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 Lucifiel - Damen Kai Sullivan

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"How tight can a street-thug be with a hacker? If he risks his neck for the lil spaz, I'm guessing their friendship is pretty much unbreakable."
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This kid I'm beating up right now is a lowlife, who attacked me with his 4 membered pathetic gang (which is already spread all over the alley). It only took a couple of kicks and punches to bring those 19 year old brats down. A right hook is all it took me to knock out the punk leader. He put up a decent fight, unlike his pals.

"Damn it! I'm bleeding again." I noticed, wiping the corner of my mouth. I got sucker-punched. I can't believe these guys. I wasn't even looking at the punk's bitch. They were just looking for a fight, to show their women "who da man". Speaking of which, the girls that were watching (and cheering on) the fight, remained awed at who actually got knocked the fuck out!

"Shit! I can't believe that high-schooler beat Freddy down." One of them said.

"Yeah... and he has such a pretty face too... you wouldn't guess he could fight. What a shame to mess it up." Another said, like I wasn't even there.

Although that probably is the reason why they picked a fight with me. They were jealous of my looks (it's a curse I tell ya) and thought they'd make me "prettier", 'caus I probably couldn't fight. I sure proved them wrong. Fuck, I can't go home like this. My older sis is gonna freak out again. I should split, before this place becomes a circus.

"Ok... Com'on... Arrrh... Dammit! Wait! I got it! Lightning spear! Yes! Yes! Com'on! Com'on! Perfect!" I slammed my hand on the desk, leaning back on the chair. "Ok. Now to look up that bidder on the site." I had finally managed to obtain that rare artifact in the latest MMORPG. It's amazing how much actual money some people would spend on these things. Most of my finances were built up from looking up rare items in online games and selling them in auctions.

Woohoo! I can finally buy that new graphic tablet I wanted. I posted my ad on the auction forum. Now all I have to do is wait. "What's that ringing sound? Where's it coming from?" I wondered rummaging through the pile of cell phones, pagers, phr34k colored boxes and other such devices that were scattered about my room.

"Wait!" I realized raising my head. The doorbell! "I'm comiiiing!" I shouted as I ran down the stairs nearly tripping on the carpet. I opened the door, and I stared: "Like... WTF man!?"

"What the hell took you so long?!" I said barging into Damen's apartment. Usually when I get into a fight, I crash at my childhood friend's place. He moved into his own apartment a couple of years back, and even though he's 16 his parents trust him, because they THINK he's responsible. Well from some points of view, he is. Plus, he got brains.

I went over to his couch, crashed on it and started ranting: "I can't believe an ass picked a fight with me again."

"ONE guy did that to you?" He asked closing the door, walking over to me and then rocking himself back and forth with his hands dug in his pockets. I was used to his... well... unusual behavior, so I didn't mind that.

"Well.. the punk leee-derrr was the only one that managed to fukin punch me. The other four were fukin pathetic." I said rubbing the edge of my mouth. "I think it hurts."

I stared at Cyrus in blank silence. Even though we're complete opposites, we have been best friends since childhood. He's a bit of a thug who always gets into fights, even though he would never hurt me. Actually, he's like an older brother, always there for me, but never lecturing me. Plus, he's sort of a scatterbrain.

I sighed: "Haahh... ok... lemme see if I can find some ice or some steak in the fridge." I walked a couple of feet to the kitchen, and opened the freezer.

"Tough luck with that empty can, heh!" Cyrus chuckled ironically.

"I resent that!" I yelled from the kitchen, as I started staring into my freezer. "Okaaay... ummm... Cy? Is cheese supposed to be green?"

"Heheh..." He just sat there with a pitying grin.

I threw an empty Chinese food carton at him. He just slapped it aside and kept grinning, until he realized it actually hurt, due to his bruise.

"Aaand... OMG... I have no idea what THAT is!" I said looking into the fridge again. "Ok... Focus! Focus! Ice... ice... ice....... Aaah! Amazingly enough I have some!" I took out a bunch of ice-cubes and rolled them into a plastic bag, which I pressed gently against the side of his mouth. "Ok... now hold it there. The swelling should go down soon. And I don't think it's gonna leave a mark either, so you don't have to worry about Alicia." I reassured him, thinking of what his elder sister might say, if she saw him like that. That's one of the reasons why he crashes at my place every now and then.

"Thanks mom!" I said grinning... that hurts... "Just kidding. Are you sure you're not worried about my pretty face getting ruined, like those jerks did?" I asked without waiting for an answer, with a sarcastic tone. Damen knows I hate it when people try to pick a fight with me just because they think I can't even throw a punch. "I can't fucking believe that limpdick called me a model or something. I'm sure glad he threw the first punch, or I would have been the one that would have started the fight." Aside from what people might think, I don't like starting or getting into fights. It just... happens.

Damen just looked at me with a bored expression and a raised eyebrow.

"What?" I mumbled.

"For someone who just got sucker-punched, you sure talk a lot. Are you sure it doesn't hurt?" He said, as he started pulling on my cheeks.

"Owowowowow... stoooop!" I mumbled. Sure, I ignore, or rather don't really notice the pain, since I'm used to it, but it doesn't mean that it's not THERE dammit! Damen sure knew how to fucking remind me of the harsh reality. He beamed at me and let go.

"I'm gonna order two pizzas then. Or should I make that three?... Extra large!" He wondered, without even waiting for my answer as he picked up the phone and started dialing a local pizza joint's number. Like I could chew right now... well, maybe in a half an hour.

"I bet you memorized all the fast food joints' numbers." I said shaking my head. He's skinny as hell, although he eats so much junk food that he would probably win a contest where he would have to out-eat an extra-large Godzilla person. He could probably even eat that person.

"By the way, what was that important thing that Alicia made me bring you the other day?" I asked Cy.

One day, when I was walking home from school, I bumped into Alicia, who shoved a small package into my arms, telling me to deliver it to Cy and that it was urgent. I didn't really like going to Cy's school, because it was a public school that was crawling with thugs who would eat me alive, once they got sight of me.

I'm not the fittest of persons, so the prospect of being surrounded by a bunch of guys staring at me as if I had "desert" written on my forehead, was not a very appealing one. Lucky for me there weren't many students around (maybe it was during a period). I was walking towards the entrance, when a sarcastic voice behind me, made me freeze to the spot, giving me shivers: "So what's a richie like you doing in a place like this, huh?".

I turned around really slowly. Close to me there was a tall, 17-18 year-old guy, with dirty-blond hair and the most devilish green eyes I have ever seen, grinning widely at me. He slowly came toward me in a movement that reminded me of that of a chaos saber tiger's. He forced me to press my back against a wall and leaned over me, with his hand pressed against the wall. "What's the matter? Too scared to answer, rich boy?"

Aww crap... I'm gonna get the crap beaten out of me. I attended a private school where a lot of rich kids went to. I had gotten in there on scholarship though, but the uniforms were the same... Where teh fuk was Cy when I rili needed him? Probably smoking in a corner somewhere... Damn cigarettes!!!

The guy leaned closer, grabbing my collar. He kept that smirk on his face. I felt a terrible urge to crawl under a rock, but I also knew that begging them would only make things worse. Experience. So I kept staring at him, swallowing nervously.
"Heeey!!!" Someone shouted and the guy turned around. That was my chance. I shoved the guy aside and I ran away.

I met with Cy about 10 mins afterwards and gave him the package. He reeked of cigarette smoke. Figures... I didn't mention the incident with the guy though because I didn't want to get him on bad terms with the guys at his school. So I just played it cool and acted as though nothing had happened. It's not like it was the first time I got bullied and I couldn't keep relying on Cy every time. He had other things to do than baby-sit me all the time... not better... other...

I put the phone down and sat on the couch next to Cy, folding my legs under me in a Turkish position with my arms stretched out in front of me, having my palms right in font of my legs.

Damen sat down near me. He looked like a puppy. I almost wanted to scratch his head. "It was a gun!" I stuck my tongue out at him. "Forget about it.." I smiled.
Once the pizza came, we watched a few movies and after that I slept over, like usual, on his couch. In the morning I went home (to change), missing the first two periods, which I didn't care about since it was bullshit. I would have probably skipped anyway. Which, once I got to school, I did, the last period. I skipped with a couple of my buddies, who I developed this "hobby" with.

We would usually skip in order to go into town and waste time. We were heading to a fast-food joint, when I turned my head to the right and what do I see? Some kids bullying someone. I immediately started walking that way (my buddies only noticed I turned right after they crossed the street). As I got closer I noticed the thugs were bullying Damen.

"Fucking punks! Pick on someone your own size!" I yelled throwing the first punch at the kid who had his grip on Damen's shirt. The other two punks jumped me after I KO-ed their "leader" with a single upper-cut. I kicked one of them to the ground and hit the other in the stomach with my elbow. A few more kicks and punches and they were all down. "Get the fuck away! Dontya bully any more or it'll bite you in the ass!" I yelled at them as they started getting themselves together and ran (more like limped) off.

A couple of secs is all it took for me to beat them down. My buddies didn't even get across the street (traffic) till now.

"You ok?" I asked Damen with a relieved smile, laying my hand on his shoulder.

Cy was looking at me, smiling lightly. I squinted at him, grabbed a book and whacked him over the head with it. "Why do you always have to be so violent?" I yelled at him. It's not that I wasn't grateful that he helped me out, but why did he have to be so... errr... direct... GD it!!! Cy squinted and started rubbing the back of his head.

Suddenly, a bunch of thugs appeared and surrounded Cy. "What the fuck was that, man?" One of them asked.

"Yeah! Why the fuck did ya knock'em out for that kid?" Another one pointed a finger at me. They were showering Cy with questions as I was trying to make myself as less visible as possible. A.k.a. hiding behind Cy whose body could cover me up completely. "Who the heck is that kid?" "Why did you risk your neck for him?" They went on.

Cy calmly answered "That's my best friend, Damen. Why wouldn't I? Kicking ass is fun any time!"

They stared dumbfounded at me. All of a sudden, I hear a familiar voice. "Oooh... Your best friend, you say? Introduce us to him then!" It was the blond guy from the other day. So he was one of Cy's friends... Aww crap... The other guys seemed surprised as well. "Maybe he'd like to hang out with us?" The blond continued.

"Hmm... I don't think he'd mind..." Cy answered with a grin. Damn...

Eventually I tagged along, keeping as close as possible to Cy. We walked into a fast food joint. I sat down next to Cy and the blond sat right in front of us. I found out his name was Chris, the brunette was Brooke, and the black kid was Tyrrell.

"Order whatever you want, guys. It's on me." Chris said. I ordered my usual: a large pizza, a huge hamburger and an extra large helping of fries. "Is this payback for last time?" Chris chuckled. I looked surprised at him.

The food soon came and I started munching down on it fast. The pizza was pretty good and so were the fries so I gulped them down in a couple of bites. When I raised my head to look around, I noticed that the other guys were staring at me with their mouths dropped. They did not finish their burgers yet. Chris didn't even touch his food. What? They didn't like it? Cy was the only one who was eating without a care. After he finished his burger, he ordered another one and some fries. On him.

"Ooh... Someone else is hungry TOO?" Chris asked.

"No no, this is for Damen. On me." Cy smiled. Their jaws dropped. Whaaaat?

"Was he like locked up somewhere for a month???" Chris asked me with widened eyes.

"Uhm... noo... he always eats this much." I answered slurping on my soda.

With that the guys rested assured, and minded their own food. They know I don't like to explain, so whatever I say is to the point and that's that.

Next we went to Chris's place, which was a duplex in sector E. We usually hang out at his place, since he lives alone-ish, since he's already 18. Alone-ish since the place is actually his bros, but his brother is mostly at work during the day. The place is pretty big, we can smoke and listen to loud music if we want to and no one will nag at us. At least... so we thought.

I was smoking with the guys when Damen gave me a look, and said: "Stop smoking or I'm gonna throw a bucket of water on you someday".

"Hahaha..." I just laughed it off with the guys. But then Chris got up. Suddenly the two of them disappeared. Chris was probably showing off his hardware again.

"So this is the system you are using..." I mumbled as Chris was showing me his audio system. The sound was of good quality so of course I was intrigued by it. Chris offered to show his system to me and I reluctantly accepted. "You could have this upgraded in a giff." I continued. I didn't even notice the fact that Chris sat down next to me.

My alarm sensors went on and I jumped. There was something about this guy that just gave me shivers. I know! Chris = Cy's friend = thug = ass kicking. Sometimes I wonder which of my features is more dominant: my love for machinery and computers or my thug phobia.

"You are quite an interesting character." He said coming closer to me. "I think I'll enjoy getting to know you better..." He went on, grinning. O.K... That. Did. Not. Sound. Good.

"Wha... whadda ya mean?" I whispered.

"Hmm... I'm not quite sure yet..." He smirked, looking me up and down.

"Stop making fun of me!" I snapped at him. I was officially annoyed. Just who did those guys think they were? Talking to other people like that?

I stormed out of the room. When I looked downstairs, I noticed Cy just lit another cigarette. Humph. He pisses me off. I rushed into the bathroom, emptied the trash can, filled it with water and splashed Cy from above. Well... that sure cooled me down a bit... him as well, obviously.

I got up from the couch and walked till the table to grab my lighter and cigs, I lit a cig and started smoking it, and as I was walking back to the couch, next thing I notice, is that I'm soaking wet. The guys looked at me, then looked up, so I looked up as well. I see Damen with a funny, yet cute sorta expression, like he was pissed or something, yelling: "I told you to stop smoking!". And I thought he was just kidding about that.

Shit, my cigarette is wet. I walked over to Brooke, took the cig from his mouth, put it in between my teeth and grinned up at Damen. "You now owe me a pack o' cigs..." I said with the cig throbbing between my teeth, as I tried to turn on my lighter "... and a lighter...". I smiled at him, as I continued to smoke Brooke's cig, who was just staring at me with a dropped mouth, along with my other buddy, Tyrrell. Fuck cares about wet clothes, I just wanna smoke.

Damen stared back down at me, with a face that looked like he sucked on a lemon, yelling: "Fine.. die of lung cancer for all I care!".

"I can live with that." I said with the cig throbbing between my teeth as I grinned.

Chris then finally showed up. "Why are you wet?" He asked, and the guys pointed up to Damen, who still had this sulky look on his face. Chris looked up and then back down at me. "He seems... frustrated..." He said, as I was planning to sit back down on the couch. "STOP RIGHT THERE! You ain't getting my couch wet! Com'on I'll give you a change of clothes."

We went upstairs and he threw a few clothes on his bed, telling me to take my pick, and also throwing a towel in my face before leaving and closing the door behind him.

Pick? Pick what? They are all baggy jeans and sweat shirts. I don't really give a damn. They're all clothes.

Cy reacted just as I thought he would. He sure has weird priorities... I felt sorry for his lighter though and I remembered a shop with nice lighters right across the street from Chris's apartment. I went in and I bought him an expensive water proof one and a pack of cigarettes. Also expensive.

When I returned to the apartment, no one seemed to have noticed I was gone. Well... it's for the better. I looked for Cy and found him in a room, changing clothes. He was wearing only some baggy jeans, while drying his hair with a towel. I threw the stuff on the bed and said: "At least die like a king!" He was used to my eccentric way of handling things.

I didn't know what I wanted to do next... maybe I should return home. I looked around. I was in an unknown room... How the hell did I end up in here? Oh, yes! For some reason, I thought I was at home and the door lead to my study. Ooh-kaaay... gotta find the exit. I turned around only to notice that Chris just came in and closed the door behind him. Foock! This was not good.

"Hey there!" He grinned at me. "Are you lost or something?"

God damn it! I knew that look on his face. It was the same look that preceded me getting thrown in a dumpster or other such "un-enjoyable" activities. I backed away slowly. He came towards me, while looking me up and down as if he wanted to weigh me.

My retreat was suddenly cut off by what seemed to be a couch bed on which I tripped and landed. Damn it! Dead end! Chris knelt on the bed and leaned over me. I tried to push him away but my attempts were in vain. Ahh foock!!! I'm gonna get hurt again! I closed my eyes. The next thing I knew, Chris's lips were covering mine in a long kiss. What. The heck. Did just. Happen? My brain didn't seem to be able to process. Complete system shut down.

I finished changing, so I walked outa the room, with my new shiny lighter and decided to light up, so I did. I wanted to show off my new lighter to Chris, so since I didn't see him downstairs, I followed my gut feeling and looked for him upstairs. I decided to just look in every room, since there were only a few, and the first I look into, what do I see? Chris all over Damen. They sure look pretty cozy.

"Thanks man!" I said, turned and left, shutting the door behind me.

But before I did I noticed this look on Chris's face, which suggested he was wondering who I was thanking and what for. Was it him for the change of clothes? Was it Damen for the cigs? Or was it him for "punishing" Damen for splashing me earlier? I think I will let them ponder on that thought. I went downstairs and sat down near my other two buddies.

"Where's Chris?" Brooke asked. Ty just minded his biz watching some stupid movie.

