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     This story is about love and relationships, and it will change frequently. This is real life and not fantasy so don't think it will get too carried away...Enjoy

Sudden Change: Chapter One
By: J.J

     It was a warm summer night and everything was quiet in the small town of Eastville. That was until the local school kids showed up at the Quarry just east of town. It was a friday night ritual that kids always followed. Parties that lasted until the dawn of day and somehow the kids had never been caught.
     All of the fancy cars and loud music rolled in along with the jocks. Everything was going crazy, loud music, kids jumping into the quarry, and alot of alcohol. The party was going great but one thing was missing. Eastville high's most popular kid. His name was Justin, he was sixteen and the captain of the football team. Everyone who was living always tried to get a piece of him, and for good reason. He was good looking. Typical jock standing around six feet with blonde hair and blue eyes....who wouldn't go for a muscular guy like that honestly?
     Well the time had arrived and Justin rolled in with his nineteen sixty nine Mustang GT500. All of the kids literally stopped what they were doing just to welcome him as if he were some sort of god. There were 'heys' and 'what's ups' but to Justin none of that mattered. As popular as the kid was, he was equally lonely. He dated a few girls and had his fun but he never ever felt something for them. What he wanted was someone he could say he loved and they would meaningly say it back.
     Justin shook of this misery and put on his party face and had a good time. That was until the cops showed up. All of the kids scattered into there cars and took off like it was a procedure but Justin stood there frozen because he knew the cops were after him. He didn't really have a record or anything but the cops have linked the mischief in town to him and they wanted to pin him one way or another. When the cop car stoped and the two officers got out Justin made a bold move and got into his mustang and put the pedal to the metal.
     He got round a corner and past many trees until the cops were no longer in sight. He thought he was doing good and than he really hammered on the gas on to the dirt road. When he looked up thought he saw the flashing lights in his rear view mirror and he still pushed harder on the gas....brave but an idiot he pulled his e-brake in an attempt to lose the cops down the trail. Instead of evasion his tires lost grip and he spun right out and hit his front end on a tree....he was screwed.....


"Dad I am going to be late for school" I said annoyed
"Just one second Will, I want to get one last picture of your first day at school here" dad said
"Okay but I got to go" I said
     My dad snapped away taking a few more pictures. I stood there annoyed and finally my dad stopped
"Okay kiddo have a good day and I will see you after school" he said giving me a hug
"Yup okay talk to you later dad"

     As you are probably wondering, my name is Will. My dad and I just moved to Eastville a week ago and today was my big day at my new school. I am your average fifteen year old boy next door and nothing more to it. I have short black hair and green eyes, and stand at a wapping five foot five....short, yes I know. Since moving here I felt my life would change for the better. In my last school it wasn't quite paradise.
     Before summer break me and my best friend Tyler decided to declar war on each other. Actually well he did. One minute we were inseperable and than the next he just ditched me for no reason. After days of trying to fix the mysterious end to our friendship I gave up. People took notice too. He became on of the most popular kids in school and I was then on his mortal enemy. What sucked even worse was that mostly everyone I knew took his side as if he needed some consolling. It pissed me off but I let it go. Besides I knew I was moving so I could just forget about the whole ordeal.
     Anyways, I got out of my house and made it to the school. It was alot bigger than I remembered from registry day and there were a heck of alot of students there. I put on my game face, washed away my nervousness and went to walk up the stairs for the front door. Unfortuneatly I was stopped though by some jock type people and that didn't impress me too much.

"Hey kid, were ya going?" A jock asked humorously
"I am going to class, as if you would know what a class is anyways..." I said
"oooohhh" the other jocks said at once
"You got a beef?" he asked
"Actually no, but I am sure if you did than you would eat it" I said cleverly
     That got even more 'ooohhs' and burn remarks from the other jocks. I looked at them. There were five of them but one of them had their backs turned as if he were sleeping. I knew for a fact I didn't stand a rat's ass chance against all of them so I just went to walk when the guy I was dissing pushed my shoulders.
"Where ya going pretty boy? don't you want to stay and play?" he mocked
'' Yeah you would like that wouldn't you" I said
     Just as he was about to hit me a teacher walked up and broke us up. I turned around and this girl was looking at me with a smile.
"You've got some guts" she said to me "The names Britney"
"Will, and its nice to meet you" I said shaking her hand
"Well, Will...for a new kid you are pretty brave for taking on football jocks" she said
"Oh they were jocks, you see I thought they were a group of special kids" I said which got a giggle out of her
"Your funny, so when did you move here?" she asked as we walked in the school.
"Just last week but I feel at home already" I said
"Yeah I know what you mean, say uhm what are you doing later?" she asked
"Nothing in particular why?" I asked
"Well were are having a party and I was wondering if you wanted to come" she said
"Yeah that would be cool, when and where?"
"Tonight at nine west of town at the Quarry" she said
"Sounds fun, uhm but yeah I have to get to class"
"Okay well meet me after school by the front doors" she said
"Sure thing talk to you later" I said

     'Well that went well for a start' I thought to myself. I walked over to where my locker was and got my books for the first period. When I closed my locker and turned around, I literally got hit with a suprise. One of the jocks from the front totally walked right into me without even noticing. I fell flat on my ass and my books flew on the floor beside me. A few people turned and laughed but I payed no attention to them.

