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Author's note: This is my first story ever written and displayed for the public. These chapters will contain sexual content but it won't be pornographic 24/7. Guaranteed there will be sex, and love between two teenaged boys.
This story is about love and relationships, and it will change frequently. This is real life and not fantasy so don't think it will get too carried away...Enjoy

Sudden Change: Chapter Five
By: J.J

     When I woke up the same morning I really felt like crap. I always thought having sex for the first time only had good benefits but clearly I was wrong and I felt that there was something totally wrong about the whole thing. I shook away the thought and got ready for my big day. Since it was my birthday I had to go and pick up a lot of supplies for my party and also do some shopping for myself. I knew my dad was going to be at work until the afternoon so that meant I had to get going all on my own.
     When I was downstairs after I had breakfast I saw the note on the fridge that my dad left for me. It read 'I've gone to work, sorry. But have a good day and good luck with everything that has to get done. I owe you and you will really change your attitude later'. I wondered what it meant. Well obviously he had bought me something for my birthday and he was leaving a teaser. That was the one thing I hated. If someone had bought me something and gave me a hint I would want to know what it was that was bought. Either the person tells me full out or they don't tell me at all.
     I quickly ran into the living room when I heard the phone ringing. I thought it would have been Britney but I was a little more shocked when I found out it was John.

"Hey Will happy birthday" he yelled into the phone
"Ouch my ear, and yeah thanks" I said
"Oh sorry about that so what are your plans today before the party starts?" he asked
"Uhm well I have to go shopping and get some supplies for guests"
"Man that bites nobody should have to do that for their own birthday" he said
"Yeah no doubt but its no big deal to me. At least I can get everything I prefer"
"I guess you could put it that way" he said
"Yeah, so what are your plans today John?"
"Uhm well nothing actually but hey do you need a ride to the mall?" he asked
"Yeah that would be...." I was interrupted by a beep "Hold on John one sec, my other line is beeping"
"Okay" he said
"Hello?" I answered
"Hey sweet cheeks happy birthday" Britney and kitty yelled together
"Hey guys am I on speaker phone?"
"You sure are" they said
"Okay well can I call you right back, I've got someone on the other line"
"Sure thing" Britney said
     I clicked back over'
"Hey John sorry that was you know who" I said
"Oh Justin?" he asked "What is he doing?"
"Actually it was Britney"
"Oh well I figured it was Justin since you guys are so close now" he said
"What do you mean by that?" I asked curiously
"Well its not that obvious but it is. He was over today earlier and he just wouldn't shut up about you" he said
"Okay that's weird" I said
"Will its okay I already know and your secrets safe with me" he said
"What....who what now?" I asked
"Dude I see the way you look at him and the way he looks at you and to me its all good" he said
"Okay well if you tell anyone than you better pick a tombstone" I said
"Dude its okay I don't gossip so no worries" he said
"Yeah I just can't believe I let it get that noticed. I mean I don't exactly want a crowd of haters making my life a living hell. But thank you for being so cool about it" I said
"No problem your my buddy and well you know there shouldn't be any dislikes because of sexual preference" he said
"Wow John you sounded pretty smart there" I said
"Yeah I know that was weird so what about that ride I offered you?" he asked
"You know I think I will be fine because now that Britney phoned I have no choice but to go with her" I said
"Well understood, well I got to go so have a good day bud and I will see you at the party" he said
"Yeah for sure you better be here"
"I will no worries" he said

     After he hung up I let out a huge breath of relief. I came so close to panicking and it was so hard for me to keep my cool. I never thought that somebody would be able to figure out anything personal about me without me telling them and it really made me scared. I read of kids who committed suicide because of people who made their lives hell because they were different and that was definitely something I didn't want to happen to me. I brushed off the shock and dialled Britney and Kitty back.