"Busy." I answered lying back, smoking my cig.

"Where the skinny kid at?" Ty lazily asked.

"Busy." I answered with the same nonchalant tone.

Both of them frowned at each other, in the "what-is-that-supposed-to-mean?" kind of way. But that lasted only for like 3 seconds after which they both got back to their own bizzes.

Damn! I must have blacked out or something. I vaguely acknowledged Cy coming in... what I fully acknowledged, however, was Chris's hand unzipping my pants. WHAT THE HELL WAS GOING ON HERE!!??!!

I barely managed to move and I shoved my knee into Chris's groin. I struggled out from underneath him and I ran out the door. I stormed out the main door, vaguely noticing Cy who was still talking to his friends and who didn't notice I ran out. A couple of minutes later, I was walking home nervously.

Why the hell did I follow Cy? Should have known it meant trouble. And it was already dark.

As I was walking hurriedly, I heard a noise and some voices. Soon, I was surrounded by five or six guys whose look didn't seem right. "Well, well, well... What do we have here?" One of them said.

"Hey, this is that guy Rush said is his best friend! I overheard the guy talkin to his buddies!" Another one answered.

"Really? That dick's friend? And what would Rush say if we took good care of his friend?"

They surrounded me and the next thing I felt was one of the guys' fist hitting my jaw. Another one hit me in the stomach and after I fell down, they continued kicking me in the ribs and everywhere they could. After a few mins they got bored and left me alone.

I barely made it home and dragged my body into the bathroom. I leaned onto the sink and looked in the mirror. My lip was bleeding and I spited out blood. Fuk! Ok... note to self... from now on... when it's dark outside... grab a cab.

I took a hot shower, called a cab and went to my family doctor. He tried to find out what happened, but I managed to make him promise he won't mention the incident to anyone. He of course respected my right to privacy, and just prescribed me some pain killers and anti-septics. He told me to rest since it's highly likly for me to get a fever from all the bruising. Apparently nothing was broken and I had no internal bleeding, so at least that was good. Also, lucky for me they only hit me on the face once, so, with a little bit of care, nobody will notice. Not even Cy. And I wasn't about to tell him what happened.

I came back home and, barely moving, I started looking for all the pillows I could find. How the hell could Cy stand the pain? My entire body was aching. When I looked in the mirror, I remained baffled. I looked like a giraffe. Only instead of brown spots, my body was covered in blue and purple ones.

If it wasn't for the pain-killers I wouldn't have been able to sleep. I was burning up that night, but at least I got over the fever by next morning.

I put on my uniform, moving slower than a snail. O.k. Now... stand up straight... lip looks the same as usually... good... one step... two steps... nice and easy... one foot in front of the other.

As I walked down the street, I noticed Cy and Chris on the other side of the street. I kept on walking trying to look as casual as possible. Damn it hurt!

Chris and I were standing on the corner of the street my school was on, smoking, and I was also listening to some music on my mp3 player, when I noticed Damen casually walk past us across the street. He totally ignored us. Was he still mad about yesterday? I decided to leave Chris hanging and ran across the street (almost becoming roadkill), as Chris was shouting something like: "Fuckin lunatic!" (to the driver, I presume).

"Hey! Damen! Wait up!" I yelled after him as I drew nearer. "What's up?" I said jumping in front of him and cutting him off.

"Nothin... I'm just a little late for skewl..." He mumbled walking around me.

"Hey! Hey! You can give me a few mins! I'm your best buddy, right? Plus my cig was murdered in the damn traffic, as I ran over to ya!" I said, ransacking my pockets for another cigarette. I pulled out the pack, but it was empty. "Damn... You wouldn't happen to have a cig would ya?" I asked, shaking the empty pack, hopefully staring into its corners, as I walked alongside Damen.

"You ok? You look... well... constipated..." I looked across the street back to where Chris was at, still waving his fist in the air yelling at the drivers, or was he flipping me off? "Did Chris do... something to ya yesterday?" I looked at Chris again. "Naaah... unless he suffers from premature ejaculation......" I kept walking, analyzing Damen's sorta blank expression. "I hope I didn't intrude on ya guys."

"NOTHING happened." Damen said raising his eyebrow at me. Now that however was a waaay too familiar face.

"Ya sure? Ya walking kinda... slow... well you usually walk slow... but.. Oh hey! Man! I will give ya 1 buck for that!" I said holding out a buck for some guy who had a pack of cigarettes in his hand, and pulling out a cig from it. He just took the doe. "... but now you.. you sorta walk funny." I continued lighting my prize up. Gotta finish my smoke-break well.

"I'm fine, ok? What's wrong with yoU today? You're generally not on my case so much!" Damen snapped at me.

"My bad!" I said raising my hands in a sorta defensive way, as I puffed on my cigarette, making sure to blow the smoke out of Damen's way. I know how much he dislikes it.

We walked in silence for a couple of seconds, reaching the next corner, when I decided to go back. "Ok... well if everything's a-ok, ima head back." I told Damen, who just nodded, so I turned to head back.

Some guys were coming my way from around the corner and I overheard one of them saying: "Hey, look! That's the kid I was telling you about. They beat him up real good last night." I turned my head to see who he was pointing at. It was Damen. So that's why he was walking like that.

"Who the fuck hurt him?!" I snapped at that guy, grabbing his collar, lifting him in the air and slamming him against a building.

"Ricky... Ricky Fernandez.. and his gang." He said with a shaking voice and widened eyes.

"And where do I find this Ricky?" I grinned at him, holding my cig between my teeth.

"He's usually at Dice." He shivered, while his friends were just staring from a safe distance.

I smirked and let him go. I was going to pay him a visit. Right after school. (I skipped too much dammit and I was warned, so I can't skip right now. I had to finish school in order to become a pilot, like my mom. Yes, I do have ONE interest, and that is JETS! FLYING!)

I could barely shake Cy off. I didn't mean to snap at him but this was the only way I could shake him off. I didn't want to tell him about yesterday, because it would mean getting him in trouble with other gangs... he could get seriously hurt one day and I didn't want that to happen.

I made it through school. Even if just barely. The uniform was really uncomfortable when you were hurt...

I got home and turned on my computer. Well what do you know!!! Great news!!! Some whacko was willing to pay 5000 bucks for the artifact I put on display. I contacted the guy, made the transaction and checked my bank account just to make sure the guy didn't scam me. Yup!! All there!!! Things were looking up!

All of a sudden, the doorbell rang. I tried to run down the stairs, but the pain reminded me that my legs were on temporary strike. So I settled for crawling.

I opened the door and what do I see? Cy, leaning against the frame, all bloody. Most of it didn't even seem to be his blood. Aww crap...

"Hey man." I said with half of a grin, once I was finally in Damen's doorway. I walked in and threw my aching body onto his couch. I was catching my breath, while Damen just looked at me in silence. I frowned at him, half-smiling and said: "I found out who wanted to hurt you, in order to get to me. I'm sorry. It's my fault you got hurt."

Damen knelt down next to me, sighing. "I didn't want to get you involved..." He smiled softly, pulling gently on a strand of my hair. "Why do you always have to be so violent?"

"Because the world is violent. But now... I want to use brains to bring Carmine Vasquez down. And that's where you come in." I said slowly, almost squinting at my every word. I was used to pain, that's true, but taking on a club... kicking 6 thugs' asses and then security jumping me. Damn. I wasn't the only one hurt though. I sure trashed that place and still managed to walk out on both my feet. Only thugs hung out there anyway.

"THE Vasquez???" Damen looked at me with a frowning/I'm-screwed face.

"Yes. And the only way to get him off our asses is to take him down." I sighed and then started laying down the plan for him. It was pretty simple. Everyone knew "the Vasquez", but I knew a bit more about him, since my mom is a Major in the military base. I knew about him not only being one of the biggest criminals in town, but he was also untouchable. All we had to do, was get to his personal computer, inside his office, which was on the second floor in Snake-Eyes club, in sector H, a.k.a. Harlem. The place where all the lowlifes hung out.

"And we'll plan everything out carefully, you must get ready, for whatever you need to crack into his PC, and I will get ready too to take care of the bodyguards and the lock." I said. "We have 4 days to get everything planed out. We act on Friday night. That's when it's the most crowded and no one will suspect a thing. Now to take a bath... I don't know who all this blood belongs to, but I don't want to see it." I made an idiotic grin.

"I wonder how you can come up with such a good plan, yet you act like a moron most of the time." Damen shook his head at me.

"You must still ache too. Wanna take a bath together?" I asked sarcastically, still grinning, and ignoring Damen's remark about my mental capabilities.

I turned down Cy's offer. For some reason, being really close to another naked male body didn't sound so appealing.

I waited till he got out and went in. I prepared the bath how I liked it, steaming hot, and went in. As the heat of the water relaxed me, I started thinking about Cy's plan. It was a daring one and I was a little surprised he invited me to join him. It's not like I would ever be a crucial element in a fight.

Though I guess I was the only one he knew, capable of cracking into someone's computer... God the bath felt good... I hadn't taken one in months. I was always in a hurry, so I just used the shower.

I was in there for about an hour and when I came out, Cy was sleeping, sprawled on the couch in his boxer-briefs and a t-shirt. I took out a blanket and covered him. I went to bed soon after.

Three days passed since I trashed Dice. It was already Thursday. No matter how much I planned it out (and I did, I even contacted someone who owed me and worked in Snake-Eyes, so he would tell me how everything works on the inside of the club), I still needed another guy. Rumors already went flying around about me trashing Dice and everyone sorta... well backed off me. Do I look that scary? So the only person I could think of to help me, was of course the guy sitting in front of me. I was in chemistry class now.

"Psst! Pssssst! Yo, Chris!"

"Yeah?" My number one man answered.

"Wanna help me kick some ass?" I whispered.

"Any time! Any special reasons?" I just adore people who don't ask too many questions and agree to shit right away. At least I know he's loyal.

"He hurt Damen. Now I will bring that sonofabitch down!" I replied.

"Fuck yeah! We need to do some major ass-kicking!" He got excited almost standing up.

"Ahem!" The teacher cleared his throat. "Keep it down back there! And no "ass-kicking" on school grounds!"

"Pffft!" We both started laughing.

"Tell me ALL the details later. I wanna do some real damage." Chris whispered and we quieted down (a.k.a. went back to sleep).

After school I went over to Chris's place and told him everything, explaining how we would act and when. The next day, was D day. After school we went to Chris's place where we prepared everything yesterday, and got ready. I called up Damen and told him to get ready. In about 15 mins I reached Damen's place, with Chris tagging along behind me. We were dressed casually, nothing out of the ordinary, didn't want to stick out. I rang the doorbell. A few secs afterwards I heard a loud crashing sound.

"What was that? Should we break in?" Chris panicked.

"Naaah... It was Damen falling down the stairs, like usual. He should open the door... just... about... now." I said and the door opened with a squinting Damen behind it.

The doorbell rang. Shoot! Cy must be here! I started to randomly throw the stuff I needed in a backpack. Damn! Gotta open the door first!

I ran toward the stairs but I tripped on one of the wires that were all over the place for an experiment I tried earlier. I crashed down the stairs, which reminded me of the reason why we were going to that club in the first place.

I slowly got up and crawled to the door, holding my back in pain. I opened the door.

"What. The foock. Is he doin here?" I asked when my eyes caught sight of Chris. I stared at him... I must have done something terrible in my previous life to deserve such a punishment...

"We need an extra hand in this... and he's the extra hand." Cy concluded and the two of them came in, walking past me.

"A second-hand you mean." I mumbled as I closed the door behind me.

Cy walked calmly to the bathroom, without even announcing. This WAS his second home, after all. I went upstairs to finish packing while Chris was still downstairs, looking around.

I threw some more stuff in my backpack, put a hat on and headed for the stairs. Damn cables! The next thing I saw was the room spinning and everything went dark.

I pulled my hat off my eyes and looked up at... Chris. "Are you ok?" He asked worriedly. Apparently he caught me before I hit the floor. And for some reason he didn't seem to remember to let me go. "Err... yeah... I'm fine... you can let me go now..." I struggled to break loose. He just grinned.

"Soo... where does it hurt? Here? Here?" He kept asking poking me with one hand.

"Can you two do that later? We've got things to do now. Damen, do you have everything ready to loop the security cams?" Cy asked as he came out of the bathroom.

"Yeee...sss... I do.. just... Get him offa me!!!" I yelled, still trying to break free.

Fifteen minutes after we took a cab that dropped us off a couple of blocks from the club.

We went in an alley and while Cy and Chris looked around, I picked the lock to the basement. Being a scatter-brain helps sometimes. I got locked outside so many times, I finally learned to pick locks.

As I managed to open the lock, I went downstairs. Chris followed me as Cy remained on the lookout.

There was a huge panel with lots of switches and wires. Why do they always have to make them so complicated?

I started fiddling with them. "The hip bone's connected to the... thigh bone..." I started singing in a low voice. Chris kinda looked at me as if I had gone mad.

I finally managed to connect the device that would loop the image. When done I started packing. I got up too fast and accidentally hit my shoulder. I felt a sharp pain and flinched.

"You ok?" Chris asked, putting his hand on my shoulder. "Don't worry. We're gonna make them pay for what they did to you." He continued.

I just stared at him in blank silence. Ookaaaay... this guy is officially weird! We went upstairs, where Cy was waiting for us.

Damen and Chris just came out of the basement. "What took you guys so looong?" I joked, raising my eyebrows a couple of times. Damen just ignored my remark, while Chris just snickered. We then headed for the front door. Before we went in though, both Chris and I stared at Damen.

"What?" He asked.

I looked at Chris and he looked at me. We grinned at each other and then looked back at Damen.

"WHAAT?!" He asked again.

I took off his hat and fixed his hair, while Chris pulled Damen's blue t-shirt up a bit, so he could pull his gray long-sleeved shirt out of his light brown baggy pants. The gray shirt was a bit longer so it hung out from underneath the blue t-shirt. We backed up and both stared at Damen again, in a "thinking" position.

"Pffffft..." We both started laughing.

"WHAAAAT?!?" He frowned, looking back and forth, at me then Chris.

"You look like..." I started.

"... a skinny thug." Chris continued.

We both started laughing again. Damen mumbled something under his breath and then said: "When both of you are done, maybe we could get back to business?".

"Alright, alright... let's go." I said and we went inside the club. There was a bodyguard at the door, inside. We had to pay some entrance fee, so I took care of that.

It was a strip joint, so I looked at Chris again, and he looked at me, and we both grinned. We went closer to a stage where a chick was dancing. We started nodding our heads as we watched her strip. She danced like an African kitty.

"Uhm guys... can you like... hurry up?" Damen said looking around nervously. Although he looked like a skinny thug, he was quite the opposite... still skinny though. Heheh.

We walked through the crowd and once no one was looking, we went around the corner and upstairs. There were two Latino bodyguards sitting somewhere near the office door. When they saw us they wanted to reach for their guns, but Chris and I already pulled out our hand pieces and pointed it at them, walking fast towards them.

"Don't even think about it." I said, grinning. "Pull them out slowly and throw them on the ground.... good now kick them over."

They did just as they were told. They probably thought security will be here in a sec, but we took care of the cams. Once we had their guns we punched them out. Damen was watching all this from behind us.

"I didn't know you guys had guns." He said coming over, kneeling down near the door and starting to pick the lock.

Chris and I both just smirked at the remark. We each took out a cig, put it between our lips, and lit each other's cigs with our "guns". We grinned at the cameras as we puffed smoke and waved at them. "Seems like you know what your doing." I told Damen, who had a weird look on his face when he saw our pieces were actually lighters.

He just shook his head and got up. He opened the office door and went in. Damen quickly walked to the computer, sat down and started typing away fast. Chris and I grabbed the knocked out bodyguards and pulled them inside the office, into a corner, tying them up.

I felt like a fish in the water. Just a couple more mins and I could access the data, and then copy it all to my flash drive. The original programmer didn't bother that much with security... n00bs.

Suddenly the door opened and a tall, well built Latino man came in. "What the fuck is going on here?!" He said with an angered tone, while reaching for his gun.

The following events happened so fast I could barely realize what was going on. Cy threw a chair at the guy, knocking his gun onto the floor, and then grabbing it. Meanwhile Chris jumped him and they started fighting. Chris was holding on pretty well, given the fact that the hammers thrown by the gorilla were pretty heavy. Chris settled for dodging his fists and kicking him whenever he saw an opening.

Cy took out the ammo clip and also the bullet from the chamber, and then threw them near me, onto the floor. He jumped in to help Chris, and together they managed to take him down. While they were tying him up, he kept yelling at them things like: "You goin down, punks!" and "I fucking own the town!".

"Pfffft!" Chris and Cy smirked at the same time, looking at each other. Hmm... bragging seems to be an inborn quality here in the streets.

"I already got all the evidence I need against you." Cy said pointing back at me, and then pulling out his cell and dialing a number. After a few seconds he said: "Hey. Mom?".

