Chapter ten of my story -- amazing really, I never thought I'd get this far, but here it is. This is a special chapter to me for that reason, a milestone of sorts, and hopefully encouragement to others who may not think they have what it takes. This chapter is dedicated to those people who supported and encouraged me from the start, the people who read my first story and gave me the inspiration to continue. Comicality, Jaxsper Finn, IOMfAts, The Fan, The Hockey Jock, and anyone I may have forgotten (sorry), this one is for you guys. Thank you.

the strawberry boy
Chapter 10: On Our Own Terms

By Jason Trower

   "Corey, how much money do you have?"

   "Here, count it," he said as he pulled a wad of dollar bills from his pocket, "it's everything I could get."

   I counted up all our money combined and smiled wide as I announced that we had reached our goal. Everything was falling into place and tonight we would put Aaron's plan into action.

 For the past week we'd been struggling to get a little privacy but we were being thwarted at every turn. It was almost as if our parents were trying to keep us from being alone together. The best we'd been able to do was a quickie while my mom went to the store. And to say that was a close call would be a big understatement. We just didn't have anyplace that we could be alone long enough to relax and actually enjoy the time together. So Aaron came up with a plan to get rid of my parents for the night, and we decided to let Matt and Corey in as well. The two of them had really fallen in love over the past week but they were suffering the same as Aaron and I. I really wanted to help them out, give them the chance they needed to explore their love deeper like I knew they wanted to.

   "OK this is perfect," I said, "Matt and I will give em the surprise tonight, it'll be better if you guys aren't there, they won't be so suspicious. I already made the reservations so Matt, you and Corey go get the tickets, Aaron and I will get a card and stuff for tonight. We'll all meet back here at 8:00."

   Matt and Corey smiled widely at each other as I handed them part of the money. They agreed to the plans then took off down the stairs noisily.

   "And you didn't think it would work," Aaron said sarcastically.

   "I didn't say that," I protested, but I didn't have a chance to finish. Aaron leaned over me and covered my mouth with his, muffling my words with a sweet kiss. I fell back on the bed, tossing the money aside, letting it scatter as Aaron laid on top of me, his tongue still in my mouth. I put my arms around his neck and held his thin body against me, brushing my hands through his auburn hair. I knew my mom was just downstairs, I knew we couldn't risk getting caught, but I was starving for him, his touch, kiss, body, anything I could get.

   "Guys! Give it a rest."

   Aaron jumped off of me, almost rolling onto the floor. My heart stopped at the realization that somebody saw us and I quickly sat straight up on the bed. Matt stood in my doorway grinning from ear to ear and blushing.

   "You guys really need to start watching it. I already caught ya once. You're lucky it was me and not mom," he said giggling a little but still blushing. Even after opening up as much as he had over the past two weeks he was still my shy little brother who was easily embarrassed. But I should have been the embarrassed one, what if it had been my mom? My heart had started beating again but it was in overdrive. Aaron sat beside me silent, taking a deep breath as Matt picked up his shoes and left again, glancing back over his shoulder and giggling at us again.

   "He scared the shit out of me!" Aaron blurted out

   "I know, me too," I said, still trying to catch my breath. "But he's right, we've been taking a lot of chances lately. I guess we're lucky we haven't been caught already. Wait a minute, we have been caught -- by him and Chad that is."

   "True, and actually, it wasn't the end of the world," he said thoughtfully.

   "What are you saying?"

   "Well, Matt knows, so does Chad and Corey and Alex, right? And it hasn't ruined our lives, if anything it's really opened things up for us. Maybe everyone knowing wouldn't be such a bad thing," he said looking me in the eye.

   "Dude, do you really want our parents to know that we have sex with each other?" I asked trying to make a point.

   "Yeah, you're right," he said laughing.

   We gathered up the money and hurried downstairs to set off on our errands. Matt and Corey were still outside, waiting for Corey to get the chain back on his bike. Matt looked impatient but blushed again when Aaron and I walked out of the house.

   "Oh man, I thought we could count on the two of you," I said jokingly.

