Str8 Down On It - Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

Hunter James let out a low growl as he squeezed his thighs together, forcing his raging hard cock to stroke between warm skin and fabric. It hurt like fuck and yet—

it ... felt ... so ... good.

Another few strokes and he felt his cock slip through the opening of his boxer briefs—exposing his throbbing cock to the full effects of denim on silky smooth skin. Oh fuck, yeah—nothing else hurt so good... He was unable to force a follow-up whimper back down into his gut and as it escaped through his clenched teeth, he furtively glanced around to complete a nervous survey of the theater seating.

No one.

Just them.


"Man, I could use a blow job right about now."

Was that piece of info for his best friend who was sitting next to him, or—simply an internal defense mechanism to justify why he was sitting here with a boner for the ages? He wasn't sure. But it was out there now.

He garnered a chortle, at least.

"Tell me about it," Caleb Stillwater said between kernels of popcorn.

Go figure—two of the hottest studs in our school on a post-game Friday night—alone ... together—in a movie theater.

"Couldn't we all" he sighed wistfully.

Hunter snorted. They weren't entirely alone. They had Hunter's boner. He bet if he dared venture a gaze downward right now, Caleb was probably sporting a bone as well. Having seen it countless times in the showers and locker rooms of their life, the beast was probably threatening to rip its way through his cords just as menacingly as his own was.

Unable to retain control over them, his eyes performed a stealth maneuver and dove into Caleb's crotch, or—not. If they had literally done that maneuver they would have come back up dripping in butter. The bucket of popcorn was in his buddy's lap.

Why did he `go there' anyway? Go figure. No—don't go figure. He regained control of his smoky grays and took another look around; this time, he expanded his boundaries row by row until he fell into a steady stare at the guy in the seat just one row back from the side exit.

The guy had his arms extended outward, resting on the empty seats either side of him. His head lolled back now and then, and his left hand occasionally lifted from the back rest and moved into the shadows. Wishful thinking ... probably ... but it almost seemed like he was moving that hand up and down, guiding something, or—someone—in those shadows.

"Is that Cole Simms over there?"

Caleb's hand stopped halfway between the monstrous bucket of buttered popcorn that they were sharing and his mouth. He squinted around the theater, his eyes locking on faces and eyes—more shadowed profiles than anything—or, backs of heads and hairstyles, searching out the body to match the name that Hunter had just tossed out there.

It wouldn't be difficult to pick Cole Simms out of a crowd. Any crowd. Anywhere. Day. Night. Earthquake. Hurricane. Avalanche... The guy was hot. He exuded a mix of goo bomb factor—according to 99.99% of the girls and even a few gay guys he knew—and a quiet, almost clueless sensuality that could get him laid 7 days a week if he put his mind to it. Hell—probably 10 times a day, 7 days a week...

Caleb was willing to admit to Simms' `drip factor' since he and Hunter fit into that category too. At least according to the oohs and aahs and omgs they seemed to always have to dodge wherever they were at any given time. He was kind of surprised, really. They hadn't been accosted by anyone since they arrived at the theater. Well, the guy at the snack bar gave them the once, twice, and—thirty-over, but...

"Over there ... where?"

"10:00 o'clock," Hunter said as he squeezed his thighs together again and another whimper escaped before he could stop it. He reached for the bucket, shooing Caleb's hand out of the way and then digging into the buttery mess. "By the exit sign ... left side."

Caleb followed those really bad directions—did anybody other than Hunter—and maybe the military—use a clock face for directions? His best friend could probably drive a GPS to a bottle of bourbon in exasperation—he squinted in the `little hand's' direction Hunter was alluding to and he studied the ¾ profile of the guy sitting alone not far from the mid-theater exit to their left.



He could have sworn somebody was sitting with that guy a few minutes earlier.

Another one of the Earth Force Brigade went down in flames at the tentacles of the Alien Invaders and that flash of explosive light illuminated the theater for a second.

Yeah, that was Cole Simms.


If Cole Friggin' Simms was alone in a movie theater on a weekend night, then maybe he and Hunter weren't such losers after all. The jock god was very close to the epitome of perfection ... even a rung or two higher than him and Hunter. Well ... maybe just a half-rung.

Cole Simms?


On a weekend night?

A post-game weekend night?

Go figure that one.