I nearly fell off the chair laughing seeing Vasquez's puzzled/dumbfounded face. He eventually managed to say: "Are you fucking kidding me?".

Chris just kicked him, saying: "Ups... slipped."

Cy finished his phone call and in a matter of minutes, a whole platoon of army guys, lead by Cy's mom, came barging in. Thugs...

Finally we were done and had all the evidence we needed to bring Vasquez down. My mom knew I was up to something, because of all the questions about Vasquez, and also "borrowing" his records, but she never thought I would end up here. She barged in with a 4 man team.. well there was a woman too, but never mind.

"Cyrus... what have you gotten into now?" She asked after telling her men to arrest Vasquez. The bodyguards were untied and let go, since they were just doing their jobs. I gave the gun and ammo I "confiscated" from Vasquez to the army guys, and then turned to my mom.

"He was a threat to both Damen and me, so I made sure we would have enough evidence to bring him down." I said waving to Damen to come near me, which he did. We handed in the flash drive. My mom wouldn't be able to present stolen evidence in court, unless it was an "anonymous" source... and we could play that. After that mom gave us a lift home.

On the way, though, she said: "You're going to be 18 tomorrow, and this is how you "party" before it? Maybe now you understand why I'm not so keen on the idea of letting you live by yourself."

"I wanna enter my 18th year without a worry." I said with a broad smile. The guys looked weird at me. I know, I know... it was a WEIRD smile... somewhat idiotic. Whatever.

The next couple of weeks went by with ease. My 18th birthday was nothing big, just a couple of close friends and a HUGE cake... and a hungry Damen... dammit I can't believe we argued over the last piece of cake. Something about I owe him for the danger I put him in. I know that was bull... he just wanted the cake... the skinny lil brat.

Even though the army and police decided to keep concealed the identity of the people involved in taking Vasquez down, the "anonymous sources", truth leaked out on the street. We grew a "fame" we might not have wanted... but at least no one would cause me any trouble over in sector H, where I finally managed to buy a place, and renovate it, cuz it was one run-down son of a bitch. Since it was in sector H, it was cheap so I still had enough doe to buy all the furnishing and electronics I wanted. Plus, it was close to the base, where I have work.

"FINALLY MY OWN PLACE!" I yelled and flopped onto my new king sized bed.

"YEAH! You can finally make all the noise you want, while you bone." Chris chuckled, jumping onto my bed as well.

"Yeah... bout time you got your own place..." I said watching the two of them. "Now you can finally bleed somewhere else... I will finally be able to buy a new couch." I continued chuckling.

I must say, I was pretty surprised about the way things turned out. Chris and Cy became quite famous in the H sector. Word of the involvement of a third party got out as well but nobody knew anything for sure. Thank God! The last thing I needed was for everybody to know I was involved. Especially now... that I made those "mistakes"...

"Whaaaat? I can't come over to your place anymore?!!?? Then I'm gonna sell this place ASAP!!!" He said with a whiny voice and pulled me onto the bed, holding me tight. "I don't want to leave the nest yet!!!" He continued while I struggled to break free.

"Your nest?!!?? You already left your nest! You moved away from your mom and sister!" I said with a muffled voice.

"You inherit your relatives! You make your family!" He continued while Chris joined the "torture".

"Yes! We're all family!!! Group hug!" He jumped on us.

"Uuhh... huuh... I looooo... h ... u... thhhh..." I mumbled barely being able to breathe.

During these last couple of weeks I sorta managed to get over my "Chris = thug" phobia. I was actually able to withhold a conversation with him without stuttering. He also grew accustomed to my huge appetite so he was well prepared whenever he had to pay the bill.

"Oh! By the way, you guys! I'm going to have a surprise in store for you guys!" I said, straightening my clothes.

"Like what? You're not a virgin anymore?" Cy joked and grinned at Chris.

"Noo... " I said turning around, grabbing my bag and whacking Cy over the head with it. "And since you're not interested, I'm not gonna tell you!" I pretended to be upset.

Chris was on the bed, laughing his ass off. "Man... I never thought I'd see Cyrus get beat up so often without responding!"

"Can I at least guess?" Cy pretended to be curious, while ignoring Chris.

"You can try... but I don't think your brain can handle so much processing.. try over-clocking it or something..." I said picking up my bag. "Well, you guys, I have to go. People to do, things to see, places to meet." I continued.

"Are you sure your brain can handle that much multitasking? You seem like you're overheating you CPU." He said with a sinister snicker.

"OMG... you actually know about multitasking? I didn't know it existed in thug vocabulary!" I concluded, leaving. Cy had no idea how right he was...

"Just because I look stupid doesn't mean I am!" Cy shouted after me.

Well... he sure made that point clear to his neighbors... I walked down the street, thinking. How was I supposed to get out of the mess I had gotten myself into?

I made some programs for some people who used them for something... well... lets just say I wasn't proud at all with the result. Now I was spending my nights trying to track the guys down and take them out. Yuki, my handle, had a reputation to maintain. This was also starting to show in my grades. I got 90 points in my last test... 10 points less then my usual average...Something definitely had to be done... and... whatever it was... It had to be done before the sleep deprivation made me completely dysfunctional.

I was busy chatting to Chris, like usual, in our usual spots, the back of the class, window side row, when the teacher said something about a new student, treat him good, bla bla. We didn't even bother to turn our heads and kept on chatting. I usually sat in the last seat, Chris right in front of me and then no one (people avoided us for some odd obscure reason), and then some other guy in front of that empty seat. Not many people attended classes, so there were at least 5 empty seats. When Chris and I heard some murmuring like: "That kid has guts sitting there.", we turned our heads and saw Damen place his bag onto the desk in front of us.

"Damen? What are ya doin here?!" I asked looking at Chris, who had the same puzzled look as I did. Then we both grinned. "Did ya finally get expelled?"

"Whadya do? Crack into the school's server?" Chris continued. We both started laughing, while the guys around us kept murmuring. There go some fucked up rumors again. Hehe.

"Actually... no! Not that anybody would have noticed if I did. But no. Apparently the school board decided I was the fittest candidate for a temporary double-sided transfer between our school and yours. I'm still trying to figure out what they were thinking when they sent me." He muttered scratching his head.

"Yeah yeah... excuses excuses..." I joked and he whacked me on the head with some rolled up pieces of paper he had in his hands.

The murmurs got louder. I could make out something like: "That skinny lil kid just hit Cyrus!". I just chuckled.

Chris was looking at Damen as if he was trying to make sure he wasn't hallucinating, when he finally managed to say: "It is destiny! That's why they transferred YOU from all people!".

"You're still weird." Damen told Chris.

Our classmates went silent for a moment, until one of them broke it, by saying: "He's dissin them both! That kid got balls!".

Damen turned around and said nonchalantly: "Nope... just brains." Everyone remained awed.

That's how most of the day went by... actually most of the days of the week. Somehow... Damen's school performance wasn't quite what I thought it was like... he fell asleep during class, sleepwalked to the board when the teacher asked him (third time, and Chris nudged him), but still managed to easily solve the problems written on the board. By the end of the week, everyone got used to him and oddly enough no one picked on him. I wonder why? I mean sure... I would step in and protect him, and so would Chris, but... still............???

We were supposed to go to Chris' place Friday after school, but Cy said he had some business to take care of and that he was going to be a little late.

Hmmm... well... I could handle being alone with Chris for a couple of hours. God was I sleepy. I could barely keep from yawning all the time.

I reached his place in an hour, barely managing from ending up roadkill a couple of times... Damn cars!!! What's the big idea suddenly playing chicken with me!!!

Chris opened the door and let me in with a wide smile. "Hey there! What took you so long?"

"What do you mean?" I asked him, taking off my jacket.

"Well, it usually takes you 30 mins to get from your place to mine. Today it took you a whole hour..." He continued, while following me into the living room.

"I had to stop somewhere on the way..." I mumbled, hiding the fact that I had actually managed to get lost and that it took me 20 mins to find out where I was.

"Well... sit down and I'll get us something to drink while we wait for Cyrus. Coke, right?" He asked.

"Yes..." I answered, surprised he remembered what my favorite soda was. I sat down on the couch. The thing was so comfy and warm... I'm just going to close my eyes for a bit.

I woke up in a dark room, in an unknown bed. Where was I? All I remembered was going over to Chris' place and... where are my pants? And socks? I was also covered with a blanket.

I got up, turned the lights on and looked at my wrist watch. It was 3.30 in the morning. Damn... I must have fallen asleep somehow. I got out and saw there was light in the next room. I went in and saw Chris pacing up and down.

"Errr..." I started.

"Oh... you're awake..." He said looking me up and down in a weird way. "You were still asleep when I got out of bed..." He continued,

"Whaat?" I asked surprised.

"You want to go back?" He grinned. "Can't you sleep without me? You really disappoint me..."

"Where's Cy?"

"What? You can't sleep without HIM?" He continued with a strange glow in his eyes. I backed away slowly. He was definitely acting weird.

"What's wrong with you?!" I shouted.

"You! That's what's wrong with me!" He yelled back at me.

"What do you mean?" Was he mad at me for something? What for? For being Cy's friend? What?!!? "Look! Whatever it is, just tell it to my face and let's get this over with!" I yelled.

He came toward me slowly. I closed my eyes shut. Reflex I guess...

"You know... for a smart kid... you sure are dumb..." I heard his voice whispering into my ear right before he kissed me. The next thing I knew was Chris's arms wrapping around me while he kissed me passionately. I opened my eyes wide. Could it be...?... Naaah...

He stop kissing me but was still holding me tight. "I like you..." He whispered. I wasn't sure how to react. This was all new to me. "You know, you could try saying something..." He whispered.

"...Something...?" I tried joking lightly...

He cupped my face and started kissing me again. For some reason, I didn't feel like resisting. And Chris's body was so warm...

"You could try kissing me back..." He told me smiling lightly, while he made a short pause. I hugged him back, sorta leaning against him as we kissed. Our tongues were dancing. He lifted me off the ground and carried me to the other room and lay me on the bed. I moved my head back as he started kissing my neck and my clavicle. He took my shirt off and started kissing and licking my torso and belly, while all I could do was lay there panting and moaning.

I finally came to my senses as I felt his hand slide down my boxers. "What... are..." I started asking while I rolled onto my belly to crawl out from underneath him.

"Shhh..." He whispered, kissing my ear and putting an arm around my chest to keep me from escaping. His other hand slid down my boxers and took me into his hand. I can't believe this was happening! It felt so good though... I started moaning and breathing faster. Chris was kissing the back of my neck as he continued giving me the hand job. Couple of minutes later, I came. I looked down, my face red with embarrassment.

"You're so cute when you blush..." Chris whispered. He ran his fingers down my spine and slowly took my boxers off, as I was trying desperately to keep them on. My attempts were in vain of course.

"Just relax now..." He said. Relax? What for??!!?? AAAAAAHHHHH!!! I gasped as I felt a slippery finger enter me. "It will feel good soon, I promise..." He continued. Feel good, just what exactly was supposed to feel good??!!?? Soon, he had two fingers in me. I grabbed the sheets and wrapped them around my fists.

"Ok... try to relax now..."

I tensed up as I felt him slowly enter me.

"Don't tense up. Relax... The pain will go away soon..." He said to me. I tried to relax. He slid in deeper and stopped. HE WAS ALL IN ME???!!??? "Now try to relax..." He guided me as he slowly started rocking back and forth. I relaxed and the pain slowly started to turn into a hot, almost burning sensation. He slid his hand in front of me and started stroking me, as his breath got heavier. "You're ... so... tight...." He moaned! I fastened my grip on the sheets. My body started feeling hot. "Mmmmm... you feel... so good..." He gasped moving faster and faster. I couldn't take it anymore and I came again. A couple of minutes after, Chris came too in a loud moan.

I opened my eyes. Unknown room. I looked down and saw an arm around me. Then it dawned on me. I HAD JUST LOST MY VIRGINITY!!! TO A GUY!!!! TO CHRIS!!!! Who, last night, confessed to me. I slowly and carefully got out from underneath him, got dressed, and, as silently as possible, got out of the apartment. It was 10 AM. My butt hurt like hell.

It was Friday night and I was supposed to meet up with Chris and Damen at Chris's place, to hang out. That was before my mom called me and I found out I had to go to the military base to help her with something urgent (it's where I get my money from, partly for cleaning up things and partly for fixing and tuning engines... the good side being that I can fly the jets for free).

I called Damen and told him I will run late, but I didn't know I would run THIS late. Fuck it. By the time I was done helping my mom with a jet, it was already past midnight when I was walking back home. My clothes were smudged with oil and dirt, so I was smoking a cig to cut back on enriching my vocabulary's cursing section, as I muttered surprisingly innovative vulgar things to myself. Partly because it took me hours to figure out what was wrong with the engine, when it was so fucking simple that even a doofus could fix it. If I would have only noticed the retarded prob earlier.

As I walked through Harlem, I heard some noises coming from an alley. There were about three guys shoving someone around. Without thinking, I rushed over there. I noticed the person they were toying with was a long haired blond guy, dressed in some weird black Gothic getup.

Nonetheless.... "Hey! You!" I said, throwing my cig onto the ground and putting it out with my foot. I then looked up at them, finally catching their attention.

"You wanna die? If not... fuck off!" One of them said.

I didn't wait another second, and jumped that dickhead. Perfect opportunity to get rid of my anger. I beat them down faster than I beat down any other group of thugs. One of them even had a dagger, which he dropped when I kicked it out of his hand. Was I getting better at fighting, or was it due to me being pissed? Once they were all down, I turned my attention to the weird guy, whose face I couldn't really make out in the darkness.

"You ok?" I asked him, reaching out a hand. "They hurt you anywhere?"

He just stared at me with a blank look, which was brought out by the scattered streetlights. Then he finally spoke in a soft tone. "You shouldn't have... for my sake..." He muttered walking out of the alley.

"How bout a thanks instead?" I asked, following him.

"Am not ungrateful... might just cause you trouble later... am not worth the trouble." He said walking slowly along the sidewalk, looking blankly into the darkness.

"Don't worry about me. So... what's your name?" I asked him, walking by his side.

"Anything..." He sighed. "Where go?"

"What? Uh... well I'm going back to my place. It's a couple blocks down......" I answered.

"Fine." He squinted. He looked like he was in pain.

"You ok?" I asked, grabbing his arm, to steady him.

"Ye..hmnn.." He muttered and then passed out. I managed to catch him before he fell to the ground.

I took him into my arms and brought him to the nearest hospital, where they patched him up, while he was still out. Although he was seriously injured, the doctor said he passed out from exhaustion and extreme fatigue. He hadn't eaten anything for about two days. They couldn't keep him hospitalized though, since he didn't have an ID card, thus no insurance, so they told me once he woke up, he would have to go, suspecting he was homeless.

So... what is the purpose of hospitals if not helping the ones in need? This is fucked up. No way am I gonna leave him here. Seems like I won't make it to Chris's place afterall.

I didn't feel like waiting till he opened his eyes. I wanted to shower and change, so I decided to carry him back to my place. Lucky he was so light, plus he was shorter than me by about 7 centimeters (I am 182 cm tall). Once inside, I took off his clothes (all he was dressed in was a long coat, leather pants and some thin shirt made out of some black material) and put him into my bed, covering his slender injured, naked body.

I went into the shower, throwing my clothes into the washing machine on my way, and washed the sweat and dirt off my body. After 15 mins I came back out. The stray was still out. Since I didn't yet manage to fully furnish my apartment, I didn't have a couch, only some bean chairs, so I climbed under the covers next to "sleeping beauty". I was wearing a t-shirt and a pair of black boxer-briefs.

I felt that his body was cold, so I embraced him, to warm him up. This might seem weird to some, but I wasn't a homophobe to fear touching another male's body. Especially when someone's health and maybe even life was at stake. He had a weird smell... like a flower... or.. well I couldn't put my finger on it. Very weird... hard to describe... and he truly did have a beautiful face, worthy of envy. I wonder what he was doing on the streets. Is he homeless? What a waste....

The next morning when I woke up he was still by my side, but he had his crystal blue eyes opened.

"Good morning." He said with a relaxed smile and a warm aura.

"Mornin'... you're finally awake..." I said.

"For few hours..."

"Why didn't you climb outa bed and go eat breakfast or something?"

"You're on top... don't want to disturb..." He said looking at me with a warm gaze.

"Oh... sorry..." I said climbing off of him and out of bed. "Your body was cold... so I was warming it... don't worry I didn't do anything weird to you." I chuckled.

"Wouldn't mind..." He said in a low tone. What's that supposed to mean? He seemd to be short on words... was it just me, or did he have a weird way of talking?

"Want some breakfast?" I asked him.

"Mmnn." He nodded, so I went into the kitchen to fix some up.

"Well stay right there, I'll give you breakfast in bed." I just remembered he hadn't eaten for 2 days, so it would probably be hard for him to move. I made omelet and toast, and brought him everything on a tray, plus a glass of milk. "I'm not much of a cook... so I hope you like it." I said putting the tray in his lap, once he sat up, revealing his naked torso, his chest, waist, and his hip bones. His hair fell down his shoulders, brushing his chest and arms.