   "Corey's too stubborn to walk and his bike can't make it five feet without throwing the chain," Matt explained, as if I had been serious. I bent down next to Corey to help with his bike and noticed a pleasant, soft scent. I wasn't sure if it was something he was wearing or him, but it was nice and I had to pause to remember what I was doing. Corey kept his eyes on the bike, never once looking at me.

   "You need some lube on this thing," I said suggestively. "Bring it back tonight and we'll squirt a bunch on and work it in."

   Matt blushed even more as everyone laughed but Corey didn't color in the least.

   "You are coming back tonight, aren't ya?" I asked him.

   "Yeah, of course. I'm getting pretty determined to get into your brother's pants," he said grinning. Matt's mouth dropped open and his eyes bugged out of his head.

   "You dick!" he said in disbelief, "don't be tellin my brother about that stuff."

   No matter what any of us said Matt's reaction was always funnier, and half the time we said it for the sole purpose of getting a rise out of him. It was all in good fun though, brotherly love. The two of them left quickly before we had a chance to embarrass Matt further and I watched as they pedaled away.

   "Quit lookin at Corey's butt dude," Aaron said jabbing me in the arm playfully.


   "I was just joking," he said smiling again, "But I know, it is kinda hard not to look, Corey is hot, and you're brother is damn lucky."

   "We all are," I said sincerely as we climbed on our bikes and headed towards the store. The sun was somewhat forgiving that day, the air was still and calm, not too cool or warm, almost as if it was the exact temperature of your skin so you didn't notice it at all. It was a nice reprieve from the usual Ohio humidity that only air conditioning or a dip in the lake could cure. Today we were just happy to be zipping around the downtown sidewalks on our bikes, happy to spend time together, knowing that we would have the night to ourselves.

   "So much for us being the reliable ones huh?" Aaron pointed out. He was right, we had spent more time riding around town playfully then we had on our plans.

   "Maybe we should just forget the plan for tonight, we can run away from home together, spend every night making love on the beach," I said.

   "Don't tempt me," Aaron said laughing.

   Eventually we headed to the gift shop on the corner of main street and got something accomplished. Picking out a suitable card for my parents anniversary was easy enough. It had to be something sappy, that would hopefully throw them off a little. Of course it was our hope that the whole thing would be a happy surprise for them and they wouldn't suspect any ulterior motives. Next it was a trip to the Dairy Mart to stock up on snacks and supplies for the party.

   "What should we get?" Aaron asked as we parked our bikes in the alley at the side of the store.

   "Definitely need some root beer, get a two liter bottle, and Matt will have a tantrum if we don't get Cherry Pepsi, and nacho's."

   "Oh and some of that triple movie butter popcorn!" Aaron added excitedly. My mouth was watering just thinking about all that junk food.

   "We may not make it home, I'm starving, it's gotta be near dinner time right?" I asked.

   "It's 5:30," Aaron said, checking his watch.

   "Oh shit! My dad is home by now, my mom is probably starting supper! I better get home so Matt and I can give them the surprise before it's too late. Can you get the stuff and take it to your house then bring it over tonight?"

   "Yeah that's cool, I'll be over at eight just like we planned," Aaron agreed.

   "Great," I said. Then without any hesitation I leaned in and gave Aaron a sweet gentle kiss. I was smiling cheerfully as I got back on my bike but for some reason Aaron had a dreadful look on his face. Omigod! We just kissed! In public!!  We both began looking around carefully, looking for anybody who may have seen our display of affection, but there wasn't anyone around. I swallowed hard and breathed a sigh of relief.

   "Man, we really do need to be careful," Aaron said. "It's getting too easy to forget where we are."

   "Yeah it is. All I think about is you, us, and I things just ... happen," I agreed. "If anybody else is going to find out about us I want it to be on our terms. I'm not ashamed of loving you, God knows sometimes I feel like shouting it to the world, but if the wrong people know it could make life very hard for us."

   "Yeah, I know, from experience even," Aaron said with a weak smile. "At least tonight we won't have to worry about hiding anything. That is if you hurry up and get home."

