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Sudden Change: Chapter Three
By: J.J

     When I got home I knew I was going to be in trouble if my dad was awake. I quietly opened my door and walked into my house. I quietly crept downstairs and threw my wet laundry into the hamper. I grabbed a fresh pair of pajamas, got dressed and made my way upstairs to go to bed. When I got up into the kitchen I went into the fridge and grabbed a glass of milk. After finishing my drink I went down the hallway to the stair case and right before I could make my first step my dad was in the dark living room and clapping his hands.

"Wow your first day and you already broke a rule" he said sounding angry
"Dad I can explain"
"There is no need to explain" he said turning on the light

     I walked into the living room and he motioned for me to sit on the couch across from him. I didn't like the look on his face because I had a feeling I was in some deep trouble. Normally when I disobey my dads rules he is cool about it. We normally sit down and talk it over, which includes the 'dos' and 'dont's', but this time seemed different.

"So your buddy Tyler called me not too long ago" he said
     I just sat there and fidgeted my fingers
"Would you mind telling me your side of the story" he said
"Well uhm okay, I did go out and study for a bit, but" I lied
"But" he cut me off
"After the study I decided to kind of go out to a party"
"And you did what at this party?" he asked
"Well I was invited by some people, and there was alcohol involved"
"Thats funny because you don't seem drunk right now" he said
"Dad, to be completely honest I had some drinks and got typsy. Everything was going good and I even left early enough so Iwould make it home on time''
"But you were late" he said
"Well thats because I got a ride home but stopped for a walk. Then Tyler showed up and we got into a fight. He wouldn't leave so I told my ride to go back to the party and I was walking home"
"So you walked home? from where?" he asked
"The Quarry at the end of town"
"Well I must say thats quite the distance, that makes up for a little bit of time, but care to explain the rest?" he asked
"Well I was in town but I was angry because of the fight that me and Tyler got into so I decided to blow off some steam instead of coming home angry"
"Will, all of this is perfectly understandable. I can't exactly stop you from doing what you did again, but I can tell you to be safe and to stay out of trouble. Honestly I am not really angry with you I just want to make sure that you are safe. As for drinking I would prefer you don't do it and it was a dumb idea" he said
''Yes, I know and I apologize"
"But wow you made friends the first day and even got invited to a party, that is something to be proud of" he said
"I know its different from home. There is nobody like Tyler here to turn the school against me" I said accidently
"What do you mean by that?" he asked
"Well okay here goes nothing. Tyler and I kind of had a falling out at my old school. I never told you but me and him kind of became enemies. He ended up getting popular and all of the kids in school turned against me for no reason" I said quickly
"Wowza Will. Why didn't you tell me about this?" he asked
"Because I knew we were moving and I didn't plan on Tyler ever speaking to me again"
"Well I guess thats fair enough, lets just go to bed and we can talk about this another time okay" he said
"Yeah sure no problem dad, good night"
"Goodnight son" he said

     I went upstairs and crawled into my bed. I could say I was more than shocked with my dad's reaction. I thought it was going to be something similar to hell but luckily for me it wasn't. I guess he only cared about my safety, and I truly did respect that. I went to sleep that night peacfully.


     After Justin walked Will home he was full of mixed emotions. He was so happy that Will didn't decided to just blow off the whole attempt at even being friends. It truly did mean alot to Justin. He did have to agree with Will though. Everything seemed so sudden and it was moving way to fast. They only knew each other for one day but it had seemed like a lifetime. He didn't want to chance making any moves because he didn't want to ruin his chances of anything happening, thats if anything would happen.


     A few weeks went by and things had definately changed for me. I mean, since moving to Eastville I've made so many friends that I just can't seem to count them all. I don't like bragging but popularity is literally the high life. Britney and me have became the best of friends for many different reasons. Me and her have so much in common that its not even funny. Everyday after school there is a routine. Me, Britney, Kitty, and John always headed down to the local cafe and had sodas and milkshakes. I don't know why it seems so amazing but its a place were we can all sit and catch up with the latest news and gossip going around the school.
     Things with Justin have definately improved. We may not be close or in a relationship he is my buddy. Just having him as a friend means I have the whole football team as friends and every other jock in school. It was definately a major change for me. But this day alone was one that would definately change my life for ever.
     Me and the guys were down at the cafe having our sodas when Britney brought up and important announcement.

"Hey Will. Do you have anything planned for saturday?" Britney asked
"No, nothing that I can think of why?"
"Geesh he doesn't even remember" Kitty said
"Thats sad dude" John said
"Whats going on that I don't know about?" I asked frustrated
"Well if you paid attention to the date, I would say that it is going to be your birthday" Britney said
"Oh my God" I exclaimed. "Your right, I totally forgot"
"How can you forget your own birthday?" John asked.
"To tell you the truth I have no idea"
"And its not just any old birthday, Will its your sweet sixteenth" Kitty said
"I know, what am I going to do?''
"Well its obvious you have to have a party'' John said
"Its the normal thing to do'' Britney said
"I guess but I need to plan some stuff out"
"Well you just make sure you do it right" Kitty said
"Yeah I know''

     Just than Justin walked into the cafe and sat up near the counter. I had never seen him in here before let alone after school. There was always football practice and stuff to do. I noticed he was dressed up awefully nice and it kind of made me suspicious. Dn't get me wrong, I don't necessarily have a major crush over him, its just I need to know what I am into and normally there is only one way to find that out. Britney had noticed me looking and decided to take action on it.