He started eating his food slowly, which sort of surprised me. Wasn't he hungry? "You know... you don't have to eat slowly, in fact... dig in!" I encouraged him.

"Stomach will hurt... haven't eaten two days." He said munching his food slowly. I guess he had a point.

"If you want any more after you're done, let me know. I'll be in the kitchen... eating..." I said walking into the kitchen, after he responded with a muffled "mhhm".

After I finished my breakfast, I went back to him, but he didn't want anything right then.

"You want to take a bath then?" I asked him.

"If you want..."

"Uhm.. I didn't mean together. Heheh.." I rubbed the back of my head.

"Yes..." He said getting out of bed. His body looked even better in the rays of the sun... he looked like an angel with pure, white skin. "Where?"

"Can you walk? Or shall I carry you?"

"No. Am fine. Debt will be larger than can repay..."

"You don't have to repay anything. I helped you because I wanted to... just tell me your name."


"Rafael... that's a rare name..... well, the bathroom is that away." I said pointing out the door that lead to the bathroom.

After about an hour, Rafael came out of the bath. He looked better, livelier. I was sitting in a bean chair watching TV, just wasting time, since there's usually nothing good on TV. He walked in front of me, wearing only a robe and asked, with his usual soft, calm voice: "Name?".

"Uhm..." I couldn't concentrate on my answer, since he came closer, until he climbed over me, straddling me. "... Cyrus... Cyrus Rush..." I said, wondering what he was up to.

"Cyrus Rush?! That's why... fight without much thought or trouble..." He smiled. "Erase debt?" He asked playing with my hair, with his right hand.

"Your debt? What?" I asked puzzled.

He started slowly grinding against my crotch... so slow, you could barely notice... in a teasing, entrancing way. "Can only with this body..." He whispered.

"Uh.. no... that's OK... I already told you, I don't expect you to give me anything." I said with an idiotic grin, lifting him off me by his armpits as I stood up.

"The first... to not want anything..." He smiled. "My clothes are...?"

"You want to go home already?"

"No home... live on streets..." He said looking around.

"But.. weren't those thugs from the other night, mugging you?"

"Toying only......" He looked at me, analyzing my face. "Sell my body."

"Uh...... really? Interesting..." I didn't quite know what to say. I didn't want him to feel like I was pitying him. For some reason, I liked his calm, warm company and wanted him to stay longer. "Please stay as long as you like. And... don't sell your body anymore... Don't you go to school? Or somewhere?"

He just shook his head, in a "no".

"Well that's good... you don't have to leave the apartment then. How old are you anyway?" I asked walking toward the kitchen.

"Hmm... 20."

"Whaaat?! You look 16! How long have you been on the streets?" I asked him, pulling the juice carton out of the fridge and drinking from it, as I leaned against a counter.

"Till 18 been in orphanage. So.. 2 years." He said sitting onto a counter, more like... sliding onto it. His movements were slow, and seemed like they were carefully planned, like a cat's.

"Is that when you started... selling your body?"

"Yes. Though... first time much earlier... in orphanage... not very pleasant place." He continued with an empty look. I can't believe how unjust this world was. People hurting people in the most horrid ways. What's more... children are the ones that get hurt more often, since they have no one to turn to.

"I see... So, will you stay here? You don't have to worry about any bills, just about getting better." I said putting the juice back into the fridge.

"Alright... until better." He said sliding off the counter, as the robe he was wearing slid slightly upward and spread in the middle, revealing his thighs. For some odd reason it looked really sexy.

"Good." I smiled at him.

It was already 11 AM when I got home. I stopped by a shop to get a large dose of painkillers, as in all the sweets I could buy. I went upstairs and set down in front of my computer. "Hah! I did it! Traced ya down losers!" I finally found the guys who used my programs to crack into some high access, military archives. I patched in the military mainframe and sent a notification: "Hey, guys! These are the people responsible for the data leak. I connected them to you, so you can monitor them. See? It was them! Not me! Here's the link. ~Yuki"

I linked the program that was monitoring the creeps' computers to the military mainframe and went to bed. I didn't really want to think about the whole Chris-matter. Just lock it away in a drawer for the time being. I'm gonna deal with it when I'll be able to think clearly.

Saturday was coming to an end. Earlier Chris called me asking me about Damen, because he wouldn't answer his phone. He said something like: "I think he's pissed at me. He left this morning without a word." Suggestive? So they still partied even without me. Aww. I called Damen to see what was going on, but he didn't answer. So he wasn't ignoring anyone. Maybe he was just snoring too loud. Just kidding. But that kid, once exhausted, can sleep like a log, and even if a rock concert would take place in his room, he still wouldn't wake up. So what's a ringing sound? I called Chris back and reassured him, that Damen was probably just sleeping.

By the end of the day I got to know Rafael better. He is a very interesting, and also weird guy. Although his sentences have "holes", his message gets through. His presence is always radiating and warm. He moves and speaks softly and always looks me in the eyes when we're talking. It's true he had a bad life till now, but I want to help him straighten his way, if I can.

I was reading a book on jet engines, sitting in my bed, while Rafael was sitting at the end of the bed, on the floor, with his hands crossed on the bed and his head over them. He was sitting there silently, watching me. "Different look..." He said. "Not as imagined..."

"Oh? You thought I was some buff, scar-faced thug?" I joked.

"No... but.. not with such handsome face." He continued, analyzing my face with his warm blue eyes. I felt like I picked up a stray pet.

"I'm glad you didn't say beautiful. You, on the other hand, are beautiful." I smiled at him.

"Think so?" He gazed up at me with sparkling eyes.

"I know." I smiled.

"No one said that..." He said lowering his head and looking through me.

I frowned. This was just not right. I sat up, dropping my legs off the side of the bed, and leaned over to Rafael. He gently lifted his head and looked up at me with sad eyes. I lifted him, by his chin, and pulled him closer to my face, until I could hear him breathe. I couldn't stop myself from kissing him. I thought that maybe with a kiss I could heal all his wounds. I kissed him gently, pressing my barely parted lips against his and touching his lower lip with my tongue. I pulled back, letting him go to analyze his expression. He looked happy, somewhat hopeful, yet still sad.

"Should not..." He whispered. "Don't own myself... bring only trouble.."

"Own? You mean you can't escape from someone? Like a procurer?" I raised my eyebrow at him.

"Several..." He sighed.

"Who are they?" I asked standing up.

"Vectra." He continued, sitting down onto the bed.

"Ok... I'll be right back..." I said walking towards the door, grabbing my jacket on the way.

Rafael jumped up and ran in front of me, pressing his back against and blocking the door. He clenched his teeth and frowned at me. "No!"

"Relax... I'm just going shopping... we're out of bread.. and cigarettes." I told him, but he wouldn't move.

"Will make you stay!" He said, dropping his robe and walking towards me.

"Uh........ I'm not like that..." I said backing up, but he kept coming. I looked around, trying to find an easy way out, but all I could do was back up, until I reached the bed and fell onto it. Rafael climbed over me, just like a cat, straddling me, and started licking my neck. "Uh... ehm... wait... Rafael... wait a sec." I said pushing him back. He just sat up (on me) with his hands on my chest, and looked at me for a sec, searching my face. He then started grinding his butt against my crotch. I pulled his hands sideways, and flipped him over to his back, pinning him down. "We'll have to end it here." I smirked at him. He looked hurt. "Feels good, but I have to go." I said and got up.

"Stay!" Rafael yelled after me, as I put on my jacket and opened the door.

"Ok. After I come back. BRB." I grinned and shut the door behind me. Now where's that club Vectra? I remember it was somewhere on Crade Street.

Once I reached the small club I casually walked in and looked around. Only about 6 guys where sitting around in the corner, drinking, smoking and counting money.

"Ya looking for somethin?" One of them asked me. "Or someone? Heheh."

"I was wondering if you lost someone?" I played my part. "1.75, long blond hair, blue eyes, beautiful face..."

"Goth getup?!" The guy in the corner jumped up from his seat. "You know where our lil goth kitty is?" He asked, coming around the table.

"Yeah." I lifted my chin and looked at him. "Free." I grinned. "So don't fucking come near him again." I looked at him with a furious face.

His cigarette dropped from his mouth. "You must be really stupid saying shit like that to my face. Ya know who I am?" He asked, throwing a punch in my direction. I caught and twisted it.

"A lowlife scumbag who takes away everything from other people?" I looked at him seriously.

"Hey! Let him the fuck go!" A skinny thug jumped up and grabbed a bat.

"He thinks he's something else!" Another said, pulling on brass knuckles, as the others started surrounding me as well.

Oh... this was going to be interesting... at least they didn't have knives... but the bat wasn't a very pleasant scenery. I kicked the guy whose fist i was twisting in the stomach with my knee and threw him against the guy with the brass knuckles. I thought my way through the 3 guys that jumped me, trying to beat me down, but I turned out to be the one to beat them down instead. The guy with the brass knuckles started throwing punches my way, as I tried and succeeded in avoiding them. I finally managed to punch him out, when out of the sudden, I notice a bat smashing my way. I lifted my right arm in defense, and felt the bat break over it. A sharp pain went through my arm. I pulled the bat out of the guy's hand with my left hand, kicked him in the stomach and then hit him with my elbows over his back.

Finally, they were all scattered on the floor. I lifted the guy I took out first by his collar and pulled him close to my face. "Don't even fucking think about crossing my path! If there will be a next time, I won't go so easy on you. Cyrus Rush. Remember that name." I growled at him, as his eyes widened, when hearing my name. People are really weird around here.

Instead of going home, I decided to go to the hospital since it was on the way. I think I fractured my arm. Once I got an x-ray, it turned out I did. Lucky it didn't break, but the fracture was pretty bad. The doc put my arm in a cast and sent me home with some painkillers. On my way home I bought a pack of cigarettes and bread. When I walked into my apartment I saw Rafael sitting in the window, rapped in the bed sheet. He looked at me with widened eyes and partly opened lips.

"You're back!" He said getting up and running to me, hugging me by my waist, as the sheet slid off his shoulders. He looked up at me, quivering: "Were gone so long.... thought... something bad...".

I dropped the bag of groceries onto the floor and patted his head. "Can you believe a midget ran me down as I was crossing the street?" I grinned at him.

He shook his head. "Sorry..." He frowned looking at my arm, then buried his face into my chest.

"It's nothing. It was all worth it." I smiled. "I'm gonna go take a bath now." I stated and Rafael let me go.

"Let me help." He said looking at my arm again.

No one ever gave me a bath before. Kinda weird.... but since it's him... I guess it's... "Ok." I smiled and we went into the bathroom. He started filling the tub with water and then helped me undress. The way he handled everything made me feel oddly comfortable. While Rafael was taking on a robe and tying his hair together, I got in the tub, putting my right arm on the side, making sure not to get it wet. Doctor's orders. Rafael sat onto the side as well, took the sponge, soaped it up and started washing my body with it. He did it so gently it felt very good. Soft and warm. He finished after about 30 mins, but I didn't care, soaking for a while feels good, especially when you're hurt. Next thing I notice is Rafael moving the sponge down my abs, and lower, so I grabbed his hand (with my left one).

"It's ok. I can wash there." I gave him an idiotic, forced grin.

"Alright." He said, wiping his hands in a towel and then walking out of the bathroom.

Once I was finished with every part, and drying myself, I went to the bedroom. Rafael was already asleep, lying on his back. I took on a pair of boxers and an undershirt, and climbed into bed next to him (his right side). I couldn't find my place due to my arm being in a cast, so I kept rolling around until I finally fell asleep, with my right arm and leg over Rafael, sorta lying on my stomach.

When I woke up, it was 4 o'clock in the morning. Damn I slept long... Didn't really matter... I checked to see if there was anything in the fridge. Nothing as usual so I ordered three pizzas and went to take a shower. My lower back hurt, which reminded me of the previous day's event. Damn it!!!! I don't want to think about it for now!!!! Think of something else!!!!

I got it!!! Now I can finally work on the game. I was hired by a company to come up with some characters and plot for a game. I had to design the characters because I had already thought of a plot. It was going to be a fantasy-ish game. It (the plot) had already been accepted by the people at the company and all I had to do now was properly model the characters.

I worked on them most of the morning but at about 10 AM, mom called to check up on me. To see what I was doing. I just told her things were great. Damn... these past weeks had been exhausting.

I decided to call it a day and went to bed. Beeeeed!!! NO! NOT THAT!!! I don't want to think about THAT!!!

It's mornin already. A "glorious" one too. Dammit. I can't fukin believe this shit is happenin to me NOW. When I have my GOOD arm fractured. Situation: got mornin boner. Solution: none. Plus... Rafael is sleeping right next to me. I guess this is what I get, since I don't find enough time for myself.

I just lied there, still pressed against Rafael, just the way I fell asleep, not knowing what to do. I'm right handed anyways, so all I could do was wait for it to pass. Damn it. So stubborn. Guess, it does have a brain of its own. Rafael started squirming around. Was he getting up? Doesn't seem like it. He still had his eyes shut. He moved around a bit, but kept sleeping. Dammit. Now I'm even harder... cuz it rubbed against him. Felt kinda good though. I started slowly grinding against his hip.

"Mmnn..." Rafael moaned, and opened his eyes. "Good morning..." He greeted me with a smile.

I just stood silent and smiled at him. He looked down (waist level). He lifted his eyelids slowly and looked at me. Freaky look. What the... I felt his hand reach under me. He started stroking me. I pulled back, rolling onto my back (off of him). "Ah..." I couldn't think of anything I could say.

"Let me..." He said, climbing on top of me, straddling me. He started grinding against me. It was kinda hot. The robe he had on was half undone, so it slid off his right shoulder. Since he was straddling me, the robe crumpled up, revealing his thighs. His long hair fell over his shoulders as he slowly moved on top of me.

I gotta snap out of it. "Ahm... you don't have to..." I can't just tell him to get off, he might take it the wrong way.

"Want to..." He said, and dropped his robe onto the floor, sitting on top of me naked. Oddly enough, he was still one hell of a view. He rolled up my undershirt and started kissing my torso, as he still ground against my crotch.

"Wait. I'm not.." Well, never mind about that. His lips were already on mine. Uh... this is... weeeird..... whatever... there's a first time for everything. Right? It can't be that bad. I decided to give in, and let Rafael continue. Not like I had much of a choice though. One of my 5 limbs was dead, unlike another which was quite active.

Rafael continued down my torso again, nibbling at my skin, pressing his tongue against it, whenever he reached one of my ribs. It felt really good, kinda tingling too. My breathing became slower, just like his. His hair caressed my skin as he moved lower, reaching my abs. He dragged his lips along it, breathing against my skin. His breath felt hot and his lips moist. I bit my lip as he pulled my boxers down, sliding his slender fingers underneath my waistband on both sides, and swiftly pulling them down and off. He started kissing my pelvis, which felt incredibly good. A tingling sensation crossed my whole pelvic region. I wouldn't have believed it, but I got harder than I already was.

The next thing I felt was his lips pressing against my arousal. "Wait!" I pushed him back, since it felt awkward. "Don't." He looked at me with confused, yet sad eyes, like I was rejecting him. "...I'd feel better if I could see your face."

He gave me an odd look, and climbed offa me. He walked towards the kitchen, so I sat up. The way he walked into the kitchen was... sexy. Am I starting to think with my "second brain"? I shut my eyes and rubbed my forehead. When I looked up I noticed Rafael walking back towards me with a bottle in his hand. "Take off." He nodded at my undershirt. I raised my eyebrows at his request. I had my hand in a cast... why should I? "Condoms?" He asked.

"Ah.. I think I have some.. in the bathroom. Behind the mirror." I answered a bit out of it. He took another short trip, to the bathroom and came back with a pack of condoms.

He climbed back on top of me, kneeling above my thighs. He first slid a condom onto me, then opened the bottle of what seemed to be olive oil and poured quite some into his right palm. He reached back and started rubbing it into himself. I never saw anything like this before. My mouth dropped, but not my arousal. It was quite the opposite of gross. He was sexy as hell, for some odd reason, as the olive oil dripped down his thighs. He breathed slowly, as he was concentrated on his backside. I didn't waste another second, and started tugging on my undershirt, with my left arm.

You know when you are in a hurry and try to do something, it actually takes you longer, than if you were to do it calmly? That was exactly what was happening with me and the damn undershirt. But I finally managed to take it off, when Rafael positioned himself over me, and let himself down on top of me slowly, until I was completely inside him. His insides felt hot and slippery. I pulled him close (with my left arm), by his waist, as he lifted his hip slightly leaning into me, letting me kiss him and putting his arms around my shoulders. I might not have been into guys... or anyone for the matter, but this wasn't bad at all. Fact of the matter was that I wanted him. Everything about him felt good. I felt comfortable around him. Now that I was exited I couldn't hold back from embracing him. I wanted to have all of him, and that's why I took my time with everything I did with him.