   I smiled in silent agreement and jumped back on my bike. I pedaled home at top speed, jumping curbs and dodging cars. The usual excited rush of biking was made even more intense with the anticipation of the night to come.

   I skidded to a stop in my driveway, parking my bike next to Matt's which was laying on the ground. He'd beaten me home as I'd expected, after all he wouldn't be in an alley somewhere kissing Corey, he was far too shy for that. I went inside and gave my parents a quick greeting as I ran upstairs taking the steps three at a time. I found Matt lounging on his bed but he jumped up excitedly when I walked in.

   "Dude! Where have you been?"

   "Making out with Aaron, sorry," I said, only half joking and making my brother blush again.

   "Quick, sign the card. Got the tickets?"

   Everything was in place but I was still somewhat worried. My parents weren't exactly known for going out a lot. In fact their idea of a good anniversary would probably be sitting at home in front of the TV. They might not be thrilled about this idea but I hoped once they saw how much planning and money Matt and I had put into it they would go along. We put on our best innocent face and walked downstairs calmly together. That alone should have tipped off my parents that something was not normal. They were both sitting in the living room chit chatting about their day and didn't take much notice of Matt and I standing there together so I cleared my throat trying to get their attention

   "Happy anniversary!!" Matt said cheerfully as we handed them the card. They smiled with the usual "awww that's so sweet" look, but when my mom opened the card she found more then just a sappy poem.

   "What are these? Movie tickets?" she asked.

   "Yep, two tickets for any movie you want and your hotel reservations," I announced with a smile.

   "Hotel?" they both asked in unison.

   "Yes, and NO ARGUING! This is your anniversary, you guys deserve a nice dinner, a romantic movie, and a night alone," I said sternly.

   "This isn't some plan to get us out of the house so you guys can have a party is it?" my dad asked suspiciously. Matt's eyes grew wide and I knew he was sweating this one, but I kept my composure and assured them this was simply a gift from their sons with no ulterior motives. After all, it wasn't really a "party" we had planned.

   "Well," my dad said with a sigh, "I guess we should get ready for a night on the town."

   All I could do was grin at Matt as he smiled excitedly.  We tried to wait patiently as our parents got ready to leave and listened without a word to their endless instructions for spending the night home alone, as if we'd never stayed home before. But as they said their last good-byes and good-nights and closed the door behind them Matt hugged me unexpectedly.

   "What was that for?" I asked.

   "For everything. I used to think that I'd never be able to tell you about myself, but now I'm so happy I did. I'm glad I've got a big bro like you."

   I was touched and speechless, and I felt a little tear start in the corner of my eye. We just smiled at each other and I felt closer to my little brother then ever before in my life. Soon there was a loud knocking at the back door.

   "You're early, Corey," Matt yelled as he skipped off gleefully.

   "What's up, Jay?" Corey asked as I walked into the kitchen. "I brought Doritos and root beer. I forgot the condoms but I'm pretty sure your brother is clean."

   "Shut up!!" Matt yelled through clenched teeth as he smacked Corey across the back of the head, ruffling his blond locks. Corey smiled devilishly and put his arms around Matt. They stood there for a short time in a soft embrace and I couldn't help but watch them. It was really the first time they had so openly displayed their affection in front of me. I remembered what it was like the first time Aaron and I hugged, that special warm feeling of holding your lover's body against your own. Although the first time I hugged Aaron there was a ball of pizza dough and a cup of water involved. But Matt probably wasn't far from throwing things either as Corey held him, then abruptly licked his face. Matt yelled with embarrassment and mock disgust but I knew that deep down he liked it.

   There was a gentle knocking at the front door so I left the two boys to their usual games and went to answer it. Aaron was standing at the door as I'd expected, but he looked better then I think I've ever seen him, he was absolutely stunning. His hair was slicked back, still slightly damp from showering, and of course it smelled faintly of strawberries. He was wearing loose fitting jeans that covered the tops of a new pair of Nikes, and despite a belt, hung seductively off his slender hips. His white t-shirt was neatly ironed, tucked into his jeans and partially covered with an Indians baseball jersey open at the front. Even the small gold stud in his left ear seemed to sparkle in the glow of the porch light.

