how things had changed, yet they hadn’t really. Sure Lucas and I were together, Mike and Sarah were together. Marcel was still single, well we’ll have to work on that won’t we. But the pack overall was still together, and that mattered a lot. Mike spent most of his time hanging back with Marcel, which was really good to see. I think Mike was doing his best to make sure Marcel was ok, he even put his arm around him as we walked home. Marcel definitely enjoyed the attention he was getting. What a weird day it’s been, definitely one to remember.

* * * * * * *

"Thanks Mom! That was deee lish." Mike said taking his dishes up.

"Yeah Mom, thanks!" Marcel piped in.

"Would you two shut up, she’s MY MOM. Thanks MOM, that was the best." I said kissing her on the cheek and poking tongues at Mike and Marcel.

"Thanks Mrs M. Awesome as always." Lucas joined in.

"Don’t listen to them Mrs M, they’re all suck ups." Sarah said giving her dish to Mike. "It was very yummy though."

"Thanks kids, I should know what to feed you by now. It’s been what, 100 years since you guys started coming over for dinner?" Mom said laughing.

Mike started filling up the sink with warm water and dish wash "And we’ll be here same time tomorrow too." Mike grinned.

Mom ushered me into the hallway, leaving everyone in the kitchen talking and cleaning up. She put her hands on my shoulders, usually a sign I was in trouble. Or she had something big to say, who could tell. "I want you to talk to your brother. He’s doing his homework right now but I want you to talk to him ok." She said.

"OooOH MOM, do I have to. He won’t notice us." I whined.

"Notice? The boy already knows. Don’t you think it was just a bit weird that Lucas always showed up right on time for breakfast. That and the noises coming out of your room so early in the morning. I could go on, but do I really need to. Come on we’re not thick here Daniel." She said, very sternly I might add.

Uh oh, she only called me Daniel when she was cross with me. Time to suck up "Oh, sorry Mom. I’ll talk to him right now."

"Good. I’m taking Marcel out for an Ice Cream and to talk. I think he needs it." She said.

"WHAT! I didn’t get an Ice Cream. Your my Mom, not his Mom." I whined.

"Daniel. Stop it. Come on, you know I only treat them special because they need more help then you do." She said.

"I know, I know. I’m just doing the mandatory bitch and moan. Thanks for helping him Mom." I sighed.

"We’re going to go now. I want the house tidy. I want you to talk to Dade. And your homework done too Daniel Marcus." She said.

I nodded half heartedly, and you all thought my Mom was cool. Well she is, she’s just not to be fucked with either. She kissed me on the forehead and yelled out to Marcel to go with her. Leaving me standing there sulking like the spoilt little shit that I tend to be sometimes. Lucas being the psychic dude that he is, must have sensed my little tantrum and wandered into the hallway. He put his arms on either side of me and held me trying to look me in the eye. "What’s wrong dude." He asked.

"Oh nothing, I’m just being a selfish shit that’s all." I said managing a little laugh.

"Where’s Marcel gone?" he asked.

"Mom’s taken him to have an Ice Cream and a chat. She’s doing the motherly thing with him. We didn’t get an Ice Cream did we? it’s not fair." I laughed.

"Wow, lucky dude. Your Mom rules."

"Yeah, I know. It’s her biggest flaw." I grinned. "Hey, I gotta go talk to Dade. He knows."

"What?" Lucas said surprised. "Is everyone in your family psychic or something."

"Perfect Breakfast timings? Loud noises in the morning? Probably from you climbing in and out of the window. And other things…..Ring a bell?" I asked sarcastically.

"Oooooh. Want me to come with you?" he asked.

"No, he’s my brother. I’ll talk to him." I said.

"You know you don’t have to do everything yourself. I CAN help you know. I don’t feel like I’ve done anything." He said softly.

"Well, once I’ve told Dade there won’t be anyone else left. Apart from your Parents. I mean they still don’t know we’re together, right?" I asked Lucas. He didn’t say anything, he just did that little sheepish smile of his. "Oh, you didn’t." I said whacking my head.