At first I just pressed my lips against his, then parted mine as he did his, letting my tongue enter his mouth and caress his. He breathed into me as he started slowly rocking himself on top of me. Every time he pressed his hips down on me, I felt like I was going to lose it. The friction was hot and moist at the same time, so I didn't care about having a fractured arm anymore. I let in, and started moving my hips as best as I could.

Rafael leaned his head backwards, as he gasped for air. I dug my head into his naked neck, as he pulled me closer, digging his hands into my hair. I wanted to taste all of his smooth skin. He felt so soft and warm in my arms. I could feel his fast heartbeat as I licked and nibbled on his neck. He leaned into me again, putting his head over my left shoulder. He breathed in every time he pushed down on me, and I breathed along with him. He felt amazing, as I held him tight in my arms. The sensation was better than anything else I have ever experienced. His slow moves, deep breathing, his skin rubbing against mine felt hot and thrilling. He started holding his breath back more often, clenching his teeth, moaning through them. He reached his limit and came in between us. I couldn't bare it anymore, it took me only a few more thrusts to come as well.

Rafael leaned into me, catching his breath. He lifted his hips allowing me to slide out of him. "Damn... that was good." I smiled at him, with my left arm still around his waist. "Better than I would have imagined."

He smiled at me, still lying on top of me, with his hands over my chest. "Must not imagine... am here, whenever need." He said pressing his lips against mine. He then got off me. I licked my lips missing his. "Shower?" He reached his hand out to me.

"Ok." I said, getting up, following him into the shower, disposing of the condom, throwing it in the bathroom trashcan.

In the shower Rafael helped me keep my cast dry by washing me all over... but this time I didn't stop him at all.

First time I was the first one in class, since I transferred. I went to my seat and stared out the window. I really need to think about the whole Chris-thing. I don't think I can pretend it didn't happen. Chris is not the type that would just fade out. He's the type that jumps in front of you and even punches you just to be sure he got your attention.

But the whole thing was really confusing. First off, why would Chris be interested in guys? And a guy like me on top of things. As much as I think about it, I just can't picture him like that. I could imagine him just having fun... He is after all a street punk... And this kind of relationship could result in me getting a severe case of early hemorrhoids. Not that it didn't feel good... actually... it felt weird... the aftermath however was not something I would be looking forward to...

"Hey there..." Chris's voice pulled me from my thoughts. I looked up at him. He looked rather gloomy. First time I ever saw him like that. Almost as if he was sleep deprived.

"Oh, hey... didn't notice you coming in..." I answered, not really knowing how to react.

The teacher came in and told everyone to go to their seats. It was just then that I noticed Cy wasn't there. Was he skipping again? But then Chris would be skipping as well... Aw hell... not my problem...

I started noting stuff down from the board although I already learned them at my actual school. Oddly enough, the teacher was pissed for some reason. He didn't even allow the students to go on recess. I wonder whether it was because I corrected him at a couple of problems...

Couple of hours later, we finally had a break. Chris suddenly appeared next to me, pulled me out of the desk and started dragging me along the hallway. "C'mon! I need to talk to you!" He said.

"Err... o...k... " I said as I was trying hard not to be turned into a floor mop. Not like I really had a choice.

We reached the courtyard and he pulled me towards a more... secluded place. He pushed me against a wall.

"Do you hate me that much?!?" He almost yelled at me.

"Err... what?" I asked him. What on Earth had gotten into him? "What do you mean?"

"You were always sleeping during class!!! And now you're just pretending to pay attention just to ignore me?!?" He yelled.

"What do you mean? You didn't say anything during class..." I looked at him doubtfully.

"I was trying to get your attention throughout the entire class!"

"You did?!? I didn't notice... " I said scratching my head trying to remember...

His mouth dropped. "Ahhhh... damn it!" He said, leaning with one hand against the wall and rubbing his eyes with the other. "I need a cig..." He added, taking out a cigarette and lighting it. He blew the smoke out which, of course, came my way and since I couldn't stand it, I started coughing my lungs out.

"Ohh... Sorry! Are you ok?" He asked putting out his cigarette hurriedly. I was still coughing when I felt his hands on my shoulders. I looked up at him, and then back at his hands.

"Err..." I started...

"You really hate it, don't you?" He asked softly with a sad look on his face. The truth was, I didn't like it when people were too huggy with me. Even Cy knew that. He only hugged me when he wanted to annoy me.

"Errr... it's not that... I don't really hate it... I just can't stand it..." I said tilting my head, staring through Chris.

His jaw dropped. "For a nerd, you sure are direct." He smiled, shaking his head. A thought came to my mind. Wait! What exactly DID he mean?

"You do realize I was generalizing, don't you?" I asked him looking him in the eyes.

"You were what? You mean to say that..." He ventured.

"That I generally don't like it when people go all touchy and huggy on me!" I continued. "This includes Cy." He stared at me. "Look! I don't hate you! I just... don't get you! I'm not that street wise and take things at my own pace. And nothing and no one can change that. I need time to process this whole ... errr... thing... and I don't feel like over-clocking!" I said in one breath.

He raised an eyebrow. "Right... so... what you're saying is that you need time to think things through, right? I can do that!" He said smiling widely.

"Ummm... right!" I said and looked at my watch. We were there for almost an hour. It was already the next break.

"What do you say we ditch this joint and go see what that moronic friend of ours is up to?" He said, pointing at the exit.

"You mean skipping?" I asked surprised.

"You know, you are really funny sometimes!" He laughed at me. What was that all about?

I could finally diss school with an actual medical excuse... due to my arm being fraqctured. The doc said I shouldn't make too much physical effort... and I will take that into consideration when it comes to school... but not sex. I just can't put Rafael out of my mind, even though he's always near me. Well, except now... he's taking a bath. I just took a shower, with his help... after doing it with him all morning... again...

Someone knocked on the door, so I went to check it out. When I looked through the visor, I saw Chris, so I opened the door, and peeked around it. Usually I would just swing it open, but I can't do that with my arm in a cast.

"Hey, bitch. Why'd ya skip without me?" Chris asked, casually walking past me and plopping his lazy ass on my new couch. "Like your new couch." He grinned at me.

I was just about to close the door, when I noticed a Damen stroll in. "Sure! Ignore the insignificant creatures in this world, whydoncha? You self-proclaimed superior being, you!"

"Uh.........." I stared at him as he walked in the living room and leaned against the wall. "Damen?" I looked at him, not quite believing he even had the word "skip" in his vocabulary.

"Are you going to close the door any time soon?" Damen asked me.

I shrugged, turned my back to the door, and kicked it closed. Damen's eyes widened when he saw my cast. "What the foock happened to you?!"

"Well...." I started just as Rafael walked out of the bathroom in a half-undone robe, with the steam veiling him. I smiled at him, as he stopped to look at Chris and Damen, who suddenly turned to look at him. "I sorta got in a lil..." I continued, but stopped once I noticed Damen darting towards Rafael. Was that jealousy I saw in Chris's eyes when Damen walked over to Rafael?

"Uh.. hi! I'm Damen. What's your name? Can I take a picture of you?" Damen asked Rafael in one breath.

"Hey! Are you even listening to me?!" I yelled after him.

"A what?" Chris asked half-confused, half-surprised.

Rafael just calmly looked at Damen, who was beaming at him. I walked over to the couch and sat down. "Sure! Who cares about the injured insignificant person?" I razzed him, but he completely ignored me.

"Who's that?" Chris asked me pointing with his thumb at Rafael, as Damen already started taking pics of Rafael from all possible angles.

"Would you mind sliding off the top of the robe?" Damen asked, still taking pics. Both Chris and I jumped up and yelled "NO!", as Rafael was just about to slide off the top, but instead just gave me with a "what?" look.

"Get away from him!" I walked in between them.

"Don't you dare interfere with this! Who are you to stop the process of creation?!" Damen yelled at me.

"What? Are you feeling ok?" I asked putting my hand against his forehead, but he just slapped it off. "Who am I? Well..." I pulled Rafael to me by his waist and started kissing him.

There was a moment of silence, before Damen growled. "God damned ratings! Perfect scene with the demon..." He muttered. "How could I possibly introduce this into the game?"

"What fuckin game?!" Chris yelled, as I broke the kiss with Rafael. Damen ignored Chris's question and just kept staring at Rafael... he was starting to freak me out.

"Even if you want to design some game, you should snap out of it..." I told him. "Rafael is with me."

"Sure! Sure! I can see THA-... Your name is Rafael?!" Damen's eyes widened.

"Whatever." Chris said frowning and plopping back down onto the couch, with his arms crossed.

"Yes." Rafael finally talked.

"You... your voice... and name... perfect! Just perfect!" Damen beamed at Rafael again.

Rafael looked at Damen with the same nonchallant expression, then looked at me with a frown like "What is it that he wants anyway?".

"Just forget about him." I said putting my left arm around Rafael's shoulders, pulling him away from the crazed Damen, walking towards Chris. I threw Chris's legs off the couch and sat down next to him. I then grabbed Rafael's hand and pulled him next to me, so he sat down to my right. Damen strolled over, as he started looking through the pics he just took with his digital camera.

"So what DID happen to your arm anyway?" Chris asked me, glancing over to Rafael, and then looking back at me.

"It's worth a person's freedom, dontya think?" I grinned.

"Rafael?" Chris asked me, glancing over to him again. I just nodded with a smile. "You ARE crazy. In fact... you are ALL crazy." He looked at Rafael again. "I'm not sure about him yet though..."

"Naah... it's not like that..." I started and then continued telling him what happened, in a more detailed manner. Damen was listening and sometimes cut in the conversation, but he was taken in by the pictures... not in a freaky way anymore though... he finally calmed down and was in his "analitical-mood" now.

I couldn't stop looking at the pictures. They were great. I pretty much had everything I needed and I also found out some stuff about Rafael. He sounded like an intersting guy...

I left the apartment together with Chris. He had a smug look on his face.

"Are you ok?" I asked.

"Huh? Oh yeah..." He answered, still looking down. I took a closer look at him. Now that I think about it, his face looked somewhat familiar. He looked like one of those rogues that you saw in games, anime or manga. The ones that are generally good at heart but everybody thiks they are evil... Hey!!! Now that's a thought, my brain started processing.

"I'll see you in school!" I said and ran off before Chris could say anything. I was hurrying home to see if I could do something about that idea.

I spent most of the evening designing characters and working on dialogues. I had to present them to the producers in a couple of days to get things started. I was quite excited cause I suddenly got a lot of inspiration and everything was going smoothly. Gaadiel (my angel like character) was developing quite nicely.

I started work on another character, Raven. It was giving me quite a lot of trouble. I looked up some ideas on the net but I couldn't find anything. He was supposed to be pushy, ironic, strong... in other words... a scoundrel... a real thief. One of the characters everybody loves and hates.

Since I couldn't find anything, I started sketching him. Yes... green eyes... denote sharpness... Surprisingly, it was coming up well. Rather devilish eyes, smart smirk on his face......... OMG ... I was just staring at Chris's portrait! Fuk! How did it come to this? Although... I have to admit... he was perfect for the role... Oh God! I have to think about THAT??!!?? I don't wanna!!!!

The scenes from Friday night flooded my brain. Oh God... waaay to much information! To my surprise... and horror... the drawings of torsos, arms and expressions were almost drawing by themselves.

A couple of hours later I looked at them. Damn they turned out well... why the hell do I have to like exactly the weirdest characters? And Raven WAS going to be weird. I wasn't going to let him be just another fill in character.

I eventually went to bed at about 2 AM. I slept for a few hours and went to school in the morning. I was early today as well. I leaned back on the chair and looked "through" the people that were coming in.

"Hey there! Why did you run off like that yesterday?" Chris's voice startled me. He was looking a bit more like his usual self, yet still gloomy... I stared at him.

"Fuck!" I said, banging my head on the desk.

I couldn't (and wouldn't) go to school. I couldn't do much work at the base either, mostly all I could do was just laze around. Sounded like fun for the first few days, but it was getting boring. I was in the kitchen, leaning against a counter, chewing on an apple. Rafael just came out of the bathroom, wearing nothing but a large towel around his waist, reaching almost till the floor. He smelled really good. I still couldn't put my finger on his scent. He smelled somewhat like lilies. But I don't know flowers well enough to know what kind of lilies. As he came closer the towel swayed on his hips. I don't know why... but he could get my.. interests up. As he leaned into me, I noticed his skin was still moist... and warm.

"You're going to catch a cold like that. We really need to get you some clothes." I told him, my arm holding the apple reaching around him instinctively.

"Don't mind.." He smiled, pressing his forehead against mine, looking in my eyes with a sort of desire.

"You're too inviting like this." I said softly.

"Really?" He asked nonchalantly, still smiling.

"Fine. But if you'll tell me to stop, I won't listen to you." I said, pressing my lips against his and flipping him around, so now he was the one pressed against the counter. Somewhere between our bodies rubbing against each other and our tongues pressing against one another, I dropped the apple and focused my working hand on his backside, gently squeezing his cheek, then moving my hand inner, rubbing him between his cheeks through the towel. He moaned to my touch which only made me want to touch him more.

We broke the kiss and he looked up at me. Whether he could read my intentions or wanted the same thing, I couldn't tell, but he dropped the towel, sat up on the counter, parting his legs, and then wrapped them around me. We continued our kiss as he pushed my trousers as low as he could. I kicked them off the rest of the way, while Rafael started already tugging at my t-shirt, pulling it over my head, yet watching out for my injured arm. It was a bit of a struggle but he managed to take it off, leaving me completely naked before him, with a hard-on, waiting to be payed some attention.

"I'm at my limit..." I whispered into Rafael's ear, embracing him, feeling his smooth skin against mine. He didn't reply. He just leaned back, supporting his weight with his hands, and pulled me closer with his long legs. I was pressing against him, and without another thought, I started slowly entering. It was tight, but luckily moist. Once it was finally in, I was already feeling pleasure. Something I couldn't describe. It was more than just relief, or feeling good.

I started slowly moving, watching Rafael's expression closely, making sure not to cause him pain, although at first it did seem a bit hard for him. I put my full attention onto him, watching his body's movements, which would excite me even more. I pressed against his body gently, finally getting a moan out of him, but I wasn't sure if it was out of pleasure or not.

"Are you OK?" I asked him, catching my breath.

"Nnn.." He nodded. His erotic expression said no different, allowing me to freely grind against him. He pressed back against me, arching his back, making me draw nearer to my climax.

"If you keep.. ahh.. doing that.." I tried putting together words, but the pleasure was overwhelming and was muffling them. His legs just wrapped around me even tighter, pulling me into him, wanting more, so I gave in. I slid my left hand under his neck and pulled him in for a kiss as I continued pushing into him, faster now than before. He moaned in my mouth, just as hungry for the kiss as I was.

We gasped for air, moaning from the pleasure our bodies created together. His smooth skin and soft kisses were icing on the cake. His body was pulling me inner with every thrust... until I could think about nothing else than his erotic silhouette... wanting nothing more than my body... me. I kissed him for one last time, as we both reached our climax at the same time. Our lips separated as we tried catching our breaths, and I slid out of him.

"Sigh." I sighed, finally feeling a bit more uplifted. Rafael smiled at me, wrapping his arms around me and pulling me in for a soft peck. We were both covered with sweat and here and there with other body fluids. I lifted Rafael into my arms... or better said arm, as he had both his arms and legs still wrapped around me. I was heading towards the bathroom.

"Can walk." Rafael said looking at me with a guilty face, as if he was sorry I was carrying him.

"It's alright." I grinned. "You just relax." I told him, but he still seemed worried. "You're really light." I smiled at him, as we entered the bathroom and I finally let him down into the tub. "Sorry for the mess... and you just came out of the shower too.." I said with a sheepish grin, realizing maybe I went a bit too far. I blame it on my lack of things to do.

"Will help wash." Rafael just smiled at me with a content look in his eyes, so I got in the tub with him, as he turned on the water.

"Yo, mind if I crash at your place for a few days?" Chris asked with a smug look on his face.

"What? Why my place?" I looked up at him. "Why not Cy's? Or one of your friends'?" I asked panic struk. "And what's wrong with yours?"

"I had a fight with my older bro.. and I don't want to be under the same roof with him right now." He said with a serious face. "I could go stay with those two cakes, but seeing Cy all over a guy right now is more than I could handle."

He lowered his head and his bangs covered his eyes, making me unable to clearly see his expression. I could only see his teeth clench slightly.

"My brother wants me to be like him. I'm sorry to disappoint him, but not everyone can be smart, talented and popular at the same time." He said in a low, upset tone.

I didn't know he had a brother. Also, it was the first time I saw him so serious.

"I failed him... I failed him..." A long haired figure kept repeating with his head lowered while standing in heavy rain and clenching his fists.

I shook my head.

"Fine! You can stay." I sighed. I felt it was the right thing to do, yet I couldn't help having the feeling that I had just opened the gate to a wolf.

"Thanks." He said and took his seat behind me.

