The Sun is Shining

Chapter 2 - By Cemokemo

Charlie woke up before anybody else the next morning. The light was streaming in from the small windows that were close to ceiling of the basement, but were really at the base of the house. The sun's rays told Charlie that morning was already going strong, and the calmness of the house was refreshing after a party. Will was still in the exact same position that he was when he had passed out in the lazy-boy, and Seth was sleeping quietly on Charlie's right. It took Charlie a minute or two to recall the events of the past night. The party was like any other; a good one... but what happened after the party was what was really on his mind. Had he really outed himself to Seth? Did Seth really tell Charlie that he was gay? Was it all a dream? Of course it wasn't, but it had that same feeling.

Charlie moved around a bit and woke Seth up. Seth rolled over to face Charlie, both of whom were still in the bed. "Sup man," Seth said groggily.

"Sup," Charlie said.

"You remember what we talked about last night?" Seth asked.

"Yeah..." Charlie wondered why Seth had asked that.

"So we are cool about stuff like that then? Just us of course," Seth said.

"Yeah..." Charlie said.

"Well good, cause I have a hard on like you wouldn't believe, and I have to piss," Seth said, folding the covers back and stepping out on his side of the bed. "Thought I'd give you the heads up on that," Seth continued, walking away from Charlie toward that bathroom in the basement.

"I appreciate it," Charlie said, noticing that he was in the same boat. While Seth was still in the bathroom, Charlie slipped his pants on, so that his hard-on wouldn't be so apparent and walked over to the bathroom.

Seth stepped out with everything tucked in and back to normal. "All yours," he said. Seth went over to the hide-a-bed and folded it back up and put the cushions back on it.

Charlie came back from the bathroom as he finished. "We gotta get Will up and go to breakfast," Charlie said. "It's a tradition, everybody from the party is going to be there."

"You guys can go ahead, I got some things I have to take care of," Seth said, locating his pants and shirt and putting them on. Charlie was almost sad that Seth was getting dressed.

"You sure? It'll be a lot of fun."

"No, thanks anyway... I'll make it next time."

Charlie left it at that, and he woke Will up. Will was refreshed from his deep slumber and jumped right up. "Did we miss breakfast?" he asked.

"Not yet, but we better get going before they start serving lunch," Charlie said.

"You coming Seth?" Will asked.

"Not this time," Seth said.

"Well, thanks for letting us stay and take your boat to the party. We had a lot of fun, and I will be calling you later on to make plans for tonight," Will said. They said their good-byes, packed up their stuff, and were on the road to Glenda's for the traditional after party breakfast.

Glenda's was packed, as it always was the morning after a big party, but Charlie and Will still got their own booth. An advantage to being a regular. They ordered the usual, biscuits and gravy and started chatting.

"So what do you think about Seth?" Will asked.

"He's a nice guy..." Charlie said. "What do you think about him?"

"I think there's something he's not telling us..." Will answered.

"What makes you say that?"

"Well, he just seems like he's holding something back... like he's on the verge of saying something, but he never does," Will responded.

"Maybe it's his parents..." Charlie said.

"I don't think so, it doesn't seem like he dwells on that... It's something else." Charlie had to give it to Will, he could read people. Charlie just wondered what Will thought Seth was holding back on.

"Maybe he'll tell us when he gets to know us better," Charlie said.

"I hope so... I'd hate for a friend of mine to feel uncomfortable about telling me something," Will said. This was something new to Charlie; he never thought about telling Will his secret, and never thought that Will would even want to know.

"I'm sure it'll come out sometime," Charlie said.

They chatted about the party and finished eating quickly. They rode back to Will's house and saw Brett chopping wood near the tool shed. His little body wielding that big maul was almost funny, until you saw that he could swing it around better than most people bigger than him.

"Whatcha up to Brett?" Will asked, walking over to him, as Charlie followed.

"My birthday party is tonight, Mom and Dad said that I could have a camp out if I chop this wood," Brett said, setting the maul down.

"Where you going to camp at?" Charlie asked.

"Down by the creek," Brett said. That was where Charlie and Will used to camp out, when they wanted to drink stolen beer and smoke stolen cigarettes.

"Who all's coming?" Will asked.

