Chapter Five

            Frantic, Ryan jumped off the bed and grabbed his shirt off the floor. He had just finished putting it on when the door opened.

            “Hi Honey.” John’s mom said, poking her head inside the room. “Sorry to bother you, I just wanted to say hi and see who’s over. Oh, hey Ryan.”

            “Hey Mom.” John said.

            “Hi. Nice to see you again.” Ryan said politely.

            “Nice to see you again too. So will you be staying for dinner, Ryan?”

            “I don’t want to impose.”

            “It’s really ok. You already skipped out once.” John said.

            “Really. It’s fine. I’m really not a bad cook. You have nothing to worry about.”

            “Ok. Thanks. I’ll stay.”

            “Ok good. Well dinner will be ready in two hours.” John’s mom said, closing the door behind her.

            “Wow. That was close.” John said, looking at Ryan.

            “I know we need to be more careful.”

            “Yeah we do.” John said, giving Ryan a quick kiss. “And we better finish this project.”

            Working diligently on their computers, the two researched all different possible outcomes of their project. Even though they tried to focus on their work, the two would stop every now and then and give each other a quick kiss or longingly look at one another. Time seemed to fly by and before they knew it, Matt knocked on the door telling them dinner was ready. John and Ryan followed Matt downstairs towards the dining room.

            The smells of the kitchen quickly swarmed their nostrils. The sweet and tangy aroma of chicken and spices filled their noses; making their mouths water. With all the studious work, the two forgot how hungry they really were. On the table was a plate of chicken breasts smothered in spices, mashes potatoes, macaroni salad, and coleslaw.

            “This smells so good Mom.” John said, taking his seat.

            “Thanks. Oh and Ryan you sit there. Next to John.” She said pointing.

“OK.” Ryan said, sitting down.

Once every one was seated, they everyone took what they wanted, passing the plates to the next person when they got enough.

“Wow. This is really good. Thanks.” Ryan said, after taking a few bites of chicken.

“Thanks dear. It is my family recipe.”

“So boys, how is school going?” John’s dad asked.

“Pretty good.” They both answered in unison.

“That’s good to hear. And your family. I haven’t seen Jeff in a while.”

“They are pretty good. My dad says hello and that you two should meet up for bowling soon.”

“We definitely need to again. Haha…the last time we went--”

“Oh dear. Not another bowling story, Dave.” John’s mom quickly said.

“What? It’s funny.”

“I’m sure it is. But you tell them all the time.”

“Ok. Sure whatever.” Dave said, rolling his eyes.

An hour later, John and Ryan were once again in John’s room working diligently. Almost done with the project, John looked up at Ryan and smiled.

“What? What you looking at?” Ryan asked confused.

“Nothing.” John said, still smiling.

“Ok. Whatever.” Ryan said, rolling his eyes.

“You’re cute you know that?” John said leaning forward as hit lips closed in on Ryan’s.

Ryan closed the gap and pressed his lips hard against John’s. Within a matter of seconds, John opened his mouth and let Ryan’s tongue slip in. John could feel Ryan’s tongue slide over his own; sending a wave of horniness down his spine. Slowly, Ryan leaned back as he put his hands around the back of John’s head; pulling him down with him.


John slid one hand into the side of Ryan’s shirt; his fingers slowly caressing over Ryan’s soft warm sensitive skin. With pleasure coursing through Ryan’s body, he pulled John in closer to him; driving his tongue deep into John’s mouth. All of a sudden there was a loud ring in the room.

Breaking the kiss, John looked around the room in confusion. Ryan let out a laugh and said, “My cell. Fuck these interruptions.”

“Yeah.” John signed, getting off of Ryan.

Slowly getting up. Ryan walked over to the desk to grab his phone. After a short conversation, he looked over at John and sighed. “I have to go home.”

“Was that your dad?”

“Yeah. He wants me home.”

“Oh. Well. I guess you gotta go.”

“Yeah. I’ll see you in school.” Ryan said, leaning on to kiss John. After a few minutes John broke the kiss and the two acted like nothing happened and walked downstairs. After watching Ryan leave, John returned to his room.

Lying on his bed, a smile crept across John’s face. He was happy. He was more than happy. Everything felt right. With a smile still on his face, John fell asleep.



The rest of the week seemed to fly by in an instant. Ryan and John met up once more on Wednesday to finish up their project. When Friday finally arrived, they both were ready to give their presentation to the whole class. All their hard work paid off, as the two easily gave their presentation.

After watching a few more presentations, the bell rang freeing them for the weekend. Quickly gathering his things, John caught Ryan just as he walked out the door. “How about we go out tonight. If you don’t have any plans.”