"Whats the matter Will?" she asked
"Oh nothing at all"
"Really I don't believe that" Kitty said
"You know its been like three weeks" Britney said
"Would someone mind telling me about whats going on?" John asked
"Oh nothing important" Britney said
"I don't believe that" John said "But its okay, I have to get going, swimming practice is in like ten minutes"
"Okay John we will talk to you later" We all said in unison

     Now John totally doesn't know about what happened between me and Justin. Kitty on the other hand just about beat it out of me to tell her. Kitty doesn't mind at all and she finds the whole ordeal rather cute, but for me personally I needed to make some decisions and I was honestly too scared to do it.

"So why do you go over there and talk to him?" Kitty asked
"Kitty don't be so ignorant" Britney said
"Well I am not, honestly if you ask me Will has been holding off for way to long. I mean three weeks without even giving another person a second glance" Kitty said
"Its okay you guys I think I am ready" I said
"Are you sure?" Britney asked
"Yeah why wouldn't I be?"
"Well we don't want to see you rush into things and make a bad move'' Kitty said
"Well I think I got it this time, plus its not like I have to have sex right away"
"Very true" Britney said
"Okay wish me luck" I said

     I got up from the table and brought the empty soda glasses with me so it looked like I was only going to get refills. I walked up quietly and put the glasses down on the counter beside Justin. I asked the owner for some refills and pretended I didn't see Justin there. I noticed he looked at me, I just had that feeling. I was on the verge of panic but I kept my cool.

"Will what are you doing here?" he asked
"Oh hey I didn't see you here, uhm nothing I always come here for sodas and milkshakes"
"I see, you good" he said blushing
"Well thank you, so do you. Listen I've been thinking, and uhm, well what are you doing later tonight?"
"Wow yeah this is really awkward I am going out to a movie later" he said nervously
"Awkward? Okay why would you just go out to a movie?" I chuckled.

     Just then some young girl came into the cafe and sat beside Justin. She put her hand on his and I knew it right away. It all clicked. He was going out to a movie with a girl on a date. 'How could I be so stupid?' I thought to myself. I knew there was something wrong, I grabbed the refilled sodas, paid for mine and brought the other ones back to my table. Justin didn't dare say a word to me because he knew I was angry.

"I am so sorry Will" Britney said
"Meh, its okay. I am going to help my dad with supper I will talk to you guys later"
"Okay" Britney and Kitty said in unsion.

     I grabbed my sweater and went to walk out of the store. I walked by Justin and stopped. He had a look of guilt on his face but I shook of the anger I had built up.

"Hey I am Will. You must be new to the area'' I said shaking the girls hand
"Yeah I am, my names Melissa" she said
     Justin sat there quiet.
"So I hear you are going to a movie"
"Yeah I've been wanting to see that new one Alpha Dog" she said
"Well I hear its a good movie, I hope you have fun on your date''
"Thanks I hope we will" she said nicely "See you later sometime?"
"Yeah for sure" I said

     I walked about two steps than turned around. "Bye Justin" I said and left before he could say a word. It took a minute for everything to sink in but when it did it hit me hard. I was doing my best to hold back any tears and it was working half decently. I didn't know why it crushed me so bad but I sure didn't like the feeling.
     It was bound to happen because I waited off to long to see what I was into. Like who seriously does that? I paced down the street and headed to the local park. It was a nice place to sit and relax. Trees everywhere, lots of benches and the odd pigeon. I strolled down the paths thinking of what I was going to do. Just my luck though, I couldn't think of anything. I had the chance before and I didn't take it. Why? I don't know. I didn't want to start anything to quick.
     It would have sucked if I just right away dated Justin or even fooled around with him. What would have happened if we were to be an item and I decided to end it quick or he did. Either way one of us would have been hurt, but that didn't matter now because I was the one who was hurt. It hurt me so much to see him with some girl he didn't even really know. Our deal was to get to know each other and than try something but I guess he just couldn't wait.
     I sat down at a bench and stared off into the pond watching the fish and tadpoles swim around when something caught my eye. There was this little Jack Russel terrier dog that was wandering around all by itself. Now in a small town you know every dog and owner but this one was new. It looked to be young, a puppy I guessed so I whistled and it came over.