"My friends, and you guys if you want to. Mom said that she was going make you chaperone," Brett said.

"Well, we might, it depends on what else is going on," Will said. Will and Charlie walked into Will's house, to be greeted by Judy.

"Hi boys... have fun last night?" she said.

"Hi Mom," Will said, giving her a peck on the cheek. "You should have been there, it was a great party."

"Oh come now, you know I'm too old for that stuff," she said.

"Yeah right, you look younger than some of the girls at school," Charlie said, barely hiding a smirk.

Judy gave Charlie a stern look, and then busted out in laughter. "What do you two young men have in store for tonight?"

"Nothing planned right now," Will said, too quickly.

"Good, I need you two responsible men to chaperone Brett's birthday party tonight."

"What's in it for us?" Charlie asked.

"Well, you get the satisfaction of helping me out, and making sure that Brett doesn't turn into a hateful drug addicted bum," Judy said.

"Too late for that!" Charlie said. That got another laugh from Judy.

"Look... now he's having some friends over, and they're going to be camping out by the creek. I'm making no rules except no girls, and the rest is up to you guys. I trust you'll keep everyone safe. If it gets too cold, they can come into the basement and camp out there, but only if they're quiet."

"When does it start?" Will asked.

"Well, his Grandparents are taking him out to dinner and they'll be back around 7, and his friends are going to be here at 8 for cake, ice cream and presents. Then I want them out of the house by 9, so that I can have some quiet time. Can I count on you guys actually being here?" Judy said.

"Of course... we'll be here," Will said.

"You think we're missing cake and ice cream?" Charlie said. "And presents?"

"Good, now if you boys don't mind, I'm going to get started on that cake, so if you want to help grab an apron."

"That's ok Mom..." Will said, leading Charlie to the basement, and into his room. Will plopped down on his bed and Charlie sank into his beanbag chair. "Fuck," Will said.

"What? You don't want to chaperone?" Charlie wanted a chance to be around the little cutie.

"It's not that, I haven't gotten him anything, and I don't know what to get him," Will said. "What does a kid want for his 15th birthday?"

"A hooker?" Charlie said.

"I don't think that would work..." Will said.

"Why not? That's got to be the greatest gift a pubescent teen can get," Charlie said.

"No, it's a great gift, I just don't think that he would want the kind of hooker you're thinking of." Will said, not looking up.

"What kind of hooker do you think he'd want?" Charlie asked.

"A man," Will said.

"What do you mean by that? You think Brett is..." Charlie didn't finish his sentence.

"I am not sure, and we never talked about it... but I caught Corey and him kissing down here once..." Will said.

"What happened?" Charlie asked.

"Well, I walked in from the garage, and they were all over each other. When they heard me, they stopped, and I guess they think that I didn't see anything, because neither of them ever said anything about it," Will said. "I never told anyone about that, except for you."

"Well, that might not mean anything... they could have just been messing around," Charlie said.

"I don't know. At the party tonight, watch how Brett and Corey act around each other, and tell me what you think," Will said.

"What do you think about it?" Charlie asked

"About what?"

"The possibility..." Charlie said, avoiding that G word.

"I just feel bad that he never thought he could come and talk to me about it. I want to talk to him about it, but it's hard to just bring that up," Will said.

Again, Charlie thought of telling Will his secret. "You mean that it doesn't bother you? You accept that kind of thing?" Charlie asked.

"Well, I never thought about it until then. I just figured that gay people were perverts, and that it was only something that happened in the city. Realizing that my brother might be, really made me think about it. I wouldn't stop loving him, but I would like to know more about it, you know? Like, just talk to him, and see what he says about it. What about you? What do you think about it?" Will asked.

"Well... I think it's perfectly normal. I think that gay people are born that way, and they can't change it, so we might as well accept them," Charlie said. "But don't worry about it too much, we might be making a mountain out of a molehill here. We don't know anything for sure... and let's not push him. He might not even know what's going on. It's tough for a 15 year old kid to come to terms with the fact that he's different."

"You're right... I just worry about our parents. I think my Mom will be OK with it, but I'm afraid of what my Dad will think of it," Will said.

"Well, let's not dwell on that... that's down the road a bit, and he's got two big brothers to lean on if he needs any support. Let's make sure that he has a great 15th birthday party," Charlie said, changing the subject before he said something that would give him away.