The teacher came in and the lecture started. Chris was silent through the entire lecture. Every once in a while I looked back at him but he was either looking out the window or resting his head on the desk.

Although I got used to this laze-around-have-sex-all-day schedule, I wasn't too disappointed when Val called me and asked me to come in to help him out with some (non-physical) work. Val worked at the base for about 2 years now, so I got along pretty well with him, although it'd be hard to imagine anyone who couldn't get along with him. He was always calm and polite, nothing seemed to get to him.

"I'll be back in a few hours. Sorry about leaving you alone." I smiled at Rafael, as I was heading for the door. He nodded with a frown. I hope he won't get too bored until I'm gone.

At the base, I headed directly to the jet hangers, where Val was waiting for me. He worked on the software device side, while I worked on hardware. He was the guy who built the microprograms, usually in machine language. Not many people were able to do that, so the payment for it was high, even though he was just a high schooler like me. In fact he was 15. After our greetings we got straight to work. I explained to him how the actual piece of hardware worked with another piece, while he took notes and already projected some prototype software over them.

After a couple of hours I gave Val a chummy goodbye hug and went home. It was already dark outside, although it was only a bit past 7PM. I carefully took off my jacket and walked into the dark apartment. I turned on the lights and made a few sandwiches to eat. This took me longer than usually, since I had only one hand I could work with. And my cutting technique really sucks with my left hand. My sandwiches looked awful, I admit. But the taste was the same. After my supper, I visited the bathroom for the nightly routine. Taking a piss, brushing my teeth, that sorta stuff. Finally, I headed for the bedroom, where Rafael was curled up like a cat, on the bed. He seemed to be asleep. That, or he was dead from boredom. Hopefully not the latter.

I climbed into bed right next to him, placing my right arm over his waist. He didn't move at all. I pulled back the hair covering his face, with my left hand, and stood still for a few moments, analyzing his face. As I placed my fingers over his lips, I could feel him breathe through his nose. Well, he seemed OK. Resting peacefully. It was still early, not more than 9PM, but I decided to call it in for tonight. I spooned up to Rafael and before I knew it, his soothing sleep caught onto me.

"You can sleep on that sofa. There aren't any other beds in this apartment except for mine. And we'll have to share the bathroom." I said, pointing at the couch. "Are you even listening to me?"

Chris was busy rummaging through my library and my CD and DVD collection. "You know, I never really got to look around your place the last time I was here..." He said, holding one of my collection edition manga and looking at it.

"Hey! Don't go through people's stuff just like that!" I yelled at him.

"Is that where your bed is?" He asked, ignoring my words. He was pointing at the bed upstairs and not a second later, darted toward it.

"Oi! Stop ignoring me, you bastard!" I yelled and ran after him. When I got up and looked around, Chris was sprawled on my bed with his eyes closed. What the... I went closer and knelt down next to him, taking great care. I was expecting him to jump up any minute and grab my arm or something like that. Any minute now...

A minute went by. Then another three. I took a closer look. Chris was sound asleep. What the hell was the matter with him? People don't just fall asleep like that for no reason. I sighed, took my blanket and covered him with it.

Five hours later, I had already eaten, finished my homework and started work on a project. Chris was still asleep right behind me. I wanted to listen to some music but I didn't want to disturb him so I put on some headphones. Therion's new album was playing loudly in my ears as I was playing with some configuring options on a program.

Suddenly, I felt an arm tighten around my waist. "Hey! What do you think you're doing?!" I asked loudly, trying to remove his arm. It just tightened more until it almost hurt. "Chris..." I moaned but when I looked behind me, he was still asleep. Or was he just pretending? I let go of his arm and he loosened the grip. After waiting for a while and not sensing any other movement, I went back to work. This was all wrong...

The lazing around and going to the base to help out Val took turns with me. I guess the doc was right when he said that too much physical effort would wear me out. I didn't think just walking from my place to the base (10-15 minute walk) could ever wear me out. But it was harder since I had to drag my right arm, it being heavier with the cast. This also reduced my quality time with Rafael. Even if I wanted to do it with him, my body felt too heavy to make any other physical movement.

When I usually got back, Rafael was either already sleeping, or mostly just sitting in the window frame, staring outside at nothing in particular. I don't know how he's able to just idle about. I'd be bored out of my skull. Maybe I should take him with me next time.

There were a couple of times when he started rubbing up against me, or the usual moves he'd make when he was coming onto me, but I would just hug him and pull him to my chest, making him unable to move, so I could rest. He did catch on though, telling me I could just say no, instead of rejecting him so deviously. But I just didn't want to reject him in any way, that's why I would rather hold him than push him away.

Today I was too beat to move a finger (well on my injured arm anyway), so instead of going to the base, I told Val to come over. I took a pair of sweat pants and a t-shirt and placed them on the side of the bed, in which Rafael was still half asleep. "Put these on when you get up." I told him in a low tone.

He looked at the clothes for a minute with lazy eyes, analyzing them, then looked up at me, with a "why" expression. I smiled at him and answered his silent question: "A friend will be stopping by. It's just something casual." He nodded at me, and so I went in the kitchen to start the process of making breakfast... slowly. Sigh.

By the time I finished making an omelet for two people, Rafael came out of the bedroom... wearing clothes. I smiled at him. He looked good even in some comfortable getup. "See? Clothes aren't that bad." I told him and he coyly smiled at me. Even though I have seen him smile before, it's always the same. He still seems a bit sad even behind his smiles. I would like to see him smile from his heart for once, but I don't know how to get him to do that.

We sat down and ate breakfast together. Rafael kept pushing his hair back while he ate. His movements were careful as usual, but when he put his hair behind his ear, his movements were even more enticing.

After breakfast Val showed up at my door, so I let him in and introduced him to Rafael, who was always close by me, when I was at home. There was a pause between them, for only they know what reason... well, Rafael doesn't talk much either way. Val doesn't talk much either... but.. it was a pause, even in silence.

We got right to work and decided a few hours later to take a brake. Rafael was taking a bath, since he got bored of sitting next to us and watch us work, which involved a lot of things he most likely didn't understand. Jet engines aren't everyone's field of interest.

"I thought you lived alone. You have a roommate?" Val asked me, as I stretched out a bit... well, my left arm only anyway.

"I guess... you could put it that way." I answered with a smirk.

"Eh?" Val frowned at me.

"He's staying with me." I tried clearing it for him, while he looked at his feet with a thinking expression.

I went over to the small kitchen to whip up some snacks. Even snacks would take me a while. Damn it. But I wanted to chew on something. After a few minutes I noticed Val walked over next to me, well, behind me. "You're OK with junk food right?" I asked him, but he looked a bit distracted. He carefully closed in, and before I knew it he was standing on his toes, kissing me. The kiss was only a few seconds long... lips only... but why?

"I like you." Val said looking at me with an uncertain, yet longing expression. Those three words topped my "shock" from the kiss. I didn't know what I should do exactly. He was a good kid. Smart, cute, but... why this? Why now?

"I... I need to think..." I said rubbing my forehead.

"If... if I knew that you were OK with guys too, I would have... approached you earlier..." He said with shaking hands. "Am I no good?"

"No... it's not like that... I just... never thought about you in that way. And..." Somehow this didn't feel right. I wasn't into guys, but... Rafael was the only exception. Maybe under different circumstances... then again... maybe not. "... sorry, I don't want to hurt your feelings, because you are an important friend, but.."

"Not more, huh?" He said with a forced smile. "It's ok... I'm sorry..." He said with a shaky voice and quickly walked over to the couch, packing his stuff up.

Why the hell was this shit happening to me? "Wait! Val, wait!" I ran after him, grabbing his arm, but he shoved me, hurting my right arm. "Argh, dammit!"

"Sorry!" He looked at me with a shocked expression and moist eyes, noticing my pain.

"No... it's ok... I'm sorry. I don't want you running off like this." I said sincerely, looking him in the eyes. "Heh.. what an odd situation. I wouldn't really know what to do with it, but... I know one thing..." I continued while Val listened to me intently. "... you ARE important to me, but there's no way I can prove that to you right now. I don't want to lose a friend. You understand what I want to say?" I asked him, while he nodded uncertainly. "I have known you for only a few years, but... I want to know you for many more. OK?" He nodded again, and I embraced him, patting his head with my left hand, as he grabbed onto my shirt, sniffling and saying "sorry" in a low voice. I tried soothing him, rubbing his back and kissing his forehead. This really wasn't like me, but that's the only thing I could think of right now. Maybe I've gone soft from staying inside for so long. Then again I wasn't all that mean from the start, since I have such caring friends. Maybe a bit too caring... Hahah... Damn..

After Val calmed down, he went home by a cab and I went straight to the bedroom, to sleep, since this was even more tiresome. Rafael was already out from the bath and in bed, sleeping on his side. I could only see his back, so I climbed into bed, trying not to wake him... since then he might wanna do something that I wasn't up to right now. I turned to my right side, resting my arm on the bed this time and went to sleep... or tried to anyway, but before I knew it, my brain followed my tired body into finally resting after a long day.

A man covered in a green cloak was running towards the temple. Branches were scratching his face and arms as he was darting desperately towards the goal. Just a couple of meters more! He reached the clearing. The heavy iron door was closing slowly. Panting and breathing heavily, he jumped, trying to fit through the constant narrowing entrance. He hit the floor of the temple with a loud thump. He lay there breathing heavily. Putting an elbow on the floor, Raven tried to get up but seeing he could barely move, he settled for just looking at the ceiling. It was high... very high and pitch black. Raven tried to make out anything at all but the more he stared, the more the shades swirled. He squinted...

All of a sudden he could hear a noise. It was distant yet it was getting louder. Suddenly, the room was filled with a sharp ringing noise. He covered his ears, clenching his teeth in pain.

"Aaaaargh!" I yelled and looked around, squinting. It had all been a dream. I stopped the alarm clock and sat up. Food... toilet... These were the basic functions my brain could process at the moment. As I started descending, my eyes still unwilling to open, a nice aroma surrounded me. It smelled like omelet and pancakes.

"Mom... you in there?" I asked, rubbing my eyes. A tall, blond figure was standing near the table with his back to me.

"Mornin! I went ahead and made some breakfast." He said.

"Raven?" I asked again, still rubbing my eyes.

"Huh? Oh I see you ain't got no more squares on your cheek." He continued. I realized it was Chris and remembered the events of the previous day.

"What squares?" I suddenly remembered after sitting at the table.

"When I got up at around 7, you were sleeping with your face on the keyboard. I put you in bed and then started makin breakfast." He answered with a serious face, which soon cracked into laughter. "Do you always look like that in the morning?" Chris asked laughing away.

"Yeah, yeah, laugh away! Lemme see you laugh when the gargoth takes a sniff at your soul and tries to rip you apart!" I grumbled, putting my forehead on the table, next to the plate.

"Ehh... alright... I see you're still sleeping." Chris looked at me raising an eyebrow.

"Humph... what do you understand, commoner. Just a common thief." I mumbled. "Bathroom!" I suddenly raised my head and ran towards the bathroom. Chris was standing next to the table, holding a plate of pancakes and looking blank after me.

During breakfast I kept fumbling and thinking. But this may not be a good idea... Should I ask him? What if he refused? And wouldn't he find it weird? Plus, I wasn't sure I wanted an almost naked Chris around me...

"Why are you so jittery?" Chris asked looking up at me through his bangs.

"Umm... right... ummm... errr... Chris?" I started.

"Glad we got my name straightened out..." He interrupted me.

"Right! Umm... do you have somewhere to be after school?" I asked.

"Here, I'm hoping." He answered, lowering his fork and knife and looking straight at me with a serious look on his face.

"Great! Great! Umm... right... Thing is, I wanted to ask you something..." I tried to explain. "But don't get it the wrong way or anything! OK?" I went ahead, inhaling.

"You're acting weird... Weirder than usually that is... Spit it out already." He said.

"I want you to pose for me!" I almost yelled. Chris looked blankly at me for a couple of seconds.

"To what?" he asked eventually.

"You see... There's this game! And this character, Raven! And I'm stuck with drawing him! And others! And build them! And plot! But that's beside the point here! Oh, I'm working on the game! Raven looks a lot like you... Actually, he's modeled after you, but I don't know your sizes... I mean proportions! And... right... Bottom line is... Can you? Will you?" I said in one breath.

"Yeah, sure." He replied shrugging.

School that day was boring. Chris slept through most of the classes while I drew. The problems and tasks were too easy for me to bother with and I got the feeling the teachers were rather pleased with my silence. The evening was promising to be more interesting though. For some reason (actually, I think it was a damn good reason... If I could only figure out what the actual reason would be) I had a weird feeling about it. I looked around at Chris. He wasn't sleeping anymore but looking out the window, cupping his chin with his left hand. He had a very serious look on his face and didn't even notice me. Wait a minute! Why am I looking at HIM? I realized and quickly turned around.

I woke up and I noticed there was a note on the bed, instead of Rafael. "Was just renting your bed with my body. Sorry for the bother."

This cannot be happening! Why now? This question is starting to haunt me. I need to find him and clear things up. I dressed as quickly as I could, my hand was more mobile lately, and although I didn't have a cast anymore (I heal fast), I still had it bandaged. I grabbed my jacket and a pair of shoes and ran out the door.

I didn't know much about Rafael. All I knew is that he had no place to go. He didn't talk much but he acted a lot like a cat. He liked sitting in high places, looking down. Then again he went back to the streets. Hopefully he won't start selling his body again. I have to find him fast before anything happens to him. What if those procurers get to him first?

I raced through the streets, looking around the area where I first saw him, but I couldn't find him. I looked on top of a few buildings that anyone had access to. Last, I decided to check the Vectra club, but no one was there. Maybe it was too early. I didn't give up though, I searched almost every corner of Harlem, yet I couldn't find him anywhere. The day came to an end yet I had no luck. I went back home hungry and tired, but I could barely eat anything and aside from resting, I couldn't sleep.

After we got home Chris cooked lunch for us with whatever leftovers he found in my fridge. After he threw out everything that had life growing on it, which meant over two thirds of what was in there.

On the way I properly explained to him what it was all about. So after we both took a shower (separately of course) I went upstairs to get my sketchpad, pencils, charcoal and eraser.

"Sooo, where do you want me naked?" Chris grinned loosening the towel he had around his waist.

"I don't want you naked anywhere! In fact, I don't want you naked at all! Put some god damn underwear on!" I snapped at him, closing my eyes shut. I heard the sound of the towel sliding down his feet and tightened the grip on my sketchpad. I opened one eye. Chris was standing in the middle of the living room... wearing a pair of boxer briefs and grinning devilishly at me. I hate him.

"OK, just turn around and stay there, please." I said and after he turned around, mumbling something about discomfort, I took a good look at him and started sketching.

After an hour or so of making Chris stand in various positions, I told him to face me, standing straight and that it would be the last pose. I looked at his torso and started drawing. Every once in a while I took quick looks at him and couldn't help but notice he was staring at me intently. I sank into the couch more, bringing my knees almost to my face, resting the sketchpad on them. I felt like a soft warmth was surrounding me.

I was detailing one of his leg muscles when all of a sudden I noticed Chris's arms surround me. I didn't even notice him coming over. I lowered my head, hiding behind my sketchpad, feeling my cheeks burning.

"Damen..." Chris whispered. I didn't answer. "Damen..." Chris called, a little louder and with a firmer tone. "Look at me."

"Wha...?" I could barely ask in a low, hoarse tone, raising my head but still covering half my face with the sketchpad. His green eyes were glowing weirdly as he was looking at me, his face a couple of inches away from mine. Did it suddenly get hot in here? My face looked as though covered in boiled lobster crust.

"Are you still afraid?" Chris asked. "I know I didn't ask but I would like an answer." He continued.

" what?" I stuttered refusing to acknowledge the question. He took the sketchpad out of my hands, dropped it on the floor and brought his face next to mine again. I grabbed my knees and held them tight.

"Do you want to be with me?" He asked.

"Um... I didn't actually think about it like that... you see..." I mumbled but Chris's kiss suddenly made me shut up. His tongue was sliding gently over my lips and I involuntarily opened them, allowing it to slide in and gently massage mine. I felt a weird warmth surrounding my chest and stomach. I found myself responding to his kiss.

He broke the kiss and looked at me with half closed eyes and a drop dead serious expression. "If you're planning on refusing, you'd better never look at me like that again or you'll make me lose my cool and I won't be able to hold back anymore. Do you have any idea what it feels like for me to feel your gaze on me every day?" He said, clenching his teeth. He actually noticed me looking at him?

"I do..." I mumbled.

"What? Your answer is "yes"?" He asked.

"No! I mean... I'm starting to..." I tried to continue when Chris's slightly angry look froze me.

"Damn it! Can't you give me a straight answer for once?" He snapped, clenching the back of the couch.

I sank back into the pillows, bringing my arms to my face. I didn't feel like that in a long time... actually, I didn't feel like that since the first time I met him. I was afraid of him. I had the feeling he was going to rip me apart.

