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Sudden Change: Chapter Four
By: J.J

Author's tidbit: Boo yeah readers this is the scene. I decided to actually put a sex scene in this chapter and although it might seem quick I think now is the time to do it. So enjoy and don't get too excited.......


      That night I got home and to my suprise my dad wasn't there. There was a note on the fridge saying he would be out this evening at a meeting for work and he left me twenty dollars for take out supper. I quickly ran upstairs and got changed into some more comfortable clothes and dialed Britney's number.

"Hello?" she answered
"Hey Brit hows it going?" I asked
"Oh pretty good, how are you doing?" she asked
"Meh I am okay just chilling on my couch now"
"Cool, right, listen uhm....I need to tell you something" she said
"Oh yeah what would that be?"
"Well after you left Justin and Melissa got a booth behind ours and I could hear them talking" she said
"Okay, whats the damage?"
"Actually none. Him and Melissa called of the date because of you" she said
"What are you serious? What did I do?" I asked
"Actually its what Justin didn't do" she said
"Okay now you are starting to confuse me"
"Okay well I heard them talking about how it wouldn't be right because they don't really know each other" she said in one breath
"Uh huh"
"Then Melissa was smart enough to catch on between you and Justin" she said
"Oh great" I said
"Well thats the thing, she is completely cool with it and she was actually telling Justin to go for you" she said
"Well now thats interesting"
"Yeah I know. But hey this can all be worked out some other time right?" she asked
"Right, but hey, after I left I went to the park and there was this little puppy that was" I was cut off
"Yeah lost, than you watched it until its owner came" she said
     'creepy' I thought
"Okay that was creepy. How did you know that?"
"Well the owner Jordan, he is Melissa's twin brother" she said
"Oh my god!" I yelled
"Yeah I know" she said

     Just as I was about to say another thing the door bell rang.

"Hey Brit can I call you back? someones at my door''
"Yeah sure thing, I will talk to you later" she said

     I hung up and headed downstairs. When I got down the hallway I could see Justin's car outside through my window. I quickly went to the mirror infront of the door and fixed my hair and straightened my clothes out and answered.

"Hi" I said
"Hey, what are you up to?" he asked
"Uhm not too much you?"
"Uhm nothing really can I come in?" he asked
"Yeah sure thing" I said

     He came in and followed me into the kitchen. He took a seat at one of the stools beside the island. I offered him a drink and gave him a pepsi. We sat across from each other for at least a good minute with awkward silence.

"So about earlier" he said breaking the ice
"What about it?" I asked
"Well I should have told you then but I am not into Melissa at all" he said
"Okay, I was kind of wondering about that" I said with a smile
"You seem so okay about all of this" he said smiling in return.
"Thats because I am, and because I know something you know but don't"
"Wow that was confusing" he said
     We both laughed
"Well anyways I got a call from Britney, and she tells me that you called off your date"
"Yeah actually Melissa did" he said
"So did you think you would have hurt her by being someone your not" I said seriously
"Well yeah but I didn't know how to tell her no" he said
"Sometimes no is just the god I sounded like my dad there'' I giggled
"So what are you feeling right now?" he asked
"Well earlier I was pissed and yeah, you knew that. But now I totally don't even care anymore"
"Are you just saying that?" he asked
"No really, I mean its no big deal. Technically if you were going to date her than it would have been my fault anyways because I made you wait so long" I said
"No, it would have been my decision" he said
"Well who cares its over now I guess"
"What between us? No way" he said quickly
I laughed "No silly between you and Melissa and the whole I was pissed off thing"
"I see" he said letting out a sigh "So what exactly did you have in mind earlier?"
"Well I was going to ask you out but now I changed my mind"
"Yeah right, your kidding?" he said
"Yeah I am kidding. You know Justin I really do like you and I feel bad for not doing anything before. But as you heard me say like one million times, it would just be too sudden. Now on the other hand, I think I am ready" I said
"Wait did you just say you think your ready?" he asked

     I smirked and got up out of my chair and walked over to him. I went close and whispered "Yeah I am ready, in more ways than one. You know my dad isn't home tonight". Without saying a word I brought him upstairs into my room. I closed the door behind us and he took a seat on my bed. Just for laughs and giggles I told him I would be right back because I needed to get changed into something more comfortable.
     I walked into my bathroom and closed the door. When I got in there like ten million things rushed into my head. I wasn't sure were this was going but for some reason I wanted it so bad. I know it sounds selfish but I didn't want to lose Justin to anybody and if that meant actually having sex, than I was willing to do it. I looked in the mirror at myself and splashed my face with cold water. Now was the time to claim what was mine and I was ready to do it.
     I walked out with only boxers on and the look on Justin's face was priceless. I don't know what he was thinking but he sure looked excited. I walked over and sat next to him on the bed. I grabbed the remote to my stereo and turned on buttons by the pussy cat dolls. I put Justin's hand in mine and than kissed him passionately

