Str8 Down On It - Chapter 2

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Jonathan Longhorn

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Note: There are some references in this story and others, to things mentioned in another of my stories, Target Nemesis: The Tentacle Lord's Revenge, which you can find here: The story itself is about the movie being watched by characters in several of my stories - in which an alien warlord bent on revenge, `has his way' with an Earth Forces Brigade hero. While I hope that you would enjoy reading that story, it may be a bit brutal for some readers and you do not need to read that story first in order to understand or to enjoy this story.

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Chapter 2

"Yeah, just like that," Caleb whispered as he moved his hand from his best friend's neck and trickled his fingers through Hunter's hair. "Yeah, that's it."

"Mmmkay," was about all Hunter could respond as his lips closed around the ridge of Caleb's cockhead and his tongue automatically began circling and swirling ... finding and dabbing at the drooling slit ... swirling and circling and dabbing...

"That's it, H. That's it," Caleb encouraged in a soft coo of direction. "That's good. Your tongue like that... `s good."

Hunter's tongue continued to swirl and lick and dab, his lips gripped tighter as he got used to the enormous head of his best friend's cock—a head that was pressing deeper into his mouth. He felt his lips slip over the ridge and then he felt, more than `heard', the soft gasp. A gasp so soft, that at first he was unsure that it was coming from Caleb. He glanced upward without letting Caleb's cock slip out of his mouth and, yeah—that gasp had come from his stunningly gorgeous friend and, double-yeah—the expression that accompanied it said it all. Don't stop.

He pressed onward, and—downward. His tongue slurped and licked and slurped.

Suddenly, the world evaporated from around him. All that mattered was sucking his best friend's cock. Sucking his cock. And taking his load. Why? Why would he want a guy—even his best friend—to blow his wad down his throat? He wasn't sure he had an answer for that. And, right now? He didn't care. He just knew it was what he wanted.

Fuck, he hoped Caleb would wad his throat.

The newness, the excitement, the forbiddenness, the delirium of it all consumed him. It overwhelmed him. He pressed even farther. Too far. Too soon. And he gagged. He pulled back and gasped for air.

"Sorry," he whispered. He looked up into Caleb's soft expression. Tears streamed from his eyes on that gag. "Sorry, I... I've never done this."

Caleb smiled and nodded. He stroked his fingers through his friend's hair once, twice, and a third time. He grabbed Hunter's head and pulled him up to his face. Staring into his lifelong best friend's apologetic eyes, he leaned forward and kissed his forehead.

"It's all good, H," he said softly. "I know this is your first time. Trust me, you'll get better with practice. Just take your time. It's a long movie," he said as he glanced up in time to see a blinding flash of light surround Lt. Commander J. Stryker Magnum—Earth Forces Brigade's brash, arrogant, cocky, hotter than hell leader. As the light dissipated, eyes all around the darkened theater went wide with shock and more than a little lustful excitement. Magnum dangled at the behest of all those tentacles ... naked. Completely. Totally. Naked.

"You're doing great, H," Caleb whispered. "You're doing perfect."

Emboldened by those words, Hunter eased back down into his friend's lap and began licking at the drooling head of his cock once more. And, once more—he pressed his lips to it and he kissed it. A hand moved slowly through his hair and glove'd the back of his head. Pressure. Ever so slight pressure. Pushing him downward. He knew what Caleb wanted. Truth? He wanted it to. He still had no idea why. He had a girlfriend. He was straight. No question of that. But, he wanted it. His mouth opened wide and he moved in, over, down, and around.

Another soft moan slithered out of Caleb's throat as he scrunched lower in the theater seat; his legs spread a little wider; the enormous mushroom'd head of his cock slid back between Hunter's lips, and then—an inch of shaft. His cock throbbed and pulsed and spewed out another stream of precum. He held Hunter's head in place and carefully pushed upward—sinking another inch into the velvety moist cavern of that mouth.

Another inch, and—another inch of his cock pushed into Hunter's mouth.

And, Hunter took it.

Not only did he `take' it. He relished it. His head began to bob and weave and his tongue swirled and slurped. He suddenly found a rhythm from, well—where the hell did he suddenly find a rhythm?—and his mouth began adding things to the recipe. He began to suck. And, suck. And, suck. His tongue lapped up that drooling river of precum and spread it up and around the head of Caleb's cock and then spread it down the shaft. Slickening it. Lubing it. Sharing it. And, he swallowed. His first swallow of a copious amount of that thick, heady, flowing juice.