"Right... now, what should I get him?" Will asked.

"Well, what's he getting from his parents?" Charlie asked.

"A four-wheeler. I can't beat that," Will said.

"Well, why don't you get him a helmet or something like that?"

"Judy already bought a helmet."

"Why not get him something like a CD, that he can open with the rest of his presents, and set it up down by the creek, like decorate it and make it nice for his party? I think he'd appreciate that."

"Good idea, let's go shopping," Will said, getting up. Walking into the basement, Will saw Henry walking into his room. "Henry..." Will said.

"What?" Henry said, turning to Will.

"Well, Charlie and I are chaperoning Brett's birthday party, and I need you to get some beer... for us," Will said.

"How much?" Henry asked.

Will handed Henry some money from his wallet. "Two cases, and a six-pack of Smirnoff Ice. For the kids."

Henry took the money and nodded. "I'll put it in a cooler, and it'll be in the shed."

Will and Charlie both thanked him, and headed to the garage. They hopped in Charlie's truck and left for Wal-Mart. At Wal-Mart, they bought Brett a CD, stuff for smores and a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY banner to string across some trees. They also stopped at Charlie's house so that he could pick up some clothes.

When they got back, they walked into Will's kitchen and saw Brett eating a sandwich. He looked like had had just taken a shower, his blond hair darkened by still being wet. He had a shirt with no sleeves that hung loosely on his thin frame, and a pair of jogging pants.

"What's up guys?" he said in between bites.

"Aren't Grandpa and Grandma taking you out to eat?" Will asked.

"Yeah, but I don't know if I'll like anything at a nice restaurant, so I'm filling up just in case," Brett said with a smile.

"Well, just so you know, don't go down by the creek until the camp out," Charlie said.

"Why not?" Brett asked.

"It's a surprise," Will said. "You have to wait."

"Aww man," Brett said.

Judy came down the stairs, and Brett handed his plate with a half-eaten sandwich to Charlie. "Quick, act like you're eating this," he said.

Charlie took a bite as Judy walked into the kitchen. "Hungry Charlie?" she said.

"Not anymore," Charlie said.

"Well good, now Brett you better go get ready, your Grandparents are on their way. I put your clothes on your bed," Judy said. Brett winked at Charlie and trudged upstairs to get dressed. "Now boys, are we still on for tonight?" Judy said, crossing her arms across her chest.

"Yes ma'am," Will said.

"Have you gotten your brother anything for his birthday yet?" Judy asked, always on top of things.

Will pulled the CD out from behind his back and handed it to her. "Yes mommy," he said.

"Does it have any cursing in it?" Judy asked, suspiciously eyeing the cover of it.

"No Mom... and I need a favor..." Will said.

"You want me to wrap it don't you?" Judy said.

"Please?" Will said.

"You are just helpless. One day you'll have to wrap your own presents," Judy said, walking away.

"Thanks Mommy!" Will said. He turned to Charlie. "Come on, we have a lot of work to do before it gets dark."

They went outside and stuffed the back of Charlie's truck full of rakes, saws, shovels, lawn chairs, and various other equipment. They rode down the rough trail to the creek and parked. A big circle was cleared and Charlie dug a hole in the middle and got rocks from the creek to go around it. Will scaled a tree and hung up the HAPPY BIRTHDAY banner so that you could see it by the light of the fire. Chairs were set up around the fire pit and they cleaned up the rest of the area, so that no trash remained. They went back to the house to put away the tools and to get a bunch of the wood that Brett had chopped up, and trashcans to keep it litter free. When they got back to the creek, they stacked the wood up next to the fire pit and began looking for small kindling to put in the pit. When they finished, they looked at how nice it looked and took some pride in their work. The last thing they did was ride up the road a bit and get a few bales of hay from Will's neighbor, and they stacked that in the back of Charlie's truck.

By the time they were done it was almost 7, time for Brett to get back from dinner. They walked into the basement to relax until Brett's friends started showing up. Charlie racked up the balls on the pool table and they started a game.

"I think I'm going to have a talk with Corey," Will said, after he shot the cue ball into the others, spreading them evenly across the pool table.