Maybe it was just planetary alignments that were affecting the normal flow of right and wrong? Maybe Cole just needed a break from his own multitude of ravenous groupies? Fuck knew Caleb understood that one. Groupies were good. Groupies were very good—sometimes. But. Sometimes? Groupies were very annoying. It was nice to be left alone and blend into the crowd sometimes, too. Or, maybe it was rogue packs of Marauding Zombies that had found Earth's Navigational Control Room where all the gears and pulleys, the computers and big wheels were located and they had rotated the Earth's position just ... well ... because they were Zombies and they could do that kind of thing for kicks? Durned Zombies ... always up to mischief on weekends...

"Yeah, I think that is Cole," Caleb said as he finally lifted that handful of popcorn to his mouth.

Seconds ticked.

Minutes passed.

"I think Cole's getting a blow job," Hunter said as he continued paying more attention to their teammate than to the screen. The movie sucked. He doubted he was missing anything. `Sides, the action over in the left-hand row by the exit sign was more intriguing.

Way to go, Cole. A blow job in a jam-packed movie theater. You stud. Maybe you could give seduction lessons to me and...

Well, okay—from the looks of things definitely not jam packed. There looked to be all of what ... 37 out of the 450 seats filled?

Caleb nodded silently as he sucked on his straw. Well, at least someone was getting action. He admired Simms' balls ... getting a blow job in a movie theater. Danger was written all over that if they got caught, but somehow... What a hot thought. He had to give it up to the guy.

Man, Caleb worshiped Cole. He had looked up to and admired Cole for as long as he could remember. Truth be known—almost as long and as much as he worshiped Hunter. He shifted his focus from the screen again and studied the shadowy form of their teammate for several long seconds. He turned to look at his best friend beside him and a grin broke across his boyishly handsome face. His brow rose conspiratorially.

"I think you're right."

As if with some mental Wi-Fi connection, a head rose up above the seat and Cole reached out to finger hair and then guide it back down into his lap in the shadows.

"Holy shit! He is getting a blow job," Hunter whisper-shrieked as he leaned forward. He grabbed his best friend's bulging bicep at the same time in a vice grip that would make a buffalo wince; at the same time, his shoulder plowed into Caleb's—rocking him with a jolt that their defensive coach would be proud of.

What the fu...

Caleb nearly jumped out of his seat as popcorn and butter and the bucket and ice and drink crashed to the floor.

"Dude!" Caleb squealed as some of the ice landed in his crotch instead of hitting the floor with all of its cousins. Luckily, a thunderous explosion came from the flick at that very moment and drowned out his exclamation. "You're buying another popcorn for us and another slurp for me, bro," he said as he brushed the ice from his lap and shoved it down the slanted floor with his foot. "And a foot long to make up for it."

Yeah. Whatever, bro. How do you spell `fat chance'?

Hunter grinned tauntingly and nodded toward his friend's lap. "Looks like you got your foot long right there, bro," he said with a chuckle. "I'll get you a chili to dip it in..."

Caleb's eyes went wide at that comment. What the hell? He stopped brushing off his crotch and looked in his friend's direction, confusion all over his face.

"What are you doin' looking at my di..."

Caleb's retort was cut off by an `Oh yeah!' coming from their left. Perfect timing. One of the alien zombies went down in flames ... its tentacles exploding like 20' long sticks of dynamite. Hoots and jeers, shouts and claps joined forces to smother Cole's outburst.

Caleb's head tilted, and he squinted. Yeah—like a squint would make him hear the slurps over there.

"Did he just cum?"

"I don't think so," Hunter whispered hoarsely. He felt his cock stiffening even more—somehow—even under these bizarre circumstances. "I think he's just really liking what's going on down there between his legs."

"I think I hate him right now."

Hunter laughed as he elbowed his buddy. "I thought you worshiped him nearly as much as you do me."

"Yeah. Well. At the moment...," Caleb said as he squeezed his thighs together again. His cock was really throbbing now, too. Figure that one ... `another' guy is getting head and `he' is throwing a bone? Fuck—he needed to get laid. That was just too weird for words. "I still think I hate him."


Spellbound ... silence.

The movie ... totally forgotten.

Caleb and Hunter stared across the sea of vacant seats and watched ... waited ... for any sign of—what? Cole cumming? The face to rise from the shadows and reveal itself? For ... what? Didn't matter at this point; they were both hooked.

Movie be damned.

Cole made a move and suddenly his tee was up and over his head, resting back on his shoulders and wrapping around the back of his neck. He made a wary survey of his surroundings, and—satisfied that everyone was glued to the movie—he pulled his cocksucker upward and planted a firm, wet, thorough, open-mouthed kiss on ... him.

"Oh fuck, bro," Hunter nearly shrieked once again. "It's a guy. Caleb, it's a guy!"

