By Teen Boi

      Lightening filled the night sky lighting the night sky almost like it was daylight. I it was followed almost immediately by a loud clap of thunder. The storm had been going on for the three hours. It was such a sudden storm, which had come with no signs. It had been extremely warm all day, and then the temperature had dropped drastically during the early evening. It had knocked out power in areas all over the city. You could look down the block and see nothing.

      Benjie sat on the back deck totally naked. He was aroused by the storm and being home alone he was acting on it. He was getting harder with every flash of lightening and clap of thunder. The rain was coming down hard and it hit his slender body hard with a slight stinging sensation. He ran his hands over his naked 17 year old body.  He slowly moved down to his hardness. He ran his fingers down the shafted.  He slowly wrapped his hand around his engorged cock, and began to stroke it. Totally oblivious to his surroundings except for the storm.

      Jesse was in his room. He jumped at every clap of thunder. He feared the storm, but he too found it a slight bit arousing. Thoughts of doing it out in the wet sky made him almost want to overcome his fears. A few times he had been tempted to go outside. The thunder and lightening was the only thing holding him back. He slowly stripped down and sat by his window. His cock in hand he slowly began to stroke it. He ran his hands over his slender 16 year old body. He closed his eyes for a brief second, and then opened them again. As he did he glanced out his window. As lightening flashed he caught something out of the corner of his eye. Turning for a better look he saw his sexy neighbor having a wank in the rain. Jesse wished he could have a better look. That would mean having to brave the storm outside. He sat there absently stroking his cock while he pondered the situation. He had always like Benjie and he was determined to get with him. He decided to try and go check him out. He did not even bother getting dress as he stole out the back door and through the gate. He dashed quickly across the back alley and into the open gate. He peered around the side of the garage and through the lightening he saw Benjie. He slowly crossed the lawn as rain stung his naked skin. He got to the edge of the deck and began to crawl over to his objective. On his knees he reached out and took Benjie's cock in hand, pushing Benjie's own hand out of the way.

      Benjie's arousal in the storm had taken on something new. He had been lost in his own world as a hand pushed his own out of the way and took over stroking him. He looked up briefly to see his neighbor Jesse between his legs and stroking him. A mild surprise came over him, but his arousal was taking over. He lay back and let Jesse stroke him. It felt good to have the stud working his cock. He was even more surprised as Jesse leaned in an took his cock in mouth. Benjie moaned as he felt Jesse's mouth engulf his cock. The only other thing was the sound of thunder, and the sting of rain.

      Jesse had over come his fear of the storm, and was now sucking Benjie's hardness. He could feel the rain as it stung he naked body. He did not care he was so turned on by what he was doing. He worked his head up and down. Occasionally sucking on the tip, and then going back down to the hilt. He could hear Benjie moan between the claps of thunder. Jesse was all over his cock. Sucking and licking. He was determined to milk this boi.

      Benjie knew he was getting very close to emptying his spunk. He did not want Jesse to stop. It felt so dam good. His sexual arousal was heightened, beyond all imagination. He knew he should say something to Jesse, but he had no time to. He let go and his cum began filling Jesse's mouth. Jesse pulled back, but did not move off. He sucked and swallowed until Benjie had no more in him.

      Jesse got what he wanted. He had tated this bois spunk. Something he had dreamed of many a night. It had taken a storm to get what he wanted. He hoped for more stormy nigth just like this one. He got up and kissed Benjie lightly on the lips. Benjie returned the kiss.

      A stormy night had brought the two together. Each was wanting more nights like this one.

The End

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