Suddenly Naked

-         By -- Teen Boi -

Fuck it is the worse class of the day. I hate gym...not the sport part of it, but the showers afterward. I almost always end up with a boner, and I have to sit there til it goes away before I can do anything. I know all you homo's can relate to this experience.

I suppose I should give you some basic information about me. For those of you who have not figured it out, my name is Chris. Yeah this story is about me. I am gay, as if I did not clue you in. I am 15 years old. I tend to be the smallest kid. I am only 5'3. I am of average build. I weigh in at about 125 lbs...I think. I have brown hair, which usually looks like crap. My eyes are green. I have a big advantage; I am a bit more developed in the cock department. I am 8 inches me I measured it. Now don't go drooling over me just yet...ha-ha.

Well now that we have the basics, we can get back to the story. The whole incident happened a few weeks ago. I was in the locker room and wait for my situation to go down. Fuck I had not even undressed yet. I heard some murmuring in the back, but I thought nothing of it. I would wait as I always did. I should mention that I know for a fact that some of my class mates have penis envy. I have managed a few times to go without getting hard.

Yeah so I am sitting there minding my own shit, when all of the sudden the lights go out. I was like what the fuck. Of course it is almost pitch black and I could not see shit. All of a sudden there were hands on me, and I was pushed down on the bench. I could feel someone pulled my shorts and underwear off. And someone else was pulling my shirt off. I know I should have fought back, but this shit was really turning me on.

So here I am suddenly naked. I heard voices and I damn well recognized them.

"See I told you he was queer...look."

That sounded like my friend Mark. I felt a hand wrap around my stiff cock.

"Shit dude you are so right!!"

That was definitely Casey. I am not sure whose hand was around my cock, but he was stroking me. Then the lights came up, and I saw Mark working my cock, and Casey was right by my head stroking his cock. I turned my head and graciously accepted Casey's cock in my mouth.

I got a good look at his cock as he put it in my mouth, nice 7 inches. He was cut. He was a bit thicker than mine. I let him fuck my face.

"Shit...he is a good cock sucker." He Exclaimed.

"What did I tell you?" Mark replied.

Both boys giggled.

Now for the record, Mark and I have a history together. I have been sucking his cock since we were in 8th grade. I had no idea though that Casey was into this. Not that I am complaining about it.

I lay on the bench as Casey fucked my mouth. Mark had stopped stroking me and was now playing with my fuck hole. Different, he had never done that before. I could not really see what he was doing. The boys started talking again.

"So are you gonna do it?" Casey asked.

"Yeah I think so." Mark replied.

I have no idea really what was going on, but if my instincts were right, I was gonna enjoy this. Mark came and whispered in my ear.

"I am gonna fuck you now."

Shit I was right. I nodded. Mark went back and lifted my legs. I felt him lube me up. He fingered me, and then I felt his cockhead pushing in. I let out a muffle yelp. He just kept slowly pushing in. He grunted a few times.

"Shit he's fucking tight." He said.

I was hurting, but it was worth the pain. I was getting something I always wanted. I fought back the tears, as I got fucked in both holes. I knew that it would stop hurting...I read stories. I was right, soon the pain I had felt turned into pleasure. I let a sigh out.

"Wow looks like he is really enjoying this." Casey said.

"Yeppers...he really likes it." Mark said.

I wanted to cum as well, so I reached down to stroke my cock. Mark smacked my hand, and he took my cock in his hand, and began stroking me. Shit I had to do nothing. I lay on the bench as I got fucked and stroked. Yeah so it did not take me long to shoot. I sprayed all over Mark and myself.

"Shit dude you shoot a lot." Mark said.

Casey was fucking my face faster...shit he was gonna blow soon, and I had no choice but to accept his seed.

" it comes." He moaned.

He gave on final pushed and my mouth filled with his seed. I swallowed as much as I could, but some leaked out. Casey pulled out and leaned down, licking his spunk off of me, and then kissing me. Mark meanwhile was really going to it. He was grunting, and slamming me hard now.

"Oh...fuck me!" He shouted.

I felt his seed fill up my hole. Shit he did not stop shooting for a long time. Then I felt him pulled out of me. I lay there satisfied. I could get used to this treatment. Mark came and kissed me. The two stood there smiling at me.

"Thanks guys!" I said with a huge smile.

"Well I knew you liked it...and Casey liked I figured this was a good idea." Mark said.

"Yeah it was fucking hot." Casey remarked.

We headed to the showers and cleaned up. Before I left and got dressed I went and gave each of their cocks a squeeze. They smile. We agreed it would be nice to do it again, but next time we would do it at one of our houses.

So being suddenly naked has its advantages. I got fucked in both holes by two hot guys. I definitely think it was the best. I would do it all over again to get with two hot guys.

The End


Thanks to Angyl for Editing for me...I appreciate all his input and help...

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