He started blushing a little "Dude, I couldn’t help myself. I just wanted to shout it out and uhh they were there. Uuuhh So I shouted."

"When?" I asked in shock.

"Ummm you know, that day we had the picnic. I just couldn’t hold it in man. I told them as soon as they got home." He said, flashing that smile again trying to make me melt.

"Ok ok. I wish you had of told me though. So, how did they take it? They haven’t had me killed yet, so it can’t be that bad." I said.

"You really want to know what they said?" he said smiling.


"They said I was a bad influence on you. They said I’d made you like guys and ruined you for life." He said smiling.

I started laughing "Oh damn, that’s hilarious. YOU ruined ME? Oh boy, that’s just …that’s a keeper." I laughed. "Ok Mr Bad Influence, get your ass back in the kitchen. I’m going to talk to my brother, you know you ruined him too. Geez the horror of it all." I said sarcastically.

"Ok ok. I’ll wait down here." He said. "But first, this is for luck."

He leaned in and kissed me softly and tenderly. A classic Lucas kiss that just sent me into orbit. You’d think I would have become immune to it by now. But no, those butterflies still flew around in my stomach. I wish I could make these kisses go slow motion, because they always seemed to end too quick. I wanted to be able to taste those strawberry lips, but alas my head was always too far in the clouds to think straight. He pulled away and I stood there blushing. "Uhh uuh thanks." I said nodding sheepishly.

I turned and headed up the stairs missing a step *doh* I said slapping myself on the head. I looked behind me and sure enough Lucas was still standing there smiling at my red face. "That was your fault, you should stop kissing me like that." I said rather embarrassed with a stupid smile on my face.

I ran up the stairs hiding my totally embarrassed face and not looking behind. I walked up to Dades door and took a few deep breaths. This was one of the people I was most nervous about. I mean, I knew Mom would support me no matter what. And I wasn’t really too fussed about anyone else. But with Dade, he’s my little brother. Well maybe not that little but still, I wasn’t sure how he’d handle it. He looks up to me so much, what will this do to him. Would he freak out and go crazy. Wait a minute, he already knows. He hasn’t freaked out yet I suppose, so I might be in with a chance. This is when being a big brother totally sucks. I took in a few more deep breaths and plucked up the courage to knock on the door. Last person and then everyone who mattered would know.

"Dade. Can I come in please?" I asked

"Yeah." He replied.

I opened the door and walked in, wasn’t doing his homework though. There he was, crunching himself an awesome pair of abs. I guess he wanted to take my spot as spunk of the school. I suppose I could handle that, now with me being taken and all.

"Dade, you’re supposed to be doing your homework man." I said sitting down.

"Storm, I wanna be buff man. I got to live up to your reputation." He said carrying on.

"Ok that’s it." I said pulling him up and sitting him down on the bed. "What’s up?"

"I don’t know what you’re talking about." He replied.

"Are you angry at me?" I asked softly. Dade looked at me grudgingly, he knew exactly what I was talking about.

"No. I’m not angry." He replied quietly.

"I’m sorry if it seems like I let you down."

"You didn’t Storm. It doesn’t matter to me. You’re still my bro." He said reassuringly. "But you’re not making life any easier on yourself."

"Don’t I know it. I just … I just can’t change it Dade." I confessed.

"Is he worth it?" Dade asked bluntly.

"And then some…" I replied.

"You know I’ve got your back. If anyone hassles you, they hassle me."

"Thanks bud. It’s good to know I’ve got your support." I said smiling. "Wait a minute. I’m the big brother. Aren’t I supposed to give you these speeches?"

"You’re not that much older Storm. And you might want to get that speech ready because.. I have something to tell you too." He said nervously.

"You do? Well come on, spit it out." I said in curious trepidation.

"Well let’s put it like this…I think Marcel is a babe."

I looked at him wide eyed and gasping, it couldn’t be. I’d heard it was genetic, but I thought that was just a rumor. He couldn’t be, It was just too out there. Mom is going to freak. "Holy Shit" I gasped.