Speaking of spellbound.

All Caleb could do was nod.

Holy fuck is right.

Cole Simms was getting a blow job?

In a dark movie theater?

From another guy?

And, with a brilliant flash of mind-frying light from the movie screen, the guy's face had a name. A name they both knew. A name they had both grown up with ... just like Cole. A guy that was another `A-Lister' in their school. The guy that had been sucking their teammate's cock was another athlete, their baseball team's All-State 1st baseman.

"Holy shit! Dude, that's Dustin Muenzler," Hunter croaked out. "Dustin's going down on Cole!"

Caleb Stillwater nodded silently. Wow. Dustin Muenzler gave head? Damn. Dustin Muenzler gave head. Wait. Dusty gave head? Now he finds out? He had lived across the road from him for like ... forever.

"How come you've never given me a blow job?"

Caleb was almost startled by the question as it dripped from his throat. Where the hell did that come from? He was fine with gay guys. He had gay friends. Hell—apparently at least one more than he had thought ... considering this current development a few rows away. But, hell—he'd never `actually' thought about `doing' gay. Maybe the theatre was part of an evil scientific experiment by the CIA and they were pumping in the newest gay gas and using it on unsuspecting flick-watchers.

"You've never asked me to," Hunter said absently. His voice was husky, guttural—getting hoarser by the minute. He was so totally and completely absorbed in the idea of Cole getting a blow job from his best friend, a few feet away from them, it felt like he was on autopilot, and—his hardon was throbbing even more insistently.

Caleb's head turned so slowly that he was sure there had to have been a change in the calendar month during the process. Did Hunter just say...?


"You're my best friend, dude," Hunter said solidly. "I'd do anything for you."




Blink. Blink.


"Even suck my dick?"

"Sure." A nod went unnoticed due to the darkness in the theater. Followed by a shoulder shrug.

Caleb was blown away by that casual response. He could have been knocked over with a pterodactyl feather. His best friend was saying he would actually go down on him? Seriously? None of the girls either of them had ever dated would do that. The two girlfriends that they had now sure as hell wouldn't go there. Hell—Sandie wouldn't even give him a hand job or let him cop a feel, much less go down on him. But Hunter just said that he would actually lean over, or—knees drop, and...


"If you wanted."


Another faint nod was followed by a shrug.

"If you wanted."

This was getting interesting. Caleb stared at his best friend. Should he challenge? Should he back off? Maybe he should laugh it off like they were both high on buttered popcorn and 96 ounces of Big Red? Decisions. Decisions. Split second decisions had been known to crumble empires throughout history, but... Okay—challenge him. Definitely challenge Hunter on this one.

"You'd go down on me right here? Right now?"

One ... Mississippi. Two ... Mississippi. Three ... Missi... Hunter held his breath as he froze in place. Fuck—did he really just offer to go down on his best friend? What if that offer ended their friendship. A friendship that was the best thing in his life?

Well, he had walked out to the edge of the diving platform on this one and was staring into the deep end. At this point, he might as well take the dive.

"Pull it out and tell me how you want it," Hunter said—finally turning his head to lock his eyes on Caleb's. Fuck—what the hell was he doing? He wasn't gay. His heart was racing a thousand miles per hour. His head was spinning. His throat was all at once full of sand but dripping with saliva ... somehow that worked. Sand and spit? Wait—didn't that make concrete? He'd look that up later. Yeah. Later. Somehow, right now, it worked for this situation.


It worked.


Caleb's head pivoted back to Cole and Dustin. Well—on Cole. Dustin had disappeared from view. Caleb assumed that he was down bobbing on Cole's boner again.

"In that case," Caleb said as his hands went to his cords. Thumbs and forefingers fumbled with the button and then slowly tugged at the material. His zipper inched downward until he was able to reach inside and pull his throbbing cock out into the open. Hunter was right about one thing, even though he didn't have firsthand proof. He `did' have a foot long.

They had grown up together. They had showered together thru endless days of PE, Athletics, Baseball, Football, Wrestling. They had seen each other, and all their teammates, naked—a thousand times over a thousand times. To the best of his knowledge, Caleb was fairly confident that there was only one cock in their school that was bigger and thicker than his own, and—it was currently getting sucked a few rows up and over to the left.

Caleb smirked. This was ... weird. This was ... freaked. This was ... eerie ... as ...fuck. Yeah, his best friend knew that Caleb was hung. He just didn't know exactly how hung.

But he was about to find out.