"Take your clothes off" I said
"Ok" was all he could manage to say

     He took off his shirt and his pants. We only sat there in boxers and we kissed for god knows how long. I laid down on my back and he was on top of me and kissing my neck. The whole time we were grinding our hips into one anothers and it was by far the most stimulating thing I had ever felt. He stopped for a minute and sat up staring at me.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" he asked
"Yeah I am sure, I mean its now or never"
"I understand but I don't want to hurt you" he said
"You wont hurt me, I read about this online and I think I know what to do"
"If you are okay with this than so am I" he said

     I reached over to my night table and pulled out a condom and some lubricant. I had this stashed for a while and I was actually excited to use it, I just never dreamt it would be used on me. I laid back under him and he just stared at me.

"What?" I asked
"Nothing....its" he said
"Just shut up and kiss me"

     As we were kissing I was just about to pull down his boxers when I heard my front door open downstairs. I quickly pushed him off of me and told him to keep quiet.

"My dad's home hurry up and get dressed"
"Shit shit" he whispered.

     I grabbed the condom and the lube and put them under my pillow then ran into the bathroom and got dressed really quickly. I came back out and Justin was already dressed and sitting on my bed. I heard my dad call for me and then I heard him coming up the stairs. Thinking quickly I pulled out the math books out of my school bad and threw one to Justin. My dad opened the door and we were sitting across from each other reading them

"So thats the answer to number ten" I said as a cover up
"Hey guys" my dad said
"Hey dad" I said
"Hey Ken" Justin said
"Wow I see you boys are studying....big test?" he asked
"No its just good to review over lessons'' I said
"Sounds good to me, I hope you didn't order out because I brought supper home" he said
"No I didn't order anything. I was planning on going out for a little bit after this math lesson" I said
"Okay well, I want you to check in and keep the twenty bucks" my dad said
"Thanks dad''

     He turned and left my room. Once we knew he was downstairs and my door was shut me and Justin just started laughing. It was such a scary moment and I don't think either one of us would have been comfortable with getting caught in the act. I quickly moved next to him and kissed him on the lips.

"That was so scary" He said
"Yeah I know, I thought we would have been busted" I said
"Good thing you heard the door" he said
"So what do you want to do now?"
"Well we can actually go out for a bit" he said
"Sounds good to me"


     Jordan sat in his room thinking about Will. When he saw Will today at the park he was just lost for words. So much in fact that he almost panicked and blurted out that he was gay. Jordan had never been affected like that before by any boy. When he moved to Eastville he was miserable since he had to break up with his boyfriend of a year.
     His dad had caught him in the act with his boyfriend and literally broke them up. Since then his father forbid that Jordan follow his sexuality and that he started over as a new person. The whole situation was totally unfair and not logical but Jordan didn't care. He would still be the person he was even if it meant pretending to be somebody that he wasn't.
     Jordan was going to start rearranging his room but he was interupted when Melissa came in.

"Hey Jordie whats up?" she asked
"Uhm not too much just sitting around" he said
"Right, I see." she said sarcastically "You know I am your twin and I can tell when something is wrong" she said
"Yeah curse that connection. Its nothing really"
"Oh yes its something and I think I know what" she said
"And what do you think you know?" he asked
"Well its all too obvious that you have a crush on someone" she said
"Its that obvious?" he asked
"Yes and it is also obvious that you like Justin" she said
"What? Thats crazy. I don't have a crush on him" he said
"Oh please, your head was in the clouds when we were at the cafe" she said
"True but you are wrong about Justin, I don't have a crush on him. Sure he is cute and all but no, not my type" he said
"Oh come on what sixteen year old gay boy doesn't have a crush on a jock" she said
"Well not me its someone else I swear"
"Okay than, oh wait a minute you like Will" she said
"Wow I think sometimes you can read my mind" he said
"See the problem with that is that both Will and Justin are an item" she said
"You have got to be kidding me" he said
"No not at all. You see Justin likes Will, Will likes Justin, but they both don't seem to want to do anything about it" she said
"Awkward so are they both gay?" he asked
"Actually thats the problem. Neither one of them knows for sure but they want to try" she said
"Thats so hot, two semi-straight boys going after one another'' he said
"You are sick but its seems to be true" she said "But in my opinion I think you should act fast if you like either one of them because before you know it they will be dating"
"Just my luck. The funny thing is that Will likes Justin, but Justin was going to go on a date with you, who in turn told him to go after Will who I like" he said
"Yeah its like a big soap opera" she said
"Well thanks for that bit of information" he said
"No prob" she said
"Well I am going to clean my room so I will talk to you later'' he said