   "What's wrong?" he asked. "You look like you've never seen me before."

   "Nothing's wrong," I said, "I'm just falling in love all over again."

   I took him by the hand and guided him through the door before wrapping my arms around him lovingly. For some reason the moment was so special, my heart melted as we stood there and I got to relive the feeling of that first hug. Aaron started kissing at my neck softly and my knees went weak.

   "I love you Aaron," I whispered in his ear as I ran my hand up and down his back.

   "I know Jay," he whispered back, "I love you too."

   Suddenly the mood was broken as Corey came running through the living room, yelling, with Matt in pursuit, twirling a towel and trying to snap him. We couldn't help but laugh as they chased each other around the furniture.

   "All right, two can play at this game," Corey said as he pulled his shirt off and twirled it up to use as a weapon. Corey was cute enough with his clothes on, that silky blond hair, those blue eyes, but I'd never seen him bare chested. His skin was tan and baby smooth and his muscles were starting to develop. He was cute now but I knew that in a year or two he'd be gorgeous. Matt just might end up with some competition.

   "I brought the rest of the stuff. Let's go in the kitchen and make some popcorn or somethin," Aaron suggested as he put his arm around me.

   "So why ya all spruced up tonight?" I asked once we were in the relative quiet of the kitchen.

   "It's a special occasion. Besides, I wanted to look really nice for you," he said.

   "That was already taken care of the day you were born," I said, causing him to blush a little.

   "Jay, we need some Cokes," Matt interrupted breathlessly as he ran into the room.

   "Heads up!" Aaron shouted tossing two cans to my brother, who retreated back to the living room as quickly as he'd come.

   "So? Did your parents suspect anything about tonight?" Aaron asked trying to divert the subject away from his appearance.

   "They seemed suspicious, but I don't think it had anything to do with you. They think Matt and I just wanna have a night without them around," I said but was interrupted yet again. This time by a knock at the back door.

   "Hello?" Alex asked, poking his head in through the door.

   "Hey dude, what's up?" we both said almost in unison. Alex smiled at the way Aaron and I always seemed to be on the same wavelength, and now he understood the real reason for it.

   "I'm going to the movies with TJ and thought I'd invite you guys. Wanna come?" he asked.

   Aaron chuckled to himself a little and grinned at me as if to sarcastically ask "should we?"

  "Um, well, dude," I began to explain, "we kind of have plans for tonight. A night at home -- alone."

   "Oh," Alex said with an understanding smile. "Well it looks like you guys are gonna have a lot more fun then me tonight, unless I get really lucky."

   I chuckled along with him until the gears started turning in my mind. Alex is going to the movies ... with TJ. Get really lucky ... with TJ?!?!?!

   "Holy shit," I said as the pieces of the puzzle began to fall together and the picture became clear. "The person you were talking to me about that day, the person you're in love with but can't have. It's TJ isn't it?"

   Alex erupted in laughter, almost unable to speak. Hardly the reaction I expected.

   "Dude, it's not TJ. I'm straight. The person I was talking about is Lisa, TJ's girlfriend," he explained.

   "Oh, well that explains a few things as well. Now I'm really embarrassed," I said.

   "It's OK," he said, "You got to kiss me, most guys don't even get that far."

   Upon hearing that comment Aaron choked on the root beer he'd been drinking, spitting half of it across the room as foamy bubbles came out his nose. Alex bent over, laughing uncontrollably again as I tried to supress my own amusement at the whole thing and patted Aaron on the back.

   "You kissed him!?!" Aaron asked. "I thought you said you never did anything with him?"

   "I didn't, but the next day I kinda misunderstood him and, well, I gave him a kiss. But it was just a kiss, I swear."

   "OK, I believe you," Aaron said with a charming grin.

   "I'd better go," Alex said, but he paused as a loud voice called from the next room.

   "JAY!!! Corey spilled his Coke all over me!"

   "Hey, I thought you guys were spending the night alone?" Alex asked, looking a bit confused.