"I am so sorry" the guy said
"You know if this is some sick way of getting me back for burning your friend than you need to get a life" I said frustrated
     I got up on my knees and picked up my books and papers. When I looked up I kinda sorta got frozen in my place. The guy standing above me was something out of this world. He was tall, maybe around six feet and he had blonde hair and blue eyes. He had a look on his face of hurt and than he reached a hand down to help me up. When he did that I broke off the trance and got up on my own.
" I am truly sorry, I didn't see you" he said almost in desperation.
"You know thats okay, no worries, just next time watch your step" I said kindly
"I'm Justin" he said
"So you knock me over and than now we introduce names Will"
"Those comebacks you said outside were pretty awesome" he said nervously
"Well what can I say I know how to take care of myself" I said
"Thats a good thing, well I am off see you later" he said walking away from me quickly

     Okay, well that was totally wierd. First off the politeness of that jock, and second the trance he put me in. I was definately confused but I shook it off and went to class.


     Justin was sitting with his friends on the front steps chatting away. They had been talking to him but he wasn't paying attention at all. Since he got out of the whole party incident his life had just been hell. He felt even more empty inside. He couldn't explain his feelings at all and he was confused. He didn't know what he wanted but he knew he needed to make a shift in his life quick.
     He was sitting there staring off into space when he heard his buddies harrasing some kid. He didn't bother showing his face because he wanted no involvement and he honestly didn't care. It was just some poor defensless new kid who had a run in with the jocks, well at least that was what he thought until he heard the burns being shot back at his friends.
     Normally Justin would step in and help his buddies out but he turned around and caught a glimpse of the kid getting harrassed. From that moment on Justin was in a trance. This kid was like no other he had seen before. The kid seemed perfect. Even though he was short he still was stunning to look at. Justin quickly tried to shake the thoughts out of his head but he couldn't. It was like there was some sort of connection between the two of them, even though he didn't acknowledge his presence.
     Justin turned back around for fear that his buddies would involve him because he knew if he had to say something than he would make himself look like an idiot. Luckily though a teacher came and broke it up before it got bad, and the head cheerleader came to distract the kid. Justin got up and walked up never taking his eyes off the new kid.

"Dude what a fucking ass" His buddy Josh said
"Yeah no doubt, but he burnt you pretty good" Kevin said
"Guys it was nothing just drop it" Justin said
"Wow whats up with you? You didn't even step in" Josh said
"Nothing, just don't feel so good today" Justin lied
"Well you better feel better for tonights party" Kevin said
"I will I wll no worries man" Justin replied.

     Justin separated from his friends at the front doors and they went to thier lockers. Justin was on his way to his locker when he saw the new kid at his locker. He wasn't paying attention and when the kid closed his locker and turned around, Justin walked right into him making him fall on his ass. Justin stood there and looked down frozen is disbelief. He felt like shit and offered the kid his hand to help. The kid just got up on his own and brushed himself off.
     Justin apologised and finally got to know the kids was so perfect...Justin shook the thoughts out of his head and said he had t go and quickly walked off.


     School was finally over and it wasn't that bad. I got to hang around with Britney for pretty much the whole day and made friends with some of hers. I couldn't wait to tell my dad but I totally forgot about the party. I didn't know what to do. I saw Britney at the front doors waiting for me so I walked up to her.