"About what?" Charlie asked.

"I don't know, I just want to talk to him... see what he's like," Will said, taking another shot.

"Is this about what we talked about earlier?" Charlie asked.

"Kinda, I know it's not a big deal, and I don't want to jump the gun... I just want to make sure that Brett isn't being forced into anything."

"Good thinking, good looking out for your brother," Charlie said, taking his turn. "You know I think of Brett as a little brother too."

"I know... I'm happy for that... hopefully, if he feels he can't come to me for something, I trust him to come to you," Will said.

"Maybe we should let him know that we're here for him," Charlie said. "He might not see us like that."

"Another good idea," Will said. "He needs some role models, because you remember what middle school and high school was for us. All we had was Henry. He's a good guy and everything, but not exactly full of emotion."

"That's an understatement. We were lucky if he told us the time of day. We had to figure a lot of stuff out for ourselves," Charlie said. They heard Brett and his Grandparents come back. "We better get ready for the party."

They both took a shower in the basement shower, which was just a shower curtain, a drain in the floor and a showerhead fixed onto the wall. It was crude, but it got the job done. When they were all cleaned up, they went upstairs just in time to see Brett open his presents. It was a bit boring for Will and Charlie, but Brett got a bunch of stuff, and it was nice to see him happy. After the presents, they ate cake and ice cream with Brett's friends. Altogether there were 5 of them, besides Brett. Corey, Robert, Alan, Ben, and Gary looked like typical middle schoolers. They had on their camping clothes, Carhartt overalls or Pointer jeans, Abercrombie and Fitch shirts and baseball caps with a bent fishhook on the brim rounded out their ensemble.

Corey intrigued Charlie quite a bit. He had longish brown hair that looked like it was a bowl cut a long time ago, and he hadn't had a haircut since. He was skinny like Brett, and had deep brown eyes that matched his hair perfectly. Charlie was expecting an outgoing social leader kinda guy, but Corey was the exact opposite. He was quiet and timid. He didn't speak very much, and when he did speak it was an answer to a question. He seemed very reserved in the company of so many people. Charlie did notice a few glances exchanged between Corey and Brett, where their eyes locked and they just smiled at each other. He knew what Will was talking about now.

As the cake and ice cream disappeared, the boys became a little unruly, getting loud and laughing at everything, like boys do when they get together. Judy decided that it was time for them to leave. "Ok boys, time to go outside and do whatever Will and Charlie have for you. I need some rest," Judy said, and then turned to Will and Charlie. "Remember... be safe and be good role models for these boys."

Will and Charlie both nodded a `yes ma'am', and Charlie made an announcement to the eager boys. "Ok kids, we're all going to hop in my truck for an old-fashioned hayride. Then the strippers and the rock and roll band." The boys all cheered after that last bit. Charlie looked at Judy, who was shaking her finger at him. Charlie smiled and shrugged his shoulders and followed the throng of boys outside.

The boys all piled on the hay bales on the back of the truck, while Charlie started it up and Will ran out to the shed to grab the cooler that Henry had left there. Will handed the cooler to the boys. "Don't open this, or you guys won't get ANY of it," he said, with a look of dead seriousness on his face. Will hopped into the passenger side of the truck. "All ready," he said.

"Well, put your seat belt on, we're going for a ride!" Charlie said. One advantage of living in the country is that you can take your truck out for hours and never have to see a paved road. They started on the trail, an easy one, just to get the boys used to riding on hay.

They went slowly at first, taking it easy. Charlie shouted out to the boys; "You guys having fun?" he said.

"No" Brett said, "this sucks."

"Really? I guess we have to liven it up..." Charlie said. "Hang on guys!" With that, he punched the gas and took a lesser traveled trail that went up a rather steep hill. They fishtailed all the way up it, the boys all screaming in the back of the truck. Charlie didn't let up from then on. He took them so close to trees that branches scratched their faces and took them as fast as he could on trails that didn't look like a four-wheeler could go through. For half an hour Charlie rode on trails that he knew like the back of his hand, and the boys experienced a thrill that was akin to a roller coaster ride.