   "Well after I kill my little brother and his friend," I said turning to go investigate the commotion from the living room. Alex and Aaron followed, laughing at first, but all three of us stopped dead in our tracks as we entered the living room.

   "Make sure you get all of it or I'll be all sticky," Matt told Corey, both oblivious to our presence. Matt had removed his wet shirt and was now leaning back on the couch as Corey licked the soda from his bare chest. Matt closed his eyes and sighed with appreciation as Corey's pink tongue traced its way around my brothers smooth chest. He closed his mouth around one of Matt's erect nipples and began to suck just as the silence was broken.

   "Oh my god!" Alex said in quiet astonishment. But not quiet enough. Both Corey and Matt heard him and looked up to see the three of us watching them. Corey seemed startled at first but sighed in relief when he realized that it was only us. Matt, however, sat frozen with a look of horror on his face, and he was looking right at Alex.

   "Matt, bro, it's OK. Alex is cool with it, he knows," I said reassuringly.

   "He knows?" Matt asked with more surprise.

   "Well, he's known about Aaron and I for a little while."

   Alex was still shocked. It had been quite a surprise for him to find out about Aaron and I, but he probably never suspected that Matt was gay, to say nothing about actually catching Matt and his friend doing anything.

   "Yeah, it's OK Matt, I'm just a little surprised to see it," Alex said. "I need to be going anyway. I'll leave you guys alone. Have a good one."

   I walked Alex to the back door and sighed as I leaned against the wall.

   "What a night," I said shaking my head.

   "And it's just getting started," Alex said grinning back. "But you're lucky dude, you've got somebody who loves you. That's more then I've got."

   He gave me a weak smile and walked out the door looking a bit depressed. I felt my own heart sink a little with the thought that a guy as cool and good looking as Alex had to feel that way. For a moment I even wished that things had been different and that he had been talking about me that day in my bedroom. At least then I'd be able to make him happy.

   I returned to the living room and tried to put on a happy face but Aaron could tell something was amiss.

   "What's wrong?" he asked.

   "Nothin really," I said trying to dismiss it. "He's just still a bit surprised."

   "Maybe we should just watch the movie," Matt said as he blushed. He and Corey were now sitting together on the love seat but doing their best to look innocent. It was almost comical the way they were pretending like perfect little angels, like nothing had happened.

   I popped the movie into the VCR and began to fast forward through the previews as I sat down on the couch next to Aaron. He took off his shoes and socks and curled up next to me as the movie started. It was James Bond, "Tomorrow Never Dies" and started off with plenty of action. My eyes were on the screen most of the time but I took notice of the way Aaron tensed during some of the scenes, it was almost as if I could feel his heart beating faster. The more I thought about his subconscious reaction to the movie the less I watched it myself. I just kept thinking about what Alex had said, about me having somebody who loved me. I was lucky, I had the most beautiful boy in the world curled up to me, feeding me popcorn slowly as I brushed my fingers through his hair.

   In any James Bond movie there is a love scene, and as this one began Aaron rested his head on my shoulder. I began feeding him popcorn, one piece at a time, but he stopped my hand and brought my fingers to his lips, licking and sucking the melted butter from them erotically. I was getting more turned on by the second but I didn't want to start going at it right here in the living room in front of my little brother. I discreetly looked over my shoulder to see if Matt and Corey were watching, but they were too busy to notice. The two of them were shirtless but still dressed otherwise, snuggled together on the love seat, kissing each others lips and faces delicately.

   "The two love birds are really enjoying themselves over there," I whispered to Aaron. "What do ya say we get a little more comfortable?"

   Aaron peeked over the back of the couch at the boys quietly making out and smiled with eyes that seemed to say "awww how cute." I brushed the back of my hand across his smooth cheek and gave him another tender kiss.

   "Upstairs," he whispered. We quietly left the couch and crept to the stairs, not wanting to disturb the boys who finally seemed relaxed and comfortable enough to enjoy some intimate activities. Neither of them moved or even opened their eyes as I followed Aaron up the steps to my bedroom. I closed the door behind us but for once didn't have to worry about locking it. We had so much freedom with the house to ourselves.  Aaron slipped off his baseball jersey and folded his arms around my waist from behind. I sighed and melted into his arms, I was in heaven in his embrace. I rubbed my hands up and down his strong smooth arms as he held me and kissed the back of my neck.

