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     This story is about love and relationships, and it will change frequently. This is real life and not fantasy so don't think it will get too carried away...Enjoy

Sudden Change: Chapter Two
By: J.J

     I quickly pulled away from Justin and he looked at me with a unreadable look. I felt bad for stopping it but I also knew I was under the influence of alcohol and I was not myself. I didn't know what I wanted. I mean how do I even know who I like, and what, just because of what I did makes me gay? I didn't know and I was scared as hell. I was just about to say something to Justin when a suprise came up unexpectedly.

"Will I've been looking everywhere for you" Tyler said walking towards me
"I forgot you were coming" I said simply
"Well I asked people where you were and they said you just took off. Thats not like you Will, I mean does your dad know about this'' he said
"What makes you think its your business? I mean one minute all of a sudden we are best friends again and you expect me to just play along to your silly game" I said
"You've been drinking haven't you?"he asked
"Thats not your business either, Justin come on you can drive me home" I said
"So you have been, and is that how its going to be? Running away from your problems again. I didn't run away from you. You were the one who kept the distance" he yelled in my face
"Fuck you Tyler! I don't need this shit. Justin go back to the party, and I am walking home" I said
"Are you sure?" Justin asked
"Yes I am sure I mean I am sobered up now and I need the space at the moment"
"Okay well I will see you at school tomorrow" Justin said
"Okay talk to ya later'' I said

     Justin got in his car and drove back towards the party. I wasn't to sure if I should have of passed the chance for a ride but hell, my house was only minutes away. Its not like I was going to get lost or anything. Tyler on the other hand just stood there and glared at me.

"So what do you have to say now?" I asked frustrated
"Just how much I was wrong about you. You know people back home told me you were like a different person, and I actually didn't believe them. But now that I see you like this I totally change my mind" he said
"Oh get a grip, I am the same person deep down inside, and if I am any different than its your fucking fault for turning the world against me" I said
"How did I turn the world against you? Just because I made more friends and they didn't like you isn't my fault. Honestly did I ever once say something about you? Ever once? No I don't think so. Thats because you were my friend and I don't talk shit about my friends" he said sounding like he was going to cry.
"Oh come on, seriously. Take a total guilt trip and try to make me feel bad. Well I got news for you. You are not my friend and you never will be, second, you having this crush on me will never be anything more than that, and last but definately not least, Tyler, I hate you and stay the fuck out of my life" I said and started to walk away.

     It kind of crushed me to say that, why? I don't know. But for some stupid reason I actually let my guard down just to let him talk to me. I felt disgusted really, being so weak. I could here him walking after me. I began to walk faster when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around and there was Tyler. All tear struck and heart broken....well too bad, you can't have everything in life.

"Save it Tyler" I said
"Save what? Our friendship? Thats what I am trying to do" he said sobbing
"You know whats funny? I don't feel sorry for you, let alone any remorse so really I would stop trying before things get ugly, and believe me Tyler, things can get very ugly" I said
"What are you trying to say" he asked confused
"What I am saying is that you have alot to lose so I suggest you back the fuck up and watch your back" I said angrily.
"Why do you have to be like this?'' he asked between sobbs.
"I AM like this because of you. I should consider myself lucky to even be away from you. There will never be anything between us again so don't get your hopes up" I said turning away from him.

     I put my hands in my hoodie pocket and put my hood on and started walking away. He was saying some wierd shit and I couldn't really understand him. But than he said something that got my attention.

"Keep running Will its what your good at" he yelled.

     I turned around and walked right up to him and punched him in the face. He fell back and landed flat on his ass. I stood over him and whispered something in his ear.

"Watch your back tough guy" I whispered "And try not to spend so much time on it bitch"

     With that he got up shakily and walked away. I stood there and mocked to him "Look whos running now". I honestly didn't feel bad for any of it. Really I didn't think Tyler even diserved the chance to be my friend again. Honestly would you just forget that someone literally made the whole school turn against you and become friends with them again? I think not. The worst part about all of it, is the fact that he was even my best friend and he traded me in for popularity and attention. 'Self centered prick' I thought to myself as I was walking down the gravel road home.