My eyes started filling with tears. I was also feeling anger build up inside of me. I was angry because I allowed myself to feel this. If I had kept my distance none of this would have happened. Tears started flowing down my cheeks and I was unable to stop them. I hate this! I really hate it!

"Damen... " I heard Chris's slightly worried voice. "Damen... Are you crying?" He asked again in a more alarmed tone. Damn these stupid shoulders! Why can't they stop shaking?

"Hey! C'mon! I didn't mean to make you cry! Damen!" He put his hands on my shoulders.

"Hate..." I whispered.

"What?" He asked.

"I hate you! I really hate you!" I yelled, choking, as tears streamed down my cheeks. "I hate you for what you're doing to me! I hate you for acting like that! I hate you for never listening to me! I hate you for never trusting me! I hate you for making me be scared of you! I HATE YOU!" I yelled, looking at him and barely breathing.

I couldn't see his face because everything was blurry. "I..." He tried to speak but I cut him off.

"I told you I take things at my own pace but you never listen to me! I wanted to tell you that I'm starting to feel what it's like to have... to have somebody look at me like that! But you wouldn't listen! You never do! Everything has to be how you want them to be, when you want them! It's all about you! And I can't stand it! I can't keep up! I can't..."

I lowered my head on my knees and kept crying. I felt Chris sit next to me and, slowly, his arms surrounded me in a hug. He held me tight as I tried to break free.
"Sorry... I didn't want to pressure you like that. I just... Yeah, I'm used to getting what I want, when I want it. But I haven't met anyone so stubborn like you... someone so small standing up to me like that... Well... maybe that tree I had an argument with when I got drunk once but it wasn't small at all..." He tried to joke.

I kept struggling so he grabbed my arms and slowly pushed me back on the couch until he was on top of me, holding my hands tight on my chest. I still couldn't see his face clearly but I did notice him coming closer until I could feel his lips on mine.

He didn't try to put his tongue into my mouth. He just lay over me, kissing me gently. When he rose a little, he brought my hands over my head and fastened them with one hand. I tried to shove him off of me but Chris was too heavy. He brought his hand to my face and slowly wiped away my tears. All this time, the only sounds in the room were my sobs and gasps.

A couple of minutes went by in silence. I realized I couldn't get him off me so I gave up trying a while ago, and focused on trying to calm down. All this time, Chris said nothing. He just lay on top of me with his head buried in my shoulder. It was after another couple of minutes that he lifted his head. I could see him clearly now. He had a dark, serious expression. Yet this time it didn't scare me. He looked a bit sad.

"Sorry..." He whispered. I looked at him frowning. "Idiot..." He smiled softly. Who the hell was he calling an idiot? HE was the idiot here! I turned my face toward the couch but he cupped my chin and made me face him. Then he kissed me. Slowly and gently he went lower and started kissing my neck.

"Hnn... Let go..." I moaned. He looked up at me surprised. "Let go of my hands." I continued. He let go of my hands and lifted his upper body while leaning on his hands. He looked ... he looked ... dark... All of a sudden, I felt as though a chill went through my body. I didn't want him so far away from me even though he was almost right on top of me. I wanted him close to me... Closer than ever.

I raised my hands, pulled him towards me and hugged him tightly. I could feel the warmth of his neck and felt an urge to kiss it. And I did. Again and again, sliding my lips up and down, feeling the pulse of the jugular accelerating. He started breathing more heavily but also to kiss my neck and shoulder, pulling on my t-shirt's collar.

He lifted himself a bit and raised my shirt. He stopped for a while, put his hand around my waist an started caressing them and kissing my abdomen. He grabbed my shirt and pulled it over my head, taking it off. Once free of the shirt I wanted to feel his warmth close to mine so I pulled him towards me, kissing him to the point of forgetting to breathe. I didn't really know what was happening to me but, oddly enough, I didn't care. All I knew was that I wanted Chris. My pants and boxers were off a couple of seconds later.

Chris, looking at me with blurry eyes, grinned and lowered his head. Only seconds later I felt the warmth of his mouth surround my penis. His tongue was going up and down on it making me gasp and moan. I felt a greater and greater heat building up in my body. My fingers were clenching the couch material as I was trying to keep my calm. But I knew I wouldn't be able to hold on for long. I clenched my fists, arched my back and came with a loud moan.

My face must have been burning red as I looked at Chris who was just wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. When he removed his hand he revealed a devilish grin. "That was a pretty heavy load for such a small guy!" He chuckled. I felt my temperature rising. That stupid insensitive bastard! I raised my left leg and tried to kick him in the stomach but he caught it, pulled it to the right and managed to flip me over on my belly. He then leaned forward, covering my body with his. "Always so feisty, ha?" He whispered, nibbling on my ear. "Just like a kitten. One minute hissing and scratching, the next purring, stretching and arching." He continued. I could feel his wide grin as he whispered. Her covered my fists with his hands and started kissing my neck and shoulder. "I'll be right back..." He said, lifting himself off of me.

"Where are you going?" I asked, surprised. "To the kitchen. I don't want to hurt you again but..." He clenched his hands on my hair, bringing his face next to mine. "... but I can't hold back any longer. And not even the devil will stop me now. Not when you look like that..." He kissed me hard and disappeared in the kitchen. I ran my hand through my hair, trying to calm down. I knew what was going to come next but for some reason, it didn't feel weird. That's why when Chris returned and stood in front of me, resting his weight on one leg, the way he always did, I raised my hands, barely keeping them from shaking too much and pulled down his boxer briefs. I looked up and noticed that he was already hard... very hard if you were to ask me. I involuntarly gulped.

Chris grabbed my hands and pushed me gently onto the couch. He wasn't grinning anymore, or chuckling. He wasn't even smiling. With a very serious look, he ran his hand through my hair and caressed my cheek. "Umm... should I turn over?" I asked, with my cheeks on fire.

"No... I want to look at you... I want you to look at me too." He whispered. He raised my legs, put some oil around my hole and on his arousal.

"Are you ready? I'm putting it in... " I felt a sharp pain as he entered me, even though he was careful not to do it too fast. When I calmed down a bit, he started rocking his hips slowly. Oh my God! It was as though he was pushing it all the way to my neck. I must have been making some weird faces because he slowed down. Moments later, it stopped hurting. It felt weird... hot. He was rocking faster and faster, not taking his eyes away from mine. I closed my eyes shut as I felt pleasure taking over me, but I opened them immediately. Chris was still looking at me and breathing heavily. He leaned over me and pulled me up.

"I'm ... I 'm gonna cum!" He moaned, hugging me hard. Just moments later he came with a loud moan. We sat like that for minutes, both of us breathing hard and holding each other, our bodies wet with sweat.

The next day, as I continued wandering the streets, I started seeing things. Here and there whenever I saw a long haired blond I ran up to them, but when I saw their face I realized it was just another girl. It was getting dark already, but I had no luck to even find a lead. That's it! I need a lead. I have to talk to people.

I was tired, but I decided to grab something to eat on the way, and while I was running around town, I looked for faces I recognized (thugs) to ask them about a "certain prostitute". "So that's your fancy?" One Brit kid I asked smirked at me.

"Don't mock me now. I am really NOT in the mood. Have you seen him or not?" I grabbed him by the shirt and his smile faded. In fact he looked a bit scared.

"Take it easy, mate! I might have seen some bloke like him..." He answered cautiously.

"SOME BLOKE LIKE HIM!?" I growled at him. "Tell me how many guys do you know with long blond hair and a beautiful face?!"

"Ah... yeah.. it must have been him then.. but I didn't tell you this.." He said in a whisper. "I saw him with that Vectra fella, the tall one.. but I don't know where they are." With that I let him go and headed back to the Vectra club. This time it was packed with all sorts of people. A few thugs here and there, but no gang. Then a tall guy caught my attention. As the crowd shifted I thought I saw a shorter (than him) blond next to him. They were heading in the same direction. The tall guy had him by the arm, dragging him to the back room.

I quickly pushed my way through the crowd and snuck in the back as well. It was a narrow hallway, with a guard at the end who just nodded at the tall guy, who entered the room with the blond. I'm sure it was Rafael, he was still wearing the clothes I gave him. Once the door closed behind them, it was my chance so I took it and ran over to the guard. "What the-!?" Was all he could mutter before I punched his face in. I was frustrated and angry. This time I wouldn't take it easy. I took his gun, assuming that in the back room others might be packed as well, plus I was still recovering.

When I barged in, the first person I pointed the gun at was the tall guy, who had Rafael in front of him on the floor, on all fours with his pants down. He had his dick in Rafael, but froze to the spot once he saw me. Rafael had a surprised and sorrowful expression, while the tall guy looked at me, clenching his teeth, hissing: "You!"

"Take your dick outta him, before I get trigger happy!" I yelled at him, and he backed off. Maybe I should just fucking shoot them all and get them off my hands once and for all.

"You're Cyrus Rush, aren't you? You stupid ass put my bro in the hospital for a ruptured spline." He said glaring at me with hate. By that time Rafael pulled his pants up and, with his back turned to me, walked closer to the tall guy.

"I don't know who the fuck you're talkin about, but I will gladly do the same to you." I continued, but just as the atmosphere was getting tenser, Rafael shoved his knee in the tall guy's crotch. I wasn't the only one shocked. The tall guy fell down to his knees, holding his balls. The other two guys that were in the room, looked like they wanted to help him, but wouldn't move.

Rafael turned and walked out the door. "Don't ever bother us again, or next time I will kill you all." I said with a serious face, running out after Rafael. As I budged through the crowd and finally exited, I looked around and noticed Rafael heading down a street with a fast pace. "Wait! Rafael!" I rushed after him, since he wouldn't stop.

I reached him and grabbed his right arm, stopping him and turning him around to face me. "Why did you run away?" I frowned at him. "What was with that note? I didn't just sleep with you to saturate my sexual desires. I know you didn't do it for just a place to stay either!"

"Ugh..." He looked at the ground almost on the verge of crying. ".. Like you."

My eyes widened in surprise. This... I didn't mind. It was different than with Val. Without a second thought I embraced him and kissed him. "I like you too." I said with a smile, once we broke the kiss. It's true. I like him. I never had this feeling before, but whenever I'm around him, it's there.

"And Valentine?" He asked with a frown.

"What about him?" I smiled. "He's important to me too, but in a different way. I actually love you both. For me there's only one kind of love. However, with you, there's more... there's lust." I said clutching him. "Please don't ever leave me." I gave him another soft kiss.

"Nn..." He nodded, with a gentle smile. This was the first time I saw him smile for real. His face was made for smiling, and I intended to make him always smile, even if it would take some time.

The sun was shining through the window, covering Rafael almost naked silhouette with light. He was lying on his belly, partly covered with a sheet. He looked calm, and with the light shining on him, he looked like an angel with long, golden hair. I reached out, caressed his face and gently climbed on top of him, sliding my fingers down the length of the few golden strands that were resting over his smooth cheeks.

"Mnn.." He moaned slightly, slowly opening his eyes and looking up at me. I smiled at him and he lazily smiled back, closing his eyes again. He still seemed somewhat tired. I moved my face closer to his, while pulling the golden strands back, over his shoulder and embracing him from behind. I pressed my lips against Rafael's. They were warm and soft. He smiled, kissing me back, as he opened his eyes half-way and looked back up at me. He started slowly turning around, with small, careful moves, so I budged over and turned to my right side. He moved closer and slid his arms around my waist, squirming.

"Hmm..?" He murmured, looking in between us, noticing my semi-erection, through my boxer-briefs. He looked back up at me. I just smiled at him. His expression just then was enough to make the blood rush in my veins. "Ugh.." He soughed, pulling his right hand back over my waist. He started moving it towards my crotch, but I placed my hand over his, stopping him.

"No. We can do that later." I whispered, while caressing his cheek with the back of my right hand, which lay between us, bandaged. Rafael lowered his head over my clavicle's right side with a soft sigh. I raised his right hand to my chest and kissed his forehead. Then I went back to caressing his long strands. "You're hair's beautiful... but we need to cut it." I said quietly. "By the time it grows back, things will dim down, and no one will be on our case anymore."

He silently agreed to my proposal, so after a late morning, we ate and then I cut his washed hair. I am no hairdresser, but we couldn't just get a public hairdresser to do it. I didn't want anyone to know about it. Besides, it looked good even if it wasn't a professional haircut. And it was good exercise for my hand too. It was just about fully healed, so a little activity now and then would do it good.

I woke up upstairs, in my bed, with Chris' arm around me. I looked at him and noticed that peaceful, serious look that he only displayed when he was sleeping. His bangs covered most of his eyes and flowed down his cheek bones. I got up careful not to wake him up and put on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. My computer was there, with work waiting for me. Work that was slightly delayed since I hadn't been able to do anything last night. I folded my legs in front of me and started typing away. I don't know how long it passed but I suddenly felt a hand grabbing me by the collar of my t-shirt and pulling me back.

"Your keyboard is a little loud" a hoarse voice whispered in my ear.

I landed on the floor and took sight of Chris' upside down face over me. He leaned sideways and kissed me.

"Morning" he whispered shortly interrupting the kiss.

"Mmmmrn...nnn" I mumbled, barely being able to speak. He put an arm around my waist and leaned the other on the floor, playing with my bangs. He kissed me again, this time harder and deeper. I put an arm around his back and unfolded my legs.

"I'm... hungry..." he whispered again with a grin on his face. "And what a way to start breakfast! Desert!" Chris whispered to my ear and started kissing and licking my neck.

"Hn... nnn..." All I could do is moan as I had given up trying to push him aside a long time ago.

He put a hand under my t-shirt and started caressing my belly. The atmosphere was getting hot. The hand was sliding dangerously low... The... door bell rang?

"Damn it!" Chris cursed in a hoarse tone, looking obviously frustrated. Myself, I wasn't sure what I felt. A little frustration, for my current erection, or relief for the current not so soon approaching butt pain.

I crawled from under Chris and down the stairs because I had not yet gotten full control over my motor functions. I leaned on the door knob, peeked from behind while Cy and Raf strolled past me and sat on the couch. Well, Raf sat. Cy slammed himself on it, with his boots hanging out. Chris was still upstairs, peeking down a little frustrated.

"Trouble whit your bro again?" Cy asked him.

"Same old same old..." Chris mumbled and slumped down wearing a pair of shorts.

"Sure! Make yourself at home! Don't mind me. And how are you this morning, oh great master? Would you like some refreshments?" I asked, still leaning on the doorknob.

"Yeah, I'll have a glass of scotch and make it snappy!" Cy dismissed me with one hand and turned his attention towards Chris.

"One glass of apple juice coming right up." I said, returning from the kitchen with a glass in my hand. I stopped dead on my tracks when I took a better look at Raf. His long, silver blond hair was now a... a... barely anything. "Whaaaa....." I started to complain.

"My scotch! Why are you giving it to the carpet?!" Cy asked stretching his hands toward the glass of apple juice that I had just noticed was spilling on the floor. I darted toward Cy and started grabbing at his cheeks.

"What have you done!? You clipped off the angel's wings, you pagan!" I was yelling at him, pulling on his cheeks.

"Bwaaaah, bwasphemy! I'be daan na sach ssing!" I let him go for a second, because for once, I couldn't really understand what he was saying, and also, I was in no mood for a spit shower so early in the morning.

"Dang, you guys realize that most guys on the street would envy Damen like hell? For the chance to personally inflict pain on Cy and getting away without a scratch." Chris grinned, lighting a cig.

"Yeah yeah, details! We're here to invite this critter to his own birthday party." Cy said, pointing at me.

"My what?"

"His what?" Chris and I asked in one voice.

"Don't tell me you forgot your own birthday!" Cy glared at me. "Damn! And to think I woulda gotten off the hook so easily!" he grinned.

"Oh no you don't! I want my birthday present!" I started shaking Cy.

"Whoa! Chill! That's my present for you. I'm holding your birthday party at my place. And since you don't have many friends, I'm gonna invite some of mine!" He said with a wide stupid grin on his face. "Don't worry, I know people other than thugs!"

"Yeah! Raf, your mom, your sister and me! Are you sure you're not holding this party for yourself?" I asked suspiciously.

He waved his hand beckoning, and shortly after, both him and Raf left.

"Say, why didn't you tell me it was your birthday?" Chris asked, taking his cig out of his mouth.

"I forgot." I told him blankly.

"Well, I guess it's all for the best. I won't be able to be booked for statutory rape anymore." he grinned next to my ear.

"You're not that lucky! I'm only turning 17! I'm still a minor! So ha! You pedophile!" I mocked him as he just darted towards me, lifting me on his shoulder.

"Don't you play smart with me, brat! Do you think I give a damn bout morals when I'm with you?" He smiled and carried me upstairs, then threw me on the bed.

"Hey! Stop it! I have to work!" I yelled at him, trying to keep my pants on.

"No you don't!" He grinned, tugging at my pants.