"Hey Will" Britney answered
"Hey how is it going?"
"Oh good just wanted to let you know that we are going to kidnap you in half an hour to go shopping" she said
"Well that's good because I do need a ride to get some stuff" I said
"That's good and we are going to take you shopping as our treat" she said
"Awe thanks but you don't have to do that"
"Oh yes we do its your birthday" She said
"Well there is no arguing with you is there? and way to keep the kidnap on the down low" I said giggling
"Nope I always win, and yes I know I am so clever but hey we got to go. Girls need time to get ready and luckily for you half an hour should be long enough" she said
"Okay just don't cake on the make up" I said
"Ha-ha your funny talk to you later and Kitty says bye" she said
"Yup sure thing see you guys later"

     After I hung up I was definitely happy that my day was going so smoothly. I mean a guy friend figured out my admiration for guys and was cool with it and my two good girlfriends were taking me shopping. I just didn't think my day would get any worse. I quickly ran upstairs and put on my best casual clothes. Jeans, my favourite adidas shirt and my k-swiss sneakers. When I was done getting dressed I ran into the bathroom and spiked up my hair nicely, fixed my eyebrows because they were messy and believe it or not put on some light cover up because my cheeks were a little rosy and I wasn't to fond of the redness. I know wearing make up is weird but I rarely ever do it unless its for an emergency or to cover up a blemish.
     Shortly after getting ready I was waiting in the living room listening to the radio and it seemed that I felt alot better from last night. It was definately a good thing because I didn't want to have to go shopping around feeling like crap. Within a couple of minutes Britney showed up in her moms beemer with kitty. I definitley loved that car. It was candy apple red and it was a convertible. For some reason it made me feel like I was rolling with a celebrity but it was only a car.
     I ran outside after I grabbed my cell phone and literally jumped into the back. Britney and Kitty were dressed up all sexy and they both had their oversized sunglasses on. I swear those things drive me nuts but it suited them. Britney reached into the glove box and handed me my own pair of aviators and we were off.

"So Will were do you want to go first?" Britney asked
"Well I don't know but I definately need lunch later" I said
"Well thats good because I think we should go into the city for shopping" Kitty said
"Sounds good to me" Britney said
"So whats this about shopping?" I asked
     Kitty reached into her bag and pulled out an envelope and handed it to me. When I reached inside there was a birthday card for me and a card fell out on to my lap. I picked it up and it said mastercard on it.
"Awe thanks but whats this?" I asked
"Your welcome and that is your own reloadable mastercard" Britney said
"Reloadable?" I asked
"Yeah it means you don't have to be an adult to own one and you can reload it like a pay and talk phone" Kitty said
"Sweet thanks alot guys" I said
"Thats not even the best part" Britney said smiling
"Oh yeah so whats the best part?" I asked
"Well both me and Britney pitched and you have five hundred dollars loaded on it" Kitty said
"Are you serious!!" I yelled "You guys suck but you are so awesome"
"Ha-ha don't mention it" Britney said

     After driving and listening to alot of annoying pop songs we finally made it to the mall. Britney parked the car and put the top up and we all headed in. There were so many people in there and it was packed. For a saturday I had never seen a mall so packed before but then I saw a sign that said it was fifteen percent off sale day. That meant every store in the mall had fifteen percent discounts on all of their merchandise. It was definately going to be a good day and the three of us shopping meant we had alot of stuff to carry.


     When Justin woke up the following morning he really felt great. Last night he finally suceeded with having sex with Will. It kind of annoyed him that he had to play the part of already being taken to get to Will but it was well worth it. The that Justin never told anybody was that he was a player. To him Will was just a good easy lay and he didn't have any intentions of going any farther with him other than sex. Even the new girl Melissa was fooled by Justin's act and it really made him feel good.
     At first he did feel a connection with Will but he shrugged it off after Will made him wait so long. Having to sit around waiting was depressing but when Will turned him down the first time he knew not to get attached. Justin didn't want to come across as the bad guy but he didn't really care. He was curious and he wanted to try having sex with a guy and Will was the perfect specimen, curious himself and seemingly easy. Justin also had plans for the night in order to get laid again and add to his start on his black book.
     The sudden change with Justin's attitude came quickly and he knew he didn't want to be tied down by anyone. What intrigued him even more was the new kid Jordan. Sure Will had the awesome looks and the personality to fool but he figured Jordan was gay and Justin figured he could get some with him too.
     He decided to make it a point to try and get with Jordan so he got up and got dressed and headed out the door for Jordan's house. On the way there he had a thought of what he was doing was wrong but shrugged it off. He liked his new ways but he kept thinking about Will. As much as his mind was focused it was all so confusing. The life of a bachelor seemed to be the way to go but it almost seemed like he was stabbing Will in the back. Justin knew what he wanted though and despite the best decision he stook with being a player.
     He made it to Jordan's house and knocked on the door.