“You mean as on a date?” Ryan whispered, after making sure everyone was out of earshot.

“Yeah. Like on a date, babe.”

“Yes. I would love that.” Ryan said smiling that irresistible smile.

“Ok. Good. Meet me at my house at 6.”

“Alright see you then.”

John walked with Ryan to Ryan’s locker then kept walking down the hall to his own. His mind was elsewhere that he barely noticed the mass of students pushing their way around the crowded halls; trying their hardest to be the firsts out for the weekend.

Finally reaching his locker, John took out the books he needed and stuffed them in his backpack. “What if it is a horrible date? Would he rethink us?” With every thought he could feel his stomach turn inside him and he felt anxious. John was so entrenched in his thoughts that he did not even hear someone behind him call his name.

“JOHN!!” a loud voice came, as someone put their hand on John’s shoulder.

“Ahh.” John instinctively shrieked as he was startled back to reality.

“You ok?”

“Stephanie. What the fuck? You don’t just sneak up on people.”

“What? I didn’t sneak up on people. You weren’t paying attention.”

“Oh. Sorry. What’s up?”

“Nothing. There’s a party Saturday if you want to go.”

“Ok. I’ll let you know.”

“Ok. Thanks. Hopefully see you then. Bye.”


John quickly got all his things from his locker and rushed to his car. Waiting for him like usual was Mattie.

“Hey John. What took ya?”

“Sorry. I met up with a friend.”

“Oh ok. Let’s go.” Matt said, getting into the truck.

“Are you ok?” Matt asked looking over at John.

“Yeah. Why?”

“Well, we’ve been in the car for five minutes already and you haven’t said a word.”

“Oh. I’m just thinking.”

“Oh. About what?”

“Nothing really. How was your day?”

“Ok. I guess. You sure you’re ok?”

“Yeah I am.” John said, trying to be as convincing as possible. Truth was that he was nervous. More nervous than he’s ever been.

After getting home, John tried to get his mind off the date and played some video games with Matt. But no matter how hard he tried, the date snuck back into his thoughts. He wanted to impress Ryan. He had to make it a perfect date.

Looking down at his watch, John realized he only had two hours to get ready. Saying bye to Matt, he walked upstairs to his room. Stripping out of his clothes, John stepped into the shower. As the water cascaded over his naked firm body, the images of Ryan came to mind. “I wonder how he looks naked.” He thought. Blood quickly traveled down towards John’s cock as it hardened. Sliding a hand down his toned wet chest and abs, John wrapped his hand around his cock. He ran his fist up and down his throbbing cock.

Horniness was driving John mad as he continued to stroke the length of his cock. Picking up speed, John used his free hand to slid it over his chest and tease one of his nipples. He could feel the sensation of his orgasm coming, so he slowed down.

Suddenly his horniness was overtaken by a surge of fear. “What if the date goes wrong?” He thought. “I need this to be perfect.” Loosing all interest in his cock, John quickly finished showering and stepped out and back into his room.

With a towel wrapped around his waist, he sat down and logged on his computer. Pulling up the Firefox browser, he googled locations of fancy restaurants in the area.  Scrolling down, one caught his interest: “The Golden Lily- sit down Chinese restaurant. Food: 4 stars.”

Thinking back, he remembered that Ryan once mentioned that he liked Chinese. “I’ll try that one.” John thought as he got up and walked over to his closest. Looking through it, he finally found a pair of Jeans and a blue Lacoste polo he liked. After getting dressed, he sprayed some cologne on himself and walked out.

The car ride over was one that John would remember for a long time. With every second, his heart was pounding harder and faster. Sweat started to break out on his brow as he felt hot. Gripping the steering wheel harder, so hard his knuckles turned white, he let out a deep breath; desperately trying to calm himself. John took a few more breathes as he pulled up to Ryan’s driveway.

Putting the car in park, John got out and after taking one final deep breathe walked up the stairs of Ryan’s front porch. His hand shaking, he rang the doorbell and waited. A few moments later, Ryan opened the door and smiled. Seeing that smile, all of John’s worries and nervousness melted away.

“Hey.” John said, smiling up at Ryan.

“Hey babe.” Ryan said after closing the door. Taking a step towards John, he gave him a quick kiss. “Ready to go?”

“Yeah.” John said, taking Ryan’s hand and led him to his car. Stopping in front of the passenger door, John opened it for Ryan, before walking around and getting into the driver’s seat.

Turning the keys, John backed out of the driveway and they were off into the night.

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