The party was set up for Damen, I even blew a few balloons for him since he likes goofin around with them. I ordered food of course, I wouldn't bother cooking it myself and I couldn't make Chris do it either. There was also a big chocolate cake as a finish... for Damen alone... the rest of the guests could eat from another cake. There.. that should suffice as a present. The guests started coming one by one, and finally the main guest showed up too in his usual comfortable baggy style.

"Happy birthday little one. And I'm not referring to the part of you still being a minor." I grinned at Damen as he followed Chris inside. Chris gave me a handshake as he passed by me.

"Yeah yeah. Where's the food?" Damen passed me, ignoring me and darting straight for the food. Chris kept to Damen, so I went over to them too, since Val was nearby and I wanted to introduce him to Damen.

"Hey, ya ravenous little beast. I want you to meet someone." I pulled Damen back from the food, as he tried holding on to the table. "This is Valentine. See? I don't have thug buddies only." I smirked. "He's actually also a comp wiz like you. You two worms will get along just fine." I gave them a thumbs up.

They went ahead with a light conversation as Chris and I stepped back minding our own business, listening in on them now and then. That conversation soon turned into haywire for me and Chris.

"They're speakin Martian.." Chris remarked.

"Yeah that language isn't Earthly. It's not even Chinese for me..." I shrugged. Next thing I notice is Rafael walking over to me. Even wearing casual clothes he would stand out. It might have been the way he swayed across the room, or just his radiant presence, or everything about him that always drew my attention. He curled his hand around my arm, looking at Chris without saying anything.

"So.. Rafael.. I noticed you speak.. differently?" Chris asked, taking a sip from his beer.

"Unnn..." Rafael uttered in agreement, but Chris still looked at me puzzled.

"He's only a quarter-Japanese. It's not very noticeable, especially with his blond hair. In Japan "quarter-bloods" are kinda dissed so he was sent to live with an old Japanese scholar in America. Unfortunately his guardian died when Rafael was 5, and so he had to live in an orphanage until he turned 18. But that's in short." I gave Rafael a soft smile and a kiss on his lips. No one would hurt him anymore.

"I see.. so he didn't have a firm language background." Chris rubbed his chin, taking a quick look at Damen. "I suppose you could talk Japanese with Damen though... since Damen is half-Japanese."

"Really?" Rafael coyly smiled at Chris and looked over at Damen as well.

"Whaaa! You're THAT Valentine!?!" Damen suddenly yelled dropping the food he was holding onto my carpet.

"Hey hey hey! Do that to your carpets only. Mine's not hungry!" I scolded him.

"It was you who messed around with CyTech's servers, wasn't it?" Damen pointed at Val, who was still unaffected by Damen's loud nature.

"Huh? Who are you? Let's see..... only a few people would have that kind of info. Are you TekiHito.. or Mirage?" Val analyzed Damen's face who was shifting his feet, looking away with a guilty-ish smile on his face.

"Aahh.. nooo..." He mumbled.

"Then ... No! You can't be... Yuki?!" He asked, slightly phased.

Damen blushed and mumbled and "Umm... yeah..."

Val still looked at him surprised and muttered "Who would have thought..."

"Weird atmosphere..." I interrupted them, noticing Damen's awkward expression shifting into a serious, slightly hostile one. Those two had some beef between them.

"Hmmm.." Val muttered a confronting sound, like he knew what Damen was thinking.

"You're good at what you do. Damn good, but don't think for a second that I see eye to eye with you." Damen acted in a rare cool way that he doesn't just display at any time.

Chris stuck his tongue out in my direction, mocking them. "Kids..." Valentine turned back to the food, browsing, ignoring Damen's statements. He's so nonchalant.

"I saw that!" Damen pointed at Chris, without actually looking at him. "Just be careful you don't find yourself with 0 credit in your bank account!"

"Come on! You know you love me!" Chris hugged Damen, as Damen tried getting back to food-hogging. Damen stuck his tongue out at Chris with a silly look on his face.

I let the two have their fun as I minded the other guests, some of which were puzzled about our behaviors, the rest either didn't care or were used to us. The party all in all was fun. It ended without too many confrontations or food-spills. Damen loved the cake. Of course. And finally the night came to an end.... for the party.

Rafael came into bed, crawling next to me, after his bath. He smelled really nice, like soap, making my arms unconsciously wrap around him. I kissed his neck, as he turned his head towards me and gave me a lingering kiss. "Wanna go to the beach tomorrow?" I asked him after we broke the kiss.

"Mhmm.. by bike?" He smiled at me with anticipation. We already rode my bike to Damen's place yesterday. I was riding it and Rafael was standing on the rear tire. He enjoyed even such a small thing, which only makes me want to do more.. all the small things in this world with him. As long as it makes him happy.

"Yep. I'll teach you how to ride it as well. Okay?" I smiled back at him. He kissed me with a wide smile, climbing over me.

"And swim?" He asked lowering his voice, drawing his face nearer to mine.

"Yeah. Swimming too." I replied in a soft tone with a smirk.

"And love." He smiled happily, pressing his lips against mine.

"Yeah. Love." I smiled back, as he continued planting soft kisses onto my lips. Our kisses became deeper, as my hands climbed the length of Rafael's bare back. I rolled my fingertips across his smooth skin until I reached his slender neck. I gently pulled him closer, leaving a trail of warm kisses along his neck. My lips found themselves on his lips yet again, sharing our love with each other. There was no going back for me. I was trapped by him, subdued to making him happy, seeing him smile, giving and receiving pleasure.

His hand simply found its way down to my crotch, reaching inside my boxers, rubbing my dick up and down, making me fully erected. His lips escaped mine, as he started placing kisses along my torso, downward. "Mmm.." I moaned, as Rafael nibbled my dick through my boxers. He then gently pulled them off, and started licking my dick. I bit my lower lip, moaning from my throat. His warm breath and soft lips gave me a thrilling sensation. But what would feel even better is joining our bodies. I wanted to feel more of his warmth, so I pulled him back on top of me, giving him a deep, lingering kiss, as I slid off his boxers.

I kissed his neck, as I rubbed some ointment into his hole. His body trembled erotically, as did his sexy voice with my every touch. "Mhnnn.. Cyrus... want yours..." He moaned seductively in my arms.

"I want you too." I smiled at him, giving him another kiss, as I slid my dick in his slippery, quivering hole.

"Ahh!" Rafael moaned loudly as I entered him and continued moaning as I slowly ground my hips into his thighs. I held him in a tight embrace as he pressed his butt down against my crotch, taking in the whole length of my dick, gripping it tightly. We could both feel it, as we panted, our bodies craving for each other. Kissing countless times, calling out each other's names, in a tight embrace... loving each other.

"So good... close to... nnghn..." Rafael uttered, grabbing tightly onto my shoulders.

"I'm close too.. haahh.. let's come together." I replied, holding his lower back, pulling him closer into me, as I felt both our climaxes build up. His muscled tightened around my dick, making me come deep inside him, as he came onto my abs with a loud cry.

Our worn out bodies fell onto the bed, next to each other, still in each other's embrace, as we lay there silent, with our breaths slowing down, looking each other in the eyes. "I love you." I told him, caressing his face, swiping his bangs out of his blue eyes.

He smiled warmly at me, looking content, replying: "Love you too."

After we lay there for some minutes, I took Rafael into my arms and took him to the bathroom. I washed his sweaty body clean under the warm shower, and he washed mine. After the shower we went back to the bedroom and fell sound asleep in a close embrace. I couldn't be more content than sleeping next to the person I love... and waking up next to him every morning.

"What was that between you and that kid" Chris asked me.

"Oh, that... Nothing much. Just some old stuff." I answered. I knew Val mostly by reputation as well as some trails I personally came across somewhere along the way. He did some nasty stuff that I didn't quite approve of but, also, not something that I would interfere with. As long as he wasn't going to directly cross me, I wasn't going to be on his case.

Chris looked at me with some sort of grin. "The little runt has rivals? How exciting!" He exclaimed theatrically.

"Oh bugger off!" I brushed him off. "I'm too full to think straight."

"Is that physically possible?" Chris laughed and suddenly bent down, put his arm around my neck and kissed me. "This was for until we get home." He whispered in my ear. The hair at the back of my neck rose as a chill went down my spine.

We reached home shortly after and I went to take a shower as Chris sat on the couch. When I came out, drying my hair with a towel, he was nowhere in sight. I looked through the rooms but couldn't find him so I figured he'd be upstairs. He was sitting with his feet crossed, staring blankly at my monitor.

"Something wrong?" I asked, still having the towel on my head. He didn't answer, so I got closer. I then noticed the cell phone thrown in a corner.

"If you really didn't want it anymore, you could have just given it to me. I collect tech junk you know." I grinned at him, picking up the broken cell. He was still sitting there motionless, clenching his jaw. I sat down next to him, fiddling with the phone. "I think I can still fix this."

"Why can't you fix personalities?" He asked all of a sudden, looking me in the eyes. "How the fuck do you take out the stick up someone's ass?" He asked and paused. "Fucking control freak..." He muttered.

"You use pliers?" I asked. He stared at me, still frowning. "No? I... give up?" I noticed he was clenching his fist. Something was definitely wrong with him. I had truly never seen him like that. I walked in front of him and crouched down, leveling my face with his. "So you wanna tell me what's wrong?"

He stared at me and heaved a deep sigh. "It's my brother... He... He can be such an ass sometimes. Just because he's a big shot doctor, he thinks that everybody who doesn't have a degree in some fancy subject isn't worth looking at! He pisses me off! He calls my friends losers... He... He thinks that because I hang out with them I'm going to end up a low life and a loser and, on top of all, he... " Chris was getting more and more fired up. His expression became slightly pained. I took the wet towel off my head, suddenly wrapped it around his face and pulled his head towards me, hugging him.

"You idiot! And you're telling me I think too much!" I said close to his ear. He put his hands around me and hugged me tight, clenching his fists on my shoulders. He was almost shaking and I could feel my shoulders going numb from the pain. "He's just being an older brother... Sure, he's uptight, dummy. It's the only way he knows how to be. Don't you expect him to be more carefree? If you expect someone to be someway just because YOU think it's right, don't you think it would be normal for the other person to be the same?" I asked him. He didn't answer and I couldn't see his face because of the towel but I could feel him calming down a bit.

I slowly took the towel off his head. When he looked up, I saw his cheeks were a bit wet and his eyes were red. I pushed him back on the futon. "I don't know your brother but from one thing, I could tell you're alike. You both like to impose your rhythm on others!" I smiled and pulled his bangs back. He really did have nice eyes. "Sorry I roughed you up with the towel! Now your eyes are all read!" I smirked.

"You..." He began to say.

"No way a tough thug like you would ever cry!" I interrupted him, with a wide smile.

I started playing with his bangs. "I'll be right back!" I said, got up from over him and ran downstairs. I must be insane. I rummaged through the cabinets in the kitchen and took out the lube I bought. You could find some brands in hypermarkets next to condoms and I figured it would be better buying it there than being caught in a sex shop. I also bought a cart full of sweets. The cashier gave me the frown of a lifetime as I payed for the "groceries". I also took some ice from the fridge and wrapped it in a towel. As I was heading back, I took a glimpse in the hallway mirror. My face was as red as boiled lobster. After a minute and 30 seconds with my head under cold water, I returned upstairs. Chris was leaning on an elbow and looking at me as I put the things aside, the lube hidden by the towel.

I pushed him back on the futon, took the towel and put it over his red eyes. "There! I wouldn't want you to get a nosebleed from seeing my body in such good light!" I said, trying to sound nonchalant. Actually, I was feeling quite embarrassed and rather ridiculous but if that meant lowering the tension I wasn't going to back down. Plus, I was also trying to confirm something.

"Do I look like... Wha...? Hey!" Chris started speaking but suddenly stopped as I started taking off his shirt. He only raised his torso a bit to allow me to completely take off his shirt. He raised his hand to take off the towel but I stopped him.

"Don't!" I said hurriedly.

"Why...?" He asked with a deep tone.

"Because... Because it's my birthday... Indulge me." I whispered as I took off his pants, stopping to kiss his navel while unbuckling his belt. "Hnnnn..." he clenched his abs.

I managed to take off his boxer briefs and stared at his groin. His penis was already erect and bobbing on his abs. I swallowed hard, got up, took my boxers off and brought the lube closer. I knelt over him, surrounding his thighs with my calves. Swallowing hard again I started kissing the tip of his penis. He let out a gasp and tried to get up but I pushed him back down. Surrounding the tip with my lips, I started going up and down, using my tongue to lick him as I saw some girls do in a porn I watched recently. I didn't really know what to do and that was pretty much the only "reference" I could find. My face must have been bright red and hot by that time.

Chris curved his back a bit, clenched his abs and his fists around the sheet over the futon and started to moan. "Whoaaa... haaaa.... Da.. men... ha... That feels so... good". I continued for a couple more minutes, then I raised my head. Chris was breathing heavily as I took the tube of lube, smeared my hands with it to warm it up and then started rubbing his penis. The lube must have still been cold since he flinched when he felt the contact.

How was it again? This is so ridiculous I said to myself. 6 months ago I would have never pictured myself rubbing a guy's penis and trying to apply some lube around and in my hole at the same time. I was feeling quite the circus freak.

I knelt over him again and tried to position myself over him, at which point, he suddenly raised his torso and grabbed my arms. I looked at him, slightly shocked and speechless. Well... that... was...embarrassing I said to my self. He looked at me taken aback and breathing heavily through his mouth.

"You!" He began to say but stopped mid way and started kissing me like crazy. His lips were mauling mine while his tongue was massaging my own. "Do you .... have any ... idea... what you did?!" He whispered breathlessly in between kisses, holding me tight with one hand around my back and the other running through the hair at the back of my neck.

"I really can't hold myself back anymore!" He whispered, licking, kissing and slightly biting my neck. I was really sensitive there and I felt shivers through my entire body as he was doing that to me.

Clenching on his body, I gasped "You... don't have to..." I put my hands on his shoulders and said in a low, almost squeaky tone "I ... I'll do it..."

He looked at me quizzically and laid back a bit, resting on his elbows. "Are you sure?" he asked.


I raised myself and positioned myself over his erect penis, holding it with one hand, while having my other hand on his shoulder. I lowered my butt, until I felt the tip prod my hole. I started slowly bobbing my hips up an down, until I felt the tip slowly go in. When I was sure it was in, I lowered myself more. It.. felt weird, not really painful but... weird. I rested a bit when I felt my butt reach Chris' lap, at which point he put his hands on my hips.

"Are ya really sure you want to do this?" He asked again. "You don't have to force yourself..." He said.

"Will you shut up already?" I said hurriedly, breathing heavily. I was already feeling weird. No use in him making me feel more self conscious as well. I started to rock my hips, going up and down. Even though I lubed it properly, I could still feel the friction. A strange, burning sensation was starting to build up so I increased the rhythm. I opened my eyes and noticed that Chris was panting and grabbing tighter on my hips. He also started to lift his hips, matching my rhythm and thrusting his penis deeper inside of me.

As the rhythm accelerated I straightened my back and slightly arched backwards. I was almost doing nothing now, lost in pleasure, as Chris took over and was raising his hips rhythmically, panting. The hot sensation had built up and was about to explode as I heard Chris gasp "Oh god, Damen! I'm ... gonna cum!"

"Me... too!" I almost yelled as I ejaculated all over Chris' abs, arching my back and clenching my fists on the futon.

I relaxed, breathing heavily and slowly raised my hips to allow his penis to slide out. I then crashed over him, feeling my cum on my belly and chest.

Chris was also breathing heavily and panting. He put his arms around me and we sat there for a couple of minutes, not one of us saying anything. "That was... great!" He said, caressing my cheek and laughing at my flushed face.

I took a couple of tissues and wiped his belly and mine. I also ran downstairs for a bit to quickly wash myself. 5 minutes after I left, I crawled back next to Chris.

He looked sideways and noticed the tube of lube. "Well well well. Full of surprises, aren't we?" Chris smirked. "If this happens again, it'll be more than worth fighting my brother over it..." he smiled.

"What? Your brother knows about this?!" I asked surprised.

"Well, this is one of the reasons I stormed out of the house that time. If he insists on being a bitch I'll never go back there!" He said, hugging me tighter and burying his head in my shoulder.

"You're an idiot, you know that?" I asked. "We'll just go there one day and I'll tell him a thing or two about calling me a loser! I mean, I sorta hang out with you as well! And Cy does too! Dunno bout the rest of your friends but I for one am pretty sure I have an even higher IQ than him!" I rambled, faking a pout.

"Jeez! One of these days you're gonna get it! For constantly calling me an idiot!" He laughed, pushing me on my side.

"Well you are one! And you know, I really hate you!" I pouted, raising myself and sitting in a Turkish position with my back to him.

"Hate me? Why?" Chris asked surprised.

"Because... I hate you because I love you!" I shouted, my face bright red but slightly happy because I was pretty damn sure that in a minute or so, after the information had sunk into his brain, his wide strong arms are going to hold me tight again and those devilish eyes are going to make me lose myself in them ... again.

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