     Back at the party Justin was really disappointed. Will had a run in with a friend and it wasn't too pretty. This Tyler guy just showed up out of nowhere and made things worse. Justin didn't think he had a chance of getting anything that night from Will, let alone knew if he wanted anything, but the kiss that they both shared was just undescribable. It was Justin's first time ever kissing a guy and honestly he didn't even know it was going to happen.
     He didn't want the kiss to end but he knew that Will was under the influence and he didn't want to start something that didn't need to happen. He could tell that Will was think the same thing just by the look on his face. Justin didn't even know what he would have done if him and Will decided to go any farther and quite frankly it was all just way to sudden.
     When Tyler had showed up Justin was more mad than anything. He was making Will angry and Justin didn't want that to happen. He didn't know the issue they had together so he just stayed out of it. Justin shook all of these thoughts away and went over to grab a beer. He needed to get all of these new things out of his head or else he wouldn't sleep at all. He quickly downed the first beer and had another one. Britney had noticed this behavior and automatically came to ask about what happened.

"Hey Justin, whats wrong?" she asked
"Oh nothing, just got alot on my mind'' he said
"Okay well shoot....I am all ears" she said
"Your funny Brit, but its confusing"
"So, I already have a guess...want to sit over there and talk about it alone?" she asked
"No not really, just things always pop up when you don't want them too"
"Oh I get it that Tyler guy showed up, he was asking for Will and said it was important"she said
"Wait so you know about what happened?"
"No not the details but I figure there is something between you and Will" she said smirking
"I don't know what your....."he was cut off
"Oh come on Justin, do you play me for an idiot?" she asked
"Than why don't you just admit it. You like Will and that all there is too it" she said
"Brit I really don't know. I mean I don't even know if I like guys"
"It's okay if you do. Nobody is going to know because I won't tell them" she said
"Thanks a million. So uhm what should I do?"
"Uhm gee thats hard....lets see, go with the flow...duh" she laughed
"Tried that and it doesn't seem to work. I don't know if Will even likes me back"
"Ah ha. So you do like him, its okay. So where is he now? I thought you were driving him home" she said
"I was but than he decided to stop and get a small walk"
"And then?" she asked
"And then, this Tyler guy shows up out of nowhere and they both start to argue"
"What did you do?" she asked
"Well I was going to say something but it wasn't my place"
"So you just left Will there and came back to the party?" she asked
"He told me to come back and that he was walking"
"You idiot! Why would you do such a thing? Go and get him right now and bring him home" she said
"Okay, okay I will geesh''

     Justin got up in a hurry and got in his car. He knew since he only had to beers he wasn't drunk so he drove off from the party and went looking for Will.


     I was walking down the gravel road and then I finally hit pavement. It meant I was alot closer to home but I didn't exactly want to go there yet. There was so much on my mind and it was hard to deal with. I mean walking is the best way for me to blow off steam.      
     Earlier, a part of me wanted to just keep going with Justin so bad, but than the other part of me was screaming 'no'. It felt so right but at the same time it seemed wrong. I didn't want people to find out about that and then start making my life a living hell. I've read online about kids who are gay and the troubles they have to live with and to me, it didn't sound pretty. Nobody ever gets to live the fairytale and live happily ever after.
     I snapped out of my thoughts and headed around a corner I had never seen before. It was dark but it wasn't scary or anything so I just walked down the street absolutely silent. After a while it started to get boring considering there was no stores open at this time of night and it was pretty much a ghost town after hours. I turned around and headed back to the main stretch and to my suprise Justin was driving down the street. I pulled my hood back up and walked with my back facing the way he was coming.
     I did want to see him but not at this particular moment. I wouldn't know what to say to him let alone do. I made it at least a block when I heard his horn honk. I turned around and noticed he was alone and waving for me to come over to his driver side window. He rolled it down and just sat there without saying anything.