     Melissa left the room and Jordan was just so confused on the whole situation. He didn't even think that he would ever have the chance with somebody like Will but it seemed there actually was a possibility. Jordan knew what he wanted and he knew there was only one way to actually get it.
     He knew his acts would be selfish but he didn't care. Either way he was going to get a new boyfriend in this tiny town without regards as to who it was.


     After leaving my house we decided to go on a walk. There was really no point in driving since it was nice out and there were no gas stations open to fill up at. We took a couple of blocks and stopped at the edge of town about a minute away from the quarry.

"So Justin were do you want to go?" I asked
"To tell you the truth Will, I don't care" he said
"Town is just that boring huh?"
"Yeah it is, hey lets go to the quarry and relax for a bit" he said
"Actually that sounds like a really good plan. It will be peaceful"
"Secluded" he said
"Justin look I need to tell you something" I said
"Whats the matter?" he asked
"Well to be honest I am not ready tonight. I thought I would be but now I know I am not ready" I said quickly in one breath
"Okay whoa....breath. How do you not feel ready?" he asked
"Well I am just not ready for full out sex but I am willing to wait until my birthday" I said
"Man your birthday is like....whoa...wait a minute thats what tomorrow?" he asked
"Thats right. Just for then I am saving myself. Screw marriage I will save myself until I am sixteen and thats tomorrow"
"Well it sounds good to me but do you still feel the same about me?" he asked
"If anything I think I feel more. Since the first day I met you I've known there was something about you but today I realize that its you that I want to be with and I wouldn't change that for the world"
"I am glad to hear you say that, for a minute I thought we were through there" he said
"It wouldn't have happened because I would have stole you off of anybody"
''Your funny you know that?" he said
"Yeah I try"

     We walked slowly and made it to the quarry Justin was telling me that he found a really nice place to sit but I already beat him to my plan. When he turned around I was standing in nothing but boxers. I signalled for him to come closer and I slowly walked backwards into the water.
     He stood up on the shore edge and took his clothes off and jumped in the water in his boxers. I went under the water were he couldn't see me and came up behind him and dunked him in. When he didn't come up I got nervous but just to return the favor he grabbed my leg under water and pulled me under. I came up quickly and caught my breath.

"Are you okay?'' he asked
"Yeah I am fine"
"Yes you are" he said
"Flattery will get you nowhere, but being cute will" I said

     I moved in closer and kissed him. He kissed back and really good I might add. We stood there in the water kissing and exploring each others bodies. I felt him starting to get hard and in turn I did too. Just as I was going to kiss him again a breeze came in that gave me the chills.

"Lets get out of the water and go up on shore" he said
"Sounds good to me"

     We both ran out of the water and sat down on a big rock were our clothes were. I dried myself off with the t-shirt I had and I noticed Justin did the same as well.

"So were where we?" he asked
"Right here"

     I quickly moved in and kissed him some more. I know it seems like alot of kissing but it was fun. I was lying on top of him but than I rolled over so he was on top of me. I felt him kissing down my neck and he kept going lower. Justin lightly bit my nipples and than kissed me all the way down to my bellybutton. It did tickle but I enjoyed it alot. We he began kissing back up my watch in the pile of clothes began beeping which meant it was midnight.

"Justin I want you right now" I said
"I want you too but you said.." he was cut off.
"I said I would wait until my birthday, and well guess what? Its a minute past midnight" I said
     He just sat there with a big grin on his face. I reached over and grabbed the lube and the condom from earlier out of my hoodie pocket.
"When did you bring those?" he asked
"I will never tell but I will just say that I am quick"
"That you are" he said

     I sat myself up and kissed his neck as I pulled down his boxers and stared at his manhood. I had to say for sixteen he was really well developed and I did consider myself lucky. He lightly pushed me down on my back and than pulled my boxers off of me too. It was a totally silent moment and the bliss was overwhelming.
     I watched as he put the condom on but he didn't lube it up. I know condoms come pre-lubricated but I also knew that if you were a first timer and didn't use any extra lube than the sex would be rough and less enjoyable. I was beginning to get worried, that was until he licked from my navel all the way down. He gently put my legs up on his shoulders and then began to give me my first rim job.