   I reached behind me and began to unbuckle Aaron's belt and jeans. It was all the hint he needed and soon his hands were under my shirt, caressing my chest and pulling my shirt off. I turned around and we slowly met in a passionate kiss that seemed to heat the room. I pulled his shirt up, running my hands around his slender waist and up his spine as I pulled his t-shirt off over his head. Our lips met again as soon as the clothing was tossed aside. I crossed my arms over his back, my hands massaging his strong shoulders as I held his body firmly against mine, his hot chest on mine. For a moment I lost all sense of direction and orientation, I couldn't even tell if my feet were on the ground, if I was standing or lying, my entire mind body and soul was concentrated on becoming one with my lover.

   Eventually Aaron pulled away and I returned to earth. He stepped back and sat down on the edge of my bed looking up at me with those sparkling bedroom eyes, inviting me to make love to him. I knelt on the floor, leaning in to kiss his smooth chest, my lips finding his tiny hard nipples and giving each a gentle sucking. A low raspy moan escaped from his lungs as my hands slid down to his hips and my kissing moved to his stomach. Aaron laid back on the bed and lifted his hips allowing me to pull his jeans off his legs, rubbing each of his feet as I went. Every move was slow and sensual, ever touch a connection of our bodies on a higher level

   I slithered out of my own jeans and crawled onto the bed above Aaron. I rolled over pulling him on top of me, his hands combed through my hair, twirling it between his fingers and pulling lightly. My own hands kneaded Aaron's lower back and played with the waist band of his boxers before pushing them off his hips. He kicked them off and immediately began grinding his naked loins into me, the thin silk of my boxers the only separation between our aching cocks. I cupped his baby smooth globes in my hands and pulled him into me, becoming more aggressive as we became more aroused. Neither of us spoke a word but our moans said all that was necessary

   Aaron paused only long enough to quickly remove my boxers before he resumed his thrusting on top of me. The sensation of our bare cocks pressed together only increased our carnal desire. Aaron's passionate actions were becoming more furious as he quickly slid down my body. His hands massaged my legs and hips but I could feel his hot breath on my balls. I whimpered and writhed, begging for the warm, wet pleasure of his mouth. He pressed his lips to my balls and began sucking and nibbling at the soft skin, making my whole body tense. His soft hand stroked my shaft, his thumb and finger spreading my pre-cum around the swollen head. I couldn't move, I couldn't do anything but squirm beneath him and moan, clutching the bed sheets and massaging my lovers shoulders.

   I gasped as Aaron ran his wet lips up and down the underside of my shaft. Every time he neared the tip his tongue would lick around my sensitive head sending jolts of electricity through my entire body. Without warning he parted his lips slightly and pushed his head down over my cock, my head forcing his tight lips open farther. He effortlessly took me to the base on his first plunge then began to bob his head, sucking and stroking me at the same time.

   I couldn't take any more, I couldn't lay there while Aaron worked me over and not touch him, taste him, return some of the pleasure he was so lovingly performing on me. I managed to pull him around by one leg, closer to my own face, but his mouth and hands didn't hesitate for a second. I slid my hand up and down over his soft, smooth butt and let my finger slip into his crack. Aaron straddled my head and worked even more feverishly on my pole. My tongue flicked out, lapping at his cock and balls as they rubbed over my face. I wet my fingers in my mouth and used the to lube his tight crack, then guided his rock hard penis into my mouth  with my other hand. No matter how many times Aaron and I had sex that first taste of him in my mouth was always a treat. His skin was so soft and smooth, his cock so hard and firm but still supple and flexible. His sweat was a mixture of sweet and salty that was almost addictive and the sensation of his warm meat sliding in and out of my mouth with every smooth and elegant movement of his hips was beyond description.

