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Note: There are some references in this story and others, to things mentioned in another of my stories, Target Nemesis: The Tentacle Lord's Revenge, which you can find here: The story itself is about the movie being watched by characters in several of my stories - in which an alien warlord bent on revenge, `has his way' with an Earth Forces Brigade hero. While I hope that you would enjoy reading that story, it may be a bit brutal for some readers and you do not need to read that story first in order to understand or to enjoy this story.

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Chapter 4

Volcanic eruptions of molten cum splattered against the roof of Hunter James' mouth. Splattered against the front door of his throat. Although he knew it was coming; when it actually `came' he jerked backward. Mistake. Big mistake. He took the next 3 spurts to the face; it was almost like Caleb had just marked his territory. He recovered quickly and sank back down on his best friend's cock and took it all.

The sheer volume of his best friend's load nearly choked him but somehow, for some reason he didn't understand, he took it. He took all of it. He bobbed and swallowed. He corkscrewed and swallowed. He gulped, and—he swallowed.

Fucking righteous! Caleb's cock. My mouth. Cum. Swallowing Caleb's cum...

"Fu..." Caleb gasped softly. Words were there, waiting to come out but froze. He sucked in air. His head rose up off the seat rest, there in the darkened theater. His head was spinning. He gazed down at the sight of his best friend, on his knees, his cock buried hilt-deep in Hunter's mouth. Hunter was gazing up at him. Their eyes locked. "Fucking beautiful."

Hunter nursed and bobbed. Swirled and bobbed. Bobbed and bobbed.

The volcanic eruption eased into magnitudinal spurts.

The spurts to a lengthy dribble.

The dribble gave way to one, last, thick drop that landed on Hunter's tongue and spread across its surface. Even in its last triumphant drop of taking his mouth, Caleb's cock spasmed and tremored and forced that last act of possession, laying claim, taking that mouth for its own.

Hunter hated to let his friend's cock slip from his lips but he knew he would have to eventually. Slowly. Centimeter by centimeter he began to withdraw. Fuck, Caleb was still rock hard. He may have stopped cumming but his cock was still throbbing and thick and long and...

The head finally slipped from his lips and Caleb's cock swung upward to slap against his abs. Thwack. Hunter leaned forward and stared at the monster that had just claimed his mouth—still throbbing, still needing, glistening in the illumination coming from the movie screen. Throbbing. Promising `more'?

He leaned forward to fill the remaining space between his face and Caleb's cock and he gently, tenderly licked the shaft upward to the head. He inhaled deeply, savoring the aroma of a fresh orgasm mixed with all the scents that came together in a perfect blend of the essence of Caleb. Worshipfully. Adoringly. Reverently. He kissed that moist, spongy head and ran his tongue over the slit as it hung on to the last, final remnant of what had just happened.

He leaned back on his haunches and stared at that amazing cock. Strong. Powerful. Dominating. It had sure as hell just dominated his mouth and throat. The embodiment of almost all that was his lifelong best friend. Those cathedral bell balls. He licked his lips. And, finally, he looked up.

Caleb was staring at him. No anger. No bitterness. No threat of recrimination. Just staring. At him. His eyes glowed like embers. His face, slack with contentment and satiation. Caleb reached out to gently, almost tenderly, run his fingers over Hunter's cheek and then down to his chin; he scooped up a drop of his cum and aimed for his mouth. No hesitation. No question. Hunter's lips parted obediently and that finger slipped inside. His tongue swathed and licked over Caleb's tongue, found the morsel of treasure on the pad of his finger and took it. He sucked on Caleb's finger for a few moments until it pulled free from his lips.

Hunter eased up off the floor, and his aching knees, and slowly moved for his seat, all the while gazing at his handsome buddy. That beautiful face he had known since forever. Did he imagine it or did Caleb look stronger and more powerful—more dominant? In that moment, he realized that their friendship—the dynamics of their relationship—had shifted.


Soft. So soft he wasn't sure if he heard the word. But, there it was.

Caleb reached for Hunter's head and pulled it close to his own. Eyes fell into eyes. Swirling minds acknowledged swirling minds. Caleb leaned in and kissed him. Soft and tender butterfly lip landings lasted several seconds before Caleb's tongue snaked out to pry at those lips—lips that tasted like Hunter. Lips that tasted like his own cum. That tongue went inside and fell into a late night dirty dance with Hunter's tongue.

They kissed.

There in the theater.

They kissed.

Even as Lord Q'a and Prince Fug'am sailed into the final fury of Lt. Commander J. Stryker Magnum's total annihilation as a superhero god of the Earthlings. Even as Magnum sailed into his new life and duty as a sex slave to the Lord' Q'a, Supreme leader of the invasion forces.

They kissed.

"wassumpkay," Hunter spilled out between the crush of their lips.

Caleb's face contorted into a grin and knitting of his brow.


With the reluctance of elementary kids getting out of bed in the morning to dress for school, lips hesitated and fought the forces pulling on them until they finally yielded. Their lips separated and Caleb pulled away. Not far. But ... away.