"PSYCHE!!" He laughed.

"Oh you fucken punk." I yelled jumping at him.

We started wrestling around, he’s a tough shit I’ll give him that much. We threw each other around for a bit, slamming into the walls and everything else. In the end though, the mighty Storm Crippler was too much. "Don’t ever do that again." I gasped.

"Ok ok. Lemme go, lemme go." He pleaded.

I let him up, and he sat back down on the bed. Well, I couldn’t believe it. Everybody that mattered knew Lucas and I were together, and none of them had us killed. So I would say that was a pretty successful coming out. Perhaps now Lucas and I could really have some time together. I noticed Dade going back to do his crunches, time for the master to teach the student how it’s done.

"Ok, now let me show you how you REALLY do a crunch."

* * * * * * *

"What a day" I yawned.

"I’ll say. But, at least everyone knows now." Lucas said.

We both lay on my bed staring at the ceiling. Lucas being the guy that had to always be touching me somewhere, rested his hand on my own. I think he wanted to snuggle up but I really liked living, and I know if Mom walked in I wouldn’t be much longer. "Do you think it was worth it?" I asked him.

"What’s that supposed to mean?" he asked turning toward me.

Oops, was that not the right thing to say? "I mean, what if we broke up tomorrow. Or even next week. All this strife would have been for nothing."

"Well fuck you’re optimistic aren’t you." Lucas said angrily.

"Don’t swear at me. I’m just asking. I mean it’s going to be hard." I said calmly.

"Ok ok. I’m sorry. But we’ve been through this Storm, I’m in it for the long run." Lucas said trying to calm down.

"Look Lucas, don’t be angry at me. I’m just saying, it’s going to be really hard. I mean look how hard it is even for us to just be together."

Lucas wrapped his arms around me, leaning his face against the side of mine. Kissing my cheek softly, he whispered "Storm. The only way we will ever break up, is if you dump me. And if you ever plan on doing that, remember to kill me before you do. It’ll be much less painful."

"Don’t start. You’re gonna make me cry." I gulped.

"It’s true." He whispered.

"Oh ya fucken prick. You had to say it, didn’t you." I said wiping my eyes. I turned and punched him in the arm. Yeah I know what you’re saying, violence never solves anything. Still I don’t like crying unless absolutely necessary, and it was not absolutely necessary. Therefore he deserved a punch.

"Ow, what was that for." He said rubbing his arm.

"For making me cry." I said. I leant in towards him "Would you hold me please." I whispered.

"You don’t even have to ask." He said pulling me into a warm embrace.

I just wanted to be held, to know that we had finally made it. Now we could just focus on us, instead of them. "You know I love you, right?" I asked, my eyes still teary.

"I know."

"Lucas, I can’t believe we finally made it. Sometimes I have to hit myself to realize you actually love me. I just can’t believe how lucky I am to have you. I get this nagging feeling in my heart that tells me it’s too good to be true. That one day I’ll wake up, and you won’t be there." I said burying my face in his warmth. "I wish you could just hold me forever."

I held myself closer to him, making sure I was getting as much of his warmth as I could. I cried myself a stream, drenching Lucas jersey. He just held me closer, gently soothing me with his touch. Stroking my hair and face, whispering I love you. I think if I had of held on any tighter I would have choked him. I just couldn’t believe how far we’d come. Stress was such a big part of today, I had to let it out. And the final realization of Lucas and I being a couple. "Lucas, I love you." I cried. "So much, please don’t ever doubt it."

"I won’t, I know you love me. Now stop it before you make me start crying." He said

"I just don’t think you know how much. I try not to expose myself. I try not to let people see what I’m really feeling because I’m scared they might hurt me. I mean, I try to act cool about it. But that’s only because I’m scared you won’t love me as much as I love you. I’m scared if I open up too much you’ll reject me. That’s why I keep distance from you emotionally and don’t well… don’t do what I’m doing right now. Pouring my heart out."