"Your a friendly little guy aren't you" I said to the puppy.
     Of course it just sat there and wagged its tale.
"Where's your owner? Are you all alone"

     I looked at it's collar and noticed there was no identifaction tag. Who ever lost this dog must have been definately upset. I mean those dogs are freaking expensive. I pet the dog on the head and it began jumping up all over me and going crazy. I told it to sit and it knew how to. Than I told it just about every dog trick and it obeyed everyone. I thought correctly that this was a puppy that was important to somebody. I got up and walked over across the street and bought the dog a small package of dog treats and headed back over to the park.
     After the puppy did some more tricks and ate his treats I sat there for a good twenty minutes. Now I was beginning to wonder if the owner would ever show up. I got up and did a walk around the park. The puppy followed right behind me the whole way and there was still no sign of the owner. Just as I was getting ready to go back to the bench on the other side of the park I heard someone whistle. The dog stopped dead in its tracks and put its ears up.
     After the whistle there was a young voice calling out the name spike. Go figure the dog's name was spike. I walked back down the path and there was this young guy standing there holding a leash. When he turned around he saw me with his puppy and his face just lit up. He looked to be about my age and he was pretty much exactly my height. He had light brown hair and blue eyes. I tried my best not to stare but this guy was just really good looking.

"Oh spike there you are" he said opening his arms to his jumping puppy
`'He was here for a while I sat with him waiting for you I guess"
"Thank you so much I've been looking for him forever" he said
"Not a problem, hey do you live around here?"
"Yeah actually I just moved not too long ago" he said
`Wow two new kids in a row' I thought to myself
"Well welcome to Eastville, my names Will" I said
"Thanks my names Jordan" he said smiling
"So how do you like it here so far?" I asked
"So far, its nice. It takes some getting use to" he said
"Oh tell me about it. I moved here just about a month ago"
"Really, thats cool" he said
"Yeah, so are you going to Eastville high?"
"Yeah actually I start on monday what grade are you in?" he asked
"Good guess I go there, well since its the only highschool, but I am in grade ten"
"Really me too. I guess we will be in the same classes" he said
"That would be cool"
`'Well I have to get going but it was nice meeting you Will and thank you for taking care of Spike for me" he said
"Yeah it wasn't a problem, he's a cute little guy"

     When I said that Spike was tugging at his leash to try and come to me. I thought it was funny because he was trying so hard and it was literally the whole dog jerk on a leash effect.

"He likes you" Jordan said
"Yeah well he was friendly earlier. I gave him some dog treats"
"Ahh that explains it, well I will see you later" he said
"Yeah see ya" I said

     He turned around and headed down to the end of the park. I noticed he got into this really nice honda civic. Once he got in the driver's seat I knew he was sixteen at least. He waved out his window and drove away. I was defanetly struck by this kid for some reason. I hated just being automatically attracted to someone because I was now afraid it would end up like the situation between me and Justin.


     Justin sat there in the cafe after Will left feeling horrible. He wanted to tell Will the truth about the whole sceneario but he just couldn't with Melissa there. What had happened was Melissa came into town and got to know Justin a little bit, but once she asked him out on a date he just didn't know how to say no.
     He felt bad for not telling Melissa about his true feelings for Will. It had been three weeks since WIll and Justin made their agreement and Will even asked Justin out but the timing was all so wrong. He knew the chances of fixing what turned out really bad were very slim but in due time he was sure he could change things.

"Whats wrong Justin?" Melissa asked sitting next to him drinking her soda
"Its...well....I don't know" he said
"You know its a little late to say this but I am having second thoughts about our date tonight" she said
"What do you mean?" he asked
"Well I've only known you for a couple of days and I think a date is a little much" she said
"Would you rather go as friends?" he asked
"Yeah that would be great but there is something else" she said
"Whats that?" he asked
"I think you are into somebody else, now don't get me wrong but, when your friend Will was here you were like a totally different person. And when he found out about our date....well lets just say that I am not stupid" she said with a smile
"Is it that obvious?" he asked
"Well yeah, he likes you alot and us being together made him upset. Plus you like totally didn't talk when he was here, it was like you were hiding something" she said
"Please don't tell anybody" Justin said pleadingly
"Oh please. I am not like that. Besides I have a brother who is gay and I know what its like to be in your shoes'' she said
"But I don't even know if I am..." he was cut off
"Gay" she said
"Right, but I mean I didn't know and still don't but the first day I met Will, it was like a whole new person just popped out of me" he said
"Well do what your heart tells you, thats all I can say" she said

     Britney and Kitty were still there and they heard the whole conversation. They were just ready to go and find Will to tell him but someone else walked into the cafe and took a seat with Justin and Melissa. Britney quietly peered over the both chair and saw this good looking guy sitting there and she looked back at Kitty. Kitty had already seen him come in and she mouthed that he was cute.

"Hey guys hows it going?" the kid asked
"Not too bad did you find Spike?" Melissa asked
"Yeah I sure did, a kid named Will found him and sat at the park with him until I got there" he said
"Well thats good....uhm yeah Justin I would like you to meet my twin brother Jordan" Melissa said



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