"Did you just say wassumpkay?"

Hunter stifled a laugh. Yeah, that's what it sounded like to him, too. He finished his move to his seat there in the darkness of the theater and ran his fingers through his hair; he felt a strange moistness between his legs. Holy shit! He had cum sucking Caleb's cock. Holy shit! Move on. Yeah, move on. Don't acknowledge that. Not now, anyway.

"I, uh... I asked if it was okay," he said with a sheepish grin. He knew he was blushing and he was grateful the movie was still playing and they were in relative darkness. What just happened between them notwithstanding, if Caleb saw the blush sweeping across his face? Oh yeah. Total tease moment.

"It was the most incredible feeling I've ever experienced," Caleb said with a bewildered expression. Bewildered and yet, completely confident. He turned to face Hunter who was staring at him with what had to be worry mixed with ... what ... praise? Adoration? Wanton lust for another round? Or maybe that last part was Caleb's still rock hard and throbbing cock wantonly demanding more attention. "It was incredible, H. You ... were..."

Hunter swallowed hard. He was ... what? Come on. Tell him. Don't leave him hanging.

A roar that shook the very steel beams of the building erupted from the movie soundtrack. Everyone in the theater jumped, Caleb and Hunter, too. They stared open mouthed and jaw dropped as the final moment in Lt. Commander J. Stryker Magnum's `current' existence occurred. The two aliens erupted in spewing, blistering, steaming orgasms deep within the helpless hero's newly formed pussy and his soul ... his very soul ... erupted from deep within him and sailed into Lord Q'a's open mouth.

Caleb reached across to drape an arm over Hunter's shoulder and his fingers laced into his hair. He pulled him toward him and planted another kiss on his lips. Heated. Intensely passionate. It was as though Caleb had claimed his soul. Just as Lord Q'a had claimed that of Earth's disgraced superhero, now his slave.

"You were magnificent, H," Caleb said softly. He smiled. He winked. He raked his fingers in his best friend's hair. "You were magnificent."

Why did that feel so good? Why was he suddenly soaring with eagles? Hunter grinned sheepishly and forgot all about the sopping wetness in his jeans.

"Service with a smile," he said. Fuck that was dorky if ever there was dorkiness.

"You know I'll be back for more. You know that, right?"

Hunter smiled without turning to face his best friend. If he did, he'd probably be back on his knees. Right here. Right now. Movie about to end or not.

"Anytime you want it, Caleb."

"Be careful. I may want it a lot," Caleb teased with an elbow to Hunter's shoulder. "That, or more."

Hunter's breath hitched briefly and he felt his soggy shorts get tight instantly. The beast had been awakened. Again.

"What do you mean ... `more'?"

The words rattled in Caleb's throat and hung for a moment before they spilled out of his mouth into the air between them.

"What if I wanted to ... you know ... fuck you."

Hunter swallowed hard again. He still tasted Caleb's goo on his tongue. It still clung in a savory scent in his nostrils. It still coated his throat. What if Caleb did want to fuck him? How could he possibly answer that? What was the answer to that. He studied the ceiling. He glanced at the curtained walls on the side of the theater. He studied the screen.

He shrugged.

"Name it," he said finally. Another shrug. "It's yours."

Caleb felt the breath freeze in his lungs. His cock stretched and yawned like a waking Grizzly. Did he just...? Did he just...? Oh fuck. He did just...

After the final credits dissolved into blackness and the few remaining moviegoers ambled out of the theater, Caleb paused to let Cole and Dustin move past them. Cole stopped and gestured for him and Hunter to go on. Cole's eyes met Caleb's. They both grinned. Each knew that the other had witnessed what was taking place between their legs. Each knew there was more in the offing. Each, wondered what was to come. Each hoped that the answer to that question was not too distant down the road.

Cole Simms licked his lips as Caleb Stillwater passed in front of him and made his way up the aisle. The most beautiful guy in the school. The most perfect body in the school. The most seriously fuckable ass on the planet. Yeah, he had to find a way to have Caleb on his knees or rolled up on his shoulders with that tight pucker waiting to be split and pounded. Taken. Possessed. Owned.

As they left the theater and crossed through the nearly vacant lobby at this late hour, Cole gazed down at that perfect mound of granite once again. He licked his lips as Caleb glanced back, holding the door.

"You guys wanna go get food?"

Nods all around.

"Sounds good, Caleb said with a smile, those blistering white teeth gleaming. "I could eat a horse right now."

Cole exchanged quick glances with Dustin. Both held the same silent response to that comment.

Oh, you will, Caleb. You will. Soon.

A promise of what was to come in the near future.

Author's Note: Just as a movie must come to an end and make way for others, so too stories. While Str8 Down On It draws to a close following the final credits of the movie, our characters still live, still breathe, still exist. They remain in our universe and in my head. They will surface again in a sequel that follows-up with the promise of... In the meantime, while we wait for that opportunity, please watch for new stories to appear very soon.

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