Hunter's eyes sailed into dinner plate mode as his best friend's cock came into view. Even in the shrouded darkness of the theater, that chunk of meat made its presence known. It was a monster. A granite hard, beer can thick, drooling monster, and—it was eagerly waiting for him to follow thru on his comment.

Holy shit! What had he got himself into here?

There was something else too.

A scent.

Musky, and—masculine.

A scent that blossomed from the very moment that Caleb pulled his massive jaw buster from its home in his cords.

It was Caleb. All Caleb. Only Caleb. Yeah—it was Caleb. His own unique scent but so much stronger and more powerful. He'd never been this close to Caleb's open crotch, or—his bone—before, where it took precedence. It wasn't like those 1000s of times where it was immediately blended into the all-too-familiar ... typical ... locker room smells. No. No—this was the very `essence' of all that was ... Caleb.

"Go down on me, H." Caleb's tone was soft but confident as he held 12 inches of throbbing, thick cock straight up with his left hand, even as his right hand went to the back of his best friend's neck and gave it a tender, gentle massage before applying some pressure. "Suck it for me, bro."

Yeah that was Caleb's scent alright. It was ... like nothing that Hunter had ever inhaled. Thick. Heady. Masculine. All Caleb. Just Caleb. And—just breathing it in somehow made his throbbing cock pulse even harder ... almost violently.

It took every ounce of strength in his body to rip his eyes away from that monster cock. Holy fuck shit! He was reasonably confident that there was only one cock in their school that was bigger. And it was across the dark seating of the theater getting bobbed, gobbled, and slurped on right now by Dustin.

His eyes darted back down and took in Caleb's cock. Repeat five times—Holy fuck shit! Holy fuck shit! Holy fuc... He had always known that Caleb was huge. He'd seen it plenty of times. But. Holy fuck shit! He had no idea that it was... It made his own 9.5 inches seem really puny by comparison.

I wonder what that baby would feel like in my hand...

Wait. Why was Hunter wondering what his best friend's dick would feel like in his hands? Why was he even considering what Caleb wanted him to do? Was he? Considering it, that is? Taking Caleb's dick in his mouth? Sucking it? Going down on it? Going down on Caleb?

His voice came out thick ... hoarse—and a little shaky.

"You really want me to ... go down ... on you?"

Caleb nodded confidently. He suddenly felt like he was totally in control. He'd always worshiped Hunter. He had always followed Hunter's lead. He was fine being the beta to Hunter's `Alpha' for the most part. That's just the way it had been and it seemed like that's the way it would always be. No problem. But right here? Right now? Now, somehow—it felt like the dynamic between them had instantly changed. It felt good.

He was unsure why, but yeah—it felt good. No. Actually? It felt—great. He could almost feel a sudden surge of power flowing through his soul. It was something that he didn't know if he had ever felt. Not like this. Exhilarating? Hell yeah. How weird was that?

Yeah—this was getting `very' interesting.

Was this really happening?

Was he really about to get a blow job from his best friend?

Oh yeah, very interesting. And, yeah—he wanted it. Absolutely. He had no idea why, but yeah—he suddenly really wanted it. He wanted to feel Hunter's lush lips wrapped around his now diamond hard, steadily leaking dick. Tugging it. Slurping it. Sucking it. Swallowing it. All twelve inches. He wanted to feel Hunter take it down his throat. Was that even possible? Could he do that? Take his entire massive monster down to the root? Get his nose buried in Caleb's neatly trimmed pubes? Well, probably not ... now. Not ... here ... in the theater. Yeah, this probably wasn't the time or the place for deep throating it, but ... sometime. Yeah, sometime ... soon. A huge grin spread across his handsome face as a buzz of excitement spread through him.

Yeah, sometime ... very soon.

"Go for it, H," Caleb cooed softly, licking his lips in anticipation of his first blow job—ever. A blow job from another guy.

Hunter squinted into the dimness and he looked over to where Cole was sitting. His arms spread out ... his head tilted back... What in bloody hell was he doing? He'd do anything for Caleb, but ... shit. Shit. Shit! What the hell was he doing? He'd never even touched another guy's dick, much less, had one in his mouth. But, this was Caleb. He'd suck Caleb if he wanted it. Apparently, he wanted it, if that drooling monster meat was any indication.

Fuck, what if it tasted gross? Geez he was really leaking like a faucet now. He'd never tasted a guy's dick, or—his juice. He'd tasted his own. A lot of his own. He always ate it when he blew his load ... in his room ... alone, but... It was the best, safest way to clean up, without leaving discoverable `evidence' behind. That was all he needed—for his Mama or his little brothers to accidently find a cum towel or jersey; especially in his case—he spewed gigantic loads.