"Hey" I said
"Hey" she said
"So the party is at nine?''
"Yup, your going to be there right?" she ased
"Yeah I am but I am going to run home and tell my dad I am studying at a friends house"
"Thats always a good excuse" she said
"Yeah I know"
"So uhm I noticed you have a secret admirer" she said giggling
     She pointed to Justin who was standing by his car in the parking lot. He was just standing there looking over at me but his friends showed up and distracted him...thank god
"What no way, your kidding?"
"No I aint. I saw him pretty much watching you all day today" she said
"Geesh well thats great" I said sarcastically
"I never can figure that kid out. He was like that before with one of his friends. Its like he gets curious all of a sudden" she said
"Well yeah I don't know what to say to that"
"Say nothing, befriend him and you will rock this school" she said
"How so?"
"Well he is King Jock and most popular guy of the school" she said
"Oh one of those, well I don't know we will see what happens"
"Yeah true, but hey make sure you show up for the party" she said
"Yeah I will but I am going to get home to tell my dad"
"Okay see ya later" she said
"Yup see ya"

     I left Britney and made my way home. When I got there my dad was in the kitchen cooking supper and it smelt so good. I walked past him without being noticed and went uptairs into my room. I closed the door behind me and put my stuff on my bed than logged into my computer. When I got connected to the internet I saw that there were a few new messages in my hotmail. Most of them were junk mail but there was one that caught my eye and made me curious. My old friend and current foe Tyler had sent me a message. I opened it and it read...

Hey WIll hows it going?
Look I tried to get a hold of you today but your dad said you werent home yet. Uhm I don't know where to start but I want to know why things between us went bad..I mean one minute we were best friends and the next we were enemies. I am sorry for all of the things that people have said and done to you, and I was an idiot for not sticking up for you. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me and give me a call sometime....

     That was totally wierd. I mean sure I was confused but why the hell would he try to reconcile with me? I could imagine he ran out of friends or something but I wasn't really all to sure of what to think. I logged off my computer and went downstairs to ask my dad about Tyler phoning.

"Hey dad did anyone phone for me?"
"Oh hey, I didn't see you come in, yeah Tyler phoned" he said
"Oh yeah what did he want?"
"Well, he said something about coming around sometime" he said
"Well thats great" I said sarcastically
"What is that a bad thing? You guys are best friends" he said
"Yeah but not anymore, It doesn't matter to me, but anyways tonight can I go work on some homework with a friend?" I asked
"Wow making friends the first day, I am impressed, sure thing just don't be too late" he said
"Yeah I won't be don't worry"

     I left the kitchen and went upstairs to do my real homework and got finished rather quickly. I mean who says English is hard? When I was done my homework I took a fast shower and got dressed in my best normal clothes, did my hair and than logged onto my computer.
     I opened up my hotmail and there was no new email from Tyler, so I went into my messenger and unblocked him from my list. I was curious as to what he had to say to me and sure enough he back texting me right away.

Tytheman: Hey Will hows it going?
Will: Not too bad, so what exactly do you want?
Tytheman: Wow you still get right to the point, just wanted to see how you are doing
Will: lol and since when do you care
Tytheman: I always have, never stopped
Will: lol your funny, and I almost believe you somethings up..whats the matter aint got no other friends to talk to?
Tytheman:Yeah I do but I want to talk to you
Will: Okay talk
Tytheman: Well for starters I miss you and I am sorry for being a dick
Will: Still don't believe you, why did you start shit with me?'
Tytheman: I didn't want to because
Will: because why?
Will: you still there?
Tytheman: because I like you
Will: we've been over this before, I aint your friend anymore
Tytheman:No I mean I ''like'' you
Will: haha this is a joke right?'
Tytheman: No
Will: Oh, well okay, uhm if you ''like'' me, lol than prove it. Come out here and admit infront of everyone that you are an ass
Tytheman: If thats what it takes to talk to you again I will.
Will: Fine, get in your car and drive out here to the quarry. I will be there at a party
Tytheman: Since when do you party
Will:Since today, you don't know me anymore
Tytheman: I would like to get reaccuianted
Will: Ty, your funny, but seriously don't expect me to be all friendly again when you get here
Tytheman: Its good to hear you call me Ty again, and I will see you tonight

     Before I could say anymore he logged off. 'Did I just make a big mistake?' I thought to myself. I was confused, since when do guys like me now? How do I even know I like them in return. Well really I am not sure, but for some reason I had a really wierd gut feeling about all of this. First Justin, the school celebrity, and now my old ex friend Tyler.... Strange....
     I logged off my computer and headed downstairs. I told my dad I was on my way out and than I left. The walk to the quarry was okay, I mean small town, a couple of minutes to go where you needed too. When I got near the quarry there were more trees and anything, and the roads became dirt. It made me a little uneasy to walk in the dark but I could see lights and hear music from up ahead. I walked up and it sure was a party.
     About every students car was there and than some. It was crowded and the music was just pumping away. Luckly for me Britney found me before someone I didn't know started a conversation. She was dressed up all pretty and I am sure there were lots of guys that had their eye on her. Lucky me....