Holy fuck!

Holy fuck!


The fireworks that suddenly went off inside his brain were like nothing he had ever experienced. Whatever the hell just happened, he wanted more of it. Wanted? Fuck that. He `needed' more of it. His lips pressed tighter and he milked the shaft of his best friend's cock and another spurt of that thick juice coated the inside of his mouth.

And, he swallowed.

And, he sank another inch downward on that thick, throbbing shaft.

Fuck—what was happening, here? He couldn't get enough. Enough of that boiling juice streaming out of the head of Caleb's cock, or—enough of that cock itself. That enormous, thick, throbbing, beautiful slab of granite that was currently `owning' his mouth. He wanted it. Oh fuck, he wanted it. He wanted all of it.

"Get down on your knees between my legs, H" Caleb said softly as he massaged a hand over his friend's shoulders and then patted once ... twice, and ... a third time. "It'll be easier for you to blow me if you're on your knees."

Reluctantly, Hunter let that huge cock slip from between his lips and he glanced up at his friend's face. Caleb was smiling softly.

"Is it... Am I... Are you, you know, um..." He felt the blush rise and sweep across his face. "You know, um..."

Caleb pulled his head up to meet his lips and he kissed his forehead once again. His hand drifted through his silky dark blond hair and then he guided him out of his seat and down to the floor.

"It's perfect, H," he said with a tenderness and gentle confidence that flowed from him just as thickly as that river of precum that was drooling out of his cock. "You're perfect, buddy. I just didn't want you to hurt yourself bobbing over that arm rest, there," he said with a nod downward. "You're doing great, H. Just take your time and get used to it. I know it's a lot of cock for your first time."



And, blush.

Yeah, it was. It was his first time to suck a cock. And, fuck—he was loving it.

Hunter slid off his seat completely and landed on his knees between Caleb's spread legs. He reached out and took Caleb's cock back into his right hand while his left hand searched out, found, and took a gentle hold of his friend's magnificent set of balls. They were huge, low hanging, and ... hot. Boiling up a load to spew down his throat, he told himself. Fuck, why was that such a hot idea right now? Fuck, why did he want it so badly right now? What did that mean? What did that `make' him? Or, had he always been and just needed a key to unlock...?

Forget the psychology. Get back to work.

He yielded to that thought. He leaned forward. He kissed the tip of Caleb's cock ... again, and ... again, and ... again. His tongue shot out and began licking ... slurping ... dabbing ... swirling... And, then his lips spread, his mouth went wide, and he took his best friend's cock back inside.

And, he sucked. He sucked and he bobbed. He bobbed and swirled. He swirled and sucked. He sucked and his lips milked that beautiful cock, that beautiful head, that beautiful shaft. Another thick stream of precum shot out of Caleb's cock and drooled and splattered its way toward his throat. And, Hunter swallowed it all. He was hungry for it. Fuck, he wanted it.

Holy fuck! A natural. H is a fucking natural born cocksucker. Oh fuck, this is good. This is so ... good.

"That's it, buddy," Caleb said with another stroke of fingers through hair. He looked up with heavily lidded eyes and watched as Lord Q'a, Supreme Ruler of the Universe slid an enormous tentacock into Lt. Commander Stryker Magnum's mouth and pressed it to the helpless human's throat. He had no choice at this point; Magnum began to suck on it. "Oh fuck, that's hot, H. So good. So, so good."

Spurred on by his best friend's words, Hunter sucked more deeply, more completely. Somehow, his jaw relaxed and his mouth spread wider for that invading slab of meat and he sank down another inch, and another, and even another along that throbbing shaft. He swallowed another volley of that thick goo as it spewed from the tip of Caleb's cock and he half snorted, half groaned. Oh fuck, he was loving that goo. Oh fuck, he wanted more of it.

Fuck it, Caleb—please come in my mouth. I don't know why but I want it. I need it. Please come in my mouth.

Caleb's eyes rolled back as he felt another inch of his cock sink into his best friend's mouth. And, another. And, another. He could feel his cockhead spewing copious amounts of his goo now. Spewing it out and Hunter was taking it in. Taking it. Swallowing it. Hunter was swallowing his goo as fast as he could spew it.