"Justin don't stop. It feels so good" I moaned.
     Just as if he listened he didn't stop. It was the most amazing feeling ever. I mean I was getting shivers all up and down my body and it felt so good, especially the next part. I felt one of his fingers slowly penetrating me and it felt good. It took some getting use to but with him rimming me and fingering me I quickly 'loosened' up. I felt two more fingers go in so that way he had three fingers inside of me and he was using his tongue in the most amazing way.

"I need you inside of me now" I said
"Just sit back and relax" he said

     He kept on like that for about another minute but than it felt like I was going to explode. I quickly sat up and he had a worried look on his face.

"Is everything alright?" he asked
"Its more than alright its just, you almost made me explode"
"That wouldn't be too good if it ended that soon" he said
"No it wouldn't, now its your turn. Lie down"

     He lay down on his back and I immediately attacked his neck with kisses. I felt him shiver when I worked my way down his chest. Before I could go any lower I went back up and kissed him on the lips. I felt him put his hands over my head as I went back down. I went down....all the way down and lightly brushed his cock with my hand. I felt him jump at the touch and than I let go. I wanted to give him head so bad but I didn't exactly know how to do it. It was common sense for a blow job but I didn't want to mess up and make an ass of myself. I remembered the condom was banana flavored so that kind of eased my mind.

"I will take the condom off it you want" he said
"No don't worry about it. Its flavored and I love banana"

     He smiled and than I positioned myself over his cock and slowly put my lips on the tip. Instead of just going down on him I lightly kissed his cock from the tip to the base and than licked back up to the top. I knew he was mentally going nuts so I went up and than slowly inch by inch went down on him. I almost gagged but I got the hang of it really quickly. I went back up slowly and than back down all the way to the base of his cock. I knew it was time to stop after a minute because I didn't want to finish him off. When I stopped the blowjob I lighty pushed him back down.
     I didn't want to get it from behind. I wanted to be on top so I could see him. It was all to natural to go doggy so I put my legs over his waste and stopped when I felt the head of his cock at my hole. I looked down at him and he was just staring at me like he was about to orgasm so I slowly let myself relax over his cock and went down until he was all the way in. It was an uncomfortable feeling at first. Kind of like there was too much pressure on my lower half but it quickly went away. I watched him close his eyes and his breathing became heavy. He didn't push into me, he just sat there and relaxed as I slowly went up and down on him.
     My breathing quickened and than I got the wierdest sensation. He had hit a spot inside of me that gave me a shock all throughout my body and it felt so good. I looked down at him and he was staring back at me. I told him to begin pushing into me and he slowly did. Everytime he pushed into me I pushed down so I got that amazing pleasure running through me and I moaned everytime he pushed.

"Justin this feels so good" I moaned
"I know its amazing" he said
"I know it may hurt but push into me harder"

     He began to quicken his pase and he was thrusting into me twice as fast as before. I was literally bouncing up and down and it was ecxtasy. He stopped for a minute and that I got off of him. I didn't want this to end but I knew it would soon. I told him to get up and than I laid on my back and he was between my legs. I felt him enter me again rather quickly I did hurt and I let out a load moan but then the pain went away shortly. He was between me thrusting into me quickly. I could feel my back scraping against the rock but the pain there only made the whole thing feel better. I grabbed his head and kissed him hard while he pounded into me. When we broke the kiss he went down and started biting my neck as he pounded into me. I wrapped my legs up and around his waist and I grabbed him back as hard as I could.

"I am going to cum" he said
"Me too, fuck me harder" I moaned

     He nearly came out of me and than he quickly pushed all the way into me and began fucking me with quick small thrusts. I couldn't contain myself and I came between us and than I felt his whole body stiffen up and I felt his warm cum filling in the condom inside of me. He collapsed on me and I was still holding his back.

"That was awesome" he said
"That it was"

     He looked down on me and kissed me and we lay there relaxing.........................



Oh to be continued. So what did you think? I know it took a while to get this chapter out but hey who in the normal world doesn't have a computer problem every once in a while?? So yes I decided to put a sex scene in this chapter were Will had lost his virginity but the question in turn is if it was Justin's first time too. That makes more suspense and I think you will love the next chapter. So you know what to do.....write me and tell me what you thought. I want feedback, comments, testimonials, lol. Hit me up