They had made their way all the way around to the creek, and they pulled up to it from the other side. Will and Charlie got out, and announced that the ride was over. Will went to the back of the truck and got the cooler. Opening it, he found that Henry had put a half gallon of moonshine in it along with what Will asked him to get. It was in a Mason jar and had peaches soaking in it.

Charlie got the fire started, and Will gave everyone there a peach from the moonshine. The peaches' sweetness absorbs a lot of the fire that white liquor has, so they're an easy way to get drunk off of moonshine. Will also got out a beer for him and Charlie.

"Charlie, that was great man, thanks for taking us out on the trails," Brett said. The boys then spent some time recounting the trip, telling what they were thinking of when all they had time to do was scream.

The boys started having a good time, laughing and telling jokes, as boys do. Charlie and Will just sat there and let them be, not interjecting and letting them have their own time. The time passed easily, and they had to keep putting wood on the fire so that it wouldn't die down.

After they had been out there for a few hours, some headlights appeared in the woods, something riding on the trail from the house.

"Hey, everybody put your beers away... we don't know who this is," Will said, hiding his beer behind his chair.

As the lights got closer, Will saw that it was Henry in his Jeep. Henry pulled up and hopped out.

"What's up boys?" he said. He searched for and found the cooler, pulled a beer out, and started drinking it.

"Whatcha doing out here Henry?" Brett asked.

"I was going to see if any of you boys might want to go on a ride for a little bit, not like that pussy one that Charlie took you on," Henry said.

The boys were ecstatic, shouting `yeah!' and getting up and making their way to the jeep.

"Hold on, I don't have room for everybody. Two people will have to wait, or ride with Charlie and Will, if they want to go."

"Corey and I will ride with Charlie," Brett said.

Will looked at Charlie, Charlie nodded. "Alright, but we won't be following Henry, because the truck can't go everywhere that the Jeep will go. We might ride out to the lake though," Charlie said. Brett and Corey said that that was fine.

Will walked over to Henry and pulled him aside. "Hey man... this is good, I got to talk to Brett... Corey too. You mind making sure the boys here are all right? Mom said that they can all sleep in the basement if they want to, but I don't know if we'll be back in time to do that." Henry just nodded. "Thanks bro," Will said.

"Alright, everybody climb in!" Henry said, jumping in the driver's side of the Jeep. The other boys crammed in, and soon they were off.

Will put the cooler in the back of the truck, and Brett and Corey climbed in the back. Will and Charlie got in the cab and they were off as well.

Charlie took it easy this time, they weren't out for a wild ride, they were just taking the back way to the lake, which is an easy trail that's well traveled. Will closed the window between the cab and the bed, giving he and Charlie some privacy.

"That worked out pretty good didn't it?" Will said.

"It did, but what now?" Charlie said. "I don't feel comfortable just coming out and saying something."

"Me neither... we might not have to say anything. Like you said, it might not be anything to talk about," Will said.

"Brett sure jumped at the chance to be alone with Corey though," Charlie pointed out. "And Corey didn't object."

"True..." Will said. "I wonder what they are talking about now?" he thought out loud.

Charlie wondered too, and ventured a look into the bed. Brett and Corey were sitting side by side in the floor of the bed, facing the tailgate. "They look pretty comfortable," Charlie commented.

Will glanced back. "They do don't they?"

"They look like us actually..." Charlie said.

"What do you mean?" Will asked.

"Well, remember at the lake with Seth, after we went swimming... We sat in the boat a lot like they are right now," Charlie said.

"What are you trying to say?" Will asked, getting defensive.

"Nothing... just making an observation," Charlie said.

"Does it bother you when we sit right next to each other like that?" Will asked.

"No, actually I think it feels good, knowing that I have a friend who's that close to me, and that we can do that and not worry about it," Charlie said. "Does it bother you?"

"No, I feel the same way you do," Will said. This brought about some awkwardness. For guys to talk about stuff like that was rare, and sharing feelings that deep is tough for guys, even for best friends to do. After an awkward silence, Will spoke up. "Do you think of me as just a friend?"

What a question, Charlie thought. "Of course not... I always thought we were more than just friends."

Will thought about Charlie's answer for quite a while, and then he said softly, "Charlie, there's something I've always wanted to tell you, but I never felt like it was the right time."

"What?" Charlie was very interested in this.

"... I'm gay," Will said.

