Summer Holidays

By Werner

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James Rockwell dragged himself out of his bed. He rubbed his fingers lightly against his still-closed eyes, hoping that it might wake him up a little more, but no such luck. He slowly opened his eyes, and his room slowly came into focus. He looked at his alarm clock that stood neatly by his laptop. 6.55 a.m. "Way too early to get up," he thought to himself, as he ran his hands over his chest and stomach. He looked at himself in the mirror, his eyes going up and down his naked form a few times. He smiled to himself, as he found a pair of clean boxers for the day.

"Hey, James! Good morning. Did you sleep well?" his mother asked when he came downstairs. "Good enough. What's for breakfast?" "I'll have some pancakes ready in a few minutes. I thought you'd like a treat on the last day of school."

Friday morning, a little after 7 a.m. How could he forget? It was the last day before the summer holidays! The last week's heavy schedule had pushed that completely off his mind. He smiled to his mother, and simply said "thanks."

James was a typical teenager. He was about 5 feet 10, and 150 pounds. His hair was black, and was cut neatly, so it almost reached his eyes. Girls had always fancied him, and James had heard them more than once, whispering about how cute he was. James didn't look at the girls though. He had know that he was gay since he was about 13 years old. He never really cared about it; he was just himself. Why should anyone care about something as personal as that? Of course, he had said it to some people. He told his mother when he was 16, and after that he said it to some close friends, but he didn't really want everyone to know just yet.

He ate the pancakes quickly, and got himself outside. It was a five-minute walk down to the bus stop, but the sun was shining and it was getting warm, as it was now mid-June. He got there in good time, and he saw that his best friend Victoria was already there. They chatted while they waited, and after a few minutes the bus came.

The last day at school was usually very un-interesting. The exams were over, so they just had to show up for the classes. They spent the rest of the classes just talking. It was during maths that Victoria sat down next to James.

"James? I have something to tell you. I think I love you." "Aww, I love you too, Victoria!" "No, not like that, James. I think I really, really love you," she said quietly. "Oh. Umm, Victoria? You do know that I am gay, right?"

Victoria just stared at him for a second, and James could've sworn that he saw tears welling up. But then, she exploded. "Fag! Fucking fag! I hate you! I hate you for being gay! I'm out of here!"

And she was gone. James just looked after her with big eyes. "What the hell just happened?" he thought to himself. He suddenly became very aware of 25 pairs of eyes staring at him. He could hear them whisper, but no one talked directly to him. "Is he gay? Did you know?"

James got his bag, and ran out of the classroom, but Victoria was nowhere to be found. A few minutes later the bell rang. Lunchtime. Just great. The rumour about him would be all over the school within half an hour now. James just went to his next classroom early and sat down. It was deserted, as everyone would be outside in the sun now. He just sat there and let his mind wander. He never told Victoria, did he? He had told most of his closest friends, but he never did tell Victoria. Why the hell hadn't he? James just sat there, thoughts running through his head as the minutes flew by.

Suddenly, the bell ran again, and people started to come into the classroom. Everyone stared at him. Some even pointed at him, and they all whispered among themselves.

Apart from the whispering and the looks, the class went by rather uneventfully. He experienced the same after class, when he walked out of the building. People looked at him, everyone seemed to know who he was now, but no one said anything about it, until he came outside.

A guy James had seen loads of times before stood by a rather old car. He had beautiful blond hair, in the same style James had; medium length that almost reached his eyes. He'd always found him attractive, but he never dared to say anything to him. But this time, the guy came over to James. "Hi! I'm Harry. I heard you were outed today. I'm sorry to hear that, but I just wanted you to know; you're not alone here." He winked, turned around, and got into the car. James just looked at him. Harry smiled at him, but he didn't start the car. James looked at him for a second more, before he decided to go for it. He opened the passenger door, and got in.

"I hoped you might get in. I've been secretly wishing you were gay for ages. It's James, right?" Harry asked with the smile still showing on his face.

"James, yeah, nice to meet you. I have actually wanted to talk to you too. So you're gay too?"

"Yup, sure am. I'm not out of the closet though, and I don't really want to be right now. It's a small town, as you very well know. But it would be nice to get to know you. Perhaps we could meet up later? Here is my cell number," he said, and gave James a slip of paper.

James quickly entered it in his cell phone, and gave Harry a quick call.

"There, you have mine as well now," James said, and smiled at Harry.

It was 10 PM and James was in bed. Just after dinner he had called Harry up, and they went on a hike, as Harry didn't want to be seen in public with James so soon after he'd been outed. They had been talking about everything, like people they thought might be gay, people they fancied, when they found out about themselves... They had found a ledge and sat down. They talked and looked out over the town. It was a beautiful place, full of mountains, close to the sea, the birds were singing... James looked into Harrys eyes. He slowly leaned forward and they kissed. They kissed for a long time. It was probably 10 minutes later when they ended it, and James had a tear forming in his eye; a tear of happiness. Harry had leaned forward and kissed it away. They embraced before they got up, and started the walk back home. James thought about those moments over and over again, until he finally fell asleep with a smile on his face.

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