"Storm, you have to open up to me. I’m not going to reject you because you love me so much. That just makes me even more happier. Do you know what it means to me that you actually love me? Ahh fuck, fuck it I’m going to cry." He sobbed. "Storm, please don’t think I’m going to hurt you or reject you. I know that’s why you put a little wall between us, just in case. And you know it hurts me to think that you don’t feel you can trust me enough to open up. You think you’re going to scare me off because you love me so much? You’ll make me cry that’s for sure, but you won’t scare me off."

I pulled myself away from him and sat up Indian style on the bed. I pulled him up and he sat facing me. I tried to wipe some more tears from me and then gave up. I was crying a Storm, no pun intended. And I couldn’t be bothered trying to stop it now. I held his hand in mine, feeling his skin as if it were the most valuable treasure in the world. His face drew itself to my hand as I touched his face, slowly feeling every tear covered cheek. I held his hand tightly in my own and looked him in the eye, trying to stop myself from breaking down any further. "Ok Lucas. I love you so much I can’t stand being apart from you. I want to be with you every single minute I’m alive. I love you so much that I can’t picture my life without you. I think, no that’s wrong. I KNOW that if I had to choose, I’d want to be the first of us to die, because I can’t imagine me being here without you next to me. I know that sounds extreme, but it’s how I feel. It’s how much I love you. Lucas, I’d…I’d die for you. Now do you know how much I love you?" I said crying.

Lucas didn’t say anything, he just sat there sobbing and crying. He pulled his hand away using them to try and wipe the tears out and hide his face. He held his head in his hands and kept crying. He’d try and look me in the eyes and his face was racked with tears, and he just wouldn’t stop. I started to think maybe there was something wrong. He was visibly sobbing, not just crying but sobbing. I put my hand on his shoulder and pulled him to me. He grabbed onto me and hugged me so tight, crying into my shoulder. I held him close, rubbing his back. When I tried to pull him away to look in his eyes he grabbed hold of me even tighter not wanting to let go. I couldn’t believe how much he was crying. I rocked him gently trying to soothe him, holding him as tight as I could. "I can’t believe you love me that much, how did I get so lucky. What did I do to deserve someone like you Storm? You are just the best thing I could ever have or want in life. I can’t believe how lucky I am to have you. You’re everything to me. I can’t believe I could ever have someone who loves me as much as you do. You just don’t know what a big piece of me you are. I love you just doesn’t seem to do justice to you. It’s not big enough. You just…you just totally rock me."

"Now you’ve seen me. You’ve seen how much I need you. You’ve seen how vulnerable I am. Do you still want to be with me?" I gulped.

"Don’t. Don’t do that to me Storm. You kill me a little inside every time you doubt how much I love you. Please don’t do that to me. It hurts me so much when you think I don’t love you or you doubt that I want to be with you..." He said shaking a little.

"I’m sorry, I just doubt myself so much. And I just don’t get that someone as awesome as you would want to be with me. I just don’t get it. But I won’t complain." I said.

"See, you’re doing it again. I am NOT better than you ok. You are not some freak, you’re special. We’re the same. We need each other. We both think the other person is totally way awesomer, that’s how much we love each other. Now today was a good day. We made a lot of progress. We’re gonna make it Storm, we’re gonna make it." He said reassuringly.

I angel kissed him gently on the lips. "I love you. And you’re right, today was a good day. It was the first day we had as a couple, a real couple. Everyone knows about us now. We don’t have to hide from them. Now we get to spend a little time on ourselves. No more worrying about them. It’s all about us from now on. You and I." I said kissing him again.

We lay back on the bed and I lay on top of him, resting my head on his heart. I pulled the blanket over us, I didn’t care if Mom came in now. Besides, we weren’t doing anything. We were just holding each other. I just needed to be with him, I couldn’t let him go now. I don’t think I could have handled him going home and leaving me. I snuggled up to him, holding him close. I listened to the sound of his heart beating, and knew that he loved me. If peace and contentment had a moment, this was it. Tomorrow would be the first day of the rest of our lives… together.

"Just you and I." He whispered.

"Just you and I" I whispered back.

"I love you."

"I love you."

* * * * * * *

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