Holy shit, though—this was Caleb. Caleb's dick. Caleb's juice. The best friend of his life. They shared everything. Well—almost everything. This would certainly add a new dimension to the meaning of sharing everything. But heck. If he was going to take a guy's dick and—let him wad off in his mouth ... down his throat, it would be Caleb. He would die for Caleb in a heartbeat so this should be a slam dunk. Right?

Caleb Stillwater was his lifelong best friend from teething rings and pacifiers, and—his life in a way. Well, aside from the little monkeys that claimed to be his younger brothers. They were his life. But Caleb... He couldn't think of any part of his life—not a single moment—that Caleb wasn't a part of, even if only in thought or spirit. He couldn't possibly imagine his life without Caleb in it. But Caleb ... in ... him?

Fuck! He was gonna do this! He was gonna go down on Caleb!

"Um... Cay, you know I'm not gay, right?"

"You don't have to be gay to suck dick, H," Caleb reasoned as he applied a little more pressure on his friend's neck. He held it more tightly. "You just open your mouth and go down on it. Just think of it as a big tasty meat-sicle. Nothing to it." He glanced over to the side of the theater and took in the scene playing out between their two friends and teammates. He tossed a nod in their direction. "Dustin sure looks like he's lovin' it. You suck it, and—you get me off, buddy. Help me out here bud. Stick out your tongue and swirl it around the head. C'mon—just give it a try. I won't make you finish it if you truly hate everything about it. Just suck it like ... you said you would."

And, you're damn well gonna swallow ever last drop of it...

As his lifelong best friend's cock came closer and closer to his face, Hunter inhaled deeply. Musk. Soap. Sex. Pure Caleb. Caleb's essence.

Fuck, it was—intoxicating. Mind numbing. His mouth was actually watering.

"Open my mouth ... go down on it, and—get you off?" Hunter squeaked, more than said.

Perfectly natural, right? Piece of cake. Like Caleb said—nothing to it.


"Yeah, H. We're best friends. I know you aren't gay. We're both straight. You can get me off, with your mouth, and it does not `make' you gay. You can't `make' a straight guy gay so don't worry about that. No one except you and me will ever know. Yeah, H, do it. And—watch your teeth buddy."

Yeah no one will know as long as no one noticed him with his best friends cock in his mouth...

Hell, if I don't learn how to unhinge my jaw in the next 3.7 seconds I won't have to worry about my teeth. This deadly chunk of meat will blow my teeth out the back of my head.

He inhaled deeply again. And again. And, again... Each deep breath made his cock jump and throb more. Shit, it was harder than he'd ever remember it being before this. Musk. Sex. Essence. Caleb. Intoxicating. It was making his head spin.

Me and my big mouth. Stupid, stupid, stupid!

What the hell was he thinking?

Whatever it was? He only knew one thing.

He had to do it.

He was unsure why, or even exactly how, but—he had to do it. His lips touched the velvety tip of Caleb's cock. Preparing himself for the worse, his tongue darted out and tentatively licked at some of the glistening drops of precum that had continued to drool from the wide slit. Huh. Not bad. Salty. He licked again. Salty and—sweet. And, again. Salty, sweet, and—tangy. And then he did something he had never thought he would ever do. He kissed it.

Holy fuck.

He just kissed Caleb's dick.

Who would have thought. Hunter James, straight guy, licking and kissing his best friend's dick. And from the steady pressure Caleb was putting on his neck, there was no question—he was going to have a guy's dick—in his mouth—for the first time in his life.

"That's it, H," Caleb cooed again. "Kiss it for me. Lick around the head and underneath the tip. And then go down on it, buddy."

"`k," was all that Hunter could muster from his throat as he bent forward and kissed his best friend's cock again. Fuck it was thick. He licked it again. His tongue swirled. He licked it round and round. And then, as he felt Caleb's muscular body shift and his thick cock press upward, there was nothing else he could really do. Nothing else he really wanted to do for some reason, although he still couldn't understand why. He parted his lips, and—took Caleb's cock into his mouth.

This time, it was Caleb's eyes that went dinner plate wide. He gazed downward and watched as the head of his cock disappeared between his friend's lips. Holy ... fuck ... shit! Hunter was really gonna do this. He was really gonna...

"Yeah, just like that," Caleb whispered as he moved his hand from his best friend's neck and trickled his fingers through Hunter's hair. "Yeah, that's it."

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