Oh, fuck yeah. Please swallow my load, H. I want to cum down your throat. Please swallow it when the time comes...








Tongue dancing and stroking and lapping at that juice, that enormous mushroom'd head, up and down and all around that thick, throbbing shaft. He had his rhythm. He had his breathing. His jaw was relaxing more and more with every few slurps and dives down Caleb's cock. This was incredible. This was fantastic! Holy fuck, he wanted Caleb to cum down his throat.

And, then `it' happened.

Forget the `oh fucks' before this moment. This was the `oh fuck!' of oh fucks...

Nobody could have been more surprised than Caleb. Except, maybe Hunter. All at once, the next downward suck and slurp went down ... down ... down ... and, Hunter's nose nuzzled the fat base of Caleb's throbbing cock. His throat had opened up to it. His throat had spread wide for it. His throat had yielded to the mushroom and allowed it inside. The mushroom, and—inch after inch after inch of that thick, pulsating, throbbing cock—lubed every step of the way by that river of goo that continued spewing.

He's deep throating me! He's deep throating me! Oh ... holy ... fuck! He's deep throating me!

Hunter's air was cut off. He reminded himself to breathe through his nose. Fat chance. Holy shit! He had the entire length of Caleb's cock in his mouth ... down his throat! Fuck—it felt like it was stroking his lungs! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! He was deep throating his best friend's gargantuan cock!

"H," Caleb gasped.




"Hhhhhhhhh," Caleb whisper shrieked as his cock exploded. His cock. His balls. His brains. Exploded. And exploded. And, exploded.

Caleb unloaded down Hunter's throat.

Hunter swallowed. And, he swallowed. And, he swallowed.

And then Hunter swallowed more.

Caleb kept cumming and cumming and cumming.

Hunter kept swallowing and swallowing and swallowing.

Caleb's first blow job.

Hunter's first time blow jobbing a guy.

How the hell did he do that?

Why the hell did he do that?

Holy fuck, Hunter could hardly believe he had gone str8 down on it.

He nursed and milked and suckled the entire way back up Caleb's still throbbing, still pulsating ... still spewing cock. He drained every last drop of Caleb's cum out of that thick slab of meat and that enormous mushroom and finally, let it slip from his lips. Lips now swollen and puffy but still hungry for more.


He leaned back on his ankles and slowly gazed up his best friend's beautiful body—starting there between his legs ... those heavy, low hanging nuts, that still rock hard and throbbing cock—upward over rippling, tee-clad abs ... upward over the most perfect chest he had ever seen, heaving and gasping. Finally, worried about the expression that would greet him, his eyes rose up to meet Caleb's face, and his eyes. Caleb had the most incredible expression. Wonder. Bewilderment. Adoration? It was ... adorable.

"That was..."

Gasp. Air suck. Swallow.

"That was ... awesome, H." Caleb gasped as he felt his best friend's hands on his cock ... on his jeans and jock. He lifted up off the theater seat and let his friend pull them back into place. He watched as Hunter bent down and kissed the tip of his cock and then gently, tenderly, lovingly slipped it inside his jeans and zipped him up.

"Anytime you want it, Caleb," Hunter said as he looked up. His face was flushed and he had a small stream of cum clinging to his chin. "But, I'm not gay."

Hunter returned to his seat just in time to join Caleb in rocking in disbelief as they watched Lord Q'a's massive, most powerful tentacock pummel its way inside Lt. Commander J. Stryker Magnum's hole.

"Holy fuck," Hunter said in shock.

Caleb nodded silently and then broke his gaze—left. Dustin was just coming up from between Cole Simm's legs. He backhanded his chin, wiping away a stream of cum from his chin—just like the one that still clung to Hunter's chin. He glanced back to the screen and watched for several seconds as Lord Q'a drove his massive, alien tentacock deeper and deeper into the helpless leader of Earth Forces Brigade. Taking possession. Owning. Ravaging his battered hole. Still coming down from the incredible blow job that his best friend had just delivered, he grinned and looked to his right and studied Hunter.

"What?" Hunter reached up, finally, and wiped the cum from his face.

"You said you'd do anything for me, right?"

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