Charlie's jaw dropped.

"... And I think I'm in love with you," Will said.

Charlie stopped the truck, completely ignoring the passengers in the bed. He looked at Will, who looked as vulnerable as a person can be. Will had just let Charlie know his deepest, darkest secret.

Will was still waiting for a response, and Charlie didn't want to hold him in suspense. "I've been wanting to tell you the same thing for the longest time," Charlie grabbed Will's hand and squeezed it. "And I want to give you a kiss right now, but Brett and Corey are looking at us right now."

Will looked back, and saw that Charlie was right. Charlie started back on the trail. "We still have to find out about `them' too, since this is the perfect opportunity to do that. But I guess we have a lot to talk about later on."

"It's taking everything I've got not to jump all over you right now," Will said. "But let's just go to the lake and have a good time, and then later... we can `talk'."

"Good idea. Besides, we're already here," Charlie said, stopping a few feet from the shore. They were on the shore of the same part of the lake that they had been swimming at the day before; their part of the lake.

Before they got out of the car, Will spoke. "I think we should talk to them, separately... just come out and say what's on our minds, and find out what's going on between them."

"You talk to your brother, and I'll talk to Corey," Charlie said.

"Ok," Will said, getting out. Brett and Corey were already out of the truck, wondering what was going on. Will grabbed a beer out of the cooler, and put his arm around Brett's shoulder. "Come on bro, we have to talk." They walked away.

Charlie grabbed a beer from the cooler as well, and looked at Corey. "I bet you're wondering what this is all about?"

"Yeah," Corey said, shyly.

"Well... do you want a beer?" Charlie asked. Corey nodded, and Charlie handed him one. "Let's sit by the lake." Corey followed Charlie to the shore, where Charlie sat down and motioned for Corey to sit next to him.

Charlie opened his beer and took a big gulp, trying to figure out how to start this. "Well, first off, let me say that anything you tell me, or Will for that matter, is privileged, meaning that it won't go any farther than us." Corey nodded. "Now, let me just come out and say... Will caught you and Brett in the basement... kissing."

Corey looked like he was going to cry. The shy kid had just been told by a near stranger that he had been caught... with his deepest secret.

"Man, don't worry about that... I'm not going to tell anyone, and I'm not going to hit you or anything. What Will and I wanted to do, was to make sure that you guys are OK, and that neither one of you are being forced into anything."

Corey choked out a few words. "I don't want to be gay..." he said, sobbing.

Charlie wrapped his arm around Corey. "It's nothing to cry about... I used to think that I didn't want to be gay too."

Corey looked up at Charlie. "You mean... you are too?" He started to wipe hit tears away.

"Yeah, but if I wasn't gay... than I wouldn't have Will, and if you weren't, you wouldn't have Brett, right?" Charlie said.

"Right... but people..." Corey started to say, but Charlie cut him off.

"Who cares about what other people think? I know, in middle school it seems like fitting in is all that matters, but when you get to high school and beyond, you realize that the only way to `fit in' is to be yourself. I'm not saying that you need to go around telling people that you're gay... because there are people who won't accept that, because they don't have the tolerance or understanding to realize that it's not just some guys being perverts."

"Right," Corey said, "some people hate gay people."

"I know. And some people hate Jews, and Christians, and just about anything else you can think of. People are threatened by things that they don't understand. I just want you to know that I understand, and if you have any questions, or just want to talk, just let me know."

"Well... have you and Will ever... you know...?" Corey asked.

Charlie laughed. "Ha, no. We didn't even know how we felt about each other until just now, when I stopped the truck. That's what was going on."

"Do you love him?" Corey asked.


"How do you know when you love someone?" Corey asked.

"When you think about someone all the time, even when they're not around, and you feel good just being around them, it's love. Do you love Brett?"

"I think so..." Corey said.

"Well, don't rush it, you guys are still young, and things change... don't let that stop you, but keep that in mind. Heck, Will and I are still young, and we don't even know where we're headed," Charlie said. "And I don't want you and Brett taking it too far either... you guys are too young to be fucking like jack rabbits."

Corey laughed at that. "Ok... I promise."


"Charlie?" Corey said.


"Thanks." Corey gave Charlie a big hug.