   My wet fingertip circled his fluttering hole, making it nice and slippery.  I pressed against his hole and my finger was willingly accepted inside. Aaron moaned and clamped his lips harder around my cock as I sucked him and probed deeper with my finger. His generous pre-cum coated my tongue and trickled down my throat with every thrust. My finger was now buried in his ass up to the third knuckle but Aaron wasn't about to be out done and began searching for my own hole with his saliva slicked finger. I spread my legs to accommodate him and was rewarded with the intense sensation of his finger worming its way into my entrance. I pulled my finger back and pressed another in with it causing Aaron to groan from the added thickness in his tight ass. He pushed his hips back driving his cock down my throat and my fingers deeper into him. Within a few seconds I felt him remove his finger from me only to replace it with two as I'd done to him. We were both being sucked and finger fucked in a mad race to satisfy each other, every move and advance being returned by the other.

   I wanted it to last as long as possible but we had waited for this night so long and we had already passed the point of no return. Our lust and raw passion had taken over. We were helpless to do anything but hang on as we moaned, whimpered, and slurped at each others flesh, the bed shaking and squeaking as the tension inside our teen bodies rose like a mountain, peaking for a split second before crashing down as a fierce orgasm exploded within us both. Aaron clung to my upraised legs and shook violently, sending a powerful stream of hot semen down my throat. My cock throbbed almost painfully as spurt after spurt emptied into my boyfriends mouth. My inner muscles clamped down on his fingers still in my ass, intensifying the already incredible sensations washing over my body. For a few minutes we actually were one being, feeling both our own bodies and each others, one just an extension of the other, no separation, no division, just one body, heart, mind and soul.

   Even after we were able to separate our sweaty, twitching bodies we had to catch our breath and regain our senses before we could speak or move. We just laid there for several minutes on our backs, holding hands, trying to recover from the exhausting, mind bending experience we'd just been through.

   "Whatever it takes, Jay," Aaron said. "Whatever it takes for us to stay together. If we have to get married so that we can make love every night then I'll do it. As long as I can hear you moan and feel you tremble when you come inside me and know that it's a result of our love."

   My body went weak and my heart melted with those words, but they lost all their romance as two thirteen year old boys burst out laughing from the other side of my closed door. The little brats had been out in the hallway listening to us! Of course they knew Aaron and I had sex but this time they'd eavesdropped on all the sounds of our love making. I quickly felt around on my floor, found a shoe and threw it.

   "SHIT!" Matt shrieked as the shoe hit the door with a loud smack. I heard them muttering and giggling as they walked down the hall leaving us in privacy once again.

   "Ya know, seeing the two of you makes me wish I had a little brother, sometimes," Aaron said, punctuating it with a yawn.

   "Yeah, even when he's being a pain he's pretty cool, as little brothers go--" I said, trailing off into a yawn of my own. "I guess I am pretty lucky, a brother like him, a friend like Alex, and a lover like you."

   "We all are," Aaron said as we both grew quiet and slipped into a peaceful slumber.

   I woke up sometime during the night, around 3am. Aaron was lying half on top of me, putting pressure on my already full bladder. As much as I loved the way he slept on me like that I thought it best to make a trip to the bathroom before we both ended up wet. I careful extricated myself from his hold and slid off the bed, walking naked to the bathroom. As I returned my attention was drawn to Matt's door at the other end of the hall. I knew I shouldn't but the temptation was far too much. I quietly crept down the hall to his door which was barely cracked open. I opened it gradually, careful to keep the hinges from creaking. The soft glow of the street light outside illuminated the room slightly, enough for me to easily see the two forms on the bed. Matt and Corey were lying on top of the sheets, naked, and in each others arms. I smiled and leaned against the door jamb, watching them sleep. I felt so warm inside, seeing my little brother and his friend, both so young, yet in love and happy.

   I returned to my own room where Aaron was still sleeping peacefully. He didn't look much older then Matt and Corey, even though he was actually a few months older then me. I gently slid back into bed, replacing his arm over my chest. Aaron sleepily snuggled up to me, his head under my chin. I could feel his breath against my neck as I buried my nose in his hair and inhaled that sweet scent. I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep surrounded by his warmth.

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