"Hey Will, you finally made it. I was worried about you not showing up" she said
"Yeah it was a long walk"
"You walked? Oh my god, you should have called me I would have hooked you up with ride" she said loudly over the music
"Thanks anyways, so hows the party so far?"
"Its really good, would you like a drink?" she asked
"Uhm yeah sure what do you guys have?"
"You name it we got it" she said
"Wow, okay about a vodka and sprite?"
"Sounds good to me, as long as you drink it"she said
"I will don't worry, just don't mix it to strong, I am weak when it comes to stuff like that"
"Your funny, you know that?"she asked
"Yeah I try"

     After having my drink I moved on to a few more. I walked around with Britney who kindly introduced me to people and I actually made a few new friends. One of them was a jock named John, he was pretty cool. Another was a girl named kitty whom which I think will get along great with me. I had another drink and realized it was time to stop because I was getting a little bit tipsy. I didn't get drunk but I wasn't completely sober. I walked over with my new made friends and danced to a couple of songs and got alot of attention.
     I could hear people asking who I was and from the looks of it they liked me. Who would have thought I would make it popular on my first day? Speaking of popular...Just as I was getting ready to leave this really nice mustang pulled up and everyone hollered. 'Must be someone popular' I thought to myself, and just than Justin stepped out of the car and made his way over to grab a beer. Just than Britney realized he was there and she made it a point to say my name to get Justin's attention.

"Will oh my gosh, don't leave so soon" she said loudly
"What are you doing" I whispered.
"Just checking my suspicions" she said giggling

     And sure enough she was right. As soon as she started to say my name Justin grabbed a couple of beers and walked over towards us. I quickly looked away before I would make a fool of myself. Britney on the other hand greeted him insanly. I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned around to see Britney with a shit eating grin on her face. I glared at her for a second and than she spoke up.

"Will you remember Justin from school right?" she asked playing her game
"Yeah I do"
"Its good to see you made it, I didn't think you would show" Justin said
"I didn't think I was going to either, but I have to get going" I said
''Oh what so soon, I just got here stay a little longer'' he pleaded
     Britney recognised my hesitation and pulled me aside.
"I need to have a word with him" she said
"No problem'' he said
     She pulled me aside just out of hearing distance.
"Will what are you doing?" she asked
"I was about to ask you that" I said
"Oh come on, its okay, you can trust me. Do you like him or not?" she asked
"Because I am...sligh...slightly intoxicated I must say I don't know"
"Well just at least give it a shot, we don't judge around here and I have a feeling you like him too" she said
"Well I dunno, but really I got to get home, it is way past the time I told my dad I would be home, and I don't want to face him like this" I said
"Okay well I guess I will see you later" she said giving me a hug and walked away.

     I turned to walk away but Justin was persistant and followed me. He kept calling my name but I ignored him. Finally I felt a hand on my shoulder and I stopped.

"How come you are leaving so soon?" Justin asked
"I am out past my time, I need to get home before my dad freaks"
"Well let me give you a ride, I don't think you should walk" he said
"I don't think you should drive" I shot back
"I haven't had a drink I can drive" he said pleadingly
""Okay fine, sounds good to me"

     We walked over to his car and he was making sure I would fall over or something but I kept insisting I was okay. He opened the door for me and we both got inside his nice mustang. We drove off and only made it a little bit down the dirt road. I told him I wanted to stop for a minute so I could get some air and stand on my feet. He pulled over to the side of the road and I got out for a minute. I walked off the side and stood there for a second looking at the stars. I didn't realize that Justin was behind until he spoke.

"They are beautiful aren't they?" he asked
"Yeah the are"
"So how come you are trying to avoid me?" he asked
'uh oh no good, I'm typsy and gonna say something stupid' I thought
"Uhm, I am not, its just that....uh...yeah..."was all I could say
"You know, I don't know why but for some reason I like you" he said carefully
"I kind of like you to but I aint sure about what to do" I said
"Well its only been a day, get to know me more" he said
"Yeah and become a popular person, not my role"
"Why not? Being popular isn't a bad thing" he said
"Yeah I know but...yeah I don't"

     Me and him walked back towards the car. We stopped right infront.
"Will, I don't want you to freak out but I think I really like you" he said
"I am not going to freak''
"I mean I can understand if your not into that...I mean....I am not even sure of if I am into that, but...'' he was cut off
"You talk to much" I said closing the distance between our faces

     Our lips were about an inch away. I could feel him breathing heavily and I am sure I was doing the same. He put his hand around my back and than it happened. We kissed. I don't mean like pec on the lips, I mean full out kiss with tongue and everything. Actually it was my first kiss and all I could say was wow. He reached his other hand around my back and than I kinda panicked.

"I don't want you to stop'' he said heavily
"I don't want to either but I can't......''



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