"No problem," Charlie said, hugging Corey tightly. After the hug Charlie asked. "You want to go swimming now?"

"Yeah," Corey said. They both stripped down to their tighty whiteys and raced each other to the water. The lake was cold, but refreshing, washing away all of the tension of the past half-hour. Charlie and Corey wrestled around a little, Charlie being bigger than Corey was just tossing him around like a rag doll, when someone grabbed Charlie from behind and threw him underwater. Will and Brett had joined them without them knowing.

When Charlie came up he looked at Will. "How'd it go?" he asked.

"Great... you?" Will said.

"Fantastic," Charlie said, looking over at Brett and Corey, who were both looking at Will and Charlie.

Will leaned into Charlie and whispered, "Let's give them something to look at." Charlie nodded and they grabbed each other and their mouths locked onto to each other's. They kissed deeply, their first actual kiss and neither of them thought life could get any better. They were so caught up in it, that they both lost their footing and fell underwater, still tightly holding each other. When they came up Brett and Corey were on top of them, laughing as hard as they could.

Will and Charlie weren't going to stand for that, and they proceeded to dunk both of the younger two repeatedly. That led to some playful horsing around that wore them all out quickly. Soon, they all made their way out of the water, into that shivering breeze. It was quite a bit of eye candy for everyone, seeing three other wet boys in their underwear that was nearly see-through now.

While getting dressed, Will leaned into Charlie's ear. "Think that both of us, You and I and those two, could do with some `private' time...".

Charlie nodded in agreement. "Ok guys, Will and I are going for a walk... we'll be back in half an hour, and I don't want to find you guys in an uncompromising position when we get back."

"So you guys have a half hour..." Will said, grabbing Charlie by the arm, and leading him away.

When they were a far enough distance away, Will faced Charlie and kissed him fiercely. They pulled each other close and started to grind into each other. Charlie ran his hands all over Will's muscled body, and then stuck his hand down Will's pants and grasped Will's erect member. Charlie pulled away from Will's kiss, and slid down to his knees. Charlie unzipped Will's pants and pulled them down, bringing his underwear with them. Will's penis popped free from it's prison and bobbed in from of Charlie's eager mouth. Charlie grabbed the base of it with one hand, and sucked on the head. He slid his mouth down the rest of the way slowly, and once he got to the base, he started bobbing his head back and forth, sucking with his mouth, and grabbing Will's ass with his hands. It didn't take long for Will's muscles to seize up, and without any control, he thrust his hips forward and shot his load as far down Charlie's throat as he could. Charlie gulped it all down, and slowly squeezed every last drop out of Will's throbbing cock.

When he had sucked it dry, Will pulled him up and dropped to his knees to return the favor. Will pulled Charlie's pants down in the same fashion, but he pulled Charlie's shirt up too, and he ran his hand over Charlie's flat stomach as he started working on Charlie's cock. Will sucked as quickly as he could, but Charlie's dick was too big for Will to fit it all in, so he had to use his hand to stroke it at the base. Charlie didn't even last as long as Will had and he shot his load as Will pumped as much of it as he could into his mouth. When Charlie was dry, he pulled Will up, and their lips locked again, tasting each other's juice as their tongues battled each other. It was heaven for both of them.

Soon, the lateness of the night, and their recent exercise in the water wore them both down, and it was time to head back to the truck, and then to Will's house and to bed. Brett and Corey were both dressed, sitting on the tailgate of the truck, making out quietly.

"Alright guys, time to head back. And remember... none of this leaves this place," Charlie said. Brett and Corey scooted back in the bed of the truck and Will and Charlie climbed in the cab. The ride back was quiet and peaceful; everybody was tired but comfortable. They got back to Will's house in no time at all. The other boys were all asleep in the basement. Brett and Corey climbed into their separate sleeping bags and Will and Charlie went to Will's room and passed out with all their clothes on as soon as they hit the mattress.

It was a weekend that none of the four boys would ever forget, because it marked a beginning for adventures of love, and an ending of having to hide their true feelings. Even though Corey barely knew Charlie or Will before that night, now he had two people to turn to when he needed them. Charlie and Will felt good that they had touched the lives of Brett and Corey in a positive way, and while doing that, they discovered the love that they had for each other.

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