"Hey" Melissa said when she answered
"Hey hows it going?" Justin asked
"Oh not too bad come in" she offered
     Justin walked in and took a seat across from Melissa in the living room.
"So whats up?" she asked
"Uhm nothing really. Can we talk?" he asked
"Yeah sure shoot" she said
"Well I've been thinking and things are not working out between me and Will" he lied
"Oh I am sorry to hear that" she said
"Meh its okay I guess" he lied again
"So what did you really come here for?" she asked
"Well to be completely honest, I think I have a thing for your brother" he said
"Oh really. Well what makes you think hes into guys or you?" she said
"Well I have the vibe and you kind of just admitted it because everyone who says that line lets out the truth" he said
She smiled "You know you are a smart ass. But I think everything should be cool"
"Is he around?" he asked
"Yeah actually he is upstairs in his room" she said
"Thats cool so what are you doing later?" he asked
"Actually I got to leave right now. I have to meet my mom in the city and bring her home. I dropped her off at work today. So it was nice talking to you and everything but I gotta go. Just go up and knock on his door" she said
"Okay I will talk to you later" he said
"Yeah see ya" she said

     Melissa grabbed her car keys and left the house. It was the perfect time for Justin to get what he wanted done. He walked up the stairs and stopped infront of Jordan's door. He didn't knock yet but he could here Jordan talking on the phone. It sounded like he was confused and talking to somebody close to him. He was saying about how he likes two of the guys here in town but he didn't think he had a chance with one of them. Once Jordan mentioned to whoever he was talking to that he wanted to have sex because he was so horny Justin decided to knock on the door.


     Jordan was on the phone talking to his ex-boyfriend Trevor. The two had remained close friends through the phone and the internet and Jordan was always telling his ex about how he needed to find a guy. They had kept a profile as close friends and they didn't even get jealous or angry about them dating different guys. It was like they were giving each other advice.      
     Just went Jordan was saying he was horny he heard a knock on the door. He thought it was Melissa coming to bug him but he was greatly mistaken.

"Trevor I will let you go because I have to clean up" he lied
"Melissa unless you magically transformed yourself into either Will or Justin who has come to cure my need for sex than I suggest you leave me alone" he yelled when he hung up.
     The door didn't open but there was another knock.
"Oh my God can't you take a hint" he yelled walking towards the door and opened it without looking "I really don't have time for whatever it is that...." he froze when he noticed it was Justin.
"Hi" Justin said
"Oh wow uhm yeah I didn't expect to see you here" Jordan said
"Well I wanted to stop by and see you" Justin said
"You wanted to come and see me?" Jordan asked
"Well yeah I mean I heard what you said a second ago" Justin said
"You did? I am sorry about that" Jordan said
"Don't be sorry I thought it was pretty cool" Justin said
"You did?" Jordan asked
"Well yeah sure I did and I am guessing your sister already told you about me and Will" Justin said
"Yeah she mentioned it uhm why would you want to see me than?" Jordan asked
"Well lets just say things didn't work out between me and Will and I like you" Justin said
" is unexpected" Jordan said
"I expected it, actually since I saw you yesterday I wanted to be with you" Justin said

     Jordan didn't know what to think. It was alot for him to register. The hottest guy in town, well at least the hottest jock, was in Jordans room telling him he wanted him. But what Jordan didn't know was that Justin was playing him, and even if Jordan was aware of it he still would have wanted wanted some action. He couldn't help that he was horny and the Justin "Timberlake" of town wanted him. He moved in closer to him and there faces were close together.........very close............


TO BE CONTINUED.....................

Oh to be continued. It always sucks when the author cut's the chapter short right before some action but its the best way to get anticipation for the next chapter. Soooo what did you think? I know it was a little cheesy and some of it sounded too good to be true but I decided to take a twist and spice things up a bit. Tell me what you thought and drop me a line Feedback has died down a little bit but I think it should get a good boost.

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