"Hi" I said to him to break the silence
"Hey, what are you still doing out?" he asked
"Just going for a walk to blow off some steam"
"I see, do you want a ride anywhere?" he asked
"Last time I got a ride from you it didn't end up so good"
"Yeah I know I am sorry about that'' he said all embarrased
"No I meant Tyler coming and ruining my night" I said with a giggle
"Oh I get it" he said
"Uhm yeah. Do you think we could talk?" I asked
"Sure thing were do you want to go?" he asked
"Just park your car here and we can sit on that bench and talk"
"Okay just give me a second" he said

     I moved away from the car and went to sit on the bench. Justin got out of his car and came and sat next to me on the bench, and not too close I might add.

"So about earlier" I said
"Yeah about that" he said
"You know, I don't know what to think of it right now but to me its new and really way too sudden"
"I agree, and I feel the same way" he said
     awkward silence....
"But I must admit it was a good kiss for my first one" I said smiling
"That was your first kiss?" he asked
"Yeah it sure was. As I said earlier, its all new to me. I've never been interested in anyone before. Let alone anyone interested in me"
"I wonder why that is. Well....because to me at least I think your good looking and smart" he said
"Well so are you, but its just weird getting that kind of attention for the first time. I mean one minute I am a kid living my life, not having to care about anything in the world and than puberty hits and all of a sudden I am a point of interest"
"Its funny you mention that because I went through the exact same thing. I mean I dated a couple of girls but it never really felt right to me. But thats when you came along. I don't mean to freak you out but the first time I saw you I was lost for words" he said
"Well thats a compliment. Thank you. The first time I saw you I wasn't truly lost for words, I just didn't know what to feel. I mean it was my first time ever just thinking about somebody in a mature kind of way"
"So what do we do from here?" he asked
"To be honest, I am not too sure. I mean don't get me wrong I like you and all, its just way too much of a sudden change for me. Why don't we just move on from here as friends. I mean in time I am sure something will happen between us but for now I just want to get adjusted to every new emotion I have to deal with"
"Sounds like a good plan to me. But hey, I aint going to forget that kiss earlier. I mean wowza maybe we could do it again sometime..You know when everything fits together" he said
"You sound so certain with yourself that thats going to happen" I said giggling.
"Well thats because I am, I know something will happen, its just a matter of time" he said
"Well in that case I should delay the friends part for about a minute" I said with a smirk
"Whats that supposed to mean"he asked
"Just shut up and close your eyes" I said to him.

     I saw him close his eyes and pucker his lips as if he was expecting some wet nasty kiss. It was so hard for me not to laugh but I had to follow through with my little idea. I moved my face about an inch away from his just so he could feel my breath on his lips. I watched him pucker up even more than I did something a little unexpected.
     I quickly placed my hands on each side of his face and licked him from his chin to his forehead. The look he had when he opened his eyes was definately a kodak moment. He sat there, slober hanging, with a totally 'you got punk'd' look. I started laughing so hard that it almost hurt me to breath. He wiped his face off than looked at me with a straight face. That didn't last for long though because he burst out laughing too.

"Not what you expected?" I asked between laughs.
"No not at all, but it was funny" he said
"So yeah I better be getting home now"
"Aww so soon? You know you could stay out here and lick my face all night" he said smirking
"That is very tempting but I have to get home before my dad kills me"
"Very good excuse. Do you need a ride?" he asked
"Nope not at all. Do you see that house there? The one on the corner?"
"Yeah, is that your place?" he asked
"Sure is, but hey I had a good time tonight"
"Me too" he said
"So I will see you later than?"
"Well I can at least walk you to your door" he said

     Just as we were beginning to walk it started raining. I don't mean light rain, I mean this was like heavy flow [no pun intended :)] rain that gets you drenched. Justin took off his school jersey jacket and put it around me as we ran to my house. When we got under the porch were it was dry I gave Justin his jacket back and he just stood there. I went to walk away but quickly turned and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and than left inside.



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